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Kim Zolciak Is Getting Her Own Reality Show!

Looks like it isn’t much of a big deal that Kim Zolciak wasn’t featured on the new ads for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta because Kim is set to get her own reality show!

According to TMZ, the reason Kim Zolciak didn’t make it on the ad is because she was pregnant during filming and wasn’t filmed very much and wasn’t able to make it for the promo shots!

Kim’s spin-off “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding” did so well that Bravo is giving her own permanent spinoff show which is currently filming! Do you think Kim deserves her own reality show?

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  • Wow! The hate displayed on these blogs are hilarious. I doubt I will tune in…Kim never interested me. But I wish her success.

    • I will watch Kim’s show way before I watch RHWOA again ever/////no need to watch that ghetto mess, I can go to the other side of town & see that crap for myself and choose not too. #GO KIM

      • Julie,
        You keep saying a ghetto mess, do you think kim acts mature? Or do you assume that because your black that your ghetto?
        You sound pretty ignorant.

  • I can see why people can dislike Kim, but she is much better than Melissa Gorga. Kim is lovable, campy, and never takes herself too seriously. I would much rather watch her light-hearted spinoff than the sad, dark caricatures of what RHONJ and RHONY used to be.

    • I agree as much as i kinda disagree with kim on well everything I would take her over Melissa any day

  • Her spin off should be titled cathouse. There is no different from her and those women outside of location. Whores….nothing special .

  • yes, she was a gold digger, had an affair with a married man, is kinda of a bitch but for some odd reason i like her. i like that she’s sassy, doesn’t put up with anyone’s b.s., loves her daughters and trying to do something with her life. she found a great guy to be a father to her children and that is a huge step up from her sugar daddy. plus her lifestyle is interesting to watch and i love her figure. i think it’s great she’s having her own show. i was getting sick of the whole kim and nene drama. time for a change.

  • Gotta Give Kim her Props , I can see why ppl Hate on her ( she’s manage to be successful mores so than many of cast mates and their fans HATE THAT lol) but if you look back to RHOA first season she really hasn’t changed , she’s one of realest and She knows how keep her Luxury Lifestyle Maintained haha. Gives Props where Props is Do. Def will be Watching.

  • I’m not watching. I will be screaming at her lazy ass for an hr if I do. She is a mess. Everything is hard work even holding her baby for one minute. She needs to go and move on. I feel sorry for Croy or whatever her husband’s name is. He is a fool! They’ll be broke in no time.

    • AGREE, not that i wan that to happen, but down the line we will definitely be reading about how kroy is divorcing him.

    • lol….girl you know his money paid for that townhouse. Her nurses wage did not. She did not even have a job when she first started filming. And all that furniture and china that she took to live with her new hubby…how disgusting. I would have told her to get that shit out my house. They prob sleep in the same bed as her and the other women’s hubby (Big Poppa). Who, is still married to his wife. Nene is divorced and she still loves Greg…it does not take years to divorce. Camille had a huge amount of assets to split with Kelsy but, she is divorced. Hell, even Ev and Ocho are divorced….it really does not take that long. She was clearly a mistress. Oh, I still want to know when is she going to pay Kandi her money back???????

  • With just Kim and her family on the show, there’ll be less drama. I mean sure, there will be a few things here and there (ie. Kim arguing with her mom, arguing with her friend) but they tend to work things out. It’s not the same as watching a bunch of women gang up on the odd one out. It’s nice to see what’s going in her life without having to hear snide remarks all the time.
    Like the other poster said, it’s not as gloomy as some of the other HW series.

  • whether she deserves it or not, i would be inclined to give it a chance, unlike any new seasons of RHOA, or RHOC. monsters fighting monsters should be kept to horror films, and i don’t watch those either.

  • Yes she deserves her own show and I am happy for her. I liked Don’t be Tardy. BUT Kim’s mother was a nightmare and I hope she is not on this show.

  • I called this one weeks ago. With her getting evicted, her mother with definite issues now suing to see her grandchildren, Kim having another baby, etc., there will definitely be drama. I don’t think it will be a long season though. Wasn’t the wedding only about 8 weeks?

  • If she brought in the ratings for Bravo that’s the bottom line. Based on that, she deserves another season of her own show to see how it goes. Bethenny’s did well too.


  • Why on earth is Kim getting a spin-off? She is not that interesting..She’ll spend the time sitting around, cussing and barking orders with her lazy ass self. People watched her wedding spin-off because they wanted to see her wedding..What’s left!

  • Thank goodness I won’t have to see Kim if I ever get the desire to watch the next RHOA-which I would only watch for Nene

  • I thought this was old news. When her season ended there were reports it was picked up and being filmed for season 2.

