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PHOTOS: Joe Giudice Allegedly Cheated In Atlantic City According To Eyewitness!

The cheating allegations keep coming in for Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice! His wife Teresa has just confirmed that Joe does not cheat in an exclusive interview with AllAboutTRH, but now an eyewitness is claiming she has proof Joe cheated.

According to Radar Online, a woman named Rosie Jones from Georgia was vacationing in Atlantic City, NJ on September 23, 2012 when she saw Joe Giudice gambling on the slot machines in the early morning hours. Teresa was out of town that day in Charlotte, NC for an appearance. According to the source, Rosie, Joe was seen getting close to a woman and he ended up getting into a cab with her to an unknown destination.

Rosie tells Radar Online, “I walked into Harrah’s bar around five in the morning and saw Joe Giudice conversing with a young girl. I know it wasn’t Teresa. She looked more like a working girl, although I can’t prove it. They walked out of the bar together to a more secluded area in the casino and played the slot machines for a bit.”

The source adds that the two got a little frisky and ended up going home together. “Joe’s friend came over and she sat on his lap and then Joe started rubbing her face and stroking her hair. Joe had his arm around the girl and as they walked off to grab a cab together I heard his friend say something like, ‘Life is great,'” explains the source.

The photos this source provided are below:

I am by no means a Joe Giudice fan. I think he makes amazing TV and he CRACKS me up, but I do think he should be less harsh with his words especially towards his family. Now here’s my take on this whole story: The girl is clearly one of the cocktail waitresses that go around asking gamblers if they want to have a beer. I find it really bizarre that even though this source had her camera phone snapping his every more, we are mysteriously missing the incriminatory pictures of the lady friend sitting on Joe’s lap. This could even be a Joe look-a-like for all we know. We also don’t have pictures of Joe stroking her hair and we have no picture evidence that this woman got in the cab with Joe. Although it looks like there might be someone in the back seat of this cab, to me it looks like Joe is shutting the door with no intention of getting in himself. How convenient that there aren’t photos of the juicy stuff, pun intended!

I know that there have been many stories about Joe cheating, but I think this may be an attempt at making him look guilty that falls very short. What are your thoughts? Do you think this eyewitness really has dirt on Joe or did she create a story out of nothing?

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  • I’m convinced that Teresa herself (or one of her clones/fans/friends/same thing) is responsible for releasing these photos to ROL, the same way she did last year of the OTHER Joe “lookalike” that was taken at last year’s fashion show.

    The ROL story about Melissa shoplifting when she was in HIGH SCHOOL came from Teresa. Not one LEGITIMATE news source was interested in this story, and it would take a real moron to assume that anyone would be. (Which, it turns out, nobody was.)

    It looks to me as if Teresa is ROL’s current favorite source.

    Also, lately Teresa has been making a lot of noise about leaving Joe “only if he cheats.” How convenient would it be if she had an excuse to dump him (with her fans’ encouragement, of course lol), before he’s sent to prison?

    And not only that, but here’s one more thing for her to blame Jacqueline for. Or Melissa. Or Caroline. Or whoever she hates the most this week.

    After the reunion, I seriously doubt that too many people will be talking about Teresa Giudice anymore.

    IMO this is a last-ditch and VERY DESPERATE attempt for her to get attention, and we all know by now that Teresa isn’t too choosy about what KIND of attention she gets.

    And no, it doesn’t take a “genius” to plot and plan stupid shit like this. It’s the type of nonsense that high school mean girls can dream up at the drop of a hat.

    • I think she’s playing the same kind of games with ROL that she played with In Touch, only now she’s doing it for free.

  • Is this a fucking joke? Those are photos of Joe playing slots alone and then a woman walking up to him asking a question. Probably if he is Joe Giudice. Seriously this is stupid. I am going to need sexting pictures or pictures of him making out with another girl or I’m not taking this seriously. Come on.

  • There was no reply button on the post I wanted to reply to!!!

    This is to “Annoyed”

    UM……do you know Jacqueline personally to know/think she is the sweetest person on earth????? I think she’s disgusting and what she is doing to her son is pure exploitation. She needs to actually work on her ‘action plan’ to help her son….not just tweet about it.

