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Jacqueline And Chris Laurita Being Sued For $7 Million! Jac Testifying In Court!

Well well well..look who’s being shady now! RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita has found herself in a bit of a scandal and will be testifying in court! Jac and her husband Chris Laurita plus his family are being sued for more than $7 million in bankruptcy court! Why you may ask? Well because they are accused of pilfering and converting millions of dollars for their own personal use..interesting since Jac has called out Teresa for spending what she doesn’t have.

From RumorFix:
The lawsuit revolves around Signature Apparel Group, LLC, which was founded by Jacqueline’s husband, Christopher, and his brother, Joseph. Signature went bankrupt in 2010, but attorneys allege the Lauritas “drained the company of all its funds? and assets in order to support their families increasingly opulent lifestyle.” Now the trustee is suing Jacqueline and her in-laws and we have learned exclusively that the reality star has been summoned for a deposition on November 13 for the case. Documents? state Jacqueline’s “wrongful conduct … contributed to and exacerbated Signature’s insolvency.”

According to court papers, the Lauritas spent millions of the companies dollars on their family:
-$2 million in credit card payments
-$331,637 on at least 11 leased cars including a Bentley and a Maserati
-$284,793 on airline travel
-$145,894 for private jet rentals
-$73,793 for car services
-$25,000 for an off-Broadway theater company
-$16,951 in rental cars

The trustee’s attorney also tells Rumor how frustrating it is that they are so “public about their lavish lifestyle and they show indifference”

Are you shocked by the latest scandal?

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  • Another example of how stupid Jackass is. Personal BK is you just spent too much money. Embezzelment, etc is you spent too much of a company’s money. Far worse morally.

  • Now isn’t the BLK office set up at the elder Laurita’s old house? I remember seeing that in season 3.
    I wonder if it was just a front for Chris Laurita to hide all the paperwork for the upcoming deposition?

    • I believe that is correct! And, yes I thought it was the hideout as well. I think I saw last week that the computers he hijacked from Signature, were the ones seized recently at that location.. the pc’s all of the sudden, all have viruses!

  • Anyone else wondering where “Samantha” and all of her comments about all of this being “bullshit” has been????

  • Melissa tweeted “500,000 followers! I love my twitter family”

    Yeah, sure she has that many….unbelievable!
    She is every bit as delusional as Jacko !

    • LOL, she might have alot of followers but not because they likek her, check out the comments from them that she gets, not very positive.

      • Didn’t Teresa refer to her Twitter followers as her Twitter family? Mel copies EVERYTHING. What a loon.

  • Yay! What and awesome Friday night! MeHo and Midget are over at Jax getting drunk and playing cards! Now, call me crazy but I doing think Jax should be near alcohol, and I m not sure of Midget and Chris Laurit should be drinking and gambling, LOL!!! Guys- I think you have enough $$ probs, just sayin’.. Im so nauseated by their friendship.

        • I seen a Tweet compare them to the Dogs playing poker portrait lol. Lord these people are idiots honestly. Yet another contradiction by Xanax! Here she is hanging out w/ Melissa but its not cool for T to hang out w/ Dina?!? Whacko needs to lay off the 3B”s! Botox,Benzos,and Booze!

  • I think the next season should begin with a recap of the various legal difficulties of all the families:

    1) Giudices – Their laundry has been spread all over Bravo by castmates for everyone to chew on, so it’s well known that they filed for personal bankruptcy for 11 million, most of it business-related, since Joe did not form a corporation to shied himself from debt. They wilthdrew the bankruptcy application and are paying down the debt.. He also has a criminal indictment for his alleged attempt to secure a false license.

    2) Lauritas – 55 million corporate bankruptcy complicated by allegations of embezzlement and fraud. They are accused of taking corporate funds for personal use. Their creditors include a charity they owe 18,000.

    3) Gorgas – various and sundry foreclosures. Seeking to get a bigger equity loan on one house, he persuaded his father to co-sign the loan. It has been foreclosed, which is why his parents had to move out. This cost his parents their home and their creditworthiness – and may have far more to do with the estrangement than any incident with Teresa. Melissa has an outstanding indictment for shoplifting for which she has failed to appear. Joe has been accused of rape, though the woman withdrew the charges – reportedly after being paid a large sum.

    4) Wakiles, various and sundry liens, reports of demanding kickbacks from businesses for wearing their clothes, going to their stores for the show.

    5) Manzos – continued close friendship with their close, close friend and corrupt cop Bernie Kerik with close ties to the mob. Various and sundry liensa against the Brownstone. Election fraud and perjury by Al Manzo when he lied about his residence in order to be appointed to a county position.

    I think in the scheme of things, the Lauritas and Gorgas sound the worst with the Manzos closing behind.

  • Everyone disgusted by Jac writing for Parenting Magazine please go to their web site, (parenting dot com) at the bottom select and you can send them an e-mail stating you won’t buy anymore magazines if she writes for them. If they get enough negative feedback, they will have to act on it!!

