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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Says Chris Has Cheated On Jac, Talks Her Family, And MORE!

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to EXCLUSIVELY interview Teresa Giudice and she doesn’t hold back! Teresa answers all the questions we’ve been dying to know! Teresa confirms that Jacqueline did tell her Chris cheated on her, answers if Gia has been bullied since appearing on The Real Housewives, talks her family, and more! Check it out after the jump

Have you talked to any of the housewives since the reunion wrapped?
No. I haven’t spoke to any of them.

Is it true that Jacqueline told you Chris Laurita previously cheated on her?
Yes. She did. Chris was never allowed to go out with my husband unless they played poker at each other’s houses. I think they might have went out once the whole time I was friends with Jacqueline and I remember Joe telling me Jacqueline wouldn’t stop calling Chris. The only thing Chris is allowed to do is play cards. My husband is allowed to go out with the guys and that’s fine because I go out with the girls and we trust each other. I don’t like talking about other people’s marriages but I’m not going to bite my tongue and say nothing while Jacqueline continues to talk about my marriage to strangers on twitter. (Jacqueline has messaged viewers and has spoken about Joe cheating on Teresa on twitter several times.) This is not something I would make up because I’m not the type of person to do that. Jacqueline and I even have a mutual friend who was going through something with her husband and Jacqueline told our friend how to track her husband through GPS and how to put a memory card on there phone so that she would have access to her husbands stuff and I was shocked because I didn’t even know you could do half of that! And she knew all that stuff because she would do that with Chris.

Did you ever tell Jacqueline that Joe cheated on you?
I never told Jacqueline any of that. If I had proof of Joe cheated on me, I wouldn’t be with him. I’m just not made that way. I know some people would stick with their husbands even if they did that but to each their own. It would be unfortunate but I would definitely not stay with Joe.

Why do you think Melissa and Joe Gorga are really moving?
I really don’t want to comment on why they are probably moving but I do think it’s sad that Melissa is using my children and me as an excuse as to why she’s moving. Melissa and I have never ran into each other so if she’s worried about seeing me, she won’t see me anywhere. Our children won’t even be going to the same school with each other till 6th grade so that’s 5 years that she has that she can still live in the house if that really is the issue. My brother has made a studio for her and is even making a pool yet they are moving out of this “dream home” because of me and my children? If that were really the case, she would go on another show and wouldn’t be on the same show with me. I just think it’s a poor excuse to use me as to why she’s moving. It just doesn’t make sense. She claims I was torturing her for 8 years then says she moved near me so we could be close? Now she says she’s moving because she wants nothing to do with my family? None of it adds up or makes any sense but if she wants to tell the world that she’s moving because of me, so be it. We know that’s not the real reason.

Do you think Kathy’s apology to your parents were genuine?
I appreciate the fact that she apologized but I still think it was disrespectful that she could carelessly talk about my parents who have been nothing but good to her. I think by her attacking my parents it just defines her character on how she really is.

How do your parents feel about what Kathy had to say about them at the reunion?
My father refuses to watch the show so he doesn’t know what was said about him and my mother has been out of town so she hasn’t seen it yet but I know she won’t be happy when she watches it.

Did Caroline Manzo really tell you that Jacqueline Laurita was a stripper?
Yes she did. Caroline has told me many things about Jacqueline. Caroline used to even tell me that Jacqueline doesn’t take care of her kids. When CJ was born and growing up, Caroline told me Jacqueline was really into herself, into working out and was basically more into herself then she was her child. Caroline used to complain that Jacqueline never cooked and thought she was a horrible mother.

Did you ever tell Caroline or Jacqueline that Melissa was a stripper?
I never once told them that Melissa was a stripper. I have heard those rumors and they heard them as well but I never said she was a stripper. I will admit that I did say that Melissa copied me on a few things and it was true. She did copy me prior to getting on the show and that’s all I ever said about her. I was also upset that they were coming onto the show and both Jacqueline and Caroline knew that but I never said she was a stripper. She has my last name. She’s a Gorga. I wouldn’t want people to think my sister-in-law is a stripper especially if it’s not true. That’s only hurting my family.

Is there any truth to the recent rumors that Gia has been bullied because of you appearing on The Real Housewives?
Absolutely not true. Gia is very loved and everyone is so sweet to her. Gia gets along with everyone at school and has never been bullied about me being on the show. She is a really happy girl and just the other day, Gia’s friends mother ran into me and told me what a sweet little girl Gia is which makes me proud to hear as a mother. Thank God everyone is so friendly to Gia and I just laugh at stories like that because its obviously untrue.

Does your brother talk to your kids anymore?
No he does not.

I know it was Gabriella’s birthday last week and Melissa is her God mother. Did Melissa wish her a Happy Birthday?
No she did not. It was Audriana’s birthday last month and Melissa did call and leave a voicemail wishing her a Happy Birthday but she did not call Gabriella wishing her a Happy Birthday which I found odd considering Audriana is really young and won’t understand but Gabriella knows Melissa is her God mother and is older and does understand. Gabriella actually asked me if her God mother called to wish her a Happy Birthday and I just told Gabriella that Melissa probably did but that I missed the phone call just so Gabriella wouldn’t feel bad because like I said, she does understand Melissa is her God mother and she’s at that age where if she knew Melissa didn’t call, it would hurt her especially since Melissa has called to wish all the others a Happy Birthday.


Wow I can’t believe Caroline would throw out that Teresa talks about Melissa when she herself has spoken badly about Jacqueline! It also hurt a little to hear that Melissa didn’t wish Gabriella her God daughter a Happy Birthday. Thoughts on the interview?

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  • Thoughts on the interview? More lies and half-truths, which is all you ever get from Teresa. After so many seasons of watching her lie, lie, lie, she could be telling the 100% truth right now and i STILL wouldn’t beleive her because her integrity is crap. And THAT is her own doing!

    • THANK GAWD!!!! Someone who thinks Teresa is a liar!! Think she’s a liar too! Reading these “Team Teresa” comments makes me wonder how many of those posters are actually Teresa or Teresa’s “friends”… You would think IF Melissa or Jaq were strippers the PHYSICAL proof would have been exposed but there’s nothing..except for Teresa’s word for it…Teresa wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the arse!!! And her saying that if Joe were cheating she’d be gone is the biggest lie of all because HE IS…and there’s photographic proof of that…and corroborating INDEPENDENT witnesses to that…

      I also find it hard to believe that Jaq or Caroline would block anyone EXCEPT for Teresa and Danielle…I wish Joe Guidice would have a fling were Danielle…now THAT would be PERECT…

  • I look at this show as more of a documentary on dysfunctional families than anything else. I’m not emotionally invested in any of the characters although I think they are all interesting in their own ways.
    Also, remember Bravo does some creative editing to manipulate the audience.
    Still…..I think they are ALL batsh**!

  • I know Caroline will never answer this but I would love to know when she was with Tre without the others.How,when and where did she hear Tre bashing Joey to her mom?I have seen Caroline alone with each and every other woman on the show except Tre.

  • Wow Caroline is such a hypocrite! She probably hated Jacqueline at first and treated her like shit which led to the punch in the face lol. Teresa is an honest person and it’s unfortunate that so many people can’t see that. She can get nasty when people lie on her and attack her but she is honest. I respect that way more than the blatant lies the rest of them make up about her.

  • Melissa is a garden variety self-centered bitch. Jacquelyn is mentally ill and self-medicating. Hope BOTH are off the show.

  • 1-I totally believe Teresa 2-it is nice to see that the haters are to a minimum here and 3-I think Melissa is a narcissistic sociopath 4-I think Kathy got caught up in a game that she couldn’t get out of and in the process she got caught up in the negativity…any way you slice it,in response to those calling Tre a liar,not taking responsibility,deflecting-yadda yadda,how would you act if your close cousin and close brother that you break bread with all the time suddenly show up at your job and never bothered mentioning that they filled out an application or interviewed for a job? It’s not only weird,it presents itself shady or dismissive or both! Then as you are dealing with that (after they have attacked you and humiliated you their FIRST day on the job no less) you start noticing little changes in your co-workers. You used to confide in one another and you notice one growing bitter and distant and the other is repeating private things in public and at work and while you are still digesting all of this now things are coming out in the media and everyone is turning on YOU for it and then these women-including your family who supposidly joined you at work because they love you so much, are picking apart your every move and every breath you take,how you parent,your financial troubles,your marriage,how you spend your money-you have trusted all of these people for various reasons for years infact,these are your loved ones so it is hard for you to believe they would be or say such nasty things about you so you are just-tra-la-la,trying to stay in your happy place and you are still being your jokey self with all of them only to find out months later that they have twisted every word you said…hello Tre haters, Melissa fans -however you want to lable yourself,you mean to tell me in all this YOU would be at fault for something???

  • I am a Tre fan and have been for all 4 seasons. I cringed when she said certain things but she seems to stay positive and she has incredible strength. I adore her. I’m sadden that her sil and cousin did this and her brother jumped in. I want to have some empathy for Mel but she just lies. Its her words not Tres. I thbink the storylines need to change bc this is defamination and slander. I do believe cps needs to visit jacs house. Her drinking and tweeting are to excessive and I wonder when is there time for the boys. Ashley said her mother only wants to gossip and acts like a teenager. Remeber when they went to a therapist and ashley said jac didn’t care abt her problems just wanted to gossip. She is a sad mom.

  • Thoughts on the interview?
    Well, Teresa is one lying, crazy-ass, delusional lady who doesn´t have any problem backstabbing anyone in her life.
    I also find it unbelievable that the author of this article can swallow her obvious lies just like that and take it all like “facts”.

  • Someone please tell me why Teresa would give the honor of being Godparent to her child (and Gabriella is my favorite)her second child the child that was born right after Melissa married Joey Gorga. Why would she do that if she hated Melissa. Now Melissa on the other hand has two sisters and three children. You would think Teresa would be the God mother for the youngest child at least, is she no. Why, because at that point Melissa was hating on Teresa’s popularity and in contact with Danielle and blogging badly about her sister in law. Sad, Sad Sad. I feel bad for Gabriella (she is my favorite Guidice child) and sorry for Teresa as she has to explain to her child that her God mother isn’t there for her. Melissa should be ashamed of herself, even if she has a problem with Teresa why would she punish her children and her nieces (even she has said they get along wonderfully) by keeping them away. She is more than awful.

  • I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion to the tre lovers and haters but I wish Teresa DID set her Brother’s nasty a$$ wife up and could take full credit for it – honestly I think it’s pretty hysterical to see the SIL in such a tizzy over her “sterling” reputation being questioned (please read the sarcasm).

    My opinion though is that Teresa didn’t have much to do with it. I do however believe that Jacqueline did or at least knew about it and helped spin it the way it went with Teresa taking the fall.

    Most of this is just entertaining nonsense and none of these people are worth getting so worked up over – although I’m as guilty as anyone else of getting caught up in the drama – however, I saw the preview for Sunday and have to say for the first time was appalled and disgusted by the behavior of one Jacqueline Laurita. The emotion between Brother and Sister was real and raw and Jacqueline throwing herself in the middle of that and driving the wedge in further was shocking to me. I wonder to myself, do people really and truly behave and live their lives that way and how very sad it will be when Kharma boomerangs back to them.

    p.s. If anyone wants to critique my spelling or writing style save it.

    • The only people who live there lives like Jac are stuck in the second grade. It is stunningly immature.

      And, I think most of us ignore spelling and grammar, we are typing fast! LOL

    • I have to agree with you.

      Jacqueline Laurita behavior is shocking!

      I also watched the preview with Teresa and her brother and the emotion between the two of them was honest. But when Jacqueline tried to stick her nose in it, I was disgusted in her and the lengths that she will go to ‘get’ Teresa. Showed more about her than about Teresa. Let it go Jacqueline, move on with your own life.

      • I saw it too @LoveMyDoggie.

        I agree very real, very sad.

        I can not stand Jacqueline, it was never her place to involve herself in Teresa and Joey’s relationship EVER. That goes for Caroline too. Those 2 should be ashamed!!

        I loved that Andy told he to stay out of it!!

        • UGH. Why and how did she get to be so in the middle?? Not her right and not her fight. She is so desperate it nauseating. Through all of this crap, her daughter was a hot mess, and her other ones got lost in her sauce! Jac is a _________! ( love fill in the blanks on here)

          • Michers it is soooo tempting to fill in the blank, but I will refrain from doing so.

            Okay, I lied, Jac is a: 6984n537213ijs5eiry ruqijpkmbmnbtfglcpouweuywgioty874r2763yobjr 6eytyoiutgkjnbviwuutjigriejhfkjhfuyqukrjokjbihwjnsjabvfrteuib!!!

            Did you get that??? LMAO!! 🙂


  • Ok was that an Teresa imposter? That didn’t sound like anything Teresa would have said. Was it an Tre imposter or the ghostwriter that writes her blogs? I didn’t believe but a small fraction of what the imposter said. Everybody knows Tre called Mel a stripper!

  • While Teresa was signing my cookbook, I wanted so badly to turn to photographed page and say, “Oh, my mom’s salad!” Then I was going to say next, “Oh, and my mom’s drink!” Then, “OH!! My mom’s plate! Hey, that’s my mother’s tablecloth!!!”

