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Kim D Admits To Setting Melissa Up! Says Teresa Had No Idea What Was Going To Happen At The Fashion Show!

This season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw RHONJ star Melissa Gorga get accused of being a dancer from a man named Angelo Vrohidis at Kim D’s annual Fashion Show. Melissa and Jacqueline both have blamed Teresa Giudice for setting up Melissa and Kim D is finally coming out with the truth admitting she is the one who in fact set up Melissa!

Kim D tell’s the new issue of Star Magazine, “Did I know what I was getting us into? Yes. Did Teresa? Not at all.”

Kim D continues to say that Melissa was a dancer despite her denying it, “I know for a fact Melissa worked at Lookers and was a dancer. Not only have eyewitnesses told me, random people have come into my store, Posche Boutique, saying she was a dancer not a bartender. Melissa doesn’t like the word stripper, so we’ll call her a dancer.”

Kim D adds that there is no hope for Melissa and Teresa to ever move on saying, “There’s way too much water under the bridge. There’s no hope for them ever having a good relationship. It’s done.

I could have told you that! Although Kim D and Teresa are friends, I don’t see Kim D protecting Teresa. If Teresa had any involvement in this, I do see Kim D saying Teresa did. It’s obvious Kim D had an agenda with Melissa so she wanted to set her up. It’s sad that even after Kim D takes all the heat, Melissa still insist it is Teresa who set her up. I can’t imagine how it feels to be Teresa and have my brother and sister-in-law not believe a word I say! Are you surprised Kim D set the whole thing up?

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  • Teresa has stirred the pot with her brother and SIL too much. It’s her own fault that no one would believe her.

  • Bobbi, your right, Melissa has a record in the county where I live. It can be seen on the County’s weebsite under Criminal matters. Apparently Saint Melissa shop lifted when she was 18 and there is still a warrant out for her arrest. This Bravo should go after everyone not just certain cast members

  • What goes around comes around and Ms. Marco is starting to feel it now.

    Why does Teresa have to be brought into everything or is zhis a contractual thing. They should all remember without her they wouldn’t be here. NJHW would have been gone after the first season.

  • Everyone but Mel is friends with KimD. Yet, Tre is the stupid one that is still friends with her. You know, since nothing ever applies to the rest of them.

  • I find it funny how Kim D is trying to take all credit for Strippergate when in fact it was Penny who gave her the info. Kim is just trying to acquire a position on HWs and she thinks Penny is going to keep giving her info. Not happening Kim. Penny holds all the cards and without her you have nothing.
    Kim went into salon for trial for PFS and Penny told her about Melissa so she ran with it knowing Penny was already interviewed for S5. Kim is trying to push her way in front by Penny’s info. I hope Andy and Bravo sees it.

      • No money? That’s funny considering Johnny owns 3 restaurants & 2 nightclubs and I heard Joey probably owes Johnny money too. Salon wasn’t closed by choice, old landlord didn’t honor their agreement to purchase building so Penny is relocating her Salon to Glenrock to bigger place. I know because I work for her. If you don’t know details then keep your mouth shut.

      • the salon isn’t closed. they opened in another location. johnny also has many other businesses.

  • I think Kim D is a hoot & harmless! Everyone wants to jump on Teresa for still being friends w/her but it’s ok that Jac & Caroline still shop there & are not mad at Kim?! Love Teresa & Kim too!

  • I think it all boils down to Melissa, Caroline, Kathy and Jacqueline wanting to be “right”. Even if they were given a rational explanation and proof positive that Teresa wasn’t involved in the set-up, they’re all in too deep to back up. At this point, they all feel she’s done so many “wrongs” that they’re going to stick to the ugly path they’ve chosen and try to convince us all that she’s a bad person.
    I’ve always said that I didn’t think Teresa is perfect. However, their ganging up on her has actually made me support her more. Their strategy has backfired.

    • I get a very stubborn vibe from the entire cast as well. They all want Teresa to eat crow, but the majority of viewers think she has done enough of that already for issues ranging from petty to non-existent. As Joe Gorga once announced, “You need to fall.” Someone else on this cast needs to take a tumble because I cannot continue to watch a show that is the equivalent of elementary dodge ball with Teresa as the lone person in the middle being slammed by cast mates left and right trying to drop her.


  • Oh yea and all of the old workers still work there EXCEPT FOR PENNY!!!! The salon just has the old owner back and a different name for the business.

  • It appears as if Penny karagiorgis allure chateau salon is no longer in business. They have a new name for it, I called 201-991-0888 which is listed as the salon. I spoke to the receptionist there and the old owner has taken back the salon. So it appears to me that Penny is for sure on the next season of real housewives of NJ, or why else would they sell their salon back to the old owner? If you look up their website for la chateau allure you can only contact them through internet. I tried calling the number they had listed and it takes you straight to voice mail. Hmmmmmm why would that be? If your an operating salon you would have a receptionist. Anyways it’s no big deal just kind of confirms as to why they would unload their salon and try to launch a new business venture by getting on the housewives.

    • Well the Manzo’s and Laurita’s were trying to take credit for this place going out of business the other day on Twitter. Since they are sooooooooo “Connected” with the Sopranos. *pause* LMAOOOO

        • They lost the salon because they were behind on the rent. The old owner still owned the building and decided to reopen. Penny and Johnny did not sell them anything.

          • Behind on rent? Thats a joke considering Johnny always pays in cash. I’ll be sure to let Johnny know you’re spreading false rumors. Check records you will see Penny has civil & criminal counts filed against old landlord. When Penny and Johnny’s lawyer showed up with personal driver they all shit. You don’t know shit and you’re spreading false rumors.

          • And again you liar, Landlord didn’t honor agreement to purchase building so get your facts straight. Greeks always pay in cash.

  • My Lord… All you speak about this “set-up” like it is the next coming of Christ!

    WHO CARES WHO DID WHAT!!!!!!!!!! It is that much of nationale headline that this trash heaux of Melissa danced or didnt. Served drinks or swallowed!? Jeez!

    Poor Tre that has to go all day every day speaking about the same and answering the same stupid questions. UNREAL!

  • Tell you what, I love KimD!!! She is one Saucy B and she just does not care. Can’t wait to see her on the show and have her look at stupid melissa and say “oh yes you ugly b, I set you up alright and I’ll do again if given the chance, because I do not like you ” and that’ll be that. nobody will turn on her for saying so either. what you see is what you get with Kim and me thinks all the other ladies are afraid of her!

  • 1 who cares if M was a dancer. Have you seen her dance? Its not that pretty. 2 if family is everything to T why then is she still friends with KD? Teresa will never admit fault on anything. I believe T has said M was a stripper but i dont think she was involved in the set up. J looked to please to see the fall out that night.

