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Producers Say Teresa Giudice Had NOTHING To Do With The Strippergate Drama!

Although Jacqueline Laurita is trying to convince viewers that Teresa had everything to do with the drama at the Posche Fashion Show, producers for the hit show are now saying otherwise! Before Sunday’s episode aired, Lauren Manzo tweeted, “Guys! Want the best tweets for tonight’s ep?! Follow our producers @PurveyorsofPop ! They know more than us! Theyre live tweeting tonight!”

That’s when producers set the rumors straight and tweeted, “As far as we know Teresa was not involved in #STRIPPERGATE, but one thing is for sure Melissa is NOT a stripper.”

So producers are denying that Teresa had any involvement and I think it’s clear producers would know since they are the ones who mic everyone and set everything up! Do you believe the producers or Jacqueline?!

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  • Anyone who cares about the people or programming of reality TV is a loser. Please have your tubes tied, all of you. There are over 6 billion people, and we are running out of room for morons and their offspring.

  • By the way, why is Jac talking so much about this?

    Because she has kept so silent bottling everything in to not bag on T hoping they would still have a relationship. Now that she sees the REAL T, and knows she won’t (and doesn’t want to) she is an honest person just wanting to tell it like it is, put the truth out there and make no excuses for her any longer.

    Sense of freedom and courtesy to her fans. I don’t think she is motivated to concoct any stories. If you want to make Teresa look bad, you don’t need to do anything but let her talk. She does that on her own better than anyone I know. Classless.

  • Wow, I am REALLY amazed by the conclusions drawn here, most in favor of Teresa?

    I see Teresa as the LEAST credible person on the show and Posche on par with her.

    Compare that to Jac, who up until this point refused to engage in conflict or talk about Teresa (could have so many times).

    Do you see Jac scheming with anyone else r any other areas of her life? Oh and do you think her husband (who is a pretty straight and integrible guy) would even stand for it? Now compare that with Teresa, her unintegrible serial doofass husband, and i think you don’t need go on fact finding missions to get your answer….you sort of already KNOW. Character.

    I would not trust producers. They have more of a stake to manipulate the outcome in the best interest of show ratings. Teresa taking blame does not fit this model for them.

    Also, even though it seems we see what goes on, T is very aware of how she acts on camera and am sure she scheme behind the scenes.

    She is a terrible classless woman and hope that she does not return.

  • Does anyone know if it’s true that Melissa was having an affair with that Bravo producer, Cat R or maybe even a threesome with the Gorgas and Cat R? Cat R set up Teresa and then was fired. What’s the real story with all that?

  • Am I the only one that noticed Melissa lying horribly in the bathroom. First she claimed she didnt remember the guy, Tre tells her he said she used to dance for him and then miraculously all of a sudden Melissa recalls that she worked for him for a week “bartending” … hmmm, but just seconds before she had no clue how she knew him .. SO BOGUS!! Only person setup that night was Teresa. BRAVO and that cast of idiots owe her an apology!

  • Perhaps Teresa wasn’t involved. After all, she is so very, very stupid that most scenes unfolding before her very eyes still require explanation from her only slightly less idiot of a husband. And if Juicy Joe has to translate life for you, what does that say? co inky dink? yes, Teresa is no Rhodes scholar, so her involvement in even such a rudimentary scheme is unlikely. Now pardon me, while I gather my ingredientseseseses to make dinner.

  • Teresa is guilty as hell. You can tell by her actions and hostility. She’s just riled up that she got caught.

  • It was so obvious that they were trying to make Teresa look bad. She never even asked Melissa if she was a stripper, Teresa just told her that he said that. She even told Melissa she knows it not true, and wanted to confront the man with her. So if she wanted to have Melissa’s back during this, why would she have set her up! Ridiculous the lengths these women have gone, to try and make Teresa look bad.

  • I don’t think Meho was a dancer.. We all seen her trying to dance. I’m thinking she was a topless cocktail waitress with pasties. Or she swung around the pole a few times while fliping her hair. But a dancer No

  • Who cares if Melissa stripper anyway? She wasn’t worried playing a ‘W’ for the Bravo cameras, so why worry about a little thing like stripping?

    One year ago, Melissa’s stripper issue was discussed over and over and over and over again on the blogs, tabloids and twitter. NOW IT’S BACK! Over and over and over again. I hope the blogs just shut this story down already. How many times are we going to talk about this? She’s a “W” and we knew this two years ago in Cancun!