    She was running late for her train so I couldn’t do it. lol

    • If you had done that it would not have meant anything don’t you get it kathy was trying to prove that Tre stole her dessert Recipes she was trying to undermine to Tre’s success

  • I enjoy reading Teresa’s cookbooks. They are very interesting to read because she actually explains different products to use, why, when, how to store them, the history, etc. Her books are well written so I have no doubt she would have a very interesting and educational cooking show. She goes beyond just cooking. She’s very informative and she explains things without boring you. She’s very articulate. I’m like that. One on one, I can get a little tongue tied, but writing down my thoughts on pen and paper, and wow, I’m a genius!
    I’ve learned quite a lot reading her cookbooks.

    I think she should write a Sandwich and Beverage book. You know, making different sandwiches for lunch and beverages to serve with it. I love making sandwiches! I fry them, bake them, toast them, and they are all delicious! I would love to share a few of my sandwich recipes for Teresa’s book. I would be honoured to share a few. Teresa, if you’re reading this, go to Famewhorga’s and ask Fame to get in touch with me. I will be happy to give you a few ideas on the sandwich and beverage book. I don’t want anything in return. Well, okay, maybe I can meet you for lunch in return? lol I Love Diners! Clean Diners! 🙂
    I even have a title for the book but I won’t say it here because it’s too goooood.

    • lmao! My brother just read my comment above. He said, “Rosalie, the woman wrote 1,2,3, THREE best selling cookbooks. I don’t think she wants your sandwich recipe!” lmao! 🙂

      Of course I said, “Well, you never know!”

    • Rosalie, why don’t you write that book. I sounds amazing! In the dedication you can you were inspired by Teresa. I would love a cookbook like this, my son loves, loves, loves sandwiches. The only cooking apparatus he wants for college (other than a coffee maker) is a panini press.

  • You know something? I would denounce Melissa as the Godmother and find a suitable Godmother for my daughter. I think Teresa should do that.

  • “Buckle up, bitches!”

    That’s right Melissa, buckle up. Season 5 is going to be a bloodbath for you and oh how sweet it will be to watch.

  • I believe her every word but most important is the fact that we have not seen one single solitary thing to say Teresa is not telling the absolute truth. All we’ve have is talk, talk and more talk but no evidence that what the others have said is true.

  • After watching the last part of the reunion (or clips of it rather on the bravo website) I 100% believe Teresa!

    I first listened to parts of the show and then after I listened AND watched! It’s amazing how sincere Teresa sounds. When you have every other woman in the room rolling their eyes, squinting at her, and laughing at what she’s saying, it’s amazing how different the message comes across.

    Specifically with the whole Danielle/Melissa thing. It’s so obvious what the women are trying to do. If they make enough faces like Teresa is crazy, we can sway the viewers real easily.

    Congrats, America (or the majority of viewers who don’t see “through the lines”) you’re their prey.

  • I believe Teresa 100%. I also believe Melissa is going down, and that is why she is putting so many stories out. I think she is really afraid for season 5.

  • Totally believable. Awesome interview! And, from now on, I’m going to hashtag #RHONJ as #TheTeresaShow. Good for her! (And go Rox!)

  • Caroline and Jacqueline have been so vocal on blabbing about everything they say that Teresa has told them in the past, so now they are just getting a taste of their own betrayal.

  • Awesome interview!!!!! It’s my understanding that the negative comments about Jacqueline to Teresa were a few years ago when Caroline & Jacquline were not getting along ….. Regardless of when they were said, I guess the point is they were said reportedly during the time Caroline/Jacquline were actually fighting, verbally & physically…….

  • Thanks for allowing Teresa to speak without those hags screaming and interrupting her. What Melissa has done to her family is sad, and even sadder, that her brother has not stopped his wife.
    Jac… seriously nuts. She best be careful with her crazy or child services might come knocking at her door, I don’t think she is fit to take care of little Nicholas, myself.
    The GPS? Doesn’t surprise me at all. Jac’s MO is doing everything on the sneek anyway. Tweet her. She won’t respond with a tweet, but a DM. I know, I have a file of them. Teresa, if you need copies hon, just yell, you got em! Screw these nutcakes, you are doing something with your life. Those hags should be careful what poison they let come out of their mouths though, when Joe Giudice said to Jac I wouldn’t go there Jac, tells me he knows quite a bit that Jac might not want the world to hear. Joe Giudice considers Chris his friend, and doesn’t want to get ugly with him and what really goes on. You can see it in Joe’s face, but he knows a great deal. Teresa, I don’t blame you for bringing out the gloves now, do what you have to, these nuts are getting desperate now to take you down. Sure glad I never had any friends like Jac…have a little tiff and she tells the world anything you might have said in confidence. I think the time has come the tables turn. As for your cousin Kathy, ugh, I have no words. I would write her out of my life for good. She made me sick.

    • I don’t have a twitter account myself, and I have posted on here a few times, but mainly stay in lurker mode… Since I’ve been reading all of these articles, and comments on various sites, I’ve read a ton of people have (saved) DM’s from Jac…. Most say they are very negative or threatening! I think everyone who has saved DM’s from her should screen shot them and send them to Roxy so she can compile them all together and show the world, without a doubt, Jac’s true colors and intentions. This would sincerely MAKE MY DAY! She DM’s for a reason…. She doesn’t want anyone else to see that side of her.

  • And it makes so much sense now as to why Caroline and Dina were mean to Jac in the beginning seasons. Dina introduced her brother to one of her close friends and they were dating, Jac swooned in as the other woman and stole him from her friend. To make matters worse Jac was a stripper! So now I understand why they always gave Jac a hard time. Teresa we believe u, you are a FAB, strong Italian woman who protects her family. That’s all that matters. Please try ur best to take the high road. I know its hard when u have a gang of jealous women attacking u, but that’s exactly what they want don’t give em’ the satisfaction. #teamTre

  • What I don’t understand is if she is moving away from Tre b/c the kids, #1 why does she always use the kid card and say she just wants them all to get along for the kids? But yet now is “claiming” she doesn’t want her kids near Tre’s? (Liar) #2 if she can go on nation tv and say something that sick about her own nieces, then that just goes to show what type of person she really is. I get that everyone has an opinion of them all, and @ 1st I did not like Mel or Kathy, then they grew on me a little, but now the more I watch, the more clear it is to me that they had a lot of resentment towards Tre before coming on the show. Which makes me see now that maybe they really did come on to F w/tre. I truly believe they all need counseling that should not be filmed. And if not, if Mel and Joe truly are done w/her, then be done, with it all, including her children, not even a call to wish a happy birthday. B/c that’s just going to screw with the kids heads. My mom didn’t always get along with my dads sisters, but you better believe we ALL (14 kids total) grew up together and are still all close to this day! I’m 27 my oldest cousin is 35 youngest is 23. So basically if Mel is going to always publicly claim she wants this for “the kids”, then make it about them, for real about them, not just for the cameras and magazines. I also want to comment about kathy, I feel like she truly does want a relationship with Tre, but then it looks to me like it changes everytime they all get together?? Very confusing. I could comment all day about this stuff but last thing I want to say is as much as I love the show, I miss the seasons w/dina. When they (not including danielle) all genuinely got along. The show has gone to a dark place and I do admit Tre is my favorite b/c I’ve watched since season 1 and I don’t really think she’s changed, I just think she was put into a bad situation w/her family joining the show and certain people react different to certain situations. And Mel is trying very very hard to play the victim (she even referred to herself as one ewww) but I think a lot of people see right through her. Her and her husband are enjoying the fame too much and the fact that the rest of the cast is against Tre. I truly don’t believe tre, jac, caroline or dina came onto this show just for “the opportunities” I could be wrong, but it just seemed 2 me at the very beginning they just all thought it would be nice to do a reality show together. Mel clearly did not come for those reasons nor did kathy. Its just sad. and pathetic if u ask me. Ok I’m really done now!

  • Let’s not forget how mean both Caroline and Dina were to Jac the first season. Always medaling in Jac’s family business with her daughter and what not, always insuiating Jac’s parenting skills were not up to par #neverfoget Caroline, you’re glass we see right through you.

  • You all are crazy if you believe her and any of them unless you personally know them and are friends. Everyone is accusing everyone of something. You can’t believe everything they say. I tend not to believe anything Teresa because when I see an interview with her she trips over her words all the time. I don’t think we will every know who is tell the truth.

  • If Melissa wanted to avoid seeing Teresa, the easiest and fastest way would be to quit the show. No more forced event attendance with Teresa. Fait accompli.

    • Exactly. But that’s not Mel’s plan.

      Step one was to get onto Teresa’s show.

      Step two turn people against Teresa.

      Step three get Teresa off the show so only Mel has the spotlight.

      This so reminds me of Dina’s ‘skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace’ comment.

  • Great interview! Teresa is old school – she will not talk trash because her family name is involved. When Melissa is finished with her brother – Teresa will be there to pick up the pieces of his broken life.

      • That is all the rest of the cast has been doing the last two seasons. Just like Kathy said in her blog, “You an only take so much before you snap”, well guess what, Teresa has snapped and since everyone else on the cast likes to say things that Teresa supposedly once told them, now they are getting it back tenfold. Pay back sucks doesn’t it!

  • Sorry, don’t believe it. She just did an interview saying she had a nervous breakdown right after the reunion. She has stirred the pot for several years and refused to take ANY responsibility for the problems in her life. I’m not saying some of the others haven’t contributed to the issues, but at least take some responsibility. I’m not sure if she was involved in the set up. But I do know she’s made several comments (M will leave J if richer man comes along, M copies her, etc etc etc) that you just don’t make towards your SIL. How many of us bite our tongues when it comes to family? She needs to learn to do the same. As for M saying she doesn’t want her daughter to go to school with T’s kids, can you really blame her for that? T’s kids have said things about M on camera that are unacceptable IMO. If they’re making fun of an adult, why should anyone think for one minute they wouldn’t do the same (or worse) to another child? Its pretty obvious they’re allowed to speak negatively about M. Don’t get me wrong, the children are not to blame for this! It’s the parents job to teach them bullying isn’t acceptable behavior and to set better examples.

    • She didn’t say ‘nervous’ breakdown. That’s quite different from ‘breaking down and crying’. I can only think of one incident where Teresa stirred the pot and that was not with any of serial stirrers who are on the show now. I DO blame Mel for putting out a public statement that she’s moving to get away from her nieces. That’s just low. Lower than anything Teresa said about her especially since they are just kids Mel is accusing. She could have acted more grown up than a 9 year old and not made a public statement about little girls. She’s a lot bigger and older and it’s kind of bullying for her to strike out at them like that.

      • mm, Dancer did say at the reunion that she now felt she was her daughters age. I guess mentally she really is.

      • M was asked a question and she answered it. How dare her! Should she have lied and made something up? It’s not like she offered that info. And as for the breakdown, it said “Under pressure and out of control, Teresa lashes out at family and friends with vicious insults. Now she finally admits she’s cracking ‘I need help’.” To me, that doesn’t sound like just being upset.

          • In her head, is where she read this.

            I have never heard of this, or seen Teresa in any interview say that she had a “nervous breakdown”.

            Saying that she is “cracking and needs help” is a far cry from a “nervous breakdown”. She needed help in learning how to deal with the bitter betties in her life, and it looks like she got all the help she needed.

            She is doing better than any of them, perhaps you should go and help the rest of them, Dr. Suri. pfftt…

          • JanShe – You can try to bully me all you’d like. I QUOTED a magazine cover. Do yourself a favor and go look for it before you look like a fool by saying it isn’t real. I’m glad T has gotten all the help she needs, as you claim, especially since this article is only a few days old. We’re having a discussion. I’m not sure why you feel the need to attack people. But I feel sorry for you.

          • Thanks for the proof of what I wrote JPG.

            “I need help, everyone is against me and ganging up on me”
            “After the taping was done, I broke down and started crying, and I couldn’t stop”

            TERESA never said that she had a nervous breakdown and that was my point. You exaggerated what she said, if she had a nervous breakdown she would have been hospitalized.

            BTW Suri, really, bulling you, puhleese!

          • @ suri, sorry Im distracted by this and must ask, are you and JPG sitting next to each other commenting, LOL? Every time you post, the other is literally right on top.. Just wondering

          • Michers- I don’t know JPG. I’ve commented here once or twice previously but not often. Maybe 3x’s (not including this thread). I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to JPG before today.

            As for the other comments, I agree that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I do not believe that T is an angel and has sat there while M has tried to ruin her life. Telling your brother that his wife would leave him for a richer guy is wrong, no matter how you want to spin that. Then getting mad bc it was a private conversation between her and “my brother”. Those are the things you don’t say. It’s your SIL. That goes BOTH ways, btw. I have no idea if T was involved in the set up. What I do know is if someone said that about my SIL (especially when I knew it would air on national tv), I would tell her immediately….whether she was my BFF or not. I also can’t swallow T’s story that her comments in the cookbook were a joke. Being from an Italian family, I know being compared to Olive Garden is not funny. I don’t feel as tho she should have said anything about C’s kids. To me, it sounded like a backhanded compliment. She said nothing when Gia made fun of M’s singing. I think that was a teachable moment with Gia. It seemed like maybe this was the normal conversation about M. If T really wanted to fix their relationship, she could have used that moment to teach her daughter to support family. I also do believe that T spoke poorly about M before she joined the show. I’m sure T never thought M would end up on the show. I think there’s alot we don’t know with the Dina situation also. Look, I’m not saying T is the devil or anything. I actually think she’s going thru alot in her life right now. But that doesn’t give her a free pass. I’ve posted this before but I’ll say it again, I think they’re ALL to blame.
            JanShe- What I wrote was the actual quote/headline from the cover of the magazine. I wrote it WORD FOR WORD so I really don’t appreciate your comment saying I exaggerated what she said.