    • Exactly! We shouldn’t say she was a dancer.. NO, No, NO! We all witness her dance (freestyle,or cheogharphy) biatch can’t even do a two-step, or like a go-go dancer!
      Now if they say she swang around the pole lke the show in the Sapronos bar, I would believe yea, I can see that.
      Also I find very interested that she and the other trolls haven’t posted their blog.. It’s rumored in twitter that Meho Marcos electricity was turned off for not paying bill. lmao.. Maybe he internet service is off too for not paying

    • I’m sorry, but if your family blamed you for everything because they can’t own up to their past and their mistakes, you wouldn’t want to speak with them either. I think if Melissa and Joey weren’t so desperately trying to blame everything on Teresa so that she looks like the villain while they look like victims, Teresa would probably have dumped Kim D. But throughout the whole thing, Kim D. had Teresa’s back while Joey told Teresa that she’s “dead” to him. At some point, it’s time to realize that your family is just shit and you’re better off making new family with friends you trust. In Teresa’s case, she needs to dump both Kim D. and her “family.”

    • mmmwww. nobody really cares if she was a dancer/stripper. it’s the fact that she lies constantly and tries to act like the perfect wife and sister in law when clearly she isn’t. the more she denies being a dancer/stripper. the more people will accuse her of it and try to expose her. i have no idea why teresa is still friends with kim d. just like i don’t even know why jac and caro are still friends with her. they’re so called close and best friends with melissa now. don’t they think being friends with someone that admitted setting her up will offend melissa? it all doesn’t make sense. they all looked very pleased with the set up. even melissa did when teresa confronted her in the bathroom. instead of looking shocked or concerned. she gave a very smug smile.

    • Did Anderson Vanderguilt (no typo) also say a gazillion T fans went after him too? Boo hoo, spoiled rich boy.

    • @ Little Bear

      Yea I saw the clip. aww poor Anderson, lol. Anyway it was Pete Guidice that tweeted him and it was the day that Teresa was on..Anderson is such a freakin baby!

      • I read this. Anderson said that “even though he apologized” I didn’t watch show but have read everywhere that he never actually apologized. Also starting to like Pete more and more. He seems like he really stands up for family. So sad that Teresa’s bro-in-law watches out for her while her own brother tries to destroy her.

        • no he never really apologized. he just said he didn’t like how he did the interview and he came off angry. there was never a real “i’m sorry” apology. someone said that in some behind the scenes video that he had said he will never apologize. lol i don’t know who was tweeting him but i think it’s hilarious that the person told him he needs to wear a dress and get slapped. lol

    • How can anyone take him seriously as a “newsman” when he’s crying about mean tweets? Lol Seriously, grow up Anderson. He’s still on CNN for god’s sake.

    • Anderson just don’t know what old school is does he? You insult one of us in a family, and you get all of us on your ass, LOL.. ( I can’t speak for everyone, 😉

  • Does anyone remember the Rosie Pope Epi that Teresa was on? The baby Shower she went to of that pregnant Asian looking girl from NJ? Now clearly that girl and her husband had money and wasnt putting on airs like some media whores *cough cough Melissa* do. I think she would be an excellent canidate for the show! Im sure not all of the women in NJ need to be Italian…what do you guys think?

      • Boy is she lost! Her husband Chris over the weekend twitted that his wife spends a lot of time in the computer doing research for thier son. I was WTF??? Who is she freaking kidding. After that tweet, Jacko has only been twitting about Autism. Now my thoughts are: They (family) did an intervention and someone else has taken over her twitter account and posting info of autism. Or Chris told her Biatch stop twitting about Teresa or I’m leaving your ass and I’m taking our kids.Or she finally took her pysch meds and her voices in her mind stopped

        • @ladynblack

          Oh I know I read his BS too..LMAO!

          I agree, since I think it was last Friday when she whacked out once again on twitter, she has cooled it. But sorry I know it won’t last the woman is freakin ridiculous, nasty and hateful. Ugh!!

          She didn’t stop with Danielle for a long time, she won’t with Teresa either

      • Not my girlfriend although I would rather be friends with Jac than Tre. Poor Tre lives in her little delusional world.

        • Yes she is @lolag, you are obsessed with her. It’s creepy!

          I think you know more about her and her family than she does. If I were Jacqueline and read what you post about her/ defend her on every site you go on ( under lolag and Lori), I would be very very concerned.

    • I LOVE that US magazine uses that picture of Caroline with her big ole white Maidenform showing thru her dress!! LMAO

    • OMG Wacko Jacko is one sick puppy. That girl is totally undeniably delusional. I would never ever want her for a friend.

      • That’s what a fried brain acts like in Jacko. She doesn’t know truth from fiction. I honestly think she’s the root of everyone’s problems on this show. If she didn’t stir the pot with lies, I bet it would go back to being the cute funny show it started out to be.

        • @ NonnaB

          Yep she kept it going all season, and in her blogs and twitter.. Sick sick sick.

          With all her nasty gossip, spreading rumors all of it..Throwing those rocks and hiding her hands.

          This woman has a special needs child unbeleivable, and has all this hate in her heart…She should be ashamed!!!

  • There was something once my older sister told me about her high school days at an all girls private school. The mean girls started out freshman year in big cliques, but by the time senior year rolled around, they had all broken off into smaller cliques, gossiped behind eachother’s backs, and most of the untouchable cool queens had fallen. Tre admits that in retrospect she was mean to Danielle. Now every body else is taking their turn. Melissa would be wise to realize that for every moment she’s queen of the housewives, there will come a time when she’s taken down. Bravo is not on your sides ladies. Ratings will come at the expense of ALL your dirty laundry. Melissa’s old manger would have never made it on the show if it hadn’t been for the producers. One day, after the housewives franchise is over, some behind the scenes person should write a tell all about how and if the ladies were pressured or set up to hate each other (cue Jac and Melissa). Remember the movie Devil’s Advocate?

    • I can’t stand Kim d at all. She is veey 2faced. I am so done with having to see/hear her on the show. Them to hold her fs at the brownstone this year after everything the manzos has done to her “friend” just shows how loyal she really is. T needs to realize that kim d was setting her up as well as mego.

      • Teresa knows it’s BUSINESS. If the Brownstone gave Kim D a good deal on having her fashion show there, Teresa isn’t going to hold it against her! She is not that petty. I also think Teresa knows that Kim D is trying to get a spot on the show, so she has to bring something to the table

      • I loved it when KIm D called Joey Marco a fidget and said she runs with the big boys. Joey Marco’s expression was priceless, hah.

  • Kim “D” has nothing to loose by taking the heat..Teresa has everything to loose….I still believe they were both in on it….and it was planned for Kim “D” to take the fall and make it look like Teresa had nothing to do with it.

    There was no reason why Teresa’s heart was beating, as she puts it,, “500”…whatever the hell thats supposed to mean…

    It was beating “500” cus she knew what was about to happen….please people it can’t be anymore obvious…

    • I think it was beating 500 because T didn’t know what to think after mego said that she knew him from somewhere. She has always said that she didn’t know if mego was a dancer and for mego to say that she knew the bald guy just got T’s head spinning. I know this has happened to me. T could of also been scared of what the outcome of even talking to mego about it would be…as I’m sure she mego would blow it up after all mego has done to put a solid brick wall up between T and Joe.

