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Joe Giudice Enjoys Himself At A Gay Club With Teresa! Teresa Says Joe Is Not A Homophobic!

To all of those who think Joe Giudice is homophobic, this will say otherwise! Joe Giudice enjoyed himself at a Gay club with his wife Teresa Giudice in New York City a few weeks back. While at the nightclub, Radar reports that Teresa bragged about Juicy Joe’s bod but Joe said he didn’t have the abs that the guys at the club did therefore he couldn’t join the ‘Hot Body Contest.’

Joe later asked all men with six-packs to come up on the stage with him saying, “All the guys who have abs like this guy right here. Get up here. Everybody with abs, get up here!”

Teresa continues to defend her hubby Joe saying he is not homophobic adding, “It is difficult because I hate to have to defend myself. But as a person who worked in the fashion industry for years, both my husband and I made many gay friends. In fact, we have a very close friend who just bought a house with his partner to be close to our beach house on Long Beach Island.”

Teresa even says that a former gay friend of theirs was the one who went to the media claiming Joe was a homophobic adding, “My husband made some funny remarks to a close friend of ours who is gay and he laughed at the time. He then turned the story around against us. It’s really silly.”

I agree. I don’t think Joe is a homophobic. I think sometimes his jokes aren’t funny but they are just jokes! Do you think Joe is homophobic?

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  • I don’t know that he is lying about it@ samael. I think he is just saying what he has been ” told’ to say, by his attorney.

    Anyway, I think his trial is suppose to start in January sometime(?).. I guess then you will get the answers to your questions.

  • oh micher..if that were the case he wouldn’t be discussing (lying) about it throughout the season and at the finale…so ..again…when will joe be suddenly accountable for his actions.

    • Samael did you watch the reunion shows?Andy was asking him if he did indeed attempt getting phoney id.He said no.He addressed the question asked and let it drop at that.Why on earth would someone want to talk about an upcoming trial on tv with people he knows can not stand him?

  • Hey Joe.which brain were you thinking of when you were lying openly about your court you are as stupid as you seem…So we have heard about so many parts of your lives…why so quite about your possible jail time?

    • Oh Samael.. I think , just guessing, that he is quiet because he is not allowed to openly tell the info/details because the case is ongoing.

  • Unless or until Joe leaves Teresa for another man, people will doubt him..Even then, Andy will call him out for being homophobic. lol 🙂

  • Ladynblack- that was an amazing post lol it took me like ten minutes to read because I was laughing so hard. I could visualize all the scenarios. Hillarious! You should nurture this talent lol….Thanks!

  • Geesus Mary and Joseph, here we go again………..

    Someone just put a gun to this topic and kill it

    He’s not a homophobe…… sorry MAndy… go find another target

  • maybe we should write a story line for the show…

    Here’s mine New Jersey Season 5:

    Caro_clown and Fam: Albert has mentally and physically checked out from the home: Caro_clown is trying to figure out why Albert refuses to come home:

    New lady in town: Albert Mistress:
    Caro_clown threated mistress with her mafia fam.

    The manzo boys: Have taken ill. They have been poison. Police investigating: the possiblity are: Lab-band Lauren, blk water, or Tarzon Joe (poison):

    Wack_Jack: has finally admitted that she’s an alcoholic and xanaxolic. Chris and the kids moved out. They moved in with Caro_clown. Wack_Jack, is stalking caro_clown house. They have hired Greg to secure the house and now babysits the Wack_Jack kids.

    Meho: has lost her voice. She now sounds like a heavy smoker. She blames Teresa. She now is going back to teaching. She wants to home school Wack_Jack kids. Chris is all for it. Caro_clown is so suspicious of Chris excitment for allowing Meho school the kids. Meho gets threating calls and letters;She blames Teresa but it’s Wach_Jack who is doing the threats.

    Tarzon Joe: Depress because his music box wife can’t no longer sing. All his investimates in her career are in the red. He now has to become a dancer. A private dancer. He blames Teresa and Joe

    Cat_fish: In the kitchen staring at the timer with her owl eyes:

    Greasy Richard: Decided to leave and follow his dream. Ride a Camel in the sierra’s

    Teresa dealing with Joe’s court issues and still making a $$ and being a mom:

    Joe stressed out that he might go to jail. He takes martial arts knowing he will need to protect himself in prison. He now has a martial art video.

  • are they not filming this week … perhaps its part of the show ?? im not sure but all “story lines” are somewhat directed by BRAVO so not surprised if all goes down this season all story lines come to a close.. next season 6 new fresh blood.

