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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Wakile And Melissa Gorga Want Teresa Giudice Off RHONJ; Teresa Is Staying!

With Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped, producers are getting ready to film season 5 of the hit show and sign all the ladies contracts. A show insider is now telling AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that Kathy and Melissa want Teresa off of the show! “Kathy and Melissa think Teresa shouldn’t return. Melissa has been doing interviews, putting it out there that the only way it will look like Teresa cares about her family is if she leaves the show.”

The insider adds, “Melissa believes she doesn’t need to get off of the show because technically this isn’t her family. It’s her husbands family and she thinks that viewers know she’s tried so hard to be cordial with Teresa while Teresa hasn’t tried. That’s why Melissa is convinced Teresa needs to get off of reality TV.”

The insider continues, “Teresa knows Melissa and Kathy want her out of the show but she’s not planning on leaving. She signed a contract for 5 seasons and will be coming back whether they like it or not.”

That’s not all, the insider says, “It’s actually a good thing for the family that Teresa is returning because the only way we will see Joe Gorga and Teresa recouncile is on camera. Joe Gorga didn’t speak to Teresa for a year when the cameras werent rolling but Joe is smart and knows that attempting to work things out with Teresa on camera will make him look great plus will be ratings gold!”

Do you think Teresa should stay or quit? Personally, I think RHONJ needs Teresa which is why I would leave if I was her. The show revolves around Teresa and regardless if you hate her, you can’t deny that! I’m sure many networks would want to do something with her if she left the show so I don’t think it would be such a bad idea…Do you think Melissa and Kathy have any write to say Teresa should leave the show being that they got on it because they were related to her?

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  • Just wanted to share this, not sure where is should go really
    from http://fauxrealityentertainment.com/?p=820

    Bindi refused to have their name associated with Kathy Wakile or her companies. Bindi agreed to reactivate it’s cannoli kit (that it has not actively marketed) under a different label (unassociated with Bindi), it will allow Wakile to name and market the cannoli kit. In exchange Wakile will receive a percentage of net sales.

    How ironic that after Kathy’s snide comments to Teresa about her mother’s pizzelle cookies, Kathy will be promoting a cannoli kit that is not a Pierri recipe.

  • Let’s face it Teresa has no choice she may be the sole bread winner soon, so she has to stay. Her brother is a scum bucket to let his wife talk about her like she does, doesn’t he watch the show and see what she is doing. Guess not, he likes the lime light more than M. It really breaks my heart to see what this is doing to his mom and dad. See what Melissa said Theresa should leave because they are not her family. That sentence says it all.

  • I’d like to see Tre not give a shit about trying to fix her relationship w/JoeGorga and let people spill what they know about Mel. Let’s see how Meho and Crybaby-Gargamel Joe will do when the shit hits the fan on THEM. Take them down in S5!

    Stinky Kathy needs to go. She is about as riveting as watching paint dry.

  • And if the rest of the cast were not there to help stir up drama where would T be? She needs them as much as they need her. Does anyone really believe that RHNJ would have the ratings it does watching T cavort with her minions, cooking, putting on makeup etc.? Of course not. it would be a snore. Bravo is in business to make $-not friends. Bravo will maintain this storyline-or one like it-as long as it is making $. Bottom line.

    • Have you seen season 1? The better half of the season was revolved around them doing nothing but shopping, cooking, putting on make up, etc… And contrary to your post, it clearly wasn’t a “snore” seeing as the ratings were just as good. The drama on the show never happened until the last 2-3 episodes when Caroline “investigated” Danielle. And through all the non-drama, Teresa was still somehow the most popular one and most interesting.

      • You’re right. i didn’t see much of the 1st season. Becasue it was BORING.
        With all the family drama the ratings have gone up. If they had remained stagnant Bravo would have been majorly recast it or pulled it. I honestly don’t know why T is the target. She is no better or worse than anyone else in the cast. But the dynamics are interesting and it’s making Bravo-AND the cast $- and that’s what they’re all there for.

  • Let’s get real JPG, this is the Teresa Giudice show and everyone else are just supporting characters. Without Teresa, none of them have anything to talk about. 95% of everything that came out of their mouths and their storyline revolved around TERESA. Whether it was hating her or not, without Teresa, none of these bitches would have anything *interesting* going on. They live and breathe Teresa Giudice.

  • WHO GIVES A RATS ASS WHAT THE HELL MELISSA AND KATHY WANT? I dont give a rats ass what they want do any of you give 2 shits about what these 2 bitches want? I didnt think so lol Melissa and Katfish are nothing on this show nor will they ever be!! Teresa made a comment in one of her interviews that the only way her and Josaphine would ever be able to reconcile is when the cameras are on because her brother hasnt talk to her or had anything to do with them since the cameras was gone. She knows that her brother will try to be all up her ass once the cameras are back on she knows exactly what she’s dealing with now!! T knows her brother plays up to the cameras and so does his bitch ass wife and T if you read these post babygirl plz plz dont give the time of day on camera if they cant be your family when the camera is off dont let them be when there on. You have all the power in your hand T when it comes to your family and this show if you dont film with them they are irrelevent T so you show them next season just who the F!@k their dealing with and who the real star is on RHWNJ cause babygirl you got alot of power on this show just listen to your husband Juicy Joe sweetie cause that your real family and he’s got your best interest at heart!! S5 gonna be your season T just use your head and play your cards right T and you can show all these people who think your an airhead and think your clueless just how smart you really are and I for one cant wait for you to put these bitches in their place!!! Love Love Love Kiss Kiss Kiss T your da bomb!!!

    • Teresa does have a lot of power, and she should use it. She should play hardball and get Jac and Melissa fired. WE have power too, and we need to tell Bravo loud and clear that we are sick of Jac, Melissa, etc and want them gone!!

      I don’t want to see the Manzo ‘boys’ or Lazy Lapband Lauren either!!

  • One thing I have learned about Teresa is that she has a great work ethic and is truly the type of person who will honor a contract. If she signed on for 5 years, then she will stay, no matter what. Besides, does anyone really care what Melissa or Kathy think?

  • Andy said to Melissa on WWHL that Melissa could probably make a lot of money if the song lyrics were about teresa…did you all catch that?…LMAO, the look on her face

  • Ok..My fave comments on this blog so far are: Melwhoresy Marco and non factor by the name fish AND Let me meld the two together:

    Melwhoresy Maroc’s head is as big as non factor by the name of Fish’s Ass.

    • Got plenty of fish jokes but in the end Bravo took pleasure in tearing a family apart, Andy Cohn needs to be fired (My gay friends think your a piece of shit Andy. ” We are all sick and tired of your fake polls on WWHL. Bravo TV is basically saying that there viewers are stupid and will never figure out what they think they pulled over our eyes. To Andy Cohn, read between the lines, I am holding my middle finger up with the rest of the fingers down, can you read that Andy, it’s called the bird. Frick Off

  • HOL UP!! WAY-MIN!! Are u trying to tell me that Melissa & Kathy joined the show what? TWO seasons after Teresa & they want her off? Find me a cliff to jump off of because this chick QUITS!!

  • This IS the TERESA GIUDICE SHOW! staring TERESA GIUDICE!!!!!! also appearing…melwhoresey marco..and some non factor by the name of fish? Domt really care for the last name…..

    • They are just extras and they know it! Thats why they think they can run their traps for attention, stir up drama to make sure they secure spots for next season.. juveniles!