    • She’s NOT writing for them! Stoopid Housewives tweeted the magazine, & they said she’s not writing for them, they did a story on Jax & her son with Autism…..that’s all. Jax either made it up….or is REALLY delusional!!

      • If you look on Twitter, at Stoopid Housewives, she received a response from the magazine, explaining the whole mess. I haven’t looked at it yet, because I just saw the update on SH’s blog, showing that they replied to her, so I’m not sure what they said….
        The comments section is where someone said that the mag replied, & that Jax wasn’t working for them.

      • OK…sorry y’all! Here’s the mix-up. Someone on twitter thought SH was talking about Parents Magazine….Not Parenting Magazine. Here is Parents reply:
        “@parentsmagazine: We covered her son’s autism diagnosis, but Jacqueline is not writing for Parents.”
        SH told the person that’s not who she tweeted. Then ParentING Mag replied with:
        “@parenting: @stoopidhsewives @MargoLG @JacLaurita Here’s the response from our editorial director:”
        “@apconnery: Welcome to @parenting @JacLaurita We know your experiences raising a son with autism will touch a slew of readers next year! ThnkU4 sharing!”

        So, my guess is they’re letting her document a year of raising her son, for the magazine???

        Sorry about the multiple posts! Hope this last one helps!

        BTW, SH said the ones who want to message parenting about Jax, should possibly message/tweet the editorial director @apconnery

  • Seems like many of you are attempting to downplay the BK of the Lauritas vis-a-vis the Gudices..

    Duh – the Gudices BK was for being stupid about money and going broke. on the other hand,,,,, the Lauritas are criminally involved in fraudulent practices and embezzlement and are involved with the Feds… How exactly are these cases the same or how iis the Gudices worse?

    • yes you are using all the right term for their situation its much worse than Teresa and Joes situation ..Why isn’t anyone else using the term embezzlement ?

  • Well, it is really not that surprising I guess. How many times, televised I might add, did we see Chris go get Ashley cars? Two or three that I can think of off the top of my head. I didn’t see them alter their lifestyles much in the wake of the clothing company going under. On the one hand Chris is in BLK and on the other, they are renting buses, building extravagant sets to showcase BLK at trade shows etc. Jac has something from her Bravo income obviously but you don’t go on tv showcasing opulence and telling the court you are broke. And while it is admirable that she wants to raise awareness about autism, unless she is marketing something, there is no money coming in from that, with the possible exception of being paid for magazine articles.

    As for calling out Teresa, well, she has income from Bravo, her cook books, her hair care line, some magazine articles…and maybe other things. I remember seeing their house once (I noticed they aren’t filming there much these days) with less furniture and Joe and Teresa having dinner on the floor in front of the fireplace. Teresa and Joe are using the tools available to them to make money off of this Bravo experience – good for them!

    • They have downsized their spending alot. Teresa really has stepped up to the plate and has taken over her families finances. She is really working hard. I think it’s also a great lesson for Tre’s girls, that being and woman and working hard for something makes it all worthwhile in the end.

      I can’t imagine Jacqueline EVER doing that. She’d have a meltdown before even trying.

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  • I have a question.How will this be viewed I wonder in terms of Daniele`s ex`s lawsuit.The courts are not buying the nutcase on Jac`s now so they must think she is a liar.Hope Daniele`s lawyer slaps Jac`s and Caroline with this alittle.Talk about unsavory people!

    • I read that this was changed into a class action suit. Some other employees of the Brownstone have come forth, and the Judge changed it, to include all of them together.

  • Jacqueline better start eating humble pie cause all the BS she spewed at Teresa is coming for her HARD!!!!!

  • Well Jaq you get what you deserve, The sad thing is she has no one except her husband and her parents to comfort her she ruined so many relationships when she needs them the most. Especially teresa who would have been by her side if they where still Friends but jaq decided to hurt her and insult her family and all the other crazy stuff

    Sorry jaq no sympathy here Dina can raise your kids she could provide them guidance and not be crazy like you

  • I know it sounds mean to say this, but I have a feeling Jac will either drink her way into the hospital or be put in there with her mental issues before the deposition.
    Still I can’t be that sympathetic after watching her gloat and smirk make nasty comments on the reunion when Andy was bringing up all of Teresa and Joe’s problems.
    Hows it feel to be in the same boat now Jacque-bitch?

  • knock knock!!
    who is there??
    karma who??

      • Teresa at least doesn’t point the finger at someone when she is doing the same thing. She was very open with everyone as much as she could be. That will be Jac’s downfall here she doesn;t understand how anything works,once you retain a lawyer you STFU, she is just trying to hard to prove she is her own person that her big fat mouth keeps flapping away. She is a prosecutors dream witness.