  • National Enquirer has a ‘ story’ out about Joe cheating with a 24 year old college student, Stoopid Housewives just posted the article… LMAO!!

    Seriously Jacqueline and Melissa, you both are really making fools out of yourselves with this shit!!!

    • Jaco is full speed with trying to trash Teresa. I have said it before, but Jaco is obsessed with Teresa. She will stop at nothing in my opinion.

    • it could Mrs. R. Remember their were both there for the reunion and the two casinos are only less then a mile apart you can look it up on Mapquest. This also got me thinking that this supposed incident happen about 17 days ago. Why not come out sooner with these pictures. Dont most cheating stories come out within a couple of days of the incident.

  • I really think these cheating allergations are just getting more insane my the minute. THe pictures prove nothing. If anyone has been a casino before you would know that people stand behind others (that they don’t even know) all the time. How do we even know that a girl was in that cab. U can not tell who was in their or if anyone was in there

    Secondly, I will admit that the vineyard scence was not good on joe part for calling Teresa names, but I think that people neeed to remember what was happening in Teresa and joe life at the time. Remember this was filmed over a year ago. At this time in their life the money problems their were dealing with, the charges againt Joe for the driver liscense thing. They were going through alot and I sure the last thing that Joe wanted to do was go on this trip but was obligated to go for contract reason.

    Lastly people have to remember what Richie said about the whole Kathy taste like fish comment. He went of twitter and said that is not what he said and it was edited that way. What makes people think that Joe conversation was not edited to make it look that way (no way he should call anyone that name). I guess I think it is crazy that some people think it is ok for one person words to be edited but not someones else.

    The bottom line is I will not beleive it, until some girl comes out and has proof (other then joe playing some slots) that she has been with Joe.

  • *LOL* OMG..he got caught! First pic, a fan is watching him play the machines..happens all the time in AC..I hate when people hang at my neck! Second pic, it looks like she gave him a piece of paper for an autograph. WHAT a cheater he is!!! Third pic, he is signing the pic! He is really CAUGHT NOW!! *LOL* Fourth pic, he is at a car..that is not the same girl..she has a white skirt on..the white there is the car seat. The black part might even be a garment back that he was probably putting in or taking out..BIG DEAL!!! WOW and that last pic it looks like he came back to gamble..SO WHAT??? Those pics surely do not portray the intimate encounter that was described hahaha..nice try though!!!

  • I see a set up.

    I see a woman walking up to Joe. Perhaps she said to him, “excuse me, can you walk me to my cab, I think I’m being followed?”

    We don’t know how this woman got Joe out of his chair to walk her to her cab, but I do know, this is clearly a set up. Joe looks too engaged with his game.

    Something about the photos above smells of bullshit all over them.

  • WTF are those picture supoose to prove?? LMAO!!!

    Oh Jacqueline you are really reaching now, give it a freakin rest and TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD!!!

  • I can not get how T’s fans can be so blind!! I can somewhat understand if they defended T but to defend Joe this is beyond me!
    He keeps insulting her and her children on camera so you can only imagin what happens behind closed door.
    I was on his side until that phone call in the vineyard… a blind deaf animal can tell he is cheating let alone humen!

    I think T is deeply hurt but she doesn’t want to shatter the perfect image of a beautiful family she worked hard to create!
    She gonna drag it until another evidance emerges, and since it is joe I think it is only a matter of time before he doe it again.

    • sana,ITA, I think Tre knows exactly whats going on, I’m certain she is deeply hurt and embarrassed. She has the support of twitter and fb followers and unfortunately they tell her exactly what she wants to hear. Defending Joe doesn’t make any sense at all. There are constant excuses for his poor behavior/treatment of Tre and his daughters, I’m not even gonna go into his legal issues,fraud,forgery,slumlord,DWI’s etc. Listen up, Tre followers help your girl out she really needs to admit there’s a problem before she can recover!