  • I have always believed Tre!! I have watched rhonj sense S1E1 and she was so funny and loving. Even in dom c’s talking head she went on about how much she loved T. Why is bravo trying to make T out to be a bad person when from the start she was the happy homemaker that was just like Lucille ball? We know that mego is a nobody and hates that T is a very smaty woman that was able to get her family back on their feet after the bankruptcy and hated that viewers love her so much while she’s having to “sell her house “that they weren’t allowed to live in. It all makes me sick. We all know that jac isn’t allowed to think or talk for herself or she will have to answer to dom c. Remember jac ank dom c have had a physical fight before, all because jac needed a moment to herself after cj and the dom didn’t like that a man had to do woman’s work in her eyes and care for a baby. I’m really hoping that S5 sets everything right.

  • I thought it was obvious Kim was setting all of them up. I don’t want to see Kim on the show, she’s nasty, she does look like a drug addict. It is a shame Jac had to be a hater, her story with her son would have been inspiring and maybe hopeful to watch…sad!!

  • I agree @ LoLo

    Andy Cohen and Co. could clear Teresa and these women would still blame her.

    Whatever, let them keep hating and trying to prove how awful Teresa is, they ( in my opinion) are only proving how awful they are!!

      • Hi michers

        It has been their vision quest all season, shit even before the season started, I’m looking at you Jacqueline.

        They are really sick puppies, with their ” planting seeds” reading between the lines’ all that from their very first blogs when the season started.

  • None of her fellow castmates will ever believe Teresa because they just don’t want to. They never admit when they’re wrong (as much as they nail Teresa for the same thing all of the time.)

    I hope there’s a major casting change. I will not watch the show unless something gives. I hope Kim D doesn’t become a housewife though, she’s not fun.

  • And there it is folks!! Funny because in Jax’s stalker tweets to Teresa that we saw, she threatened Teresa saying that ______ told her everything, _______was going to tell truth at Reunion LOL!! Yes,Jax it appears she has! Lets face it, even though Kim D is not the quiet sit back in the corner type, she has nothing to lose! She was friends with EVERYONE on the show , even before Mel joined. She is still friends or friendly with most of the cast.

    • I’m still convinced Kim D had something to do with the set up.

      “Dancer” says to asshat make up man after receiving a call from Kim G ……”I don’t trust these Kim girls.” Thats plural.

      Also,at the blow out (outside fashion show) Chucky to Joey Marco says to Stump that she’s here to support them (him and his “dancer”).Again plural, and I’m paraphrasing Chucky.

      • Oh good point . Forget about that. Why did she say girls btw- Kim G was not even on this show in years???? But, the Kims are related in some way..dundundun… Mel is a sucky person with sucky singing and sucky sisters and a sucky actress/liar

  • The pope could swear Teresa had nothing to do with it and it would not matter.I am bothered by Anderson Coopers claims that Teresa`s family is attacking him on Twitter.What family would that be?

    • they are? i haven’t heard that. do you have any idea what the tweets are? well, he should’ve known he was gonna get some backlash from how he treated teresa. not very smart of him.

  • If I was Teresa I would have nothing further to do with Kim D, because after all family is family…right?. Setting up Terrsa’s brother’s wife? What a hag.

    • It is what it is.. her own family and closest friends turned on her way before the PFS. Her own brother calls her garbage, they used her to get on tv. So, I would probably hang around Kim D still also. So yeah family is family does not sit well with this bunch, especially Gorga/ Wakile clan.

    • I don’t think Kim D meant so much to set up Teresa as to pull one on MeGo. I don’t think she even thought what effect it would have on Teresa. I think all the housewives (snakes) thought Teresa set MeGo up was because of Bravo producers and not Kim D. I vote 100% to have KimD on the show. I love her.

      • I thought that too. She had issue with Mel herself and I think was set on being spiteful and proving a point, Teresa or not!

    • Teresa can’t control how people feel about Melissa. Melissa thought she could go on a reality show and her dirty secrets wouldn’t come out-wrong. She tried to paint Teresa as the “bad” one, when in reality, SHE is the evil SIL. I think Teresa HAS warned Melissa…but Melissa then tells people that Teresa is trying to scare her off the show.

      To me, it looked like Teresa was a deer caught in the headlights-she didn’t know WHAT was going on, but she knew that SOMETHING was going down. She was trying to be loyal to Melissa, but also found it a little fishy that IF Melissa never danced for Angelo, how did she know him? Which Melissa ADMITTED.

      I believe Kim D was in on the whole thing to secure herself a spot on the show. She doesn’t like Melissa and would LOVE to go on and put her on blast. Kim plays both sides of the fence to better her own agenda. She apologized to Melissa, invited her, then participates in a plan where Melissa will be outed as a dancer. I don’t think she told Teresa any of this, and Teresa didn’t want any part of the drama. Teresa can’t control what Kim D has planned, but she can take herself out of it, which she did.

    • Kim D isn’t someone you want on your bad side. After all the crap the Marcos have pulled, I certainly wouldn’t want to make an enemy of Kim for people who are just going to stab me in the back anyway. She has her own beef with Melissa, and all she did was have a guy tell the truth and tell Melissa “Hi, have a nice evening.” ooh, big deal. Let Melissa fight her own battles. I don’t see the Marcos turning their backs on Katfish for attacking the Gorgas.

  • Tre knew also, but so what, they came on the show to expose her so, why not expose them. Like she said to Kathy, “this is what you wanted”, bring it on.

    • I hear they all shop at Posche. Well, except “dancer” Marco who gets her fashions at Fredricks of Hollywood. And, Chucky who picks out her cloths at Good Will.

  • Why did Melissa say on Wendy Williams that Kim D. admits Teresa was involved on the reunion if Kim D. just said in this article she didn’t know. Is Melissa that crazy to think she can just make things up and people will believe her. I don’t get it.

      • I think, ( sorry to add) thats why Kim D was going hard on Lysa Simpson on twitter, because Kim was honest on Reunion and I think the troublemakers were all so very quiet, had nothing to say to Kim’s face!

  • Does not surprise me. But I think Mellisa wanted this they had to take Teresa down and it did not work in Season 3 so they thought why not set her up with something like this so we can finally take her down, Why was her husband conveniently next door. In whole I believe Mellisa wanted this her and her husband Yes Kim D Did have a part but I believe Mellisa did too.

    And for all you people that think Teresa had a part show me your proof not what Bravo edited to look like proof!

  • I think Cat Rodriguez played Kim D for a fool cause she let Melissa + the cast in on the plan towards the beginning of taping season 4…so they were actually setting up Teresa the entire time..and that is why Melissa & Joe Gorga pretended to make a truce with Teresa..the whole season edited by Cat Rodriguez is a sick joke…maybe one day Teresa will write a book about it and I will be the first to buy it! Their plan didnt work though cause Teresa is more successful than ever…

  • The sad part is her jerk of a brother won’t even believe it. Of course, we all know he is not allowed to think for himself. I honestly don’t see why Bravo doesn’t step in and try and set things straight for this family. I will continue watching because I am a weak person and want to see this season thru to the end, but I have no interest in any of the other HW series and haven’t even watched RHOM, also quit watching RHONY.

    • Grammy the nose ring in Joe Gorga’s nose is big enough for both Melissa and Bravo to lead him around do their bidding!

  • The crazy thing is that Jack knew Teresa was going to be set up via text either a few days or that day. It’s so vile that she lied and keeps lying.

