AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Details On What Went On At The RHONJ Reunion!

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So much went on at the season 4 reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and AllAboutTRH has all the juicy details! While I’ve already told you a lot of what went happened, there’s so much more! Joe Gorga reveals why he’s really upset with Teresa Giudice and I can tell you exactly why!

A show insider tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY, “The reason Joe Gorga hasn’t spoken to Teresa is because of the stripper drama. Joe Gorga revealed at the reunion that Teresa told their father that Melissa was a stripper and that their father went back to Joe Gorga and told him Teresa said that. Teresa denied the fact that she told their father that Melissa was a stripper and even said she wanted to call him in front of everyone to prove she never told him that. She kept telling Joe that she never actually called Melissa a stripper and that she just heard it as a rumor but Joe isn’t buying it. Things got real ugly between them but Teresa got extremely emotional talking to her brother who she had not seen in a year.” Teresa said on WWHL that she called her father and he denied telling Joe Gorga that. That’s when Andy Cohen stopped Teresa from talking about the reunion noting that no one knows what she’s talking about…well now you do!

That’s not all! Teresa apparently flipped out when Kathy spoke about Teresa’s mother! What exactly did Kathy say to tick off Teresa? My insider tells AllAboutTRH, “Kathy calls Teresa’s mother a liar which makes Teresa freak out. I think that got Teresa upset the most and Caroline is seen even comforting her.”

On WWHL, Teresa reveals she sang Melissa Gorga’s song ‘On Display’ at the why and how did that happen? My insider tells me, “Melissa got annoyed that Teresa always says she wants to hear Melissa’s voice and not the auto tune so Teresa asked Melissa to sing the song to her. Melissa was shocked Teresa asked her to sing the song and wasn’t prepared. Teresa showed Melissa how she can sing it and kept pushing Melissa to sing her song as well. Melissa finally sang in front of the ladies without any auto tune but only sang a few lines which had Teresa laughing.”

Oh snap! So much drama! They better fit this in 3 episodes not just 2! Who’s ready for the reunion?!


Roxanne Jajo created All About The Real Housewives in November, 2011, to keep fans up to date with all their Real Housewives news. Roxanne resides in Detroit, Michigan and works full time as a recruiter in the HR department at Quicken Loans. In December 2014, Roxanne came out with her first fictional novel, ‘Shattered Depiction. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website.

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  1. stephanie says:

    Ladies please……..are we watching the same show? Its a little obvious that Teresa has an agenda which is to discredit her brother & sister-in-law & her cousin as well as Caroline & Jac. Enough already, damn she sells stories to the press that arent even true. Get a grip & get your facts right before blaming everyone else but Teresa. She needs to go away.

  2. audpaud says:

    As others have noted, there HAS to be a reason that the elder Gorga would prefer a son in law to not only the BABY of the family, but also over his ONLY SON.

    I would like to see some kind of re-cast (even the return of Danielle or KimG!) than to see this same group next season. I’m afraid the ratings are too high and BRAVO will not break up this terrible dynamic until they have a season of tanked (a word which will describe Caroline’s book sales – you heard it here !st? LOL!) ratings before making a meaningful switch.

    I won’t be watching until they do.

    • Alexia Mathers says:

      Tre and Melissa both have their own faults and history, but the idea of being Danielle back is probably a great idea for the show but a horrible idea for the children. I give tre props for standing up for her sister in law- the”real” question is whether it was for the cameras and/ or publicity? Tre has been featured on more gossip magazines than any other housewife. BUT if is the one supporting her family, you can dislike her means but not the ends with four young kids and a husband who isn’t working.

  3. karen says:

    Joe Gorga is such a liar. He will say and do anything to make his sister look bad. He is garbage. I can not watch another reunion. It makes me sick to see all of them bully Teresa.

    • Sharon says:

      Joe G. made the biggest mistake of his life when he married melissa. This is where the whole problem started for the Gorga family. It’s really sad.

  4. Victoria Veney says:

    God Bless our Troops and God Bless our fallen brothers and sisters from 9/11/01 and God Bless America.

  5. michers says:

    Everyone!!! Let us not forget, even through this madness from a show, that today is a day we should remember our fallen brothers and sisters. May God rest their souls . I was pregnant with my youngest, we were stationed at Fort Polk, LA as we watched in horror what was happening.. My hubby had 5 minutes to gather things and get to work and secure EVERYTHING. Things have never been the same, and my husband and countless others are still striving to keep us safe here and abroad. No matter who argues with who, who hates who because of comments about a show, remember how blessed you truly are for what you do have( not always what you want but what you have!) *9-11-01* NEVER FORGET!

