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Michelle Obama Admits Her Guilty Pleasure Is The Real Housewives

How cool must the housewives feel knowing that the first lady is watching them on television?! Michelle Obama is set to appear on Live With Kelly and Michael and admits that her guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives! Check out Michelle talking about it after the jump

I have a feeling the housewives will be on for a looonng time….

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  • I just can’t wait until moochele starts paying for her own vacations. Say what you want about Romneys wealth, at least he worked for it and earned it. Romney bought his homes, Obama had his bought for him by a convicted felon and a rich socialite. Anyone have any ideas how the obama’s made 10 million since he’s been elected? Anyone?

    • Governor Romney inherited a ton of money and made more closing American businesses and moving jobs overseas. Nothing wrong with that, unless you are running for President and the embarrassing details come out. By the way it’s President and Mrs Obama, real Americans show respect for the office of the Presidency.

      • Romney never closed US businesses. Bain is a Private Equity. They buy distressed companies in hope to rebuild them and either sell through acquisition of IPO. During Romney’s tenure there was no outsourcing that was asked and answered by Washington Post Fact Checker.

        Further Obama is the Outsourcer In Chief with over $29B US taxpayer dollars going outside the US from zero based loans and grants to start-up companies. Please Obama has been tragic for the US economy

        • complete fiction. A tip do not quote from the Washington Post. As I am sure you know it is the newspaper equivalent of Fox News.

      • ??? Growing up both the Obamas were firmly middle class. Michelle Obama had a father who overcame a disability, Barack Obama was raised by a single mother and his Grandparents. His mother’s last year of life was fighting health insurance companies for coverage so she could get well.

      • You are right Obama at no point in time was poor. He was middle class, which he and Michelle both admit to.

      • Etta,

        Who marred that wealth. Ann’s father was not wealthy. Romney’s father was, but Romney and PWC has confirmed this I can get you links to that Romney donated all his inheritance to BYU in name of his father.

        Romney is all self made. He took Bain with initial cap from Bain Consulting and was one of the father’s of private equity which more than VC is the main investor in start-up and turnaround business in the US and abroad.

        • Another lie. Romney is not self made. He is a product of millionaire parents. He did make lots more and rewards the country he made that wealth by paying likely 9 percent on his taxes which is why probably why he will not release them. Bain capital made is money dismantling American companies and selling the parts or off shoring the manufacturing to other countries. You are really on the side of Bain? Really?

  • I love Michelle Obama so much. She is a genuine role model for women in this country. I remember in the very beginning when President Obama started running, she was asked in an interview if she was excited to posiibly be first lady and she said she wasn’t sure she was going to give up her job in Chicago. Lol very authentic. The Obamas have so much white-hot chemistry when they are in a room together. Love them! I hope everyone is ready to vote!

  • To me this topic started out as fun and it should stay that way.I loved the interview they did with Mrs Obama she always comes across as a very interesting and warm person.

  • Good for Michelle!! Please protect the progress woman have died for. Say no to being forced too have your rapist baby, say NO to over turning Rowe v Wade, say NO to closing down planned parent hood ( they provide a wide range of women’s health for free ) the health & strength of women is more then any job can give! Don’t give up your RIGHTS!

    • Romney does not believe in forced pregnancies for rape, incest or life of the mother. Romney has stated that on ever mainstream news medium. So that is false. Further, there is no legislation current to curtail Roe v. Wade.

      Moreover, Roe v. Wade has been limited by Planned Parenthood v. Casey 1992 SCOTUS case where we have the viability principle to define where there is State action and parental consent can limit abortions for unemancipated minors.

      Finally, every four years the Democrats bring this out as an issue. It is not an issue. The SCOTUS has said it is not an issue even Scalia the only who could take the other 3 with him on the current 5 to 4 votes has said it is set. Abortion is a Red Herring the Democrats like to play do not buy into it.

      We have over 23M unemployed. 65% of those are women. We have more people in poverty since the Great Depression. We have real unadjusted employment which is called unemployment 6 at 15%. Unemployment 3 is the one Obama likes to taunt on a contracted workforce by over 3% since 2009.

