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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Kim D Confirmed As ‘Friend Of The Housewives’ For Season Five Of RHONJ

Last season on Real Housewives of New Jersey Kim D stirred up a lot of drama, especially with setting up Melissa Gorga at the fashion show. What will her involvement be next season? AllAboutTRH has the scoop!

A show insider close to Kim D and the gang tells us exclusively that Kim D has been cast as a friend of the housewives, “Producers wanted Kim D to appear on season five’s RHONJ but she refused to film for free! She explained to producers that she has been filming unpaid the past four seasons and she won’t continue to do it. Kim then got some lawyers involved who made a contract with producers stating that Kim D will be getting paid for her appearances and she’ll be cast as a “friend of the housewives.”

The source adds, “Kim made sure producers knew she was behind the whole Posche Fashion Show and has a lot planned for this season so they had no choice but to cast her as  a “friend of the housewives.”

Obviously it was a smart choice to bring her back, but I’m glad she is finally asking for money in return. Are you excited to see Kim D return?!

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  • We are all waiting for bravo to make the offical announcement. I’m not a kim d fan and don’t trust her as far as i could throw her. With that said, if she can put Melissa in her place more power to her.

    • Thats all I would like to see. As a Teresa fan, I would like to see something different for the first time in 2 seasons please!

  • I dont understand how this is confirmed when it’s an anonymous source. Wouldn’t it only be officially confirmed if Kim D or Bravo makes a statement?

    • Thats what one would think. For some reason when it comes to Jersey, some can break the rules and get away with it and the “sources” run amuck! I think because this is the most explosive of the franchises, Bravo and others get to fool around at fans expense and its all good for them. They are probably laughing at us right now, LOL ! Soon enough the ladies should be dropping twitter turds letting us know something.

  • Michers, I went online today and ordered a Scary Larry name plate for my desk. You cost me $59 but the laughs at work I am going to get are going to be well worth it.

    • boy that michers works miracles! Welcome to the community Larry. Always good to have another opinion, as long as it’s respectful. Watch out tho, we’ll make you a tre-hugger yet! LOL

    • What can I say Larry? Its nice to have a sense of humor though isn’t it? Im hoping we can have “friendly fire” from here on out.. I really do not like to let my claws out and its just not healthy to have to be negative.

  • Hello Everyone!! I dont have a problem with Kim D anyone who wants to put Melissa Marco in here place is a friend of mine!! lol I think we all need to wait to see who Bravo says will be on S5 cause all of this is just hear say right now. I just think we all as adults should beable to post our comments and our opinions without being attacked and there is no reason for either side to be nasty but I gotta say I have been to other sites and give my opinion and soon as they find out Im a Teresa Giudice fan they attack me and say some of the nastiest BS to me just because Im a Teresa Giudice fan!!! This is crazy to me how they talk about Teresa her husband and her beautiful daughters that’s just unbeliveable that people hate this woman so bad that they stop at nothing to bash this woman!! I’m sorry but Im from the south that is unheard of that you would attack a child just because you hate the mother and father this is CRAZY PEOPLE leave the kids out of it actually no one should say some of the disgusting BS Ive seen wrote about Teresa and Joe Giudice come on now you dont even know these people and your hate is so strong and so vile I DONT GET IT!! Please let’s act like adults here and stop the bashing exspecially of the children plz!! Am I wrong for feeling this way? I dont think so I just hope People see the hate they spew on someone they dont even know and come to thier sences!!

    • I actually agree and No one here will see me saying anything about Teresa’s kids any longer. And I will not use the R word again either. I will play fair on here and maybe just maybe when I say something about Teresa and someone feels the need to take it to far personally and come at me, one of you might speak up and let that person know they are the one out of line.

        • I agree too.Except do I have to be nice about the manzo kids?I do not think I can.Can we set an age limit of 20 for the Jersey kids?Ashlee really was stunted in her growth if you ask me.Ashlee should be protected…well..unless she kidnaps Dina`s cat`s and force Dina to delete tweets she doesn`t like in exchange for…I think I may be rambling again.

          • Etta, anyone over the age of 18 is fair game in my opinion. The Manzo “kids” will never mature as long as mama is the puppeteer.

          • Etta and Socal – Agree. Aren’t some of her kids nearing 30? If they are grown enough to have their “own” businesses, talk smack always about their Mom’s friends, and have twitter wars, then they can get it handed back at them.

    • I’m a Teresa Fan as well and you are a 100% right, Sometimes it all BS but you do get mad cuz its alright for someone to say whatever they want but as soon as you say something good about Teresa they get so nasty with ya. We are Lady’s not dogs…… :/

  • So to answer your question i dont think i like kimd being on show anymore she will turn on teresa because no matter what trresa loves her brother and she will eventually make up with him and i think she is really coming on to be a jaq friend in reality, after all they talk an hour and a half every day.