        • Teresa is paying her debt. If Chris goes to jail Jac wouldn’t be able to survive , unless they hid a lot of cash like she accused Teresa of hiding assists.. Even then the law will be up her butt like i’m sure they are up Teresa’s

  • Between this and Chris’ mistress, it is just another example of what a loud mouthed bafoon Wacqueline is.


    Jacqueline should have stopped trying to cut the grass in someone else’s backyard (Tre’s and Juicy’s) when her own lawn needed to be taken care of. SMH!!!

  • I just have to say we all laughed when Teresa said Juicy is very smart about people and things while eating at the kiddie table.Damn but he really can call shady when he sees it.

  • Too bad this cannot be a “pay per view” event. I would gladly pay to watch these people squirm when being questioned.

  • This must be why Jac made a pathetic attempt to save face and post her BRAVO blog late. She is trying to deflect attention on the bankruptcy court debacle. What a Failure she is.

  • She has been pointing her fingers at Teresa all along so people dont look at her and her husbands shadiness

  • It really is true, Karma is a bitch and it’s hitting Jac hard. Oh well. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones eh Jacqueline? Maybe you’ll learn to keep your fat drunky mouth shut on twitter and stop slamming Tre.

  • HAHAHA JAC-ASS is being deposed!!! That should go well!! They will rip her to pieces! Some advice keep your trap SHUT, one word answers, not too much detail since your sorry ass can’t seem to stick to one story, Oh and your hubbie there should def. close down your twitter acct and probably your mom’s too.

    • It sounds like you’ve either been deposed or are a lawyer jen because you are exactly right. I’ve been deposed- holy shit. It’s seriously the most STRESSFUL situation and I was far removed from the case (ie, shouldn’t have had to stress)! And I’m a stable person, at least I like to think so 😉 . She is going to be ripped to shreds- you know that woman can’t give one-worded answers!! LOL

      • I wonder how much of her boxed wine she will drink before the deposition. She is her own worst enemy; she will have a hard time staying focused. I would love to be a “fly on the wall.”

        • I’m sure you heard how Lauren said they were all on downers at the reunion. And by “all,” she meant Jacqueline. I’m sure she’ll take something to deal.

          I don’t want to be a hypocrite though, so I must admit I took a Klonopin before my deposition LOL. It’s so stressful you guys, seriously! 🙂

      • Jac is going to claim she had no idea what was going on. And that she was busy taking care of her child with autism. Oh and on Twitter ranting about the voices in her head that came from Teresa.

      • I agree I was deposed and one or two word answer are the correct way to answer ,but not so easy to do .Unless you are in complete control of your action . Which we know she is not . Jacko will never be able to handle it.. The 5th might be the best way for her to go. Unless she has another covenant breakdown like last year . but that will only postpone it . And she wont get another year to prepare like for the reuion. And she still did a horrible job with a whole year to prepare. The woman cannot keep her trap shut

    • Can her tweets, blogs and Facebook page be used against her at the trial. Plus things she’s said on the show regarding the bankruptcy?

  • IMO,this situation is much worse than Teresa’s because they drained a company of all assets, tried to declare it bankrupt and the company is coming after the Lauritas. Add the lying and fraud and the charges will keep piling up….shady is as shady does. Makes you wonder about that reunion remark that Jac has to ask Chris for money!

    • I think he transferred the company to another person for 2 or 3 million dollars but received a check for the same amount from the same person.. How do they think they can get away with this? And yet jackaholic still calls Teresa and Joe scum? And wishes her former friend , the father of 4 jail time for a phony license that he was never caught in possession of .. She is a crack pot. And then saying Joe ask Chris about how to get a phony license at the reunion .. This chick is nuts and has no scruples . Joe should thank God she is not on his Jury

  • “$25,000 for an off-Broadway theater company” WOULD THAT BE MY BIG GAY WEDDING…hmmm…they were ALL involved in that mess early on

  • Its about time that these stories come out about the other housewives, im sooo tired of all of these people bashing Teresa for all her money problems. Yes she and her husband have made mistakes, but she is working hard to pay off all her debt and i admire her for that. Teresa did not hide under the covers and also did not whine and complain about it at all. The others have bashed her constantly about what she did and saying all this crap all other the show and in the news. They all need to take a hard look in mirror and see there own problems.

  • I read the update on this case yesterday on a different site that actually included the court documents so not sure why Rumorfix is claiming an exclusive on something that has been on the internet for quite some time. This case involves 3 of the Laurita men and 2 of the wives … can we say ‘Thick as Thieves?”

    • ITA, wonder what will come out next about these crooks.

      Michers, did you read about Albert Manzo Senior?

      There was an article in the NY Post about Bernie Kerik, it seems the Albert visits Bernie often, at the prison in rural Maryland.

      He is quoted as saying: “Bernie is the kind of guy, if there was ever a problem, I would want to be in a foxhole with him” said caterer Albert Manzo, who appears on RHONJ with his Wife, Caroline. Manzo, who visits Kerik regularly, said they became friends years ago in Franklin Lakes, NJ where they both live.