      Female independence is getting a job. It is not something that has been won 40 years ago.

      • And Obama unemployment 3 is 7.8% on contracted workforce participation from 67.5% to 63.4%. If we used the 2009 workforce participation numbers then U 3 would be over 10.4%.

        • Bush administration net job loss, Obama administration net gain. Bush created 1.5 million jobs with massive losses, Obama created 4.1 million on a net gain of 200,000. The recession started during the second Bush administration, Obama inherited it at its worst and has started to turn the ship around. Everyone agrees the economy is not where it needs to be, but anyone who thinks it is not greatly improved over 4 years ago at this time is simply not paying attention. Regarding Romney, what has he offered in terms of specifics? Nothing, unless you remember her wanted the US Auto industry to fail.

      • Seriously do you know where former Governor Romney stands on abortion? I don’t think he knows. A couple years ago he was for a woman’s right to choose, during the Republican primaries he was completely against abortion. This weekend it’s okay in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Paul Ryan is against choice even in those cases but in his credit he has been consistent to his beliefs in that issue. Romney has flipped 3 times on this important issue in 2 years depending wholly on what he thinks people want to hear. It’s impossible to know Romney’s position on abortion because he does not have one. He changes it weekly dependent on who he is talking to.

  • Didn`t Mr.Obama make a statement earlier this year that we all need to back away from programs like this?Guess Mrs. Obama misse the memo.

    • What man, other than the gay community, loves housewives? My hubby hates it and tells me to change the channel. Do I? Hell no! I watch what I please. Men don’t understand. Do I tell him to turn off sci fi channel? Yes! Does he? No. Lol. We all have our things….

  • The lady can watch any she wants, she is an adult. Michelle watching HW does not make her a bad example. Rock throwers need to come up with something else. Does growing a garden count? How about instead of everything she wears being designer she still shops at JCPenny, Sears and Dillards? How able her support of women’s health issues, and a woman’s right to choice? Michelle Obama is a bad example all right. The nerve of her, eggmitting she watch HWs!

  • If you think it is beneath Michelle Obama’s dignity to watch Real Housewives, then you need to be turning off your TV, too. But of course, it’s not that she watches RH, it’s just that for some people, partisanship trumps their sense of humanity, so anything anyone they oppose does is terrible. So, for them, if it were Ann Romney admitting it, that would show she’s down to earth, but Michelle admitting it shows she is setting a bad example.

  • though i like the housewives, i think they are TERRIBLE examples on how women should act. The first lady should set better examples for women.

    • She is a human being, not an immortal god. She’s allowed to have a guilty pleasure and be down to earth and not be snobby or unattainable, because people like you, who look up their noses and judge people because of their interests.

    • So you were for the Housewives before you are now against them? Yikes, you may have a case of Romnesia……

      • no, you ignorant fool. If you read my post. I said i dont think the women on the housewives shows set good examples for how women should act. The first lady should set a better example. IM NOT THE FIRST LADY!!!!

        • Egad`s,I do believe I have ran into someone on these boards that I can not stand.I feel almost ashamed but not enough to not tell Lauren to go play at Perez Hilton`s sandbox.

        • Oh, so it’s okay for you to watch but not the First Lady because it sets a bad example, kinda like your name calling. You’re lucky I don’t have my Hypocritical Woman Binder handy, pop, pop, in you go……

          • If you are so worried about women’s fair pay and their right to not be treated as lesser forms of live in contrast to men, then why don’t you care about Andy Cohen’s paycheck vs. a RH’s paycheck? Or how about you boycott watching the Real Housewives because they are a mysognist programming meant to trivialize and stereotype the average day in the life of a mildly affluent housewife? I mean, RHOA is one of the most racially stereotyped programs on TV right now. Doesn’t that bother you?

          • Not sure I am following the point of your reply in relationship to what I posted, but I’ll bite and reply….

            yes, if you follow my posts over the last year, at all, I am no fan of Andy. Hate him in fact. I think only a person who loaths women could do some of the stuff he does. I agree Atlanta is racist. Ironically RHDC the nicest most normal HW happened to be African American and Bravo cancelled that one.

