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RHOC’s Brooks Ayers Allegations Retracted by ABC’s ’20/20′

A few months back ABC’s ’20/20′ ran a segment on the notorious boyfriend of Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson, Brooks Ayers. In the segment, Brooks was exposed by his ex-girlfriend and mother of their son for being a deadbeat dad! Now, ’20/20′ is retracting the claims made on their show in a new public statement.

Shortly after the segment aired, Brooks took legal action against ABC for what they had aired about him being a deadbeat dad. It looks like Brooks has finally caught a break because ’20/20′ released the following retraction about Brooks:

This is a follow-up to a 20/20 report broadcast June 29, 2012 concerning Brooks Ayers of “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

The report said, among other things, that Ayers had left his former girlfriend Nicolette Catanzarite with unpaid medical bills relating to the birth of their son Joey in December 2008, that Ayers had not visited or communicated with Joey since he was 5 or 6 months old, and that Catanzarite had been unable to locate Ayers until he was first referred to on “Real Housewives” in 2011.

We want to clarify that Ayers’ insurance paid for most of Joey’s medical expenses arising from the birth, although not Catanzarite’s; that Ayers provided rent money and certain other expenses to Catanzarite for a time after Joey was born; and that Ayers saw Joey a number of times after their break-up in May 2009, the last being July or August 2010 when Joey was 19 or 20 months old. We also wanted to clarify that Ayers and Catanzarite have communicated periodically since that time, and that when Catanzarite was in California in January 2012, she met with Ayers and his girlfriend.

In a statement to ABC, Ayers says that he “hopes to resolve his disputes with Nicolette soon.”

So basically, all that Nicolette said on ’20/20′ has been found legally incorrect because it forced the show to release this retraction! Do you still think Brooks is a deadbeat dad?

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  • I will admit that seeing 20/20 make several retractions shows some false accusations, but it is so so sad to hear he’s has not seen his son in 2 years. Come on Brooks, make the effort please.

    • But we dont know if he hasnt seen his son in 2 years. Should we believe 20/20 a second time? They ran with an obiously shady story and then printed a shady retraction lol

      Could be that she is now allowing him to see the child. Could be that he has seen the child. who knows. I do know for a fact that Indiana is hard on child support. They will haul your ass to jail, take your licence and put a lien on your car and home. You cant just blow child support off. So there is still more to this story!

      • You have a point. Now knowing that the 20/20 story were full of lies, how much can we actually trust. I truly hope he’s been in his child’s life, especially given the Mother’s issues.

  • The news media must fact check, it is the first rule of journalism. When they do not it can hurt people out there who need to know real news, like what is going on in our economy and with social security, etc. I do not trust the majority of news with the exception of The Young Turks, who really get facts. I also trust AARP. What this has done is given him a chance to look like he has been somewhat falsely accused and maybe score some money from 20/20. I don’t see him as someone I would trust and by the way I live in the South and I certainly believe he comes off as fake and truly like a con artist. i wouldn’t trust him, but that’s me. The affirmations are just too much, words can be beautiful, but they mean nothing without the actions to back them up.

  • These comments are exactly the reason he should sue and get a settlement from 20/20. Here they retract their story, confirm that he paid for the health care and child support and visited his son and the majority of people still say he’s a deadbeat dad. We don’t know why or even for sure if he has not seen his son recently. Could she be refusing him access? We don’t know, but because they laid out the accusation and broadly publicized it, well even their retraction does not undo the damage they did to his reputation.

    And of course, that retraction is short compared to the accusation and will get far less publicity. The only way to get the word out that they were wrong to as broad an audience as heard the accusation is through a legal settlement large enough to get coverage on many media sites – as many as carried the accusations.

    • Truth! Rather you like Brooks or not.. 20/20 needs to be held accountable for what they did. Including the fake photo they were dumb enough to print in the retraction lol!

    • The child is almost 4 years old and he visited a handful of times. I’m sorry but despite your lack of relationship with the mother, that child did nothing to you and is still your child. So, brooks still needs to be apart of his life. Not just whenever he feels like it. He doesn’t even pay child support. And someone on here made a good point: this woman has other children that she doesn’t have custody of, yet brooks has no problem having a “casual” relationship with his own son in her care. That is off! If he had a paternal bone in his body, he would be more present. It’s not like he has anything else to do other than parade on reality shows.