      I want to know what other shady dealings are going on with the Manzo and Laurita families, first the Sheriff
      and now Kerik. I bet they are still connected, there is just way too MUCH coming out to believe anything else.

      I’m going to re-post the info, re the Manzo’s, and the possibility of them STILL being connected, within the next few weeks.


      • OHHH Jan!! I never heard about Bernie, but Im not surprised! When I knew he and Big Red has all those liens and what not, I knew they had shady pasts! When I knew he LIED for a government job that = shady!!! It frustrated me to know all of this for a couple years, but yet they threw so many knives in T’s back! I am sure there are many other shady dealings; involved too much already not to be!!! The Brownstone is probably the “cover” to a lot of dirty deals 🙂

        • Yes supposedly Bernie is his best buddy And the sheriff was also fired around the time that Albert was fired by the Governor

  • Damn, I’m so tired! I hate working when I feel so dead!!! =( I really need 2-3 Red Bull’s cause my coffee isn’t helping me stay awake, but AllAboutTRH is…

  • …but, but, but…she’s in a really happy place now with projects in the works! PROJECT AVOID JAIL!!

  • Sucks to be Jacques right about now. Too bad she didn’t show compassion for her friends. She really could have used Teresa’s advice, but instead tried to shit on her for doing the same as her.I’m sure she thought that since Andy just bought her lame assed excuse that everyone less would, but not everyone wants to put her in a good light because of how she has behaved.
    The reason I could like Teresa after her bankruptcy is because she went to work and bust her butt to fix her mistakes and never put anyone down to get it done. All I see from Jac is finger pointing and diversion. Too bad those adorable little boys have to deal with her instability that has now been multiplied.

    • how much you wanna make a bet that they will go through with having her deemed unstable/unfit to testify??? I read something somewhere that they were trying to do that….

      • I read that too @ hoolie

        Yea, Parents magazine should have really researched who they hired!! I still can not beleive they hired HER!!

        • Holy –
          They DIDN’T hire her!! Go check out Stoopid Housewives, & either FameWhorgas, or Fauxreality’s site! That Parents Mag did a STORY on Jax & her son…she is NOT writing for them! Lol! SH tweeted Parents & asked them about it, & they answered!

          • I dont even recall what i was responding to before . Not trying to start anything . sorry if it was misconstrued

          • Lol, Disgusted….it’s ok…was just confused!
            As for my post replying to Holy….I oopsed! Turns out people, on twitter, were calling out the wrong mag about Jax! They were tweeting ParentS Mag, & the one SH tweeted is ParentING Mag! Turns out ParentS said Jax isn’t working for them, but ParentING had tweeted Jax & said they were looking forward to the next year with her. Sounded to me like they are letting her document a year of raising her Autistic son. I posted about it towards the bottom of here. It was 3 posts in a row, as I was figuring out my error! =(

          • Thank -you @ KS21D2TX

            I got the 2 mixed up , sorry.

            I still think Parenting should have researched this NUT before they hired her.

      • Well …. she did look certifiable on the reunion but I don’t think the Feds are buying that story. I would love to see her during the deposition. Should be a day full of contradictions

        • OMG @ DebV

          Can you imagine?

          I have a feeling Chris is not happy about her testifying, she is a Freakin’ NUT!! She will misunderstand questions, come up with her ‘ own version ‘ of whatever, he is probably a nervous damn wreck!

      • You know what would be just brilliant? If getting her deemed unfit to testify would get the ball rolling on taking the children away from her when Chris files for divorce.

        I mean a man who gets trapped into a marriage by a Vegas showgirl who is far from a trophy wife and an unstable person? I find it hard to believe that he is happy with his family life.

        • Brilliant indeed! 🙂

          I read that the Feds are not buying the attempt to declare her UNFIT. She was trying to avoid giving a deposition, and it is now scheduled, so it must not have worked.

          TOO BAD, SO SAD……..

        • I find it hard to believe that he is any different than her. Chick is not a dime so something must keep them together. 2peas..

        • I was thinking this already….2 fold benefit to speak.
          There is already a willing candidate who would tell a court in a heartbeat she would be there to help raise those kids (chuckie- and you know she has no little ones at home anymore to control as much as she would love to keep her grown ass kids in a dependent mode).

      • That’s a double edged sword. If they rule (pursuant to a psych exam because they would have to prove it) that she is of diminished capacity, then she can lose custody of her children, can’t sign contracts, etc. my opinion, she will probably either plead the fifth or say she does not know or does not remember.

        • what i have thought/seen nona is that Whack is the ‘Meho” to the lauritas….if they had a legit reason to go ahead and finally ‘rid’ the clan of her I do believe it would be a strong possibility…. We all heard the rumors back season 1/2 that the real reason whack slapped/hit chuckie was because chuckie thought she was a ‘bad’ mother for leaving CJ w/lurker….and as far as her behavior on the reunion show… she really did come across as not to stable, and we have heard both chuckie and lurker say (in respect to Asslee)- let her hang herself…..