  • These 2 smelly hookers have the nerve to say Teresa should leave the show???!!! The show she was on since day 1?? The show they both went on to humilate Teresa from the very first scene??
    Both smelly hooker’s need to remember where the f*ck they came from.
    Smelly hooker #1 wants to justify her claims by saying Teresa is not her family. Does that mean she plans on divorcing Joe?
    Smelly hooker #2 wants to claim she is “old school”. Well b*tch after your done cleaning your smelly crotch go look up that meaning. That is your blood cousin not some “b*tch” you met in a bar. Show some motherf*cking respect!!
    Bottom line Hooker #1 is a jealous jealous b*tch and wants to finally stick it to teresa for being the low life skank that was always in Teresa’s shadow all these years. She actually looked happy about saying Joe has not spoken to Teresa because of the strippergate scene. She wants to hang onto teresa called me a stripper, Chris even said they throw the word stripper around like serial killer. WHO THE F*CK CARES IF TERESA CALLED YOU A STIPPER, TRUST ME SHE COULD HAVE SAID WORSE, TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT!!!!

  • Bottom line, Bravo is not going to let go of the gold mine they have in Teresa….. She’s ratings gold!

  • These women are truly beyond the pale. What nerve on those two. I really hope T listens to them and does leave. I would much prefer to see her on her own cooking show, highlighting her and Juicy’s family, than watch anymore of this train wreck. Plus, she would have the added bonus of watching them all turn on each other for ratings. Let’s see how long Caro has either one of your backs, you two idiots!! BTW, don’t count on good old Jax either! Counting on her is like farting in the wind! haha! The show would crash and burn and T could laugh all the way to the bank!


  • If Joe Gorga and Melissa stay on the show they had better put an “X” rating on it. This season was totally digusting and I can’t believe they don’t get in trouble for the dialog (let alone the nude scenes)used on the show by those two.

  • I think Bravo is leaking this ridiculous story just to wind Teresa fans up.

    There is not even the most remote possibility Bravo would dream of getting rid of a golden goose. They will fire Melissa and Kathy before they let Teresa go. And hasn’t Kathy already been demoted anyway?

  • I am so insulted, who are these rats that they think we know who we want to see? They don’t want Teresa but what about Teresa’s numerous fans. They are so stupid and dumb, can you say jealous.

  • Why do they want Teresa gone? What are they afraid of? Do they actually think they can hold the ratings without her? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  • I could be wrong but it seems I read somewhere that either the elder Gorga`s or Mel and Joey were living at the shore house.Anyone know?I just hope those babies are not living without power.Joe and Mel are real assholes if they are still in that place with those kids.

    • I heard that round time of power being cut off rumor. I have no idea what is true or not with them because they lie sooooooo much.

  • This morning, I noticed that only Teresa and Kathy have any reference to RHNJ on their Twitter pages. The others have undergone a makeover. Hmmmm.

    • My comments are being moderated because I needed to adjust my name, but I want so desperately to shout, “ohhhh my goodness!” at you, emma!!! 🙂 What does it mean? Jac’s profile looks the same to me as it did before today (I am shocked! at her amount of followers), but Melissa’s definitely stands out to me as totally different. Ahh, I wish the cast would be announced already. 🙂

      • I don’t know what it means, Heather_b…something that made me go, “hmmmm”. I thought Jac’s tag used to say Real Housewife NJ? I admit I rarely check her, though. But Caroline, Jac and Melissa have no reference to RHNJ on Twitter. Ohhhh my goodness, indeed.

  • Does Melissa and Kathy not read anything about themselves??? Most people hate them both. IMO, they both look really stupid. Of course Teresa should not quit, no one would have anything else to talk about on the show.

  • As much as I dislike T , I don’t think thay will have a show with out her! It is going to be boring as hell…unless they also get everyone else Off of the show and have a new cast…hmmm

  • When these two get canned they want to be able to say it was their idea and not Bravo`s.They know damn good and well Teresa is Queen and going nowhere.It is for their own pride to refuse to be on the show with her.

    • Etta, Melissa will come up with some self absorbed story and Kathy, please! No one can hear her eyes roll, lol! She will bury herself in cannoli kit and cry 🙂

  • Unbelievable! These two need their heads examined. They are nothing to anyone. Legends in their own minds. Mego needs to wake up from this fairy tale she is living in and realize she is nothing more than a washed up old stripper. And Kathy needs to go back to her boring life. It’s not worth sharing with viewers.

  • Mel doesn’t want to move to be away because of Tre. That house is a spec house it needs to be sold. The bills must be enormous. Imagine what it cost to heat that house. That’s probably why it was said that the power was turned off on them. Who are they kidding it’s a small fortune to keep up a house like that. The landscaping alone, now to do the fall clean up a lot of money.

    • They could do their own yardwork. There are no red carpet events during the day and they don’t really have day jobs, do they? Then they could write a do-it-yourself landscape book and tell how they do it better than the Giudices. Or better yet, they can tell how they invented grass and Tre/Joe only planted grass at their house after they saw their’s. HAHA 🙂

  • The most galling comment Melissa made was-if Teresa just admitted what she said we would take her back something like that.THEY would take her back-I am sure after all this Teresa does not give a rats ass in hell if she ever spends another holiday or moment with those two.They all try to make Teresa look like shes crazy when she says Melissa copies her but she does.In season 2 they show the Giudices out for their Anniversary and Teresa says I want him to wow me-he gives her a ring and roses on the bed and she is wrapped around him saying wow wow wow in a sqeaky voice. Melissa does the EXACT same thing to her Joe on Xmas morning last year. She does alot of that all the time its subtle but constant.ANd no one said too much about it but Melissa saying Teresa does not cook at all and everyone knows it.That is T’s livelyhood that she supports her family with you know all the nieces she loves so much. She could probably sue her for saying that-since it affects T’s brand.And Kathy with her Goddess sweets -at the cook-off her goddess chicken -her goddess party her goddess cannolis.Kathy you can do all of that because of your cousin-do not forget that.I hope Tre digs in her heels and stays as long as possible just to get them back.Hopefully Melissa gets slaughtered next season and Kathy has a walk on role at best!

    • The day after season 3 reunion aired Teresa was on a morning talk show in NY I think.Anyway she made this clam dish inside of like 5 min. and it just wow`ed me.Tell me she doesn`t cook.Sorry but even TV can not make something look effortless unless you are that good.

    • I am grateful to Bravo for showing us the Napa cook-off, so we know Tre can cook, because she won! And her mother was not there. And, Melissa must have been pretty secure that was not going to be shown to make such heinous statements about Tre not knowing how to cook when Melissa obviously knows better.

  • I think what most of you fail to realize is Tre herself does NOT bring huge ratings. What brings the ratings is the drama and people going against Tre. People enjoy watching her flail.

    • You are so silly.JPG.The ratings will go higher now just to see Teresa`s face as she watches Mel and Kathy fall.

      • I would PAY to see Mel and stinky Kathy fall. Not that either one will have the success that Teresa has. Melissa’s big music career is nonexistent and Kathy is rolling out do it yourself cannoli kits, who wants to buy anything from an ex stripper-gold digging ho or a smells-fishy-Kathy?
        Not me!

          • That’s fine, but when it comes down to it, has Mel had the same level of success as Teresa? I don’t think so. Tre has cookbooks, hair products, Fabellini,Celebrity Apprentice amongst other things.

            As for Kathy, I heard her cannoli kits are being sold on qvc? I give it a month after the hype and they will be in the clearance section of the qvc web page.
            Being Italian myself, I wouldn’t buy anyones cannoli kit, it’s really not that hard to make them from scratch or to buy them fresh from a great bakery.