  6. Anonymousey says:

    I don’t know if I can handle watching the reunion, you ladies that watch the show must have nerves of steel, all the fighting and shit-talking makes me a nervous wreck!
    Anyone see the pic that Greggy Bennet tweeted with him and Lauren? Lapband or not, the way Lauren is sitting makes her look chubby.
    Anyone else blocked on twitter by Jacq-a-drunk Laurita? for some reason she has me blocked and I have no clue why, I followed her for a while and then deleted her, lol.

    • JanShe says:

      Welcome to the club. Everyone of the NJ cast, have blocked me. They block you if you question them about ANYTHING. The only ones that they don’t block are the ones that kiss their butts.
      If they friend you, they check your timeline, if they see anything they don’t like, they block you.

      • Anonymousey says:

        LOL Melissa friended me a while ago, have no clue why either, since at the time I wasn’t saying very nice things about her (I still don’t, lol)I guess she did it to keep tabs on what people say about her.

        • jeanie says:

          Melissa was also following me, and after her B.S. outing with the girls that was to “show” she is this terrific Aunt, I tweeted her to STOP following me immediately, because I don’t buy into her B.S. She did, and I was ecstatic.!!!

  7. Kim G says:

    If, in fact it is true that Andy and crew are out to get Teresa then all I can say is Teresa dug her own hole. She really is as stupid as she looks and acts.

  8. DLL says:

    I agree that Bravo only cares about the ratings. Bravo has no heart. I find it interesting that NBC which owns Bravo pulled this little stunt:

    NBC News has stood by TODAY’s controversial decision to air an interview with the mother hen of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner in place of Tuesday morning’s 9/11 moment of silence, is reporting.

    In a statement to TVLine, a spokesperson for NBC News said: “The TODAY show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11 coverage this morning throughout the entire show.”

    TODAY DID feature a prolonged segment earlier in the morning remembering the 11th anniversary of the terror attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers and attempted to bring down the Pentagon.

    However, as Good Morning America and CBS Morning acknowledged the significant time of when the first hijacked plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, TODAY had Savannah Guthrie quizzing Kris Jenner about her breast implants and Keeping up With the Kardashians.

    Now I understand why Andy gets away with so much. The bozos running NBC are JUST LIKE HIM!

    • Shipp says:

      DDL, good Lord, what a disgrace. Who cares about that on a day like today.

      NBC, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • JanShe says:

        I’ll second that. Whatever happened to “We Shall Never Forget” NBC should be ashamed, with whomever made this decision.

        My heartfelt condolences go out to all those who suffered, and those that continue to suffer.

        One thing positive came out of today, the Gov’t announced that all of the (I think they said 30 or 40) types of cancers that the first responders have, will now be covered under medical insurance. (I’m not sure if they meant Medic Aid or private Insurance Companies.) Either way, the first responders will get all of the medical help that they need.

        The question that I have is, why did it take 11 years for this to happen??? I hope that none of the first responders passed away, due to not being covered by Medical Insurance.

        I felt terrible when I heard about this. I’m Canadian, and our Federal Medical Insurance covers us. We purchase supplemental Insurance for any of the extras that may occur.(private room instead of a ward, crutches, medications, etc, etc.)

  9. FREEKROY says:

    They need to offer Caroline’s siblings big bucks to come one and air their dirty family business.

    • Honnie Badger says:

      I just had an odd inkling that perhaps something similar may be in the offering. You may not be off here, FreeKroy!

      See, we all know that Bravo is all about ratings. And if any of those contracted HWs believe that Andy Cohen and Bravo really “cares” about them, oh, crap, I gotta bridge in Brooklyn to sell them ASAP. #delusional!!

      • Honnie Badger says:

        PS to my own reply:

        Hey — when you SIGN a multi-page contract to be on a Reality TV show — you are open. You get what you deserve. I don’t give a flying F*CK who you are — you chose this life. You deal with the bad (more so) than the good. Have fun in the temporary spotlight and kiss my ass.

        • Chupacabra says:

          i will NEVER understand why people want to do these reality shows. like 99 percent of the population has things they want kept in their past. if i was on a reality show they would sooo expose my old arrest. the one where i went out clubbing in my early twenties and drank enough alcohol to fill a bathtub and for some reason decided it was a good idea to DRIVE home, but apparently my vision was a wee bit off as i drove home down the wrong side of the state highway….at some point i must have realized that i was driving on the wrong side of the road and thought it wise to drive over the center median to continue on my way on the correct side of the road. well that median was a tad larger than i must have thought, or i was driving a bit faster than i ought to have been, because it blew out my tires and i went careening off into the ditch and smashed into a yield sign……butttt…..that wasn’t the end of it….i was clever you see and despite 4 blown tires a smashed front end, a smashed windshield, and a deployed airbag, i managed to get that car started and backed out of that ditch and proceeded on my merry way home, dragging some random sparking metal car part behind me. for some reason, i cannot fathom why, someone called the cops on me and i was pulled over and arrested. i don’t remember much of the arrest, except for a few things like laughing in the back of the cop car, crying during the mugshot, and some weird surgical booties they gave me to put on my feet when they took my shoes from me before they threw me in a cell to sob like a drunken fool in the corner all night. anyhooo….that mug shot must have been one for the record books, drunk out of my mind, hair all disheveled, makeup running all over my face, and lets not forget the HUMONGOUS burn all over my chin and neck from the airbag deploying….yeah that would have definitely been the cover on In Touch if i was on a realty show.

