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RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd Face Sexual Assault Suit!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Lisa Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd are being sued along with their Villa Blanca restaurant manager, Michael Govia, by a server who claims she was sexually assaulted by Govia. The server, Karina Bustillos, is claiming Lisa ignored her complaints and is suing for $5 million!

Bustillos claims that Govia asked her to close her eyes and when she opened them, he was sticking his tongue out going in for a kiss. Bustillos complained, and Govia called her names such as “bitch” and “cunt”, according to TMZ. In August, Govia twisted Bustillo’s wrists and when she asked him to stop he claimed he could do whatever he wanted because he was the manager. Sounds very serious!

Bustillos claims that her complaints were ignored by Lisa and she is now suing after allegedly being forced to quit. Lisa tells TMZ, “The waitress had a falling out with a manager.  Of course I take that seriously.  We’ve looked at all the cameras and there’s no sexual harassment. This is just a disgruntled employee.”

Lisa has been in the restaurant business for many years and I highly doubt she would dismiss any case like this that came up with her staff! This server is an aspiring actress and she probably is looking for a quick money maker or some 15 minutes of fame. I hope that if there was an issue, it will be resolved as harassment in the workplace is a serious issue. Do you think Karina has a case against Lisa and Ken?

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  • Agreed – customer is always right unless there’s a battery or sexual assault or some other type of illegal discrimination. I do remember Ken being grouchy with Jax and another male waiter telling them to take off their shirts for the float. Lisa’s comments/actions were also questionable when she had the male waiters over to serve her g-friends at her lawn (?) party. It is usually the mom/pop operations that screw up the worst b/c there’s no HR dept. to educate/keep them in line. They do need some sensitivity training. I also didn’t like the way Lisa griped out the Sur renovators or how she regularly berates management out on the floor with the public. That being said, I do like Lisa and Ken and hate Vyle, Maloof HOOF, Freaky Fay and hypocrite surrogate user Camille.

  • I’m starting to wonder if there’s validity to it. In the RHoBH episode when Lisa was preparing for the tasting, she told one of her employees that it didn’t matter that a customer called the girl a “stupid b!tch” because he’s one of her wealthy and repeat customers. The girl made a joke (she called the party boring or something), and the guy responded in that way?

    Lisa basically reprimanding the girl makes me believe that Lisa didn’t take the other girl’s complaints seriously either. Five million dollars, though? That’s crazy talk!

    • Well I love Lisa and ken she’s a proper British woman strong and beautifull and I love watching them on Beverly Hills just cuz they got money doesn’t mean u can take advantage and Lisa Wundt stand for it anyway so I Wundt push don’t mess wiv us Brits I’m such a fan

      • Oh dear Emma; it is exactly your type of response that gives us British people a bad name. By all means be proud to be British, but don’t be unpleasant, saying things like “don’t mess wiv (!) us Brits” really isn’t necessary and people dont take you seriously when you use common slang “cuz” and “wiv”

    • But that’s different, in restaurants or any business, the customer is always right, you always have to take a customers shit. It doesn’t matter what the customer said, you signed up for the job, you deal with the consequences. Plus the waitress had given the customer attitude and that wasn’t professional at all. sexual harassment is different, that’s not part of the job description, if there’s something wrong with the staff, of course the boss would address it. She said she looked over the footage and there was nothing, shes a fair person and if theres sexual harrasment going around she wouldnt tolerate it. But as for customers, even if it wasn’t the staffs fault, as an owner, you have to take the customers side or you won’t have any customers left.

  • Sounds as if she is exercising her rights under Title VII. If it in fact happened and she reported it and Ken/Lisa did nothing to remedy the situation or protect her, then by law they are as guilty as the person that sexually harassed her. I hate to see women call each other whores and liars when none of us are working with the facts of the matter.

    • I completely agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa and Ken ignored her claims. They are greedy and all they care about is money and their newfound fame. They are also very cold and haughty with their noses up in the air and they look down on people who aren’t rich or people of a different skin color. I hope Karina gets her justice. Ken and Lisa’s bad karma is going to catch up to them and it sounds like it’s happening now. It’s about time.