    Sorry about all the typos, i’m on my nook which does not have a back arrow or a delete button :/

    • I think they will have a more real and sincere shot at making up when all of them are no longer on tv, getting camera time, etc..

  • I truly believe it was Jaqueline and Kim D that set Teresa up. And Jaqueline knew exactlybwhat she was doing all the way from the hair salon to the fasion show. I think Caroline knew and so did Lauren. They both knew Jaq was trying to set up Teresa even Melissa i think knew because she was too calm and what Angelo said wasn’t that bad at all. I thinkbTeresa was anxiius because she knew something was going down and wasn’t comfortable with it but these girls definitely set Teresa up and i think kim knew teresa was the real target and she also got to slam melisa at the same time so it worked for her only she probly didnt expect melissa to know. But i think jaq filled her in and thats why lauren and caroline were both there in case it backfired they hsd her back and why joey was so close by. Caroline never wanted to go in past and has always told jaq to stay away and now all of a sudden she goes and takes auren with her. After Ashley got into legal trouble at PFS I just don’t see her having a complete 180.

    • It really irked me when Jac twisted Teresa`s words.When they were outside and Teresa asked Jac if she told Mel Teresa set her up Jac admitted that she did.Then Teresa went on to say that she felt she was the one set up and Jac was in on it.Jac right away twisted it and said and continues to say she did not set up Mel.I frigging believe her to but she never responded to the fact that she might have helped set up Teresa.She is a cunning lady that one.I hope the courts don`t let her get away with answering truthfully.

    • I agree Jacqueline is a BIG ass liar and she worked so hard on being Melissa friend more so at the end, We all saw it being played out right on TV. Jac will get what’s coming to her as well. Boy this season 5 is gonna be the best one yet….

  • I’m ok with Kim D being on RHONJ as long as she stays loyal to Teresa. If she starts to turn on Tre I will stop watching, because I couldn’t do another season of Teresa bashing/bullying. I barely watched last season because of it.
    I do welome anyone that comes on and can spill any deets on Melissa-ho Gorga and her troll fug husband. They deserve it.

    • Yes they do. It HAS to be someone else’s turn to get shade thrown on them. Even if they did a little here and there on all of them would be better .

    • I’m with ya on that, I so can’t wait cuz knowing Kim D. she’s got something and its going to be one Big Mess. I hope Melissa can hold her own when it comes to Kim…………

    • I am curious also to see what Kim D knows about Melissa. She gets her info from Penny but I wonder if Penny will spill the beans to Kim, why should she do so for free while Kim gets paid? That is a big question, we will have to see if Kim is full of hot air or maybe has made a deal with Penny and the Greek.

  • Not to be overly picky, but Bravo no longer uses the title “Friend of Housewives.” I believe the only seasons to use that was Beverly Hills season 2 and Orange County season 7. Miami and Beverly Hills current series both have part-time housewives, and that “friend of..” title is no longer being used.

    You are either an official/full-time Housewife (you get an intro) or a part-time/supporting wife (no intro, less air time).

  • I really wish BRAVO would lighten up on this show and steer away from the drama. Its getting very predictable and kinda disgusting, aren’t women supposed to build each other up? What happened to that. Heck even all of US on this blog tear into each other personally. We should be ashamed I think I probably am. I appreciate hearing everyones comments and somethimes my opinions have changed after reading posts here on this blog but, I have to admit I’ve gotten sucked into the sh*t we dish out to each other and really whats the point? We claim to want a nicer show but our actions defy that.

  • I don’t know how accurate this is, but just had a very intersting post/SOLVED! about the new season’s cast.

  • And I will say this once and for all. I will not attack or get personal with any poster on here as long as I am not attacked for my views about teresa. Yesterday JPG was called a moron for her views and all any of you have to say is she attacks all the time. the truth is I stopped personal attacks until something was said to me first. I will play fair from here on but once it gets personal then I will take it up a notch. If you don’t like it that a few of us are here now who despise Teresa, then leave!!!

    • We would expect nothing less from you Larry.However the truth is in the past your side has thrown the first punch often.I am glad you have said you have stopped with personal attacks.Kind of hard to view your comments as willing to play nice when you point out you are on high alert to notch up when you deem something as an attack towards you.I don`t see a lot of pro Teresa`s leaving this blog to you and yours.We be a feisty bunch ya know.

      • Etta, you are right but I just want to come here and know that we all at this point will just slam the cast members of our choice. That is all I ask. Trust me as I do not want to be banned as I enjoy the give and take. So no personal attacks anymore on each other and let me Hate teresa and i will respect the cast members you like to call whores and drunks. Thank you all, Scary Larry

    • Agreed. I don’t appreciate being called a troll. What have I done to deserve name-calling?
      If i wanted to be on a blog that was full of LadyD clones (in terms of opinions) then I would be. I prefer a healthy debate-and a mutually respectful one.
      Can this site handle that or not?