        • When Richbie said tht on th show I can’t look at anything she makes without tht becoming a ref point. Call me sick but its like once u have th picture u can’t shake it. I’m old italian and I make my cannollis. Why did he throw her under the bus. His own son asks him to tone it down. Why can’t it just b the hws. Why all the men? I’m done wth the show as long as these fake ppl r thr.

        • Again, that’s your opinion and your entitled to it, but I’ve only seen Teresa succeed when other people have tried to keep her down. She doesn’t need to bully and knock others unlike Melissa and Kathy.

          • That’s the only reason she is relevant today. Is BECAUSE she bullied Danielle for seasons 1&2. She acted like an animal. Brought the drama.

    • But the drama and ratings are because of Teresa! Think about it: what will these people do or say? They have nothing to offer, NOTHING. People are addicted to drama the show brings, yes. But without Teresa they have no drama to start or play in front of the cameras for! They cannot get through ANY interview , article, or mag cover without Teresa.

      • You honestly think they can’t create drama without Tre? Are you serious? Everyone is replaceable. Do not fool yourselves.

        • Im sure they can but it will not be was climactic as what we have seen thus far with RHONJ. Everyone is replaceable but if you look at replacements they seem to be worse then originals. Its almost like the saying with movies” A sequel is never as good as the first”. I mean Messy and Katfish take the cake on fillers, lol! Im pretty sure none of us are fooling ourselves- but Bravo sure has been!

          • Michers, I like you. I do. You keep it respectful and are willing to discuss differing opinions. But honestly, the Tre fans boggle my mind. Most of you lose your minds over the “drama” and want it to end,claiming Tre had no part in it. Then turn around and say without Tre there would be no drama and the show would be boring….which is it?

          • She has no way to not be part of it though!And, it does appear that the way they have panned the show out, that there is nothing besides Teresa. Thats not the fans fault, lol! I would love for the drama to end, at least all of this family drama. Its just not healthy. JPG- look at last 2 seasons. The whole time Teresa thought she smoothed things over and everyone was ok, they were all very catty and immature behind her back. She had no idea of these things until she watched the episodes- I cannot even imagine how I would feel. Fans lose their minds about the drama, because its disturbing, lol! Even if I did not like Teresa, I think that is just horrible that grown women and family members did that to her. Teresa is not innocent, but she never did anything horrible to any of them- nothing that warranted their behaviors! I have seen her apologize time after time, try to move forward and they find any little thing to blow up about. It shows they are petty and want the spotlight to themselves. The way show has played out and how they have behaved, they have made it the Teresa show, IMO.

        • Oh and I forgot! Given how the last 2 season have been, Im unsure of any ratings catching drama without Teresa on the show, and constantly coming out of their mouths 🙂

        • Thanks for the response. I do think Tre and her brother’s situation is 50/50. Her and Mel we obviously differ on. I think Mel tried and Tre never let her in. Long before the show.

      • If you don’t like my comments don’t read them. You are obviously incapable of discussing differing opinions. Not my problem.

  • Melissa is the one who wants to sell her house to move away from Teresa, so she should take it up a notch and leave the show. Her husband was the one responsible for exposing the family dirty laundry so his wife can be “on display”; so he and his wife should leave and prove they are willing to reconcile with family.

    • Good point, and I wish she would. But a person so addicted to herself and the camera will not.. unless Bravo does a huge favor and does not renew her! Im thinking that even though she is a lying snake, she played her hand well in the crap talk to Teresa. Bravo is all excited thinking of the war next season due to her vile words, and is ready go for next round of drama.

  • Come on people. None of these folks are any more or less “innocent” than Tre. She has been caught in multiple lies herself. And she doesn’t sit silently enduring the slings and arrows of the rest of the cast. She screams, hits, turns tables, and says nasty stuff and talks behind their backs too.
    I can’t imagine why anyone would be jealous of Tre. I wouldn’t want to be ANY of them.
    St. Teresa she ain’t!

    • Many of Teresa’s lies have been to protect her undeserving brother. She’s always been committed to keeping her families business private. It’s more then I can say about them. Its all good though..Teresa’s gloves are off!!

  • I don’t understand this, how would Tre leaving help get her family back? that’s BS. The only thing that will get that family back if Joey start think with his head and see what he married to. I not saying he should leave but see her for who,what she is.

  • Hell no they have no right to say things about her leaving!!!! And they are so idiotic because the only reason they are on tv is because of T. Their own husbands obviously could not do shit without the show either, because they ALL needed Teresa to attempt to do anything in their lives! Teresa = RHONJ, like it or not! Without her, that show is CRAPOLA. And Melissa- I like how you broke it down its not your family, LOL. So you just eggmitted you don’t give a shit about any of them, not even your husband’s feelings! Now there was a nice slap in the face to Katfish- the cousin you drug down misery lane with ya to get fame Messy!!! Who lets these peole even give opinions, seriously? I said before the PR teams need to get to steppin’ with their clients!

    • Andy needs to put his money where his mouth is!! He told Jill Zarin she was fired due to public opinion / reunion behavior yet, the cast of NJ gets a pass. Each and every woman on the show has done or said something far worse than Jill.. Put up or shut up Andy.. It’s time to clean house!!

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how these women can say the most illogical things and get away with it?

    So Teresa should leave to save her family. The show wasn’t about her family until Melissa and Kathy came on. They made it about her family. Not Teresa.

    Whether you love or hate Teresa this bit of fact seems to allude the Tre haters. Hate her for blowing up at people, hate her for lying, hate her for being in denial about whatever, but one cannot hate her for putting her family business out there because she didn’t!

  • I think that at this point none of the RHONJ ladies have story lines that are interesting on their own. They all rely on the conflicts to be interesting, so I don’t think it is in any of their best interest’s to demand any leave the show.

    While I like Tre and I would want to watch a solo show, not sure if there’s enough interest in her life or activities. I hope the new season starts to focus a bit more on Tre and her businesses, like RHONY did with Bethany, so there will be more interest in a solo show for Tre.

    Mel and Kathy: focus on yourselves. The more you say about others, the more you look desperate and fame seeking.

    • I was thinking that! It would be great for T and a big laugh and ass kick for Messy and Katfish to see focus on Tre and what she does daily; kids, real life, business, how she juggles the Mommy time and supports the girls. I would love to see that on the show instead of the same friggin ridiculous petty nonsense they have shown for 2 years. Im sorry, but the illegitimates need to go for this show to salvaged. As far as interest rhfan, I think it would be there now more than ever due to the fact of her family turning on her for a quick buck.

      • The interest in Tre is high but still she is known for fighting with family on TV. As I said, I hope they focus on Tre and her life on season5, so she can be seen as a strong woman, good mom and business woman. That would create real interest in a spin-off.

          • None, but I’m talking about how she is widely known, now.

            To be honest, as much as I like her, prior to her “family” joining the show, her claim to fame was the table-flip. At least that’s how non-RHONJ viewers knew her. She is much more than what we see on TV. I hope they show more of her and less of the others.

          • Honestly rhfan, I liked Teresa before the table flip, lol! Maybe better to flip a table then flip a person? 😉 I think the flip heard around the world added to some of her popularity, but she was likable IMO before that. Then when business opportunities came her way she was able to show the side of her outside of RHONJ which added more appeal. ( These are just my thoughts!)

          • Michers, I liked her too, from episode one, sometimes not as much as others; but I think she was always likeable. I was just referring to her notoriety beyond RHONJ fans.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Are these two b!tches serious? The damage is already DONE. Joe said HIS SISTER is DEAD to him. Melissa said she AND HER CHILDREN are DONE with Teresa. No need for Teresa to lose her job-but maybe Joe and Melissa should consider leaving, as they won’t have a story line WITHOUT TERESA….or should I say, a FLATTERING storyline!
    Kathy is just along for the ride and if she’s smart, she’ll see that it would be less bumpy if she boarded the TERESA train.
    Apparently, jealousy makes you stupid as well as ugly.