            BM- I have no idea what financial state the Gorga’s are in currently. 80% of the info out there about ALL the hw’s is unreliable/rumors, etc. I do see your point however. I assume she would feel and look like a hypocrite if she isn’t paying her bills either!

            MM- when it comes to T and In Touch I’m inclined to believe them solely for the fact that if everything they wrote was a lie, untrue, whatever, T would NOT continue to do multiple covers and articles with them. She could choose a different magazine at that point. I’m not saying I believe all the articles out there. I also recognize that the articles people don’t believe are the articles that may say something negative about the person they believe. For instance, would you have made the same comment if the article was negative about M? And what is the difference between a gossip mag and a gossip website? Not much, IMO. So the radar article is true (bc it’s neg about M) but in touch isn’t (bc it’s neg about T)? I just want the truth, regardless who is to blame.

          • Thank you Suri. YES, you quoted a story/headline from a magazine.

            Go to the top of this thread and read your second sentence, I will quote it for you: ‘She just did an interview saying she had a nervous breakdown right after the reunion’. That is not a quote from TERESA! That was the point I was trying to make.

            I feel that you are deliberately being argumentative.

            Please DO NOT respond to my posts any longer, and I will not respond to yours.

            HAVE A NICE DAY.

        • Suri, she DID lie and make something up Doll. They can’t afford to stay in their house. They are not moving out of her “dream home” because she doesn’t want her kids going to school with their cousins. They won’t even go to school together for years. It had already come out in the press that they owe a balloon payment they can’t make. For her to say it is because she doesn’t want her kids going to school with their cousins, a relationship she supposedly cherishes on their behalf, is completely ridiculous and asinine.

          It would look bad for Melissa to have to admit they can’t make their house payments after all of her “At least we pay our bills” quotes from season 3.

        • You believe the fake magazine headlines? Uh, they make that stuff up to sell magazines. It’s not real. If she had a nervous breakdown it would be on 15 magazine covers and every blog and tv. Didn’t happen.

    • First of all, Teresa did not have a nervous breakdown. Secondly, are you saying that she hasn’t bitten her tongue? She has so much dirt on these women that she has kept to herself, despite the fact that they have attacked her relentlessly.

      As for why Melissa is moving, it’s because they cannot afford their house! This has been reported on many sites. KIm D said she even bounced checks at Posche.

      Rather than admit her financial problems, she fabricated a story involving the children. Her kids do not even attend the same school as Teresa’s kids.

      This woman was a stripper and has a criminal record for theft as well as an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She’s has no credibility at all.

    • Suri, I respectfully disagree! Anyone can say the same about Melissa. I have to ask, maybe you would know, why did Melissa come on the show her SIL was on for 2 years prior then? Why did she move 5 minutes away form Teresa to begin with? See, for me, Melissa makes no sense and all of her stories she has stirred pot with are coming to surface! Even Marco sister hag Lysa has been known to say they ALL used to hang with T and family and had blast- right before Mel joined the show- they were “starstruck”, lol ( her own words)! Melissa has been seen to be quite snarky, even to Kathy! And there is a lot Teresa could have said that is damaging to Melissa, but has held back. The accusations Mel has made recently regardingT are very dangerous and should be taken care of legally. Very low blow, even for Lookers! JoeGo and Messy have talked ill about Teresa in front of their own children , on several occasions, on camera. So here, maybe 2 wrongs are not making a right, but Messy is treading on a thin line of defamation and slander, whereas Teresa can back up what she has heard about Miss Messy with proof and witnesses ( just my take) 🙂

      • Exactly Michers!
        Mel came on this show to take T down. It’s all about jealously. None of this would be happening if Mel & Katfish did not come on “The Teresa Show.”

        • T- I respect your opinion but I just don’t see where M tried to take T down. To me, it seemed the other way around.

          • If it were the other way around, Mel would have been on since first season, and T would have been the shady one who came on and ruined everything..( not being a smart ass,just sayin’)

  • “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want, if they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them.”

    -Marilyn Monroe

    Love Teresa or hate her, if you are commenting on here, you are doing her nothing but a favor. 🙂

  • I think Melissa was a pass around before she got to Joe Gorga. Pete and Juicy have both eluded to this. Maybe Joe’s friend, and Pete has threatened Mel on twitter to keep her quiet. I do not think Juicy cheated with her. He always makes fun of her and her Marco family, and seems to have disdain for her. Almost in a protective way that he once felt for Joe Gorga. I don’t know if he ever cheated, I just don’t think it would have been with Melissa.

  • Honestly, what does Tre “have” on them? This is all hearsay and gossip. I’m sorry but her spouting her bitterness does not make for proof of anything.

    If Mel had done an interview just like this, you all would be tearing it to shreds. You know you would. Just sayin’.

    • You finally got something right.(hip,hip,horay)

      Of course we would call Mel on it!
      She is a PROVEN PATHALOGICAL LIAR, she proved it HERSELF(she’s such a dumb ass) with her ever changing stories.


      • Seems to me Teresa is running the same direction. The above interview is nothing but Tre spouting whatever crap comes to mind.

        So they actually belong with each other then.


  • I’m confused, was the article on Gia in that Teen mag about her being bullied? I haven’t seen the article, what was it about?

    • Some blog had an anonymous source saying she was bullied. I think the article in the teen mag was a single incident several years ago.

    • Radar Online has a story about Gia being bullied from an anonymous source whose bitterness toward Teresa and Gia make it clear that it is Melissa. So yes, that is who Melissa is – someone who shops a false story about her 10 year old niece to Radar Online just to get back at her sister-in-law.

  • here’s why i do not think joe cheated on tre: if you look at their interactions with each other from season one until now, they do not act like a couple that has gone thru the cheating wringer. when a man cheats and is caught, he usually becomes a bit more submissive to his spouse (ie. how we see jac and chris interact). if he cheats and decides to stay in the marriage after being caught, his behavior changes…He will feel sorry for his actions and be “kinder” to the wife, trying to make amends or become a better husband after the infidelity etc. when a spouse is caught cheating, it takes a long time to regain their spouses trust and devout love and joe certainly has never come across as a man who is begging tre for forgiveness….he and tre act very much like a couple who regards each other as equals, they speak to each other frankly and dont hold back, when joe is pissy with tre he acts just that way and vise versa. im not saying joe has definitely never cheated, im saying IF he did he was never caught. and if he never cheated, then i feel the most sorry for him out of ALL of them because he has been a target of everyone on the show and even missandy himself.

    • Chupa, my husband is a professional fisherman, but he also works a corporate job. For some reason they made him take body language classes, and he insists Juicy is not lying, he has not been unfaithful to Teresa. I reserve judgement myself, because I know a couple that I would have said the man would never, never cheat, but he did. I was stunned. His wife stayed with him, which is noble, but I do not think I would have the strength to do. The wife is very paranoid now, like Jax, and he is more submissive towards his wife. Good points.

      • Ita joe is frustrated with the show but I see him being very real. Angry but real. He seems to be a proud man & tried to give t the world. Im not a man but can a man on here plz elaborate on how joe may feel that t is the breadwinner now & how this maybe hard on him??? From a mans point of view?

  • Great interview! I’ve said many times that Teresa knew a lot of their personal business, but kept quiet about it. Oh well, the gloves are off now! I don’t blame her one bit about putting them on blast!

  • “Right” (sarcastically) and suppose that also believe all the CRAP! That decence from TERESAS! ASS!! Just like she does after she repeats all this “BULL CRAP!” TO HERSELF A COUPLE OF TIMES UNTILL SHE ACTUALLY BELIEVES IT!!! COMPULSIVE LIAR!!!

  • Melissa is only related to Teresa’s girls by marriage and obviously doesn’t think kindly of them since she is putting out a story that she needs to move to protect her daughter from them.

    Joey needs to see through his wife’s manipulations and not destroy his relationship with his nieces or his sisters’ relationship with her nieces and nephews.

    I don’t think anyone doubts that her brother and family are very important to Teresa. It is Melissa who wants to keep the family apart. Probably because she does can’t stand being in Teresa’s shadow.

  • Something is happening. Too many articles, sometimes twice in a day. Juicy with another woman, Juicy wanted Melissa, Gia being bullied, someone calling CPS. This could just be about the warrant, I guess, but I think there is more. Can anyone check if Melissa and Joey lost their house? It takes awhile for the paperwork to show up on line. Maybe check the local newspapers? In my state foreclosures are in the newspapers. Most newspapers have websites.

    • I agree. Melissa’s trying to do damage control because on Sunday she will be called out by Juicy. She’s deflecting.

      • I really hope it is that simple, but the rumors about them living in the shore house are making me wonder. Didn’t someone on twitter imply they lost the house? I cannot remember.

        • I saw that tweet, it said that they were living in the Shore House, I didn’t read anything about losing the spec/big house. I forget who tweeted it???

          I found it odd at the time, cause we also heard that both houses were on the same mortgage, unless that(combined Mortgage)is not true???

          It’ll all come out in the wash, soon I hope!

          • JanShe, the mortgage stuff is so confusing to me, but I remember reading that also now that you mention it. My head hurts!

    • I don’t think its just about the show & the theft. Johnny the Greek has implied, on twitter, that after this Sunday’s show, a LOT of stuff is gonna come out on MeGo! I think she’s scared to death right now, because of that!

          • Kinda reminds me how little boys tease little girls when they like them. Not saying he wants to be with her, but I would bet he finds her attractive.

        • Funny because I don’t see her as more attractive. Tre is a much more interesting looking woman with more style, truthfully Melissa is kind of plain in comparison.

          • I see Mel as looking inauthentic because the way she comes off! I think I would have a different view of her if she came on the show differently. Her attitude and lies killed it- had she been more sincere and heart felt and honest, she would probably look prettier to me.

      • Just like the article says ‘he always compliments her singing’. Didn’t he see her sing only once and commented something like it wasn’t as bad as he expected it was going to be.

        • He thought it would be bad because that’s obviously what his wife had told him (and her kids). I think M is way more attractive than T.

          • He thought she would be bad because if she had any talent she would have put it on display years ago. She’s too old to be a popstar but I guess she’s never too old to be delusional.

        • Everything I read was just a bil complimenting his sil. Perhaps Melissa does not have enough manners to recognize the difference?

          • Nothing to with manners and everything to do with troublemaking and getting attention from anything with a penis!

    • The article says Joe was flirting with Melissa when he first started dating Teresa…wouldn’t that have been around the time Melissa was having her lesbian affair in Florida while shoplifting $1,000 of stuff?
      Melissa is so full of herself that any compliment she would blow up to think that “he wants me”. What an ego.

      • Perhaps that’s Meho wishful thinking!!! Or she’s trying to put the “seed” to her full of seman husband so there’s more hate!

        Next we are going to hear that Juicy Joe has other children.

        Let’s spin the wheel and find what other lies we can spread..

        Meho your dad is probably rolling on his grave in disgust!

        • There must be another rape charge against MeGo’s husband coming and she is trying to get people talking about something else.

        • Of course, Joe Guidice hit on Melissa….didn’t Teresa say Richie would flirt with her and ?? Another instance of Melissa copying what Tre says. She wants to be her so bad. Give it up.

          And wasn’t Teresa married when Melissa met Joe Gorga? Melissa is full of shit.

          • “Melissa is so full of herself that any compliment she would blow up to think that “he wants me”. What an ego.”

            I was pointing out that Tretard did the same thing with Rich. Rich doesn’t want a caveman. However I do believe “juicy” would love having an attractive young gal like Mel.

          • Iif he wanted a girl like Melissa he could just go to the Lookers parking lot and buy one for a dollar.

          • Does anyone remember that whole Richie bs episode? Melissa is the one who said Richie wanted her, and Teresa was grossed out, then it gets back to Kathy that Teresa said it! Do they not watch their own show??

      • Teresa is 40, they married when she was 27 for God’s sake. Melissa was still in Florida being a bisexual or whatever getting ready to start breaking the law, lol

    • On film, Joe Giudice is manifestly uninterested in Melissa. He generally asks for Teresa to stop talking about her and Joe Gorga and seems totally disinterested. His comments about her are generally dismissive and slightly contemptuous. He evidences little to no interest in Melissa at all. He makes no effort to talk to her, look at her or pay attention to her.

      Richie Wakile, conversely, is very interested in Teresa. He always walks toward her and stands near her at events, close enough to make comments, jokes and listen. He talks about her all the time – more even that Kathy. His hostility toward her is active and engaged, not disinterested like Joe’s.

      I suppose it’s possible that Joe Giudice’s lack of interest in Melissa is of the been-there-done-that variety, but that’s not what the article asserts.

  • Old NJ Lady–good post. Lookers thinks everyone is hitting on her. As she should as a sex worker. Meho,, can you please tell jac that stuffing a G string isn’t the same as having an affair?

