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Kim Zolciak Owes Colin Cowie Over $1 Million For Wedding Planning, According To Relative; Kim Assumed Bravo Would Pay!

Yesterday, we brought you a story about Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak owing wedding planner Colin Cowie over $200,000 in wedding planning fees! It turns out now, Kim owes Colin Cowie over $1 million, all this according to a family member of Kim’s. Kim wrongfully assumed Bravo would pick up the tab since they were filming the event for her spin-off show DBTFTW.

The unnamed relative tells Radar Online, “Kim said that she was having to pay her wedding planner over $1,000,000 for her big ceremony and Bravo wasn’t picking up the tab. They shortly after had a falling out.”

People are really coming out of the wood work to bring this woman down. Could they all be lying, or is Kim really being exposed for who she is?

What do you think of this unpaid bills mess surrounding Kim? Has her over-spending caught up with her?

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  • weddings are expensive however I think that a million is pushing it. I think that they should use that money toward I don’t know a house or something you don’t need to have an expensive wedding for it to go well.

  • Both Colin and Kim tweeted that she still owes him $20,000. Now be good Kim and Kroy pay the man, he did you good.

  • team dina is spot on… wedding occurs before everything is paid for….i am 55 years old and have never been involved in or heard of a wedding or funeral that was paid off after the fact….even the presiding clergyman/woman is paid in advance…this story is ridiculous….hey mr florist, please deliver 20,000 dollars worth of flowers and i’ll pay u next month…when u book the band u pay a deposit and if not paid in full by wedding day the band will not show up…..common sense folks, this story is a joke….

    • you don’t believe it but it does happens. it usually happens with celebrities. these companies front the celebrities then expect to be paid after, then when the celebrities don’t pay, they sue. it happens alot in hollywood. these companies like to give their services for exposure and the client promises to pay them back but then a huge misunderstanding happens.

  • I dont believe this , I think ppl are just jumping on Her b/c of the House Debacle , I mean why wasn’t this brought up before , 1million owed to a Wedding that took place a year ago is a BIG deal lol.

  • This lying hoe gave this exact excuse to Kindra for not paying her for the remodel,”I thought Bravo was paying for it!” I read those exact words she tweeted to Kindra last year! It is still on Kindra’s YL – as she referenced it earlier this week -screen shot. Kim is too lazy and stupid to get off her fat but and be involved and quit the bs! Product placement could have given her lots of freebies and she could have negotiated such with the party planner – she is just too lazy, stupid, and way to full of herself – and – she probably thought in her big head she could talk bravo into paying certain expenses – NOT! That is why you negotiate and then have the contract in place. She is such a liar and lots of creditors were after her last year when this story first broke of her eviction.

  • I dont think its true, just like so many comments above if this were the case im sure colin wouldve filed some papers by now considering its been over a year now??? And i dont think she expected bravo to pay the tab either. I think she would be stupid to think that, BUT i do think a lot of the stuff could have been added to the weddinf for free, example if the flower shop did the flowers for free, bravo or nbc would advertise the store on tv. So im sure a lot of the items in the wedding were for free for free advertisting, but you never know still…

      • Ha! I think so too!!! IDK if that was paid for, that will be tomorrow’s story !!Everyone Kim owes is going to start coming out for collections

        • I do think that the porta potty company might had given Kim the potties for free, they got to expose their business because Kim filmed a scene with them and they got to show their different versions, so I am thinking this one was comp, LOL
          They got their money’s worth because after a year, people are still talking about their product, LOL 🙂

          • Really who can forget that Kim’s aunt and Mom’s unwillingness to use the PortaPotty was the catalyst for the fight at the Wedding and the current Zolcsiak family fued.

            One might say, the PortaPotty flushed out all the Zolcziak family problems, LOL

    • Hey do you mean the Porta Pottie’s that she had put out for the wedding. Or do you mean what I told you I think or someone else on this blog about what some girls in her profession do for money with rich guys in Dubai and other places. If you don’t know what I’m talking about to to and search for Porta Potties. As I have commented before, I think Kim is very very dirty in bed and that is why Kroy is running around like he just got laid for the first time.

