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Adrienne Maloof Stopped Filming RHOBH After Explosive Fight With Brandi Glanville!

It seems like the drama was so intense on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season three that Adrienne Maloof had to take a hiatus from filming after a huge fight with Brandi Glanville! Adrienne, who is clashing with Lisa this season, got into with Lisa’s BFF Brandi so badly that she just had to take a break from the cameras, but what was the fight all about?

Life & Style has the scoop from an insider who reveals, “Lisa and Adrienne’s relationship takes a turn for the worse when Brandi gets into a blow-up fight with Adrienne later in the season. She gets into a huge fight with Adrienne after slamming her marriage to Paul.”

Ouch! We all know what happened to that marriage shortly thereafter, so Brandi must have hit a sensitive spot for the Maloof-Nassifs!

Adrienne was so worked up that she took a hiatus from filming the show for a little. Meanwhile, Lisa and Brandi’s friendship became even tighter so that put both of them on Adrienne’s radar.

“Ever since then, Brandi and Adrienne have been at war — and if you aren’t on Adrienne’s side, you’re her enemy,” adds the source.

Do you think Adrienne was only mad that Brandi called out the truth about her marriage? Are you Team Adrienne or Team Brandi?

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  • I used to actually like what I saw of Adrienne … and then this season happened.

    Undoubtedly she is a massive liar who plays to the camera and says and does whatever she can to try to appear innocent. She’s nothing but a sham who has zero morals. I find her to be a control freak who immediately tries to shut down anyone who exposes her nonsense. She shouldn’t be on tv at all – she clearly can’t handle it. Her 15 minutes is up.

  • I am on Team Adrienne! Brandi is nothing but a pot stirring white trash woman who will never fit in with the Ladies at all! What right does she have to be in anyone’s business especially someone’s marriage when she couldn’t see her own failing. She isn’t the victim and she never will be. The sign of a strong woman is knowing when to control yourself and keep your mouth shut and she will never know how to do that because she is so insecure with herself that she feels bad attention is better then no attention at all. I feel very sorry for her!

  • Definitely on Brandi’s side. Yes, she may not be tactful, but with all she has gone thru with that douche bag husband she has nothing to lose. Plus, she never lied with Kim or Adrienne. Everything she said came true.
    Adrienne should take a page from Yolanda, also rich, but classy. Paul showed his true colors.

  • Adrienne lied on Paul Nassif to the court during the divorce. IT WAS PROVEN…Adrienne lied about Lisa getting paid for articles. The magazine came out and said that Adrienne was lying and Lisa never told them gossip or got paid for stories. If you are not on Adrienne’s side, she will lie about you too.

    Go Brandi!!!

  • I like Brandi.. She may not have cash or nice gowns or maserati or maybe even bentley or any bullshit going on there. But she knows where she comes from, she may cant filter herself but she knows what right n wrong. She knows what’s fake or even phonies.. She may not be like Lisa but she knows what friends should do and don’t. Like I say in a town full of phonies not only Kyle whose not afraid to say it all. I think it’s good that they are people says it all than all smile and act classy but then backstabbing your own friend.. It’s no no to me. I really used to like Adrianne honestly, but when I looked at the expression in her eyes and figgiting mouth I feel there’s something wrong there something covered..???? . With Kim I happy that she and brandy getting along.. Cause she knows she’s opening herself, that she’s not alone and brandy felt her pain too. Taylor hmmm.. (Pass no comment)

  • I always liked Adrienne and Paul .. Sorry that their marriage broke up .I .Don’t really care for Brandi.. She is too Raunchy

  • I’m on Team Honesty so that excludes Adrienne Maloof. She lied about Paul, lied about Lisa and probably everything else. She is a creepy person with no personality. I hope she’s fired from the show.

  • Def team Adrienne on this! What gives Brandi or anyone for that matter to call out someone’s marriage—NOT her place period!!!