  • Either way, Bravo has to fire Melissa and Kathy. I am not going to watch this nonsense for three years. Two years of it is more than enough. At the end of the show it was written the Joe Gorga has not spoken to his sister since the Posche Fashion Show.
    Why didn’t they write that Teresa has not spoken to her brother?
    Anyway, Bravo clearly want us to know that the Giudice’ and Gorga’s are still seperated. Does this mean Bravo is going to play this Giudice’ and Gorga story out for a third year? NOT WATCHING THIS SHIT IF THEY DO! It’s nonsense and old now.

    I have become bored with all this and frankly, the only way I will watch season five is if Bravo brings back Danielle and fires Melissa and Kathy.

  • “The Bald Guy Said Tre Was Involved..Was I Wathching Something Different?! People Just See What They Wanna See..Bravo Fire Tre!!!

    • The Bald Guy Set Teresa Up! He knew the mic was on. That’s why he made that comment.

      Joe Giudice’ should defend his wife, his family and kick Angelo’s ass!

  • As far as we know Teresa was not involved in #STRIPPERGATE, but one thing is for sure Melissa is NOT a stripper.

    The producers wrote, “As Far As WE KNOW!”
    They are in a sense leaving it up to the viewer to guess. They were quick and decisive when it comes to defending Melissa though. “Melissa Is NOT A STRIPPER!”
    Why didn’t they write, “Teresa WAS NOT involved?”

    Bravo clearly set-up these stripper gate and they got caught.

    When you plan to set someone up, you’re not going to go to your boss and let them in on the set-up. How did the producer know that something was about to happen at the fashion show, and send Jacqueline a text about it? I smell a Cat!

    • The producers are morons too! “As far as we know”???? Who the f*ck gave this Angelo guy a mic.? Are we the viewers suppose to believe he crashed the party and mic’d. himself. Of course they were aware of what was going to happen and they know very well who set it up 100%. So I have no idea why they would all play stupid now are they trying to make it seem like they have no control over production people through out NJ are just ambushing their show and they know nothing about it. They sound as dumb as the skank that busted her ass working 3 jobs to pay for college yet can’t remember when she graduated.

      • JMO, but I think the reason the producers used the term, “as far as we know”, is because if they were to come right out & say Teresa wasn’t in on it, they would, essentially, be admitting they(or the ex-producers) were the ones at fault for “Strippergate”. By saying it this way, they are able to keep from admitting they were the ones behind it, while also clarifying that Teresa was not part of it.

  • I am really starting to believe that the whole show is scripted. These women get paid to HATE and trash talk one another. Besides, this whole “story line” was DUMB!It is like high school drama. Bravo has accomplished one thing, they got us all sitting here talking about it, which is what they want. We bring in their ratings.

  • If Teresa knew anything about the set up, it was probably exactly what all the housewives knew, that something was going to happen at the fashion show. Something just strikes me as off about Jacqueline. It’s like she’s stuck in “hate Tre” mode and grinding the ax like there’s no tomorrow. Everything is Tre’s fault. Tre is evil. I just can’t shake the feeling that people around Jac (producers, Caroline, etc) have fed her info and kind of persuaded her how bad Tre was. It reminds of me the kid on the playground who stands screaming at the top of their lungs just how wrong they’ve been done. In all honesty, the backstabbing digs flew in all directions this season. But Jac makes it seems like Tre is the wicked witch of new jersey who tortures this poor innocent group of friends. It’s like she wants to hate Tre and everyone else…Melissa..Joe Gorga…Caroline…Kathy can do no wrong.

  • I love it (sarcasm)! AS FAR AS THEY KNOW Teresa wasn’t involved, yet they are EMPHATIC that Mego was not a stripper.

    They could have been a little more firm (as in)…. TERESA WAS NOT INVOLVED.

  • I just think it is sad what Bravo has done to this family all for the sake of ratings! Its enough already, this was the worst season of any of the housewives franchise I have ever watched! Kelly Ripa said it best on WWHL last night, she did not see Teresa being in on the set up, sorry Waco Jaco, its not working!

      • I may have to pull a Jaco and start with the Baileys in the AM and then move on to the box wine!

        And every time I see Katfish on my screen, I’ll start singing ‘Smelly Cat’! 🙂

  • Who cares what the trashy ladies of NJ think!!!! Teresa is the show, they dont realize they helped make teresa the star of the show!!!!One time a long time ago Teresa was friends with these so called ladies, and went to them to let off a little steam about her family and they turned on her, they proved they were not loyal friends, she dont need them!!!! Bravo you suck!!! what you put Teresa thru, is not fair, its time the viewers stopped watching!!!!


