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Brandi Glanville Confirms LeAnn Rimes Is Jealous Of Her!

These two will never get along especially after RHOBH star Brandi Glanville bluntly says that LeAnn Rimes is jealous of her! Brandi Glanville appeared on WWHL last night and when asked if LeAnn Rimes is jealous of her and check out what Brandi says below!

LOL Eddie is not going to be happy after watching this!

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  • KLC

    As I get to the comments section of this article, a Lee Ann Rimes’ song comes on the radio… aren’t I special :p

  • cammierari

    I think Brandi likes to shock by being outspoken and rude. Not a fan. Time to grow up Brandi lol

    • holy cannoli

      I agree cammierari.

    • michers

      Hi Camm!!! Missed you.. nice to “see” you !! 🙂

  • T

    I don’t like or dislike Brandi but I thought she was rude about Jay Mohr’s wife. I saw what Jay tweeted & I agree…Brandi should of went after Jay not his wife. He also said that his wife actually likes Brandi.
    I think she was a lil tipsy…I think Andy likes to get his guests drunk.

    • Annie

      Brandi was actually rude to someone? Color me shocked.

  • daisy

    how come no one is talking about her puffed out cheeks? i thought that was amanda bynes

    • cammierari

      I noticed that too

    • Lucida

      She is way too young to have an immobile face filled with synthetics. While I pretty much despise Adrienne Maloof for her post-divorce antics, Brandi called her the “cat woman” of Beverly Hills Housewives (referring to Bride of Wildenstein) in a recent interview. All Jay Mohr did is comment that her face doesn’t move, which is frankly true, and she most cattily scorches his wife. Argh. Just when I start to think I like Brandi and she would be cool to hang out with, she does something purposefully mean and hurtful.

  • Melissa’s Forehead

    Brandi honestly needs to shut the fuck up at this point. This is literally all she ever talks about and it’s getting old. I felt bad for her but how long has it been now? I’m tired of hearing of it. I understand she’s sad but to talk about it constantly?

    • ellen

      Leann has become a total joke, tabloid fodder. As long as that continues, Brandi will get asked about her take on it.

  • tiffany

    looks like every wife that has been cheated on has come out of the wood work to comment on this article. You guy really love Brandi. lmao

  • Heidi

    Most likely one of the papers she admitted to signing on the ‘Wendy Show’ was a pre-nup which I personally am wholly in favor of.. However in signing documents of any nature whether it be a purchase, credit or otherwise, hopefully Brandi has learned to be ‘aware’ of what she is agreeing to in addition to balancing love & reality… I admire her statement of advice: “make sure you’re an individual before you’re a couple”… Spot on! Love her on the show & the energy she brings…….:)

  • Heidi

    I love this gal’, her snarky wit; sense of humor; she’s unfiltered & fun…. However, love her or love to hate her, Brandi’s a trip to watch and has definitely managed to livin’ up the stuffy lives of the ‘RHoBH’… Also enjoy the friendly & hilarious banter between Brandie & Lisa…. Here are a couple tweets from today……:)

    Brandi Glanville?@BrandiGlanville
    @LisaVanderpump I NEVER want u 2 die… But if u do I will take good care of @KenToddBH for u ?

    Lisa Vanderpump?@LisaVanderpump
    @BrandiGlanville he is a real man who needs a real woman…too much for you to handle babycakes.:)


    Here’s Brandi on Wendy’s show today.

    • Patticakes

      Thanks IRiSHMaFIA!

  • Patticakes

    Gosh darn it….I missed that last night!

    • IRiSHMaFIA

      You can rewatch it online @Bravo WWHL

  • Laffy Taffy

    Wow, Brandi is a bitch. She is jealous that another women stole her man.Get over it, and stop ruining your face. You looked better last season.

    • IRiSHMaFIA

      Every wife and mother should be glad to have her marriage destroyed and the father of her children cheating on her. Throw a party. Celebrate. Spoken like a true brazen hussy. You’ve probably got experience as the other woman. lol

      • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

        Yeah, I have noticed cheaters always stick up for other cheaters #obvious

      • southernbell317

        thanks.. you took the words out of my mouth!

      • Laffy Taffy

        wow, you are crazy. Never been cheated on, nor have i cheated on someone. Im actually about to celebrate my 10 year anniversary, to my best friend…Brandi needs to move on though. Eddy is married, get over it……….Sound like someone cheated on you, and who could blame them.

        • yungmulababy

          I agree!!! It’s messed up what he did to her but get over it already!!

    • jen

      Stole her man???? They were not 15 years old dating and making plans for the prom. This was her HUSBAND and FATHER of THEIR 2 CHILDREN!!! Leann should feel ashamed and should be worrying about the scumbag prize she thinks she won!! Sorry but IMO there is NO jealousy at all on Brandi’s part she seems very secure and confident on the other hand Leann seems like one big hot mess that will always be known as the other women.