          • JanShe says:

            LOL!!! OMG Chupa, you have to level with us.
            Are you a comedian in real life, or, maybe an author???
            You sure have a heck of a way with words.
            I bet you would be a hoot at a party
            COUNT ME IN, let me know where and when.
            I’ll bring the Fabellini!!!


          • Sharon says:

            chup, ur too much. lol

          • hoolie says:

            OH my Chupa Chupa….please promise me you will NEVER stop posting…. PLEASE!!!

  10. ladynblack says:

    I just seen a tib bit video of drunko-Jacko with anderson cooper regrding her son autism. She looks swollen (fac/neck). They asked her if the other housewives have been supported and she gesture mostly all of them. The host asked who hasn’t support her she did a “T” sign with her hands. Then the back screen shows a pic of Teresa. Drunko must of been drunk and had a bkl out and forgot she wants nothing to do with Teresa. What a nasty drunk

    • holy cannoli says:


      Jacqueline was so freakin immature, honest to God!

      • ladynblack says:

        Holy cannoli she has not social skills. And who avoids a question by saying is this coffee? Duh. And fake drinking. She had 3 rings of neck fat. Too much alcohol over the weekend. Somebody from production instead of an xanax give her a water pill.

        • holy cannoli says:

          @ ladynblack


          I couldn’t beleive she made the T sign, then avoided the question by Anderson! What an immature whack!
          Now this is a person that has moved on.. A person that is in a better place? Does she seriously think people will take her seriously with her damn immature antics?

          I can’t stand this JACKASS!!

          • Chupacabra says:

            Teresa is like voldermort, she whose name cannot be spoken. we’re actually using hand signs for teresa now? i tried this out earlier, hubby asked whats for dinner and i made a C sign with my hand, C for chicken. he didn’t get it so i made a C sign then pointed to my leg, you know, chicken legs. i don’t know why he couldn’t figure it out and he was just giving me a look like i had lost my mind, hes all like “what the hell are you doing?” and i attempted to communicate chicken to him more clearly, so i made a REALLY BIG C sign this time with both arms, YMCA style, kinda like silent jacqueline shouting if you will…..alas he just rolled his eyes , called me a weirdo and walked away…..

          • holy cannoli says:

            LMAO Chup!

          • T says:

            LMAO!!!! I was crying from laughing so hard! Thx! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • michers says:

            Holy, Anderson and his people obviously knew prior that Teresa was going to be the answer, lol.. why would they have a picture up of T in the background? What the hell is wrong with tv this last decade? Everyone on the boob tube thinks viewers are idiots and people like Jacaholic have something important to say, err sign? OMG.

          • cammierari says:

            CHUPACABRA YOU KILL ME!!!!! LMAO!!

          • JanShe says:

            OMG, CHUPA, I’ve got tears rolling down my face from laughing at your comment and my stomach hurts. My dogs are looking at me like I’m a nut.
            I’m still laughing MAO. HAHAHAHA!!!

            CHEERS!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. LifeIsGood says:

    So, basically Joey went on the reunion to say, “Daddy said you called my wife a stripper”

    This is the earth shattering confrontation that the trolls were claiming would be T’s undoing??? Really??


    • ladynblack says:

      Yes, while poison linking all over himself (he gets off just looking at himself) GROSS

    • Chupacabra says:

      i know, lol, really? seriously? THAT’S the big revelation? wtf, lol, can’t stop laughing over this unbelievably awful terrible unforgiving act teresa has perpetrated!

      • ladynblack says:

        I think there plan back fired on them. Teresa,fought back. They thought it was going to be a mirror image of the 3rd season reunion.

    • holy cannoli says:

      I know, freakin ridiculous!! That P.O.S brings their father into this SHIT!!

  12. Stacey says:

    I will not be happy watching runt boy Joey the trained monkey trashing his sister. He knows that Meho was a stripper and so does everyone else. He knows she is a gold digger too, that’s why he is so pissed. Kathy is just a fake pig. Caroline is a miserable hag, and Jacqueline is just a delutional crazy follower. I really hope they bring on an ally for Teresa next year if all of these trolls return.