      • Yes, it can, and has, plenty of times.

        No one can have a friendly/ healthy debate with some people Samantha was one, JPG is another.

        • Thanks holy cannoli. I was beginning to wonder.
          I did find Samantha offensive. That’s why I never responded to her.

          • You’re welcome LadyD

            I agree Samantha was very offensive, basically thats what got her banned.

            I find JPG the same.

          • There were always 2 people that started the name calling and 1 of them is gone. We all have opinions and should be able to state them without being attacked. I guess some people just like bullying others.

          • I agree social.

            I admit I have called names, but this was after I was called names/ insulted.

            Maybe I should have ignored these 2, but hey I didn’t, I could only take so much.

          • @LadyD- you are more strong willed than I, LOL. There were quite a few times I did ignore; others I felt the desire burning in me to have at it. I have been woo-sa-ing.

  • By the way Laurie, This said below by you was spot on…and thank you!!!!

    Lauri says:
    November 16, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Teresa trash talks everyone too! That’s what I don’t understand about some of you – whenever Teresa says rude comments, trash talks people, says something stupid, lies about writing her own blogs, you all make excuses for her. But the second Jacqueline or Melissa do one thing it’s the end. of. the. world.

  • YES, YES, YES. We may have lost Samantha but I see we now have Lauri and Lady D to add to the “we don’t like that Teresa” It’s a good day for us JPG. We are now four strong. Welcome ladies and Where have you been?????

    • larry do you think your little haters group is some sort of gang? you think your little group is gonna take down this blog? the way you behave you seem to take this way too seriously. as for as i’m concerned with these so called “new people” all of sudden appearing after sam the man got himself banned is very suspicious. i’m sure they are coming from the same person.

      how long have you, jpg and other trolls been coming in here causing a raucous? i say too long and none of you have changed anyone’s mind. also if you haters hate this place so much because of the amount of teresa supporters then why be here every day? there are plenty of teresa hating websites that will better suit your needs. stop torturing your mental health by coming in here and getting into arguements. because clearly you’re losing it.

      • I actually enjoy reading the differing opinions; as long as they don’t include name calling and personal attacks against other posters.

        I appreciate a good argument as long it remains on point and respectful of others. I don’t think this site would as fun for me if it became one big high five session for just one set of fans.

        I look forward to more “friendly debates”

        • rhfan, i agree with you totally. i enjoy different opinions in here as well and i have disagreed with fellow teresa supporters in other subjects. there’s a huge difference with having an adult opinion and having childish rants just to upset people for pure enjoyment. there is something really disturbing about that. again, i am not telling anyone to leave but i’m trying to understand these teresa haters like larry and his teresa hating gang. why be here if they don’t like it? they are not proving anything or accomplishing anything.

          • I agree, if people don’t like the environment here, they should find another site. However, I feel that people have the right to defend their opinion, just not by being rude to other posters.

            That being said, while I have seen the rude comments by non-Tre-fans; the rudest replies to my comments, have been from Tre fans. So,I think the childish rants go both ways. Many here are sharing adult opinions, others are just looking to “fight”. I can’t say either are exclusive to one group of fans or another, the nonTre fans just stick out more in the sea of Trefans. At the end of the day, this should be fun and most days it is 🙂

      • @rukidding. Excuse me. I am not in “a little group of haters”. Would that make you in a BIG group of haters?
        I don’t hate anyone in the cast. I just like some less than others. I have never stated that I hate Tre or anyone else, for that matter.
        And…NO-I am not Mel, Jac, Carolyn….trying to sabotage “your” site. I’m just a REAL housewife making observations.

        • could’ve fooled me ladyd. i’m judging your comments and it does seem you’re a teresa hater. also you’re befriending scary larry so that speaks volumes of what side you’re on. not that you have to choose a side but don’t claim you don’t hate anyone when you agree with larry. i would welcome your opinion just as long it doesn’t resort to troll like behavior. this blog already went through a vicious hate campaign from a resident troll and he got himself banned for it. so no need for others to do the same.

          by the way, yes i guess from your perceptive i would be in a big group of haters. i won’t ever deny that .i’m not a fan of caro and her minions at all. i was before until they started siding with mel and ganging up on teresa and being hypocrites.

          • Thats what I did not like- the gang like mentality on the show! Teresa was on her own, and she was pretty strong for going through that on tv, with her family. The others had to be in a group to take her down? PFFFT..

          • Whoa? A friend of Larry’s? I just saw the guy (Larry is a guy…right?)today for the first time and I’ve never spoken to him. You made quite the quantum leap there.
            I don’t know what is meant by “troll” so I natrually assumed I wasen’t one. I stand corrected..I guess.
            But I get your point. You are allowed to “hate” and I am not.

