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Were RHONY’s Heather Thomson and Luann de Lesseps Replaced For Next Season?

With Real Housewives of New York City currently on hiatus, it’s the perfect time for rumors to be spread regarding who stays and who is leaving! Latest rumor is that veteran Luann de Lesseps and newbie Heather Thomson have been replaced by two new ladies! How true is this, though?

Star Magazine reported that Heather and Luann are being switched out for two new ladies! A source tells the magazine, “In a last-ditch bid for ratings, Bravo and the show’s producers are making yet another cast change, swapping Heather Thomson and LuAnn de Lesseps for real estate mogul Rachel Glazer and stylist Mary Alice Stephenson. Heather and LuAnn weren’t adding anything to the show.”

Allegedly, Heather was too boring for producers, and Luann did not allow various parts of her personal life to be filmed. The source continues, “LuAnn has an incredibly interesting life — off camera. She slept with a bartender on the St. Barts trip, she went through a divorce and her daughter kept finding herself in trouble, but LuAnn wouldn’t allow any of that to be on the show. She assumed that because she was a veteran member of the cast, she was untouchable — but the truth is, anyone can be fired if they don’t add to the drama of the show!”

Gossip Cop reached out to a Bravo source who said the report was FALSE. While Luann was clearly on her way out, I really enjoyed Heather! I think she did add something to the group – a level headed voice of reason who is not afraid to tell these women when they’re acting stupid.

Would you miss Luann or Heather on RHONY?

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  • ozfan

    Never liked the ‘countless’. Condescending twat. Lmao over her classless behaviour and attempts at damage control while on holiday. Did she really think that bringing a ‘group’ back to her home and bed was better than bringing back one guy? In her circle, is an orgy more acceptable than one on one? So funny!
    Heather….? Oh yeah, the one that argued with Sonja.

  • get real

    Ramona and Sonja are the show. Aviva added some misery, and Carole talked behind everyone’s back, although she was funny. LuAnn grew to be a nicer person this season after Jill and Kelly got the boot, and Heather was very funny in a down-to-earth sort of way. I liked this seasons’ cast.

  • I don’t mind Heather but my fingers are all crossed that Countess Pumpkin Head is o.u.t.!!

  • Bethie

    When last season started, I didn’t care for Heather at all but I have to say by the time the girls went to St. Bart’s, I liked her a lot. Compared to habitual drunks Ramona and Sonja, she was a breath of fresh air. I was delighted when she told these two ungrateful drunks off.
    As for Luann, I never liked her. She’s too full of herself. And yet, tales of her sexcapades even when she was married are well known. Before Sonja came on the show, it was Lu-Man who had the reputation of being an easy lay.

  • Calisteve
  • BrianOz

    For the last time! It was a group of ITALIANS, NOT a night of lust with that Johnny Depp guy!
    ITALIANS!….speaking French.

    • BrianOz

      The funniest part is that she thinks a “group” makes it sound better… Bahaha!

      Time to go Lulu.

      • rukidding?

        i also thought it was funny that she kept on emphasizing “ITALIANS”. why was she saying the imaginary guests were “italians”. i never understood that. anyway, i hope she gets the boot. i never liked her and i find her very boring and full of herself.

    • Chelz

      Yeah, that’s the ticket. Italians…LOL.

      I thought that part of the season was hilarious though.

      Other than that, I agree Luann just isn’t cutting it. I still can’t believe Bravo subjected us to her ‘singing’ career. What was that anyway?

  • Kevin

    Get rid of Luann and bring back Jill as A Friend of the housewives and watch the fireworks explode. Lol

  • Shadonna

    I hope Heather comes back. She is the most honest of the ladies. She is the only one who doesn’t talk behind everyone’s back and she is not afraid to stand up to Ramona’s crazy azz!

  • LadyD

    Not a big fan of RHONY but I like Heather and I hope she stays.

  • Heatherfan13

    It better be false. Heather Thomson is the only reason I watched RHONY this past season. She is real and isn’t afraid to tell people how it is. Luann on the other hand I could see leaving. KEEP Heather Thomson on the show bravo.

    • greyhoundgal

      I love Heather also.

      When LuAnn threw Ramona under the bus with Aviva regarding her husband coming that was totally it for me with LuAnn. That was the ultimate Pot Stir!!!

  • Jarlath

    Keep Heather. Luann should’ve been removed a long time ago. She brings nothing!

    • lysa

      I feel Heather should be givin another year to prove herself. Luanne has had her chance and blew it. It is true about the “families” not being filmed, it makes a big difference. But again, Heather hasn’t allowed her family to be filmed much of this past season either. Who knows for sure what will happen to RHWONY. Not Me.!!!

  • MeHo Gorga

    I only watched a few episodes of this season but I coulod never stand LuSlut anyway and as for Heather I find her highly boring plus her big nose is a bug bear.

    Bye Bye LuSlut & Boring Heather!!!!!!

  • Dana

    I like Heather but I could do without LuAnn

    • WashRinseRepeat

      Heather is a walking infomercial and LuAnn has become too guarded.

  • Kevin

    If I were casting the past season I would have kept Jill Ramona & Sonja. Luann has been boring from day one she has nothing interesting to add and need gone. The past season would have been great will Jill on board am not a Jill fan but she would have added more than Luann ever has or will to the show. Heather and Carol are great love them 🙂

    • Dana

      Agree! Carol is my favorite

  • stalina

    i LOVE LuAnn. i hope she comes back. Heather too.

  • kydnaas

    Jill was right when she said that many of the HW series are no long showing their families. That’s mainly why I loved RHOOC, RHOA and RHONJ when they first started out. They all had one thing in common: their families were involved!!

    • Buck Henry

      Your right, I remember the RHOOC. They showed their families and such and their problems. Now it’s scripted attacks on people. But I like Heather.

  • CaTfAcE

    They should just cancel the whole NY franchise IMO, it’s getting as bad as DC.

  • Isabella Patricia

    I hope they’re BOTH gone. I barely watched last season because these people are so boring and lame. LuAnn is such a know-it-all, and she wants to show everyone how her life is so great, daughter is such a good kid, her and Jacque has never been better, etc. She needs to get the boot!

    I like Heather on HSN, but I have no interest in her personal and business life. I think it would be nice if Bravo got rid of all of them except for Sonja & Ramona. I like Carole from what I’ve seen, but I haven’t watched enough episodes to see how she is

    Bravo should bring a successful African-American woman into the group, or maybe even a wealthy, successful Italian or French lady to the scene. Spice things up because last season tanked for me big time!!

  • El_nl

    I will be happy if LuAnn join Jill Zarin and get lost but between all the craziness they need someone like heather to balance the show

  • YeahRight

    they need to get rid of ALL of them except Carole , and maybe Sonja , imo anyway.

  • Joanna

    I hope Heather is gone.
    Her passive aggressive stuff is getting old.

    • Valerie

      I hope this is false, especially about Heather! I think she was a great addition to the show and I disagree about her being passive aggressive. If anything I think she was very forthcoming in what she thought about the other hw’s behavior.



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