  • I thought it was awesome that Kelly Ripa does not believe Teresa was set up and the the producers said Teresa was not part of the set up. I guess this should be a wake up call for the Manzos. Nobody is willinfg to kiss their ass. HAHA Lauren! Thanks for the heads up to look at the producer’s tweets. I guess Mommy is no longer the favorite.

    • I thought that was laughable to that she told everyone to follow this producer and then the producer says T wasn’t in on it…lol so what now Lauren did T hijack the producer account.

  • OH PLEASE!!!!! Who the hell gives a f*ck if teresa set her up!!! These b*tches are acting as if Teresa framed Melissa for murder and she is now on death row fighting for her life. Yes b*tch if that was the case you could say Teresa destroyed my family and us finacially. You already egg-mitted to working in that sleazy bar in Elizabeth maybe she wanted to let everyone know what a true skank you are (however trust me NOBODY was surprised not even your in-laws). This is the biggest problem on this show it is always one sided they (LARGE MARGE,JAC-ASS,WHORSEY FACE,KAT-FISH) can do and say anything they want but let someone defend themselves in the same manor and they are outraged. Didn’t LARGE MARGE week after week insult Ashlee and claim she was a spoiled lazy POS, but let someone say so are your kids and she is furious. Kathy and BITCHIE RITCHie week after week insult and make fun of Teresa but let Teresa or Joe say something and again they are outraged. WHORSEY FACE contacted Danielle fed her information that could hurt and embarrass Teresa but let Teresa do the same and she’s the POS.

  • Question…..why didn’t Andy Cohen crucify Joe Gorga for calling his sister and Kim D “butt buddies”? The reunionwas the next day. It wasn’t mentioned…..yet he crucified Teresa for her husband’s comments and has for years.

  • I want a t shirt of Malinia ripping the duct tape off her mouth.Shame she couldn`t have gone to the reunion with her mom.

  • Did anyone else catch Melissa telling Joe to yell “shame on you” to Teresa? She kept going at him to yell this over and over.

  • I believe the new prooducers are trying to do damage control after all the jacked up editing. Thing is that is to little to late.

    • I freakin hate Bravo and honestly their shows suck. I do love T and I was indiffirent before season 3 and 4. Now I truly see what she’s had to deal with and we all agree that Jacko is certifiably CRAZY, Carowhine’s a witch and for T’s family….simply disgusting. Kathy is a snake and Melwhore is the whore of New Jersey. Watch out for their porn next.

  • Lol NOW the producers are reliable but ALL season they have been out to get Teresa and edit her so bad!! Make up ur mind they can’t be trusted or they can when its in favor or Teresa!!

    • Think it was the new producers tweeting. The old fired one sent Teresa tweets about missing her. One of the blogs said Bravo made her do it to clear the air after being called out for the editing.

      • The tweet is gone from Caroline’s time line. Do you suppose the Bravo producers gave Caroline a wee bit of info, so to speak, and it backfired…on Caroline!

  • See how Melissa winds Joe up? Come to the club {don’t come to the club}.Jacqueline looks like she’s pushing to knock Theresa off the show. I bet Bravo knows they LOST their audience if Theresa leaves the show. Theresa is THE ONLY ONE on the show NOT saying horrible things about her castmates. These ladies are SO trying to insert ridiculous drama into their”nothing better to do lives”. If Tre leaves the show….so do I.

    • YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!I just posted that over on the finale queue…. YES I noticed it and knew immediately that EVERYTHING Teresa had said about Mehog in the past was true…. it was all right there, plain as day

    • jules, me too! The majority love T and love her even more for having to put up with all this BS from every angle of her life! If T is gone, I am out of Bravo, which is a shit network—-forever!

    • I noticed that too. In the finale when she was with stumpy in the car she was like “say shame on you” “say shame on you”. WTF?

  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: In Melissa US Weekly article, she says that Joe Gorga was in Hoboken. Tonight Joe Gorga tweets this: “@joegorga
    When my wife calls me it’s 10 pm I’m home watching my kids I pulled magic to get there” These people are LYING, they were involved in this!

