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Mob Wives Film Through Hurricane Sandy Aftermath, But Are The Cameras Welcomed? Drita Responds!

The Mob Wives flagship franchise is Staten Island, which is a community that was highly affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Wives of Staten Island have been working hard on Twitter spreading awareness to help restore their town and have also been donating time to help those affected. Since the show’s third season is filming currently, the hurricane will be part of the show when it premieres in January 2013, but have the people of Staten Island been receptive to the cameras?

Drita Davanzo showed up to a volunteer site that was helping victims of the hurricane, but according to a volunteer that spoke to Observer, Drita pushed away others when she showed up with her crew. The volunteer reveals, “So she walked up and volunteers thought it was another news crew filming people helping out. But then a boom mike lurked over our heads. Notice in the picture everyone turning their backs on her and walking away. She was not well received and was able to clear a hot coffee stand on a cold day in 2 seconds.”

The volunteer did not think it was appropriate to film during this time, and adds, Keep in mind this was 50 feet from where people died and bodies recovered. As she was filming her reality show, about 100 students and faculty from IS34 were a few feet away cleaning debris, not show boating for the news cameras, and reminding the world why Staten Island is a pretty good community to live in.”

Jenn Graziano, creator of the hit show, released a statement explaining that no harm was meant and that the filming was to show the aftermath of the disaster through the eyes of the women. Jenn tells the New York Post, “We’re not a documentary or a news crew. We don’t want to intrude on the people who have been hurt bad. But we do want to see what’s happened here through the eyes of the women.”

Jenn also revealed that the “bitch” of the show, Ramona Rizzo, has been very giving and cooperative with the relief efforts in Staten Island. She adds, “I have to admit, Ramona has shocked me. She’s supposed to be the bitch, but she has been at every donation site on the island. This is going to sound funny but Ramona has had a Barbie collection since she was kid. It was her favorite thing. She went down to Midland Beach [one of the hardest hits areas on the island] and gave the entire collection to a kid who’d lost all her toys.”

Although I can’t stand Ramona on the show, I think it’s very considerate and generous of her to give back to the community through such a rough time. As for Drita filming at the volunteer stand, I do not think she meant to exploit it for the show, but I do see why some volunteers may have felt uncomfortable being filmed for a reality TV show while they volunteered.

Do you think it was inappropriate of Drita to try and film the volunteers?

UPDATE: Drita tells AllAboutTRH that the claims are not true, saying, “Actually no one had a problem with the cameras.This story is not right. :)”

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  • The whole point to me is that Drita was there to help, regardless of the camera crew being there. I admire her for getting out there & helping. (I love Drita, btw) Ramona surprises me-her giving her treasured Barbie collection to a little girl who had lost everything impresses me & shows a different side of her. I’ve not liked her on the show AT ALL, but knowing that she’s been out there helping as much as she can makes me question how she acts on the show. I guess even “the bitch of the show” has a heart some where in there.

  • Why would the creator label one of the ladies as the ‘bitch of the show’? lol

    Could you imagine the creator of RHONJ saying that one of the ladies is supposed to be the bitch? Doesnt sound right.

    • If you watched the show you would understand. Ramona portrays herself as a very hard-core chick so Jen was just explaining that she’s very sweet on the inside. This just builds into her story arc. Mob Wives is completely different from housewives of New Jersey. The realness on this show can be overwhelming at times. Elements are pre scripted. But it is a dramatic show. Most of them are self-proclaimed bitches…almost all of them at one point.

  • I think it’s great that the Ladies are doing what they can to help. It looks like the entire community of StatenIsland is strong and working together.

    I’m sure the cameras from all sources, news, TV shows, etc are annoying at a time like this. However, months from now when most people have forgotten about this storm, this show airing will remind people that assistance is still needed.

    I wish all affected te best

    • i think they want the news .. alot of people in Staten Island are still without power and the place is still a mess so i am sure they want the news bringing some attention to their area so help will follow…. But a reality show that wont be aired for months does nothing to help them now…

  • I don`t know how one would feel at a time like this.I do think it would be a major distraction and how damn hard would it be to just ask permission to film?

  • I believe Drita’s respose to this article… I think perhaps the ‘source/volunteer’ speaking out on this may have done it for the potential publicity, of which she/he gained……

    Drita’s tweet after reading the article:

    Drita Davanzo ?@DritaDavanzo
    @AllAboutTRH Actually no one had a problem with the cameras.This story is not right.:)

    • I thought that also and believed Drita’s response, but another media source did this story also. I believe it was a New York newspaper?( maybe wrong) and it also made it seem as though the people effected did not appreciate the filming with Drita.

  • This is another reason the scripted issues are not needed on this show. Each season these women have had to deal with real life events. Creating petty arguments a la Housewives just brings this show down.

    Since all of these women do live on Staten Island I would assume filming would be done. And not in an exploitive way, get permission to film obviously. No they aren’t documentarians but I would like to see them help in their own communities. Once this is shown it will be months after this tragedy and people will still need help. It will help us all remember and continue to contribute/help.

    I hope they stop with the unnecessary fights and drama and show their real lives which are infinitely more interesting than fighting over who said what about who.

    • ITA that there is no need for scripting, the real world has enough drama of its own.

      I haven’t been the biggest fan of Ramona’s, but that is very kind and thoughtful of her to give her Barbie collection to that child.

  • I would think that people would be proud to have community coming together shown. It is not very often, especially on these shows, that you get to see what humanity should be, instead of grown women acting like recently ‘evolved’ primates. JMHO

    • @Valerie, agree! However, given the devastation they went through, the last thing those people wanted was to be filmed for a tv show. While I do not care much for Drita, I think its great if she was sincerely helping anyone out. I do not think it was proper for the film crew to do that, but I do not think that is Drita’s fault. On the other hand of that, Drita may or may not have had the power to tell film crew to back off at that time? From my understanding, all of the ladies from the show have been a great and welcomed help for their community and I commend them for that.

      • I agree with Michers I hear the ladies are all involved in helping their community in various ways .. Even though Renee is in rehab she has set up a fundraiser .. Filming at a volunteer site maybe not the right place to be filming a tv show unless the show is about the hurricane and not Mob Wives.. Drita should have shown up herself without the cameras and lent a hand and support…