  • Tre had an interview in baltimore the other day. It is on this site. The one thing that she said that holds true, regardless if you like her or not, is that if there were women that Juicy did cheat on her with, they will come out. if they haven’t yet, they will. So far, nothing. Not a direct quote, but my take on what she said.

  • Well now we know why Teresa is fighting back. “insiders” told In Touch that Juicy was hitting on Lookers years ago when she was just dating lil Joey.
    Lookers never stop trying to destroy Teresa. She struts around in those short shorts from her Lookers days, bending over in front of Chris and the other men but then claims that they are hitting on her.
    Of Course Jac is quoted in there with all the stories about Juicy cheating. I am so tried of the rumors. If it was true where are the pictures of Juicy in bed with someone? Where are the women? Why are they not running to radar online?
    Today, Radar Online has another story of Juicy cheating complete with pictures of Juicy at a slot machine. There is a women there but Juicy seems to be more interested in the machine than her. It actually looks like she may be baiting him.

    It is going to be a crazy day on here and wacko gets someone to watch her kids so she can spend all day stalking, tweeting and posting here and other blogs under her multiple names.

    • Those pictures are so blurry, I would never be sure that is Juicy. Did anyone check the dates and times on the photos? The woman’s face is never shown, she could be Teresa.

      • Look, if any of the Witches of Eastwick knew or had proof of Joe cheating it would be all over the place. I call bull shit on that photo, I call bullshit on the Witches, I call bull shit on Radar.

  • I am reading this interviewing awaiting to hear about the outstanding arrest warrant and no mention! I need to know!

    Did you see that Wendy Williams twittered she is looking for talented singers for her show….hmmmm Mel’s been on the show and never asked to sing. No talent but will shoplift. What a catch!

    • waiting on that also. Last Chis Stark posted on her twitter (monday or tuesday i think) was that the warrant was still refelcting active- and mehog’s web site still shows her going to Fl later in the month. She was in Fl on Monday I think, but i guess the klinky patrol didn’t pick her up…

        • But the Palm Beach Public Information Officer would be able to report it immediately. I don’t see how Melissa could clear it up without appearing in open court.

          Also, I doubt she went to Florida on Monday. I think that was BS she put out there to make it seem like the warrant story was false.

          • I totally agree Hotsummerday, and I suspect there are charges we do not know about or she would not have run.

      • Hoolie,
        I bet her family did not even know about this!!! JOEGO is prob. FLIPPING his perfect wife has more egg on her face. What goes around, comes around.

          • Isn’t it possible she was never arrested and won’t ever be because the statute of limitations has been up for several years?

          • Suri, I think once you are charged there is no statue of limitations, which probably means she was charged. And the kind of warrant that was issued never expires. Any one from Florida? Is that right?

          • I believe the statue of limitations for shoplifting is short, maybe 3 or 4 years. What are ppl claiming the warrant is for? Failure to appear?

          • In that case, the warrant doesn’t expire. I doubt the PD would pursue a misdemeanor warrant from 10 years ago tho, especially since it was most likely her 1st offense and she could’ve plead down to a violation. How do we know this is even fact?

          • The documentation is on-line and I believe on Famewhorgas site.

            The theft was over $1,000. and that makes it a FELONY in FLA.

            The warrant is still OPEN.

          • Suri, the statute is 812.014(2E), if i remember correctly. I looked it up the Palm Beach County Clerk website to make sure it was really true. Especially since Melissa is not the only Melissa Marco in the country.

          • JanShe, that is just my research, and I could be wrong. I am not a legal professional, I am (was) a medical professional and only really understand legal matters in a medical aspect.

            We have no way of knowing what other charges there may be. It does not look too serious, but then why did Melissa jump bail.

          • JanShe- It was petit larceny, which is a misdemeanor ….not a felony as you stated. As Elemcee stated, there are presumably several people with the same name. So again I ask, how do we know this is her? Lol Sorry, JanShe. But I don’t agree with your logic that it MUST be true because it was online. If she commited the crime and skipped bail, she should elect to take care of this. I don’t think anyone should get special treatment because they’re on a reality show. I do however find it amusing this is such an important topic when it happened years ago and there are more obvious crimes we could be discussing.

          • Suri, I do not remember who, but someone called Miami and confirmed it was her. I want to say Radar Online?

          • And wasn’t M a teacher? NJ wouldn’t have allowed her to teach if she had a warrant out for her arrest. Extensive background checks are done. An open warrant, even out of state, would have shown up. This sounds like it isn’t factual.

          • @Suri, with all due respect, I have yet to see Melissa or her hag-a-long sisters deny this charge! Now, if that was me and I was being accused of something like that, I think I would address it right away. I think the warrant is from where she graduated from, or not too far from where she lived and graduated HIgh School from.

          • And no, she never made it to actually teaching as per her words on the episode where JoeGo showed his 3 buildings he owns. Melissa was in his office where she worked, apparently preventing her from teaching ( lol), and she went from teacher, to substitute, to volunteer Sunday School teacher in the blink of an eye, until working in her hubby’s office….

          • HotSummer- I was going by M saying to T “I was a teacher. You know that!” and T saying “I know you were” in the bathroom during the fashion show. Michers- I never said it wasn’t true. I would have no way to know one way or the other, like the rest of us. As I’ve previously stated, if it’s true she should take care of it.

        • The website shows the warrant is still open. She was arrested for petit theft in the first degree. This means she stole something worth more than $100 but less than $300, or there is a prior charge.

          I do not know if Florida lists minors between 17 and 18 records (my state does). Melissa had only been 18 for four months when she was arrested.

          I believe she was released on $1000 bond and obviously skipped.

          So, first degree petit theft, in Florida, is a misdemeanor, and the bail jumping would also be a misdemeanor. The theft without the bail jumping is punishable up to one year in jail, one year’s probation, or $1000 fine, or any combination of the three.

          I do not know what the bail jumping adds to that. I do not live in Florida, and am not a legal professional, but I think that is the gist of the charges. I wonder why she never cleared it up?

      • Hello from tampa florida. Plz ask away! Open bench warrent=they want your body in custody. Bail can be posted again. It will be high as shes consider a flight risk. No statue of limitations once a person is formally charged.

        • petty theft is 10days in jail. No big deal. However its a felony or the bail would be 100$ not 1000$ bail jumping is a whole new charge. Fyi here its called grand theft other states call it felony retail theft & yes its a big deal due to the amount that was stolen.

          • Justgina, Thank you so much! The statute on the arrest record is petit theft first degree. So, do you think there are other charges we do not know about. I am not certain the bail amount was $1000, but I think it was…

          • Wait, maybe the $1000 is what the bond will be when she gets picked up in the future!!!???? I cannot read that damn site. I bet that’s it.

          • Justgina, that is what I thought.

            It is a FELONY charge.
            She was not held in custody to await her trial.
            She POSTED a $1,000 bond as her promise to appear for her courtdate, which she did not go to.
            Now there is a bench warrant out for her arrest.

            I believe the confusion came about, due to the fact, that it has been reported that her bond was $1,000 AND the theft was also listed as over $1,000.

          • JanShe, I definitely find that website very confusing. It does say felony/misdemeanor, but I do not know if that box says that for all criminal cases. There could a lot of past charges we cannot see.

  • I remember a couple of seasons ago Don Caro said Jaco hit her. Jaco said it was because she was going out and Don Caro thought it was wrong to leave the baby with Chris. So there was dicord between the two.

  • I can’t stand Melissa or Kathy – I think they are both what every woman is up against all the time – jealous, mean, vindictive and manipulative. It’s so tragic that these two are family members of Teresa – I can’t imagine.

    Obviously every family has issues, and deals with some of this on a lower scale, but the day my cousin starts screaming at me that there is nothing between my ears, that my mother is a liar, my father is a coward, I’m garbage… wow.. honestly I cant’ imagine… I think Kathy and Melissa are the epitome of people you need to get out of your life.

    I’m glad Teresa is calling them all out for what they are. Soon she can get back to focusing on her business and leave the mooching skids in her dust.

  • I believe Teresa 100%. She has been thrown under the bus far too many times. It’s nice to have her FINALLY speak up for herself! And yes, it is the Teresa Show. The rest of those imbeciles could never keep the show afloat. Caroline is a true manipulator in every sense of the word. Kathy is lost in her own perfectly prized world. Jacqueline is as BORING and FAKE as they come. Melissa lives out a fantasy where she thinks she’s a star. She obviously doesn’t care about her family. She’s much more concerned with her looks and career. Shame on you Melissa, for not even taking the time to call your god daughter for her birthday. And please STOP with the excuses Melissa, they’re old..just like your song On Display.

  • “If I had proof of Joe cheated on me, I wouldn’t be with him. I’m just not made that way. I know some people would stick with their husbands even if they did that but to each their own. It would be unfortunate but I would definitely not stay with Joe.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha.HA HA HA HA. hahahahahaha.

    That shit was funny.

        • Yes, I do think Joe cheated! I do not think Teresa would leave him, she loves him. She is better than him, I feel! I do not hate her, but I do not like Joe. I do not like how he talks to people, especially his daughters! I do not know about Chris. I would not be surprised if he did cheat too!

          • She also has something to prove. How would it look if she admitted the cheating rumors are true and she left him? She realizes viewers would know other things may be true also. There’s obviously something going on in their marriage since most happily married couples don’t sleep in separate bedrooms.

          • Why, Obvious? Because they have differing opinions? Yes, let’s ignore anyone who doesn’t share the same beliefs, opinions, etc. Makes sense.

          • ohhh now JPG, please dont act like you came here to be the mature commenter trying to explain a difference of opinion.

          • Jane – I haven’t seen JPG be immature or rude. Have you? All I’ve read are comments with differing opinions.

          • To be fair Suri, I have gotten rude on this site. But you can go back and see for yourself. I state my opinion, then one of the Tre Army attacks. I attack back. Then they all claim I’m Melissa or Lisa or Jacqueline.


          • Thanks for being honest J. I’m relatively new to this site but I can already see how easy it can be to argue, etc. I’m not going to say this site is pro T (especially since I was attacked for asking if it was a few days ago) but it seems like I’m very outnumbered here since I don’t fall for T’s lies and bs. I’m a firm believer in having the right to your own opinion and the choice to voice it. It seems like some are quick to attack if your opinion doesn’t match theirs. Whatever happened to healthy debate? Lol

          • One thing to state opinions……..another to attack posters & reply to other people, just to get a rise out of them. If you look back on old posts, you will see the ones that only state opinions, & the ones that just like to start crap!

        • What a joke, oohhh, it’s from RadarOnline, they are soooo reliable. LMAO!!!

          BTW – they don’t sleep in seperate bedrooms. Teresa has already cleared this up. Her closet is too full and Joe uses the downstairs one.
          When he was in his splits contraption, and when they showed Teresa waking him up, it was in their bedroom.

          Talk about being gullible! SMH, sheesh!

          • JanShe- I choose to believe a child (who has no reason to lie and is too young to realize she is outing her parents) when she says her Daddy sleeps in his own room, instead of someone who has every reason to lie and has already been proven to be untrustworthy numerous times. I’m pretty sure she knows the difference between her parents sleeping in separate bdrms to just simply having clothes in a different closet. Lol. She didn’t say her dad keeps his clothes here. She said her dad sleeps here. Big difference.

          • Omg JanShe!! You just said “It’s from radar online so it must be true”. But yet the SAME site has the story about M having a warrant. So are they true or not?

          • @suri,Radar is not the originator of that story about Melissa. And there is public documentation proving the truth to it.

          • @suri, my husband and I sleep in the same room and my four year old goes between saying daddy’s room or mommy’s room. She doesn’t say mommy and daddy’s room. When saying daddy is sleeping she says “daddy is asleep in his room.” (he works nights and sleep during the day). So I think that statement by Milania doesn’t mean anything. I have even gotten in the habit of saying “go get ____ from daddy’s room.” Or “Your toy is in my room”. I have to make an effort to say mommy and daddy’s room. My husband and I have a great marriage, so in my opinion you can’t base her saying that to mean he has his own room.

          • Hi Caitlin. I do agree that her comment may not mean what it implies. Paired with rumors he is and has cheated, called his wife a C on national television, the shady phone call, etc, you have to at least admit its possible.

        • @Divorce, I think its funny because of the timing! No one ever has confirmed him cheating on Tre. On Reunion its brought up and mentioned that if he did, don’t you think the info would come out? Now this crap? Im sorry.. At this time, I dont believe it, nor do I care too much. Ruining a marriage, the demise, cheating etc, not my cross to bear, it’s Tersea and Joe’s. Some things, yes, need to be kept private tv show or not. I will talk smack about most things on the show, but not that. Even if Messy cheated on Joego, Caro/Al all the way down line, I would not poke fun or be rude with that. Everything else on the show is fair game, IMO! The timing of this is a riot to me because of things mentioned on reunion. What 4 years since T started the show, whatever..

      • pictures don’t show a damn thing- other than what looks like a fan approaching him. Really a stretch…like stretch armstrong stretch…

      • What a crock that is.1 they are so blurred that could of been Tre.2 I see Joe closing a cab door from the outside just like you would if you were seeing someone off.3 Who the hell is to say that woman didn`t just walk up to Joe and play dumb asking for help getting a cab.Ok so Joe is not the brightest candle on the cake but I don`t see him heading out with anyone in public.