  • I don’t know how many people have to come out and say that Teresa had no part of the set up for some people to understand. BRAVO, KIM D, AND ANGELO all were in on it and all of come out publicly as said that TERESA DID NOT KNOW ABOUT IT AND HAD TO PART IN THE SET UP! Teresa was very upset at the salon and did not want anyone talking bad about her family. When you see her leaning against the door frame she was downstairs, not in the next room.
    Kim D and Angelo were both in on the set up with Bravo’s help. I think it was all supposed to happen at the salon only the rest of the cast never showed up for the preshow scenes with Teresa. Cat, the producer and Looker’s rumored lover was at the salon. I think Cat called Lookers and Joey after the salon taping and they flipped the script to set up Teresa. Cat then started texting Jac about the set up. How can anyone not see how calm Lookers was in the bathroom. She was baiting Teresa to say the word Dancer. Once the word came out of Teresa’s mouth Looker had the stupid grin on her face. Lookers to great joy in calling her brother. She also all of a sudden remembered Angelo’s name. Funny that Teresa did remember the name and just kept referring to him as the bald guy. Lookers also told 3 lies in the bathroom scene. 1. she only worked at the club for a week. Lookers produced (in more that way) a payroll sheet showing she worked every week Jan 1 to Dec 31 in 2003. 2. Lookers told us that her cousin owned Lookers but in fact the club is owned by the family of Penny the salon owner. 3. She told Teresa that she was working as a 2nd grade teacher before she got married. Lookers produced a copy of her degree with a graduation date of the end of January 2004. Sorry but teachers are not hire in the spring of the school year. Lookers also told us that after she graduated Joey didn’t want her to get a job teaching so she went to work for him. I swear Lookers has told so many lies that she no longer knows what is the truth!
    Lookers and Jac will never believe that Teresa was not only not part of the set up but was in fact the victim of the set up. It would mean that for a full year they have condemned her for no reason and as we all know NONE of the them know how to say the words “I’m Sorry”. Everyone complains that Teresa never takes responsibility for her actions when in it is the rest of the cast telling that to the world and Teresa is the one and only person on that show that has said the words and take to make amends.
    I much as I want all of Lookers dirty secrets to come out in season 5 I really believe that she should be fired. She crossed the line in her relationship with Cat the producer. Lookers should be fired.

  • Its really a damn shame that Kim D is taking the fall for Bravo. No I do NOT believe Kim D solely set Melissa up. It was Bravo, however they will never outright admit their involvement in this ‘set-up’ because they will take the hit for manufacturing this drama that destroyed a family. Bravo had to have promised Kim D either a spot on the show or some kind of monetary gain, either why…Kim D was their ‘fall-guy’. The things people would do for fame…

    • I’ve said it before and I still really believe this: EVERYONE involved was set up in some sort of way. This was all Bravo’s doing, promising each person something in return, then screwing them all. Kim D had a grudge against Melissa so she was easy to manipulate; but they probably didn’t tell her that Teresa would be blamed. Penny and Johnny probably went along with it for the same reason, they didn’t like Melissa, wanted to be on the show and had no idea Teresa would be blamed. Jac and Caroline were probably told that there was going to be a setup planned by Teresa but were given no details. This would explain why they were so furious with her, because their friends the producers lied and told them Teresa set it up. The texts from the producers were probably telling them to spread the word that Teresa set it up. Melissa, I believe she knew right from the beginning that it was a setup on Teresa because of her relationship with the producer. I don’t think she really even cares if people think she was a stripper; she loves being on display. I don’t know where Kathy falls in any of this, but she’s really irrelevant anyway. JMO of course, but this would explain a lot of the different reactions we’ve seen.

  • last night I was watching the Simpson with my grandson and low and behold I LOL.
    Doesn’t Meho Marcos sister look like the Marge Simpson sisters Patty and Selma!!

  • on a recent interview Meho Marcos, stating that Kim kinda of admitted that Teresa knew in the reunion. I knew that was a flat lie.
    Now they are all either going to back peddle or like everyone thinks. They will claim Kim is lying to protect Teresa…
    Meho better just confese that she was s stripper/dancer before the pics start leaking out.

    • Lookers will NEVER stop claiming the Teresa set her up since she will not be able to control that POS husband then all while PLAYING the victim.
      Jac proved once again that she can be easily lead to believe what someone else tells her. Ursula led Jac for many years and now Lookers has joined the mind games.
      It would be funny to see in a battle of mind control who would win Ursula or Lookers. I know that Ursual does not like Lookers at this point.

      • Jaq hears what she wants to hear. She did it in S1 w/Dina, She did it @ PFS When Teresa said she was setting Teresa up (Jaq heard Teresa saying that Jaq set Mel up) and she did it on the Reunion and if the Devil himself had to correct her. She definitely is delusional. She hears things that aren’t, has business dealing for millions of dollars that don’t exist, she pulls a Munchausen by Proxy on her son. Sick woman there…

    • Before the season started Melissa also kept saying in interviews that she “might” get hit in season 4. I kept ranting that that accusation better be true because that is some serious bullshit (my poor family). Of course, it is not true. Wish I could say I am surprised.

      And Old NJ Girl URSULA!!! Best nickname ever!!!

  • I believe that Kim D and Bald Guy were the ones who set the wheels in motion for the “setup” and that it’s possible that Teresa wasn’t in on the finer details.

    IMO it doesn’t matter. She was aware that there was some guy running around town claiming that Melissa used to be a dancer, and she did absolutely nothing about it, including calling Melissa to warn her about it.

    And when Bald Guy approached the table, Teresa sat there fully expecting some kind of reaction from Melissa when she saw him. Except that there was none — Melissa “recognized him from somewhere” and that was it.

    Teresa nevertheless followed Melissa into the bathroom, cameras in tow, for the sole purpose of getting some kind of “confession” from her on tape. After about five minutes of, “Well den why’d he SAY dat?” and “Well it LOOKED like you KNEW him,” she finally blew it entirely when she said, “Yeah, dat was during THE DAY [Melissa teaching school], but HOW DO I KNOW WHAT YOU WERE DOIN’ AT NIGHT?”

    Hysterical. Then after Bald Guy had bolted from the building, she continued to defend him (“WHERE’S DAT BALD GUY?”) to Kathy, and was visibly annoyed when Kathy said he was probably just a troublemaker and not credible.

    Which is all that Melissa and Joey were originally upset about, anyway. The idea of a possible setup which, I’m assuming, was SUPPOSED to have involved Melissa actually recognizing this guy and getting upset, never happened. Because she didn’t.

    So whether or not she was technically involved in THAT PART of the setup may be up for dispute, but it doesn’t discount Teresa’s own personal setup of Melissa — to get Melissa to confess to knowing this guy ON FILM, and even after Melissa told her he was lying, to convince everyone else that this idiot should be taken seriously.

    I’m actually considering the possibility that Kim D might have been the one who was texting Jacq. Which would be very funny.

    • Kim D probably was texting Jaco. Jaco seemed so excited to tell everyone outside that night what was going on.