      • Annie, you sound really bitter. To me it sounds like you think that Lisa and Ken deserve to be sued because they have money! You are making some horrid accusations against them and (just guessing here) you don’t know anything about them except what you see on a reality show! If snap judgements were okay then I could say that you have a problem with rich white British people. Be careful because Karma doesn’t just make it’s rounds among the rich and famous and what you put out there can come back full circle and bite you in the a$$!

  • I hope Karina wins. Being sexually assaulted is a terrible thing and shame on Lisa’s fans for not giving her the benefit of the doubt. But I guess I’m not surprised, you Lisa fans always believe she’s 100% right and everyone who disagrees with her is 100% wrong when it’s actually the other way around. Whenever some stands up for themselves to her they’re “the too sensitive Americans who don’t get British humor”. FYI, many Americans do find dry British humor amusing, but only when the person making the jokes are actually funny (and Lisa is not.) I’ll never understand what people see in Lisa but there’s no accounting for taste I guess. Lisa is very manipulative like Taylor and you people are too delusional to see it.

    • I get what you’re saying Annie. If she was harassed then I hope she gets justice- I just don’t buy it. I’m not a “Lisa fan” particularly, I’m basing my opinion on the fact that A. It’s not on camera B. I’ve cocktailed all over this town, and there is something off about wanting 5 million. I’ve seen too much, and know too much about ppl (cocktail servers) here, and LA’s economy to be able to buy this story.
      Perhaps I am jaded. Perhaps I am wrong. But that number is absurd. I wish a coworker would tell us the real deal.

      • I didn’t think $5 million was too much too be honest. But the again what do I know? I don’t know much about law or how much money to sue for. So idk.

        • Me neither. She probably expects a settlement. That’s usually why people go much higher than the number they actually expect. I do believe her though. This isn’t a laughing matter and it disgusts me that people don’t give women the benefit of the doubt when they’ve been harassed. It’s one thing to be sexually assaulted (in this case, harassed), but it’s another thing to be assaulted and have people not believe you when you’re telling the truth. I feel bad for her.

    • Lisa and Ken have owned too many businesses to dismiss a complaint out-of-hand. I would be willing to bet that they checked the cameras, talked to the other employees, and both parties involved prior to making any decision. This is not a matter of liking or disliking Lisa it is her business and she is well aware of the consequences of ignoring this type of accusation and was extremely careful. It is also very delusional to not see that this girl is capable of making up a false claim merely to get money.

  • This is bullshit. The girl wants money. It’s LA. Rox is correct about her wanting a quick payday. Maybe she should try Coffee Bean instead. They always have job fairs.
    Of course this is only my opinion, but the 5 million is what destroys her merit in my book. Unemployment- sure! 5 million- she’s a loser.

  • This is the kind of thing that bothers me.It’s like one woman’s harassment is another idea of joking around.I would like to think Lisa would not ignore this kind of thing and we don`t know how it was presented to her.Sometime when a co-worker is hard to work with you find your self not seeing things the way they do.I hope they investigate this.I can be just awful for everyone involved.

  • I hope this is not true because it’s horrible getting sexually assaulted. It’s happened to me, and it really affects us deeply. The fact that she’s suing for $5 million is pushing it, and it makes me think she’s just starving got publicity and money. I mean, if she sued for $100,000 then that’s believable, but suing that much? Forget about it. Sue the dude who harassed you! Ridiculous.

  • Karina is nothing but a money grubbing whore. 5 million? Pathetic. Even if this story was true (which I doubt because the girl didn’t report it until she got in an argument and there is NO footage on surveillance cam and no witnesses) and she was forced to quit her job she would have NEVER made 5 mil by being a waitress so why is she suing for that much? Also the fact she’s going after Lisa and not just the guy that assaulted her is stupid. Lisa isn’t going to fire someone without any evidence come on. Women like karina make me sick. She is the reason real sexual assault victims don’t get justice. Everyone assumes its lies because of women like this.