  • Brandi talks way too much first of all last season she did everything to be Lisa friend even went as far as carry an English flag clutch by Alexander McQueen and said she wanted to be noticed by Lisa at the Malibu house party she cried that all she wants to is to fit in with the ladies. Brandi wants to be noted and likes to be friends with the rich ladies of Beverly Hills which she have succeeded she is Yolanda and Lisa friend now they give her clothes and shoes I watch her on where they showing their closet and she was showing off stuff given to her by Lisa and Yolanda. Adrienne brought her to the show like a friend at the reunion she said something abt Adrienne marriage and Adrienne stopped her that please don’t go there. She is just a wild lady and talks way too much I don’t care for her I don’t like females like that. I am sorry but she just too much. Lisa is smart we have to remember Lisa house guest lived with Brandi after he left Lisa house and guess what Lisa might have brought Brandi closer so Brandi will be distant from the guy. I don’t trust Lisa at all and her intentions but I guess she and Brandi compliment each other. As for her calling out Kim, Kim doesn’t do drugs she is an alcoholic everybody knew but Brandi had to say it. She called out Camille on one of her interview that she doesn’t miss her in the show and Camille took to twitter and said Brandi was just in her house to borrow from her closet. She cries abt Eddie leaving her I don’t get it she wrote a book but was upset abt Taylor writing a book let her use her platform and make money so do the others. We all have issues but Brandi is out of this world she can talk abt the ladies but if gets called out she cries bloody murder.

    • I didn’t c the show but if one of my work mates kept going into the bathroom for drugs, out of concern I would say something. My first impression of Branding is that she’s hurt to the,point of being a little jaded. I have fellow feeling for that as I was deeply hurt by my ex husband. He destroyed me but not my soul. So Brandi is devoid of feelings when she blurts things out — not meaning she doesn’t care, meaning she probably is a little empty the way I felt. I was in shock. She talks junk about herself too, noticed? When she said she has slept with every man in BH which Taylor won’t let us forget she said. I’m team Brandi becuz I think she needs therapy. I don’t think she has anyone in her life who cares enough to tell her. She’s gorgeous too so its jealousy on Taylor n Adrienne part. Adrienne’s face is too noticed n Taylor is too injected. I hate to speak mean about ppl. It’s just how I c it. I can be wrong.

      • Sorry auto correct phone. Adrienne’s face is too Botox-ed. Doesn’t look natural. Brandi, not branding. Lol

    • Cedric didn’t live with Brandi. They had lunch together and that was it. Brandi’s book is written like 2-3 years after her divorce and its about surviving divorce and moving on with your life. Taylor wrote her book just months after Russell committed suicide. BIG difference.

  • I think its funny about Adriana taking time off cuz she’s the one with the mouth so what’s up with her now ? Ya just because BRANDI saids it as it is and she’s real about it Adriana can’t take it, “O well she will get over it. But it was ok for her to said whatever she wanted about Lisa. Not… Adriana go cry me a river an get a life cuz all you do is lie about your husband,lie about Lisa and you can’t take the TRUTH when Brandi called you on it… Bye,Bye…………

  • It does not make sense for her to mad about B calling out their marriage, especially since they divorced! Its something petty and Adrienne has been having tantrums since last season and ” stories” just happen to come out! I love how she accused Lisa of being the rag mag monger for $$, when it seems that its only Adrienne who does that( I really think she and Chef Boy ar Dee) put these ridic stores out!!!

    • Great post Michers. It doesn’t make sense for Adrienne to get mad at Brandi if it was over mentioning their marriage. Didn’t Taylor make some comments to the same effect when they went clothes shopping prior to Lisa’s restaurant party? Adrienne does seem to have more and more tantrums – and that is the word for it. She is compeletely unrelatable at this point.

      • Thanks Maru 🙂
        Taylor acted like she was 5 and I think she knew Adrienne was not invited.. As for what you mentioned above with Taylor?Adrienned, I don’t remember? Just like she stirred shit up between Kyle and Camille ,and Lisa called her out for it! It kills me that these ladies know Taylor does that crap, but yet , they get mad at each other? Why does Taylor get away with EVERYTHING?
        I liked Adrienne season 1- she seemed to be a calming source for the others. Now, she is losing her ever loving mind! Just goes to show you , that even the richest of people in the bank, are the poorest in happiness!

