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Danielle Staub Is Ready To Reveal Big Secrets On RHONJ, But Melissa Gorga Says She’s Not Scared!

It seems like Danielle Staub returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey might be true after all, since Melissa Gorga is speaking up about filming with her! Rumors have been going around that Danielle is coming back, and while nothing has been confirmed, sources are saying that Danielle is ready to put it all out, but Melissa Gorga is NOT scared!

An insider tells In Touch that Danielle Staub is ready to put all the hearsay and rumors to rest on the show and bring the truth to light. The source says, “Danielle will set the truth straight and shed light on all the little stories they have been telling on the show. She will say whatever she wants. Danielle knows what people want to see and she’s going to make a big return. Not everyone liked her and she is going to steal the spotlight away.”

While Danielle will surely dish on Melissa Gorga if she returns, Melissa is not sweating it! Melissa thinks her relationship with Teresa is so strained that not even Danielle can make it worse. She tells the magazine, “I don’t think anyone can cause more problems for Teresa and me — not even Danielle. I’m not going to run from her. If she wants to film together let’s film together. Bring on the drama!”

While this would make some GOLDEN television, I would rather that family be left alone to mend their relationship. There’s no doubt Danielle would make a big splash on the show, though!

Do you think Melissa should be scared if Danielle returns?

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  • Come to think of it, Melissa may not be nervous, because all the bitch is going to do is lie her way out of it, JUST LIKE SHE DOES EVERYTHING ELSE! FUCKING NARCISSIST!!!

  • Moronic Melissa is acting like she’s calm, but behind closed doors, that bitch is shaking in her boots! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF MELISSA’S DECIET, CONNIVING LIES, AND “I’LL DO ANYTHING FOR FAME,” LAME ASS!!!!! Bring it on Danielle, BRING IT ON!

  • Dear JanShe,
    Where are you ? How are you ? And have you heard who FINALLY got to stepping off here for good ??? Wherever you are, I miss you , LOL and Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Besides Melissa contacting and feeding her dirt, what else does Danielle have?

    As far as dirt on Melissa goes, her being a gold digging stripper who slept around is practically common knowledge in that social circle. Bravo already knows everything about Melissa. I can’t imagine producers who have cast multiple reality shows didn’t do their homework on her.

    Well, at least Danielle could take the heat off Teresa. Give the other housewives someone else to attack. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bravo locked Danielle and Melissa in a room to see if either come out alive?

  • What I see is Bravo’s attempt to regain our interest in next season. We are all hoping for Melissa to be exposed and are assuming that is what will happen…. I think we will all be very disappointed and we will not get what we are expecting… but hey…. people will watch to see what happens and the ratings will be good, viewer response won’t be… but Bravo won’t care about that…. just as long as we watched.

    • I agree with you 200%! Just a trick to get us viewers going, because no one is interested in seeing banana-face Melissa after all of the stunts she has pulled on Teresa last season. Just a bunch of BS for us to tune in, nothing more!

    • BUT, I also think the Gorgas has something on Kim too because she showed restraint and wasn’t very adamant about her relationship with Jac. She sorta whispered that Teresa wasn’t involved. I saw fear on her part. Like they have something on each other.


    What do all the ladies have going on for Thanksgiving!
    Who’s cooked what or will be cooking what for tomorrow!

    So far, have the greens cooked and put up (adopted southerner, former yank…we always a yank!), cake baked but not frosted, cranberry freeze in the freeze (homemade cranberry sauce YUMMO!) and Turkey in the sink, getting ready to put in brine tonight! Only thing left is stuffing, green bean casserole and Sweet potatoes cooking for sweet potato casserole!

    • Yum Yum !!!
      We are going to a friends house since we cannot get home with fam. Pretty much traditional dinner for us on the menu! I wait all year for the candied yams! I made some pies for dessert though 🙂 and I got my cool whip yesterday , LOL!! Whats in your sweet pot casserole? Marshmellow, brown sugar, etc…? Have you tried the stuffing with the cranberry in it? So good!

      • going different this year w/sweet potato….4 lg potatoes (the insides scooped), 2 eggs, 1 cup heavy cream, 1/2 c butter and 1/2 C MAPLE Syrup (homage to home) and 1/2 cup brown sugar…..whip together, put in dish, top w/a few tablespoons more MAPLE syrup and chopped Walnuts…oven 350 for 30. It should be DE-Vine!

          • i will definitely let ya know how it turns out- it’s a first timer, my sister is diabetic so ‘trying’ to make it a little more friendly with the splenda brown sugar and MAPLE syrup instead of the canned sugary sweet potato’s and gobs of marshmallow…
            Pre Thanksgiving Kitchen is officially closed tonight…. tom turkey is taking a bath in apple cider brine, dilly dip in fridge……..
            Can’t wait for tomorrow, Macy’s parade – so much to be thankful for this year (and every year) 🙂

          • You are all set girfriend Yay you!!