    • my god they can’t keep those lies straight…. i hope someone takes a snapshot of that SloJo tweet before he realizes they got caught in a lie

    • Why would stumpy be in Hoboken? Stumpy (JoeGorga) is a disgrace of a man and I would be so embarrassed to be related to that idiot. T should never forgive him.

    • Did he pull a magic babysitter out of his butt too? The stump is obviously lying. Nice try joGo. Bravo did a really poor job of editing on this one. Bravo you suck!

  • Jac just needs to focus on her family.. That would make her authentic instead of the garbage she is spewing out of her mouth. Melissa,Kathy and their husbands really have ruined this show.. It’s time for the gutter to reclaim their property.

  • I think you are all wrong! Maybe the producers didn’t see T setting up Melissa… But it’s pretty obvious her and Kim set this up when producers weren’t around! And for all of you bashing Jacqueline…. She is the most sincere and has the biggest heart out of any of the housewives. Teresa’s own husband said it best…. Teresa is a CUNextTuesday!!!!!!!

    • Yeah right! They could catch Joe Guidices phone call and every other terrible thing that he has done. They can catch all of these moments where people forgot they were mic’d but Bravo misses the biggest drama of the entire franchise? Please!

      • I know I went through hard times in my life. The things I’ve done we’re never a reflection of my parents. Sometimes kids have hard times. Doesn’t mean they’re not being raised right!!!

      • I had awesome parents but was a complete asshole teenager, so I don’t think that argument is necessarily the case.

    • Ummm, this is a TV show. This guy didn’t just fall into their shot after being visited by the mic fairy. They knew who he was, why he was there, and who brought him to their attention so they could arrange for the filming.

    • hsam.. the producers are in charge of who gets camera time and who get’s mic’d up. they know who’s gonna do what. the producers set up alot of things. many reality shows do that. to say jac is the most sincere and has the biggest heart really made me laugh. you gotta be kidding me. i used to like jac and used to think that way too until she finally showed her true colors all over twitter. you must not read her tweets at all or else you would see what a nutjob she is. she’s the most flakiest, naive, wishy washy, backstabbing, revengeful, hateful person i have ever seen.

    • Please… T has left these ladies in the dust. She had no reason to “set it up”. And why should we believe the producers are lying? Also, pls refrain from calling ppl names like that. You don’t know this person and I’m certain you would not appreciate being called that.

    • Expllain how the man got mic’ed. Teresa nor KimD are part of production, they can not mic or film anyone, they also can’t athourise the release of filming or the permits for filming. See, you theory has too many holes, a lot like Jacqulines.

    • How naive are you??? The producers are telling the truth, because THEY’RE the ones who set it up. They wouldn’t have had a finale otherwise…it would’ve been them sitting at a table, eating salad. This is a television show. As much as we’d like to believe that it’s all real, production MUST contrive storylines and drama in order to produce ratings. Do you really think they’d spend the kind of money they spend to produce the show, and not have any hand in making sure that the shit hits the fan??? Get real.

  • Andy Cohen has admitted to watching the blogs (hey Andy– how you doing?) and he is cleaning up this mess at all costs, and the more Jacqueline speaks the more she looks like an escaped mental patient. My husbands grandmother from Italy always says, “it’s better to eat too much than to talk to much.” when you eat too much, you only hurt yourself. When you talk too much, not only do you hurt yourself, but you make others turn against you. Jacqueline, put a sausage in your mouth and STFU. You not only look like a lunatic stalker (why is she checking for pics of Teresa and Kim; and Dina and Teresa- sounds a little sad that she’s left out), but also an uninformed liar.

    • Bama= she is certifiable that one. So how is she now going to explain her 6 page diatribe on Bravo Blog (it’s up, and so is Chuckies)…..

      • I read it chile. I’m confused. Why she upset that Teresa was being inauthentic and fake, but wants Teresa to “fake it til she makes it with her family.?” Should she be fake or real? Speaking of not letting it go Jacqueline, what’s Teresa really done to you. This bitch went on and on about Teresa and Kim taking pics together (is she mad because she isn’t in any of the pics) and about Teresa’s marriage. Say what you want about Joe Giudice, but he doesn’t have any bitches making up twitter accounts claiming to expose him (Jacq, your husband does). When she thought that woman was going to expose her she SFTU on twitter, now that she has successful shut the woman up, she now has balls of steel. This bitch should be slapped.