  • I live in the gay friendliest city in the world (Amsterdam. nl) and I have many wonderful gay friends but even I am disgusted by Andy Cohen and Anderson Coopers behavior. It seems to me they had a rough childhood and now they publicly attack whoever say bad things about ANY gays. Well guess what, the fact that someone is born gay doesn’t make him or her automatically angel on the earth. I found for example the gay guy in RHONJ disgusting cause he behave like an a**. I don’t care if he is straight or gay he is a disgusting human being. I feel sorry for Treasa and Joy for trying so hard to clean their name. Andy Coper should learn from Ellen DeGeneres how to treat others.

  • I really don’t care if Juicy has a problem with gays or not and Ms. Andy needs to tone it down or Tre and Joe will be screaming discrimination!. Seriously though, I am going to say that my husband, as a child, was molested by a gay man, to say now my husband is uncomfortable with gay men is an understatement. Does that make him a bad person? I say no, he is a victim and has the right to feel as he does. I don’t feel the same way, I really don’t care what your sexuality is but if you want someone to be sensitive to you, then you need to sensitive to them because you don’t really know why someone may feel the way they do. So Andy Cohen needs to back off because he does not know why anyone may feel the way they do or even know what someone really feels. I mean come one, Caroline would def. be uncomfortable around gays if some of her siblings were not gay.

  • I don’t think Joe is a homophobic. I’m just glad he was smart enough not to take off his shirt.
    If it was J-Stub (dancer name)he would of be shirtless within seconds and wearing his elephant speedo with a short loop trunk!

    Now Meho and J-Stub will be also hosting a Gay party.. stay toon folk

  • Do they ever do anything that they don’t report to the media? I guess not as that makes good TV and that’s their career, and when I say they..I mean all of them, not just Teresa.

    • Sooooooo old!!!! Honestly, I’m as done as an overly roasted hen with this!!! Juicy’s an adult & his feelings are indeed his own, right or wrong! I’m concerned that he & Tre even felt the need to do this at all & why continuously speak on it? Tre should let it fizzle out! Geez Louise!! Cooked goose already!

      Oy! I just can’t with this anymore!

      Look it Tre (here’s someone who happens to get a haha out of your hubby’s one liners), move on from this absolute nonsense! How many ways can one say “I’m sorry?” I’ve lost count……..(sigh)……

      Love you, mean it….(((hug)))

      • rhfan

        Rox did this story a little while ( maybe a week or so) ago. When Teresa and Joe first went to this club, alot of sites blogged about it.
        Remember That Crazy Thread? That was when JPG, started with calling Teresa Tretard, then Samantha went off on it too, and ended up getting banned.

          • Breaking News!! Katfish Cannoli Kits will be on QVC on Dec. 5th. Be the first on the phone to buy it!! Haha.

          • Oh wait?!? I adreseed JPG and her Tretard and down syndrome comment and she sat there and acted like it was okay. Then Samantha started in… She got banned? Halleluja!!!! What happened? I missed this. I was extremely upset w/ the remarks and use of the R word and DS. And they didnt repsect that whatsoever. Instead they kept using it.

          • Socal- no freakin way!!! I thought the cannoli idea was going down drain!! I thought for sure she would have to switch to Fish Taco Kit. Im so bummed, LOL!

        • Thanks HCannoli…

          I knew I’d seen something somewhere, now I remember. I thought I was having de ja vous all over again, lol.

          Again, I agree with you; this so old and tired.

  • I agree Rox. I think because of how things were portrayed or said on the show, and how people feel about them ( negative ones) they are under a constant microscope. Unfortunately, whoever can get a story out will do so! Nature of the beast. Ever since that one episode when Danielle was offended with the dance partner, that was it for JoeGi . Many people say worse then he does, but it does not matter because he will be the scrutinized one. And Teresa will always feel the need to defend her hubby.

  • Teresa, you don’t need to explain yourself. We believe you! 🙂 I never thought he was a homophobe, but if he was… That’s his problem. Andy and Bravo just likes to drag everything out a hundred times over. Juicy isn’t homophobic, and Andy needs to grow some balls. Glad they had fun together! I took my bf to the gay club, and my bf was annoyed. Lol. After a while, he was more relaxed, but he just doesn’t like guys slapping him which they did! I love going there! They always tell me… “WORK IT, BITCH! You’re FIERCE AND SEXXXAY!” hahaha! I looove my gay friends!

    • I agree completely.You know what always makes me laugh at this stuff?It`s like they have to rehash crap about the Giudice because there just really isn`t all that much you can put them down for.Get over it people.With the others it seems crap is coming out left and right.

    • I agree totally, it’s just Andy who have a problem. He has an agenda and every time he sees Joe and Teresa it brings up what Joe has said and also what Teresa did (Pushed him on his butt back during season 2 reunion, he nevered lived that down).