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PHOTOS: Mama Elsa Patton Before The Plastic Surgery

Ever wonder how Real Housewives of Miami star Mama Elsa Patton looked before the plastic surgery? I have and it’s quite different than how she looks now! I put a bunch of photos of Elsa prior to the major surgeries below! Check them out after the jump

Do you think Elsa made a big mistake getting plastic surgery done?

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  • Elsa from real house of mami was a very beautiful lady but she made beauty get the better of her and this is the result she gets

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  • I am a straight man and “have to” watch the show whenever I spend time at my girlfriends home. Elsa, yes, has had some run ins with some plastic surgeons, BUT, I have to say, that woman’s beauty cannot be hidden! I LOVE her, and She IS absolutely beautiful. All the botched surgery In the world couldn’t hide it. That to me is the real lesson. We should all strive to be more like her in the way she let’s us know she is here, relevant, alive and more than what people assume she should be. May she continue to be blessed. She makes me smile.

  • What a shame that she didn’t grow old gracefully like all the rest, surely her daughter must be very wary about getting any momre plastic surger when she looks at her mum, glad I don’t live in USA, to much pressure, that’s all they care about is there looks, how sad.

  • OMG she was so damn beautiful! I’d love to look half as gorgeous as she did! I couldnt imagine what she could possibly have even wanted to change!

  • It is very sad that she ruined herself this way. I will not watch the RHOM because I don’t want to see her. To be honest, overall this group of ladies are not attractive like the other shows.

  • Reading these comments are horrible. I stopped after 3 of them. Why are you all so rude? I feel so bad for Elsa.

  • She was always a dogface. Tiny tater tots, weird face. I would have made her lick her own dad’s aniss and then tongue kiss her mom with dad’s poop in her tongue. Then I would farrt in her mouth and make her sleep outside with the other dogs

  • She looks a little like Sofia Loren. Her lips have always been huge, I guess. Her daughter looks like her.

  • The bloat is most likely from medication, amd I think she pro anly had a chemical peel. Not a good idea. I don’t claim to know why she wooild go through this at her age,which is closer to 75 or 80 then 70,unless she was trying to. Look as yoing as her daughter. I would be interested in seeing photos of her roght before the surgery,but I’ll bet there aren’t any. She probably hadn’t allowed any photos for some years, because she did not like how her face had changed. Vamity? Wait until you’re 70+ years pld before you judge.

  • Aging should not be a reason to alter ones appearance. I’ve been told all my life.. gray hair us a mantle of wisdom, lines & wrinkles are the trophies of victory if survival.. why tamper with mother nature?? We are NOT living from the outside in, we should be LIVING from the inside out!!! Use your wealth to enhance the unfortunate ones.. plastic surgeons retirement accouts do not qualify!

  • i’d hate to walk around looking like a melted ice cream cone all day. that’s pretty shitty.

  • What trips me out is that Marisol is going down the same path. I think Elsa is behind it. Call me crazy but I think Elsa is cursed hence that face.

    • I agree she looks more like her mother than she’d care to admit, everytime i look i think her lips and jae look bigger

  • Elsa is a spirited and fascinating woman, and this shines through no matter what she has suffered medically. Age and accident may diminish outward beauty, but they cannot touch the spirit.

  • Her youthful beauty explains a lot. A vain young woman who had it all going on and didn’t want to lose it. I feel bad that her vanity has come to this. And before anyone jumps on me for calling her vain (if indeed you want to 🙂 ) Let me just say I’m not intending it as an insult… we all have different degrees of vanity and Elsa’s weakness appears to have been her unbelievable beauty.

  • Why???? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. She didn’t need plastic surgery in the first place. She was stunning.

  • Holy hell! if she isn’t a walking poster board of why NOT to mess with nature, I don’t know what is. That would be my nightmare, that I would go in to fix a little somethin’ and come out like Frankenstein. The regret you would live with every day would be overwhelming!

  • omg, she was beautiful before all the surgeries. Some people are addicted to plastic surgery and this may be the case with mama. I feel so bad for her.


    • i love mama Elsa But i think its much more than fiiers .Sheappears to have nerve damage to her face also

  • oh dear god why! why oh why did she do that to herself? she was fine before and I’m sure she would’ve aged fine as well. So why put yourself through all that hooplah? ugh I can’t look at the current picture of her for too long, makes my eyes hurt! She frightens my husband, when I showed him the picture of her, he screamed and left the room lol. Poor mama elsa 🙁 She seriously needs a new Dr. to do some major fixing to her face, jeepers!

  • I believe she was injected with silicone. Her face is lumpy and distorted. Looks like a “backroom doctor”, with a can of sealer injected her.

  • I love Mama Elsa, God Bless her. I say Dr. Paul Nassif from Beverly Hills Housewives should reconstruct her face. I bet he could really help her. This would make for good TV too. Please Bravo Andy make this happen!! “MAMA ELSA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!”

  • Oh she was beautiful! Im sad for her. I’d like to know the story behind her surgery. Either way I still love her! She’s why I watch!

