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RHOM’s Alexia Echeverria’s Son Peter Surrenders To Florida Authorities

A few weeks ago we brought to you the story of RHOM’s star Alexia Echeverria’s 20 year old son, Peter, punching a homeless man in the groin and posting a video of it online.

The homeless man decided to press charges and Peter was arrested yesterday for simple battery. He is now under custody and being held on $5,000 bond, according to TMZ. In Florida, attacking homeless people is considered a hate crime so Peter can expect harsher penalties for his felony.

I do not feel bad for Peter at all. I do feel for his mother Alexia who has been spending the last year taking care of her younger son who she almost lost in a car accident! Now she has this to deal with on top of her son’s recuperation. Thoughts on Peter’s arrest?

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  • A devious degenerate. I’m surprised at all of the “I feel so sorry for Alexia” comments, tbh. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. I feel sorry for her because of what happened to her other son, sure. That’s devastating. But her image on Housewives wasn’t that great at all. She contributed to and started all sorts of drama with a castmate for no reason at all, except that she “hated her smile” and “thought her relationship was fake.” Just to make herself relevant with all the other 50-something gradeschoolers because she needed material. And with this little criminal, I mean, what sort of Mother withholds food from their kid for the sake of good looks? He’s not obese, but she’s obviously obsessed with appearances. And she sure as hell did a great job raising him, didn’t she? Beating on a homeless man just to take a video and post it online to try to be cool. What a simpleton. Sounds a lot like how Alexia took that article about Karent’s boyfriend and showed it to all the other snatches before they ganged up on her for her being so awful because she was getting cheated on. For the guy who said that they’re only going after him because of her supposed status, you’re wrong. They’re going after him because he’s a criminal who did something incredibly stupid. And it’s about time, too, because both of their behaviors are appalling. This is the absolute last thing that Cubans and other immigrants need to be associated with. And she blamed this incident on her other son’s accident. On national television. I guess that’s one way to avoid the fact that you’re a terrible human and a terrible mother… Well, she’s got a reason to be relevant now! Talk about bad karma!

  • what a crock…they’re just trying to railroad the kid because of his moms status….why would you arrest someone after the fact….hi arrest real criminals and stay out of the media MPD.

  • Lets keep it real. I agree he should get community service however, instead of jail time he really needs re-hab. Yes his mama was focusing on her younger son because he truly needed her, and at 20 no matter what Peter still needed her too. When you have a child that close to death it’s fear that drives a mother to fight when or child cannot. There is another side none of you seem to see, we have a HUGE homeless population and for anyone to believe “They are just a bunch of people down on there luck” here is the truth.
    On the corner of a main highway waiting at the stop light, there was a young pregnant woman with several bags around her. People were giving her cash when the light was red, she went from car to car to collect the light “gifts”. I was in the parking lot across the street and watched her feeling gratefull for what we, as a family, do have. The light turned green and the cars went about there business. When a new black BMW drove up and this young lady went to the driver’s door, I thought wow! how nice they are going to help her, NOT!! she pulled a purse out from under her top and gave it to the person in the car!! They gave her another bag that she shoved up her top. Yea! They were working together the person in the car was not robbing her.
    There is a (was) nice park and a public swimming pool in the center of town, we used to go play softball, volleyball, flag football and anything else we could find to do, as kids we hung out before and after swimming in the summer months. Now, no one is safe! Police officers on bikes try to keep an eye on the park and walk way that was built about 20 years ago. The walking/running and bike path is dead center of about 10 miles of path. We have homeless killing each other, stabbing police, stabbing our youth and robbing people that want to go to this “visibly nice looking” park. There is no time of day that is safe within or around this park.
    I guess my feelings about homeless people doesn’t fit with any of yours. No I don’t believe anyone should go beat up on a homeless person, and I also don’t believe the homeless should be allowed to carry knives and any other weapon, bats, thick sticks, clubs etc. It goes both ways but there is something else, this kid shouldn’t be disowned, or strung up or beaten either. Several of you need to re-evaluate your personal reasons for wanting bad things to happen to other people.

    • Oh, wow. I didn’t realize that all homeless people were violent scam artists. Thanks for sharing your version of the truth and “keeping it real.” That must mean that the guy this kid beat on was a knife-toting scam artist, too, then. It makes sense now, it was the homeless guy’s fault that this kid recorded himself beating on him to post online. That makes total sense. Yep, WE all need to re-evaluate our opinions for sure. LOL! Care to try again?

  • This is a perfect example of children being given everything under the sun except a nice good kick in the ass. This kid deserves a dose of reality. Do I feel bad for his Mom. No. Instead of being concerned about being her son’s “friend” she should be more concerned about being her son’s parent. Teaching him right from wrong and teaching him to have apathy for those less fortunate than himself. He’s a major asshole and deserves to spend time in jail thinking about what he’s done.

  • He is a horrible punk, and I hope the homeless man gets some money out of this so he can get off the street, I always liked Alexia,and maybe she hasn’t seen what is happening because of her injured child, but I hope he gets reamed out by her and the father. it was just sickening to watch him attack that man.

  • Can’t believe anyone is trying to “understand” why this kid did this. The fact of the matter is that this kid is “evil”.

  • If one can remember the very first episode of RHOM Alexia herself described her relationship with her sons as more of their “friend.” Combined with Alexia’s attention being focused all on their other son, this doesn’t surprise me…

  • snot -nose bastard ..
    what a disgusting piece of crap !
    hope ‘bubba’ resizes his “nutsack” …

    • And you kiss your babies or mama with these thoughts?? How about this you need to be surgically altered in case your children don’t turn out perfect like you?? None of us are perfect parents and none of our children are perfect, but we all do the best we can.

  • I hope he gets the appropriate punishment. What he did was appalling and a special level of cruel. Doing this and labeling said video as “Hobo Gets Nutchucked” (or a title to that effect- I’m paraphrasing) is disgusting.

    I hope Alexia survives this. I always liked her on RHOM.

  • He looks likes he’s been taking alot of drugs….His face has change….he use to be such a hottie.

  • I’m guessing he did it for attention (among many other reasons,) since his mom has probably been focusing a lot of her attention on his younger brother. That being said, he has no one to blame for his actions but himself, and I hope he faces some significant consequences.

  • He faces up to 5 years in prison because this is deemed a hate crime. What he did was wrong and now he must face the charges like anyone else who committed this crime would. Sometimes I think certain people think they are above the law, well this proves he is not.

    My sympathy lies with the victim of this cruel attack.

  • I’m glad he’s getting punished. I don’t think he’ll get much of a punishment, but he should serve A WEEK in prison for punching a homeless man’s private area. He should have at least 100 hours of community service feeding and helping the poor. Maybe he’ll feel more sympathetic and guilty for what he did. He’s too spoiled to even care at this point, but I’m sure he’ll have a change of heart once he serves time in prison and help others.

  • Poor Alexia, having to deal with one son rehabilitating after a near-death car accident and now this. 🙁

    • I know. My heart goes out to her. Bad news after another and imagine how embarrassed she is since this is who she raised

  • I can’t stand hearing about attacks on homeless people. I don’t know what sick person made this a “thing” but it is absolutely disgusting.

  • Good I’m glad he’s being charged, little asshole. He seems like a spoiled brat who doesn’t care about anyone. I don’t feel bad for him one bit.

    • I totally agree. As soon as I heard this story i felt so bad for her. She’s going through so much already. Prayers to her family!