  • My opinion only but, I think this season campaign was to make Teresa look so bad and try to turn all her fans against her. Andy could get rid of her, or sign her again for less money; that didn’t work. Now, they have to step it up and try to find any dirt they think might stick. Just these last few weeks, it’s been one story or another.. Teresa twisted my arm, called my daughter ugly, her husband hits on me, etc.I will bet money that Andy is behind it… Truly sickening!

    • I don’t understand why many Tre followers think Bravo has to set Tre up to make her look bad in order to fire her? It doesn’t make sense.
      Can’t Bravo or Andy just fire her, kinda like Donald Trump ‘you’re fired’! Bravo fired Alexis,Jill,Kelly etc. I was a Tre fan in season 1 and part of 2,lots of ex Tre fans say it was the treatment of Danielle that made them change their mind about Tre, that’s exactly why I changed my mind about her. It had nothing to do with how Tre was portrayed by Bravo or editing.

      • Like I said; my opinion only. It would make sense to fire her if she was not popular. I was a fan of Caroline & Jacqueline also until I saw how they treated Teresa. Their treatment of Danielle was not any better.Again, only my own opinion.

  • Joe Giudice may be boorish, obnoxious, rude, and disrespectful but he is NOT stupid. I very highly doubt especially with his recent notariety and the phone call that if he was cheating on T he would be in a casino in Atlantic City where he would get recognized.

  • How is it not one of these pictures are in focus? Not one. There are a lot of Jersey guidos that hang in Vegas. Could have been anyone. If I’m gonna tip off Radar Online I would have a clear pic to back my story up.

  • Unfortunately, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg with stories like this. First Gia being bullied, now this. My opinion is because Tre is finally fighting back and spilling the dirt on Messy, Jachole, Kathy & Chuckie, they are going to keep coming at her with both barrels blazing. One of these lame ladies (using the term “ladies” loosely) or all of them will be the “source” for all these stories. I predict story after story painting her in a bad light. The bullying will continue until they can get her to quit the show.

  • and the blurry pics just now come out when reunion was shot a year ago….nice try- she looks like a waitress.

  • Joe may not be a MENSA member, but he’s not an idiot. If he was going to cheat it wouldn’t be at a Bravo sponsored event. Not Joe.

  • She doesn’t look like a waitress to me. She’s holding a purse in the top pic and she has no drink tray. And when I was there six months ago, the drink servers were wearing black skirts and white button up tops? With black shoes and black hose.

  • This story is bullshit! Joe was with Teresa on September 23rd,as far as I see it! She has a pic up of her and Joe both with Fabeliini bottle that day on her twitter. And it could not have been him cheating in the wee hours prior to, because they were all over the place, getting ready for NC, in Laguardia airport earlier that day.. RadarOnline sucks I think.

  • This “source” is clearly looking for her “15 minutes” and unfortunately we just gave it to her. That is NOT Joe G, looks A LOT like him from what i can tell (the pics of his face, up close, are “conveniently” blurry) when “he” is sitting down at the slot machine, whomever that man is, he is thinner than Joe G. And you can tell that almost immediately in that particular picture. It can be his brother whom I have seen (in pics) sitting down and he is thinner then Joe G. I find it so freakin sad that people want to constantly say he is a cheater and upset Teresa and her family. SO OVER THIS! Lets ask this “source” where are the pics of this girl sitting in his lap and hair stroking? Lets ask this source “hey, sweet pea, since you were there, did you not recognize a cocktail server when you see one with your own eyes??! Hello?” She has an obvious drink tray in her hands in the one picture. This source (and I really hate to name call but it cant be helped) is an idiot.

      • Melissa and her hagholes are bombarding the tabloids with negative stories about the Guidices this week to change the focus off oh her shoplifting.

  • This is beyond stupid. If this “source” thinks this is proof, she needs her head examined. I see nothing, we don’t even know if this is Joe. This cast doesn’t know what to do about the fact that they all tried to destroy T and her marriage and they failed. Since when it is her fault if he is cheating? Why trash her about it? This “source” is faking a desperate attempt to discredit Joe and I don’t believe a word she says and I would tell her to her face, she’s full of shit. She’s probably one of Melissa’s ugly sisters. Those low life bitches would do anything to make the Giudice’s look bad.