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Stacey, I can see that you admire Teresa, and I get it. But … unfortunately, the entire Bravo contract with RHONJ is a “Teresa Excoriation Fest.”

      More so — that TEF does include Joe, her baby brother. Yeah, it hurts like hell to see it (especially if we are women who have siblings, meaning many of us posters).

      I think that the absolute best we can all pray for is that for sometime in the hopefully forseeable future is that Joe Gorga and Teresa Gorga Giudice is strong, loving reconciliation — and not for the cameras but for real life.

  13. JoJoLaMa says:

    Chuck comforted Teresa?? I’ll believe that one when I see it!

    • LifeIsGood says:

      She was patting her on the back…looking for a soft spot to stick the knife.

    • Shipp says:

      If true, Mama MoFo comforted T, for on reason only. Mama MoFo is thinking about advance sales of her book. She has to look like she really is a good person.

      Did I say book? Make that comic book.

      • michers says:

        Shipp, Im loving the Mama MoFo!

      • JanShe says:

        🙂 Caro’s a joke, pun intended.

        Who cares about the red headed clown’s book, NOT ME, I will not spend ONE PENNY, on anything, that the Manzo/Laurita’s try to sell.

        • michers says:

          Me either!

          • jeanie says:

            I must say, back in season #2 – Danielle’s friend Danny, whom I hated, first had the best line ever, and now it turns out to be TRUE! – “The Manzos are Punks”! Their tweets against Dina prove it and their tweets loving Meho and Slow-Joe and the Marco sisters prove it. Lastly, who the ‘ef was Caroline to say during that ridiculous fight in CA, that her husband (sleepy
            Al) was going to “destroy” them (the Giudice’s). I mean, really, who the hell does this lady think she is?

  14. Penn boy says:

    Succhiare il Manzo’s di..Tranne forse Albie…ENGLISH: The manzo’s suck…Except for albie maybe..

  15. Chupacabra says:

    regarding the PFS…..if the producers were chummy with the entire crew except for teresa, why would they let this lookers dude confront melissa?

    maybe the producers were VERY chummy with the manzos and we all know that scrotumface really detests the gorgas, she just plays nice with them to hurt teresa….so me thinks that scrotumface really may have been involved in the stripper “setup” after all……but how would melissa being exposed as a pole humper have benefitted the manzos?

    i do love a good conspiracy theory…..

    • JoJoLaMa says:

      Scrotumface = Caroline?

      • Chupacabra says:

        what else perfectly describes one with immensely saggy jowls and a face in need of shaving?

        ever see pink floyd – a brick in the wall movie?, caroline aka scrotumface has a lead role….

        • hoolie says:

          YOU KILL ME CHUPADEDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • JanShe says:

          SO FUNNY!!! LOLOL!!!

          And this time when I saw your name @Chupa, I put my drink down. Just in time. 🙂
          We can always count on you, to put a smile on our faces, THANKS.


  16. tot says:

    I just want to figure out WHY Teresa always loses Bravo’s pool.I keep wondering if it’s because the young generation of viewers (like us) that are pro Teresa are digital, and the Teresa’s haters are an older generation and are analog, just being able to make easy cell phone texts. rsrs
    Just a theory!

    • ladynblack says:

      I think it’s fix by the producers in BRAVO.

      • WCW says:

        ITA – tool around the internet and check out other HW blogs with polls! Bravo fixes polls to fit their storylines not to reflect what viewers feel.

        • JanShe says:

          ITA – Bravo does it on all of the HW Franchises.

          • jeanie says:

            You also have to take into consideration that the ENTIRE cast including he awful Manzo kids, Marco sisters, etc., etc. spend their life on twitter and and text THEIR votes on anything against Teresa. Castmates should NOT be allowed to vote, I even tweeted that to Andy, because nasty Lauren was tweeting vile stuff again.

    • JanShe says:

      @tot – Hey, not all of us “older generation” or, as I like to say “Us Women of a certain age” are stuck in the 60’s or 70’s, some of us are pretty hip. As a matter of fact there are quite a few of “Us” on this site. We’ve been here for a LONG TIME, and found out about each other, when Caro first tried to use Menapause to excuse her poor behavior.

      Anyhow, your theory could be right. 🙂 LOL!

      FYI – I’m joking around with you, even though I am, “A Woman of a certain age.”


      • hoolie says:

        :-0 No she didn’t just call me old!!!! LMAO! Thanks for lettin these youngin’s know it there’s some ‘hip’ menopausal momma’s out here! 🙂

  17. WCW says:

    It gives me some satisfaction that Teresa went after them this reunion. It makes me sick that Bravo brought out her asshat brother to break her heart.