  • Wait “Don’t be tardy for the wedding” did well? I thought that was the most boring spin off show. Guess someone was watching.

    • It did so well over one million ppl tuned in to see her reveal her real hair… was the highest ratings bravo has ever seen for all it’s shows… for others saying shes a gold digger I think they should really look around at all these women no one except for kandi isn’t trying to get there’s…..if anything I feel bad for her when it came to big poppa Bc it seemed as if he stung her along…….

      Even the interior designer was trying to get at her money… for a role model I truly believe she is better in tune with her children than any if the other cast members… least hers isn’t going off to jail for stealing in the local cvs

      • FYI….Not even close to be the highest of all Bravo shows. An episode of the RHOA Africa trip pulled in almost 4 million. Actually the highest rating for this show was the wig-less reveal with a little over 2 million.

      • Im sorry but i don’t agree with you on the Kim Zolziak is a good role model. These shows are what they are and role models they are not. We have seen her being strung along in a relationship for money. Married man aside that is just degrading. We also have seen he lie about having cancer on a reunion. Now she may have turned her life around but we are not talking about someone who has accomplished something in society besides being a reality TV personality. I’m not judging just saying i don’t think she is a good role model .

      • Ugh TRE she was a MISTRESS none of the other ladies were sleeping with a married man to pay their bills of for their life style! If you support that or justify it then obviously you lack morals yourself. No one is talking about the other women the blog is specifically about Kim and how she attained her success and why bravo would give a mistress her own show. Yeah I do guess your right people tuned it. The point is there are millions more who never tuned in. Sorry but theres more than 1 million people with cable who weren’t impressed with her show. At least not enough to watch, me being one of them.

      • I agree with you 100 % I watched her wedding show way more “real” than HW I would totally watch her show she is genuine w/ family , Kroy & her children & her real friends. Guess she had to keep her guard up on HW all those ghetto hood rats

    • Hell no I don’t. She is a lazy, gold digging, mistress, bit**. I can not stand her ass. I feel the same way about her that most of the people on this blog feel about Melissa.

      • @Free Kroy I have to kind of agree with you. She is not really a role model or a nice person. Lets not forget that she started the show dating a married man while having two teenage daughters who see her behavior. I mean to me its just why sell your flesh for material things? Is doing this to yourself and your daughters worth it. But oh how quickly the viewers forget now that she bagged an NFL player. I would have been more understanding of her if she married a regular guy. Its all about money for her and i have no respect for that.

      • Free Kroy,
        I love your name! LOL! BTW. I agree with your description of her, but for some reason I love her character. She is so blingy,

        • Yep love the name to and I agree! Being a mistress and using men to pay your bills makes you a paid hooker! Sorry but if you are a mistress and getting paid (those are gifts in exchange for sex and affection, sorry) then lets call her what she is and thats a paid hooker. Oh yea and I never tuned into tardy for the wedding either!

          • then married women are hookers as well, I get gifts all the time in exchange for certian things watch what you say renee-

      • While I have no negative feelings toward her, I don’t think she really deserves it. Now Bethenny, SHE deserved her spin off. She’s a hard worker, and became the first Housewife to use the Bravo Shopping Network (That’s what I call Bravo) to her advantage and whore out her products (That she worked hard on).

        Kim is the complete opposite of Bethenny (Well, not complete opposite- they both have a huge mouth); she’s lazy, does nothing, isn’t a good role model (Whereas Bethenny is, at least from a business stand point), and her storyline had been dull the last season of Atlanta. And the biggest difference between the two is their fanbase: where are Kim’s fanbase?? At the time when Bethenny got her own spin off, she had a huge fanbase, so it would make sense to give her a spin off, since she was the fan favorite of NYC. But Kim? NOBODY likes her! The majority of the ATL fanbase doesn’t like her, so why give her a spin off?

      • Agree 100% watching Kim Z on RHOA was boring enough. They couldn’t even give her a full hour. I hope this is BS from camp Kim or else Bravo really is completely desperate for ratings. Sorry about your luck, Andy!

    • Bravo has always done well by her… It was kinda evident last year b/c she mostly filmed w/out the other ladies… Plus, now that her closest buddy She by Sheree got the boot, she isn’t really friends with anyone else to shoot scenes with….except Kroy and her daughters & new born(s) (pretty much like all of last season anyway….sooooo spinoff!)

      PS- Do u all remember that reality show “Hot or Not?” (Lorenzo Llamas and his laser pointer?)…Kim was on that… G-O-O-G-L-E ME…errr HER…IT whatever lol