  • Why are Chris’s parents involved? Jaq is such a hypocrite how is she going to tell Teresa something when she knew she was going thru the same thing!!! Oh that’s right because her’s was a Company bankrupcy and Teresa’s was personal. What a loon.

    • Exactly! How the hell did his parents, Joe and Nettie, get caught upin this mess??? Christ, Nettie is making braclets and selling them for $35.00 thru someone on Twitter called Positive Andrea. WTH??? Sweet lady! Anybody got any info on parental involvemet?????

    • its not the Laurita parents. It is Chris and brothers joe and anthony with Jacq and sil Adele. They all used company funds to suppoort their life style.

  • Jacqueline Laurita is a bold faced liar and a hypocrite to boot. I sincerely hope she is not back next season.

    • I think it was from the backlash she got on Twitter or Caro told her to write that in the blog. Doesn’t sound sincere in her blog.

  • This is old news. And how is Jacqueline the shady one? Teresa was the original bankrupt housewife and started the bankruptcy thing for the real housewives. How is Jacq shady and Teresa is not?

    • What? She’s not shady for the bankruptcy she’s shady for throwing stones at Teresa when she’s living in a glass house…pay attention puhleeze.

      • @Nat, I have to respectfully disagree. Jac and Chris’s Bankruptcy IS shady. The charges from the Bankruptcy trustee are that they pilfered the assets from the company to avoid paying their creditors. That is far different from the assets that Tre and Joe had that devalued because of the market.

        @Jannie how do you figure that Teresa “STARTED” the bankruptcy thing for the housewives? Are you saying that Teresa made the other housewives live beyond their means? And in the case of the Laurita’s commit potential bankruptcy fraud?

      • Honestly I don’t think Jac realy knew what Chris did. She never appeared to be part of any decisions with the company. I really think she used those funds and spent like crazy because told her she could. She seems very nstable and ddnt do right by Ashley. I’ll be honest I was pissed when Chris asked the Manzo boys to head thi new company that promotes BLK water but here is their daughter super talented with her art that if they would have built off of that they probally could hve reached her. My niece has that talent and went to art school and she is working in hollywood for Steven Spielberg. I had. Daughter who was worse than Ashley and when she wouldn’t work I made her volunteer at a childrens hospital and she quit her partying is now a neo natal nurse. They threw her away. My daughter said some bad things to me I cried privately but she needed to say these things to me. What did Jac do at therapy. Gossipped and Ashley was pissed. Will she do this with Nicholas. As amom who went through what she did with Ashley if she wouldn’t of cried like a baby and been a mother she would have reached Ashley. She is pathetic and Chris should of invested in his step daughter. Not the manzo boys. Shame on them.

    • The original post said NOTHING about Teresa not being shady. It’s calling out Jacqueline’s obvious hypocrisy. Either way, it doesn’t make Jacqueline any less shady. It makes her shady and a hypocrite.

      Reading comprehension is a valuable skill.

    • How? They used the clothing company to pay for their lifestyle. Instead of putting the profits back in the company they used it for themselves and Chris has already committed perjury by lying about files and computers from the company saying they are in a warehouse when they are actually used in his new company which could easily have been said but he is hiding something. With both of them having to go to court next month to give depositions it’s basically the same boat Teresa was in except they are about 55 million and claimed the Susan G Komen charity among the assets that never for their money

    • I hate to be rude, but Jannie711 this is one of the most ignorant things I’ve seen written on this blog. Teresa started the bankruptcy thing??? Wow, when millions of Americans have lost their homes or have filed for bankruptcy due to the state of the economy you think Teresa started the “bankruptcy thing”?? Perhaps you have been living in another country and aren’t aware that our economy is just starting to show signs of improvement but we are still no where near where we were. Just take a look in your own neighborhood and see if you don’t see any properties in foreclosure. People have not been paying their rents and property owners have been strapped and some forced to go into foreclosures or short sale properties. So I’m sorry to burst your little bubble but Teresa did not start the “bankruptcy thing” for the real housewives or any other person. The economy has had an adverse affect across the board in all industries thus affecting everyone from the top all the way to the bottom.

        • Ok….so what? She HAD to withdrawal the bankruptcy….the Lauritas don’t have that luxury…because they were STEALING! I would think that’s a little different than just NOT claiming assets! They withdrew the bankruptcy & are paying it back. It’s not like they withdrew it & are getting off scott-free. They are paying for their errors, suffering the consequences. I don’t understand why people keep bringing up that they HAD to withdraw…it’s kind of irrelevant, because either way you look at it, they are paying for it….

          • Actually, I referred to the Lauritas and their theft, etc on a post further up. They should be prosecuted for defrauding and stealing from their company and employees.

            For me the Giudice attempt to withhold assets, is relevant. Had they been allowed to continue, people would not have been paid for the services they provided to them. Meanwhile, the Giudices would be enjoying their shore and mountain homes. As I have stated many times, I credit the Giudes for working hard to pay off to their debts.