  18. ladynblack says:


    • jerseygirl says:

      I was just going to shout out the same alert. Your description is 100% accurate.

      On the plus side, she stopped saying “hello lovers”.

      • jerseygirl says:

        Oh and how much do you want to bet, Caroline is going to post a blog just talking about the horrible events of 9/11. Once again using other people’s pain to shield her shameful behavior.

        • ladynblack says:

          @ Jerseygirl you’re soo right in regards to caroline blog..It’s all about the good morals behavior. (rolling my eyes right now like Kathy’s). Wako Jacko will speak of xanax,autism and confused why she wasn’t invited.

        • LifeIsGood says:

          I can’t stand Caroline. But for God’s sake, and hers, I hope she is not idiot enough to do that. As if we need that kook to help us put that day in perspective.

          I think many of us watch these shows as respite from the real horrors in the world.

      • MaryEllen says:

        Thank god she stopped saying “Hello Lovers”! But as per usual her blog is full of crap!

    • michers says:

      Ok, so I did not miss anything then! No need to read, LOL!! Alleged stripper talk!

  19. Belle557 says:

    If I see Kathy call Teresa’s mother, her own aunt, a liar on National Television, I quite possibly will throw up. What the heck is wrong with these people? Why even speak those words? Wow…

  20. nat says:

    I am shocked that Caroline actually was comforting Teresa. WOW! Melissa is such a fake ass bitch and her disgusting husband is a joke. I’m not a big fan of Joe Guidice either but he’s more real than Richie and fame whores Mel and Joe. Please get rid of Kathy she sucks and she is boring. Nice kids but boring family.

    • JanShe says:

      Nice kids my butt, that is all bs. for the show. Follow them on twitter, they are horrible. Their father is disgusting on twitter as well.

  21. Melody says:

    Ok so we know they fired the producers involved with this season.

    I have a feeling that Kathy will still end up being canned. They will hire someone for Theresa and I predict Jac’s appearances will be limited.

    I think her tweet about the Xanax and then saying she was kidding has sealed her fate.

    • jeanie says:

      I would have thought that Jac’s comment re: the Xanax would have been a big no-no to Bravo as well; however, Bravo has a blog up re: the reunion and IT is in there without embarassment. Plus, she’s using (sorry, but she is) her son’s autism for a storyline for next season!

  22. Amanda says:

    Funny Jac Laurita is on Anderson the same day they have an expert who can detect a liar!!

    • JanShe says:

      I know, I watched the show!!! 🙂
      Jac was on right after Janine Driver, and Jac exhibited some of the signs that Janine told us to watch for.

      How ironic was that, KARMA for Jac, and I’m sure that Karma will be revisiting the Laurita Liar again. hehehe!

      Janine Driver, is the author of, “You Can’t Lie To Me”
      It sounds like a very interesting book, Janine was very informative. I’m going to go buy it. 🙂

  23. Cadence Michaels. (@CadenceMichaels) says:

    What i do not get about the haters is why they pretend like season 3 never happened and jump to season4 where Teresa is on guard and has her defenses up. Whenever someone says something to her or about her she gets defensive because we all know it is not coming from a place of love or understanding.
    The first episode of the third season Melissa and Joe were talking crap about Teresa and making snide comments right along with Richi and Kathy. Richi constantly talking about her spending habits and putting Joe Giudice down, insinuating he was a shady businessman (Well now we know he sort of is, but during the time we did not). Even made comments to his son at his gas station about making sure he does things legit during season four when everyone showed what type of business they were in.
    Even the Manzo’s and Laurits’s were talking about Teresa and making snide comments long before the cookbook came out at the end of season 3.
    Everyone overlooks season 3, the beginning of all of this.

    • Tee says:

      Exactly!!!! The whole time season 4 was filming, season 3 was airing so she was seeing all this but couldn’t even mention it I guess bc she was filming season 4. So she would have to watch them trash her on tv then go film a scene w/them like they hadn’t just said all that crap!

  24. Bionic says:

    Ok, what I want to know is BRAVO MAXINE… She/He/It was tweeting tons of BS about the filming of the reunion. The info was over the top ish. I don’t think any of it is true. YOu think BM is really a “mole”?

    • LifeIsGood says:

      Bravo Maxine has done this sort of thing before – cray, cray – but some of the tweets are pretty funny.

      • holy cannoli says:

        OMG Tweet Maxine/ Bravo Maxine has been around for years spewing bs..The woman has an active imagination..What a whack!! I swear I think she is that Roxy Poxy chick that says she is/ was Chris Lauritas mistress LMAO!!

        Pay no attention to that whack, unless you want to laugh..She is pretty entertaining!!