          • Dear Bullie, since your response has nothing at all to do with my post I can only assume your inquiries are either because you find me so awesome and want to know more about me or you are actually Tagg Romney and you want to hit me because I am talking smack about your Dad….

            If you had followed any of my posts from the last year you would know I am no fan of Andy. You will know I don’t like Rh Atlanta, too contrived. I loved RH DC with my favorite hw like many people, to be Stacey who happened to be African American. Since I don’t watch Atlanta I can’t comment on your racist claim, but I will say I have yet to figure out which housewives are not made to look stupid, which is why I dislike Andy, I think he hates women honestly. Like you while I am bothered I still watch as do you apparently, that would be why it’s called a guilty pleasure rather than a good for you pleasure. Fair pay, I agree, I hope this women all have good agents negotiating their contracts. If Bravo ever hires a woman do perform Andy’s vile job, they should get paid the same. Thanks for checking in,

          • I don’t even know who Tagg Romney is, stop being a little pansy repeater your unoriginal mindless idiot. You have no identity of your own, none of your own research has been put into your political opinions. I would not vote for Romney and I would not vote for Obama. I am not partisan in any capacity. Your narcissism in thinking I should have followed your posts for the last year is LAUGHABLE. Why would I track your comments? YOU just defended Michelle Obama watching a mysognist, woman hating, racist show on a biased, unscrupulous network. You said nothing to defend the idea that these shows should be boycotted by those concerned with women’s rights. I am not that concerned with women’s rights because I really don’t believe any abortion or birth control laws will be banned. If anything, you might just be required to pay for your own abortion. Gasp! Clutch the pearls! How awful that someone has to pay for their own actions!

            Until I can pay my bills in aborted fetuses, then & only then would I put that issue above FISCAL POLICY.

          • Dear Bullie,

            Tagg is Mitt Romneys oldest son. He grabbed headlines last week because he came out on a radio show and said he wanted to punch the President of the United States. Glad I could help you with thet. For more detail, please see any news outlet, they all covered it.

          • EXACTLY. You had no substantial comments to reply with in regards to actual politic that MATTERS. Just a bunch of REGURGITATED MASS MEDIA SPORTING EVENT PROPAGANDA. “Every mass media outlet” you agreed was bullshit a few hours ago and now you want me to reference it to figure out some juvenile shit regarding someone’s kids? oooooookay, lady. Sorry it took me so long to respond I was busy running my own business and making money the best I can with no help from the team mascot you choose to root for every 4 years.

          • Real Housewife once again your comments make no sense.I call you ignorant cause you are ignorant. Im guessing you are an uneducated pig who does nothing but trolls the internet all day. GET A LIFE!

          • Kids, stop with the name calling, it completely diminishes your argument. I am not going to stoop to child’s play, but suffice it to say that your assumptions about me are the complete opposite of reality, like about 50 percent of what Mitt Romney says about Barack Obama, the 47percent, foreign policy, women’s health, and yes even the economy. All I will suggest is that you take one tenth of the energy you are investing in your incomprehensible arguments and get your facts straight. I suggest Politifact. My sense from your posts is that you are too young to remember the Bush Administration and the effects it had on our economy. If you did you will realize the net lose of jobs under the last Republican administration was 4 million. Under Obama there has been a net gain of 200,000, meaning we have made up all the Republican job losses and we are on the way back. Are you aware that it took 12 years after the Great Depression to get to where we have come back to in just 4 years? Are you aware that that time America followed the policies of another Business leader President, Herbert Hoover, and it was a disaster. Don’t believe me but do yourself a favor, skip going to the bar tonight and educate yourself.

          • Realreal Housewife, you are real real dumb.

            1. Speaking of presumptuous, I don’t go out to bars. I work. 60 hours a week. What exactly is it that you do for a living again because it seems to me you have a lot of free time to google your “facts” as you comment (since you have committed nothing to memory because if you had, you’d see the obvious slip up in your little job stats bullshit).

