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Meet Orange County’s Newest Housewife For Season 8!

Looks like Producers decided to add yet another new housewife other than Heather Dubrow this season on The Real Housewives of Orange County! And she looks younger than the rest of the gals! Here’s what we know! Her name is Kayla McCarthy and her bio on her twitter account confirms she is on the Real Housewives of Orange County season 8! She’s also photoed in the picture of all the ladies minus Alexis Bellino for Tamra Barney’s bachelorette party!

In her profile picture on twitter she is holding up the middle finger and explains “Profile picture- dedicated to the haters. ;)”

She’s friends with all the housewives but explains on her twitter account that she has not had the opportunity to get to know Alexis Bellino..yet! And is currently engaged! The photo of her with her fiancé is below

I don’t know about you but she looks like she’s about 16 and I’m confused why they’d bring another housewife who isn’t cordial with all the housewives. Alexis Bellino isn’t my favorite but she has no friends on the show anymore so I think she needs someone! Thoughts on the newest housewife?

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  • This Kayla girl seems way too young to be cast on RHOC as their all middle-aged women. She be better cast on a show like The Real World or Bad Girls Club. The Official New Housewife for Season 8 is Lydia McLaughlin. Until I physically see this Kayla chick on Season 8 then i’ll believe it.

  • Lydia is the new house wife. The trailer for Season 8 was released and this girl was nowhere in it. If she’s on the show she’s probably a Friend Of or a back ground character. I don’t know if this girl’s on the show or not. She sounds like she’d be another Sarah Winchester someone who craves camera time and is ready to create drama. She already seems not to like Alexis. Lauri Waring from Season’s 1-4 will be on as recurring and Lauri comes back with a bang she insinuates that one of the “Wives” she caught in bed with a man and a woman and has a problem with Tamra and Vicki. I only started watching from Season 6 but Lauri sounds like she’s a real trouble maker like how Jeana Keough was for Tamara.

  • I remember her from her father’s day’s as Newark Police Chief. That girl could s**k a mean c**k!

  • Every last one of you skanks is jealous of these housewives and their fame. Especially you ellen crosby with your loser b/f who just happens to be vickis leftovers. If michael decides you’re too old and nasty to be with, you can always go after brooks seeing how you have an attraction to vickis deadbeat leftovers.

  • 2 new.Kayla on some like Laurie from other seasons.Lyndi on full time with other 5 ladies.she is not same one in the photo at B. party.That is Lyndi.Glad alexis is back full time.All the other shows have more housewives even tho. i do not really watch the others anymore.about time OC put on more than 5 housewives full time.watching to support Lexie.

  • You know what? Since she’s not on the trip with the rest of the women, maybe she’s the next Sarah Winchester (gag). I get the feeling that she’s eager to pick a fight with someone.

  • Classy middle finger and classy tattoo below the boob.. She DOES look about 16.. I feel bad for Alexis!! Tamra is clearly jealous and Gretchen is A BACKstABBER!!

    • You know who looks real classy with her middle finger, numerous tacky tattoos and pierced tongue always stickin out? Hilary! Bwahahahaha!! And don’t forget jessi’s manly skull tattoo! Bang up job raising those 2 classless pieces of white trash!

  • OMGawd. WHY bring on some 24year old looking club girl?

    I would rather have seen Brianna be a housewife.

    This is ODD.

  • She looks a little bit like Selena Gomez. A much, much older version. She still looks far younger than the rest of the RHOOC cast though.

  • Another blog is stating that Kayla is not the newest housewife. The new housewife is named, Lydia McLaughlin.

    • Yeah I think part of this story is incorrect. This chick does not look like the woman in the other photo from Tamra’s bachelorette. I think the woman in that photo is Lydia not Kayla.

  • That’s pure class right there (NOT!) — giving the digitus impudicus with the typical bimbo-skank word “haters.” Seriously, why do all the vapid, narcissistic skanks love to use that word? They will never have the intellectual ability to understand that “haters” really find them to be pathetic and void of anything of substance.

    This one will go down in flames.

    • Oh @Honnie Badger I couldn’t agree more!
      So sick of all these HWs saying “haters” or “jealous” just because someone doesn’t like them or kiss their ass. Ugh

    • Oh ellen, get over your hatred of narcissists and your overuse of adjectives that start with the letter “v”. Just because mike wiped his ass on you for 26+ yrs and hates you with a passion doesn’t mean you have to project all you negativity on vicki and her stupid little show. Grow up.

  • I’m really surprised Bravo isn’t cracking down on what people Tweet while filming. Also – agreed, she looks about 17-years-old.