  25. Brianna M. says:


  26. stay says:

    See how Samantha doesnt mention about Joey’s rape?? Also I read that it was Jaqueline and Melissa really going at it w Theresa. I believe that is to bring the drama to get on for next season. Melissa will be lost when this show is over. Also why hasn’t she been signed yet. Wasnt Rihannna signed the night she met Jay z. If she is so talented why hasn’t she been signed?

      • michers says:

        @mickey Yes. I heard that long ago. It is rumored/reported that the Dad paid off the girl for his son to have the charges dropped. He really does not have a great track record when it comes to respect females and that is the truth! Look how he treats his parents, his sister, the alleged rape, three ex fiancés( wonder what they would say, or were they hushed up as well?), and its also been put out there a few times, that he has put his hands on his wife, MeHo. I am unsure if that was because of his cheating or alleged cheating, but supposedly Mel slashed the girls tires! Our little ” Angel from God” is turning out to be quite the little Devil…

        • hoolie says:

          Where are these ex fiance’s…. i would LOVE LOVE LOVE for them to pony up and give us some info…cause you know there has got to be some stories!

        • jerseygirl says:

          What about the way he speaks of his wife? He owns her? He likes that her sexuality is on display and constantly objectifies her on camera. The mother of his children. Disgusting.

          He walks and talks and acts like a sexist pig. And he makes Juicy look like prince charming.

    • michers says:

      Oh gee both the strippers, I mean alleged dancers , were on high alert!Well, I think you answered your own question with that one- she is not talented. LOL

    • jen says:

      Jac-ASS is a f’n train wreck! I’m so sick of listening to her cry “Teresa doesn’t tell me anything,I read in the tabloids all this stuff,Teresa tells me everything is fine.” If this is her only complaint that teresa doesn’t give her the inside scoop on HER business the bitch needs serious help and needs to be medicated(and I don’t mean a few shots of BAILEY’S). And now we come to find out that while she is reading her tabloids and crying that Teresa won’t tell her gossip she has a son with autism. Shouldn’t of that been her priorty?

      • jeanie says:

        I definitely believe it was Melissa & Jac who bitch-slapped Teresa at the reunion, as they are new besties, along with the horrid Marco sisters. The Marco sisters posted a pic of drunk Jac in Atlantic City with them after the reunion, and Melissa and Jac are now retweeting promotions of each other. These 2 are particularly vile with their tweets, and Caro-clown probably stayed somewhat quiet as she has the most ridiculous book ever coming out. Beause we all know Kathy is a kiss-ass, she jumped on the “I hate Teresa bandwagon”. A bunch of ridiculous children, including the despicable Joe Gorga.

  27. LoLo says:

    OK, so maybe Teresa did mention to her parents that Melissa was a stripper. I know how it is when your sibling first brings home a gf/bf–you want to know everything. Teresa is his older sister–she was probably super protective over him like I have been with my younger siblings. It’s normal family stuff!

    Where he is wrong is:
    1. Bringing this up in the wrong forum. Why bring it up at a TV show reunion special? have a sit down with the whole family then if it really upsets you!
    2. He has no room to talk…what do you think he’s said about Joe Giudice to his family? At his son’s christening party Joe Gorga was talking tons of crap about Joe Giudice to his and Teresa’s father.
    3. Knowing that Teresa has tried so hard to keep her parents out of the drama of the show, he brings the father right into the mix. Shame on him. Even if he believes Teresa to be the worst person in the world, no one can deny that she adores her parents and just wants to protect them.

    I’ve had enough of these people and their hypocritical. In the end, Teresa is no better or worse than any of them. Yet, her feet are held to the fire over everything she does…

    • Shipp says:

      There was a conversation on one episode (camping trip I think) between T and Mel. They were discussing Mel’s fake boobs. T was saying how she had to convince her parents Mel wasn’t a stripper. T’s parents, being old school, thought anyone with fake boobs was a stripper.

      I know I know, T has fake boobs now too. But this was before T convinced her parents that it was acceptable, and not stripper like. And, T did it in defense of Mel.

    • JanieG says:

      Remember the intelligence level of JoGo – he thinks when you are on a reality show, you have to tell EVERYTHING, no matter if common sense says to keep it private for your parents’ protection and well-being. I guess he thinks he is keeping it “real”. This guy talks for 30 seconds (that’s generous!) and you know this is a guy lacking in ……well, just about everything except ego!