          • ladyd, a troll is someone that purposedly goes to a forum or site to cause trouble. i saw you respond to scary larry and that’s what i assumed you were. so i do apologize if that offends you. you are alittle snarky with your comments but really harmless compared to the many vile comments left by trolls in here. scary larry is our resident troll. he takes this very seriously and retorts to outrageous rants and threatens people. so i wouldn’t side with him if i was you.

            also you made quite a quantum leap yourself. saying i’m allowed to hate but you are not? being a little sarcastic are you? anyone can dislike who they want as long at it doesn’t turn into personal attacks that is when it becomes into a verbal riot in here. that’s never fun.

  • RHWONJ is a non-cartoon of Bevis and Butthead.
    They are all broke and silly. Pick their noses, point fingers, speak unintelligently, think things are funny that are not,behave badly with a smirk, never accept personal responsibility, talk smack…etc.
    These are NOT real housewives.
    Thank God.

    • Agreed! The never accepting accountability is what kills me with these women…or as Danielle Staub would say “Kills me with these woman.”

  • Not sure how I feel about this. I’d love to see Kim continue to stick it to Melissa but I seriously doubt her loyalty to Teresa. The fact that she is so close to Jacqueline is of concern as well. I believe she’ll end up screwing Teresa over when all is said and done.

    • Absolutely true. And lets be real about this, Kim D goal is to stay on this show and being Teresa’s enemy is her best way to achieve this goal. Being her friend causes no drama and we all know Andy craves the drama.

      • I don`t think it will play that way.I think season 5 will be it for RHONJ.I cann`t help but think this season is just to wrap up all the story lines or such.I think we have arrived at the epilogue in this story.

  • It will be fun to watch Kim D destroy most of these people and especially precious Teresa. Kim D is a Bulldog and it will happen as she will retaliate on a dime and Teresa will make the wrong comment to her as Tre-moron usually does.

    • They’ve been friends since before the show. You don’t think Teresa has made a “wrong comment” to her before? Seriously, that is just hilarious. Some of you guys read to much into this!

  • As I’ve posted in other articles referencing RHoNJ the show can’t continue to focus on a mob mentality storyline of bashing Teresa another season….. Whatever is in store for the new season it appears that Bravo has finally decided to hit the refresh button……. 🙂

    • Seriously. They all act as though either they will beat someone up or have their hubby do it. Or in KimD case: I know people.
      It’s like the Mafia wars in Boston in the 60’s. Like “mall bangs”. Like leg warmers.
      It’s OVER!

  • Not a fan of Kim D. She looks like she should be a Mafia Wife or something. She just looks like she’s ready to rumble and make up stuff to cut down those she doesn’t like. I am kind of tired of all the bickering too. I was a Caroline fan and a Melissa fan and don’t care for Teresa too much (because she seems like a drama queen) so I guess I’m in the minority here. Enjoy the blogs though 🙂

  • I haven’t used the word since 1983, but skank comes to mind. Just when I thought this show could stoop no lower. I can’t look at her, or listen to that voice. Bravo is making it easier to elevate my television viewing!

    • I agree but you have to admit she pulls no punches.I can deal with Kim D. for who she is and claims to be.At least we are not sitting here being spoon fed sugar coated b.s.Frankly I had been a big fan of Jac’s and believed in her far longer then I should have.IMO Mel came into this on a mountain of lies and hate.I will take Kim D anytime over those two.

      • Hi socal!!! I see you do not like Queen of hair extensions, lol!
        At first, I thought Kim D was alright.. but there is just something underlying there. Guess we will have to see what happens. I think that she is playing a little game and so far its worked in her favor. I did like her going against the Gorgas though- what a funny sight!

        • Not sure Kim will add anything to the show.I don’t get her friendship with caroline, they seem too different. If all these people have damaging info on each other what is keeping them from spilling. It seems to me this info has been promised for severel years now and I am really doubting it. If Penny held out for a spot on the show what stops her from selling it to the tabloids? I feel another disappointing season coming.

        • Hi Michers, she is very sneaky and does not seem trusworthy at all. Of course, I don’t know her, but she rubs me the wrong way. I’m sure she has a lot of dirt on the Gorgas; the look on Joe’s face at the reunion when she walked in was priceless.
          Why did he apologize to Kim?

          • That was hilarious! I thought he tinkled in his pants! I don’t know exactly but he was very quick to do so. And why on reunion? He had all year to apologize , off camera.. but we know the Gorgas love to give face on camera oh too much 🙂 The other part of my guess is that he knows that Kim must have something good on he and his wife, otherwise why apologize? Why when you are seeing her on camera again? Something is fishy here its not just Wakile.

    • Hey Penn!!!!!!! Where have you been? How are the doughnuts, lol?

      Im not enthusiastic even if T is still on because I cannot watch another season of the nastiness. If things change and others own up to their misgivings/wrongdoings/mean spiritedness,then it may be worth the entertainment factor for an hour.