            Yes please let us know how it comes out, I’m sure it will be wonderful!

            Like I said early My S.IL. does Thanksgiving and she does all the traditional fixings only we also have Pasta too. Being Italian , no Holiday is complete without some type of pasta dish also.. tons& tons of food.

            Holy Cannoli you should see what I do for Christmas Eve!!

            Yes, so much to be Thankful for this year( making the sign of the cross) and every year also!

            Happy Turkey Day Everyone God Bless!!

          • Thanks Holy- I love the holidays. When Christmas comes, you’ll have to give me the 411 on everything you’re making! I love cooking/recipes and I know you can throw down on the Italian food!
            Happy Thanksgiving Holy
            Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!

    • My S.I.L. has Thanksgiving every year. I do Christmas Eve.

      I will bring the Appetizers and Salad.

      We will have Turkey and all the fixings.

      Plus Pasta, always have to have Pasta 😉

      • OHH Xmas dinner is no joke in this fam!! Thanksgiving this year will not be as big for us 🙁 But Im happy – others are worse off.

      • I love Christmas….it’s my absolute 10000% favourite holiday….lil baby Jesus, lil tiny 8lb baby jesus (lol!)

        • OMG hoolie, OMG! I was just digging out my decor in the garage! Speaking of tiny baby Jesus, I can’t find my Nativity set 🙁

  • OK this has nothing to do with this but, is it me or does WHORSEY always look like she is smelling shit when she is posing for a picture?
    Now getting back to this article I really hope Danielle comes back!

  • Okay, here is my paranoid fear. There have been rumors (stated by ex-housewives) that there are gag clauses for a certain number of years after a housewife is let go. What if Danielle’s is about to run out, and Bravo is trying to manipulate her silence and protect Melissa, Jac and Caro? By bringing her back for a few episodes she would have to sign a new contract. Or they could be offering her hush money outright. I do not want to see Danielle hurt anymore, or Teresa, but this is making me nervous. I gotta go clean! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Did everyone forget how nutso crazy Danielle is? I don’t care who she is trying to come in and take down, that woman is unhinged.

    • yeah she is a nutjob. i think most people will agree with you. as for myself i only want to see her on the show because mel, caro and jac are freakin scared of her. i find that hilarious.

  • The reason why Mel isn’t scared is because she thinks that she has 2 bulldogs on her side …actually 1 bulldog and a puppy (Caro and WacJac) She thinks she has this in the bag and that Caro will protect her and it’s just another way for her to blame Teresa more. I just hope Danielle doesn’t dig a big hole and drag Teresa down with her. I’m very much looking forward to her return but like I said I don’t want Melissa to turn this into Teresa and Danielle teaming up against her boohoo and once again shes the poor innocent victim. Why the hell is Kathy coming back to the show? she is the most boring Reality TV person and I totally see through her. As Teresa says she is full of shit

  • Yikes 2 kpasta!

    You really are a ray of freakin sunshine aren’t you?

    Happy Freakin’ Turkey Day!

    I hope you eat something maybe you’ll be in a better mood

  • I just hope Teresa Does not get involved If Danielle does go after melissa I also don’t want her Teaming up with Danielle to take the others down She has successful ventures and she does not need all that drama

    • Yes. I wouldn’t want to see the “champipple” she sells, or the teeth whitening business to be in jeopardy. Oh, and don’t forget those culinary bibles, the paperback cookbooks with the classy photos taken in that marble mausoleum! After all, how will she pay for 4 college tuitions!

      • Teresa will for sure back Danielle…even though Teresa was AWFUL to Danielle during the first two seasons. Hmm. But Theresa is such a nice person!!!

        • They were under the influence of the Don, almighty investigator, and Teresa also backed Dina, then she get the knife in her back from her loving ” I wanna fix the family” SIL Messy.. So Im thinking Teresa has legit reasons for her niceness. And, Messy Marco and everyone else always sides with everyone instead of believing Teresa, so what if she was nice to Danielle? So what if she ends up believing her? Would you not after kicked while you were down by so called friends and family? I really don’t think they will be BFF’s.

      • oh look kpasta is hating on teresa. didn’t you scold everyone for doing what you’re doing right now? you take it too seriously. hypocrite.

    • Hi, Singer! I honestly don’t believe Teresa would want to get involved in such a mess. I still think she would rather show restraint and respect for what she once had with her brother than to do anything that would cause further discontent. In the finale’s salon scene, I felt she was genuine in removing herself and not wanting to hear what that hook-nosed sleazeball had to say about Melissa’s dancing. She didn’t want to hear it.