  • How do we know this isnt a fan that wanted to take a pic or talk to him? To me it looks like she was gambling herself and then goes over to him. The one pic above looks likr hes gambling alone on a table. Im pretty sure juicy doesnt gamble alone, hes always with people. This story is such shit and its getting so old now. NEXT

    • “A freaking prostitution whore tray!” 🙂 LOL just kidding… I’m sure maybe Joe was ordering a drink and nothing extra “to go” LOL 🙂

    • “she looks like a working girl”…..

      Ummm yeah a flippin waitress….Thanks for pointing that out….you can totally see the tray in her hand in 3 of the 5 shitty shots….

      Still can’t make out who the male in the picture is….

      again, if someone had not read previously that it was Juicy in the photo, you wouldn’t be able to discern who it is….

      Mehog is getting desperate….

    • Are you blind ??! that is a bag in the firt pic of the girl!!!
      where is this “tray” in the second and third pictures of the girl >.>”

  • As a few others have said, this is obviously a waitress…she is obviously holding a tray in the first picture as she is walking up to him. It is getting so ridiculous the length these people will go to! Radar sucks!

  • These photos are terrible and it’s sad because one quality shot could be so damning. Instead, it’s easy to dismiss the story completely because the evidence is so flimsy.

    I think the real story here is what compelled “Rosie from Georgia” to stalk this maybe Joe from RHONJ? I doubt anyone paid for these craptastic photos (not even an official signature, I mean autograph! to verify it’s him?)

    In order to gain this array of snapshots from start to finish of his visit… and the creepy one where “Rosie” is positioned directly across from maybe Joe at the table? That’s a lot of time committed to tailing this maybe Joe while “on vacation”. I know Halloween is around the corner, but lay off the spooky creeper vibe “Rosie.”

  • I don’t know if he cheats or not, but this is not proof to me that he cheats. I would never leave my marriage over hear say, you could tell me allday long that he cheats but the only way I would leave my husband if if I saw with my own eyes and they would have to totally be in the act.

  • if someone were to show me just those pictures, i couldn’t tell you who they were from adam.

    it’s a bullshite story…..

    • Hoolie, I think so also. I just saw a pic of her and Joe from that day. They went to NC together, and prior to arriving , they had other things they did together.

  • THIS IS MELISSA, JACQUELINE OR CAORLINE,,HECK EVEN CHRIS.. Someone is wathcing him to make a mistake. he looks interested in the slots.. watress or a freindly someone that recongizes him…so he was nice to walk her to the cab, who knows she could have been drunk wtf does he have to be a cheater. he can not talk to ladies. my god this is too much for me. its not about the show anymore know its attacks on family and kids. i thnk we need to ban internet. its ruining lives.

    • I would hope Chris is too busy with the “wildly-successful” Blk to worry about Joe Giudice! LOL patty 🙂

    • Patty- right after reunion filmed, we go to cheat in Atlantic City? This shit is comical. All the ladies who have secrets coming to light about their own issues, say certain things at reunion, then we have this?? These people are so obvious.

      • And we’re to believe that someone was sitting on this for over two weeks?

        As if viewers won’t be able to put the pieces together. What bothers me the most is that they think we’re dumb enough to fall for their bs. The NERVE!

        • I know! That was the day of part 1 reunion, Teresa and Joe were together . If you look at her twitter, you can see. Im pretty sure he travelled with her to NC.

          • He did travel with her to NC. There were pictures floating around on the internet taken with Teresa and Joe.

            This crap is never ending, somone really wants us to be sidetracked. The only question is which one and why???

          • @Jan- who knows? It could easily be any one of them, very sad that this is what their lives have come to and pathetic!

  • Well, if everything the witness says is true, he would have to be the absolute worst cheater. He just got called out for it on a highly televised show and now he’s just going about it in public?

    Looks like a waitress to me. But nice try, Rosie Jones. I hope you at least made a few bucks off the pics.