      • In this day and age with cell phone cameras and video there is no proof. No video no pictures. Really give me a break.

      • OMG JPG do you believe the National Enquirer too? No matter what is put in those mags/sites it is misconstrued and written to sesationalize the mundane. Unless there are quotes do not pay any attention no matter what is printed or written about any of these ladies!

      • Oh this ” story ‘ is so freakin funny, and has Jacqueline fingers all over it.

        The woman needs to get a freakin life!!!

      • If you read the article the eyewitness said “I walked into Harrah’s bar around five in the morning and saw Joe Giudice conversing with a young girl,” Rosie exclusively told

        “I know it wasn’t Teresa. She looked more like a working girl, although I can’t prove it. They walked out of the bar together to a more secluded area in the casino and played the slot machines for a bit.”

        Then goes on saying that later they walked out together with his arm around her and got in a cab.

        If you look at the pictures it shows nothing, one is of joe playing slots, one that shows Joe talking to a girl (to me it kinda looks like Teresa from the back), one Joe holding a door of a taxi, and another one where he is talking to people.

        I just have a hard time believing this because if this eyewitness was watching for so long she could have gotting a picture of them walking out with Joes arm around him. The pictures really are very innocent

    • Teresa is like a lot of women out there she takes her vows seriously. SHe would have to have concrete proof that he cheated. She wants to believe in her husband. I dont get what is so wrong with that. I dont get why anyone cares that a wife wants a happy home to raise her kids in. Everyone wants to say how delusional she is but Juicys not keeping a mistress named Jill. Nobody calls out that delusion. Cough Caroline Cough

      • Can anyone even say for sure that it’s Joe in those pictures? Lots of dudes have Joe’s general features.

        • JPG,
          Yes, Melissa has become very desperate. Especially in light of this whole shoplifting thing. And she reportedly made only $2000 off of her iTune downloads. It must be so difficult for her seeing how successful T is.

          • Shoplifting as a teenager. Horrible! We should just shoot her now.

            However being a grown ass woman and going 11 million in debt, leeeeeetle different wouldn’t you say?

            Any and all of Tre’s “success” is going to pay for the bills she ignored for years. So yeah Tre. Have fun with that.

          • JPG,
            AGE OF CONSENT IS 7!!! She was 18 1/2. Her true colors are shining through!!! It’s a good laugh for all!

          • You didn’t push any buttons 🙂

            I don’t know anywhere where “7” is the age of consent for anything. Oh and I’m sorry, but EightTEEN is not being a TEENager, huh? SMH. Public school these days, I swear.

          • Well I do get a laugh out of the fact that T and J have declared bankruptcy but yet she states (on television) that she spends and buys whatever she wants. I’m curious what the bankruptcy judge thinks about that. If they have the income to buy whatever, maybe they should pay back their debt. I also find it amusing that so many are making such a huge deal out of M shoplifting when she was a teenager but they say nothing about Juicy being arrested as an adult!! It warms my heart to see so many people who are so pure and have made no mistakes in their lives ….especially as a teenager. Hello Kettle. Meet Black.

          • JPG…
            I’m going to edguuuuuKAAAATCHA (In my best Caroline Manzo voice). EighTEEN is a LEGAL consulting adult.

            BTW… The age of consent MEANS the age a person realizes right from wrong.

            I’m bored with you. It was fun at first annoying you. This will be my last comment acknowledging you. I’ve just been told you are one of Melissa’s sisters, so I understand you defending her. I would not have engaged with you. I would not appreciate anyone talking about my family either… Truly.. peace.


          • DJ – I agree with the fact that 18 is the legal age of consent, however if you read any scientific articles or studies, the brain is FAR FAR FAR away from being completely developed.

            Knowing right from wrong is something some people never develop (TERESA GIUDICE)

            I have said this literally 25 times now. I live in Colorado and do not know anyone on the show. I have even gave permission to Roxy to track my IP address and share my location with the group.

            I find it very sad that when anyone disagrees with you and makes valid points your only comeback is claiming they are someone else and not talking to them. You should probably leave this wonderful country of America with it’s free speech and try something more suitable for your personality. I’m thinking anywhere where people can be killed for speaking their mind.

            Adios DJ!

          • DJ – Of course 18 is a legal consenting age. I hardly think someone should be burned at the stake for shoplifting at that age. Should she have known right from wrong? Of course. People make mistakes. I’d rather talk about the crimes Joe has commited as an adult in his 40’s. His crimes are much more serious in nature and by your logic, he definitely should know better. So why bash M for something she did 10 yrs ago but sweep Juicy Joe’s crimes under the rug? It seems like everyone wants to portray him as a matriarch and a wonderful, loving husband. He made the choice (as an ADULT) to put his family at risk of losing their father/husband. Sounds like a great guy.

          • She has a Failure to Appear and that’s a big deal. That’s why it hasn’t been cleared up. She will probably have to do some jail time.

          • 18 is considered adult yes? That is why I always thought!! You get to vote, go to College, no more curfews, and oh STEALING and getting an arrest warrant!

          • @Suri- I see your points in the Messy argument with being 18and all, and read your thoughts on being in 40’s( JoeGi). The difference here is that he has been to court, has had lawyers, and is dealing with consequences of his mistakes, like an adult right? It may not be outcomes you like if you do not like he and Teresa, but he has not ran away from the law, or left the State. I have not seen him deny the debt, have you? And I think, liking Teresa or not, she has done a great job of rectifying their bad decisions.

          • Michers – I do see your point. But it’s not like he can just pick up and leave. Yes, he’s gone to court. But didn’t his crime stem from lies? And how isn’t it a lie when he goes into a courtroom and says he can’t pay back his debt and then a couple months later says he can spend $ on whatever he wants to? Wouldn’t the honest thing be to pay back his debt if he has so much disposable income? I realize you don’t know me. But I don’t attack people just because I don’t like them. I can’t see the parallel between a decision someone makes at 18 and one made at 45. IMO, the correct way for T to rectify her situation would be to pay back her debtors.

          • Hey Suri! Hmm, yes, but is that not whyTeresa has been all over the place making money? They are paying back the debt! Im not sure how the case went down in re to the 11 million. I don’t have all the specifics. As far as Im aware, they faced the courts and a judge ,and are repaying for their bad choices. As far as the parallel- some see it black and white, others view by shades of gray! Guess it depends on the person’s personal viewpoints, ethics,morals, etc.. I can think stubbornly, but I’m open to options! And considering I do not care for Melissa much, she was wrong, especially to keep avoiding it in to her 30’s! Now for Joe and Tre, I have seen them ( on the show and interviews) have feelings about what they did, and again, I feel as though they are working to fix their damages. But thats just my opinion!

          • Hi Michers. You’re entitled to your opinion and I respect your right to have such…..even tho I don’t agree. Shocking, right? Lol. What we do agree on is the idea that M should’ve taken care of her past legal issues (if they’re factual, of course) when they happened, not 15 years later. There really is no excuse for that. However, I feel as tho shoplifting as teenager is very different than JoeGi’s current legal woes. We all make mistakes. It just seems like 90 out of 100 comments are bashing M for something she did years ago. To stand so firmly behind someone who has made similar mistakes (or married someone who has) seems slightly hypocritical. I think that’s the part I have an issue with. To be fair, they are ALL in search of some sort of fame. That’s why they’re on a reality show! I get that everyone has their preference of characters and the one (or four) they don’t like. But let’s not lose sight of the truth (not you, just in general). Aren’t they ALL to blame really? Each one of them has pushed each others buttons. I can respect someone who admits they were wrong. But I have a hard time respecting someone who never seems to take any responsibility.

          • @ Suri- striking back with good input, lol! Yes, we do agree on some, disagree on other points, Im fine with it 🙂 The problem I have with Melissa as of late, is that she seemed to be hell bent on taking her sister in law down in a nasty way ( nice family!) I think T was being accountable for herself, just not so out in the open. As you can see until this week, for years she has been on the show, she has been the only one to not air dirty laundry. It became necessary for her to do so because of defaming accusations form her darling sister in law,lol! And to give Tre credit, she has apologized up down and all around to these fame mongers. Ok, back to Messy- my recent issues with her- I get what you mean by being 18 making mistake. She gets no pass because of all her lies, her shadiness and her desire and need to be so vile to her hubby’s sister! That is just plain wrong, I cannot budge on that! Like I said somewhere before, had she come on the show differently, respectful and not so outright manipulative and hateful about her SIL, I could have maybe liked her a bit. I can not get passed the coming on show with issues and agendas, talking to Danielle about T , and being so contradictory and hypocritical. I do not think its fair or right how this has turned out. At the end of the day, all of them have issues, yes, but to me it seems as Teresa has handled herself and her issues more respectable than the others. I think most who do not like Melissa, are glad that her :dirt”, no matter how old, is surfacing because it shows her character which really is not much different in her 30’s vs. 18( if you take into account everything that comes up about her ). And again, you can hear the lies coming out of her own mouth- that just kills me!

          • @ Suri- sorry about the novel, and there are major errors.. woopsies! Don’t call the grammar police, LOL

          • @ Michers, until recently what has M really said? T has said things since day one. She also wrote things in her cookbook. I don’t feel like T has taken responsibility for anything. Even when she apologizes she admits no fault (for example when she apologized to C. She said she was sorry but kept insisting it was a joke that C took wrong). There’s no excuse for telling her brother M would leave him. To me that shows malice. I know things have been out of hand as of late. But I’m referring to before this. She left Kathy out of the toast, which she claims wasn’t intentional. She made comments about Kathy and Rosie’s relationship. The Xmas cookie incident. I could go on but I’m sure I don’t need to. It just seems T is the one who has tried to ruin her family, IMO. The problem is that they’re both telling the truth as THEY know it. Unfortunately I don’t think either view is close to the actual truth. Lol

          • This^^^ I agree with your last sentence, it is very true.

            Everyone has their own truth, and somewhere in the midst of it all, is the REAL TRUTH.

            We all talk about the rumors, and they are ALL just that, until they are proven one way or the other.

            For example, from my perspective, we have seen Mel lie over and over and over again. That is why people(myself included)have a real hard time believing anything she says.
            Her moral compass is flawed, as we have witnessed.

            I think what has happened to this family is a shame, and it didn’t have to happen.

          • Here’s the point. The Giudice’s bankruptcy is not about overspending on “things” it is about the crash in the housing market for the most part (over 90%) of the debt (which for the record happened to MANY MANY people in 2008/2009. The personal spending part of it was not out of line with the amount of money that was being made.
            What is not understandable to me is that everyone talks about the Giudice’s money situation but they won’t speak of the Laurita’s which is worse legally. What is that all about. Why is it that people bring this up all the time and the people who are Teresa haters fall all over themselves to somehow make the Guidice bankruptcy seem worse, fact. It’s not. In fact they withdrew it and are paying off their creditors (if they were you would DEFINITELY hear about it. Teresa went back to work and is helping to pay off their debt. Donald Trump has filed multiple times and he is still buying and doing what he wants. I think you should all check into what bankruptcy means and what it actually looks like instead of concerning yourselves with what the Guidice’s buy or don’t buy with THEIR money. As long as they are paying back their debt what is the problem. I’m sure that most of you owe more than you make (credit cards and houses/cars and such) no one bothers you if you are paying on them…you get harassed if you don’t. If the Guidice’s weren’t paying down their debt we would know for sure so all this talk about them NOT paying is really just stupid.

          • @ Lysel, You really make no sense because normal people cut out spending on other things if they are having problems paying their bills. I’m well aware of the crash in the real estate market and I happen to know plenty of ppl who had to cut personal spending to make up for balloon payments, etc. I am not a T “hater” as you’ve called me. I’m aware of what bankruptcy means, but thanks. The conversation was about T, not the Lauritas….which is probably why I mentioned T and not them. I find it odd tho that the second someone mentions something T has done (in this case I mentioned the bankruptcy), other cast is brought up. I wasn’t trying to make their bankruptcy “sound worse” because (IMO) bankruptcy is bankruptcy. There HAD to be some over spending to even be in the situation to file.

    • She will not state that he cheated and she should not have to, she is entitled to her dignity. However, that being said, this is a long term marriage with 4 children, you don’t just walk away, you try and work things out, that is what being married is all about. Many people have spouses that have wandered but they work it out and stay together. You have to remember that these two were under extreme stress the past few years and often couples will seek outside comfort or someone who is not involved in all the stress. It is not unusual and can be forgiven if they truly love each other which obviously they do irregardless of your opinion JPG

      • Just sayin, very well put! Even if they were not under extreme stress, they decide what to do about their marriage. Teresa has to sleep with him and raise kids,and live with him. Thats on her. If its true, or not, doesn’t take away for me that I have come to be her fan because of RHONJ, not if her man cheated or not! If he did, thats on him- he will have to face his wife, not us and God! I have liked Juicy Joe previously on the show, things can change, lol! I am Teresa’s fan regardless! And, I would be disappointed if her did, because I would feel awful for Teresa 🙁 I said earlier, I would feel bad for any of them if their marriage was tarnished by cheating.