        • well here’s my question….Producers have said no Teresa involvement…. NOW WHAT IS SHE GONNA DO? Tell the producers they are lieing? And what about Chuckie…same thing…and Lauren, and Katfish and, and, and,……
          I wish Roxy or someone else could get a direct quote in response to what the producers tweeted.

          • You better believe it. She’s gonna go at it with Andy and those producers and she’s gonna make the believe her when she says Teresa is involved. This makes me wonder, why does Jacqueline care so much. NONE of the other wives, even TERESA, care if this is a setup or not, only Jacqueline. This furthers my belief that this bitch was in on it.

          • Andrea, I think it was all Jac’s idea. She wore that smirk, that cat that swallowed the canary look all evening. And she looked gleeful as she’s feeding stumpy those lies. I also think that Mel was in on it too. Mel was not upset, she tried to act as if she was, calling T’s brother ( didn’t say “my husband”) because the plan must have been that this was going to be what ruined it for T. We were supposed to see T in a very bad light and all our questions would be answered. Jac, our questions are answered. You are psycho! How do you show your face around town?

        • I’d pay to see Jacko get slapped and Andrea from Alabama, who tells it like it is, southern style of course….I would be honored if you did it.

          • O my God that would be better than sex (dont tell my husband)!!!! But oh yeah, I’d totally do it. Jacqueline talks a mean game, and she likes to antagonize Teresa, wonder how she’d hold her own against a cornbread fead country girl like me????

    • I have a theory. Jac was talking in her recent blog about listing all of these “facts” and saying from this point forward she wont talk about it again. Well, I am guessing she HAD to get this off her chest because something will be revealed by Kim D. and Bravo that sets the record straight for Teresa. Not that I will watch… But why is Kim on the reunion show? Obviously Bravo knew they needed to fix this disaster before Posche and the Guidices and a slew of others sued them for defamation.

      • Jacqueline is so stupid. A blind blonde could see from 20 football fields away that bravo was going to edit it down and go with public opinion. Jacqueline should’ve purchased a clue with this seasons paycheck when bravo changed the format for commenting on their blogs. While they’ve “left Teresa out to dry,” they’re making sure does so in as graceful manner as possible. As much as I know Andy Cohen hate Teresa, that bitches name is the one he’s constantly calling and tweeting about. He had the power to choose any or all of the the ‘stars’ from any show that he wants for the bravo summer commercial- who did he choose? You bet your bottom dollar it was sardines in the panties or either of the strippers. He chose Teresa and blubber.

  • Let’s see who do I believe…right now my mind is spinning after watching the season finale. But I don’t believe Jacqueline Laurita for a minute b/c she goes on and on with so much on twitter rants. But this season has been dark, depressing, and obviously the drama it thrives on. I have watched the show from the beginning and I can tell who has changed, who is trying to cling on to their 15, etc. My advice is for some of the housewives to lay off the Zanax, booze, and twitter and get the help they need! And for the love of humanity, please get the housewife who sings to stop. Your music stinks! Enough of my ranting. Just how I feel.

  • lol!Figures the producers would jump in now to take the heat off Tre.I hate having to say I believe the producers over anyone but there you have it.Yes, I believe the producers over Jacass on this one.

  • I find it extremely telling that the text of the producer-generated tweet states Melissa “IS” not a stripper. Not, Melissa “WAS” not a stripper. Why the use of the present tense rather than the past? Is someone being coy and stating the fact that at the present time Melissa is not a stripper but with regard to the past, well we’re not really gonna say…hhhmmm.

    And not for nothing but who gives a rat’s ass if Melissa had been a stripper or not? That’s the ultimate irony here. All the shame/blame as to whether Melissa had a naughty past was, well – for naught.

    • Helen, this is why I seek out your comments. It is quite telling isn’t it. I agree with you, I cannot understand why Melissa, jacqueline and Joe are so upset about the stripping rumor. That’s like someone saying you work at McDonald’s. Oooookay!!! And the man only said hello, why did Melissa get so upset? I’ll tell you why, because people only get mad about the TRUTH. Had that man said Melissa went to prison for armed robbery, she’d still be laughing and joking about it. It spoke the truth about her whitish and skany lifestyle and she flipped. But my thing is so what? Do you all of the stuff I did in college? Hand to God, if my husband found out a fraction of it, I’d probably be on my way to divorce court, and the same is probably true of Melissa.

      And why is it that Melissa and Jacqueline are able to talk BEHIND Teresa’s back? Is she that intimidating?