  • I knew something was majorly up the way Joey Gorga kissed Kim’s ass at the reunion. He was desperate to apologize. It all makes sense now, Kim was in talks to come on season 5 and he knew it!!! Kim must have some major dirt on the Gorga’s that Joey is afraid will come out next season. He should have thought carefully before he chose a lying whore instead of his devoted sister to put his trust in. Melissa started the fight and now the poor dear is going to have to sit this through until she completely crucifies herself. She should really start now asking Jesus to help her though I don’t know if that will change the evil she already is. Melissa truly is the devil. I can’t wait to see her put in her place and if Kim can help this move quicker, YAHHH!

    • Melissa definitely did not start the fight. How would YOU deal with a horrible sister-in-law like Teresa? Oof. I pray I never have to deal with that.

        • Gotta agree. I just don’t like Tre.There. I said it! On this blog!
          She screams, yells, curses, throws stuff, hits folks, pushes folks, throws over tables and laughs when her children make fun of their relatives. Did I mention she lies?
          She lies.
          A lot.
          And I quote: I NEVER talk about my family. Family is everything.
          Next headline: TRE talks about her family. I have no family.
          That’s why i stopped watching HWONJ.
          It was starting to look like Beavis and Butthead.

      • Lauri, how do YOU know that Melissa definitely did not start the fight? I can’t speak to their past because I do not know any of them personally, but I can speak to what I saw on the show. And what I saw was from the word ‘go’ Melissa has tried to annihialate (sp?) Teresa on this show. Everything, from her first episode when she and her husband did nothing but talk trash about Teresa and call her garbage, to her first blog when she wrote ‘I bet you didn’t even know Teresa had a brother’, to ruining her friendships and so on!

        • Teresa trash talks everyone too! That’s what I don’t understand about some of you – whenever Teresa says rude comments, trash talks people, says something stupid, lies about writing her own blogs, you all make excuses for her. But the second Jacqueline or Melissa do one thing it’s the end. of. the. world.

          • All of the NJ ladies have “issues” however, Teresa is the only interesting one. Even the other cast members know this..hence Teresa is all they talk about.
            Besides, if you take Teresa out of the equation for a minute and ask yourself, what was memorable about Seasons 3 & 4? What were the other storylines?
            Besides GorgaMel singing there was nothing…nothing…nothing.
            Whether you like it or not, Teresa is RHONJ
            At least until Bravo shakes up the cast and finds other women with actual storylines worth remembering.
            And watching.

      • From everything I found out about Tre and her brother Joe, their fighting started around the time Juicy Joe started dating Tre. Little Joe 🙂 was jealous of his sisters time away from him. Juicy even said he almost didn’t marry Tre because of this. Little Joe continued to try to get his sisters attention after she married. Once he married Melissa she just eggs him on,I am still trying to find out why she hates Tre so. Maybe because Tre is friends with people who know too much about her past. Time will tell.

    • Melissa Marco is a manipulator. I think she deserves to be put in her place. Teresa is not the only one on that show that had issues! Every single one of them have dirty deeds they participated in.Let’s see how they do with everyone all up in their business and people having nothing good to say about them.

        • The good news here is we respect your right to be on what ever team you choose.At the same time some of the posters here will speak against Mel.If you would like to say why you feel Mel is the victim or hero we welcome it.If you wish to see why some folks here do not like Mel just follow their comments from other posts.For me there is not enough time in my life to list every fault I find in Mel.

          • Teresa says stuff like “Melissa should be a good wife and tell Joe to call his sister.” Uhh…that’s not her job. If Joe wants to call his sister, he will. And he obviously doesn’t because she’s a psycho b.

          • Thank you Etta. I am just going from what I see as a viewer just as those who choose to like Ms. Marco do. Why do I have to explain why I like Teresa? They ( Tre haters ) complain about us giving them shit because we support Teresa, but they do the same thing !!!

        • @ Lauri to answer your question yes in a sense she did or at least tried with her little act on the show, in her blogs. YUCK. If you have not caught on to the charade, thats not my problem. You do not like Teresa, I do not like Melissa. My opinion.

          • I read this blog. I don’t hate
            Tre. I just don’t find her believable. I don’t hate mel either. I find her equally duplistic.
            They both have their agendas and the only difference between them is that they express themselves in different ways.
            Tre will punch you in the face and Mel will try sweet reason. Neither approach is credible.

  • I loved it when Jac and Caro went to pick up their dresses for the PFS.Caroline mentions how she never tries anything on and Kim said something to the effect of that is why she always picks out what Caro wears from the shop.I have to laugh everytime I see Caro looking all dumpy and chunky and send my thanks to Kim D for it.

    • Etta- I forgot about that !! Good catch and very funny 🙂
      Caro never gets into with Kim D and never gets into with JoeGi…She is in fact, very calm when dealing with both of them or talking about them. She has always remained respectful when it came to JoeGi!