    • I would not think that is a good look, however Melissa had no qualms teaming up with D to get to where she is!

        • Nope! And Messy thinks because of D’s rep, that no one will believe what she says. Too bad for her, we( most of us) have already seen what a lying vindictive biznitch she is. I don’t care who calls out who in this case as long as they are putting others in the crossfire of their OWN BS!

  • What I liked about watching Danielle were the times and scenes with her daughters. I definitely saw that she had some very strong paranoia tendencies (bringing thugly bodyguards everywhere), and anticipating that she would always be the hateful object of attention.

    But, she really redeemed herself when that harridan Kim G began yelling and cursing at Danielle like a trailer park banshee inside and outside of an elegant restaurant– but Danielle quietly left, head held high, refusing to raise her voice. That was class.

    What can she bring? To me, some spicy interaction. She doesn’t hold back how she feels. She says what she means and she means what she says.

    Truth be told, in my opinion, Bravo does not need to rely on Danielle to stir the pot against Melissa — way too many people can out her as the famewhore she really is and the crap she pulled in the past.

    • She had bodyguards because there were people not related to the show at all that wanted to get back at her for turning states evidence. She is not a nice person, she also is too open with her girls. I always felt so sorry for them when she filmed with them, I don’t want to go through watching that again. This is someone who needs to leave the HW show behind as it truly did hurt her family when her past came out and her daughters had to go to school with people who knew there mother was not a good person.

      • Wow, Justsayin, thanks for reminding me about the real reason she needed bodyguards. Just watching the show, you do not get that.

  • I am beginning to think that Melissa does not care much if the “secrets” about her past are exposed. I think she is desperate for fame and will take the attention in any form. If she goes head to head with Danielle, the focus will be on her.

    To a certain extent, she is not wrong in thinking this way. She will get a ton of press – good and bad. To someone who does not have a conscience or sense of shame, any publicity is good publicity. In fact, if memory serves me, she has said something to this effect on air.

    During the last reunion and in the flood of stories she released shortly after, she was desperate to portray herself as a victim. If danielle goes after her hard, I think it will just solidify her victim status.

    The one exception to this is the financial stuff. I think this has the potential to embarass her more than anything. Also, expose how pathetic her “singing career” really is. Also, it is rumored that she has a younger, prettier niece who is truly a good singer. Danielle should look her up and film with her. THAT would drive Melissa nuts!

    If you are reading this, Danielle, play it smart! Go after her subtly and hit her where it hurts.

    • I utterly concur with you first sentence.
      Look out Tre!! Or Joe, or anyone, this bitch will not stop.. Everything is fair game to her…
      Hopefully she sees the tide has turned.. Eg CaroClown being “nicer” and takes her down in the process!

  • There are always so many rumors as to who is being fired or who will be added to the cast. I’d be surprised if Danielle was brought back and will reserve my thoughts on her return when Bravo announces it.

  • Sorry, I can’t get on board the “Welcome back Danielle” train. I don’t think she has anything new to add. If she does return, which I still doubt, I think it’ll just be more of the same old stirring the pot and her siding with whoever Bravo is backing, in the hopes of getting a permanent spot.

    If nothing else, Danielle has learned that keeping AC happy is the only way to stay on the show. I really don’t see D returning benefitting Tre; we all know Tre is not an AC favorite. I say leave Danielle on the former HW list.

    • She will when the producers give her information. Don’t you worry!! I think these new producers see that Teresa is television gold. And that many hate Melissa. So they know it is time for Melissa to go away.

      • God, it’s the same 50 people on this blog that hate Melissa. (They subscribe to the other Gorga hater blog(s) too) Even if it were 5000! Neither Melissa nor Teresa are that worthy of attention; nor are our posts given some big “weight in the sky”. The people that make the decisions do not care who you like or do not like- they only care, IF AT ALL, that you are saying something!

        • kpasta, “they only care, IF AT ALL,that you are saying something!” Well YOU just said something. So welcome to the club, even tho you think “Neither Melissa nor Teresa are worthy of attention;……”

        • Haha thank you Kpasta it’s kind of sad kind of scary the people on here ,they seem to live in a fantasy world !

          • salaza LOL it’s so funny because you and kpasta are doing the exact same thing!! you really think scolding everyone in here is gonna change anyone’s mind? you think anyone is gonna say “omg, kpasta and salazar are right. let stop commenting about a freakin tv show”. i got news for you. this is what bravo wants. bravo wants everyone to talk about it, comment, post, tweet, facebook, whatever about their show. don’t uderestimate people’s comment because fans comments for any of the reality stars do make some difference. for example, jill zarin was kicked off because the fans couldn’t stand her. the cast also read the comments and they know how people feel about them. personally, i can care less if they read my comments or not. i’m doing this for myself not for them. i like being able to express myself and read others opinions.