      • It was the producer orchestrating everything and Melissa was in on it. She and the producer used everyone else but. the producer left everyone out of the loop that Melissa knew. It’s her “Kardashian sex tape” trust me. The one last push she thought that would catapult her to fame. I think she had a “more than friends” relationship w/the producer.

          • Sorry, no breaks for you.
            Your idol Messy Missy was IN ON IT, from the get go!!!
            Messy Missy aka “JORDAN”(her stage/stripper name) had been so transparent, it is pathetic.

          • Oh i so agree Melissa was in on it.

            She completely looked smug through the whole fashion show. Joe was next dooring waiting for the phone call.

            At the chrisenting meho look visibly upset and angry.

            PFS she looked elated.

          • Samantha’s idol, Melissa is the shit stirrer. Melissa cannot see past herself that people do it like her.

        • That’s what I think. I think they set up Teresa and Melissa absolutely knew. I definitely think that Melissa would use this like the Kardashian sex tape. Absolutely! Teresa would try to protect the family. She might have said something to her “friends” when she still thought they were friends. She didn’t expect them to betray her. I see Melissa and Joe Marcos hands all over this. Get publicity for her and take down Teresa at the same time.

          • Why would anyone give them an Emmy?
            They are phony, and Mel has been caught.
            Holy cow Sam, don’t tell me that you are as delusional as Mel. She is NOT a singer, she is definately NOT an actress.

            If she was making one hundred dollars, just for serving old men drinks, she should just go back there. That would be the least she could do, to help, and support her family. Their electricity was cut off, and rumors are that stumpy is using a loan shark to try and maintain their lifestyle.

            Do you know if she is hiding uder her bed? Miss “we pay our bills” said that she would, if she was broke, and couldn’t make ends meet.


          • they all knew something was gonna happen. you got to be a moron to think that kim d’s posche show wasn’t gonna come with drama. everyone was there and the producers had all the housewives to sit in one table. they were told not to leave.

        • It was Angelo’s performance that let the producers down. Which is why they have room to blame shift. Teresa had nothing to do with it. Would you rather have peace where you work, or hatred.

    • I agree. Teresa set herself up to be the fall guy. She knew Kim D was up to no good but she never said anything to Melissa. Then after the guy makes his appearance she runs after Melissa because she has to let her know what he said. Her whole reaction to this guy’s story is very telling. It’s obvious she believes Mel’s a stripper in her approach. At the time, they were closer then they had been in a while and were trying to repair their relationship. After everything, Teresa still talked to Kim D and is on friendly terms. Teresa’s own actions are what make it hard to believ she wasn’t involved

      • I agree. And I’m not discounting, AT ALL, that she was a lot more involved than I’ve been given reason to believe.

        And only recently she was claiming, in her blog, that she “STILL doesn’t know if Melissa was a stripper.” She is NEVER going to let that go.

        • They are all friends with Kim D with the exception of Melissa. It was a producer induced set up.

      • Teresa set herself up to be the fall guy by filming with Angelo. Why would she do that if she was involved? That makes it really easy for Bravo to make her look bad. Once again, she’s the master manipulator creating these complex scenarios but also too stupid to shoot straight. If she set this up there are about 4500 ways she could have let it come out while staying a million miles away. Melissa WAS a stripper and everyone already knows it. Is she supposed to call Melissa every day and tell her “Yet another person told me you stripped, hide under the bed because a very pointed hello might be coming your way”?

        • She filmed with this guy and, based on absolutely nothing, believed him when he said Melissa was a dancer, code word for stripper.

          She didn’t dispute it or argue with him, she just kept very lamely repeating, “Please don’t tawk about my fambly.”

          And the more I think about it , the more I realize that Teresa was TOTALLY in on it (Thanks, Seven!)

          • Welcome Sam! Put that in your book, Delusional Ramblings No One Cares About. Lol

            My god, yeah, that is suspicious! Melissa a stripper? What a conflict with her Mennonite background. I wonder if believing him had to do with the fact that she WAS a stripper and everyone knows it? Next she’ll be believing that Obama is President just because he IS. Call the men in the white coats, STAT.

          • Samantha is delusional as usual. T left the room. T does not need to have a fight with a man she doesn’t know. T did what any normal and sane person would, which is leave.

            Samantha would have a fight and get tossed into jail for assault. You are white trash Samantha.

      • Tenisha, I think Melissa’s reaction to this guy were very telling! How many times was she trying to “act” like she knew him, but could not remember form where? She worked there for a year! She knew exactly who he was, she was trying to play dumb and was sarcastic to Teresa in the bathroom..

    • Samantha,

      Good analysis. Honestly, Bravo is using ALL THESE PEOPLE. They are TOLD to bring drama. I am sure Bravo TOLD Teresa to go the the bathroom and ask questions. It is just sad. Their relationships are all destroyed. Bravo is the only winner.

    • All these people are so concerned that Teresa didn’t “warn Melissa”.

      What about Jac and the rest of the women who were getting texts about what was happening(before it happened), but just sat there and said absolutely nothing to Melissa, themselves?

      Were they not right there watching and not saying a word? But yet, they claim Teresa is the devil for doing the exact same thing.


      • I’m pretty sure Jacq was the only one getting texts and that this was DURING the fashion show (after bald guy left), and I don’t think Melissa’s name was mentioned.

        They weren’t even aware of the dancer allegations until they were all outside and Melissa told them all what Teresa had said.

        • if Jac was getting texts from someone (and I think it was Kim D) she should have told Melissa that! She didn’t because she thought Kim D was going to “out” TERESA-which she was happy about. What Jac didn’t know was that Kim D was after Melissa and hadn’t told Teresa anything.

          • After the three of them had (apparently) been discussing it via text for awhile, Caroline finally showed Melissa, even though no one was mentioned by name.

            Obviously they had decided that Melissa was the target, and that Melissa got angry bears this out.

            (BTW, just re-watched the finale, and it was TOTALLY Kim D who was texting Jacq LOL!)

        • From what I saw, they were all getting texts. The camera angle hid it fairly well, but you can see it if you watch closely.

          And the smug looks on their faces as they were reading them shows that, apparently, they approved of what was going to happen. They wanted to see Teresa get blamed, they wanted to point their fingers and say “look at what she did”.

          Being able to see subtle facial reactions and body language is a talent that not all were blessed with.

          • Samantha,

            Jac has no one on tape. She is lying. If she had she could have a 3rd person state what is on the tape. An impartial 3rd person. It would not be illegal to do that. Her attorney likely told her that, but you see Jac has no confession. Jac has absolutely nothing. LOL!

        • sam, hate to burst your perfect little bubble of your perfect prophets but they all knew something was gonna happen. they were all txting to each other and their favorite producer Cat was telling them all except teresa that something was going down. they were told not to leave. why didn’t melissa’s new best friends warn her? some weird creepy bald guy went up to the table and they didn’t care and ask melissa right away who that was? i find that weird. they all knew about the dancer allegations. it’s all over that town. it’s no secret.

        • Really? Could have sworn that Jax said at the fashion show Melissa’s name, hence why she had to run to Stump and try to show him the texts, then said she would forward them to him. And she passed her phone around the table for everyone to read..

