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PHOTOS: Joanna Krupa Shows Off Her Boobs In Public!

RHOM star Joanna Krupa was enjoying a night out with her fiance but revealing just way to much! Joanna was dining at a Steakhouse in Beverly Hills wearing a sheer top with no bra revealing her breasts for paparazzi to take photos of and for the world to see!

Personally if I was at a restaurant with my family and saw a girl wearing something so inappropriate, I would feel like she was being disgusting, begging for attention, and it’s just plain old disrespectful! Keep in the bedroom!

Joanna looks great and her figure is unreal but it just seems very desperate..Do you think Joanna’s outfit is inappropriate?

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  • John

    This is AWESOME!

    Nice rack. I can tell that you women are all just jealous.

  • kydnaas

    The top might not have been THAT see through in person. It could just be the flash of the cameras!

    • Feisty



    she could have easily wore a really cute danity bra. some victoria secrect, huh…

  • Josh

    She is bangin’!

    • michers

      LMAO Josh!! No doubt she is pretty so she really does not have to wear her taters out 🙂

  • T

    Isn’t this the second time she had a nip slip??? I think I read about it on here? She was in a bikini on the beach & her boobs were out. I think? I’m pretty sure it was her.

    She just seems very desperate for attention…on & off the show. She’s a drama queen & a shit starter.

  • jodi

    OMG why would anyone walk out of their house dressed like that? ATTENTION!! I can’t believe people can be so desperate! A lot of these housewives really love themselves a little too much! Doesn’t anybody have any class anymore? Why is she a housewife anyway?

  • Someone Who is Watching

    And yet again, another reason I am glad I gave up the RHOM.

  • rukidding?

    she is gorgeous, hot body, even nice boobs but she knows damn well what she is doing with that sheer top. every celebrity, especially someone that works in the fashion industry knows very well that a sheer top and flash photography do not mix well. it’s just like how the young celebrities don’t wear underwear and “accidently” let the cameras take a pic of whats under their short skirts. it’s all for attention and a way to get in the news.

  • Butterfly_Love

    She would do anything for fame!

  • Jersey Chicklet

    Radar has a story about Joe Francis up on their site. U know the guy that does the “Girl Gone Wild” videos.

    Anyway, he says in a clip that’s going to air on RHOM next week that he’s been with both Joanna and her sister…ick factor for sure.

  • Hailiesmama

    I was trying to like her, she is gorgeous, but so immature, attention seeking, & insecure. Not sure I like her. & I read some where that she thinks Teresa should leave the show b/c she ruined her family. tsk tsk… no more Krupa for me

    • Kimoke

      I agree Halliesmama. I liked her, at first, but when she was on the beach with Roman and he was telling her he had enough of her drunken behavior, I couldn’t get past her pointing out how she has men lining up for her. It just struck me as such a childish thing to say.

    • Obvious

      Very immature. People who run their mouths without thinking first tend to be that way. Look at her on the show. Drama on wheels.

  • Annie

    Desperate to stay relevant I see? She’s trash.

  • Koopla

    I hope there weren’t any families with kids out eating.

  • Alice

    It says look at me please…….

    • michers

      Or ” I slept with Joe Francis!”..

  • holy cannoli

    I don’t think wearing something like this going to dinner is cool. In fact it’s sleazy.

    Something like this is more for a magazine spread, or a runway show.

  • Ms. Torres

    She looks freaking great. If you have it why not flaunt it.

  • Mc Mona

    Perfection!!!!! She looks Gorgeous. Get over it people. She’s a Model not a Nun. Jeez! Enjoy & admire. Cheers Joanna!!

    • Tiffany

      krupa is trying way to hard to be relevant. She is just another washed up model begging for attention. Im surprised her fiance puts up with her.

  • Oahu Stacey

    Not sexy, not stylish, just sleazy and trashy. She really is screaming for attention.

    • renee

      ohhh man the worlds wisdom if we are having women like heidi commenting like this God help the rest of the women who seem to share her sentiments. She just doesn’t get it! Oahu stacey I agree with you

  • Kjo

    It could be flashbulbs though… Ever heard of the ol’ story about wearing white underwear under a black dress? She should have thought of that (maybe she did) and put on a cute bra or a camisole. Then again she doesn’t seem like the type to who would care. Just kinda sleezy.

    • Heidi

      EXACTLY, ‘Kjo’!!!! The resturant they went to isn’t a Denny’s where the lights are bright inside, additionally it is not a ‘family’ resturant.
      It was evening, dark outside & mega flashbulbs & the paps’ love this stuff…….. Within the resturant people don’t notice & wouldn’t have in this case if not for the flash…….
      To each their own! She’s dressed as appropriately as any other celebrity out here & if one is really that interested, they can find photos of others as well…. This gal’ just happens to be a hot commidity right now & paps’ are all over her…. To each their own….

      • renee

        Oh yea and heidi if the restraunt turned the lights up for any reason would it then not be appropriate? Since your statement seems to be that the lights were dim and it’s kind of dark. Also the photograph taken of her where it’s plastered all over the internet , it was night time and on the street so thats is ok to? I’m just curious trying to see what your reasoning is here.

      • michers

        She is dressed appropriately? Now thats funny! I don’t recall seeing all the female celebrities with their ta-ta’s out in the open..

        • renee

          Thanks michers my question as well.

          • michers


  • pennyarcade

    I’m the odd lady out here but I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s definitely not appropriate BUT it is Miami. Nobody bats an eye. If she lived in rural Iowa I could see it causing a fuss, but this is what I see when I go out late at night.