    • Im not welcoming her per se, but , if she can bring it to Messy , Im all for it! They need a change from bashing T for 2 seasons. The others need their turn. I cannot wait to see how they handle any shit storms coming their way!

  • This is what reality TV was always suppose to be. Real people who really hate each other and do not try to hide it. Danielle is going to turn what is already explosive into outright TNT. Man, if I can do the impossible and give Teresa a break next season (yea right) the bonding on this NJ board could be a love fest.

  • Off topic…..I’ve been having trouble posting, so this is a test post. Sorry for the inconvience. Hope it takes.

  • ONLY… a FAMEWHORE like MEHO would agree to even film with Daniell, Meho is PURE trach, i wonder what her new best friends will think about that

    • Ladies-convicted FEDERAL felon over the age of 18, is a lot different than a state misdemeanor warrant for shoplifting. Even if she were convicted for that, she would have gone to a one day class, and it would have been removed from her record if no futher convictions.
      Kinda like the difference between the civil judgment for Joe Guidice’s contract fraud, the pending case for fraudulent drivers license obtainment and usage vs. his innocent drunk driving conviction. (The one where he was convicted, even though he said he took a drink after he fell asleep and hit the tree).
      The law presumes that once you are a convicted felon, you are a presumed liar. Not so with a misdemeanor. So, the good news for all you Teresa fans, is that her hubby is not considered a legal liar-yet!

      • Neither are convicted Felons, but they are lowlifes as they both hurt other people. Juicy Joe did what he did to try to work to support his family, big difference.

  • Kpasta, watch who you are calling a fellon. Melissa was a wanted criminal for felony theft like a month ago. Thank god for statutes of limitations or rhonj may have been filming Melissa at a women’s prison. This bitch has skeletons beating down the door of her closet……

    • Totally agree! The thing is, I do not buy Messy not being worried. Im sure she thinks she has all her duckies in a row because D made some comments along the way. However, a woman scorned ( Danielle) is not someone I would want to tango with. Messy has to realize, that eventually people will talk no matter how many threats they get, whether they are physical or financial. And you can paint Danielle as crazy as you want, LOL, she does not care!

      • So? If Teresa did it there would probably be friggin physical threats to her! And its showing her character- and everything negative people say about her and her past leading to Stumpy appears to be true.

      • yeah she was 18 and committed grand theft!! that is freakin serious. she wasn’t a child stealing bubblegum. she was an adult 18 year old stealing thousands worth of merchandize!! there are many people in jail for that. so oh my god, that people like you think it’s no big deal. while god forbide someone you know gets caught doing it and lets see how “oh my god” how you’re gonna take it seriously.

  • I’ve never been one to find joy in other’s suffering, quite the opposite but I’m looking forward to this. The way Joe Gorga fell at Kim D’s feet at the reunion professing his apologies for being his “real” self at the fashion show, I knew they were afraid of something getting out. Danielle is not joking, I believe. She even told Andy Cohen that Melissa Gorga had come to her home. That is just the lil tid bit Andy spilled and we all know how he covers up for Melissa. Melissa Gorga is getting a taste of her own medicine and it’s oh so bitter. At the same time they are in financial crisis, Joe is barely working and has an F rating on the better business beaureu and Melissa keeps on shopping and driving her borrowed Bentley. The ground is falling out from under you Gorga’s, we all see you for the lying frauds you are. Shame on you Melissa and Joe Gorga…..Teresa should pull up to them and scream it out the window the same way Melissa was demanding Joe do to Teresa. Shame SHame Shame. Melissa is a liar. STEP TO THE FIRE, LIARS….your hell is our heaven. Vindication is sweet. Teresa should just keep counting her money and blessings.

  • First of all, Danielle always was/is a big liar. Secondly, what is so lethal? Nothing. The Melissa haters are so busy trying to find something “to bring her down”, that they are missing that there is nothing this convicted felon can add to the conversation, other than make believe. Remember all the past shows? Gosh people, get some perspective. Not a fan of MG, but Danielle is not a reliable source, and the “drama”. except maybe what she did to DINA, is not worth it.

      • True, and who knows what Danielle will bring? Im sure Bravo had their hands in keeping her mouth shut, because they do with anyone that has info the show does not. We will not get any info until the show airs, if any of these people are even on it 🙂

    • Danielle was/is not a convicted fellon, she turned states evidence to get off, she is a coke ho, and a nasty person I think, not someone I want to watch on TV but she could be a reliable source in getting Mellisa.

  • Wow this is real bad news i really thought Andy was kidding when he said he was bringing her back.She is real good friends with TRE thats why there doin it because the whole thing has been turned around for those haters.Danielle does revenge like no other.