          • For Miss Know It All above ( sam) who has a secret relationship with the cast for her inside knowledge)

      • But remember what happened when tre told her brother off camera about the rumours of Mel and it blew up in her face? Maybe she thought this bald guy was not going to be there! Even so everything was blown WAAAAYYY out of proportion! I feel bad for everyone

        • The difference is that in this case there was actual evidence of someone lying about Melissa — an actual identifiable person was saying these things.

          The story she told Joey about Melissa leaving him for “someone with more money” was something she made up out of her own head, for the sole purpose of psychologically undermining her brother’s ego — in other words, implying he was a worthless POS who Melissa only married for money in the first place. And even worse, that even HIS MONEY wouldn’t be enough to keep her from leaving him.

          Seriously, what a horrible little bitch.

          • Sam, Sam, Sam, what are we going to do with you.

            “In this case there was actual evidence of someone lying about Melissa”

            WHAT EVIDENCE, because Mel said it is not true. Your slipping Sam, you are not supposed to know Mel, so why lie for her.
            OKAY, we are all going to believe her, even though there is no proof. LMAO!!! There is PROOF, that Melissa is,
            A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!

          • Lying about Melissa. No one knows if he lied. Melissa worked at Lookers. Melissa on tape lied about the durations of her employment 10 months not 1 week. Lookers does lap dances. Lookers has back rooms. Lookers has VIP rooms. All are listed in review which you can find on Twitter. Further, they were there when she worked there in 1993.

            Moreover, Melissa graduated January of 2004. She was not teaching until she had her BA and her license, so there is another lie from Melissa.

            Melissa knew who the man was. That refutes the affidavit that Melissa could even have met this man.

            Finally, we never saw a payroll printout from actual strippers. Do we know they were paid as 1099s? Did they have a dual role? Too many questions and no answers, but that Melissa liked on many times in regards to Lookers that is just fact.

    • I cannot decide if I were Teresa if I would have called Melissa during the day to warn her, but I would not have anticipated Angelo being at fashion show. So, I may have dropped the ball on that too. My husband definitely thinks Teresa should have warned Melissa or Joey immediately. Being a man he says he would have called Joey.

    • So when Melissa approached Danielle with the full intention of destroying Teresa and didn’t Mel tell her to get over it right? doesn’t seem like a double standard? Ok that sounds fair (sarcasm)

    • Samantha, who knows what to believe when it comes to how this obvious set up went down and which cast members were involved. It’s he said/she said.

      But the fact of the matter is, Melissa was a dancer for money. It’s a well known fact among people who know the Giudices and Gorgas – I just happen to be tight with someone who has known them for years. This person isn’t catty or gossipy – just really confused as to why certain facts are in question. Maybe these things stay mostly under wraps because people in the know are not the type to run their mouths in public. For now they will have to remain second hand information from big mouths, like myself. 😉

      What I don’t get is how Melissa thought she could keep her past and her dirt under wraps. Same with Joe Gorga. The two are not a model couple and certainly not model parents. And for Teresa to go along with the charade and act like she doesn’t know about Melissa’s past is really to her credit (not that you, Sam, would care).

      • “Maybe these things stay mostly under wraps because people in the know are not the type to run their mouths in public.”

        That’s a joke, right? 🙂

        • Not joking Sam. All we hear are second/third hand rumors and random gossip. Or an anonymous source, which is about as credible as me running my mouth on this site.

          I am in no way a credible source. I’m just surprised that this sh*t as obvious to some as it seems, doesn’t hit the news stands like any of the InTouch or UsWeekly articles.

    • Based on that theory then it worked because with all of Melissa’s protestations of not “remembering” who this guy was – after T left the bathroom, MELISSA talking to Jey says it’s Angelo – outing herself that she knew exactly who he was

      • Everyone missed the most important commment on the thread.

        From JanShe to one of Lookers supporters (sisters)

        Your idol Messy Missy was IN ON IT, from the get go!!!
        Messy Missy aka “JORDAN”(her stage/stripper name) had been so transparent, it is pathetic.

    • She has been a reoccurring role since season 1. Yea she appears as irreverent but her poshe fashion shows have been the reason for drama since the start.

  • Because, Melissa has to play victima and wants everyone to love her and feel sorry for her. BItch. I saw right through your transparent ass season 3 episode 1.

    • Don’t be so hard on her. She’s gotta make a living somehow … Just be thankful that u are not like her dum husband full poison and see right thru her….

    • They will never admit they were wrong. Jesus could come down from Heaven and tell them the real story and they would still stick to the version that makes Teresa look like the Devil because it suits their purposes.

    • I think her brother will be the first to apologize, but we won’t ever see it. I don’t wish it on anyone, but I think almost everyone looking at the situation can see that he and Melissa are on the brink of some very difficult financial times. I also think that Melissa will be cast in a much different light next season, and that won’t be easy on their marriage. It may be a year, maybe two, but I think they are on a bad trajectory. When things crumble, he will go back to his family and Teresa will take him back in and he will spill the beans on the truth behind what’s been going on these last few years.

      If you thought Melissa was terrible while she was married, can you imagine her back on the single scene? Following that, Melissa will no longer be acceptable by Caroline’s standards (assuming Caroline is still around.Once Caroline disapproves, there goes Jacqueline and the whole Manzo clan. I think Kathy naturally migrates toward Caroline and Jacqueline. In particular, Caroline has the life that Kathy envisions for herself. Kathy will do to Melissa what she has done to Teresa the last two seasons – pretend to be her loyal cousin while making remarks behind her back. I think only when the Jac sees what a monster Melissa truly is, she’ll go back to Teresa. Caro will never admit she’s wrong, but she’ll call a truce nonetheless.

  • I don’t understand why Melissa screams at Teresa that she is the victim. When they came on the show to bash Teresa….I do understand why they insist on blaming Teresa for the set up, otherwise there wouldn’t be a strory line next season…..bravo is going to beat this dead horse… I think it done’

    • Or when she was whispering to her brother tell her “shame” tell her “shame!”

      This girl really believes her own lies

  • Nope not at all. I knew it, I think must of us did. Melissa is still going to say Teresa did it too!!

  • I’m a fan of Teresa and love love love her. I also believe she had a part. I can understand why, as Melissa plays nice girl but really doesn’t give a shit about family. I think Melissa is jealous of our T and came on the show to get her 2 cents worth. I think T had enough and probably wanted to expose Melissa being a stripper. I would do the same. As crazy as the others are, I’m sure T confided about Melissa being a stripper!

    • I don’t think it was Teresa for one reason and one reason only. Her family. She would never bring dishonor upon them and she is not stupid. Melissa is the wife of her brother and the mother of her niece and nephews. You do not dishonor the family. Period.

      • ITA, People still don’t understand that is not part of who Teresa is and for the sake of her parents, would never do!

      • ITA – it is all about old school traditions, respect and values and the family is sacred. Teresa practices that and the other families on the show do not.

        • Exactly! and that is why Melissa kept telling Joey to say “shame on you.” I’m assuming that the phrase is the same for Italians as it is for the Greeks. That was the worst punishment that my dad would give us as children. Still makes me cringe when I hear it.