    • What kills me , is the Family melissa said is not hers, is her husband’s! She nor Kathy would never have been on tv if not for Teresa. And isn’t Messy the one who made Katfish tag-a-long? “Oh look, we are T’s family, we can bring the drama”- it was ok to be her family to get her own shitfest of activities started though?!?! And that goes for violent Rosie as well. personally, I think T would be crazy to ever speak to any of them again. Users, liars, backstabbers who seek fame no matter how they can get it.

      • I don’t see how the Gorgas could ever reconcile. The hurt was so deep I don’t see any reason to make up. If this is what family is, no thanks.I wouldn’t treat an animal the way they treated Teresa. Juicy was most profound when he said not sticking up for his sister when others were bashing her made Joe go a piece of shit.

        • I loved how he denied letting that happen as we clearly saw on film a few times, if not every time the gang was together that it happened.

  • How dare she! T was there frist its her show. Mel & Katfish need to leave if they can’t play nice.
    I really wish T would just shut them down.
    I so hope season 5 go’s back to the silly fun. They need to bring fun people in, Get rid of Mel & Katfish bitter bitches. And Jac so she can get healthy and take care of her son.

  • They both did Teresa DIRTY for 2 seasons, I think they should both stay and Teresa should blast the both of them and air all their dirty laundry in season 5.

    • The only way I will watch is if the other 4 get theirs. I hope it comes from outside without Teresas fingerprints. She did warn them about the bad side of fame.It will be funny to watch them squirm and after that I think Teresa can walk away with her head held high.

  • Kathy & Melissa are both delusional, the only reason either one of them are of any interest is because of their link to Teresa. The Glamour magazine poll gave Teresa almost 60% ( last time I checked) of the “favorite housewife. The other 40% was scattered between 4 other people. Teresa is why people watch the show, Kathy and Melissa are both irritating, fake and deceitful with no sense of family ( talk is cheap fakers, you can say family is important till your blue in the face, actions speak otherwise) and no one takes their crap seriously.

    Nothing would make me happier then if Melissa and Kathy were off the show. They both turn my stomach and ruined the RHONJ for me. I think they represent all that is ugly in the world – deciet, vanity, putting yourself ahead of everyone else, and a desire for fame no matter what the cost. I can’t stand them.

    • Hey guys if we want them off we folow the cue from jill zarin. I kn9ow how te nielsens work and I can definitely mke it so we all tune them out and no ratings no show!

  • Okay, Melissa made that hot list, so now she is really out of control. Her head is huge,bottom line there is no show without Tre. These self absorbed women are ridiculous. We all know the real deal. So let them talk nonsense if it helps their egos. Yor all right what nerve!!!!

    • she made the hot list but she also made the list next to it of reality stars that shouldn’t be a recording artist but she is talking about that.. I have always thought of my husbands family as mine…wow just wrong no respect

    • I heard that hot list was a joke, especially because of the others who were on that list! IDK because I did not look, and I will not 🙂

  • Fire, Melissa and Kathy and bring back Danielle!!!Kathy is boring and her husband is a pig!!! Melissa is so jealous of Teresa’s success, she can’t take it..Melissa can’t sing and is ugly like her 2 hag sisters!!!!

  • Someone should really tell Teresa to not make up with her brother in front of the cameras because he will be using that as a story line. If he hasn’t spoken to her in over a year. Why now? All he does is use his sister so his wife could benefit. If she has to interact with them. Just be civil but keep her distance.

    • I 10000000000% agree with you. Just the way he said he was lost on the reunion I would tell him to get lost again. I hope Teresa doesn’t fall for their fake reconciliation routine.

  • They are so pathetic. Kathy should stick one of her nasty cannoli’s in her mouth and keep it there. Melissa would be nothing without Teresa and she knows it, and it pisses her off.

  • To me this proves Melissa is the probably. She thinks she shouldn’t leave because technically this isn’t her family??? It just shows how she views her in laws. What a despicable person. Please tell me they will at least get rid of Kathy, she disgusts me. Oh, and Melissa- shouldn’t Kathy leave the show as well based on your logic? And what about your filthy little husband? just sayin…

    • I wonder if it’s because her “husband’s family” doesn’t spoil her like her mother and sisters do. She’s an accessory to her husband when visiting his family, rather than the star like she is in her own family dynamic (how many family members does she have on twitter alone who proclaim their relationship to specifically her in the profile?) and her personality clashes with these older, stricter Italian parents.

      • very good points, her sisters seem to worship her. it’s all very unhealthy. I wish bravo would get rid of her but they love her self serving drama. kathy on the other hand brings nothing to the show. my pets are more entertaining than she is…

  • PS: So, Brother Joe is going to fake a reconciliation for the cameras — while he had no time or inclination during real life? F you, gavone.

    If I were Teresa, during taping when he suddenly tries to be nice-nice, I would be cold and keep saying that “It’s all for the cameras, joe. where were you for a full year? Go scratch.”

  • Those crazy bitches must be smokin’ crack or delusional from inhaling Katfish’s stinky crotch fumes. WTF? They are nobody!!! Fire them & bring on new friends & relatives. Jeez! Nasty old Cunts need to crawl back under their rocks. “TERESA FOR PRESIDENT!!!!”

  • Ok basically the truth is if Tre leaves what will be this ladies storyline? Have they ever thought about that? Tre makes them look relevant without her the ratings will sure drop and knowing Andy Cowen he is not gonna let that happen. All through the season it was abt Tre even when she wasn’t filming with them non of the ladies have a storyline so that said meho and katwitch should think before they talk because talking smart abt a reality star who is a main money maker to the show might get them fired. Same thing that happened to Sheree might be coming their way so they better watch out.

  • For some reason, this headline angered me deeply. How DARE they? Teresa was on this show since day one — they are the freakin’ interlopers.

    If Kathy and Melissa want fame so bad, why don’t they try to get their own damn TV show. (Good luck with that.)

    • I agree- initially, I didn’t exactly believe Teresa’s repeated complaints that her “family” arrived on the show in order to “hurt her” or “take her down,” but this overtly stinks of a coup.

      I looked “coup d’état” up in order to see if I was spelling it remotely correctly, and on it’s Wikipedia page, this was interesting:

      “A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers establish their dominance. When the coup neither fails completely nor succeeds, a civil war is a likely consequence.”

      🙂 I wonder why Kathy and Melissa feel the need to make this so black and white. Either “we” tear Teresa from her pedestal or… will there be a civil war? Considering their long, drawn-out attempt at a coup has been wildly unsuccessful to date and we have actually seen the fragmented aspects of their relationships devolve further on camera and off… I suppose “civil war” was what we received as viewers.

      Jac bragged in a blog about being the daughter of a successful military man and recognizing military tactics like “recruiting…” I wonder if she was able to see the bigger picture: something far more devious, organized and painful unfolding in front of her.

  • Read on fame whorgas that if Melissa stays a lot of her dirty laundry list of lies will be exposed! Kathy u are a nobody and Melissa all of ur enemies are standing in line to show u for who I really are. Like it or not, Theresa gets bravo HUGE ratings. Bravo needs to boot Mego, Katty Kathy and WACKY Jacque, add 3 other people. Read the above website that someone posted awhile ago. These people are putting their names out there and standing behind their claims about Mego, interesting reading people.