      • I thought the same thing reading that. There was so much in your face lying and scheming against Tre in this episode it is blatant and disturbing. SET IT STRAIGHT BRAVO!

      • i believe its not at all truly about “if she was ever a stripper” but simply the constant problems and hurt in the family. its about the feeling of someone who is supposed to be on your side and love you always betraying or bashing you. its the feelings of wanting so badly for someone to be a different person an then believing for a moment they might really be tyring, only to have a wave of horrifying reality that someone you want to love an have in your life just will never be someone you can trust,because they apparently will always only be out to find (or make up) the worst things about you. i think she probley was a stripper an right, who cares. she should just admitte it an move on, its not a big deal.

      • Andrea,

        Another thing, being as you’re from Alabama, (although I’m sure you figured what I’m about to tell you for yourself), probably the biggest lie Melissa has told on-camera, to-date is that it was “one of those bars where older guys with money… hand you $100 bills for one drink.”

        Anyone familiar with ANY “club” in Elizabeth NJ, let alone “Lookers,” knows there is NOT.A.ONE. where any man, rich or richer, is giving any bar wench in any of those dives $100 drink tips and telling her to keep it.

        But now, just for shits and giggles, let’s double-down on this clear line of bullshit and allow Melissa this “conceit.” I am referring, of course, to Melissa’s observation acknowledging she thinks she would have had to have been a fool NOT to have worked there and take the money from those “older men” she clearly felt nothing for and was, in fact repulsed by.

        However, for me, inasmuch as I had the benefits of a classical education (Hans Gruber, anyone), George Bernard Shaw immediately came to my mind along with the delightful anecdote relating Shaw’s having asked a woman if she would be willing to compromise her virtue for one million pounds. Her reply was that yes, quite possibly for that much money, she might. Shaw then asked the woman would she sleep with him for the sum of five pounds. Certainly not! was her highly indignant response, ‘just what do you think I am,’ she asked, as self-righteously insulted as she could bring herself to sound. To which Shaw responded, ‘Madame, we have already established what you are; we are now only haggling over the price.” Good stuff, that!

        Whether the story is apocryphal or Shaw really said it, it certainly appears that it not only applies to Melissa but, according to those rumors that Jacqueline herself relies on for her information, to Jacqueline as well as Jacqueline too is “rumored” to have been quite the hired party girl in Vegas. Well! So much for ‘What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,’ ’cause what happened with Jax in Vegas appears to have followed the Laurita’s back to the Jersey lakes of Franklin.

      • She is using this stripper scandel to boost her career by everyone talking about. She’ll get more TV/magazine interviews about this and trashing T. This is like how sex tapes in hollywood to boost their careers unfortunately. We all need to forget about it bc I do not want to give this poor excuse of a woman any more exposure.

        • Your are so right. Kim K anyone?. This is THE MOST Attn that Mel out of two seasons, 4 songs etc has ever received. Mag covers and Wendy Williams and likely one of the highest rated Bravo episodes. It is FAR more beneficial for Mel to have set this up then it would be for Theresa to do so included Jac. Mel is the winner in all pf this. If this in anyway embarrassed Meliss…..she sure does not act like it. She has cashed in on this more then ANY of them.

      • good points… you would think they called her a serial killer.. who gives a damn if she danced, stripped or cleaned toilets… get over it everybody!

  • Of course I believe the producers. Jacko is crazy. She is jealous of the success Theresa has. If Jacko was a good friend like she claimed she was, she would had pulled Theresa aside and told her what the “friend” texted her before it all escalated. Instead, she said there with that stupid smirk on her face (which I wish I can slap off her face) and let it all go down.

    • Yep WACKO DID say that, “I swear on my Autistic Son” and Caroline leaned over and said “Don’t say that”! She’s a complete moron!

  • They could bring any amount of proof to these chicken heads and they would still blame Teresa. It’s sick to think how much anger and bitterness they have for one woman. T is by no means perfect but this crap is sick. AND did anyone else notice that during the preview for next week Jaq was screaming at Teresa ” I swear on my Autistic son….” like bringing that up makes her BS anymore believable ?! SICK Jaq! Do not use your sons issues for your own gain! SICK!

      • Jacqueline DID say “I swear on my Autistic child” (child? or son? not sure what word she used) on the reunion clip shown on LAST nights WWHL. Fact is, it made Jaq look like immature, desparate and pathetic..

        Fast forward to TODAY, and the clip shown on the Bravo website has the word “Autistic” edited out. Convenient, huh?