  • Please o please bring back Danielle just for the entertainment factor! At the very least… There’s not much that she can say to expose Melho that we don’t already know, but you all forget, those who dont read the blogs saw it addressed very briefly in the show and swept under the rug just as quick. Melho really escaped unscathed from the whole thing. At least have it come directly from the horses (Danielle not Melissa)mouth on tv.

    Equally I think we all can agree Danielle has ALOT of dirt on Jac, which is why I believe Jac never went postal on Danielle the way she did Tre even though Danielle essentially did alot worse to her family than Tre ever did.

    So what I’m hoping is, Danielle comes on with a blast! Exposes Jac for who she truly is, confirms Melho for the true lying skank that she is and somehow mamaged to take Car-old-hag down with the others.

  • I can’t believe how short people’s memory is…

    Danielle is a psychopath,delusional,dangerous! She is sickening.
    Have people forgotten her “spread eagle” on the show, Hell’s angels,Danny “Parmesano”,sex tape,armed guards,destroing baby’s charity event,etc?

    She has nothing on Melissa except for that old info about FB contact from Melissa. So what? We all know that,Melissa admitted to it on TV,and she and Teresa don’t even speak anymore.

    Danielle is bancrupt and desperate. She again will be lying and spreading rumors to stay relevant.

    Caroline obviously won’t even talk to her.

    If Teresa becomes friends with that psycho,she’ll hit the new low in my opinion and betray her friend Dina.

    Not looking forward to seeing Danielle again…

    Tired of it.
    Don’t care about Melissa,and I don’t want Danielle back.

    • masha, i really dislike danielle as much as you do. i do agree she’s a vile person but she’s a vile person with alot of dirt on everyone on that show. yes, melissa already admitted she facebooked danielle but she didn’t say what was said between them. only danielle can reveal that info and she has said she saved the messages. so i’m curious as to what else melissa has told danielle.

      i do agree i hope teresa won’t befriend danielle. it will definitely make her look bad. if her family and ex friends weren’t jerkoffs to her then she wouldn’t have said “thank you” to danielle in the first place. so all those backstabbers will be the reason why danielle will come back and if teresa teams up with her then the backstabbers have nobody to blame but themselves for that.

    • Thank you for posting this, I was thinking the same thing. I do not want to watch Danielle and her low life friends anymore. Made me sick and Tre and Danielle friends? I don’t think Tre would go there, she was not friends with her, just cordial in the end after she literately put Ms. Andy in his place. I don’t want to see her back on the show and from everything else I heard on fauxreality she is not coming back on.

  • I hope Danelle comes back I had ways liked her and I really didn’t get to know her like I got too know the others and that’s not say much, But I’m all for it I really hope Danelle kicks some ass on the Show. That Jacqueline,Caroline, Melissa and that beast Lauren and Fish Face Kathy whatever Danelle has I hope its all about the LIES they all had said, The TRUTH would be good for once ………….

  • Melissa vs Danielle….!!! Housewives gold can’t wait to see that lol and Teresa Jac bat and King Caro ooh and Kathy <<<<<(mumbles) will have too sit back and watch

  • That was an interesting statement.Mel thinks her relationship with Teresa can not get anymore strained then it is.What the hell else did this bitch do to Teresa that we don`t know about?I am a positive thinker so I am sure she can strain things a wee bit more.

  • What will danielle expose that we already dont know lmao. And what will melly do? Deny deny deny. I think the greatest pleasure i will get is if she exposes some of jaqs secrets, i cannot stand jaqueline at all anymore!!!

  • I also heard that Caroline won’t be back and catfish wasn’t asked back. Thank god cause I wasn’t going to watch this season but really looking forward to see how Jac is going to speak for herself and not have Caroline doing it for her now that’s gonna be worth watching but we all know it for when Danielle calls out Mel for her lying sneaky 2faced hoe stripper she is. Now she can see how Teresa felt when all those bitches ganged up on her so looking for Danielle to put Mel and that little horny hairy geeky slimmy husband of hers & jac in place where they belong !!! I just wished that menapusel monster big red Would just film a few episodes so Danille would give her what she deserves after all these yrs.

  • Now we know why Tre said at the reunion she felt bad for the way she treated Danielle.

    Danielle better bring it cause Kim sure didn’t.

    • Yeah Kim D was anti-climatic on the reunion; lots of circle talk.

      This blog and a couple others had bigger reveals!

  • She said the same thing about huricane, bring it bitch something like that and look at the devastation it caused. So bring it D and rock that fake ass back to reality.

  • I hope Danielle has some good stuff against Melissa, I really do.

