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PHOTOS: RHOC Ladies Party In Mexico For Tamra’s Bachelorette With Rumored Housewife Lydia Stirling McLaughlin

The Real Housewives of Orange County headed south of the border to Puerto Vallarta for Tamra Barney’s bachelorette festivities! The ladies, minus Alexis Bellino and other rumored housewife Kayla, all atteneded including Vicki who we thought was no longer friends with Tamra. A new face was also present, Lydia Stirling McLaughlin, who is also rumored to be a new Housewife. Check out the photos that Tamra shared on her Twitter:

Lydia Stirling McLaughlin (@lydiastirlng) lives in Dana Point with her husband and children. She is the daughter of a famous Canadian communications tycoon and she is also an editor for Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. She runs her own marketing firm and also has a puppy jewelry line!

Do you think Lydia seems like a good addition? Why do you think Tamra invited Vicki? Is the friendship fixed?

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  • Alexis,she is so kind.When alot of the other housewives are on
    gossiping about all kinds of stuff.Alexis is just so mature.She is confident and smart. I would say after not letting a couple of the girls hug her at the table after they just bullyed her. who are the phony ones.I have never seen Tamra nice.She makes Alexis look like a saint.Maybe this season she will not bully.Gretchen tho.worst friend ever.she is all about getting to the top at no cost.

  • I for one hope that the next season will not be focusing on Tamra’s wedding because i could care less myself. I am sick of Tamra, she needs to go back to the trailer park.

  • Yeah, and Tammy Sue complains about having to sit in coach. I personally think she should have been thrown in cargo with the other baggage, but Bravo decided to upgrade her to coach.

  • It’s nice to see all the OC lady’s together again and getting along. I can’t stand Alexis, her husband with the fake Chin. I don’t care to hear about Alexis or whatever she is doing as well But let’s get out of that dissie land of fake Alexis B. I’m happy to see how the girls look and they do look very happy. Now that VICKI has her grandson she so happier with her life,herself and glad to find out their isn’t no more Brooks… Thank god Vicki saw the light. lol

  • Well im glad to see vicki and tamra back together. I think tamra took a turn for the worse for me last season. She went from my most favorite to the least and i couldnt stand her and her bitchy comments. I hope my opinion changes of her again!

    • I would not trust Tamra in the least if I were Vicki. Tamra is nothing but a big mouth bitch who will turn on a friend in an instant.

  • Why Mexico? I know Vicky loves it there but you take your own life in your hands when you (now) travel to Mexico. Scary place now. Many cruise ships won’t even go there now.

    • If you’re staying in a resort, it isnt very dangerous. You only need to worry if you’re going to be leaving the resort!

      • Acapulco has been bad the last couple of years. I have gone to Cabo San Lucas for the last 6 years with no problems.

    • I was just in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta this past summer. The cruise ship took us, and yes, some places are so ghetto and scary! Not all the places are like that though, but there are a lot of gangsters that’s all tatted up, and tries so hard to get you to buy stuff. A lot of them has prison spiderwebs tattooed, so many of them got deported from Cali or Texas. Lol.

    • Why would Eddie marry Tamra.He needs to just come out.It is 2012 it is ok.They must just be doing it for show.Glad Alexis is back.Gretchen do not trust after lying last season and dumping her friend.Gretchen never a favorite and that just proved it.

      • I am not looking forward to next season but since I am not watching half of the franchises , I will be tuning in.

        We for sure need some new blood on this show. Tamra is predictably disgusting, and that thing she has going on with Eddie seems so fake. I don’t like to be reminded about desperate aging Cali girls hanging on to a metro sexual man for air time.

        Vicki will sure be screaming her head off for some reason or another, and I am sure she isn’t done being made a fool of by Brooks the hustler.

        Then there is Gretched, whos face looks like it would melt if she stood too close to a candle. Used to like her, tired of her now.

        Slade (Rickie Wakile and PeeWee Gorga too for that matter) are prime examples of pimps.

        Heather Dubrow and her fame whore husband, I do look forward to seeing how low they will go for their moment of fame. Hopefully next season has no lines about “eating the bow off MY cake”