  • Sounds like someone is playing the blame game..It would sound more plausible to ME if Adrienne’s absence was due to divorce activities, selling marital home, setting up a new househould, etc. That makes sense this stuff about Brandi doesn’t make sense. Adrienne is going through major life changes and it seems like her only life problem is a fight with Brandi. Hell she probably got into a fight with Brandi because Paul wasn’t there for her to fight him.

    I think with Brandi, what you see is what you get and that she plays it straight–like Lisa. So when Brandi is faced phony and fakedom, she can see it for what it is worth and wants know part of it. It was Brandi who spilled the beans about the “Lisa take down” meeting which Adrienne denied ever took place. That may be why Adrienne is really mad, she was exposed as the instigator.

  • I say these are all rumors. They know they messed up big time with bringing back trash bag this season so they spread rumors to keep people interested to watch

  • Brandi seems to always hit below the belt and it’s usually about things that the other HW’s are aware of yet still keep quiet about.

    • exactly Kydnasas. There are something you shouldn’t expose and she does…wonder who’s telling her about it….hmmm?

      • I really don’t think the things she “exposes” are really secrets.

        She called out Kim’s drug use, something already obvious to viewers. Granted, B was wrong about the type, but right about the problem.

        B called out Adriene’s marriage, turned out to be right, and really they never seemed all that happy on the show.

        The meeting to discuss Lisa, I don’t know if that happened or not, but I remember at the reunion that only Adrienne denied it. The other ladies just sat there.

        I don’t remember her saying anything that people didn’t already suspect.

        • @rhfan
          I’m just asking but what gives Brandi the right to call everyone out?
          I have never liked Adrienne but I don’t get what Adrienne did to Brandi? Kim I get…Kim was crazy to Brandi last year. Even though I thought Brandi went to far.
          It’s like that saying…kicking a dog when there already down.
          I try to like Brandi but I’m not sure I get her reasoning.

          • I don’t think she has any more right than anyone else to call anybody out. I just think she says what most are thinking.

            All of these ladies have said nasty things about Brandi. If she calls out the obvious, then turnabout is fair play. Adrienne and B were friends prior to B coming on the show. A never really stood up for A with the other ladies, I think B hasn’t forgotten that.

          • @rhfan
            You are right A never defended B to the other ladies. I did find that odd last season…I forgot about that.
            B just seems to go for the jugular with her comments. That’s what I have the hardest time with.

        • Can you refresh my memory about when Adrienne denied the meeting at the reunion? I don’t recall it ever being mentioned on the show, but was said in an interview Brandi did before the reunion aired. Either way, Camille and Kyle, both, denied it. I don’t believe Brandi when it comes to the meeting because she has changed her story so many times about it now. Maybe it was just something she heard and took it as fact and ran with it because Adrienne was going after Lisa and Lisa was upset.

          • I agree Nicole.

            I don’t remember that being mentioned at the reunion.

            I do remember some interview Brandi gave, but like you both Kyle and Camille denied it.

            I don’t know what Adrienne ever did to Brandi, except piss off Lisa Brandi’s new bestie.

            If Brandi had an issue with Adrienne about something she had done to HER, God knows her mouth is big enough you would think she would have told her what was wrong!

          • Camille denied being at the meeting. Not that one happened. She was invited along just like Brandi; but declined. It is Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne that are lying. This is textbook RHW tactic. They always meet beforehand.

          • @crying wolf, Camille absolutely denied the whole meeting all together – not that she was there. I’m sure if you have time, you can go back and read her twitter timeline since January. Brandi also said that she wasn’t sure if Kyle went to the meeting after Kyle said there was no meeting. Again, you’re ignoring Brandi’s continuous story change. If Brandi is telling the truth then why does she keep lying about who, when, and how she knew about the meeting? Also, you’re ignoring the fact that Taylor didn’t say a thing about Lisa but she was supposedly at the meeting to gang up on her?