    Anyway, like I’ve said I won’t be watching the new season, but I do hope that it’s not another one full of Teresa bashing. I can picture Cowaline, Jacquedrunk, Stinky Kathy and Melho all trying to befriend Danielle JUST to trash on Teresa. Another season of Manzo trash acting like they are superior? Not gonna watch that bullshiz. I’ll be getting my info on here and through Twitter.

    • YUP that sounds right up my alley as well, I will not watch anymore shit about Teresa. I’m sure she’s had just had about enough Bully,Trashing for a few years. I hope Teresa’s Family has a good Thanksgiving together and I hope her dad is doing good as well…….

  • Let’s not forget, Danielle has said she has e-mails from Meho. Maybe she has some concrete proof regarding Meho. Hopefully!

  • I find it interesting after all the shit they gave Tre with articles in IN TOUCH Melissa is now all over this magazine….things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……I am not a fan of Danielle’s but if she give us some facts about really went down with MG I am all for it….

  • Wow Messy Marco is quite the spokesperson for Bravo lately no?? Where does she get off confirming anything?

    Damn last week she told Us Magazine Caroline and Kathy are back, and this week, she is confirming Danielle is coming back, and she’s not scared..Wow, next she will be taking over WWHL!

    BTW, if this is true and that WHACK Danielle is coming back..Holy Shit, 2 whacks on the show.. Cracker Jack, and Demented Danielle… Lord help us!!

    • She didn’t confirm anything. She said, “If she wants to film together let’s film together.” Which could mean practically anything.

        • Really???

          What does the link say on the homepage to click on the article?

          Melissa CONFIRMS..

          Get over yourself Salazar, You are very rude!

          • and you holy canoli are a very bored and immature person ..get a life of your own and live it ! you are not or will you ever be friends with these Housewives ,its an entertaining show but you guys on here are over the top

          • LOL.

            Remember Cracker Jack said last week on twitter..That there are all kinds of rumors about who is coming back, etc..She wishes she could tell but she can’t. Well damn she sure hasn’t…LOL. Maybe the whack learned her lesson last year, when her big fat botoxed mouth spilled all the deets about the PFS and just about all of season 4.

          • So why does Meho get to tell? Thats twice in one week she has provided cast info. UGH Jax always has something to ” tell later” LMAO

    • She really has been the self appointed megaphone of ‘info’ lately hasn’t she…. gotta stay in the tabloids/media anyway she can i suppose

      • hoolie

        I was just on stoopid housewives. and she has a thread up about Andy being on Wendy Williams, check it out.

        He says there are lots of rumors out there and that Jersey is so far off that they do not say who is on or off until right before the season starts, or something like that.

        • sounds like there are some contract negotiations going on that are getting a little sticky……some saying they won’t sign if T is on, more $$ if they sign and T is on, etc etc etc. There is a theory out there that I kinda believe is very possible, is that Bravo is putting out all these “new cast member” false leaks and checking out feedback to help determine who will be signed/back. I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s all about the ratings/$$$$$$$

          • Ashlee did another Buzz net interview, this time with her Cracker Jack mother.. The Whack mentions something about B people coming on next season to have to film with some people..

            LOL, she is a real freakin trip, just has to put a dig in there. The ‘B’ has not ‘ moved on”, she is just as nasty and immature as ever. I guess having a special needs child, going through a hurricane, and all her Charity ” kind heart’ hasn’t soften that woman at all!

          • she just can not keep T out of her mouth at any level (talking about her without ‘mentioning names’)
            I say solve the whole problem w/having Danielle AND Penny on. Penny & co can expose every single little sordid, underhanded thing Meho and Slojo have done and Danielle can let all Jac’s secrets, plus I think she knows some of Chuckies secrets too, (courtesy of Jackowines loose lips I’m sure…god knows Whack can’t keep a confidence to save her soul)

          • I don’t care about Cracker Jac, let all her ugliness come out, let everything that she has said and done get right out on front street, same with Messy Marco, they both deserve it.

            I have zero sympathy for them.

    • Let her do her thing and act like she is spoke person for Bravo. Or go around and tell that Teresa should leave the show, or confirming that caro and jac will come back. Remember what happend to Jill Zarin when she started to think she knows better than anyone and started to tell Andy what to do

  • I don’t see the cast being too freaked out, Melissa included, if Danielle does comes back (which I don’t believe for a minute). I think the Manzos and Lauritas have been over feeling threatened by Danielle for some time, and I’ll bet Danielle is just as much over them. The noise she’s making about “exposing” Melissa is all show — there’s nothing to expose, everybody knows it, and this bluff of hers is getting stale.

    If she did come back under the guise of Teresa’s friend, I predict that relationship would last all of five minutes. Danielle, like Caroline, does not suffer fools.