            2. The only reason why we got out of the Great Depression is because of a WAR. You won’t read that on Politifact because IT’s MAINSTREAM NEWS. Ever read about how they take care of their employees ever since this post-Bush Presidency has taken office? Google it sometime.

            3. The current unemployment rate being shared by the government is skewed. They do not take into account those who have fallen off unemployment nor do they count those who need to be working full time jobs to survive without government programs, but are instead forced to work part time because it is all thats available. The real unemployment rate is closer to 22%.

            4. Let’s get back to being presumptuous! While you’re dabbing off some baby spittle because you’re either a stay at home mom or a desk jockey for some shit bag call center, people like me are paying your or your husbands (or maybe both!) entire salaries in yearly taxes. That’s right. I pay enough taxes in one year to take care of 2 average American salaries. And I am not in the 1% either… Just a normal person trying to run my own business who doesn’t want to pay for anyone’s abortion but my own should i choose to ever want one. i don’t want to keep paying for Obama phones either, asshole. There is a fine line between being a generous, helpful nation and being a Communist empire.

  • I’m so surprised she said this! But I’m glad. Sometimes I am so embarrassed by how obsessed I am with the Housewives. It’s nice to have a respected woman like her admit she does, too!

    • No worries, Michelle likes 100 percent of her fellow viewers. I understand some of the posters have a problem with 47 percent of us…. Sad right?

      • Oh my lord STOP. The more you regurgitate tag lines from political ads, the dumber you sound. This should not be a fight over how to vote.

        • These are not regurgitated from ads, these are from the news. You should trying reading or watching it sometime.


          • I agree FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are sharply biased as is Politico, Huffington, Rassmussen and Gallup but for different reasons. All the stuff I have written can easily be found on Rueters, CBS, ABC, and Politifact. Why all the name calling. Are you 7?

          • Bullie,

            Add to that list NYTimes it is known as a Democrat supporter much worse than MSNBC. Also, Huff Po but I understand that Arianna is making all her money that way to make it look like. Good deal since AOL about them 2 yrs ago

      • she’s like everyone else and I think thats what she’s trying to portray. She’s honest and I’m not mad at her for being honest

      • she is setting an example. She’s letting us know that she is not someone who is unapproachable on her throne. She’s admitting that she’s like every one of us on here who has a guilty pleasure they indulge in. The example she’s setting is to not act like you’re better than anyone else, even if you live in the White House. I think she’s wonderful

      • You think she doesn`t set one?I think she sets many.No one said you ha to give up fun to be the first lady.

    • Didn’t he himself last year make a not nice comment about the Housewives? melt brains or something? LOL And Miss MIchelle watches!!

        • Agree 🙂 and My husband feels the same, LOL! I just chuckled because it was old Barack himself that made that comment./ I guess he is a husband who agree with the rest!

      • Totally! Obama actually said very unflattering things about Real Housewives and children watching the show rather than studying, which ridiculous since the demographics of Real Housewives is not the be Obama was citing, but that is the nature of Obama which is misconstruing facts.

    • The first lady should be doing more important things, then again obama doesnt work either so im not surprised.

      • So, in their free time they’re not allowed to watch tv because they’re the president and First Lady…. Lol. Some people crack me up.

      • I suppose you catch the show while volunteering in a soup kitchen, or through windows as you go door to door collecting money for orphans? Seriously, people in glass houses…….

      • Regarding President Obamas record of work, check Politifact. Any woman(or Housewife) heading into this election without checking the records of these candidates needs to turn off Bravo for 10 minutes and do so. This election is a lightening rod of women’s issues. Make informed choices before you cast your vote. You daughters will thank you.

          • ~political~ ooops

            Not all of the bloggers on here support your candidate..do not teach//tell us what this election is all about…

          • I find your POST interesting. This is a free country and everyone is entitled to free speech certainly. As you are clearly a Romney supporter allow me to point out that this post was about Mrs. Obama, the only ones therefore making this topic political are those not talking about her. In the spirit of admonishing others for something I am already doing (I resemble that remark as it were) I am going to make my plug for my favorite candidate. I am following the endorsement of the Onion and going with John Edwards. I believe he loves the housewives all of em.