        • Actually RHFAN Kim didnt have a “drug” problem. She ahd a drinking problem so Brandi was wrong. She made an accusation of Kim doing meth. It was bull shit and completely insesnitive.She wasnt standing her ground and not allowing Kim and Kyle to bully her. She was attacking Kim’s character w/ a SERIOUS accusation that would cause many painful and bad feelings and situations. She did it to hurt and out of malice,spite, and insecuritites. She’s just as wrong. Brandi says hurtful things out of spite w/ the intent to “put them in their place” and prove a point.

          • Kim only admitted to having a drinking problem. Alcoholics don’t usually lock themselves in a bathroom and come out .20 mins later all gigglely with their eyes glazed over. It is obvious that Kim has a problem worse than alcohol. I say this having witnessed firsthand the behavior of different kinds of addicts.

  • Adrienne can blame Brandi for having to take a break from filming, but I don’t buy it.

    Based on the timing of their separation then divorce, I would be willing to bet their problems were in full gear during the filming. Adrienne probably wanted to keep their problems off the show and continue to keep up appearances, so she used Brandi as an excuse.

    Adrienne is totally fake. Team Brandi, for me!

    • Rhfan – you bring up a good point, the timing is right before Adrienne and Paul separate/file for divorce, is that the real reason?

    • I agree. I have also heard recently on one of these blogs that Adrienne didnt want to film her personal issues. She is always running to the media to spin her latest web.

  • I prefer Adrienne over Brandi, but as of late, Adrienne seems to be falling off the deep end. However, I haven’t seen anything that Adrienne has done to Brandi for Brandi to hate her so much. So far, I think Brandi is only hating on Adrienne because her new BFF, Lisa, has an issue with Adrienne.

      • Yep, Brandi is Lisa’s puppet, saying and gossiping about the ladies. Things Lisa wish she could say, but can’t because she is dignified and Brandi can because she’s trash.

        • Aumt Sadie, Omgosh, you are 100% correct!!! I was thinking the same, Bramdi is definitely Lisa’s puppet. Brandi is trashy, she hasn’t an ounce of dignity. She’ll be glued to Lisa this entire season. This is gonna suck, I really like Lisa too, but I don’t like Brandi and I don’t see in good coming out of this new team.

    • I think Brandi took offense last season when Adrienne who was her friend, didn’t stand up for B with Kyle, Kim and Taylor. A also told Brandi she should apolgize to the ladies. This all happened prior to B and Lisa becoming friends.

      Adrienne chose sides against Brandi last season, now A has to deal with that choice.

    • It has to do ENTIRELY with the fact that Adrienne called the girls together before the last reunion and tried to get them to attack Lisa. Brandi did not attend the meeting.

      • That so-called “meeting” never happened according to Camille and Kyle. Brandi told 3 different stories about this supposed meeting and every time, her story changed. First she said that she Camille knew about the meeting but didn’t go and something about Kyle. Then Kyle did an interview debunking the story and Brandi tweets that she didn’t know whether Kyle knew/went or not (even though in her first story she said everyone went but her and Camille). Then Camille tweets that there was no meeting and that it was a lie. So after that Brandi tweets that she heard about the meeting from Adrienne’s camp. Then recently she did another interview saying Adrienne asked her to go to that meeting. Clearly, Brandi doesn’t remember her lies.

        And even if the meeting did happen, it was about Lisa, not Brandi. Brandi jumped on the “I hate Adrienne” train because of Lisa.

      • That meeting never happened, Camille confirmed it. I’ll believe her over Brandi anyway. She doesn’t lie constantly like Brandi does.

      • Brandi snitched on them for that little pow wow!!! Haha Adrienne. And it was clear they did that because in a hot second, Kyle and Adrienne had guns blazing at Lisa- which at the time, I thought was very odd.

