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Sonja Morgan Updates Fans On Status Of Her Toaster Oven!

Sonja Morgan was seen venturing into Sonja Home this past season on the Real Housewives of New York City. Her first product: an infamous, drama-causing toaster oven! Although it was talked about so much, we have yet to see the oven and Sonja has answered what this toaster oven’s fate is.

A fan tweeted Sonja asking where her much talked about toaster oven was. Sonja replied, “Need investor for #SonjaHome.” So there we have it. Looks like the toaster over is not even in the process of being made until someone invests in Sonja’s company!

Do you think Sonja’s toaster oven will ever see the light of day? Was it just a storyline? I don’t even know what to think!

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  • Nope, I don’t believe it will ever see ‘the light of day’……. Just not a hot commodity, it’s 2012 & no longer the 50’s……… 🙂

  • yes sonja when i see your face i think “Toaster Oven!” I mean who is coming up with her branding ideas. If she likes cooking in a toaster oven then release a cook book about cooking in one. Im sure this toaster oven thing is a plot set up from producers.

  • BTW Sonja, I use my toaster oven everyday! So easy when you have hungry kids for quick hot meals. Sonja, please color the ovens in regal prints too. No one has ovens like this. Examples: Crests, Jaquards, Molding prints, British & American Symbols & pearlized or diamond flexed. It might be an eye catching new touch inteard of the old boring Solid colors. Cheers!!

  • How much does Sonja need for the initial investment for her toaster oven?? I say we all send her a donation so she can get it started & sell it on HSN or QVC. That cheap multi millionaire Bastard exhusband of hers is enjoying seeing her drown by not giving her her settlement for nearly 7 yrs!! Hey Sonja, set up a donation app on your web page & twitter sites. I’ll donate for sure. Good Luck to you & your little girl Sonja. You deserve only the best! !

    • I wish I could really do but I’m going through same thing as she with my divorce 6 yrs. And not settled yet. Already lost a business and houses. No income now. Living with my kids now. But what I can do for her is pray.

  • she should have struck while the iron was hot 2 years ago with her toaster oven cookbook, everyone already has a toaster oven thats what she originally was trying to target the convenience of it, it even got a shout out by Tina Fey on 30 Rock but she never followed through she needs to stop doing photoshoots for things that don’t exist yet it’s clearly a jinx.

    I adore Sonja but i think her biggest problem is that she is lazy, we always see her in bed she keeps waiting for a settlement to come through from her ex to help dig her out of this financial hole, which is fine but come on sweetie you have a kid you’ve wallowed about loosing your ex and his money long enough its time to do something about now.

  • She’s no Ron Popeil, the set it and forget guy. I say this toaster oven is doomed from the start. Personally I don’t use one and would not be in the market for one. Where is the market research on this? Did she even do any? I should think there is a limited market for toaster ovens and why would someone buy hers over the other ones out there? Think Sonja, think!!

  • Toaster ovens have faded out when microwave ovens came in. Now microwave ovens (I never like them) are fading out for real oven cooking.
    It’s much easier making a natural home cooked meal from scratch in a normal oven than it is using a microwave oven. Hate Microwave Ovens And Toaster Ovens.

    • A microwave or toaster, you can only do one dish at a time, by the time you heat something else, the first dish is cold.

      I love using my conventional oven. I can use up to six burners, and three oven stacks inside the stove.

      • Most people use microwaves for popcorn. Also convenient for Lean Cuisines and other frozen meals, steam bag vegetables, heating soups or reheating a leftover plated meal.

      • I have a great toaster oven that you can do casseroles in, lol and pizzas! It came in handy when we were stuck in a hotel waiting on military housing! It does have its perks at times! I just think Sonja needs something different to brand, maybe lingerie or something more ‘her”..

  • what about the toaster oven cookbook??????? liz lemon will be crushed if that never sees the light of day.

  • Are you kidding me? There are much more exciting ideas out there that have yet to be picked up. A toaster oven, really? Just because she’s a housewife and slaps that label on it doesn’t make it anymore exciting to buy then what we see at walmart. She had no other clever business ideas to go on so because she cooked for a few of the wives with the toaster oven (which by the way didn’t look that appetizing) she all of a sudden wants to make it into a business deal? This is nuts!

    • Aww, I kind of feel bad for her. She needed something to get going after the divorce. It did seem funny at first but after seeing her so emotional lately, she needs it( or something that will definitely sell). I just don’t think she has enough of a fan base for a toaster oven.

      • yeah, i can’t help but feel for her too. i was hoping it was gonna work. she really needs it. i thought she was gonna make a toaster oven cookbook. if she just did the cookbook i think that will sell better.

  • I hope she finds one. It sucks. A lot of talent in all industries can never see the light of day due to the investment factor. The most financially unstable are often the most creative. Ironically, most of the world doesn’t get to see the most creative because of this. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with Sonja but it relates.

    • I agree with you.My brother was a very creative person too.He had the idea to sell jaw breakers that was already sucked down to the right size.Damn if someone didn`t steal his idea and start making smaller ones.sigh.