      • BM Barbie

        Well said 🙂

      • Laffy Taffy

        I never said eddy was a prize. Those are your words, and that’s Leann problem now..If Brandi wasn’t jealous she would move on with her life.

    • jen

      Stole her man???? They were not 15 years old dating and making plans for the prom. This was her HUSBAND and FATHER of THEIR 2 CHILDREN!!! Leann should feel ashamed and should be worrying about the scumbag prize she thinks she won!! Sorry but IMO there is NO jealousy at all on Brandi’s part she seems very secure and confident on the other hand Leann seems like one big hot mess that will always be known as the other women.


    Brandi is hilarious and tells it like it is. Love her.

    • Heidi

      Ditto! 🙂

  • WOW

    LeAnn wishes she could look like Brandi but truth be told, LeAnn is hillbilly butt ugly inside and out. She is manipulative, jealous and mean and for me, that equals dangerous. I can’t wait until Ed dumps her. And he will.

  • Annie

    Who would be jealous of Brandi of all people? Silly LeAnn!

    • IRiSHMaFIA

      LeAnn better hold on to her husband because what goes around, comes around.

  • Rebecca

    I think Brandi was Andy’s best Housewife guest ever. She was so funny with her comments, she had me laughing the entire time and she wasn’t afraid to hold back!

    • southernbell317

      I agree!

      • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

        I agree with everyone saying that Brandi was fun and hilarious last night. Defininately worth staying up for.

        What about her comeback to Jay Mohr! She has got guts. She says what I think, I just don’t have the nerve.

        • Carol

          She was funny. Jay was so mad, he said his wife was not ugly to Brandi, he was. Then he denied that his wife had plastic surgery. She SO had plastic surgery! LOL

          • BM Barbie

            Nikki Cox is a plastic surgery horror story.

    • IRiSHMaFIA

      I laughed when she said about John Travolta! lmao

    • Isabella Patricia

      Haha! I agree! She cracks me up sometimes, and if there is a place called TWEET HAB… Jacqueline Laurita needs to go there, and get heavily medicated for several months since she gets crazy and emotionally unstable on Twitter. LOL. Maybe she’ll get back on her feet in tweet hab, and realize what’s really important in life.

  • southernbell317

    I thought Brandi did a great job last night… she cracked me up as always… I just adore her and her brutally, trashy, honest answers lol… She answered a question and threw a snarky comment out that led to more questions… I can’t blame her, she’s done better with all this than I would! I’m sure Ed and LR were both fuming BC you know they were both up watching LOL… #TeamBrandi

    • BM Barbie

      Oh, they were FOR SURE watching. But Eddie was probably sneak watching on his iphone in his car in a dark alley while LeAnn watched with her finger on the “previous” button in case he walked in. LOL

      • Chellemybella


      • southernbell317

        LMAO… I can picture both!

    • Say What??

      I loved Brandi on WWHL! She is fun and not afraid to say what she thinks. Sometimes it makes me cringe but I love her for having the balls to say what shes thinking. haha

      • AnnieB

        Liked her too… Guess it’s Cohen that crept me out – with his father and mother playing bartender…

  • Say What??

    We all knew Leann was jealous of Brandi. Shes been on a mission to turn herself into Brandi since the day she met her.

    • IRiSHMaFIA

      No matter how hard she tries, she can’t quite manage it. Leann will always be a tad insecure, especially knowing how easily Eddie cheated with her. The only thing she has holding him now is her money.

    • I feel sorry for Brandi, having that person as the stepmom to her kids. Leann is kinda creepy.

    • BM Barbie

      Exactly, just like Wife #?? is jealous of Camille. 😉

    • michers

      Thank you! You all have made points I was thinking!!! The more I see Brandi, the more I like her! Anyone can see Leann was trying to morph into Brandi ( insecurities as an adulterer) if you go back and look at pics of the two, Brandi= same person ( herself) Leann= stalker ,single white female, LOL

  • Aunt Sadie

    Who cares if Eddie is happy or not after her statement. And did LeAnn tell Brandi she was jealous or is that brandi’s opinion. I think the more offensive statement was that LeAnn was in “tweet” hab. I personally thought it was funny as hell but enough! Can Brandi talk about ANYthing else? Answer a stupid question that was asked and leave it alone. Is there more to you then LeAnn? Gesh, they even look alike.

    • WTH

      She was simply answering the question… It was Andy who kept persuing it….

    • Kash511

      Leann stole her husband & even refers to herself as a bonus “MOM” to the children BRANDI carried! Brandi has every right to bash the shat out of Leann whenever she wants!



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