      • Caroline sometimes acts like a made man to the mafia.Maybe she is afraid of finding Mel`s head in her bed if she doesn`t give em respect.

        • LOL!! I used to say that.. she really thought in her head she was some kind of mafioso.. ” Lemme tell you somethin'”as the finger is pointed…

  • Looks like maybe the continued story line will be exposing Melissa for the sneek that she is. Sure Tre had her faults, you could see in the beginning she was a little jealous. Not without cause she knew what Melissa was all about. Now maybe some who think Mel is goody two shoes will see her for what she is. A wannbe who thinks she can sing. Joe Gorga another piece of work. Ah hmmm. I hope the truth will come to light, it usually does. So if Kim D is the one to make this happen great.

    • Hopefully you’ll all start to see how evil Teresa is, too! Why do you rag on Melissa so much but give Teresa pass for everything? Seriously. Someone PLEASE answer my question. I don’t get it.

      • Wow Lauri,didn`t you know this is the Teresa Giudice soldier`s enlistment center?We also gather all info related to the down fall of Melissa Gorga.Salute!

          • Sorry,I only speak Tribitch when my tinfoil hat gets too tight.Lauri let me ask you something.When will you see Melissa for the evil skank she is?I see Mel as a virus that has worked it`s way into Teresa`s life and Teresa imo should use every weapon she has to keep it from spreading

          • etta, do you support Teresa so much because you feel bad that her husband does the following things publicly:
            – Cheats on her
            – Calls her horrible names like the c word
            – Yells at her and tells her he doesn’t want to hear another word about her family
            – Cheats on her
            – Loses all of their money then lies about it
            – Talks about how he hates going to her “stupid” book signings and events (oops! the mic was on)

          • Lol, Etta. I should have realized sooner it is our tinfoil hats (or dresses)! That’s why we understand each other. Love it.

          • Lauri-so you think a woman should dump her husband because of the way he is portrayed on a reality show? What kind of an example is that to show your 4 daughters?

          • @ social

            Yep, I guess this person is going to look for and argument/ headache on every thread..Hmm, just like JPG?

  • I still have my doubts about Kim D but she said after the fashion show that she would get a big apology and damned if she didn`t from Joey.I don`t think Teresa needs to worry at all about Kim D.This gal proved she was a business woman by the way she handled Bravo.She knows who the star is and I do believe she really does like Teresa.I have no doubt she has tons on Mel and Joey and knows where to find more.Say what you want about her but I think she really may be as inside as she claims.Watch out Caroline the big boys are starting to arrive.

    • Etta, I think you may be on to something with that comment ! I thought it would have been hilarious if she kicked Stump’s butt that night, because I really think she would have 🙂

        • Yes, Etta, it was completely pathetic. Could they even try to not be so predictable? And didn’t Melissa say “I smell shit” (under her breath of course) when Kim came out. Classy. Then Joe apologizes when his wife just called her shit. Makes perfect sense.

          • He apologized for getting into it with Kim D. at the PFS.Something reminded him he wasn`t one of the big boys Kim does play with.I doubt Joey hears a damn word out of Mel`s mouth unless it is scripted by her or yelled right into his ear.Those two are not the dirty version of Ward and June Cleaver.Bet if baby Joey could get word out he would mention daddy has his own room.

          • We need to buy JoGo a tape measure and teach him how to use it! Then he will always remember he is not one of the big boys. But alas, I doubt he is smart enough to be taught!

          • My thoughts exactly, cammierari! I figured he owes these people money for a loan & after he calmed down, he realized what he’d said & done to Kim D at the PFS & went, “OH CRAP!!!!!”

    • Kim bragged about getting an apology from Gorga after the reunion was taped but before it was aired. I assumed the apology was for the drug accusations he made at the fashion show.

        • He would have better luck shutting his wife`s mouth rather then Kim D.JOBLOW seemed more scared of Kim then Mel was of Teresa in the Solstice parking lot.I loved it when Mel jumped the hell back from Teresa.

          • I think maybe Joey borrowed money from the big boys, and he realized it wasn’t gonna do him any favors to fight with the people they run with

  • I’m sure not happy to hear that we’ll probably be seeing more of Kim on season 5.

    She has a reptilian quality in her looks and personality.

  • Nooo! I cannot stand Kim D. I also heard from some NJers that Caroline and Kathy are not returning this season.

    • She does make you take a long second look at her.Then again it`s like tall,blonde and heavy make-up screams cross dresser.

  • She never should of filmed for free to begin with, it cheapened her and made her look desperate for attention. I’m sure she did it to promote her store, but read some of the Yelp reviews for Posche.. It speaks for itself.

    At least she’s getting paid, but she had to prove herself for 4 years to do it. Plus the current storylines are going nowhere so producers had no choice.

    • I don’t believe Kim D never got paid. Kim G said she got paid and had a contract during seasons 2 & 3. Hard to believe Kim D. got nothing all these years.

