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Brandi Glanville Says Her Ex Eddie Cibrian Cheated And Left Her Broke!

RHOBH star Brandi Glanville had a very public and bad break up with her husband Eddie Cibrian when he had an affair with country singer, LeAnn Rimes and ended up later marrying the singer leaving Brandi to be a single broke mother!

Brandi opens up to the NY post about her struggles saying, “I was a 36-year-old woman who couldn’t lease a car and couldn’t lease a house. For 13 years, my name wasn’t on one account. I am still building my credit.”

Brandi reveals that her ex has forbidden his children to appear on the hit show saying, “The kids are not on the show this year. But my lawyer is working on it. When I am working I don’t get to see my children. And that is not OK with me.”

Brandi even admits that she whores herself to anyone saying, “I am treating this show as a platform and a window. If it is gone tomorrow, I made the most of it. I joke that I whore myself out to anyone that will pay me. But that is kind of what is happening.”

I respect Brandi because she’s always honest no matter what. I think it’s sad that Eddie still gives her hell after what he’s already done to her about the children appearing on the hit show. LeAnn has photo ops with the kids but they aren’t allowed to appear on their mother’s show? No one in this family will ever be able to get in a better place with each other if they continue to fight everything! Thoughts on what Brandi had to say?

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  • Why did she not have her own credit? She says she never leased a car. I thought she was a successful model at one point. Why would she be totally dependant on her husband, or any man for that matter?
    She should have been smarter.

  • He treated her badly and he is trying to damage her show by stopping the kids to appear on her show, thats mean.

    • I agree. Eddy is a Dick! Selfish Moth Fucka with his chicken bone home wrecker wife Leann. He must still love Brandi cuz he’s still trying to controll her life, Bastard!!

  • I really feel for Brandi, shes been through a lot and shes coming out the other side. Its not like this was 10 years ago, the girl was with the man for 15 years and this only happened 2-3 years ago. Not to mention Leann wont stop rubbing it in her face. Its disgusting Leann is preceeding with the lawsuit, long after anyone cares what was even on that phone call. Then again if you can sue your own father, i guess nothing should surprise us.

    • Well couldn’t Brandi sue for alienation of affection? This an old law but its on the bok and a woman did sue the woman who stole another womans husband. Supporter and father of hr children and won millioms. Maybe its time Leann gets wht she deserves. Maybe Leann should pay the exwife of Eddie for having him. Brandi. Look into this and give Leann a taste of her own medicine and if tht lawsuit went to a jury they would definitely sympathize with Brandi.

  • Brandi’s comments:

    #1…. It’s called a ‘Pre-nup’ & anyone who has $$ going into a marriage are wise to have an iron clad pre-nup. However, that doesn’t prevent the other partner from acquiring credit cards; being independent/your own person; building a business, even if something small thus allowing them time for their kids & still be finacially independent…

    #2…… I love Brandi on the show, however, I agree with anyone who doesn’t want ‘minor’ children to appear on a reality show… There are always forms of repercussions which, IMO, minor children shouldn’t have to be subjected to…….

    #3…… Kudos’ to Brandi for using the show as a platform to advance herself in promoting perhaps a business venture she’s interested in for the present or her future….

    I’m a Brandi fan, however, won’t fall for the self pity card as there are always ways to move forward, remain or become independent while in a marriage or after one ends….. 🙂

    • I do believe that is what she is doing.Come on now she is just being honest about her life.How is that playing a pity card?

  • I feel bad for Brandi. That fuckin’ Leann Rimes should give Brandi a Huge chunk of money for Stealing her Life!! What a heartless Bitch. How evil is Leann to enjoy Brandi’s suffering? Eddie is just Trash!! I can’t wait till Karma bites both those wicked white trash Asses!! God Bless Brandi & her Sons. I hope she finds peace & financial security soon. She’s a Fun Beautiful Lady. I don’t blame her for being a lil colorful sometimes, considering what those 2 Motha Fuckas did to her. Cheers Brandi for keeping it real!

  • I think……How long ago was this?
    Then there is Blake Shelton who left his School Teacher Wife for Miranda.
    Vince Gill and Amy Grant both left their spouses and married.
    Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood both left their spouses and married. In a twitter Brandi said: Eddie pays me well every month.

    How can Brandi be broke with all the work she does?

    You live in saddness, and pain….get tuff and move on. Best revenge is… well…live happy!

    • I think Brandi really means Leann pays her well every month. Eddie doesn’t have a job, so how is he making money?

  • He’s no peach-but I would not allow my children on these shows-and I am an avid watcher. It is even bad parenting on my part to let my young teens/teens watch RH-I am constantly telling them that is not a way to behave-women should not act this way toward each other. Yet, because I watch and support trash fully by my own actions…

    Anyway, Brandi needs to quit whining over the past. Never give up your name, credit, or job skills. Modeling has a short shelf life, so she should have always had a back up plan. Former husbands paying for your support forever is a thing of the past.

    • I don`t think it was the fact the kids can not be on the show that upsets her.She said she doesn`t get to see her kids during filming.It could be a custody deal that he keeps the kids with him during the major part of the season in which case I would be bitching too.

    • She’s not the first celeb break up due to infidelity. Seems to be quite the normal among celebrities, that and short multiple marriages. I don’t recall one whining as long. As much as I dislike Brandi, I dislike Lea Ann Rhimes more. The whole mess stinks and I really hate that it’s spilled over onto my favorite show!

  • I love her honesty!! I think she was a great addition to the show. Its pretty obvious Eddie left for nasty Leanne bcuz she is loaded!!