      • Suri you’re a moron. Clearly you aren’t a new user you are a troll with another account. What a coincidence you choose to team up with the users that have made fun of Down syndrome and have admitted having sexual fantasies about children. You are not a fan of the show you are a troll. If you actually paid attention you would know the majority of the giudice debt has been paid off. You would also know that getting a fake license is not comparable to stealing 1k and evading the police. You come on this site to cause drama not express your opinion. Half of the stuff you say can be disproved simply by watching the show. Nice try.

  • Just wanted to put it out there that Chris Laurita & Team are in Las Vegas hocking BLK scam. The blk website is down but Jax is on twitter saying everything is great with BLK. Really you can’t even find out what water they are using, where it’s bottled. Who drinks that crap.
    12h Jacqueline Laurita ?@JacLaurita
    Expect this BLK finder to get a LOT more full in the near future! BLK is spreading like wildfire! FIND IT! XOXO!

    12h Jacqueline Laurita ?@JacLaurita
    Excited and proud of how well @blkbeverages is doing! They have an amazing team.Wish I could share more, but u will just have to wait!;0)

  • Teresa thinking is, Hey since I’m getting the blame for spreading rumors, global warming, nuclear weapons, starving children, unemployment, war….
    Let me just state the true fact: BANG!

  • Love the interview. I love that we can hear her without the ARMY of attackers! Tre was candid, honest and really seems geniune. I wish her the best of luck!

  • The whole thing is sad. There is her side and their side then the TRUTH. Wish nothing but success for all the women..

  • I really want to see Missy get hers, that said I hope Teresa takes no part of it, she’ll get blamed anyways no doubt but seriously, whoever they bring on I hope Teresa is careful. As tempting as it might be I hope she doesn’t go there

    • I agree.I think it was Kathy or Mel who said the reason Tre was so upset at the PFS was from guilt.Of course Tre was upset.When the bald guy showed up at the table I am sure things started clicking together and she knew damn good and well she was going to catch all the blame.I really felt for Tre when all that was going down .It was like watching a scary movie and you want to scream ‘RUN FASTER,HE IS RIGHT ON YOUR ASS.The only one set up was Tre.

    • Booze Bag hooked both her husbands by getting knocked up. The point was not her love of children but a pay off for her.

  • Only question I have is when did Caroline share all this if her and Teresa were never close. Wonder if she said it to Dina in front of Teresa

    • Chris is her blood not Jacqueline so I wouldn’t be surprised if they disapproved of her being a dancer/waitress/hairdresser/bartender, whatever and single-mom-of-a-teenager from Las Vegas. Not to mention Chris broke off his relationship with Dina’s best friend for Jac.

      One thing has been consistent about Caroline, she does hold people to her very specific set of standards. I don’t doubt that Caroline would have had issues with Jacqueline.

    • If you look at Caroline’s behavior the last 4 seasons, it is pretty typical for Caroline to share nastyl little rumors with random people. She did not care for Jacqueline at first (when Tre was friends/acquaintances with Caroline). Caroline probably spoke ill of Jacqueline when it suited her, this is her M.O.

      • You’re right. I imagine that she would like to call Jac out for her obsession with Tre but she won’t. She needs Jac on her side.

        • Remember ass hat Chucky said Tre & Joe would break up and Tre would write a book about it. “… heard it here first.” Chucky is a vile bitch. She’ll throw anyone under the bus, even her daughter “asshole.”

          Now lets all go get her advise book, puke. She’s such a sterling human being.

  • I kind of feel sorry for Teresa while watching part 2 of the reunion. I don’t understand her loyalty to Juicy. It was so obvious he wasn’t talking to a man. That moaning, really a male friend, then the second Tre appears, instantly he’s answering a question in Italian to a worker at the pizza place (he still has that place?) And, forget about the “c” word, why would he even say “here comes my bitch wife”?!? Where would Joe be without Teresa! And Teresa must know the truth, because she got so mad at Melissa when she mentioned the moaning. She should be getting mad a Joe! And, no one seems to mention the fact that Teresa practically had to rape Joe in the vineyard, after he called her a “c”. Don’t get Teresa.

    • It’s Teresa marriage. If she wants to stay with someone who speaks to her like that, then that his her business. No one knows what goes on in other people’s houses.

      • You are correct … ‘her marriage, her business’ and that is the answer that Joe should have given Andy when asked who was on the phone and that is the answer that Teresa should give whenever asked questions about her marriage. I just am not buying the story that Joe does not cheat and Teresa in this interview says Jac wouldn’t even let Chris go out with Joe. I have to ask why is that if not for the reason that Teresa had already told her that Joe cheated and Jac knew both men would be out on the prowl? Her marriage, her business …. enough said.

        • ITA…I wish Tre & Joe could just say that. It’s no ones business. That applies to all the ladies even if I don’t care for them.

          • A production supervisor, either on this site, or famewhorgas, admitted that they took several convos & spliced them into one with the airing of that phone call. So, the cheating thing really is just hearsay & people’s opinions. I don’t know if he cheats, but her marriage doesn’t affect my life, so I’m not going to give my opinion about how I think Teresa should be handling it. Whatever she chooses, I just hope she is happy & will have no regrets.

        • No. Not her business. She put her life, her family, her marriage on national tv. She lost that right years ago.

          • So true, JPG. She has the option to preserve her privacy. But it would involve leaving the show and I don’t believe she would ever do that. She chose reality “fame” over personal privacy.

          • As did the rest of them. All of their skeletons are coming tumbling out of their closets. And it is about time! Enough of this Teresa, and only Teresa, has stuff to hide, she looks like an Angel next to the rest of them.

            There is nothing left in Teresa’s closet to come out, BUT the same can’t be said for the Jackhole4.


          • JanShe – I get they all did. But every time something comes up about her marriage/family, people start screaming about her “privacy”. She sold that years ago. So no, privacy is no longer hers to have.

    • Joe was given the ahole edit. Did you see his mouth or read his lips calling his wife a C? Nor did I. No one did.

    • Like you wouldn’t moan if someone told you something like bad regarding business: man, this is gonna cost you twice what you expected or….other bad news about business.
      Truthfully that didn’t sound like a sexy moan to a woman at all – he didn’t want to be on that trip, he had business problems back home (all acknowledged),and he has to be on this trip with these people because of Teresa and her show. Their thoughts about the moan immediately went to the place in their mind that could be the worst for Teresa. Hadn’t Jaq been twittering before this about the rumors regarding Joe cheating?? Planting those seeds…….

      • That was no sexy moan. Sounded more to me like he had gas. Bravo probably edited out the burp and the fart. Tho they left his burp in the reunion, which was hilarious.

        • You seem to always leave out vital information. Not only did he moan, he then said “ohhhhh, don’t tell me that” and then giggled like a 5 year old boy…..Very professional.

          • It’s VERY hard to believe a homophobic person like Joe would speak that way to another man. There was a definite flirty tone to his voice.

  • I do not blame Teresa at all for doing this interview and telling what she knows. She has kept quiet for way too long. The 3 Stooges and Shemp have gone at her forever spilling ” their truth”!!

    Buckle up ladies, I’m sure there is more to come!

      • @ Divorce

        Do you really think that is going to stop them? They talked when season 3 was over, they will continue to talk, in my opinion.
        I’m not saying Teresa will, well maybe she will ifthey continue to attack her, her children her marriage.

        Well see 😉

        • Well I hope not. Tre is doing great by blocking out the haters and focusing on her immediate family, real friends and products.

          • “focusing on her immediate family, real friends and products.” – Really??? Seems to me she’s focusing HARD on her haters. Tre isn’t doing well at all. 🙂

          • I think it’s a greater insult that you can’t handle anyone that doesn’t think exactly like you. I’m sorry I intimidated you JanShe.


          • @JPG, you are just a tad delusional, my response was to the comment from @Divorce above you.

            Intimidated, really, thanks for my first laugh of the day. LMAO!!!


      • Socal, don’t bother with her. Check out her going after Gia agent like a crazed loon in the middle of the night. The Marco camp is all over this board because things are really starting to unravel over there.

  • there is a reason jac punched caroline….. for teresa to speak she must be pissed and i would to. A person can only take so much. but i can’t help to think nothing good will come from this, im sure Jac and caroline are setting up “another situation”
    melissa is so dumb really contradiction , shes moving away because of teresa, yet she moved closer to be with the kids. such bullshit.
    btw, give joe his tools back

    • Who cares what they may be setting up. There’s only one more episode left for this season and Teresa is DONE with all of them. I’m happy she’s speaking out now. She’s putting this season and hopefully her brother behind her.

  • This is all getting to be way to much… Melissa is insane. Same with Jac. I don’t think I will be watching next season.

  • I totally believe Teresa.. In season 1, Caroline didn’t look too happy with Jack and Ashley. That is why Caroline and her kids would roll their eyes on Ashley behavoir. Do you all remember the “talk” Caroline gave Jack when Chris brought Ashely the new car?
    It makes sense why Jack slapped Caroline, Caroline was probably all in her kool-aid mix.

  • Totally %100 believe Teresa.

    Wanted to point out something about Teresa. She doesn’t have sisters or a large family. I can personally tell you that when u have sisters or a large family, you are 10x’s better at arguing. It’s a birth order skill, and it does play a real role in your work,personal,marriage,friend relationships. All you have to do is google “birth order traits” and you’ll get a slew of info on the benefits of large family/birth order. Caroline has got it down smack and she got very sloppy with it during the past 2 seasons. That’s why she behaved the way she did at this year’s reunion. It’s contrived and she’s experienced at it. Melissa has 2 sisters and trust me you learn a lot from your older sisters.

    • @Jersey Chiclett – I have always wished Tre would take a debate class to help with her arguments. You have hit the nail on the head. I never thought of that theory before. Having a large family or at least some sisters to fight and argue with would have been a big help to her now.

    • OMG – I was just thinking that birth order has so much to do with Melissa being so self-centered. I read a book a couple of years ago about birth order. The oldest are leaders, middle are negotiators and youngest are manipulators (to make summarize the book in one sentence). Presidents (of nations and companies) are usually oldest chidren or only children. Middle children tend to be in more care-giving roles and the youngest kids are typically sales / marketing people.

    • What does that have to do with being stupid. In her thing heads she can’t speak either??
      She claims Italian was her first language but as we saw when she tried teaching her girls Italian she couldn’t do it either?
      Lets face it love or hate her she’s just not bright’

      • I am showing my age here, but does anyone else remember Goldie Hawn when she was on Laugh In? Goldie appeared to be a total”dumb blonde” ditz. Everyone said that it wasn’t an act, she really was that ditzy.

        Fast forward to today. Goldie Hawn is a WELL RESPECTED business woman who has made tons of money in an industry that is cut throat beyond belief. No one thinks of Goldie as a “dumb blonde” anymore.

        Perhaps Teresa isn’t “educated”, but she has been smart enough to know what she doesn’t know and to hire people to do what she can’t. Sounds
        Like a lot of CEO’s I know.

        • Karen, I think it may come down to this: The “others” are used to arguing, backstabbing,cutting people off from their lives, Teresa is not used to any of those things.

    • Love when Kathy said “This is the Teresa Show, and it is all about you”. YEP, she was right. It is the Teresa Show. She is the star, and the big money-maker for Bravo.

      Does Kathy think she had anything to do with the 6 million viewers the reunion pulled in? NOT.

      LOVE IT “The Teresa Show”. Get rid of the other 4 trolls.

      • I know, if she wouldn’t have sold her soul in the last 44 seconds of the show no one would’ve said anything about her being there with the ugly pastiche surgery. Does that bitch think she bought in 6 million viewers? Let’s be real here, does she think she bought in 6 viewers? People tuned in to Jacqueline and Teresa go at it, Lauren and Teresa, Caroline and Teresa, joe Gorga and Teresa, Joe Giudice and Teresa, does anyone get the common factor here. It’s the Teresa show because these stupid bitches and their “teams” of publicist, agents, and PR interns have made it the Teresa show. Why do you think that Andy Cohen handled the bitch with kid gloves this season? I know that Joe Guidice was there and was taking no bullshit (everybody knows that if Teresa threw Andy, then Joe Giudice would make him into a ham sandwich), but also Andy ain’t stupid. He knows who his little money maker is, and it ain’t no damn auto tuned Melissa or no damn fish panties Kathy.

      • DJ I agree! That was the best! Kathy showed how frustrated with everything tre. No matter how hard they try, it is still the Tre show.

    • Stephanie I agree with you! All of their hands are dirty and its disgusting. A moron could see that Joe was talking to his girlfriend on the phone in napa! Yet teresa stands by his story of talking to Albie his cook. Just the fact that she needed to go over and see who he was talking to shows she knows something shady is going on!
      My biggest problem with teresa is that she allows joe to speak down to her in front of her 4 girls!
      The scene in the car when she’s asking him “what friend’s car he left his wallet and Gia asked him about a girlfriend??? All the little things you hear those girls say??
      This is a very poor message to give these girls! Their relationships with men will be determined by how their fathers treats their mother!! . Since teresa blamed John Mayer for her napalm blog it’s only fitting to quote a lyric from his song Daughters. “So fathers, be good to your daughters Daughters will love like you do
      Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
      So mothers, be good to your daughters too”

      As far as the rest if the crappy show, I personally think at the beginning if the season they all meet with bravo and go over who the focus is going to be. Lets face it ALL this Teresa bashing has brought her notoriety and isn’t that why they’re in the show! If this show is real why doesn’t teresa walk away? Why be humiliated and embarrassed and all your supposed family secrets laid out in front of a national audience?? She doesn’t need the money, Joe said HE pays the bills. She’s crossed over from just a Bravo housewife to writing cookbooks, hair care, etc.. Why stay and take this abuse…unless she’s beyond stupid or its no real!