  • While I would like to see Melissa be taken down I don’t think there’s anything much Danielle can spill. Danielle will not even be allowed to say she begged to film with me while she’s filming because of Bravo contracts. I hope Danielle does return. I always felt sorry for her that it was all against one. But there’s not much damage she can do to Melissa’s character while filming for Bravo.

  • What can Danielle bring besides Melissa was feeding her info against Teresa. That’s old news already.
    Can Danielle produce the guy she was banging 4 years ago & others she’s been banging while she’s been married? No
    Can Danielle produce Melissa’s ex friends & co-workers/dancers that can’t wait to spill all? No
    Can Danielle bring the guy forward who bought Melissa’s fake tits in exchange for play & being his bitch at his shore house? No
    Can Danielle produce Big Al’s mistress or real reason Greggy got on? No
    Can Danielle produce the woman that was assaulted by one of the husbands but paid off to drop it? No
    Can Danielle produce anything other than the fact Melissa fed her info against Teresa? NO NO NO!!!

    Bravo, wake up and don’t waste my TV time. Miss Andy needs to stop showing favoritism & cast who deserves it.

    Here’s the latest, Penny & Johnny were offered to do a show based on real people spilling their experience/gossip at the salon and not in the tabloids. It’s like having Star, Us Weekly, & In Touch live in our homes. Filmed & edited every week and not months prior. They’ve been holding back because they gave verbal commitment to new producers, but if they get passed up don’t worry we’ll get the dirt on all celebs, not just Bravo HWs.

    • Don’t be upset at Danielle, she wasn’t the one who decided who would be cast. I think its nice that Danielle is getting a chance to show who she really is because so much wasn’t known on the first few seasons.

      • Really, four seasons and it didn’t show who she really was??? She’s a d-bag. And, not for nothing, she sides with whoever gives her attention, so she could very well team up with Melissa and go against Teresa! She will add nothing to the show.

    • I do not think for one moment that they are bringing in Danielle to get Mel,that is Kim D`s job.Danielle is coming in to go after Jac and Caro.IMO Mel can not keep her nose out of any news breaks about the show no matter if it affects her or not.

    • Greek Chick, what would you like to see Penny and Johnny do? You seem to really love them, what do you think is in their best interest?

      It sounds to me like a gig on their own would better than dealing with crazy housewives, but obviously I have no idea what really goes on. This is really interesting. It sounds like this potential new show could make Andy look pretty stupid trying to be a talk show host.

      • Greek Chick~
        I see you post everywhere about Penny. Why are you campaigning so hard for her? I think their attempts to grab Bravos attention have failed. I personally would love to see Alisa Marie & Priscilla join the cast.


  • Meho’s not worried, because she is slick enough to see this as a ‘business opportunity’.

    Her singing ‘career’ is dead in the water….unlike T, she doesn’t have any other irons in the fire (oh sorry, voli vodka sponsor). If Mehog becomes the “Teresa” of Season 5, she prolly figures she will achieve the notoriety level that T achieved.

    She should be worried though, her skeletons from what we have all heard are plentiful and dirty though…. T has no skeletons so ultimately that’s why all the B.S. ‘read between the lines’ couldn’t stick.

  • This is really tearing me up because I am rooting for Danielle!
    Smelly-Melly is really such a nothing compared to Danielle, my best hope is that Danielle does Melissa quick and DIRTY!
    I really think I’m rooting for Danielle to squash ALL of them.

  • HOT DARN!!! I will be watching. ouwieeeee I can’t wait till Daniel brings down MELISSA GORGA.. whooo hooooo

  • Im so over Melissa. Time to put her face back on and act like she’s got nothing to worry about! Bull shit! You’ve got EVERYTHING to worry about. Why the hell would Bravo bring D back unless it was to shed light on the true colors of Messy Marco. She thinks she’s gonna be the star of RHONJ and that she’s running the show. But if D is truly coming back Messy’s in for one of hell of a shock. D has never beeen one to hold back. Her “Im not scared” attitude is nothing but one of the many facads of Messy Marco. I wonder how many faces this bucket of garbage has? Like Tify said, this has nothing to do w/ her and T! It has everything to do w/ her deplorable morals, foul behavior, and non-exsistant values! I have absolutely no respect for Messy and what she’s willingly done to her husbands family. Its sickening. Fame was so much more important then family. Well what I hope the 15 minutes was worth it. What happens when everyone sees you for what you really are? How will you LIE your way out of that like you always do? Maybe this will be the time your lies dont work. Messy your not “untouchable” or Bravo’s sweetheart, All you are is a plot for ratings. Why else were you brought on? Certainly not for you pathetic and uncomfortable and basically non-exsistant singing career!

      • I keep thinking if she had real fans her music would have sold better.I doubt she has fans.She is just riding the ratings that Teresa brings in.