  • I really wish she would stop. My divorce story is way worse than hers. I have 4 children, dealt with infidelity, drug and alcohol addiction from my ex husband. He too remarried. We use to argue a lot! I occasionally bashed him to a friend or my mom. I let it go and we get along fine now. I don’t miss him or want him. I just rather we get along for the sake of our children . The past is just that.

    • Well to be fair, your situation and her situation are completely different. Regardless of the reasons why you divorced, you weren’t publicly humiliated and scrutinized by the media for the entire world to see. Lord knows I’m not a Brandi fan and I agree that she should stop talking about the divorce and milking it for all it’s worth, but despite how I feel about Brandi, it’s sad that she was left with absolutely nothing.

      • I honestly don’t believe she was left with nothing. I am sure she’s getting child support, courtesy of LeeAnn. She’s still an attractive woman, I’m sure she could date again. She may have to start over again, but you do what you have to. As for the scrutiny, Brandi, IMO , keeps that train moving. As sleazy as Eddie and LeeAnn may be, I haven’t seen an article where they slam her.

        • Child support is for her kids though. It’s sad that Eddie controlled the money and put everything under his name so that she can’t even get a car or a home without someone else co-signing for her.

          As for EC and LR not slamming Brandi in the press, I’m sure they really want to but they don’t because it’ll be worse for their image and they’ll come off looking like bigger d-bags than they already are.

        • She may get child support but not the same income she was used to when she was with Eddie. I am not a fan of hers, but so many women put their career & education aside to be a wife & mother, then the hubby leaves for a younger girl who gets to play mommy to their kids. If she didn’t pay the bills or have credit then he really did leave her with nothing. The difference is she gets to be on this show & make money most women do not have the luxury so she does need to stop the pity party.

    • I agree Kim. My story is one so many men and women go through while at war. I was deployed to Iraq, came home to an empty house, an empty bank account, and found out I supported his mistress and her children while deployed. Never got anything back because I “trusted” him to handle all affairs while I was gone. Just didn’t think an extramarital affair would be one lol. So many Soldiers come home to nothing, not even a roof over their head and not a dime to their name. So shut up Brandi, you have it made compared to so many others. If you think that’s what is a “problem” is, then you have a privileged life.

      • thats a very sad story, but you don’t have a patent on pain. brandi is doing what she has to do to support her family now. all EC left her with was her story, and now shes using it to her full advantage.

      • Sadie, I think that’s awful that happened to you. Really. I wish no woman experience something like that. Regarding Brandi, though, I think she’s trying to make a positive out of a negative situation. Fortunately for her she has this Bravo platform to do just that. Maybe she’s being passive aggressive and trying to humiliate her ex so she continues to bring it up. Idk.

        Thank you for serving our country and protecting me and my family. It takes a strong woman to do such. God bless. I hope you are doing something special on the Veteran’s Day.

        • srt_3 I agree with you… Also people need to give her a break… she is now even more of a public figure than she was before… she is constantly asked about the affair and where things stand now… so, it’s not just her running around “oh wah poor me” she’s answering questions and answering them honestly… she’s trying to turn her life around and make something big for herself and her children and if it takes discussing this is humiliating experience then good for her for doing it! I was cheated on and have a horrible story as well, many women do… if I were in her shoes and had the same platform and opportunities I’d do the same thing to make a better life for me and my children… so, I say GO BRANDI!

        • Thank-you set_3. Lol Brandi don’t need to humiliate her ex, they do a mighty fine job of that themselves! What else is there to Brandi? Does she want to be known as a woman scorned as her claim to fame? Or is this drama good for bravo? None the less, I am tired of the drama not on my show. Unless they bring Lea Ann on as a housewife, she belongs on the RHOBH thread less then Kelsey.

      • I am sorry you went through that Sadie.A dear friend was deployed and got a phone call from his wife bitching because she had to get a restraining order to kick her ex boyfriend of of the house my friend was paying for.Wonderful people out there.When it comes to Brandi she was asked during an interview about her story and she told it.Yes millions of women around the world got screwed big time but it does not take away what happen to her or you or anyone that has been there.

        • Thank-you Etta! We had a wall.of shame in.Iraq with pictures and dear john/Jane letters Soldiers would post. Was quite sad. And when a deployment was over and we came home, some Soldiers didn’t have a home to go to. God bless our men and women in the armed forces. For they give so much with so little in return.

    • Wow! You are insensitive & bitter. Not all people are survivors. Sometimes it takes longer than others. I admire Brandi for finding anyway she can to make ends meet.

      • Completely agree. I’m sure most divorced women have horror stories. I have my own, cheated on while pregnant, hubby lied about going to work every day but was really engaged in criminal activity. Left with a 2 week old baby and no money, no job, no place to live. That does not mean I don’t feel for the woman. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself and your children. More power to her.

      • Yeah, I don’t think she’s asking for sympathy or for people to feel like her divorce is worse than anyone else’s.

    • I think that the moral of the story is that women should take care of their business even while married. That is what she is trying to convey. I don’t think that she is looking for pity, just showing the world how she’s trying to make her way and taking responsibility for he bad judgement.

  • Brandi is dealing with what many woman have and are dealing with. Sometimes she seems a bit crazy, but don’t we all. I wish her luck in her continuing effort to move past the divorce and make a good life for her and her kids.

    • .I agree. But, now I think that the way that some men dog out their wives are driving a lot of women “crazy”. I’m going to blam it on Eddie