  • Sorry people but i’m going to have to disagree with a majority here. I’m a single parent of a son who’s father is a dead beat dad so I know What thats like. In this case everyone was bashing this guy from the sun to the moon for being a deadbeat. Stating that he never paid anything. All of this should of been disclosed from the get go because now 20/20 and the housewives damanged his character far worse than had they just put out the whole truth. I think it’s terrible he hasn’t seen his kid, however again we do not know the circumstances. I would not continue to judge him until you know for a fact that he hasn’t seen his kid and why that is. If he didn’t well it’s shameful but not enough to label him scum of the earth because there are far worse parents out there thatn him who don’t even do half as much of what he did in the beginning.

    • I agree. I called BS on 20/20 when they aired the story. The mother is a very shady lady.. she has multiple names, court cases, spent time in jail. Has like four children and lost custody of everyone of the kids but BROOKS son. She flat out LIED to 20/20 so who knows what the real truth is.

      Tamra was all over twitter talking shit about this and helping to ruin this man with no proof at all! Tamra should have to run a retraction and an apology for being part of this as well.

      • 20/20 was wrong for running that story and he has every right to sue and win. However, the fact that the mother of his child has been deemed an unfit parent four times and he still neglects him and is not an hands on father directly speaks to his dead beat, douchebaggery traits.

  • I have a friend who’s ex-husband has not paid his child support in a year. He has been an absentee parent, and the result is a very messed up 16 year old. These parents have no idea the long term effect.

    • The best part of the story is the photo 20/20 used! They used a photo that photoshopped brooks son into it. So they once again, with the retraction didnt do their homework. LAZY LOL

  • He’s a sleeze.. there’s something about him he’s an oppertunist, and a money greedy….deadbeat dad….

  • He saw his son a handful of times over how many years??? YES this low life is still a deadbeat sperm donor!

  • O my goodness, if Brooks did not want his business out there. Then he needs to stay out of the camera’s. And the only reasons Brooks is going after 20/20 is because he wants money that way you don’t have to work. From the first time he got on housewives he was nothing but a player.

    • No, he went after them because they took a story to air that was full of lies and untruth. You cant just go on national TV and ruin someones reputation with lies. Thats illegal! That is why he went after 20/20 and WON!

      But he’s still a shady shady con artist IMO!

    • yeah but if the business being put out there is untrue, I don’t blame him for fighting it. I don’t think anyone here is saying he’s father of the year; obviously he’s not. And the mother may be a liar, but people in custody/support battles have been known to lie. The fault lies squarely on 20/20. It is their responsibility as a journalist to investigate the claims they are making, not just take someone’s word for it. Otherwise, they are no better than the “reality” tv show they are reporting on.

  • Sorry, but he’s still a scum of a man. There is something about him…….

    20/20 should have done their homework better before airing that segment.

    • I totally agree. While I think that Brooks is a shady scumbag, I feel like it isn’t fair to run a story like that and then just sort of have an under the radar retraction. Most people will hear the story and believe it and never even know their was a retraction and if I was someone that 20/20 threw under the bus like that I would be furious!!!!!!!!!!

  • He last saw his son in August of 2010. It is October of 2012….yeah he’s still a deadbeat in my book. Maybe not an uber deadbeat but still a deadbeat.

    • Agree, hasn’t seen his son in 2 years, very critical years! His ex lied, he should go after her instead of 20/20. Crooks is out for money, still won’t make him a better dad.

      • Yes, but before airing something on 20/20, they are supposed to validate that the information given to them, is indeed correct. Not just air whatever people tell them.

        • I would like to take this moment and say I TOLD YOU ALL SO! I dont like Brooks.. but i knew this story was bogus. The ex was just as dirty as brooks.. they were two pees in a pod! Fake names, everyone of her kids had a different dad.. she didnt have custody of ANY of her children but for brooks son.. Way too much dirt and shady shit to be portraying yourself on national TV as a victim.

          • You would think the fact the she has lost/given away custody of all her other children would make him pay more attention to his child.

    • Haha- uber deadbeat.

      Yeah, still definitely a deadbeat. This retraction says nothing but that his ex exagerrated the facts. Not ok, and not cool 20/20, but Brooks is still a loser.