  • OMG!!! Why did she do that to herself! She was absolutely beautiful.. I cannot believe she went from that to what she looks like now. What a shame!!

  • I knew this lady was beautiful. Can they re construct her face. I think she should try one more time to re vive her face. What can she hurt?

    • It isn’t the surgeries that did that too her, it is the fillers… the doctors don’t even know if they CAN remove it.

    • The doctor injected something illegal into her face i believe. He also talked her into surgries that were not needed.

      Aside from that. She is 76 years old. It is NOT worth the risk to go back under the knife to make RHOM fans happy. At her age she just doesnt give a shit what other think and I love her for that!

  • OMG! She was beautiful! She looks like a monster now. It would be interesting to see what she looked like right before surgery? Then again it looks like she may have had some even in some of these photos.

    • Yes, the first pic wearing the sunglasses, looks like there had already been some work done. I wonder if Paul, RHOBH, would be able to help?

      I love her on RHOM. I wish her luck.

    • Brandi, could you be any meaner? She doesn’t look like a monster, she is radiant and beautiful on the inside and out, but you know, it’s possible that anyone who calls another a monster must be one on the inside themselves. You never know what the future would you feel if someone called you a monster?

      • She absolutely is a monster, inside and out. If someone said that to me I’d do some serious introspection. Which I would recommend for Godzilla

  • Wow she was beautiful, especially in that last picture. How old is Elsa now? I think all the plastic surgery has made her look scary, and that’s pretty sad.

  • What was the plastic surgery blunder? Looks like her face had been burned. Not really a nip tuck blunder. What was the doctors history and was there any lawsuit? I don’t watch Miami, only one I don’t watch but she is the only one I know from the show. Anyone know?

    • It was said that it was the type of injections used. The filler in her face is intertwined with her real skin tissue and the doctor that wanted to fix this said it would be an enormous job to even try to remove the filler. At least today, the filler dissolves into the body, the old stuff didn’t.

  • What was her excuse for plastic surgery????? Anyone know? These r really old photos. Do u have photos right b4 her surgery????

    • She is like 76 years old now. She would not have looked like the above photos even without the surgery. She was a beauty back in her day.

      I personally think she teaches us a lesson on judging people by looks. I think shes so beautiful and funny on the inside that the outside means nothing!

      • A moral lesson to dictate how we should react looking at her poor face?
        I judge her faulty reasoning. she tried surgery to appear younger to fool others. SHE believed that people judged her by her look and ended with a mutilated face. It was her choice to go under the knife.It cannot possibly teach me a lesson moral lesson, as you pretend it should. I hope she will survive her painful lesson?


      • Elsa is 76 yrs old, and I admire her courage and beauty . She could have hidden away, not wanting anyone to see her after the surgery, but she chose to go on with her life. She has a beautiful smile, a great sense of humor, and the ability to make people see a beautiful woman, whenever they are blessed enough to be anywhere near her. Her daughter has an awesome Mom.
        Love and Hugs to you, Elsa

    • I agree with you Amapola. Those are old photos and though it doesn’t matter now, I’d like to see how she looked just before the surgery also. It’s interesting that in an effort to look younger and better than they do at the time,you can always tell when the plastic surgery has been unsuccessful or gone too far. They look anything but younger and there’s no improvement. That alone is very sad, because it usually isn’t cheap !

      • That’s not the work of just 1 plastic surgeon. That’s the result of someone going way too far trying to fight the years. Whatever happened to aging gracefully. This is a horrendous display of vanity. Beauty & The Beast, all in 2 pictures. Disgusting?

        • I agree Lula…. I don’t watch the show because of her. It bothers me that nobody ever talks about it. It’s like the big elephant in the room. She looks just like that lady that had the face transplant. The sad part about this woman is that she did this VOLUNTARILY. She was beautiful, & now she’s a creature.

          • That is not a very nice thing to say. Are you perfect? I’m sure not and you should not be so quick to judge. Don’t judge someone else, you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you. She is a kind soul and isn’t that really all that matters is what’s inside. I will pray for you and all your negative energy. What happened if you can’t say anything nice, do not say anything at all. Mama Elsa, I think your great. Kim:)

        • It is really disappointing to see grown women putting down and criticizing other women. With all that’s happened in the world today. We need to stick together. When you speak evil things, nothing good can come your way. let the love in.:)

          • Kim,

            No one is judging her. It is society that makes women want to maintain youth more than men. Also there is some vanity as well. Elsa was beautiful and she still is on the inside, but whatever 1 or however many plastic surgeons created something awful. I blame the doctors because somewhere down the line they lost their ethical standards of First Do No Harm.

    • I feel sorry for her she was missing something in her life to believe she needed all that work, she is refreshing emotionally and intellectually onthe show when I do watch, she makes me sad she appears to be in pain when she walks and talks.. I too blame the physicians that kept taking her money and knew it was ethically wrong.,, she was indeed beautiful before the vultures got to her…

    • And I think your downfall Steph is ignorance! Unless you know the whole story you should not be juding her. She seems to be a beautiful woman inside and out and I personally would love to get to know her. You don’t know why she did what she did so keep your ignorant comments private.