        • Bahahaha Etta and Lysa! Heres what I think- 75% of the Itunes she has sold was her and her creepy little husband,thirsty ass sisters,and family. Maybe even the Rotten Mazo clan! But she’d better out her big girl panties on and get ready for Bravo to give her the big F-U. Really what the hell else did Bravo bring her on for? Yes for their sick plot to destroy a family but Messy was just as in on it. She was willing to destroy a family for her 15 minute. She’s an imbecile if she doesnt think Bravo wont throw her skanky ass under the bus for a new plot line and ratings!

  • Now Melissa will be exposed for the lying manipulator she truly is. Wonder how DonCaro and Whacky Jackie will defend her then.

    • I’m hopeful that Danielle’s revenge will be towards those two as well….let’s not leave Caro & Jac out. They’ve got it coming.

      Hey Danielle, you are all kinds of crazy & I expect you to bring the ammo! Fully loaded baby!

      Round ’em up!

      • I agree! I hope Danielle comes back & not only gives Melissa what she deserves, but drive Caroline and Jacqueline down to the ground! Let’s hope for Danielle’s return. I miss her, and I hope she brings excitement And revenge on these pathetic bitches.

        I wonder if she’ll try gunning for Tre since Tre was never scared to confront her and say whatever she wanted to her face.

        • Bring it .. I want the dirt on the rest of the cast Danielle seams to know everything …I say take down the Meho bitch and spill some Manzo secrets

  • Hey Melissa this isn’t about your non relationship with Teresa . It’s about showing the public exactly who you are. Not everyone who knows the show reads the blogs to know how nasty you really are but, everyone certaintly watches and theres no denying that. I can not wait for your “fans” to see who you really are. You can’t hide behind the innocent act when your lies start to unravel!

    • I agree! Danielle did not lie about her communicating with MeHo so I am curious as to what else she knows….MeHo and Jac needs to be knocked down a few notches like she does to Tre all the time!

          • I think Melissa is dying to film with Danielle because of all the drama it will cause = more airtime/exposure for her. She knows that she needs an interesting storyline now that she and Teresa won’t be filming together. It’s simply self-preservation. She knows how boring she is without Teresa, so filming with Danielle would generate some amazing publicity for her.

        • Gosh Mark, you had me thanking for not having a horsey Mel in my family either. She is really unique in her nastiness.

          So, for ThanksGiving tomorrow, I will be thanking for my family, their good and BAD, and just being thankful for their not being a “Horsey Mel”. I guess Horsey Mel did in a way do us a favor, reminding us things could be worse and be grateful of not having a sister in law scum like her.

          Ps, Is it me, or is her horsey face getting even longer. I mean, she is really morphing into a LONG faced Horse!

      • Yes, apparently Melissa and her oompa lumpa husband are too dense to realize that Teresa showed restraint and was in some cases very conciliatory out of respect for her parents. Teresa could have made Melissa’s deal with Danielle a big deal and instead, let it go. Also the stripper thing which I think embarrasses all the Gorgas including Teresa and certainly her parents. Danielle will have no such concerns regarding the well being of an unwell relative and wil spill it all. I would be very worried if I were Melissa.

    • Mel is offering to film w Danielle in an attempt to make peace w her bc she is SCARED!! She is trying to turn Danielle to her side by saying ill film w her.

      • Bingo, bingo. Melissa is assuming that all we believe is that it’s about her being in contact with Danielle and she is so wrong. We know that she has information on her whole history along with Joe. She also has the goods on Jax and that is why Jax is truly afraid of Teresa talking to Danielle. Melissa doesn’t want information of her past getting out to the public and them knowing that she was this or that or whatever.

    • I hear ya !! I can’t wait for that Ho,Ho,Ho Melissa too get what’s coming this Christmas, LOL all the way to Santa. Danelle girl let’s make the Snow come down. Melissa YOU should be shaking in those boots if I was you…. mistletoe anyone HaHaHa !!!

    • It’s not so mug that I dontbwantbthe family to heal, it’s more that I want Melissa to be exposed for the phoney she is instead of acting like she is so perfect and only wanted to bring family together. Because she didn’t. She ruined the relationship even more as well a turned the viewers against Teresa with her lies. It will be nice to see Teresa vindicated. Not everyone gets along with their sister in laws, but making it look like Teresa and her family are crazy is in another level and shouldn’t have happened.

    • Guys I wouldn’t get to excited yet! Remember these people like to throw things out there on who’s going to be returning and who’s coming back. Look what happened with everyone saying caroline , kathy, and jac not coming back. Now it appears as if they are. I wouldn’t believe much of what is put out on the blogs until bravo makes it official it will be disappointing.