  • Why should she quite. So those other bitches can fatten their pockets all while standing on her shoulders to get on the show. Kathy, Melissa who? There are only on the show because of Tre. If it were not for Tre, Bravo would never cast these ladies. Especially, especally, especially Kathy. Without Tre should never, ever in a million years be on a show like the housewives.

  • Excussssseee me!!!! Where do katfish and hooka get off saying that Teresa should go. Hello, without Teresa those 2 stink! Even to sell a mag cover, they need Teresa. If anything, those 2 knuckleheads should get the hell out of Teresa’s show! Cause whether you like it or not, katfish, this is the Teresa show.

    Besides, ritche or rich or however the hell you spell his name, gives me the heeby geebys

  • The SHOW NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED. For any of these ladies to think they can act the way they did for the past two seasons on this show (Melissa, Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy) and the fans would put up with it are delusional. It needs to be cancelled and BRAVO BULLY needs to go away.

        • My guess would be to remain objective because it is not a one person show! How can you be in a charge of an entire cast and not be objective? It effects the show , the ratings, the fans and his bank account.

          • He’s not in charge of the cast.Those idiots do all of the idiotic things they do all by themselves. They signed up to display their stupidity on national tv. When one (Tre) acts more idiotic then the rest, it’s going to be apparent. I find it hilarious that everyone seems to forget or ignore that these women VOLUNTEERED for this. And if it wasn’t for Bravo, Tre would not be able to support her family or pay her $11 million debt. So really, she should be praising Jesus for the opportunity.

          • I thought its been mentioned by even Mandy himself that he was their boss? And maybe the first season ever was all of their own volunteering, but after that, I think they started to get “suggestions” on what would happen in each episode! If not, why all the editing? Fine, you do not like T I guess, but um, the other on that show are not idiots? They are a joke and a bad one. It is far from admirable the levels they sunk to for tv show fame, $, and what has become of real life relationships. Im sure Teresa does give thanks to God for allowing her to be on the show since season 1 as an original cast member, which enabled her to pay off her mistakes and move forward! I find it very sad that Messy and Katfish actually volunteered to do what they have done! I find it pathetic what Jac has turned into , and I will leave it at that! And Caroline- she “volunteered” to come on as a matriarch type who turned out to be one of the biggest hypocritical liars I have ever seen.

          • Oh! I just re read that! Yes you did. My apologies. But I have to disagree with you on T excelling at it :). The only thing she did that could be considered idiotic is caring for those idiots while they bashed her consistently and brought shame to a new level.

  • It’s her husband family so he should leave. Why can’t he leave. Calling your sister bitches is not helping so he should leave. Not tre she didn’t come on after them starting shit. We didn’t even know who these loser was before season3. I hope next season Tre and Melissa avoid each other (like nene and Kim on RHOA). The storyline is old and boring lets move on with new RHONJ drama.

    • Plus you heard what Melissa said she’s done with tre for good. &Tre will make her remember that next season as all her secret are expose. They are such money hungry idiots they could have been a power family from season3 if they didn’t try to “take Tre down” lmao 🙂

      • Teresa recently said in an article you should be careful what you say in ref: to Melissa’s I’m done with T comment. So I have a feeling that both Melissa & Katfish know that by Teresa coming back for S5 with some friends their on camera time will be limited. Caroline’s sudden desire to be civil could be that she realized that she picked the wrong team, has figured out that Mel & Katfish are evil for what they did to Teresa, or desperate move to restore public image.

        • Spot on. Chuckie knows she back the wrong one in her desire to dump Teresa from the show. Melho and Katfish want the spot on them only and the Lauriita/Manzos would be next on their list.

    • All I can remember is how Teresa was trying to get all her daughters ready for Joe’s baby christening. How she had to beg Juicy to please come at least to the reception. I see now why he had no interest. Then he shows up to Melissa’s criticism. Also Teresa finally makes it with the girls. When my girls was little I went to church every Sunday. Do you know how hard it is to get kids dressed up and ready for church? Then to be criticized for coming a bit late. Really, will God throw lightning bolts at a mom trying to get there on time with her little kids? Then finally they’re all there. Baby in baby carriage. Teresa and Juicy dancing with Joe’s baby and her brother calling her GARBAGE. Come on really! That’s when I became a fan of Teresa and I’m sorry she can’t do no wrong for me.

      • Likewise. Joe Gorga flipping out on her like that and Melissa badmouthing them all season and then rabbiting on about family killed it for me too and really made me more sympathetic to Teresa and Joe. But for Teresa and Joe, Mel and Gorga would have no “fame”.

        I don’t mind Kathy but would really prefer that she focus on her own success with the desserts. I would like to see her storyline unfold as a positive one but Andy won’t let it happen.

  • Please!! Kathy should be the one leaving!! Too boring & waste of space. It amazes me how she has the pantalones to ask Teresa to leave the show! LORD HAVE MERCY!

  • Guess Mehoe does not realize that even if Teresa did not come back-her past is still going to be exposed. You can’t deny court records,photos,employment records,first person witness accounts(ok-now some of them could be questioned-but not all). One good private detective could stack a mountain of the bs at her doorstep in a week-documents and all–now, how does she say Teresa is responsible for this? How can she pin her documented past on Teresa-stuff she did even before she knew Tarzan? Sorry Meho-truth train just left the station and nothing you have ever said could find a seat on it.

    • Great post!! Isn’t that funny how she thinks, or does not think ? I think since last year with all of the skeletons creeping out to public, there will be no choice but to air that wench’s dirty laundry!! And you are right;whether T is on show or not, her crap is coming out!

    • I agree. If Melissa thinks that by T being gone she will be the “star” of the show, then she forgot one thing. There is No way Caroline would let her take the spotlight off her brats! Don Caro would turn on her so fast!

    • I thought it strange that Caroline didn`t have Mel and company investigated.She did everyone else.It makes me wonder if Caroline was setting things up so the entire Giudice,Gorga and Wak;ie`s came out looking like crap.Be another reason for Caro and Lauren to sit and talk about people with no class.

  • Several months ago Teresa made a comment about a reconciliation with her family. I stated at that time that this felt like aS5 storyline. (this was back when I was questioning the authenticity of the show) I can only speak for myself when I say, there’s nothing Melissa can do or say to make me trust her motivations. I’m not about family fighting but, there’s so much water under the bridge. If Teresa and Joe reconcile it needs to be off camera. Unless or until, I won’t buy it as sincere. I think a lot of Teresa fans will be angry as well. Melissa needs to go, along with cousin Kathy. Both have over played their hands. The word Chutzpah comes to mind when I think of those two.

    • You mean when she said she thought next season will be all about make ups or something to the effect? I thought that rather odd as well.

      • Yes!! It felt like foreshadowing to me. That one comment really stuck with me when I read it. It seemed at the time they were setting up a storyline for next season.
        I’m sorry but, I can’t !! That would be the final straw for me. I’m all about family peace however, I don’t think the viewers would be able to cuddle up with a Teresa / Melissa reconcilliation. Talk about contrived!! For me, it’ll take some serious groveling and acknowledgement on Melissa’s part. Actually, there’s nothing I foresee that could possibly ever make me a fan of Melissa. As far as Teresa and Joey go, keep it private..the damage is done and needs to be fixed without the cameras. I can’t stand the posers. They’ve worn out their welcome with me!!