      • LOL..I mean the actual super luxury PortaPotty Kim had at her wedding.

        As for that other definition of portapotty, I don’t even want to know. Sounds very icky, lol

  • I think this is true. Kim is used to shopping like the bill is not comming. She brought cars, clothes, jewlery on Big Poppa’s dime and never had to pay for anything, they just charged it to Big Poppa’s account or the blk card that he got her. I remember Kandi asking her how she got a blk card and Kandi did not even have on when they were shopping. It’s really hard to scale down a lavish lifestyle. Kim is guilty. I also remember Andy asking her at the reunion if she is spending too much mone…there had to be a reason for that questions….these show are all about rich housewives and their lavish lifestyles and spending. So, for Andy to ask that, suggest that Bravo must have been getting calls about invoices for Kim’s wedding.

    • I bet your right, these shows are about rich people and wives and such he knows they spend. For him to say that is telling, you see those questions that andy put to people on his show and the reunion aren’t out of thin air. It’s to either drive a point or open up an issue that has happen or continue to happen and then someone or him if not done will dig more.

      Kim is so used to being a mistress aka UTR escort without no spending limits that she thinks everything is paid for by the man. But she hasn’t figured out that even though Big Poppa is going broke, Kroy is no way near the wealth that Big Poppa had no where near. We may see some serious money issues hit Kroy in the coming months because he’s spending more than he’s making right now.

      Nene must be laughing her butt off right now.

      • big poppa is going broke? i haven’t heard that. you mentioned kim and escort before. just making that up or do you think she really was one?

  • LOL
    I am going with the post scenario..Kim thinking Bravo is picking up the tab like Big Papa, went overboard, driving up cost with her extravagance because she is used someone else paying the bill. If Bravo were paying they would have given her a wedding budget. I have champagne taste too but the reality is I live on beer money which I earn.

  • Not surprised. A gold-digger NEVER thinks they have to pay for things…someone else always foots the bill!!! Well it’s time to pay up wig!!!!!!!

  • Bravo sure as heck didn’t pay for Cynthia’s wedding OR anniversary party. Why should they pay for Kim’s?

  • I am not saying that this is not true, however, I think that both Kim and Bravo are smarter than that. I am sure that the contract specifies who is paying for what. Kim would not assume Bravo was paying for it unless it was in writing somewhere. I smell a rat named mom and dad.

  • Something isn’t adding up. They’re called contracts! Everything in writing, especially who’s paying for what. Kim’s been on tv for how many years? She sure knows how contracts work, especially with Bravo. To throw an expensive wedding and after the fact “think” Bravo was going to pay…read your contract Kim.

  • If this man was owed $200,000 and hasn’t been paid for a year, why wouldn’t he bring Kim and Kroy to court? If the man was owed $1M after a year and still didn’t bring them to court, it can’t be that pressing of an issue. When you’re owed that much money, especially after a year, you are going to file a lawsuit, and he hasn’t, so I am thinking these stories are all made up to take down Kim.

    • Because she was able to put him off for that long for one and two, him doing this for celebrities he doesn’t want to be in the rags/papers that he hounds people for money when he hasn’t been paid for 2 months (I know it was longer). He doesn’t want to come across as desperate, it’s an image thing with him and he has other rich and successful clients who are in entertainment and business.

  • This does sound like typical Kim. She expects everyone to pay her way. She’s lazy and materialistic. I wish Kroy would wake up and see her for what she really is.

  • Deducing from Kim’s apparent belief that she is entitled to the rich, designer lifestyle and having people wait on her, yes, I think she did indeed try to mooch this event off.

    • I agree. Colin probably comped the event for her, but she had outrageously expensive demands that quickly escalated out of control. If he thought he would be getting exposure to elevate his business, he heavily miscalculated. I believe that Kim does owe the money…it may not be for a full million, but at least several hundred thousand. He needs to sue her a$$

  • From previous thread:

    I am confused about Kim’s wedding being comp and that is why she owes no money. What?

    She had a million dollar wedding and you all think that Bravo paid for it because it was part of the show? I am not buying it.