          • Sofia,

            I support Romney. I am proud of it. I do not see from your post who you support and do not believe simply because you noted that this is not a political website who you support. I think you were stating fact.

            I did take the opportunity to state my preference. And, I think everyone has that right, but you are right this is not the place.

            I have answered to other posts as well, but this is a fun blog and not a political one so I will now refrain from posting politically charged responses.

      • This isn’t a political website. But right now I feel like I care more about the economy. I am sorry but our country will have no woman’s issues to discuss if we don’t get our economy back together. And it is not getting better.
        So hopefully after this election Mrs. Obama can watch all the housewives she wants… From her home in Chicago…

        • Yes it would be harder for the Romney’s to pick, which of 8 homes should Anne Romney watch from? hmmmm. My vote is for the Cayman Islands, so nice this time of year and no need to dispose of the tax returns they refuse to release.

        • CEC!

          It is about the economy! You are SOOOO RIGHT! We have had our worst GDP growth in 4 years of 1.3% projected for second half.

          It is about jobs and growth.

          • That was in reply to Tiffany`s comment that the first lady should be doing more important things.It seems that it posted rather far down than I would have liked.Now for you Laren,who the hell are you to say a damn thing about my support?I could vote for Roseanne Barr and it would be none of your damn business.I do not intend to shove my ideas on anyone and I am sure I am as educated as you are about the issues.Your problem Lauren is unless everyone sees it your way they must be Obama supporters.

          • Errr… you may want to address your punctuation issues before you name call someone else as uneducated. Sort of awkward right? I’ll bet you only get 60 percent of the pay of the men in your office.

          • I work in student finance, and women OWN our office. I actually feel bad for the guys, cause its majority of women, and we take over the conversations (housewives, men, periods, nothing is off limits, and i love that). I wouldn’t want anything handed to me cause of my skin color or cause im female. I am strong, smart, and ambitious. If you want to succeed in life, you cant be lazy, and expect things handed to you.

          • Do you think equal pay is having something handed to you? Equal pay for equal work? President Obama supports that, Former Governor Romney does not. The office environment you enjoy is far more reflective of Democratic policies than Republican, period. If you want to see how the Republicans view women in the workplace watch Mad Man. Support whatever you like, even less pay for the same work, but for Pete’s sake get your facts straight.

          • I understand the views. Trust me when i say you could be a purple lesbian with ten wives who smokes pot everyday and i don’t care.Rock on. I have no interest in telling you how to live you life. That being said, i want a president who is willing to do his job. Not out trying to be the next Kim Kardashian. I see picture of Obama out at Jay Z club, and hanging out with celebs all the time. That bothers me.You can do that once your term is done. Till then i want a hard worker in office.

    • Why lie? I’m sure there were many First Ladies who’s guilty pleasures were soap operas. These are modern day soap opras. I am so honored to have a First Lady the is honest and not lying to the public about her life. She is the best!!!! Love,l love, love her.

    • She doesn’t have Romnesia, so she doesn’t, you know, support something one week, and flip flop that support a few weeks later when opponents of her actions try to get her to change her mind for more popularity votes from people who can’t remember someone’s positions,….from last week….

  • Darn, they should asked her which housewife and show is her fave. I’m starting to really like Mrs. Obama, she seems so much more town the earth than the ot.her first ladies.

    • Love the President and Mrs Obama. Fantasizing that she is one of our board participants. Imagine if she were Samantha! Lol

    • Really? I loved Laura Bush. She just seemed like a very sweet woman. I do not care for Mrs. Obama– something about her just seems like she is trying to hard to be relevant.
      Just my opinion.

      • As first ladies go Mrs Obama is the most real so far.I could never see any of the others doing half the stuff she does.I love the Obama`s because they seem to always be on the same wave length.It`s like they get each other.Very cool if you ask me.