          • I wasn’t meaning to jump down your throat, RHFan. I misread your comment, & took it as you were comparing the 2 Bankruptcies to being the same, because Jax stole & Teresa lied.
            I apologize for that.
            I just see a lot of comments about them withdrawing, & I don’t understand it, because the point is, they didn’t get away with it, if that’s what they were doing. I, also, don’t put it past Teresa to have forgotten to claim some assets….she IS a bit flighty, God love her! Lol! But, the part about them not getting away with it is what I meant when I said it was irrelevant. If they were trying to screw the system, then I hope they learned their lesson, that they can’t get away with it. So, when you say it’s relevant because they could have been allowed to continue…….but, they weren’t, & now they’re suffering the consequences for spending too much & making the mistakes they did.
            I guess that’s why I don’t understand when someone(not you….people that attack Teresa)slams Teresa’s forced bankruptcy withdrawal…..because it seems as though they(or at least Teresa) learned from it.

          • ok so tell Jacko and Chris to give back the 7 million and pay the foundations and charities they beat

          • KS2ID2TX…No worries, I didn’t feel attacked, lol.

            I just wanted to get my opinion out there.

            I wouldn’t go so far as to say “they forgot”to disclose all their assets, but I will say that I don’t think they had proper legal advice.

            You have to hand it to the Lauritas, their Lawyers have been able to keep most of this, except public court filings, out of the media. Too bad the Lauritas were not as diligent about corporate spending as they were at selecting a legal team.

          • That they do, rhfan! I wonder, though, if some of that stolen money was used to pay for those great lawyers….
            The part that irks me the most is that they stole money from SGKomen! My Granny had breast cancer(survived, thank God!) I don’t understand how someone can take money from a charity, with no remorse! I mean, how low is that??!!!

    • Jacquline was getting PAID a salary from “Signature” for a NO SHOW job, that is FRAUD, and she deserves what comes her way.

      They, the Manzo/Laurita’s, are all crooks!!!

      • A punk, is a punk, is a punk and the Manzos/Lauritas are punks! Those momos can go scratch their mad places and smell their fingers!

    • “Teresa was the original bankrupt housewife and started the bankruptcy thing for the real housewives.”

      LOL- WTF, are you serious??? Because she was the first one the other bankruptcies don’t count?? You’re reaching honey.

      • Come on, we all know everything is T’s fault, cough. Just ask Dancer, Stump, Chucky, Fat Albert, Lapband, Prince Albert, Crittafur, Loose Butt, Bloated Booze Bag and Chris Lurker, Bug Eyes and Snaggle Tooth. Did I forget anyone. Oh right, the entire U S of A.

    • and wtf said that people who file for bankruptcy are “shady”? There are many reputable business that have gone out with a charpter 11 bang and also decent people.


    • That a laugh Jannie711.. especially because the others have lawsuits that go back way before Teresa and Joe’s one lawsuit, lol. Thick as thieves- yep they are all rolling in liens and judgements!!!!! And all of them appear to have done worse damage then the Giudices

  • Boy, still waters run deep. You really do have to be wary of the quiet ones. (Cnris, of course) She never shuts up.

  • Jac is such a hypocrite She yelled at T for not tellin her about her finances when all along she is having worse problems Hope they go to jail At least T is paying back all she owes Jack sits on her ass n does nothing Chris also had the nerve to tell Joe that T spends too much Well Jac is no different She makes me sick!

  • I’ve heard her say in interviews how GREAT they are, and how this is SOOOOO different from Teresa, because this is a business, and Teresa’s was personal. I personally don’t think so. The bulk of Teresa’s (@ $8M) was from buildings and Joe’s business.

    Same boat Jac!

    • lolag (aka Jacs mom) will be along shortly to give us all a lashing for speaking about Jacs private business.

    • The Giudices filed for personal bankruptcy, true. I believe Joe’s business wasn’t incorporated or an LLC, so regardless of the nature of the debts, personal bankruptcy was there only protection. They were forced to withdraw their BK or face BK fraud charges for withholding assets, also true. They are now working to pay their debts; I credit them for that.

      The Lauritas filed for Corporate Bankruptcy. They are being accused of embezzlement, fraudulent business expenditures, misuse of corporate funds all contributing to the BK.

      There is a difference between the Giudices and Lauritas; in addition to Bankruptcy the Lauritas have to answer for theft, fraud and embezzlement. The Lauritas were smart enough to incorporate and protect their personal assets, yet they were too greedy to do the right thing to protect their employees, investors, and vendors.

      Shame on the Lauritas and all those involved in cheating all those people..

        • From what I’ve read, it seems they filed BK in an attempt to hide the fraud, theft, etc. I didn’t know they were forced to. Either way, I hope they are prosecuted. Thanks for the info, Marie.