        • I read on another site.. Not sure if its appropriate to mention another site..but it starts with FAME..lol But the story line will be all about Melissa’s fall from grace.
          That she is going to be called out on all her lies..where she really met the meatball..her shady past etc..And I can’t wait (if its true). It would make me so happy to have some vindication for our Teresa. I’m just wondering who will stand beside her. Will Caro and Jacko stand by her. From what I read her past reminds me of Danielle’s and isnt that the reason they all hated her. I am really wondering who is using who with their alliance and Tre bashing. Is it Caro and Jacko using Melissa or is she using them. I’m leaning towards her using them as a tag team. She seems to use everybody to get what she wants. How will they feel when she does? Was it all worth it.. Will Jacko just finally snap or what?

          Does anybody know who HousewiveClown (twitter) is? Could it be Samantha or Jpg all they do is Kiss Andys Butt and talk Trash on Tre.

    • ITA that Joey & Teresa would need to reconcile off camera for it to be real. Poor Teresa, what can she do if Joey won’t talk unless a camera crew is there? That is horrible blackmail.

    • Teresa has had a year to think over the behavior of slowjoe and crew. She has seen that Slowjoe only wants to talk when there are cameras. Slowjoe and Melissa want to work on things when thre is someone there to see them. Teresa is most likely right that next season is about rebuilding relationships, even if it is for the cameras.

  • first of all Theresa is a veteran with the show, how dare these 2 camera whores try to get Tre out, we all know they are irrelevant and EVERYONE’S storyline revolves around Theresa. Kathy needs to go check on her fish canolli smelling behind and Melissa needs to sit somewhere, because if it wasn’t for Theresa she would have never been able to torture us with her lame ass, pop wanna be J.lo music!

  • Don’t these women know NOT to bite the hand that feeds them? They’re idiots! I hope Teresa leaves the show so that they’ll feel the sting of a good back-hand when RHONJ is cancelled and ppl become disinterested in them. “[They] ain’t nothin w/o David Ruffin!” Lmao

  • Damn Kathy and Melissa have ALOT OF NERVE!!

    Who the hell are they to say who should leave/ stay?

    I’ll see what happens when Bravo announces who is staying and who is leaving( If anyone) There are alot of ” rumors” out there from insiders/ sources.

          • LMAO..Love it @ hoolie.

            I don’t know there are so many freakin
            ” experts” out there with their insiders / sources..LMAO! When the shit comes from Bravo, then I’ll beleive whos coming back, whos fired.

            One that really kilss me is stoopid housewives..This one I swear thinks she knows everything!! Caroline and Jacqueline fired, and Melissa has to come back!! I mean how the hell does SHE KNOW?

            Caroline I have read bought out of her contract, I don’t know if it’s true, and further more why the hell would she do that?

            Now Jacqueline I do somewhat believe, she did quit on twitter at least 3 times that I remember, and she did blow off the season 3 reunion. Plus she gave up deets on season 4, besides tweeting like a NUT. Now for me, Bravo should do something about THAT!!!

    • You mean, which is why *BRAVO* won’t allow her to leave. Contractual obligations. I wish she would leave and give them her ass to kiss. They beat up on her every season. It’s tiring and not entertaining. Loss of Goodwill is a motherf***** when will Miss Andy realize that? I understand its all about the money for them but its more than that its Greed. This is overkill.

  • scared much Meho???????????????
    season 5 is coming and there will be T’s friends who know a lot about the bitch in it!!!

    someone is scared sh!tlesssssss

    LOVE IT!!!
    You are a coward!! You want T on the show as long as there are 4 AGAINST 1!!

    Can’t wait for a new season!!!Bring it baby!

    • I was thinking the same, I guess having Theresa for next season will bring out a few more secrets out. But imagine the show without Theresa :…………..(CRICKETS)………. yeah!

    • Exactly Sofia! They are getting scared because they have played all their cards and T is still the champion at the table!
      I hope Melissa gets hers next season and I would say the same for Katfish but I don’t even want her or her digusting husband or her psycho sister on my tv!

      • Oh and BTW…
        Caroline all of a sudden wants to be ‘civil’ with T?? wants to talk to her about ‘how is your family?’ ‘how is everything?’ BS!!
        She was nothing but a bitch to T for two seasons …said horrible things about T and her marriage…called her names…made fun of her…said things like …’I am done with her’, ‘she is dead to me’ and more..

        Now….she is doing a 180…why?
        Because T will no longer be by herself on the show….she’ll have friends..
        AND we ALL remember from school that bullies ONLY pick on the ones who are always by themselves….Caroline thinks she is smart???Not smarter than the viewers Caroline…we see thru you!

        1 against 4 is what ALL of them wanted!!

      • You’re right, they’ve all played their whole deck, meanwhile Teresa has a her poker face on, and Joe Giudice being Rainman in her ear and telling her every move to make. Did you hear the comment Melissa made about Joe Giudice causing Teresa all the trouble? That didn’t even know Teresa pre-Giudice so WTF? These bitches got on the reunion and sold their souls to secure they’re spots in hell and they’re too stupid to see what they’ve signed up for. Meanwhile Caroline is wishing Teresa the best, hopeful that they can one day be ‘cordial’, Teresa is not the major problem between me and my sister. Did you hear Caroline saying to Kathy at the reunion, you’re wrong for this. And how she ever so cleverly threw Melissa, joewwww and Kathy under the bus with ‘I have too much respect for my parents and sister to let our disagreements play out on tv.’ Melissa and Kathy, you’re two are badically fucked.

        • ITA Andrea. That’s how Andy pimps those tricks out, by dangling the “whom shall I sign after this reunion carrot”. So they truly sell their souls as you say. I believe Ms Mewhore thought the setup of Tre atthe PFS would be the tipping point for her to slay Tre and take her place.And to solidify our pov, she has been on a take Tre down media tour any where she’s allowed a forum. But bishes are scared and scrambling.

    • Not at all Shell.Fame came charging after Teresa.She just saddled it up and rode it all the way to the bank.

  • Dump Carowhine and Jachoe-they really have zero story line except Teresa bashing-and that means the Manzo spawn will be gone also. Kathy who??? Keep Meho-just so we can see her get called out on her bs-and her nasty past brought to light.Sign up a couple of Teresa’s REAL friends-and Penny-she has the legit dirt on Meho and would ramp up the ratings by spilling the beans. Now THAT is a season I would watch!

    • You mean, which is why *BRAVO* won’t allow her to leave. Contractual obligations. I wish she would leave and give them her ass to kiss. They beat up on her every season. It’s tiring and not entertaining. Loss of Goodwill is a motherf***** when will Miss Andy realize that? I understand its all about the money for them but its more than that its Greed. This is overkill.

    • I wish they would bring in Teresa`s friend Elvira.She really has the bucks and the class to go with it.Be great watching someone put Caroline in her place.The only problem with Penny or Kim D is once Mel is exposed they pretty much don`t have alot to offer.Nothing against either lady but I want to stay out of the hair salons and fashion shows as much as possible.

  • I almost feel bad for these losers because they are so clueless and stupid it’s quite sad. Mel will NEVER have a #1 anything and whatever Kathy’s trying to sell will disappear quicker than you can say Thank you Jesus. These ladies RUINED what used to be a fun show about friends and some fun drama. Without Teresa I would be forced to hear about tarzans, poisons, and erections, Excuse me while I go vomit. NO THANK YOU!

    • Nat you’re so wrong. Melissa is gonna have something #1 when her sex tape with her Rosie, and Joe Gorga’s best friend is released. Of course it won’t have as many hits as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, but hey everybody knows that bitch will take whatever attention she can get. #DELUSIONALFAMEWHORGA.

  • First off: who the hell is this Kathy person?!?!?

    These bitches have some gall sneaking their way onto the show then demanding that T is removed. If this doesn’t prove these bitches are jealous then I don’t know what else will.