      • Please research your facts. One of the producers came forth and adnitted they spliced footage fir the phone call to maje Joe look bad-tgat is why they panned the canera iff if Joe when he was first talking. They actually said Joe was, indeed on a business call.

  • I believe her too. When she said she didn’t want to discuss why Missy and Joe are moving but dismissed the reason as being due to her and the kids – that is totally Teresa. She knows it’s likely money but out of respect she doesn’t speculate and say sh*t. She only took the time to dismiss the reasons previously stated.

    That to me says she’s still our Teresa and is remaining true to herself – it’s family regardless of how fractured. It seems though that all bets are off with Caroline and Jac – They’ve attacked her and she will attack back.

    I hope Rox you got a chance to let her know how proud and pleased as punch we, her fans are, with her latest blog 🙂

  • It is very trashy of Melissa when she said, “I don’t want them to turn on my daughter. Shes very sweet.”. If I were Teresa I would’ve turned around and went upside her damn head, because it sounded to me like she was calling her kids mean bully’s. Let’s face it, the only one that appears to be hell on wheels is Milania, and she loves Antonia. Then Melissa covered the snarky remark up with, and I love my nieces. No bitch; if I were Teresa I would’ve called her ass collect on that one. Why do you want to work with someone that bully’s you and talks shit about your kids? Why would you want to go and support that same person and her kids at a BIrthday party? Why drag the kids into that? That was Melissa being a big teeth manipulative lying two faced bitch.

    • I think I may have watched a different show than you. Lol. I never saw M’s kids say anything negative towards T or her girls. However, I have seen T’s girls bash/bully/make fun of M. It sounds like M is just trying to protect her daughter. After she saw the way T’s kids bashes her, why should she think they would act any differently towards her daughter? And she’s right, she has one daughter. T has 4 that could easily gang up. I’m not going to call someone names because she’s looking out for the best interest of her child. Geez.

      • And look how Melissa has bashed Teresa and Joe on the show, and even Gia in the tabloids. Teresa is a very nice person for still wanting her daughters to have any contact with that sticky fingers at all. I wouldn’t let my kids near anybody like that, family or not.

        • But you’d let your kids near someone who is facing 10 years in prison?! Lol. That was a funny comment. Are these the same tabloids that T says aren’t true? Oh I get it. If its negative about T, it’s not true. But if it’s negative about M, the rules change and it must be true. I don’t think T has very high standards and I doubt she’s too worried about her children being around someone who shoplifted 15 yrs ago when their own father is a criminal.

          • Well melissa signed up to around the “criminal” when she got on the show. But before that she married an accused rapist, and sat next to a convicted rapist and gave him high fives on WWHL, so when Melissa get morals? When did she start caring about either one of the Joes criminal background? It wasn’t at ‘I do’ and it damn sure wasn’t at contract signing time. Also, why did Melissa tweet that she wanted those “criminals” around her daughter for Antonia’s birthday this year? So yeah.. I’d take the bankrupt criminal over the sex offender everyday.

      • “However, I have seen T’s girls bash/bully/make fun of M. It sounds like M is just trying to protect her daughter.”

        LOL, are you serious Suri? Really?? Bash/Bully? They mocked Melissa’s stupid fucking song. They are kids. Kids do stuff like that. Teresa’s kids who are like 10 yrs old and under are not “bullying” a fucking 30+ year old woman. Jesus Christ on a cracker, you can not like Teresa, but let’s just keep it fucking real on here. Teresa’s kids bullying Melissa…you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

        • Sorry for my excessive use of the F word, but I mean honestly. All of these women are repulsive, but saying little kids are “bullying” a grown woman by mocking her song is a gross use of the term “bullying” and beyond ridiculous.

  • see how well teresa’s points come across when someone else writes for her? and i am not knocking teresa, but she does need to be coached on how to defend herself and fire back.

    i actually believe most of this, although i do believe that teresa has called her a stripper in the past. but seriously melissa, nobody cares if you were. melissa looks great

    caroline on twitter when the reunion aired said “i still get no answer” on when she asked teresa how did she bullied her. this is a prime example on when teresa needs to learn how to defend herself.

    to caroline – just because a person does not know how to defend herself or articulate a point does not make you right in any way.

    as for her cousin, that was flat out embarrassing how she went after teresas mother and father. that to me is above and beyond any of the nonsense that is going on here.

    melissa is full of it – i think it is well known. and yes i do believe teresa is hell bent on letting as many people as she can know that melissa is full of it.

    so all and all this makes for good tv. but i hate to see families not talk over this – its insane

    and that goes for both the gorgas and the manzzos (caroline and dina)

  • Great Interview and I can totally hear Chuckie saying all those things about Whack……and frankly I believe chuckie was telling the truth when she said those things about her. Jac-o is a real piece of work….WOW

      • i agree. t’s answers dont seem contrived at all and there is plenty of supporting evidence out there that makes me feel that what t is saying is the truth. esp the thing about Jac punching Caroline, i am sure it was in response to caroline’s criticism about Jac.

        they will say T is lying but i never see proof of her being a liar. i see contradictions and evidence showing that the other 4 lie all the time, yet i don’t see any re Teresa. I mean call me crazy, but i just don’t. it’s always just opinions of T but never any evidence that she is lying.

        melissa on the other hand is a habitual liar and the evidence is everywhere. you could spend days reading mel’s lies on the fame whorgas blog

        at this pt tho i think T should stop talking about all of them. she is giving them the publicity they so crave. if she pretended they dont exist, a lot of ppl would follow suit!

        • I agree that T should stop talking about them. But enough is enough. They keep putting lies out there about her that she has no choice but to defend.

      • I do recall wayyyyyyyyy back when it first came out that jac-o popped chuckie (back season 1) that the reason was because chuckie criticized whack for leaving newborn CJ w/chris while she went out around town (doing what I don’t know…she just went out…coulda been to a dayspa or something i don’t know)… That was the story for 3 seasons, until now all the sudden chuckie said it was Post Partum Depression…….funny how no one every corrected that story for 3 seasons, but season 4 it changes.

        • I know @ hoolie!

          When it was brought up at season 1 reunion neither one of them said PPD, NOW ALL OF THE SUDDEN, Jacqueline suffered from it when she poppded Caroline! Bullshit Jacqueline popped Caroline cause she was pissed that Caroline said, What kind of mother are you?”

          • I also remember during season 1 that Caroline had a lot to say about the way Jac was raising Ashley. Remember how when Chris brought Ashley the car the way Caroline and Albie had so much negativity about the situation and what was Jac thinking BUT as soon as Jac said “talk to your brother, he did it” then the tune changed and it was well Chris does it because he has a big heart. Funny that wasn’t what she was saying when she thought it was Jac. Ashley bashing and in turn Jac bashing was a common theme among Caroline and her crew in season 1 and 2!

  • Poor Gabriella! That’s her God daughter and Gabriella seems really smart. I’m sure she is sad since Melissa has said happy birthday to everyone of the other girls

  • Nothing shocking here. Very sad but life goes on. Life is too short for toxic people blood or not. Tre should just move on. In time perhaps Joe Gorga will mend his relationship with Tre. As for Mel? Not a chance now. 🙁

    • That’s true. Teresa should’ve learned that while it may have been a bit hard being without her family, she’s made it. She has her parents, her kids, her man, her health and strength. If she wants a relationship with a brother, build a stronger one with Pete Giudice and leave all this BS behind her. When I say forget, I’d make sure that my memory was blank as to who these people are when bravo turns on them. Jacqueline is pretty safe because of her kids, the viewers hate Caroline, but since Andy wants to make her his mother in law, she’s pretty safe. Melissa they’re gunning for you bitch. Watch with the casting. They’re going to get some hot stuff rich bitch (that I’ll love) and Melissa is going to get her is cross hair, and if I were Teresa I’d remind her, my kids are bully’s, I’m a liar, and this is your battle. You’re on display, so enjoy.

    • I agree; once you involve the kids, everything changes. Years ago I had a neighbor who was a good friend of mine. She deliberately did something to hurt my daughter and benefit hers. I confronted her about it and she didn’t deny it. Our kids are grown now and though I am cordial to her, I will never trust her or consider her my friend again. It’s much easier to get over it when someone hurts you than when they hurt your kids.

  • Wow. Curious how long it will take Melissa to tweet how much of a liar Teresa is. After reading some other blogs, I completely see Melissa as an opportunist, liar, manipulator, an a flat out bitch.

    • srt,
      you forgot thief! Hey, Bravo – there is your storyline for next season. Melissa performs in FLA, gets arrested, and defends her shoplifting charge. I wonder if Jac will “Hope she goes to jail too”!

    • There is a story in one of the mags that say Joe use to flirt with Melissa. I Love teresa but i always wondered if Joe knew Melissa from the strip club and recognized her when Joey brought her home.. and THAT is the proof Teresa has that Melissa was a Dancer, bikini bar, stripper/bartender.. WHATEVER! LOL

    • Don’t know about a tweet about T, but she did make a nice little passive agressive dig to Teresa’s twitter followers the morning:

      Melissa Gorga ?@melissagorga
      Good Morning tweets!! I have the BEST twitter family! You are all so sweet and CLASSY!

  • I am sure it is all true. Tre does so much better when she is one on one and not being attacked. My hunch is that Melissa will come out and say she left a message, and Jac will go wild on Twitter, or they will all wear green dresses on the next magazine cover.

    • Lilllly, I agree. She seemed so genuine. When it’s WWHL or reunion time, I can’t watch (as much as I support and love Tre -yes I’m a Trehugger, but damn I always have to surf the channels. If you’ll remember, what Teresa said about Caroline is true, it’s the reason why Jacqueline punched Caroline and I most definite believe that part because Caroljne strikes me as the kind of bitch that thinks she’s the only one that knows how to parent, cook, and be a spouse. I’m kind if shaky of the conversation about cheating with Jacqueline. I do believe that she told Jacqueline that, and then Jacqueline hit her with “Chris has cheated on me, and I….” what really makes me shaky in believing it is because she said she had no proof, which could be any and everybody. I don’t think Joe cheating Chris cheating is a reflection on either Teresa or Jacqueline, but I do think that it’s unfortunate that they keep going there with each other. I understand where Teresa is coming from, I’ve read Jacqueline’s public tweets now, and she thought it was ok to spread the rumors about Teresa’s marriage on the show, BEFORE Teresa said anything about the stripping so I get why she’s kicking back but two wrongs never make a right. As far as Kathy and Melissa go, take those broke hoes and throw away Teresa. Even the biggest idiot in America didn’t believe thats why Melissa is moving. The bitch said in a. RECENT UsWeekly interview that Teresa was a mean and evil aunt because Antonia cries for her cousins and Teresa won’t bring them by. Does anyone remember Melissa tweets on Antonia’s birthday? No???? That’s when Teresa tweeted happy birthday Antonia, and Melissa said she wants to see her aunt and uncle and spend time with her cousins. So why would you want your kid around bully kids on her birthday? Why would you want those same “bully” kids in your house? Melissa, you gotta get your memory straight. Girl bye. Melissa is moving because she bounces checks like Michael Jordan bounces basketballs and the bank won’t take a post dated check for the mortgage.

      • When they ambushed Tre on the deck that night Jac`s complaint was tre never told her anything about her personal life.So why on earth would Tre have told Jac`s Juicy was cheating of all the thing she could have said.Tre is a very proud woman and I don`t believe for one second she would have told anybody something like that about her marriage.Teresa is a better or for worse wife.They suck it up and it would go no farther.

        • You know what you’re right. I take it back, I believe that Teresa never told Jacqueline that Joe cheats. I agree, how does one go from never sharing anything about their life, to disclosing information that could shatter their home to a drunk talk box? You’re right. If Teresa wouldn’t tell that she’s possibly headed to jail, then she for damn sure isn’t going to tell about no damn cheating.

          • Didn’t Jac admit at the reunion that she found out about Juicy cheating from Daniel? I think Andy even said “Daniel?” She is a first class gossiper.

      • I could see jac being the one to cheat, Chris doesn’t seem the type at all but that wouldn’t stop Jac from accusing him and trying to monitor him, because she is a bit shaky and not completely well balanced. Just my opinion though.

      • Talk about deflecting, i bet that is why carolying came out accussing teresa of saying all those things it was really caroline who had issues with her sil and spoke poorly of jacqueline, which is probably why jac punched her and had such a chip on her shoulder with caroline and used danielle to try to underhandedly attack caroline. I think jacqueline was just jealous of dina for having a career and for her close relationship dina had with her brother so she did everything in her power to break that up.

          • Yes they are and Now everybody really knows how nuts all of them MANZO’S are and the rest of the Family is as well. Taking money from other Families, that’s just Gross.

        • yup, jac punching caro in the face makes alot of sense now. apparently the reason behind the face punch was because caro accused jac of not taking care of her kids. caro really has no business attacking teresa over her bad relationship with melissa when she and jac’s relationship were on bad terms before. she should be more undertanding of the situation but instead she is judging and making the feud between teresa and melissa worse.

