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VIDEO: Porsha Stewart Exposed! Porsha Was A Video Vixen Shaking Her Booty Prior To Being On RHOA!

Porsha Stewart was introduced on The Real Housewives of Atlanta last week and seemed very sweet but like most housewives, Porsha does have an interesting past! She has called out Kenya for being on magazine covers half naked but it looks like Porsha Stewart used to be a video vixen shaking her booty in rappers music videos! Check out Porsha shaking her booty around the 1:20 mark below!

Are you surprised Porsha was a video vixen?! Does this change your opinion of her?

Source: MediaTakeOut

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  • HotChick

    I’m not a prude, but Some Cut’s lyrics are especially offensive for women. I can’t help thinking of how demeaning the words to the song is: check them out for yourself. Just listening to it gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Even being young, one should be selective of what they attach their reputation and name to. Especially as a philanthropist, her grandfather would have a fit listening to that video and imagining his grand daugher associated with it. IJS, everyone changes, but the visual and the mental impression is also there.

  • MissVIgyal

    She was a groupie. Typical bravo fashion. They really couldn’t find anyone else for the show?

  • Melyorkie

    Nothing wrong with being in a video – but to be in THIS video completely degrading and down right disgraceful… I am not sure a more disgusting song exist.. Porsha should be absolutely ashamed and must have some nerve calling Kenya out for her magazines – when this is the only thing of mention she has done outside of her grandfather’s or husband’s name.


    Who cares, my niece did videos to start her modeling career and it she is doing great…

  • kelli

    Roxy, you complain about blogs stealing or not crediting you for info yet you didn’t credit or link back Michelle Brown’s blog, Straight from the A , about Porsha being a video chick. Keep it real and do it. She’s been blogging for years and always helps out newer blogs. She’s already called you out on twittering. You may know jersey, but Michelle is all over anything dealing with Atlanta and she has reliable sources that have given her top notch info. Better for you to make a friend than an enemy can have more sources and readers linked back to your site. Don’t believe me, ask Tamara Tattles. She always gave credit and got it in return

    • DebV

      Tamara Tattles and Straight From the A are two well written and informative blogs.

  • HeatherCre

    So was our Lisa from RHOBH! It’s all good. Kenya is a DB!

  • TheMrs

    So then…Kenya is the one who messed with her “legacy” and disrespected her grandfather? Riiiiiggghhhhhht…

    • Jarlath


  • renee

    The song and video are not very flattering to anyone. In my opinion it’s degrading and grose. Have nothing bad to say about porsha

    • Chellemybella

      I used to love this song when I was younger! Didnt pay attention to the lyrics because I mainly notice the beats.

  • Isabella Patricia

    Omg, this song is so damn ugly! LOL. I remember this song, and the lyrics, the beat, and this crappy video makes it even worse!

    I couldn’t care less if she used to be a video vixen. As long as she isn’t one now… It’s all good! Its not like she’s a hoe like *ahem* Melissa… LOL. Plus, Porsha is just dancing provocatively with a sexy dress. Women are worse at the club, and these video vixens would strip and give these nasty rappers what they want for the right price and even for free. These rappers want the women to dress provocatively so more people would watch, and maybe they’ll get something out of these women.

    A couple of my friends was in videos, and some of these rappers would literally tell them to strip in a tiny ass bikini to see what they’re working with. Two of my friends walked away, but my other 4 friends stayed. So, yeah… If they wanna get paid a grand or even more… They gotta bare just about everything!

  • CallingOutHousewives

    It’s not like she was just butt naked like most of these video girls

  • Mica1201

    I forgot all about looking for Porsha. I couldn’t get past the words of the song!

    • Patti

      Ditto for me!

  • Karly

    What is she wearing? Is it just me or am I totally not seeing her?
    Anyway from watching it around the 1:21 mark and being a fan of rap/hip/hop this really isn’t that bad at all. There are some video vixen’s who has a$$ & ta-ta’s showing and I mean showing in videos. These girl were just dancing provacatively. No big deal to me.

    • JD

      SHE’S in the green…not bad

  • DebV

    Phaedra has already provided us a Oscar Wilde quote to cover situations like this: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”

  • LadyD


    • CallingOutHousewives


      • Melissa

        Lmao… Oh yea!!

    • kydnaas

      Yeah that was my reaction too. She was a professional dancer I suppose. Dont you think Gia has aspirations to be in music videos? Probably not rap videos (and I’m sure T wouldnt approve) but A LOT of pro dancers would love to be in these videos.

    • Athena

      She was being a silly girl in her twenties. No foul though on her part; pretty normal stuff. The lyrics of the rap were pretty degrading though. I bet she wished she would have passed now, but too late for that… I am sure her hubby is not pleased with this whole situation, because now things don’t appear to be so… “perfect.”



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