  • I think it is sketchy that at the reunion Jacqueline was still blaming Teresa for the “set up” but it was made clear that she’s tight with Kim D and talks to her all the time. Something’s off with that…

    • I think it`s Jac that is off and maybe Kim sees no sport in hurting her more then Jac has done to herself.The whole thing with Chris and Jac is very sticky I would think Kim would rather play dumb with Jac then open herself the attention of the Fed`s.Chris did sign for the courts to gather more information against hIM.

    • When I first heard that Kim D & Jac were still friends despite the whole PFS debacle, so many things went through my mind. I thought Kim D was “friends” with Jac in order to not lose a customer &/or any customers a so-called friendship with Jac could bring her. Then I thought Kim D was doing it to see which way the wind blew in regards to the whole everybody vs Teresa thing. (I guess that could go back to business, too.) Then I thought Jac was staying “friends” with Kim D because KD has the lowdown on Jac. The only thing I think for sure is that they aren’t truly friends – sorta the “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” kind of thing. I think Etta has a great point about the feds, though. I hadn’t thought about that. I like Kim D so far but I’m not sure I trust her. I’m afraid that if she feels it’s in her best interest to do so, that she’d turn on Teresa real quick. I reckon we’ll just have to wait & see.

      • I agree, Dawn. I will not trust any new housewives until the season is over and someone (anyone) is decent to Teresa. And, I am not going to hold my breath (or probably watch).

  • Well, I’ll be way more interested if they show Kim D working in her boutique; her buying trips, coordinating her annual fashion event, etc. But I know that ain’t gonna happen.

  • She doesn’t have anything on Melissa. She used Penny to get info but guess what, Penny isn’t giving freebees either. If Miss Kim thinks Penny is going to bring her storyline she’s mistaken. Penny was being interviewed but Kim backdoored her by taking full credit for the drama when in fact it’s Penny holding all the dirt on all the ladies, even Kim.
    If Bravo is smart, they better make sure Kim has a storyline without Penny because Penny is no fool. Penny is the one with all the juice & won’t deliver for free. Why should she? She delivered a finale, Kim takes credit, & got edited out of her own salon. Penny has mistresses, boyfriends, bootycalls, & more. Kim has nothing without the Greeks.

    • i don’t think bravo would be that dumb as to not have more than a strong ‘inkling’ that the info was not 100% kims…..but Bravo chose not to sign Penny (I’m guessing-of course we will have to wait for bravo to confirm). So now if Penny isn’t signed, T keep’s taking a lickin for all things Meho…..

    • I am pretty new here so I don’t really know you, you seem to have an insiders view, are you friends with Penny? You seem to know her.

  • I like her! She talked about this on Facebook a few weeks ago, or should I say eluded to it. She will be good support for Teresa.

  • Well, I’m still sticking with I’m waiting to see what Bravo announces.

    If Kim is on as “a freind of the housewives”.

    I love Love Love that she can’t stand Melissa and Joey!!

    • me to ms cannoli (on the waiting…). IF it is true, then HA! that would be funny to watch her set the bombs off on Meho/Slojo!

          • Torture?
            I like you and read your posts but torture seems a bit melodramatic.
            As you said: “all the torture we have been through with this show””.
            Seriously? The operative word seems to me to be “show”. That’s all it is.
            A show.

          • Obsvies it was not literal torture! Yes, I use the melodramatics at times, can’t help it with Jersey. Wait- it was somewhat torture at times for me.. Some of this crap dealing with this show was a bit much for a show. This last season was like nails on a chalkboard for me anyway 🙂 I think that if the twitter wars, underhanded comments in their blogs and bashing before , during and after season the ended did not take place, it would not have been as bad as it came off.

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has more dirt on the skank and I hope she lets it all out. However I know some how it will be Teresa’s fault that the world sees what a scuzzy,lying, tramp she was and still is.

      • Kim doesn’t have anything on Melissa. She used Penny to get info but guess what, Penny isn’t giving freebees either. If Miss Kim thinks Penny is going to bring her storyline she’s mistaken. Penny was being interviewed but Kim backdoored her by taking full credit for the drama when in fact it’s Penny holding all the dirt on all the ladies, even Kim.

        • But there’s nothing Penny can do now in regards to getting on the show.
          so this will mean that Meho gets off the hook again with everything and continues putting a bad spotlight on T.

          • Oh no I didn’t say Penny wasn’t on all I said was Kim tried to backdoor Penny & Penny won’t bring storylines for free 😉

          • Remember, “things fall into ” Kim’s lap.LMAO! Im sure she has dirt on Messy its just the whole timing thing thanks to Bravo. I hope, if she has the goodies on Messy, that she is allowed to air it.