    • Teresa didn’t use private planes and have 11 cars and dupe charities out of money or investors ..Chris seems like he paid all his bills with business credit cards .. How long can that last before it catches up? Well it caught up and it didn’t happen yesterday but we are just getting the details now.. Jacko should sell the story to in touch any day now but she has to figure out how to but a Teresa spin on it

  • hmmmm…didn’t jac say at the reunion to Juicey : I HOPE YOU GO TO JAIL”……..KARMA is all i gotta say!

      • I used to get email updates from WW’s show, I unsubscribed. They asked why and I said it was because of her negative views of Teresa. Not sure anyone there cared, but it was the reason.

        • i agree i took Wendy off my dvr. I only put it on because i didnt want to miss a Teresa appearance .. Saying Teresa should give up reality tv was too much.. Then she claims she got nasty feedback from Teresa ‘s fans .. Well if deleting her ass off my dvr is nasty … Guilty

          • I agree with all of you about Wendy W. I stopped watching her when she told Teresa to get off reality tv.

      • They all love to put Teresa’s financial issues on blast & everyone clams up when it’s anyone else……. Interesting…

        • Actually, I think it’s because NO ONE CARES about them. By that I mean, they are boring and their lives don’t hold any appeal for viewers/readers. The only time they appear in magazines or on t.v. is if they are discussing Teresa. Love her or hate her, her every move is scrutinized. That’s because she has charisma and star power, that certain “it” factor.

    • Who cares? We have such as this site to get the word out! Really, who needs Andy’s or WW’s boring show to tell us lies and their favorits?

      • True, but then Jax gets asked to write for certain magazines/non-profits. Would she be asked if most people knew these facts?

          • When I heard she was writing for parents magazine I was pised. I told them I’ve subscribed to ths magazine for 15 years and if she is going to be writting articles I want absolute backup references because she is in a bad emotional state right now that there was no way Id subscribe anymore. I advised them to have a psych evaluation because she is unstable. She is hav ing a breakdown and Caro or Chris r not helping her.

  • No I’m not shocked not 1 bit. It’s plain to see why she had such a change of heart about Joe Giudice going to prison. She Nd her box head husband may be on their way.

    • True that Andrea! Karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around! She through enough stones at Teresa & Joe. Those in glass houses, well you know the rest!

    • Not surprised at all. Jacqueline was trying to be all fake about not wanting harm on Tre and yada yada because of this huge scandal coming out, and now that it has… HA HA HAAAAA! That’s why you should keep your mouth shut, frozen face. All this karma she’s getting… I don’t think Bravo and Andy will give the Lauritas the backlash they deserve. It won’t even be half as bad as the way they’ve treated Tre. Watch… Andy is shady, but he is always sweeping the rug when it comes to them & Caroliar.

  • Pathetic. It seems like every Jersey housewife and her husband scammed and cheated others instead of working hard to have what they have. Really classless.

    • Rumorfix got that from fauxrealityentertainment.com (Gregsloosehole on twitter) who reported it a few weeks ago. They have a lot of info on there re: lawsuits related to the Gorgas, Lauritas and Manzos.

      Of course not to take away from AllaboutTRH which remains my reading material of choice when it comes to housewives related scoop!

      • On that note, it is quite sad that this is going on in the midst of their son’s illness. But what a shame that Jac was so hard on T, even saying at the reunion “i don’t spend money like you do” when the court documents are pretty clear in proving otherwise. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a hypocritical group of ladies. The Manzos did some shady political things that Gov Christie commented on, the Gorgas & Wakiles have numerous lawsuits pending regarding bills they haven’t paid, yet they’ve judged Teresa so harshly. What a sad bunch.

        • Last thing I wanted to add is that previously Jac has said that she doesn’t have any “personal” bankruptcies and while technically that may be true, she’s personally named as a defendant in this case.

          • Jax lied to everyone and berated Teresa for a long time on air. Not to mention what she did to Danielle. Thats why the backlash is coming her way full force. She needs to learn how to treat her friends, she could use some friends right now I’m sure. I feel no sympathy for Chris or Jacqueline.

          • She onced sent me a private message on Twitter because I called her out on her own bankruptcy. This was like almost 2 yrs ago… she justified hers saying that it was not “personal” like Tre. That Tre robbed the “people” by buying things that she couldn’t afford and then filing. Well, she forgot to say that she (jac) robbed a COMPANY (owned by people). LOL!

            In my reply I told her she was crazy to think that she was above “robbing” herself… she blocked me.

            In reality, the Giudices are (or probably have by now) paying their debt. Sounds like the Laurita’s may not.

            There are tons of public info available on the rest of the cast. Frustrating that Bravo only seems to put Tre’s issues “On display, On Display”.

          • @Bionic From what I understand, Teresa withdrew her Bankruptcy to pay off all her debts herself. So no Bankruptcy as far as I can tell, all her creditors will be payed.
            The Lauritas on the other hand, drained the company for Millions and left it all on the tax payers while acting pristine and noble all the while, committing fraud. They along with the Gorgas and the Wakilies get Douchbags of the Year in my book.