        • So just because they had an issue with Lisa that means there was a meeting? That’s ridiculous. The only issue Kyle had with Lisa was what Lisa said about her. Lisa claims she says everything to everyone’s face, but then she talks about Kyle behind her back.

          I think it’s laughable that people believe Brandi’s accusations of the meeting, but seem to disregard the fact that her story about the meeting has never been consistent and two of the housewives who were supposedly at the meeting denied the meeting and the other housewife (Taylor) who was supposedly at the meeting didn’t say squat to Lisa. The only one who went after Lisa was Adrienne.

          • Totally agree with this. If Melissa Gorga or Taylor had made a statement about something and then changed their stories 3 different times, everyone on this site would have called them a liar and called them out with the inconsistent stories, but since everyone loves Brandi they turn the other cheek and ignore the fact that her story has changed so many times and take her words as the truth.

          • Do you really think they would admit to such a thing? I do not . So , yes, I feel that there was a so called meeting to get their issues straight on what they would confront at reunion. And really, when did Lisa talk so bad about Kyle behind her back? It seemed that Kyle had hurtful things to say about Lisa when she meddled in everyone else’s affairs with Lisa and played both sides.

          • @Michers Kyle said her problem was with what Lisa said in an interview.

            You’re right, no one would admit to a meeting if there was one, but seeing as how Brandi can’t keep her story straight, I’m going to choose not to believe her that a meeting ever happened.

    • I think Brandi is crass and her calling people out is interesting because she doesn’t want anyone to do it to her. She plays victim very well. She was brought on to stir things up and that’s what she’s doing, but in the process she is showing her rear..and it’s not pretty. I’m sure she has redeeming qualities but they are overwhelmed by the way she presents. It’s lovely that she loves animals and works to save them, it doesn’t mean she can speak to people anyway she wants and involve herself in peoples’ lives in a negative way. I suppose since she can’t bring the money, she brings the drama.

      • @Lysel
        I agree…while I’m not team anybody I think Brandi opens her mouth to much. I agree that I don’t think she would of liked the women on the show going after her & Eddie’s divorce. Divorce is hard enough on the parents & kids.
        IMO…Brandi goes after Adrienne because of Lisa. She may have been right about Kim & Adrienne but I wouldn’t be proud of it like she is.

  • I think it’s a case of jealously! Adrienne got Brandi on the show and now her and Lisa are BFF’S and that does not sit well with Adrienne! Brandi is suppose to be her friend and back her up not Lisa I think that’s how Adrienne feels!

  • Brandi always gets things right. Kim and her addiction. Dana not knowing where her fiance ever is = probably having an affair (turns out he WAS having an affair as Dana said on Twitter), now at the last (season 2) reunion Brandi said something about the married couples and said something like “Adrienne and Paul, question mark”. So even Brandi knew. She is far from a bonehead she is very aware and notices everything.

    • So definitely Team Brandi. Adrienne is a nasty vicious instigator. Don’t understand how anyone could possibly be team Adrienne, that makes no sense unless you love bullies, instigators and shitstirrers.

    • AGREE, AGREE, AGREE! Brandi notices everything… granted the way she says somethings.. not so great… she can work definitely work on her delivery lol… but, it’s all been pretty darn accurate.. #TeamBrandi

      • Team Brandi!! Brandi is that ‘something missing’ from the other ladies life! They were all certainly bored w/their husbands; had nothing better to do but spend his money, redecorated the houses over & over, wore the same type clothes, etc so Brandi was that little fire in their crawl that they needed to feel their own life’s added up to something! I mean just how many party’s can one give before even that gets boring! Kim is a lush & always will be. I say ‘you’re never too drunk to know what you’re saying’ and that little bitch said too much.

      • It isn’t that Brandi notices anything…there are many secrets they don’t talk about on air. Brandi just choses to be the nasty one to expose it at the expense of others. She is no seerer of anything. Just can’t have any class and keep her mouth shut.