          • michers I remember Kim saying that too!! All she had to do was apologize to Melissa to make sure she was at the PFS, and she was more than willing to do it if it meant Melissa was gonna get hers. I think I like Kim D-hope season 5 doesn’t prove me wrong about her

  • i’m not sure how i feel about Kim D being on, only because I’m not sure about her loyalty to T.

    And if chuckie is coming back (waiting on Bravo confirmation) i’m not even sure I will be watching

    • Hoolie, hand to God I was just thinking that as I read it! And what makes me feel that way is the odd loyalty and friendship that Kim has maintained with Jax. I think that is an unsafe situation , lol! But then again, I do not think Teresa has anything to worry about..unless Kim is stirring crap up between the two ladies for airtime!

      • I don’t trust Kim D as far as I could throw her…. she’s very good at playing both sides against the middle, which to me is what she is somewhat doing w/whack and T (not a hard thing to do though, whack needs little encouragement). The whole ‘friendship’ w/whack makes me very leery of her though

        • I don’t think Teresa has to worry-she knows she isn’t doing anything that would be embarrassing if brought to light, and has no skeletons in her closet, unlike some others on the show!
          I think T said after the reunion that Kim D had a score to settle with Melissa, so she went along with the Greeks to expose her, and used the PFS to do it. It was Bravo who edited out the Greeks, not Kim. I bet she was as surprised as anyone to see the final cut of the PFS, because there was a lot more evidence against Melissa than was shown.
          I don’t get Kim’s friendship with Jac either…maybe she feels sorry for her?

          • Hiya Cammie- long time no see!
            Yes I agree regarding no skeletons for T… and agree that Kim D didn’t get the greeks out of final cut…that would be bravo.

          • hey hoolie 🙂 I was really burnt out on HW’s so I’ve mainly just been lurking lately!
            Don’t you think T is just letting things play out…? That’s what I would do! She is refusing to get involved in any of this BS and is letting the chips fall where they may. Melissa has pissed off a lot of people (it seems) and now people are lining up to expose her.

          • She really has been just been sitting back and let things play out. And again I completely agree that Meho has pissed ALOT of folks off….especially The Greeks and it will only be a matter of time I suppose before someone spills all the beans. I was hoping that Penny and Johnny would come on the show, not only to expose her, but I read JTG’s twitter and that dude is funny as sh**!

          • Hi Camms!!!! I agree with your take above about Kim, T and PFS. I don’t think she feels sorry for her though! I think Kim just always has that way about her of being “friends” with everyone, lol. She gets heir $$ if they shop at her store, gets free publicity from them too!

          • @michers

            I agree it’s all about the money for KimD. She will side with anyone who shops at her store. I think she’ll follow whoever is the most popular at Bravo. I remember her turning on Danielle when it became clear that Bravo wasn’t backing Danielle.

            I just think that ALL the ladies have things that they want to keep private and I think KimD will be ready to use it to prove her worth. Friends now and then should be cautious to keep Kim happy or face the conquences. I don’t think she feels sorry for anyone.

          • @rhfan- Think you are right about the Danielle example! And Im sure they have all spilled some beans to Kim D at some point. I can see her buttering up and acting like she is actively listening and being the “good ear’, LOL! I bet Jac has slipped a thing or two in that ear , even about Caro.

        • I sort of like Kim D., but she doesn’t seem so honest, and her loyalty to Tre is definitely a question mark. I just don’t trust her motives since she’s still close to Jacqueline. What’s up with those two? Are they trying to find dirt on others, or maybe plotting?

          I hope she’s loyal to Teresa, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Some of my ex-friends remind of Kim, and I ended up cutting all ties with them. I hate phonies, but damn… Sometimes, I’ll continue giving chances, but it’ll bite me in the ass later. Tre forgives and gives chances, but it won’t be the same anymore.

          • Hi Isabella!!! I did kind of like her also, but something just does not feel right about her friendship wise.

      • I have to be honest; Kim D fascinates me. She singlehandedly screwed every single one of them yet they all still call her a friend. She even got Joey to apologize on national tv! She must really have the goods on them or she’s really well connected. I don’t trust her loyalty to Teresa but I do like watching her in action.

        • I agree HannaV!!

          I think having her on more regularly might shine a new light on all the HWs. I just hope that she doesn’t put Tre in her crosshairs.

          I look forward to this being the first change in storylines.

        • I agree. I think she is going to be fun and I think it’s an indication that the Gorgas are gonna have their hands full…

      • I think she is bad news. She seems like a backstabber to me. Please get rid of the horrid looking hair extensions.

  • Don’t like her and not excited to hear we may see more of her than we have in past seasons. Obviously she has no loyalty to Teresa since she had no problem put her in the middle of the Posh drama. And for ‘the source’ to say that she wanted to get paid …. it’s not as if her business did not benefit from being featured on the show and I bet she was paid a fee to film her fashion show. No one forced her to appear for free so it just shows that Kim D is all about the drama and I don’t see her helping Teresa’s situation at all.