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Sneak Peek: Jill Zarin Hashing Things Out With Andy Cohen!

Jill Zarin was part of the sweep that let go four RHONY cast members last year when they cleaned house! Jill was very public about the firing that put her off reality TV and a year later, she will go head to head with her former boss Andy Cohen!

As we told you yesterday, Jill feels that she was let go without a chance to say goodbye. In this sneak peek video, Jill is visibly upset, on the verge of tears while she hashes things out with Andy!

Thoughts on this reunion between Andy Cohen and Jill Zarin? I think it’ll be interesting to say the least, given how upset she has been in the media over Bravo firing her. Will you be watching?

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  • So, did they change the name of the show to “WWHT”? Watch what happened, taped?Thought this was supposed to be done Monday on WWHL (LIVE)?

  • I always liked Jill, and Andy did side with Bethenny, they still hangout socially. I’m glad she said that he has his favorites. Glad they brought her back, HE KNEW HE MADE A MISTAKE. RHONJ was getting two million viewers without Bethenny, now they are STRUGGLING to keep a mili, Jill would have been great with the other ladies, She, Luann and Aviva would have teamed up against Ramona and Sonja

  • Does Jill forget she was feeding stories to the media that she was going to quit the show —- right before she was fired. Go away Jill and let me enjoy Ramona on the show – without having to be bothered by you.

  • Does anyone get the feeling that Andy is in a sense, attempting to kiss Jill’s ass? If he wasn’t interested in Jill, why give her a forum to speak her mind?

    Do they really think Jill is the reason for the low ratings?
    The reason for the low ratings is because they kept Ramona, LuAnn and Sonja. They chose boring women to replace the other women who were fired.
    Bravo should have wiped the slate clean, fired all the women, and brought in women like the women in New Jersey. In other words, NY women who resembled the first season of the NJ women.

    • I agree they should have sent LuMan packing along with Jill. But I’m glad they kept Ramona. She’s the main reason I watch the show 🙂

  • No one gets a chance to say goodbye , when they are fired. Jill needs to go and climb under a rock. Please !!!!!!! Go away.

  • I have a feeling she’s going to be back.

    Why doesn’t he have Alex and Simon on if this is only guest appearance?

    If he truly hated her, Andy would not have had her to the interview.

    So I think she will be back in some way.

    As for Alex and Simon…I foresee alot of pissed of tweets if she does come back. LOLOL

    • I’d be willing to bet that if this WWHL gets out of this world ratings with Jill on it, she’ll be back in some capacity. If it gets -eh- ratings, which is IMO much more likely, she will be gone for good (fingers crossed!).

      All Andy cares about is the $$$ 😉

  • Gotta’ give the gal’ credit, she never gives up…..
    Not to mention that no one ‘forced’ A.C. to have her on his show & his show, regardless of how one feels about it, has great ratings……

  • See I liked Jill when her and Bethenny were friends. When their friendship broke, I thought she was a pathological liar and a
    b!tch. Its funny because I feel that is what happened with Teresa and Jac. (Yes, I known this is about Jill) But, can’t help myself when there is a time to defend Teresa. Lol!

  • Awkward. I mean… What. The. Eff. This is sad. She is a millionaire hurt because she’s not on a reality show anymore….

  • Jill is a cautionary tale about the dangers of reality tv fame!! PLEASE go away! Jill was fired because she made a fool of herself on television, and the viewers didn’t buy her act. She was a MEAN GIRL who always wanted to pretend she was the victim. She lost a friend because she didn’t feel properly appreciated-then wouldn’t accept her friend’s efforts to make it up to her.

    • If you take the names out of your story it could fit nearly any HW series. OC, BH, NJ. You know? Thats why im iffy on how much editing was involed with jill. The thing is.. the cancer thing happened, the refusing to speak to bethanny happened, and the dog show she was on. Hard to excuse that behavior editing or not.

      • funny Say What-when I was writing that post, I thought the same thing! Could be describing any of the HW’s shows!
        However…Jill was awful on twitter, she reviewed her own book under a fake name, she lied…she was just a fame whore gone overboard. Ramona was her friend and she tried so hard to paint her as a crazy drunk. I just can’t believe Andy is even entertaining bringing her back! If he does, I hope it’s on her own show so I can ignore it lol.

    • Camm, what really did it for me was the way Jill constantly tried to rewrite history. It chapped me the way she acted as if viewers had no brain. She thought if she repeated lies often enough that we were stupid enough to forget what she’d actually done and buy into her “version”.