    • Jane, I agree! Definitely Team Brandi, of course! I don’t usually say which team I’m on, but Brandi has been right about calling these women out on their bs. She knows what’s up! She also sticks up for people which I like like on next week’s episode… When Kim started crying, and what did dumbass Adrienne do? She ended up saying out loud… ”Uhh-ohh! She’s crying! Kim is crying!” How rude is that? It’s sad that Kim can’t cry quietly at the dinner table.

      Glad Brandi told her to stfu. Adrienne is so fake, and she just wants camera time.

    • U r so right. These women hate it when they hear the truth and their business is put out there for all to see. They cant stand the fact that Brandi can see through their BS. I hate the fakers. brandi calls it like it is and isnt ashamed of what she has to say. I think brandi is genuine and has a heart. People need to just give her a chance. She is sweet and tries to get along with these women. She will give them hell when they attack her. She only tells the truth to them. team Brandi

      • Team Adrian. Her marriage is none of Brandi’s business. Seems Brandi’s in everyone’s business this season.

          • DK, I don’t like Brandi either, I don’t think she fits in with the ladies of rhobh. I think she is a bit on the trashy side, insecure and loud and obnoxious. I don’t understand why she has so many fans and so many wanted her a full time housewife. Maybe I’ll figure it out this season, until then…teamAdrienne!!

          • Strange as ain’t classy enuf, ain’t fake enuf, ain’t smiling a lot ain’t kisses and love, ain’t Roseee enuf, ain’t has status enuf… Hmmm

      • Agree.I think Brandi is so insecure with herself that she loves to create drama with any of the other housewives. She goes after the weak link. Kim was last year and this year. Just because its true doesnt mean its ok to call it out and stir the pot. She is not coming from a place of good. She loves bringing others down to make herself look better and feel better due to the problems she has with her ex and with drinking and more. I am all about being honest and calling it as it is. But have some class. She loves the shock factor, like they say negative attention is better than no attention. Surprised by Lisa though. But Brandy is a kiss ass and Lisa does love that, especially since her relationship with Kyle has changed. Ever since Kyle stood up to Lisa and had her own opinion that wasnt the same as Lisa’s,she needs a new puppet.

  • Brandi calls it as she sees it. She did it with Kim last season (albeit, a little exaggerated), and this season she’ll do it with Adrienne. Those who don’t like Brandi: Kim, Taylor and now Adrienne, they’re the ones with something to hide and are afraid Brandi will expose it on camera. Kim forgives Brandi this season or after (as seen on twitter with Kim wishing Brandi a happy birthday) Why? Because she is a recovering alcoholic now after going to rehab and isn’t hiding it anymore. Taylor still hates Brandi. Why? Because she probably knows writing a book so soon was too fast and now she has a drinking problem, I’m sure she knows Brandi will mention it at the reunion. And Adrienne, her false accusations were lies and her marriage is in shambles, though Brandi may not have a right to comment on the marriage, she is on the show will Adrienne and probably is encouraged to by producers and doesn’t care to say no, and Adrienne knows this, so Adrienne hates Brandi.

    • Part of being a strong woman, is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. People who flap their jaws with no self control or concern for others feelings are weak. I like that Brandi will speak her mind, but without any kind of filter she comes off as trashy and out of control as the ones she’s criticizing. She needs to learn when to just shut her mouth.

      • Well said AnnapolisErin! Completely agree. I also find Brandi to be insecure. I think she’s willing to fight Adrienne and take it to the extreme to secure her friendship w/ Lisa.

      • I think Brandi is so insecure with herself that she loves to create drama with any of the other housewives. She goes after the weak link. Kim was last year and this year. Just because its true doesnt mean its ok to call it out and stir the pot. She is not coming from a place of good. She loves bringing others down to make herself look better and feel better due to the problems she has with her ex and with drinking and more. I am all about being honest and calling it as it is. But have some class. She loves the shock factor, like they say negative attention is better than no attention. Surprised by Lisa though. But Brandy is a kiss ass and Lisa does love that, especially since her relationship with Kyle has changed. Ever since Kyle stood up to Lisa and had her own opinion that wasnt the same as Lisa’s,she needs a new puppet.