  • And… she is a hostess at Sutra. Know that place well. Must be her fall-back career from RE Agent, “visual communications”, ie: wanna-be graphic artist and web designer. God knows those jobs are hard to keep up for under-talented. lol

  • Nice TAT! Not. Have zero interest in her. Already reminds me of bring Brandi aboard to RHOBH where she’s completely out of her league/socio-economically. Maybe Vicky or Heather will take her under their wing, a la Lisa V and make her relevant. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • I don’t care for Brandi either, I thought I was the only one. This Kayla seems very young, to young like maybe just turning 16 or 17. I don’t think any of the rhoc housewives will like her. Oh joy, more drama!

        • I would watch Courtney Stodden; she is a train wreck at 18. Can you imagine is she were on this show?

        • OH HELL NO to Courtney, LOL!! I still cannot even believe that hot mess! Did anyone catch the ep with her Mom talking to the therapist? I could not believe that woman! She pretty much said she had no qualms pimping her daughter out to her hubby!

          • It was unreal Michers. That women has some serious issues, but imagine if Courtney was on RHWOC? She would make the cast soooo uncomfortable! That alone would be worth watching 🙂

      • Alexis, always trys to be kind to everyone.if you go back to season 5.she tryed to be friends with vicki.Tamra is the one at the table that said Vicki im freinds with everyone when Alexis spoke.Tamra was not friends with Gretchen tho.Maybe the new girls will not be jealous of Alexis like the others.Now watch since younger girls are on.Tamra will find some one new to Bully.Maybe she learned kindness for once.i have never seen her not pick on atleast 1 housewive a season.sad

    • I agree about Brandi, never saw how she fit on BH! Every show/city needs a villain or witch! I hope OC is not like NJ with everyone against one! Would hate to see a whole bashing Alexis season like we saw with Teresa!

      • No, i think Alexis is going to come out even stronger season 8.She is confident and kind.Each season ,even tho. she was my fav season 5,she gets stronger. and no one after last season can drag her down.

  • I saw where she & @stoopidhousewives had a blowout on twitter a couple of days ago. Afterwards, Kayla blocked SH & changed her twitter handle. When confronted with the change, she said it was because she’s engaged. I didn’t quite get that one. She’s changed her pic, too.

    • ooo what was the blowout about? lol. In these pics she doesn’t look like the girl in the other pic at TB’s party. She seems way younger here. Either way I’m sure she’ll liven it up a little

      • From what I could gather, SH had written & posted an article on her site about Kayla, I guess, & Kayla went BSC, saying it was all lies.

        • See? If this Kayla skank can’t even take a blog from one of the best HW bloggers out there, she can’t handle the kind of fame such a stint will bring. She, like all entitled narcissists, believe that everyone should totally want to be her, love her, exalt her. Truth is, with this kind of attitude, she is going to get blasted with the truth. Sounds already like she can’t handle the truth.

          • I do believe you’re right, Honnie Badger. I’m not real familiar with SH’s site. I’ve been there several times but not like here. What I have seen from her site, though, is that she says if
            anything she’s written & posted is incorrect for them to let her know & she’ll change it. Instead, Kayla just went nuts. She told everyone that she “really is a nice person, really” & that she doesn’t hate Alexis, she just doesn’t know her. I’m with you – I think she’s gonna have a hard time with however she’s received & people voicing their opinions on her.

  • Tamra new lunch! Tamra will be pissed because she young, fun and pretty.. Just what Eddie wanted. Poor gurl I can see her scars already…

    • I can Eddie lusting over her. Lol. She’s such a cute girl! She looks 18-20, and for some reason, it’s like I’ve seen her somewhere before. I don’t think she’ll handle people criticizing her cause she’s already getting nasty on Twitter.

    • I’m also thinking she isn’t returning. It doesn’t say she’s a RHOC on her twitter so I’m wondering.

    • She is back.Thank goodness.I read Gretchen said not fun the drama with Alexis and girls last season.Gretchen was always the one no one liked untill Alexis was there to support her and slade.I am sure she fills like crap.Alexis,watch your back.

  • Mabey there’s another housewife or friend of the housewives that we don’t know about yet bravos not just going to let everyone know everything yet

    • OMG…Vicki will come unglued and blow a major artery in her brain screaming at this one because she is young and beautiful!!! The jealousy true colors will be sure to come out! Can you say Tamra? Save us.

      • Another RHO_Fan, I laughed hysterically @ your comment. I agree, Vicki will freak out and possibly go into cardiac arrest or have a stroke.

        • @ teresa so true, right!

          I can already see Vicki doing this…it isn’t difficult to remember Vicki at “Bunco Night” Her veins were about to explode in her face as she screamed at Getchen! Not to mention how utterly attractive she looks when she behaves that way! 😉

      • Bingo and I think that is why they brought her in. She is truly young and good looking without the botox and such and they know that she will give the women a run for their money.