  • I would not be surprised if we saw Jill back next season is some way. I don’t know why, but I can see them bringing her back as a “friend” of a wife. God knows they need to do something!

  • I never thought I’d say this- but I would prefer Jill to Ramona.

    I actually think the season would have been more enjoyable if Ramona wasn’t on it.

    • I actually think Jill AND Ramona together is the only way the show is any good. Jill makes Ramona look a little more sane.. While Ramona makes jill go crazy.. lol

  • I may not have liked Jill per se but I liked to watch her. I had mad sympathy for her after hate blogs sprouted up and bloggers got involved in the show just to hurt her. But I also liked Alex.

  • she lied about Bethenny knowing Bobby had cancer- all she said was he was having a procedure. Anyone who lies about cancer doesn’t get a second or in Jill’s case a 14th chance with me EVER not after what it has done to my family. so say your formal goodbye and go away get a hobby and never appear on my tv screen again.

    • True, i forgot about that. I still cant help but wonder how much of this is editing though. But then i remember that dog show Jill was on when she basicly humiliated her friend because her dog peed indoors. That was terrible!

      • She is still out there making comments about how the show is uninteresting now, how the ratings have dropped, how Bravo made a huge mistake firing her, etc. She claims to be supportive, but just as she showed with Bethenny, she cannot be supportive of people having more success than her. I’m sure she is a nice-(ish) person in real life, but it seems evident that “fame” brings out the worst in her.

    • Eek, so true. Jill, YOU ARE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF! Go back to being whatever it was you were before the housewives, since according to you, whatever that was was splendid.

    • It airs monday. Pre-recorded. Probably because they cant trust Jill on live TV. She will blurt out crazy shit and make Andy Cohen look bad. He cant have that LOL

  • What. The. F*ck. why are they even giving her the time of day? She got fired……and here she is basically begging for her job back!! Give me a friggin break!!!

    She looks so desperate. I hope Andy doesn’t back down.

    • Normally I agree with you Srt_3 (#teamteresa) and I know I’m in the minority here, but I actually like Jill. I always found her direct attitude refreshing. And she & Ramona always gave eachother a run for their money. I’d rather her be there than CrayCray Aviva.

        • it’s true. i don’t like jill but she did bring entertainment to the show with her antics but maybe her antics is what got her fired. she was trying to get bethanny off the show and it backfired. she does seem desperate now trying to get back on and still feeling hurt over the firing. it’s really ridiculous up to this point. she needs to just move on like the rest of the housewives that have been fired or left over the years.

      • They need to being Jill back. He got in my very last nerve but homegirl had personality!! These 3 new girls have the personality of head of lettuce!!!

    • I would not go so far as to say im team Jill. But I look at Jill differently after watching the past two seasons of RHONJ. I feel like i’ve learned a lot about editing and how they set up scenes etc.. I also know that Bethenny is very good friends with Andy Cohen.. They have more than a working relatonship.. they are friends outside of the show. I also think that blogger Lynchichicago played a big part. She bullied, blackmailed and stalked Jill Z! Imuncomfortable with that. I dont like Jac but I would never stalk her to the extent that Lynn did Jill. That was on the “crazy” level.

      I’m reeling in my Jill hate. If i had the time I would re-watch the last season to see if i have the same opinion of Jill knowing what i now know about producers, editing etc..

      • I normally dont comment on forums but I am defending
        Lynn who died by the way this summer. I was a loyal fan of her blog at first it was just jokes about Jill but she eventually changed the name and stopped mentioning her. It was mostly show recaps and SHE Lynn was harassed and lost her job because of some drama involving Jill I believe and was having issues. She left a young son and family so please do not speak I’ll of her without facts and respect the dead. Jill was a bully and Lynm poked fun. She has strong opinions but Jill is a big girl and can dish a lot more. RIP Lynn I miss her and her blog so much.

        • yes, it’s always sad when someone dies. especially when they have family and friends that miss them. passing away is still no excuse with what type of life you’ve lived and what type of personality you had. from what i understand lynn wasn’t a saint when she was on this earth. there’s alot of things i’ve heard of what she has done and she can be considered a bully as well. you want to be a loyal friend and fan of lynn then i respect that. just don’t forget that lynn took part in many dramatics.

      • what did lynn do other than what we do on here? trolling away lol i never followed her blog that closely.

        • She did a lot more then trolling. But I wont go into it considering she passed away. I disagree with the above poster and I have good reason too but i’m not going to argue over it. Probably a lot of the information still on google if you really want to look it up.

  • Well this for you Jill Andy did not let you say good-by. Will Good-by and don’t let the door hit you in your a$$.