  • Considering Jac lied right to Joe Gorga’s face about hearing Angelo talk about “embarrassing Mel” while standing next to Teresa, then NO I don’t believe a damn thing Jac says! Jac needs to worry about her own problems.

      • Watch again she says she heard him say he was going to embarrass Melissa. I could not believe I heard her say that. Then at the car she was back pedalling saying it was all in the texts she received.

    • I am so glad you posted this…Joe asked her TWICE and she said yes!….that is when I knew that Jacqueline is (please note present tense) a piece of CRAP! You lied, knowing or forgetting you were on camera and we the viewers witness this as well. #DONE with Jacqueline.

  • Why would I believe that coo coo bird Jac. The lady is seriously deranged. It’s sad to spend some much of your life trying to convince people Tre is the devil. I
    hope she gets the help she truly needs. Total producer driven drama. And Melissa IS not a stripper now. But she definitely was one in the past.

  • If the cast was texting the producers during PFS why didn’t they tell the cast then? Now that the reunion is taped and Tre was dragged through the mud by her former friends and family they finally admit this. Disgusting.

    • Exactly! I hate that. Bravo is a horrible network, and to think NBC is owned by them…

      Jacqueline was going off on Twitter trying to convince everyone what Tre ”supposedly” did. Hundreds of people retweeted her, and they believe her BS. They call Tre SHIT, and she agrees and ENCOURAGES them to speak up and say hateful things to Tre and about Tre.

      Jacqueline, drink your wine, take your xanax, and shut up! She probably takes both of them together. Lol. Cuckoo bird.

    • They need to do a post reunion show where the producers reiterate the points above and see if Joey, Mel, Jax, Caro and Kathy will take all their accusations back.

      I don’t want to sit through 3 hours of the reunion they are going to air with them fighting over fake crap. OMG. 3 HOURS?!

  • sounds like they r backtracking a bit now that feed back has been so neg about how they edited the crap outta this show…wonder if this has anything to do with that cat chick tweeting teresa the other day….

      • Bingo, that is exactly why she got fired. Along with information that she was seriously undermined in her duties to produce the show.

        • speckleeyes, cat rodriquez was a producer of the show and she became very close friends with the manzos and especially melissa. she was fired because she became too close and too involved with the show. she messed up the editing.

      • Makes perfect sense. Jac didnt answer T when T asked her who texted her. It’s not like she could say “oh it’s the producer of the show” right in front of the cameras…

    • Finally, Bravo admits to their wrongdoings. I’m glad they are backtracking (even though it took this long), but I hope they clear all this mess up, and fix everything. They should really apologize to Tre in front of everyone!!! Especially Andy Douchehead!

      Tre definitely deserves a raise! She should get $500,000-$1,000,000.00 because there is no show, no storyline, no amount of apologies from Bravo that money would make up for what they’ve done. That money would help her, and after all the damage they’ve caused Teresa and her family… It’s only fair. Do the right thing! Give a public apology, and give Teresa the RAISE SHE DESERVES. People tune in to watch her!

      What’s up with the uneducated Manzo kids showing up at the reunion? This is The Real Housewives of New Jersey. NOT The Loser Adult Kids and Famewhoring Husbands of New Jersey!

      • They know she was. I’m liking this… I have a feeling they’re gonna get her on Season 5. Haha! I hope so. Can’t stand her self righteous, fake innocent act any longer!

          • Yes but Angelo said Teresa and Kim D set it up; why did he say that; someone said that the conversation was cut up to sound that way; all that idiot albie and Lauren can say is that are stupid they were wearing a mic we heard what they said OMG they really think we are stupid 4 sure!!!

    • Sorry I don’t believe them they sent out a tweet yesterday to the entire cast; including the manzo’s kids and greg they left out Teresa; they are full of #*(#)$#)#)
      When is Bravo going to get rid of them; they have become to friendly with the cast and that can’t work

    • They need some regulations based on ethics in this genre of reality TV. Producers should have to sign contracts that states that to the best of their abilities they will not manipulate or misrepresent situations with these reality shows and if they are caught breaking this contract, there should be consequences. Who knows why they decide to hate Teresa and cause this reign of terror on her for two seasons. Who knows if Melissa is not a part of this whole stripper-gate. Her optimistic spiel on her relationship with Teresa before the fashion show was very suspect and seemingly contrived – “oh we are in such a great place now and we will live happily ever after.” Makes you go hmmm….