          • You know you are so right, I haven’t watched but if she said that she knew why, the worse thing was to bring “shame on the family name” so it’s not like the concept is foreign to miss Melissa. Too bad she doesn’t feel any!!

    • I don’t think Teresa had anything to do with it for the simple reason that she has been with Bravo for four seasons and knows how they can twist whatever anybody does to make them look bad. She doesn’t trust bravo editing and would never make a deal with them. Plus the set up was done with rookies, it all seems so fake. Teresa would have done it well or not at all.

    • I wouldn’t blame her either and it would not affect my feelings either way if she did. except if she lied about it. i don’t like liars, but I truly don’t think she is one. She has been extremely loyal even to the people who air her dirty laundry all over the place. She has shown incredible restraint, and i am glad she is finally going to let off a little steam.

    • Hi Liz and everyone! I honestly do not believe that Teresa had any part in a setup. I think she was totally genuine in being sideswiped. I also think that she knew she was at a huge event and was trying to figure out the best way to let Melissa know that the bald-headed guy was trying to start trouble for Melissa.

      That whole finale did not make any sense to me, just watching it. But now that we know that the other HWs were receiving constant texts — except Teresa — than it all makes sense that the inducers (uh, I mean pro-ducers) were setting Teresa up for the blame.

      That bathroom scene, to me, was pivotal. Teresa told Melissa the facts of the bald dude. It would have made sense for Melissa to say to Teresa, “thank you” when Teresa told her, “I walked away and told him/them (kim D) to not talk about my family.” That’s crystal clear to me that Teresa wanted to protect Melissa. Melissa’s reaction instead was to become inflamed and call Joe.

      • I agree. I think Kim D wanted her 15 mins of fame. I think T wanted his off camera. This seems similar to why would Joey Gorga bring-up a tatement his sister said to him a month prior off camera. I truly believe T didn’t want his coming out.

  • Jacqueline admitted in the text exchange between her and Teresa that someone set Teresa up. Teresa had blacked the name out but I guess we can assume it was “Kim”. She said “After (whoever) set me up at the fashion show nothing surprises me…” and Jacqueline’s reply was “Really? None of us are safe…”. She didn’t dispute it at all and she did not argue with what Teresa wrote. In essence, she agreed that this is something they were both aware of – that Teresa was the one who got set up.
    Meanwhile, publicly Jacqueline is still running with the “Teresa set Melissa up” scenario AND Melissa is still going strong on her press tour blaming Teresa for it. They all know it wasn’t her.

    • Teresa may or may not have know … But sure bravo did the research and planted the idea for Teresa to expose her…. I’m sure Teresa said she wouldn’t but may have sugguested Kim D… I think that’s why Bravo left it Unclear if Teresa was involved or not. This set up was like Danielles book set up.

      • If I’m right and Teresa knew I wouldn’t be running to my sister in law to tell her bravo set her up when she and my brother attacked me earlier in the season for disclosing a rumor I heard to him off camera… Now I understand y joe gorga put it on camera to whore his wife

        • Of course she didnt know, but they may have to her with the idea first. i dont doubt she was really stunned at the event…she doesnt come off a “great actress”.

    • If you look at that tweet the redacted words contains more characters than 4. It does have as many characters as *producers*. I am convinced of this because Jaq responds that “none of us are safe, take the money and live your life, who cares what anybody thinks, nobody lives your day to day but you.”

      • Excellent observation. I assumed it said Kim and never gave it another thought, but that gives it a whole new connotation doesn’t.

      • I was thinking the same thing when I saw it.
        I tried to figure out how many letters were blacked out. It seemed to me that there were 8 or 9 letters.

        Here are my guesses:

        KittyCat, aka Cat Rodriguez

      • i read somewhere. i think in famewhorgas. that they all knew something was gonna happen but had no idea what. melissa knew someone from her past was gonna show up but had no idea it was gonna be angelo. apparently bravo was trying to get danielle to show up but she refused. if you payed attention all the houswives were sitting in one table and tweeting under the table to each other and someone txting them with info except teresa. they all knew what was up. why didn’t jac tell melissa hey something is up let’s get out of here? because they all were told to stay so the set up could happen. they’re all lying.

      • yes, IMO it’s “producers”. It makes sense, given Jac’s response. She would not be saying none of us are safe from Kim D. The only people who would have that kind of power are the producers.

    • I agree Cara, and since Kim and Jaq talk on the phone for over an hour every morning, Jaq knew what kim was up to.

  • Melissa cannot admit that Teresa had no involvement in the set up. If she did, then Teresa and her brother could reconcile. Joe and Teresa talking again is the last thing Melissa wants. So just in case Joe might speak with Teresa, Melissa throws in another “unforgivable” act that Teresa allegedly did – twisting Melissa’s arm while she was holding the baby. What hogwash. She went on twitter after the event and said no drama occurred at Gia’s party….now she claims Teresa practically broke her arm.

    • Lilliebell you are soooo right. If they admit that Teresa had nothing to do with it then it leaves room for reconciliation with her brother. Also it means that melissa would have to suck up her pride and apologize just as Teresa has done ten times over. Melissa is to self rightous to do that and I do believe your right about one thing. Melissa knows that Joey and Teresa would make up which is one of the reasons why she is now claiming injury and teresa did it, teresa did it!She has now sealed the deal on joey’s relationship with his family. Just wait until these two divorce, it’s going to happen. The percentages of marriages in this country that end in divorce are over 50% now. You add in their infidelity and it sky rockets. These two possibly have an open marriage. So how long do you think this will last? I have no doubt that those two have problems already but we don’t see it and won’t until those two start getting stupid and put it out there. Anyways just a thought. Joey is going to regret this whole thing when he’s divorced and has no sister and parents to go to for support!

          • I’m not so sure of either one of them, frankly. Unless he admitted that he was on steroids the whole time and divorces Melissa.

    • What I don’t understand is what the heck is the big fricking deal about this????????? MOFO acts like Tre made her stand on a corner to be the hit of a drive-by. This bullshyte is sooooooooooo lame and these people have no storyline. THEY NEED TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

      This is NOT EVEN DRAMA! It’s petty ish to stay on the show. WTF IS THE BIG DEAL AND WHY ARE WE STILL TUNED?????????

      • Bionic, that’s the perfect word- “lame.” It’s really lame. If Melissa was never a dancer then how was she set-up? Melissa is the one that pressured Teresa into spilling what she knew then Melissa blew it out of proportion by calling her husband and then her husband stormed around like a beast with his primitive shrieks- who could fail to notice the uproar at the PFS centered around Melissa? Melissa is the one that made sure every single person at the PFS heard about the private conversation Teresa had with her in the bathroom. Teresa continually tried to shut it down- she didn’t take Angelo’s bait when he approached the table, she spoke to Melissa in private, she tried to find Angelo to lay into him before her brother did, and she ignored the unhealthy “non”-drama unfolding outside before focusing on her brother’s “pain” while his wife was whispering, “Teresa did it. Your sister set me up. Say shame, say shame on you!” Their so-called “proof” Teresa did it is lame considering the splice jobs Bravo has done all season, their reasoning that her body language renders her guilty is lame, the obliviousness toward Jac and Melissa’s behavior is lame, the apparent forgiveness of Kim D, the self-admitted instigator of the debacle is lame; the entire thing was a huge, lame, let-down. Teresa irks me in many ways, but the cast members’ commitment to a petty finale storyline that has had zero effect on Melissa’s life other than to propel her into the forefront of a national tv and mag circuit… hmmm… wait- who is it that is clawing who to get to the top? Melissa seems to have used Teresa as a stepping stone to get #OnDisplay and it’s transparently gross. I can’t feel pity for this self-proclaimed “victim” because she engineered her own fate at the finale. #Lame

  • Teresa also said on the Wendy Williams show that Kim D talks to Jac every morning and Jac still insists that Teresa set Mego up! SMH!!!!