        • I was thinking the same thing…caro is pissed that dina is friends with Teresa, and so the spin begins, and caro beats teresa to the punch on stripper gate, she told tre that Jaq danced as a stripper, so she accuses Tre of that first, Jaq accuses tre of that…
          Ashly has a skull tatoo she said to remind herself not to have skeletons,. whose skeletons? ceretainly not treresas…that had to be ashleys ode to her mom

        • Yep essentially, just like how Melissa MO is in regard to Joe Gorga and his sister and family. I totally believe what Teresa says on this. I’ve seen Jax pics back in the day when she was running with Chris, she was smoking. She knew staying around that kid wouldn’t allow her to fly around the world on Signature dime on jets and all the parties from the millions they stole.

          I truly can’t wait for Jax and Melissa’s skeletons to truly come out. Also I’m just waiting for Richie to get arrested for some lewd act on some female.

      • I believe her! It’s obviously Caroline said those things about Jacqueline. She was very cold to her even then, so I can see the hatred Caroline had. Caroline is no better than anyone else though. She’s shit in my eyes, and the same goes for the rest of them. I just hope Melissa would finally STHU, and stop dragging Tre and her daughters into this because this has got to stop! Mel is just too obsessed with Tre. It’s really weird, and I’m still wondering the level of her insanity, or whether she has some sort of mental illness.

        I hope Bravo will finally give Melissa and the rest a taste of their own medicine, and stop destroying Teresa for once!

        • They can’t give her a taste of her own medicine she can’t take it like Teresa- look at how much surgery, fillers, hair color change, etc. Melissa’s done since being on the show. I won’t even comment on her appearance anymore, because it’s obvious she’s reacted to the criticism. She is incredibly, obviously very insecure.

      • She has been set up over and over again SHAME on bravo I hope she{teresa} is paid an enormous amount of money.
        Passive agressive Caroline needs intesive counciling.
        Jacqueline luarita is bipolar manic depressive and despreatley needs medication and to stay of the show.
        Melissa needs to grow up and get treated for narcissism.

        Bless Teresa and her children

    • Kacey,
      I believe her too. You know they all got together in Jac’s basement getting their lies together against Tre. They all know what they told her, and they were all prepared to deny it. They figured 4 against one, the public would believe them.

      Thank you Roxy for giving Tre this forum to defend herself. I am an Italian American who lives by Caroline, and I find her to be a DISGRACE! AND she DID bully T all season!! Saying that she can’t even look at her??? T was too nice at the reunion.

      T- Love you girl!!! Your time is coming round!

      • Proof that they all get together and are working together. In the past few days Jacko, Lookers, the red queen, Kathy and their families have unblocked everyone on twitter. They can now DM you at will.

        • Yes, Caroline called a Pow-Wow meeting at the Brownstone!
          She said Biatches let’s get our lies straight. lmao

          • And Caroline SCREAMED at them pointing her disgusting finger saying they called Jac a stripper WHEN SHE TOLD TRE??? They were all in cahoots to lie. I just wish Joe Giudice didn’t let Chris off the hook. You know Chris told him Jac was a stripper.

          • If Caroline is the stickler she claims to be about being honest and above board, I wonder what she is thinking about Melissa and the shoplifting — AND not going to court and runnning away. They must all be putting their heads together to figure out some way to make this all Teresa’s fault – framing/exposing poor Melissa yet again!

        • Omg jacko did unblock me…lol I’m not 2sure why I was blocked to begin with. Whar are they all up 2????

          • @saywhat she reblocked me….lol she must read this blog…oh well I guess I won’t get to see her crazy rants…heavy sigh

          • I think maybe she stopped protecting her tweets? Dont know. I can see her twitter but cant follow her. haha Oh well. someone always posts her insane rants anyway. Shes acting like jill z by trying to lock all the haters out.

          • Jac blocked me after I defended her and after sending me a direct message, where we shared a laugh over a rude Tweet by someone elsedirected at her. I defended her in the Tweet! I was shocked to see a DM from her which was friendly. Try to Tweet her back and I’m “FORBIDDEN.” Wrote to her on FB asking her why she blocked me, but never heard a thing. That’s what I get for being kind. Lol

        • I know, they unblocked me, so I blocked them, I do not want any of them on my timeline, thank you very much.

          They are only doing it to see if they can dig up some dirt on Teresa.

          Chuck you Farlies!!! 🙂

          I believe Teresa, and did so before this article came out.

          TEAM SUPER T!!!

          • JanShe – love it. You blocked them right back. Your so right. They want to read Tree fans TL’s. They dont give a rats ass about their fans.

        • I believe they are trying to come back on Teresa fans tweets to try again try to prove teresa fans are crazy…
          It’s not working lmao

        • last ditch effort at staying relevant & keeping their jobs. now they have to read what their critics have to say.
          yesterday i made a negative comment at r.wakile & he twice tweeted to me “thank you for your support” LOL i said, uh if that’s what you call support…

        • All their Blogs are the same pretty much since the beginging of the season. All their interviews they pretty much say the same thing. I beleive they did get together before the reunion to make sure they had their ” stories’ straight and to have each others back.

          Golf clap Larry Curly Moe and Shemp

          • Yes, it showed when Mel forgot to mention the arm twisting story and Jacqueline had to remind her to bring it up.

          • Holy, love the golf clap! Yes, their blogs have been nothing but a little bitch fest since beginning of season. The striking similarities have me amazed at how childish they can be.

      • I believe at least Jaq and Caro had said before the Reunion that they getting their stuff together before the reunion, Jaq tweeted about it and Caro said it on WWHL… And the other two wackadoos just followed along!!!!!

    • Me to it has the ring of truth. Jac punched Caroline for saying something about her being a mother. I have been thru this with a family member and they lied and took other family members into their lies. And you think your going crazy because you can’t believe what’s being said. Teresa has nothing to lose I believer her and Melisaa lies and lies!!!

      • It has the ring of truth to it because nothing said was over the top. I’m sure she has a lot more dirt on all of them but showed some self-restraint. She answered the questions without getting really down and dirty. And the things she said you could actually believe happened. We have seen evidence to support her words; legal documents to support the Gorga’s financial problems and Melissa’s past, and Jac herself admitting she punched Caroline in the face for talking about her. These are much more believeable that “Teresa called Antonia ugly” or “Teresa twisted my arm”. It has the ring of truth because it is the truth.

    • “Right” (Sarcastically) and I suppose that you people believe the CRAP! that comes out of TERESA’S ASS TOO!! just like she does!

      • It is the truth. Teresa still doesn’t know if Mel was a stripper or not so why would she call her one. Mel kept saying on the show (which we all saw btw)that Teresa said it in the bathroom .. which was a lie we saw the show. She was also railroading Jac to say Teresa was standing next to the guy when he was laughing about the “planned” set up on Mel. That woman truly wants to be a victim. And as far as you rough and tough.. you sound like you can not stand that people love Teresa far more then the F-Troop who even planned cannot pull off their capers. God Bless 🙂

        • I remember the first episode that Melissa was on Teresa called her a stripper to the other ladies….come on…You really believe the crap that comes out of our brain??? Teresa KNEW…who that bald guy was…look at the smirk on her face when she’s looking up at that creepy bald guy when he approached the table! Why would she be so scared and her “heart beating out of her chest” when she “confronted” Melissa in the ladies room? IF Teresa wanted to protect her Sister-in-Law…she should have warned her ahead of time AND after baldy made said “hi” you can hear him ON HIS MIC say “THEY” were setting up Melissa…only 2 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM WHEN BALDY was talking about Melissa beforehand….KIM G. AND TERESA THE SNAKE.

    • The way Jacqueline monitors Teresa’s life and uses her gossip network to get in the middle of everyone’s business, I believe she’s the type who would put a GPS on her husband and monitor his phone.

      • Thats exactly why I believe this story. You know Jac is effing crazy and has tracked both Chris and Aashley. She would also trael with him if he ever had to go out of town. Thats what she claims the bankrupcy people are angry about.. It all makes sense!

      • agree mm !
        Jacque is superficial mess
        She seriously should not be in the public eye.
        I think her husband knows she si ready to have a complete meltdown. on the reunion show you see him several times try to stop her. She just keeps attacking it is very sick to witness!
        those poor kids:(

    • I do too, and it’s about time she told it all! She covered for them for a long time; she is a good time. But they went too far with their lies and meaniness. Glad she is telling all, and I bet much much more to come out!

      • Ita! Yes t was very generous!!! T really could have put them all the way out there! No one is perfect! T definatly flew above putting them on blast! T has all the dirt t is better than me! After all the disrespect she is still holding back alot of info. Jmo

    • I do too. Remember when Jac and Caroline said at the season 1 (or 2… one of them) that Jac once punched Caroline? It would make sense that the things Caroline was saying about her would be a reason she would get so mad.

    • Who cares if you believe her or not. This is horrible. I have no respect for any of them anymore! When a FRIEND tells you something in confidence, you go to your grave with that secret, no matter what! It is your own character that you need to worry about, and when you come out telling all of these secrets in retaliation, it speaks even louder than the person who started it. Shame on all of these women.

      • So she is not allowed to defend herself???
        This is not, that they started it and therefore alright that she does the same. But wake up! These people are trying to ruin her life and livelihood, job and buinesses, and by now dont mind to drag her little kids into it! They have gone too far and I believe she has to defend herself with everythings shes got, bc these people are ruthless and sick! I cant even believe shes willing to forgive her brother. Im very close with my sister and have always been and would forgive her many things, but if she would threaten me and MY CHILDRENS livelihood, I would never ever forgive and trust her again!
        And that dont make my a bad person.

        • According to that logic Maya, T would be guilty of that also then since she said things about M’s singing (which she makes $ from). I haven’t seen anything the others have said that I’ve perceived as trying to ruin her business ventures or her livelihood. Can you please explain?

          • She has said nothing about them, before she realised, how they where ganging up on her. And If she did, it was nothing compared to the karakterassasination (to qoute Vanderpump)that they where conspiring to make on her, on camera and behind her back. They wanted to kill her popularity, which of course means less money in the bank. They started with her cookbooks and so on and so on…. If U have followed this on blogs U know, so I would only be repeating what has been written a thousind times right here. Also twitteractions by the cast says alot! But I will mention Melissa direct attempt to discredit teresas cookbooks and business ventures by telling Jay Mohr to blog bad things about it. Why would he lie about that? Intention means everything, and i dont believe Teresa had any intention of hurting any of them before, like they want us to think, but I believe she was hurt that her family came on the show behind her back and needed som time to get over it.
            Do you really think that they have handled this well? That there actions are justified , by what they explain that she did to them? Is it really ok to treat a exfriend like they have treated her, just bc they dont like her anymore and for some comments in a cookbook and a bunch of unproven bs that dont make any sense. All they have said about her, they have either did them self or did after, which makes them hypocrites.
            So what if they believe she`s fake! I have a friend by many years now that I consider as more and more fake as time goes by and we are growing apart, but that dont mean that I would bully her with my perception of her. Im polite when I meet he, but just dont call and seek her out anymore and she dosent call me either, so maybe she feels the same about me.
            Friendships change when time goes by and if we all acted like Caro, Jax, Meho and (almost forgot) Katfish, when they dont like someone, I cant imagine how the world would be, bc that idea is frightning to think about.
            The hate against her, donsent match her actions, and they are the ones who come out looking guilty as hell.
            Crap! Now I dont get my nap 🙁 Why did I turn on the computer? Idea!! Maybe I should blame Teresa for that. She gets blamed for everything anyway and If it werent for her I would`nt be interested so I guess it is all her fault. Oh , how relieving for my own consience…..

      • What really gets me is Jac main gripe was that Tre wasn’t telling her all about her problems!That if they were friends Tre would confide in her.Now she does a complete turn around and claims Teresa told her all her very private and personal problems.Which is it Wacko?You can’t have it both ways!Myself,I believe Teresa!

      • Remember – Caroline was NEVER friends with Teresa, so any comments made by Caroline to Teresa were made at arms length and not confidential. Caroline made these admissions to a person she never liked and never had a relationship with, so they are fair game. Caroline is the one who said they were never friends. Jackie went crazy atom bomb full war fare on Teresa, so she has no room to complain if Teresa fires back with a missile. No one accused a Manzo or Laurita of smelling their brother’s g-string – what a class act Jackie is.

    • Who cares…..Teresa is one crazeball following the rest of them. Lets not make her up to be an ANGEL!

    • There is Teresas side, Melissas side and then there is the TRUTH! Noone gets it exactly truthful when they tell it because different points are more important to one than the other. Especially ( not sure how to spell that) when it is a heated argument.

    • I don’t believe a word of it! It’s so funny she has so much top say, when she’s in a one on one interview, but when it was brought up at the reunion, she had nothing to fast, then in her blog she says she is so proud of what she DIDN’T say, because” she’s not like that” yet here she is Weeks later talkin crap to once again make her life look prefect and everyone elses terrible! If Caroline really said that about Jacqueline, why didn’t she ever tell JaC? It doesn’t add up a she so lives to say, not that she could add it up anyway, but it totally sounds like T to say Caroline said Jacqueline was a bad parent because she worked out too much and didn’t cook?? Hmmmm sounds like Teresa not Jacqueline, she’s so obvious, she is horrible at deflecting which is why she’s so transparent!