          • @ Joanna –
            More like Douchebags of the DECADE!!! Their High & Mighty act is crumbling around them! And the Lauritas CAN’T withdrawal their bankruptcy filing, because it is a Federal matter now, being what they did was ILLEGAL(lol)….and she wants to claim Teresa’s filing was worse than hers….smdh!

          • She is right she doesn’t have a “personal” bankruptcy because, the trustee has charged them with emblazzelment and fruad. Those twoo charges prevent the Lauritas from filing a personal bankruptcy.

          • At least the Guidices have owned their financial issues, rather than living in the glass houses that the Gorgas and the Lauritas live in. I used to hope the Lauritas and the Gorgas did not come back, now I am looking forward to seeing them trying to explain away their issues while hypocritically pointing a finger at Teresa and Joe on season 5.

          • At Real real hw,.the Giudices didn’t “own” shit. They were caught hiding assets and HAD to withdraw or get.convicted of bankruptcy fraud and go to prison.

      • I know, I’m totally addicted to fauxrealityentertainment.com (thats the new name of it). They have information that no one else have. Also it’s for more than 55 million.

    • The total ammount of money that was taken from “Signature” was $55 MILLION.

      The depositions for all of them are as follows:
      Anthony Laurita – Nov 12/12
      Jacqueline Laurita – Nov 13/12
      Adeline Laurita – Nov 16/12
      Joseph Laurita – Nov 29/12
      Christopher Laurita – Dec 4/12

      I believe that they are going to nail Chris to the wall. His Lawyer has had to tell the Court/Judge, that Chris lied on two different occasions. I forget what the first lie was, the second was that he claimed not to have taken any of “Signatures” belongings, and he just admitted that he had taken computers that he was now using for BLK, they have since been retrieved, and all have been infected with viruses. hmmmm
      They (Lauritas) have also tried to get Jacqueline declared emotionally unfit, due to her Son’s diagnosis, the Court/Judge refused to accept this excuse.

      Both fauxreality and famewhorgas have a LOT of interesting information.


        • Thanks JanShe & Buck Henry… Think I’ll take a look waaaaaay later. Shift has ended & I’m heading home! Yay! Later guys!

      • Is it wrong not to feel not bad for these pigs Chris and JaqASS? Because I don’t! They deserve what they get!

        I think JaQAss will do nice in Orange. What do ya think?

        • I have to say I feel bad for the kids. I really hope she doesn’t go to jail. Don’t get me wrong; she deserves to go to jail. And I think she’s a lousy mother but she’s all her sons know. I realize they would be placed with family but I still think it would be devastating to both boys, especially Nicholas.

      • JanShe –
        Yes, those 2 sites have a TON of info, on ALL of them! The 2 lies you’re referring to are both the same. Chris lied, on 2 occasions, about turning over all the Signature Apparel stuff they had. I think they knew they didn’t have everything, because they asked him MULTIPLE times, if he had turned everything over to them. Finally, for some reason(*cough….after “allegedly” corrupting the computers……*cough), he comes clean and informs them that he still had 2 computers, along with some other things(I don’t remember what they were), but when they searched the computers, they found a bunch of corrupt files , due to Viruses on the computers(how convenient). Here’s a question: They claimed to be using those other computers for their BLK business…..How were they able to use those computers if there were viruses on them? I mean, if the viruses were corrupting the files, I would think the BLK files would be corrupt, too…..

        • I wonder how this whole mess is going to effect BLK ? I think others have $$$ tied up in BLK like the Manzo boys and Manzo parents. Did they really think they could get away with this?

          • You know, it reminds me of that show, “World’s Dumbest Criminals”! Lol! I can’t believe they thought they could outsmart the system! I mean, if Teresa WAS, in fact, telling Jax all those things about her bankruptcy, why in the world, would Jax think she could do something even worse, & NOT get busted?! They watched Teresa go thru it!
            I can’t say whether or not Teresa intentionally withheld assets. As I said, in another post on here, Teresa IS a bit flighty…so I wouldn’t put it past her to have forgotten to write down things. Then again, it could be true that she withheld it on purpose. Either way, you would think Jax would see that & think “oh crap! If she got busted, I’m REALLY in trouble!” But, NO, she just keeps on talking her sh*t & thinks she’s above everything! Irritates the hell outta me!

          • They used money from Signature to start BLK and several other companies hence the theft changes, or at least part of them.

        • i also think she is bi-polar . the mood swings are just too much
          crying laughing crying laughing angry sad and thats all in a 10 minute time frame

    • I posted the link to this article on the Laurita’s being sued here yesterday, in response to the thread on Jac not wishing anything bad for Teresa and Joe…well I would certainly think not considering what she’s facing! Go check it out…I posted it in response to “Joanna” and it’s about 20 down from the top of the thread.