    • JoeFatPig is the absolute worse cheater! Remember the phone call, he forgot about his mic? I know the Tre followes probably believe he really was talking to Al the pizza guy, but 95% of the viewers believe he was lying. I don’t believe this story though. It really does suck for Tre to have to deal with this made up story. Whether she admits or not she has to have some idea that Joe is a cheater or has cheated, it has to keep her super stressed, not only that these made up stories are going to confuse her, when he actually is cheating she could possibly think, oh this is another made up story’ when its really not made up and his sorry ass is cheating. People please quit making up fake stories you’re going to confuse Tre and she’ll never catch the cheating pig!!

  • While the pictures does not prove Joe is cheating. However I do believe he does cheat on Teresa. Like they say when there is smoke there is fire. It is not a women who works at the casino and brings drinks. I have been to Harrahs many times and they were outfits. The women is wearing something casual.

  • These pics r laughable. They show nothing but joe playing a few slot games by himself, and maybe having a word with a random person, who might even be a man in drag….they are blurry, there are no details. And he appears to be acting very casual. This is a joke!

  • I guess Teresa was too busy answering your questions about Jacqueline and Chris and his cheating to give radaronline a statement about Juicy’s latest “scandal”….

  • The pictures don’t show/prove anything.

    Radar is a the worst gossip site. They print stories of disgruntled housewives, like Mel and Adrienne keeps trying to put stuff there on Brandi & Lisa. The fans see through the lies.

  • Did they not shoot the reunion in Atlantic City I think this is where it is. These Photos does not prove a damn thing I agree that this falls short.

    • Did I do something wrong? My comment has been awaiting moderation for quite awhile even though numerous others with later time stamps have been published. I apologize if I expressed my opinion here incorrectly.

        • Okay, I might be mistaken then because all I see is “awaiting moderation” and I started to feel nervous. LOL. I don’t want to be banned or anything. This site is great and I love the perspectives. 🙂 thanks michers 🙂

          • It was probably a glitch on the site.

            There were problems on here last night as well, all of the posts were mixed up and the responses were on their own at the bottom of the page, and all kinds of fun stuff. It was rectified about an hour later.


      • mine did the same recently…weird just started doing the “awaiting thing” I have been commenting for months.

        • Thanks for sharing Julie, I was feeling bad that maybe I broke a rule or something, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. Thank you. 🙂

  • They keep putting these Joe is cheating on Teresa stories out there like they have something serious on her such as an open warrant for an arrest.

    • So true. It’s getting lame. It’s also convenient that’s it’s coming out now as oppose to last month when the reunion taped. Fake staged paid Juicy lookalike. The guy is to slim to be Juicy.

  • I’m sorry but that is not Joe, it don’t even look like him. if you look in the first picture this guy is a lot more thinner that joe.

  • Am I the only one who can’t even be sure it is him because the pictures are too blurry?! These prove absolutely nothing.

  • pics are lame story is too. this sounds so jac inspired. she covering her trail by bombarding the media w joe cheating, joe going to jail, tre issues from a-z.

    pathetic thing is, none of those bitchez are the least bit interesting if they aren’t somehow bringing Teresa into it. So when Tre says they are jealous,,, I have to agree.

    Jac take care of your kid,, get off twitter, and lay off the juice. mehor- go take a bath. kathy, you have quite a nasty mouth on you, and proved in on the reunion.

    and chucky- take yourself and your band of sad sacks (your kids and husband) into the sunset, you are a delusional bully.

    • Hi Pinkie, nice to see you posting, haven’t seen you on here in a while.

      Doesn’t this show disgust you, it has gotten so dark and ridiculous. Thank goodness that there is only one week left. This destroy Teresa storyline has worn itself out.

      • Hi Jan She… nice to be back,,, this show is so difficult to justify continuing.
        I have told myself if they do not get rid of Chuckie and Jac, I am out.

  • Melissa probably paid the source. Oh, wait that’s what M’s followers usually say. I think that those photos prove absolutely nothing, except that I guy that kind of looks like Joe G was gambling.