    • What grade of crack are these bitches smoking? They are insane to even suggest she leave the show due to the family drama they caused. If I were Teresa I would tell them to kiss my Ti**es & GTFOH. I hope Bravo kicks their sorry asses to the curb & take their creepy, perverted husbands with them.

    • You know her, the one who’s husband says she taste like fish. The one does hair but wants to bake, the one who says she’s all about respect but talks bad behind Teresa’s back. The one who called her aunt a lier and her uncle a coward. You know the one always rolling her eyes and making faces. The really old looking one.

  • Are they for real they are saying Tre should leave they both should thank their lucky stars that Tre is family and they got on the show because of Tre…if it wasn’t for Tre they would be a NOBODY…..it makes me so mad that they are now demanding Tre to leave the show give me a break it was Tre’s job 1st not their’s just saying!!

    • Oh, hello! another Heather. I’ve been commenting here for a little bit, so I’m going to change my posted name in order we don’t get confused. 🙂

  • Why don’t they leave, she was there first and I think they suck and are boring. If I were Teresa I would never under any circumstances speak to the itty bitty troll. He is a sorry excuse for a human let alone her brother. They should have stayed off the show and let well enough alone. If it weren’t for Teresa they wouldn’t have been on the show.


  • Kathy should leave first off! Boring…. Zzzzz! I also think you should keep the men off the show! Real housewives not real married people! T should do what she wants to do! Melissaho should leave, she has no story except for being T sister n law! Her music is copy cat pop!

    • Hey if Bravo is hiring just anyone, zero story line and all, can I get a shot at it? Please…need money to pay for basic necessities. You can see a rag to riches story with me. LOL haha

  • Who are they to say who should stay or go? I’m sure Andy Cohen decides that and while they are trying to influence public opinion, it’s not working in their favor. This really proves their purpose of coming on the show was to take Teresa down.


    I hope Kathy is removed from the cast. She and her husband are bloody eejits!!!

    • She was on my last nerve anyway, but the comments at reunion sealed the deal.. the whole alarm clock comment traumatized me for days. I still can’t sleep! Just when you think it could not get worse with them, they get more desperate and gross! Do you know any fish that need alarm clocks??? EWWW.

    • How come they dont show Riches family? I better my bottom dollar they are too embarrased to be assocated with the foul mouth he has. That fish comment hit the bottom of all bottoms. Totally appalling!

    • Theyre sure to learn pretty quickly that no one cares about them or their demands when Andy fires Kathy and not keep Melissa around at the same pay grade and destroys her with his “new girl.”

  • Good one!! I wish Teresa would leave and the rest of them would realize that NO ONE CARES about stripper Melissa and what’s her name!!!! Give Tre her own show without the other losers!!! (Ooh a Teresa and Dina show……)

  • That’s a lot of nerve. Why should Teresa leave? She was there first. I’m still refusing to believe Kathy has been asked to return until I see official confirmation. She has zero storyline.

  • Melissa and Kathy need to have a seat…
    How about Melissa and Kathy leave the show. It was great until those two came on and ruined it. Just my opinion…

    • not to mention that both the husband’s of M and K are super creepy. I liked it better when the husbands didn’t do the talking heads.

      • I have to say too that we don’t see a talking head of Joe guidice please correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t remember a single one. Unlike the famewhores and their fanewhore husbands.

    • Agreed! How are the non OGs of rhonj gonna tell someone else to leave when THEY came on tv and brought their family feud to light? Bishez be crazy.

  • WTF are these two idiot bitches smoking? Nobody even knows Kathy is in the show and Melissa isn’t even relevant. These bitches should be a lot more thankful and quiet.

    • Btw not only do I feel that Tre should stay, but she has Bravo by the balls and they damn sure knows she should stay. Andy Cohem would get rid of his arm before he gets rid if his money maker. Notice that Caroline nor Jacqueline want to see Tre go? Nope because as the three ORGINALS Teresa’s presence will bump their salaries up at least another $75000. Melissa and Kathy are nowhere near that payscale, do they’re pretty clueless as to what kind of power their family could bring for them. Melissa and Kathy are pretty dumb for this.

      • Melissa is on another planet and her head has gotten as big as Kathy’s ass. I can’t stand Melissa but I really hope she and Teresa both come back and they turn the tables on Melissa and expose all her shit. I truly think if that happens and Melissa shows some humility, Teresa will feel bad for her. I truly think that is the ONLY way they will reconcile.

        • I wish they would fire Melissa and Katfish. I don’t want to see their family problems anymore. If they reconcile it will only be for the cameras because the only way they will like Teresa again is if she’s unsuccessful like they are.

        • I hope they never reconcile. Joe Go is bad for Tre. He is a selfish stupid midget and has hurt his sister and his parents many times. Enough is enough, Tre needs to find another brother.

          • I hate that stupid midget. He treats teresa bad just to get camera time. I hate that little piece of shit.

          • Not lilely to happen. She only came with one. I wish he’d have his wife followed and catch her misbehavior on film. That would wake him up to the truth! Until that happens she will have him wrapped around his little finger. As a friend who hasyet to be faithful to any woman( including any of his three wives) I thought it was love because she let me have her doggy styl

          • Regardless HE is her ONLY brother and its killing the parents to see all this hatred between them. No parent wants to see this happen with their children. For the sake of the parents and all their children, I hope they find a way to co-exist on or off camera because it hurts my soul to see siblings acting so childish and hateful to one another. Finding another brother is impossible at this point in the game and the spouses should let the brother and sister work out their issues in private with our their input. Melissa has a good relationship with her sisters and Joe Gudice has a good relationship with his brothers and sisters, I would think they would want the same thing for Teresa and Joe. Sure it amkes good TV but these are real people in the real world and its horrible to sit each week and watch the pain in both their eyes. Nobody is innocent in this. Its going to take a lot of work and give and take to make this work. Their parents didnt bring these young childrent to America for a better life only to find themselves on a freak show destroying one another. They need to both look at the big picture. Both are quilty in this and both need to try to fix it before its too late!

      • Caroline and Jacquline have stopped refusing to film with Teresa. They realise, or rather Caroline, know that with out Teresa the ratings may bomb. Meho and Katfish don’t. Realise that fact.

      • I couldn’t agree more with both of your posts.
        I say get rid of Kathy now and take the skanky ho Melissa with you. How dare Meho put it out there she wants her off. Fuck her & Kathy! They both don’t belong on “The Teresa Shoe”

      • Teresa should get the most money. She makes the show! She is the STAR! Bravo should give her $1 million because the ratings are high, and it’s all because of Teresa. If not $1 million, at least half a million. Bravo is so stingy when it comes to Teresa. They pay Kim Zolciak $750,000 for the show, plus $250,000 for the reunion. She isn’t the star of Atlanta… Nene is! Teresa should walk away if they don’t give her a lot more than what she’s making…

    • WTF , me to on this one andrea. OH MY FREAKN GAWD…. These two women have delusions of grandeur if they think that teresa is going to leave. Sorry roxy I love ya but disagree with you on this one. I wouldn’t give these two self rightous bitches the satisfaction of leaving the show whether or not it revolved around me. Before I was hoping she would leave because I couldn’t stand the other ladies ganging up on her. Now I hope she DIGS HER HEELS IN DEEP and stays if not for her own reasons but to stick to all of them nasty horrible bitches. Melissa just keeps pissing me off with her statements. And kathy , who the fuck is this woman to say teresa should leave. I would get pissed off if she had said that about caroline. I can’t stand caroline however if carolines sister in law and cousin came on wrecking havic on her family and everyone ganged up on her the statement of her leaving would piss me off because who are these two skanks to say who should go and who should leave?That is bravo’s call these two wenches have been messing with Teresa and Joe’s livleyhood by suggesting such a thing and by making the statements of not filming with her. I think that is some fucked up shit, pardon my language here. This is just a show but man it gets my blood boiling to see the lengths that these women are going to in order to hurt their own family. I’m already pissed off with bravo at how they have choreographed these past two seasons with the attacks on Teresa, her husband, and her girls. Bravo I hope you read these posts. Please start exposing the other housewives. Get off of Teresa’s back and allow some of these other housewives to hang themselves with all the attacks they made on Teresa. Also I noticed the more crazier the statements the more reved up we are getting. So I know melissa and kathy know what they are saying is so beyond stupid but it’s creating drama even if it’s at the cost of having a family together. Shame, shame, shame on both of you. I hope you get yours this next season.