      • I use to read famewhorgas… until they stole something i posted here.. They reposted what i said on their site which i thought was rude! They could have said they read it here first…

        • Hi, Say! I like that site as well, he/she is extremely informative but usually gives the complete credit for comments deemed worthwhile. They do that a lot!I think it’s totally awesome that one of your comments was chosen — your comments are great and I enjoy reading what you have to say!

          I also love this site because I admire how Roxanne always asks opinions; she is very smart about human nature and is also a very positive person.

          • Honnie, It wasnt a normal comment. A while back ago i found a blog of Jacs directly after the episode proving Jac was lying about Teresa talking bad about her family. I sent a tip to Roxy but she was on vacation so I posted it on the blog. Then it was on Famewhorgas with no credit and before Roxy was back to post it to the site. I guess no credit is “owed” I just think it was a big deal because i found it, posted it, and it was talked about on the reunion.
            SO COOL! LOL

            But, I didnt actually own the comment, tip or Jacs blog.

        • That’s strange because they reposted a comment I made her and they sourced it with username and site.

          • Same here, it was a comment on here and they mentioned this site, and had my user name attatched to the post.

        • They used one of mine too when they first started. I didn’t mind that they used it, it just freaked me out because I wasn’t expecting to read my own words on another site. I still go there, it’s areally good site.

        • Hi Say What?

          FameWhorgas quoted one of my posts from another blog site also, but I don’t mind. I don’t think they do it to poach other peoples’ comments, but to back up their findings and to give the readers points of view from other sites that show the point of view they’re trying to get across.
          My three favorite sites are this one, SH and FameWhorgas.
          These three sites have done so much to expose the bullies for what they are.

          • its the layout maybe its becuase i work in that industry im always looking lol but that doesn’t change the info which is always juicy lol

          • Oh, their info sure is juicy, and I enjoy the site. I only post on here though. 🙂
            Keep up the good work Roxy!

        • MissV, you’re not alone. i love famewhorgas site as well but the format is kinda choatic. took me awhile to get used to it.

      • I feel as though Famewhorgas is owned/operated my someone on Teresa’s payroll or Kim D. Obviously, with the name “orgas” on the end it is not hard to assume it’s the gorga’s. An entire blog that is so one sided to Teresa and bashes the entire cast. I don’t believe much of what I read over there. They just want to throw Melissa under the bus. Maybe she stripped, maybe she didn’t. It’s her personal life and if she doesn’t want it broadcast, it’s her decision. If she’s lying about it or not, it doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

        • C’mon! Do you really think that Teresa would pay someone to make a site to side her? If you say so, Roxy is also being paid!! :p (of course I know that she is not!)
          I would also make a homepage for Teresa if I had time and connections. And all for free!! Even though Teresa has some negative sides, she is the more genuine one in the show, and that’s why we love her!

  • Very interesting……

    Won’t matter though. The other hags will just think she is lying and Teresa is still responsible for all.

    • It won’t matter because it doesn’t fit their agenda or Bravo’s for that matter either, This is a jealousy inspired money thing, short and sweet. Self interest no matter what the cost, not very complicated at all.

      • I think it fits Bravo’s agenda perfectly.. They have proof of her being a dancer somewhere. Kim becomes a housewife with that Penny lady. Those three are the new favorites and bye bye Lady Gorga!

        • I hope not ..Kim D is disgusting and Teresa should stay away from her she is nothing but trouble ..she even looks scary

          • yup, jac and caro are still friends with Kim D. if they were really so disgusted with how melissa was set up then why are they friends with the one person that actually did it. they and their fans talk smack about teresa still being friends with her well so are they.

        • Maybe Jac and Caroline are friends with her because they know not to cross Kim D! Or they could just live by the motto, “Keep your enemies closer.”

          • lol that’s true. i wouldn’t cross kim d either. she’s can brutal and she knows alot of people.

          • It’s simple math – Kim D, Jac & Caro set it up. Why would Caro-liar be having the Posche Fashion show at the Brownstone this year, and why did Jac admit on WWHL that she speaks to Kim D all the time and likes her!. Hmm, like we are all idiots.

      • Fiery Sicilian,
        BRILLIANTLY STATED!!! It won’t matter because it does not fit their agenda. Perfectly stated. The truth is inconvenient for Bravo and the cast. They WANT to hate her.

        • Exactly if the Lord Jesus cChrist came down and said “stop, it’s not true”, they are so invested in bringing her down( in a very sick and twisted gutter level way), It would continue!

          • If Jesus came down and told them to stop boiled owl Caroline would probably point in his face and scream “listen up, because I’m gonna educate ya” smh

    • I somewhat respectfully tweeted J and she DM’d me back saying KimD would not sell out her friend publicly. She then said she knows the truth and KimD does admit to T knowing M was target that day. She let it happen!! Guilty!!!!

      I responded maybe she us being l

      • Whoops…premature returning.

        I said maybe she is being lied to… No response back. Doesn’t seem to matter what is said. Teresa us just guilty.

        • I’m surprised Jac hasnt blocked you. Your tweets are as mean as mine. LOL!

          She blocked me last week and all i said was “you need to get off of this show!” Cant wait for her to go on her twitter rant with all her new twitter followers who jumped online to see why Andy called her an addict. Its coming!

          • I actually tried not being mean……I wanted her crazy-ass responses!!! She is obsessed with twitter!!!!

          • I think Jacq is responsible and was in on it with Kim D. Jacq and Kim talk everyday. J is very vengeful, Teresa did something to make her really angry, I do not think we have been privy to, or it is so lame even Jacq knows not to bring it up as an excuse. Jacq has been trying to get Teresa for a while. If you watch that last episode, open to Jacq being in on it, you can see it. Melissa was too. Melissa had to know something , and I think it was the whole game..Jacq and Melissa with Kims help.

          • I was going in on limited edition furby Kathy last week and I still haven’t been blocked lol

          • I havent been blocked by kathy either. I think she cant afford to lose any followers maybe? And Jac knows ppl follow her just to see her breakdowns haha

    • I’m not so sure about that. Caroline and even Kathy are too quiet about this. But only time will tell.

    • They know she didn’t have anything to do with it! They’re using it to try and bash her character. Scum!

    • I know, because in their mind Teresa is to blame for everything that has happened to them. And Melissa has so twisted little ape aka Joe Gorga’s mind to the point that he doesn’t even have his own parents staying at his home, they stay over at Teresa and Joe’s (you have to wonder why).