    Bethenny had her wedding on TV and hers was the first spin off and she hardly spend 100K for her wedding altogether, Bravo didn’t pay for it, she and Jason did. Living in NYC would had been the perfect opportunity for them to have an over the top wedding and make Bravo spend 5M easy on an extravaganza but she didn’t. If Bravo was paying for everything why did Bethenny not get a bigger wedding?

    It is true that they might have received better deals and discounts for things that otherwise would be outregeously high but I doubt they were for free. There is no guarantee what would make the cut and what not so businesses would be taking a huge gamble so I am sure that Kim saying that her wedding cost her a million dollars is another one of her exagerations just because she wants to be seen as this sort of cinderella with prince charming doesn’t make it true.

    After all was set and done she probably spend 300- 400K for the wedding from her own money and that is way too much considering Kroy’s income and hers, but that is Kim for you.

    See how much she moaned and complained about paying 40K for the flowers for her wedding? that must had been one of the things she had to pay for and that is why she was so hurt about it, LOL.

    I am sure that Kim will find her way to not pay for mostly anything anyway, that is how she operates.

    • Comparing Bethenny’s wedding to Kim’s is not fruitful. Bethenny and her husband are not extravagant people. Bethenny also had no family to invite, of more accurately, family she had any reason to invite. On the other hand, Kim has always been extravagant and she had a large extended family to invite.

      It’s very possible that she assumed Bravo would pay for more than it had contracted to pay. She does seem to hear what she wants to hear and not pay attention to the details of business contracts. However, if she owed Cowie $1 million, he would have filed claims before now.

      • What family did Kim invite? her parents and a couple of relatives, that is it, Kim invited mostly people from Bravo, Patty Stangler, Coco Perez and even Jill Zarin got invited.
        Kim was living it up with no mercy for expenses.
        Bethenny might not be extravagant with her money but I think that if Bravo was the one paying for it, she could had over indulged much more and she didn’t.

    • i notice that many housewives that throw parties usually get their stuff from “donations”. i guess from companies that lend their stuff to them. i remember danielle from new jersey said something like that when andy asked her how she can afford to throw her daughter a huge party and sonja from new york said something similiar. i’ve always been curious how they can afford their parties when it’s obvious not all of them are rich. bravo does pay for things like the vacations so i think it’s possible kim would assume they would pay for some of it.

      • I think they get huge discount but the bottom line is that they do not get everything for free, sometimes they have to pay for some of it. I am sure that Colin might have given away his commision for the exposure but I am also sure that the people he subcontracted are supposed to be paid.
        Kim might have assumed that Bravo would pay but unless it is in their contract Bravio won’t shed a penny, Bravo pays for trips for the cast so they can film better without interference from other people but I am sceptical when I hear that they pay cast members rent or rent cars for them, if that was the case there would not be bankrrupcy cases like Sherre, or Lisa Wu.
        They only get pay when they promote the business, like Melissa right now, her vacation is paid for because she is promoting the business and taking pictures, no business is going to put money for no exposure at all.

        • I just read that Lisa’s daughters wedding on RHOBH wasn’t paid for at all by Bravo. She said to the planner that was getting interviewed that she wanted control over what was being done and who would show up to the wedding. You see if Bravo would have paid for all of Kims wedding, they would have had a say in how it looked and where things would be to help the cameras and also who would be able to go to the wedding (the cast of RHOA even though it’s her show) so they could have some drama.

          Thats a very hard million right there Kroy, a very hard million I hope he’s smart enough to see that his money is going up in smoke and Kim is smoking it.

          • This is all BS. There isn’t a person in the world that does weddings that doesn’t get the money before hand! Photographers are paid a down payment and the final payment before he takes the first picture. Same with the DJ, caterer, everyone. I don’t believe it for a minute. I think Bravo paid for a majority of the wedding as part of the deal to make it a show. These housewives aren’t stupid, they sell out their souls for contracts. Whereas, Lisa has plenty of money so Bravo couldn’t buy off the most important day of her daughters life.

    • All we have to do is go back to the whole kandi and kim issue with her not paying kandi. I would totally believe that she isn’t paying her bills. Also kim is a taker and she will try to get whatever she can without having to work for it.