    • Melissa and Kathy are smoking whacky weed. LOL! This was so funny. Melissa aka stripper needs to get off the show with Teresa’s bug eyed cousin Kathy.

    • Again:

      Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration (Melissa). Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings (wasn’t Melissa’s face stone cold during the reunion when everyone was crying over Nicholas and Joey/Teresa arguing). But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism (jay mohr twitter feud, anyone?).

      Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting their ability to function in relationships and in other areas of their life, such as work or school.

      Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

      Believing that you’re better than others (Melissa)

      Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness (Melissa)

      Exaggerating your achievements or talents (Melissa’s “singing” *chuckle*)

      Expecting constant praise and admiration (Melissa’s tweeting/RT of people praising her)

      Believing that you’re special and acting accordingly (Melissa)

      Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings (again melissa at reunion & failing to she’d a tear when Teresa cries for brother when we ALL did. Remember S3 book signing? Joey: What does that say? Read it, Teresa!)

      Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans (Melissa-Hello? Teresa take down. Teresa only wanted her friends to have her back, no plan to do anything to Mel/Kathy)

      Taking advantage of others (Does Mel have any friends w/ppl other than sisters, ppl who give her free clothes?)

      Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior (didn’t Mel shoot daggers at some girl in hot tob scene with Rosie? Sorry didn’t watch S4)

      Being jealous of others (again Mel jealous of Teresa and hot tub girl. Teresa says Mel copies. Teresa not jealous of Mel because Teresa did everything first family, pics, dressing up kids, show etc. Mel follows behind. What has T followed Mel with, jealous of Mel with when Mel was a plain Jane before show? That’s what I thought)

      Believing that others are jealous of you (The cast says Teresa is jealous of Mel. Mel never said that, but we all knows she thinks it)

      Trouble keeping healthy relationships (Mel has no friends, ditched everyone she knew when joining show, ppl popping up exposing her past. Teresa only had probs with cast when fam joined. Teresa didn’t get along with sister inlaws but is ok with Sheila now)

      Setting unrealistic goals (mel- again, singing career? Lmbo)

      Being easily hurt and rejected (Mel can’t handle criticism. Teresa fights off haters day/night with a smile on her face and never responds. Mel responds AND sends sisters/Joey/makeup artist/santino/fake lawyer/eggs/Elmo/edwardcullen/doraexporer after people)

      Having a fragile self-esteem (Mel is very insecure. Copies Teresa, JLo, Kardashians, single white female. Basically, has no identity trying to keep up with popular demand. Changes tune to be liked.)

      Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional (Mel never sheds a tear, shows no empathy. Teresa acts hard too except when it comes to brother)

      Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it’s not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal (Melissa. I never seen Teresa put herself on pedestal. Remember S1 when she was in background compared to rest of cast? She just focused on her girls and building her house). In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don’t value themselves more than they value others (Teresa has very strong relationship with parents/inlaws/kids. Mel made a Christmas card where she appeared in FRONT of children and husband. No words.).

      When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations (Mel does all of the talking in S3 reunion and WWHL answering for others. Teresa interrupted S4 reunion). You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may have a sense of entitlement (Melissa). And when you don’t receive the special treatment to which you feel entitled, you may become very impatient or angry (Melissa with joeys family and envious of Teresa being on show and becoming famous). You may insist on having “the best” of everything — the best car, athletic club, medical care or social circles, for instance.

      But underneath all this behavior often lies a fragile self-esteem. You have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism (Melissa). You may have a sense of secret shame and humiliation (remember the crawl under a rock statement by Mel?). And in order to make yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to belittle the other person to make yourself appear better (Mel does this with Teresa. Teresa did this with sprinkle cookies throwing them away and telling her).

      When to see a doctor
      When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may not want to think that anything could be wrong — doing so wouldn’t fit with your self-image of power and perfection (Melissa never seems to think anything is wrong, never takes responsibility. I think Teresa knows where problems exist but keeps private life private). But by definition, a narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of your life, such as relationships, work, school or your financial affairs (Melissa stalks millionaires, jealous of women, copies, shoplifts, strips/performs oral transactions, swims in lady pond, spends money to appear wealthy, pathological liar, got sent away to Florida, broke, drug use). You may be generally unhappy and confused by a mix of seemingly contradictory emotions. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling.

      If you notice any of these problems in your life, consider reaching out to a trusted doctor or mental health provider. Getting the right treatment can help make your life more rewarding and enjoyable.

      In a nutshell, Melissa fits the bill of having npd. Teresa does not. Why? Because Teresa likes to stand out with things, such as clothing/accessories, dressing girls up, home being emasculate etc. she is not a famewhore seeking attention. If that we’re true she would be at every red carpet event, smoozing with celebs to get attention and work her way up social ladder. In 4 seasons we never seen that behavior from Teresa. On the other hand, Mel, in her first season, wrote songs about being on display/apps following her, haters, going to celeb events like dancing with the stars, Ryan Seacrest, gala thing posing with Meryl steep, pics with other celebs, leaving kids during holidays to go to said events etc. she has done more appearances in her 1st year than Teresa has in 4 seasons. There is a difference, people, between being a famewhore/narcissist, like Melissa, and just liking to stand out, like Teresa.

      • Riiiiiiiihgt. Everything you just said can describe Tre or any other of the housewives. Lol. Might want to leave diagnostics to legitimate doctors. You know, people who went to school for 8 years and practice it on a daily basis.

        • Yeaaaah, like I’m going to listen to someone like you with your reasoning. Trust me, I’ve seen your posts. Less than stellar. And about my education, if only you knew. Don’t ASSume you know things you don’t know. 😉

        • JGP stands for Just Gooey Pixels a worthless type of low quality photos, like your Mehoe. I know its got nothing to do with a raw and ball street gang. POS.

        • I am a doctor and wht she says is accurate. U shouldn’t judge ppl bc u never know who ur interacting with.

      • Wow, Obvious, you’re really into this! It’s a reality show, bring it down a notch! I say get rid of all of them and start from scratch. This time, focus on people who are REALLY rich and not posers, and leave out the husbands!

      • While I appreciate your enthusiasm, aren’t you being a bit narcissistic by repeating this lengthy post? Just saying, Hello Kettle.

          • Possibly you should read the definition again. Repeating this lengthy post, especially when narcissism is not the topic, is an attempt to monopolize the conversation. Maybe the original post did not generate the attention this person wanted and they’re looking for more.

    • I agree. I can’t believe this is how they treat a family member. Kathy should go she is two faced and boring and Melissa I hope she gets hers this season. She wants Teresa gone so she can be the star of the show. Teresa should walk away from both of them!