    I could care less if Joe cheats or doesn’t cheat. Their marriage is their business.

  • proves nothing! The bitches putting these stories out there need to remember KARMA is a bitch, and they’re about to be smacked with it

  • Honestly, while I’m not convinced either way whether he is cheating (and honestly I don’t care, that is their buisness) I really don’t see these pictures as incriminating. It just looks like he is ordering a drink in the casino pictures, and it doesn’t look like he is even getting in the cab, or that there is even a girl in there.

    • Why should anyone care if he does or does not cheat? All this shows is that Melissa or Bravo or someone is trying to destroy Tre.

  • If he does cheats, teresa must know, but who cares! If she’s ok with it I’m not going to judge her for it. She’s a good wife and mom she will have no issue moving on once she realizes she’s too good for him. So many traditional Italian marriages are like this, the men cheat n the wife turn their bk for the sake of their children, money and love

  • While I don’t doubt that Joe has cheated and/or does cheat on Teresa because I do believe that he has, these pictures are laughable. They prove nothing. Awfully convenient that none of the details recounted in this story is conveyed in these pictures. Someone needs to step their “I hate Teresa” game up.

    • EXACTLY! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t cheated on her as well… I HOPE he has not…. but, these pictures prove NOTHING other than some girl walked up and talked to him at a casino which I’m sure happens 75% of the time when he goes out in public… these are laughable

    • Rach, your comment is spot on and I agree with both you and southernbell. I wouldn’t be shocked either, but stop mocking us with ridiculous non-proof.

    • Exactly !! Another attempt to slander and hurt Teresa !! Wouldn’t surprise me if Melissa is somehow behind this. The source say’s “Joe’s friend came over and she sat on his lap and then Joe started rubbing her face and stroking her hair” …..how come no pictures of this !!! She got pics of them talking , thats it !! If anything else had happened she surely would’ve snapped a pic of it !! I call BS !!

      • Come to think of it, if I were to see Melissa out in public AND there happened to be a police office next to her, I might release that photo too (LOL)…………just because I can’t stand her. Who knows, this could be a delusional Melissa fan………

    • Agreed! I have always had a sneaking suspicion that Juicy Joe isn’t completely. However, it doesn’t change my opinion of Tre. And this pics prove NOTHING. The man resembles Joe but they are so blurry it could be anybody.

  • This is really absurd already!! All these b*tches have on Teresa is Joe is cheating on you! Who the f*ck cares!!!!! If teresa either chooses to live like this or shoves her head up her a** and pretends it is not happening how is that anyone elses business but hers???? Why do they keep thinking they can put stories out there of Joe cheating on Teresa and thats going to hurt her image?

      • Thank you Jesus! Someone finally say’s it like it is……WHO CARES IF HE CHEATED! No body cares REALLY! By te looks of the pics, the girl is answering a question or visaversa, he looks like he’s pointing to the machine, and the last pic he looks as if he putting her into a car and shutting the door with her in and himself out. Rader GIVE IT UP BORING!!!!!!!

      • http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/season-4/videos/a-broken-family

        WATCHING THIS CLIP! Makes me so sad and mad as hell. How dare Joey blame everything on Teresa. Fuckin dirtbag, and Jacqueline needs to butt out! She should be SOCKED in her fucked up BOTOX FACE. Who the hell is she to butt in? Chris needs to put her in a mental institute! I can’t stand her now more than ever. She needs to get fired already! Before I thought she should stay, but Andy needs to rip her apart after this. Can’t stand these people. Poor Teresa! She has the shittiest friends and the worst family ever. SHAME.

        • I find it weird that Jacqueline has 574.1K followers on Twitter now when she only had around 400,000 before. Did she pay to get twitter followers? She unblocked me, too. What a weird one.