    • hannavas

      OK, maybe like you said ‘late at night’ as in a nightclub, although I still don’t like the look. But she was eating dinner in a steakhouse, a place where anyone including kids and elderly people can go. I don’t want to eat my dinner with someone’s half-naked boobs staring me in the face and I could only imagine how embarrassed I’d be if I had an elderly relative with me. To each his own, but restaurants have dress codes for a reason, and this restaurant was wrong to not insist she cover up or leave.

    • renee

      Who cares where it is. Maybe a lot of people don’t care but there are those out there who would prefer not to see that period! If we want to look at some chicks breasts then thats what the nude magazines are for. Again just because there are area’s where it seems acceptable it really isn’t which is why we don’t have naked people walking around , unless they want to get arrested. Its called indecent exposure. I have a 12 year old son where I would not want my kid , my young boy to be exposed to that. That is what is wrong with it. I am so sick of these women wearing less and less to the point where stuff is hanging out but then want respect at the same time. Sorry when I see something like that words that come to mind are trash, hooker, slut, low life, nasty, grose, disgusting, inappropriate, no self respect, no dignity, harlot, hussy, and should I go on?????

    • Isabella Patricia

      I’ve been to BOA Steakhouse in L.A., and everyone goes there! Even though she went at night time, there are kids & teenagers who go there, and it’s very inappropriate to flash your breasts out like that. Imagine all the couples and men around her. They’ll probably end up staring, and trust! Whenever I go there… It is packed! There’s a lot of families that go, young people, kids, the elderly, and a bunch of drunk people.

      I guess Joanna wants to be treated like a piece of meat, or maybe treated like chicken legs… LOL.

  • ligi0828

    i guess this wasnt making her relevant enough so she had to bash Teresa, SMH!!! so desperate

  • Lapband Lauren

    Why would you show your tits if its not for attention? No one does it here in vegas..i think she does a lot of stuff for attention. Remember when she was protesting the kardashians Dash store in calabasas? I thought she did it more for attention than an actual cause. And she probably called the paparazzi on herself too. I liked joanna but the way she choses her man over her sister isnt right. And clearly she has no idea whats really going on with melissa marco yet tries to defend her, bish take a seat.

    • Say What??

      So shes showing her titties in public and trashing Teresa Giudice.. ALL to make a name for herself. THIRSTY GIRL! Captain save a ho will be on the run soon.

  • renee

    As far as her comments go about Teresa it seems to me that every housewife who has made bad remarks about her appears to me to be a bit envious of how much she is taking off with her career. She is now 40 and is fabulous!!!

    • Koopla

      Teresa doesn’t have to wear see through shirts or her 5 yr old daughters shorts for attention.

      The only thing that redeems Joanna is her support to Peta.

  • renee

    Roxy I completely agree with you except I would go further and ask the restraunt to ask her to cover up or leave! Sorry but it is so beyond inappropriate and there is nothing decent about this woman. If the restraunt didn’t have her fix it then I would call law enforcement. Seriously people I don’t care if its a night out on the town going to dinner that isn’t something I want to see especially my children. Theres a time and place to expose yourself and it certainly isn’t in public. What if a man was at a restraunt wearing see through pants on the front side? He would of been arrested and labeled a pervert! So why is it any different for this skank?

    • srh605

      I live in L.A. This happens a lot when the celebrities are out on the town because any material that is even slightly sheer will show through with the bright lights and flashes from the stupid paps. Usually people have bras on and it seems in pictures it’s a see through shirt like vintage madonna but when you’re standing in front of the person you can’t see anything.

      • Sherri

        I too live in LA but I have never seen celebrities dressing like this…like its normal. It is sheer and all you have to do is look to see what she is horribly purposely showing.

        • Jersey girl

          I live in LA too and I’m actually shocked. This is so beyond inappropriate. As a SUPER model there’s no excuse for her not to know what a CAMERA flash does to sheer material. Has she commented on this?

  • September24

    Someone turn the heat on…she looks awfully cold!

  • Kate

    She has a great body! Love her because she hates Teresa!!

    • lauren t

      she hates every girl, not just Teresa.

    • Butterfly_Love

      She hates the fact that teresa is more famous than her. Why do you think she’s walkin around showing everything?

      • michers

        Sad you have to show your bubbies to get noticed.. which I don’t understand! Isn’t she like a top model? No need for this crap!

    • Nicole

      Yes, that’s a great reason to love someone just because they hate someone you don’t like.

  • lauren t

    i cant believe i was ever a fan of her. That’s really pathetic.

  • stay

    She needs attention

    • michers

      I think so! Seems that way last 2 days.

    • Obvious
      • michers

        I love there is a site called hotmess!!!!!! Is Jac on it, lol?

  • cindy

    I guess she’s not a cooker but a hooker! LOL

    • September24

      Good one!

    • michers

      My sentiments, lol

    • Butterfly_Love


  • Danielle

    She’s beautiful for sure. But c’mon. Who does that? It’s definitely attention seeking.

    • Isabella Patricia

      Famewhore, indeed! This is disgusting and she’s being very disrespectful to everyone around her and being disrespectful to herself. She’s sexy and has a bangin’ body, but must she reveal both of her breasts out like that? That’s some straight hooker status right there. It’s weird that Romain doesn’t mind his fiancée dressed like that in public. What if there are young kids outside? Embarrassing. Show some respect and cover those things up! Makes people look down on her even more after the hooker rumors surfaced. Now I don’t know what to believe of her… I don’t care anymore though. She dissed Tre and the girls numerous times, so I no longer support her.

      She thinks Teresa is the one loving fame more than anything? Uhm, yeah, NO! Joanna is loving fame a little too much. That’s why she’s on Housewives! LOL.

    • Isabella Patricia

      I love her top, btw… Does anyone know where she got it from?

      • Kristina

        Whores R Us?? just a guess! lol you’re her top is cute she just makes look slutly! wear something under it how hard is that???