          • Yes, she did. Clearly. Instead of paying attention to her son she is twittering about him like he wasn’t even a real person. Imagine how thrilled he would be to know his mother spends all day discussing his cognitive abilities with Strangers on twitter, instead of doing what she needs to do for him. Do you understand the difference, Jacqueline? Explain to us exactly how tweeting about autism all f**ing day is helping your SON? You are embarrassing him and using him as yet another excuse to pump up your ego. get your wasted ass off of twitter and volunteer at his school, take him to play, you know, the shit that all of us mothers do every freaking day.
            Your own husband said you are on the computer all day. You have everything backwards. Tweeting about autism in no way is going HELP YOUR SON. It might make you fell good about yourself, but it does NOT help him in any way. You are so self-centered that you can’t see that. You cow.

          • WTF
            Mego the Lying Stripper:
            UM are you serious? What is with this site? Where are all of you creepers coming from?
            Jacqueline is the sweetest, most down to Earth and humble girl on the show! You have got to be kidding me.
            Do you know her? Are you in her home everyday with her son? How dare you people even bring him up.
            You all disgust me.

    • JEN FOR PRESIDENT!!!! That’s the damn truth. First of all, I do not think that that’s Joe Giudice, his belly isn’t big enough. They just did the reunion, and he didn’t look much smaller to me. Maybe I’m not seeing something, but it doesn’t look like him. Also, I don’t get why people want to equate Joe cheating to Teresa being Satan. Am I missing something there also? IF he cheats, it’s not a reflection on her, it’s a reflection of his character. If she stays, it’s her marriage, her vows, her business. We’ve watched on family break up, I don’t get why people are so interested in watching another on disintegrate.

      • I find it funny that the only thing they can get her on is Joe is cheating. AND??? One would think she was the one with the open warrant for arrest.

        • How about Teresa defrauding the govt by not paying taxes, hiding assets etc. The.list goes on and on. And she’s not s liar right?

          • What are you talking about? Teresa doesn’t pay her taxes? I don’t think that would be true. If so Jacqueline would be tweeting about it. Hiding the assets, I don’t think she was guilty if that, however, since theyve removed their bankruptcy and are paying creditors, how is that relevant now?

          • Ok if we are going to go down this road, lets also talk about how Jac and Chris embezzling money for personal purposes and Chris and the Manzos stealing the idea for BLK. Why is it that eveyone wants to talk about Teresa and Joes legal issues but not anyone elses. Lets face it none of them are saints but it not fair to single them out. There is dirt out there on every one of these people. If you choose to believe everything that is said and not bother to research the facts then that’s your problem!

          • Oh sweet poor dear Cindi123 pay attention Teresa is going chapter 7 & paying ALL of her creditors back….Jacks is not & Please educate yourself…Have a happy day!

          • They removed her from the bankruptcy case because if she didn’t remove herself from it the FEDS were going to file bankruptcy fraud charges on her. But she’s not liar………NOT!!!

        • Yes, because getting caught stealing at 18 years old is the same as a 40 year old trying to fraudulently obtain a drivers license. Or committing bankruptcy fraud. Or not paying their creditors or business partners. I certainly don’t have any warm, fuzzy feelings for Melissa Gorga, but to imply the Giudices’ are squeaky clean is absurd.

          • @Tpal first nobody said the Guidices are squeaky clean but to be fair here everything you just said was Joe not Teresa. And the difference between a 40 year old and 18 year is the 40 year is taking responsobility forwhat HE did. The 18 year old now almost 40 year old committed a crime was arrested skipped town and left the state and to this day has never looked back and made it right. THAT’S SOME SHADY SHIT!!!

          • What do you mean bankruptcy fraud?!!!!
            When you file chapter 13 which is what they filed you do pay off all your creditors. There is no fraud involved. If you think for half a second you can commit fraud whil in bankruptcy, let me assure you you can’t! The only way out is to pay it off, ALL OFF.

        • Jen LOVE LOVE LOVE you ~ FROM ANDY & BRAVO’S FAVORITE SOURCE “Rosie tells Radar Online, “I walked into Harrah’s bar around five in the morning and saw Joe Giudice conversing with a young girl. I know it wasn’t Teresa. She looked more like a working girl, although I can’t prove it. They walked out of the bar together to a more secluded area in the casino and played the slot machines for a bit.” ~ So whats wrong with a Stripper or a Dancer SHAME SHAME SHAME on you Mr. BRAVO Andy TERESA has children are you happy Mr. Bravo? Do you sleep @ night Mr. Bravo?
          Yea you had no agenda casting Teresa sick sick Sister-in-law who is wanted in Florida, right ~ *I believe Teresa over a Stripper ~ Shoplifter ~ Great Casting! I’m with Dina These Gals Are CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

          • She looked like his waitress for God’s sake. Keep trying Melissa. Now you are saying he hit on you. Eight years ago. Because who could disprove that? Except for the fact that he hates your guts, what’s not to believe. You are irresistable. Maybe he saw you at Lookers with Joey and thought you were a common whore.

      • if he is cheating then he’s an idiot. all he’s doing is harming teresa more with his nonsense. to me it’s between teresa and him. it still doesn’t change the absolute fact that melissa is a two- faced backstabbing liar. nothing will ever change that.

        the pics also show that the camera person is creepy. looks like joe guidice has a stalker. who takes pictures like that unless that person is trying to capture something to sell. very suspicious photography.

        • It was probably lying Lysa after she stalked whoever that is, because she thought it was Joe Giudice. Heres an idea, why don’t they follow ALL of the housewives husbands around to see who cheats? Joe Giudice’s wife signed up for a reality show, not a witch hunt. But I know for a fact while were pointing and talking shit about Joe Giudice, he isn’t the only one double dipping. Why do you think he let it go so easily about Chris cheating or calling Jacqueline a stripper? I’ll tell you why, they were out whoring together. Joe ‘the hoe’ Gorga. Do you mean to make me think that that sex offender only raping his wife in front of his daughter. Hell Nawl, he’ll take it from whomever is willing to give it. Let’s not even bring up Albert Manzo. His ass was NOT at work he was at his apartment, over his job, with his girlfriend. Did anyone notice that uncomfortable look on Caroline’s face when Jacqueline was talking? She was looking like, why won’t this bitch STFU. She didn’t want stupid unstable Teresa is start blabbing or Joe to start co-signing, Melissa looked very whore in church sweaty during that exchange too.

          • What’s this about it possibly being lisalying. Sorry been out of the twitter loop for a while. I know she’s a massive Teresa fan but what’s the go there if you dont mind explaining.


          • MeHo, I believe Andrea is talking about Mel’s sister Lysa.
            Remember all the talk about the Marco hags and free rooms in Atlantic City for favours.


    • Jen, I love these comments from you! Aaannnnnndddd, walked into the bar or staggered? I do not believe someone walking INTO a bar at 5 in the morning is sober. This would also explain why the pictures look like the person taking them had beer goggles on… Just sayin’.

    • so no photos of anything the witnes said she saw? only innocent looking pictures? move along people…lmao

      • As soon as i read the headine, I blamed Jac Laurita for the story. She is trying to cover her own mess.

        If this person sat on Joes lap they would have the pictures of it. You take all these photos but miss the money shot? YA RIGHT

          • Uh oh. U might be onto something here. But even if you are this is Joe guidice about 30 lbs and 3.5 inches of hair ago. I think the person kind of looks like him, but I don’t think it’s him at all.

          • I really don’t think it looks like him. Not saying it’s impossible that he cheated; I don’t know and it’s really none of my business. But the hairline seems off and the guy looks way thinner. With pictures that blurry there’s no way to say for sure it’s him.

    • A magazine need to pay Danielle some money and have her publish Melissa’s FB messages and texts and she also need to spill some dirt on Jacqass.

    • The person is totally correct, that is a waitress pure and simple. If the person had the camera and was taking pictures where are the lap pictures or the caressing pictures? Someone is trying to set him up.

      • BIG TIME, wonder who it is.
        Mel OR Jac, my bet would be on both of them together.
        Chris is busy with Bleck and Caro is busy at the new apt in Holboken. Jac has plenty of time without her keepers watching over her.

    • Because they think that Teresa “lying to herself ” about her marriage translates into” Teresa is a liar” in their slow little minds.