    • Victoria Veney says:

      Great points Lo Lo everyone knows how much T loves and respect and protects her parents. I dont belive for one second that T would go to her father and tell her father that Melissa was a striper in the past!! 1st off T’s father has real bad health issues and a bad heart and T would never ever do anything to get her father upset and possible make him ill or have a spell with his heart!! 2nd T’s father would never betray either one of his children because this man is totally old school italian and he would never ever cause any kind of problems between is son and daughter I dont even know thier father and I know he would never tell his son what his sister told him in confidence or vise versa he would never tell his daughter what his son told him. These people are born and raised in an old school italian fashion they are all about family and have very high morals and values they would never do that to either one of their children. Now that being said Joe Gorga is totally dead wrong for bring his parents into this exspecially knowing his dad’s health issues!! He and Melissa are disgusting people for doing this to his parents and his sister and for what? F-in 15 mins of fame!! These 2 are truely twisted and evil and I hope both of them get exactly what they deserve for what they done to T and her parents!! Can you all belive what Kathy called her own aunt T’s mom how can so sit there and call this woman a liar!! Can you imagine what T felt like after this reuion to have her brother and her SIL and her cusin attack her and her parents and even her children these people are pure trash pure evil vile disgusting hipocrits and a bunch of F-in liars!! Drunk azz and Clown azz probably didnt even matter or even important after T got beat up and ganged up by her own family that poor thing probably didnt know witch way to turn she’s got them coming from every where!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS T BASHING BRAVO!!!

  28. anita bonita says:

    Im Portuguese, European, very much like Italian families, and if i even thought for a fleeting second that my brothers wife or girlfriend had been a dancer, stripper even barmaid at a GO GO bar i would MOST DEFINETLY tell my parents…plain and simple. THEY ARE MY PARENTS AND THAT IS MY BROTHER, AND I WOULD DO THE SAME IF MY SISTER’S BOYFRIEND WAS A GIGALO, STRIPPER OR INVOLVED IN THE ADULT INDUSTRY. IMO THATS WHAT FAMILY DOES…

    • LoLo says:

      10000% agree! Joe Gorga has been that way himself with Joe Giudice!!!!

    • hoolie says:

      Hey I’m Irish Catholic and everyone I grew up w/has the same beliefs as you. That’s how tight families roll.

      You can’t tell me for ONE MINUTE if Lauren Lapband heard gossip around town about a girl Prince Albie was dating that she would not make like RoadRunner to Chuckie and Big Al w/the 411.
      And you can’t tell me that Chuckie wouldn’t have the girl investigated (just like she had Danielle investigated).
      And you can’t tell me if there was any partial truth what Chuckie heard, she would not be going around town and spreading gossip, Like she did with Danielle.

      With the exception of Teresa, Juicy &fam, I am SO OVER this WHOLE BUNCH.

      • rukidding? says:

        that is so freakin true. i come from a big family and as much as we argue with each other if we heard or seen something suspicious we will tell each other and tell the parents. teresa has been hearing rumors about melissa so of course as a concerned sister she is gonna question it and tell her parents what she has heard. if melissa was more honest with her past then it wouldn’t be a big freakin deal.everyone is talking about it because she’s so defensive of it and trying so hard to deny it.

        caro investiaged and gossiped about danielles past because she was concerned about what type of person she was and concerned about her family mingling with her. why is it so bad that teresa is doing the same thing for her own family? the hypocrisy is ridiculous.

        as for whether teresa set it up for the manager to appear is irrelevant. because it’s up to bravo producers who should be on the show. that manager has to sign papers in order for him to be filmed and mic’d up. did melissa really think her past wasn’t gonna catch up to her? she tried so hard to get teresa’s skeletons out of her closet and now is upset that her own closet is coming back to haunt her. well, that is karma for you.

        • Capile says:

          IKR? Even if Teresa was involved with outing Melissa’s past, it pales in comparison to Melissa feeding Danielle all the information about Teresa’s finances to leak to the press, Jac planting/outing private things like Joe supposedly cheating, thje Manzos contacting Danielle’s dangerous, abusive ex. I don’t see why I’m supposed to care and watching Jac completely lose her shit just makes me laugh. It’s okay to corner Teresa and demand all the answers over something major and something she can’t talk about for legal reasons because “she put it out there” (uh, no, she didn’t), but outing something trivial of Melissa’s would be the end of the world? Huh? Stop the presses, did Jac finally find something she actually understands is none of her business???

  29. Mia says:

    OOOPS typo- from

  30. Mia says:

    OOOPS typo from.

  31. Mia says:

    All this manipulation with the producers only shows more so how scripted these shows are. They guide the story line like with the magazines which they all crucified Tre with. Not right all against one. She get justice by continueing to climb in her branding. Much success Tre your working hard it pays off, LUV,LUV,LUV, form all the loyal fans.

    • ladynblack says:

      If they did fire the producers I’m sure the show dynamics will changes now. and I don’t think the caroclown will return. She won’t be dictating to the producers….

    • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea says:

      I’m not sure I would say these shows are ‘scripted’ – it’s more like the producers stir the pot either by saying things to get them to take action (‘you should confront her’ or ‘don’t let her get away with saying that’) or they bring certain people into the mix to make something happen.

  32. Harper says:

    My Aunt watched the show for the first time Sunday. 15 minutes into the show (FF through the Wakilies) she stopped. She was SICK of Caroline and her juvenile behavior. She didn’t care for any of the ladies too much but was disturbed that someone Caroline’s age was wound up over something so trivial.

    Leave it to the young girls, she said. She’s too damn old to be blaming her problems on someonelse.

    And believe you me , she is NO Teresa fan!

  33. Patty says:

    On this Sunday’s show I believe Mel’s ex-boss comes up to the table where Tre is sitting with all the other women and he tells Mel don’t you remember me and she starts to scream and runs off to the restroom where she calls Joey who happens to be next door from where the Posh Fashion Show is taking place and runs over to confront Tre because by this time Mel has told all the women that Tre set her up!!!! Notice the man is wearing a mic, so it was Bravo that brought him to do this not Tre…… When Mel found out that her ex-boss had talked to Tre earlier in the day and told her about Mels past working for him at LOOKERS a gentlemans club as a “dancer” Tre told Mel what he told her, she got mad and started screaming…….I do believe Tre did explain to her Dad what happend, but not sure what word she used “dancer” or “stripper”, but she’s not the only one on this show that has worked as a “dancer” Jac was one also in Vegas at a place called Glitter Gulch, just saying!!!!!

  34. Sassygrl72 says:

    Tre’s parents used to be on the show all the time, but after Melissa and Joe joined it got less and less and less until it was non-existent. On top of that, Tre tweets pics of family gatherings, like her father’s birthday recently, but no Melissa or Joe in the pics, and you never see them tweeting pics of their own family dinners/gatherings, and I don’t believe for one minute that Melissa wouldn’t be tweeting pics galore if Joe’s parents were over as often as she claims. Speaks volumes.

    • Tee says:

      Recently I think she did tweet one pic of either Poison’s dad or mom…maybe both I cant really remember but that was the first in a loooonnnggg time

      • JanShe says:

        I saw it, it was for stumps bday, stump with his Parents and his children. Mel posted it REAL QUICKLY and made a big deal out of it on twitter.

  35. DJ says:

    Excellent Info!

  36. NonnaB says:

    Yes, Chuckie did try to ruin Dina. Jamie’s wedding was suppose to be on Dina’s show and Chuckie put a stop to that. She was allegedly the one who started the big todo about Lexie being on show without her father’s permission (Chuckie didn’t want any child to take the spotlight from her children).

    • Youdontkeepitreal says:

      @ NonnaB Caroclowns children are poor excuses for human beings. They make me sick. Of course Don Caro doesnt care is MeHO is a stripper she could have worked at Crittifur’s strip carwash. TRASH WITH MONEY ALL OF THEM.

  37. RahRah says:

    I am so over the crucify Teresa gang..I want Teresa to write a behind the scenes insider tell all exposing everything said and done. Going to to pre-order.

    You know you really must be doing something right if your friends turn into your enemies.

    Those grown azz children of CMs are a bunch of ignorant azzes, they’re obviously products of their environment.

    CM is a legend in her own mind..she is no arbiter of anything but how to raise a bunch tit suckers. I can’t believe how ill-mannered her own children act. CM is a SVENGALI. Here’s the definition: somebody who controls and manipulates somebody else, usually for evil purposes; an evil manipulator.

    • JanShe says:

      Great points regarding CM, I can’t stand her, the phony bit*h.

      I would be ordering that book today, if only, I wish Teresa would seriously think about it. It would be another top seller for her, of that I’m sure. 🙂

  38. PandaBear says:

    Doesn’t Teresa/Joey’s dad have a heart problem? I clearly don’t know their parents and they are not shown much on the show but nothing about these people scream liars who create drama between their children.

    Its clear that Joey and Teresa were once extremely close this must be killing their parents and their children.

    This family is in the gutter. And for what, a tiny bit of fame? Melissa and Kathy would probably be just as famous if they were featured in a few episodes not as full cast members (like Rosie) and were positive characters. They are in fact still referred to in relation to Teresa.

    Some of the children might not fully understand what’s going on but their parents are completely too aware. I am honestly in disbelief that these people are acting this way.

    For all of Caroline’s faults, from what I’ve seen she’s never publicly completely tried to destroy Dina. They may be as fame hungry as Teresa’s family but they clearly draw the line and maintain some respect for each other.

    And honestly who cares if any of them were strippers?? Its a legal, honest profession. It clearly doesn’t stop you from promoting yourself or getting acting roles (look at Nene). Would I want my daughter to be a stripper, no. If she became one I wouldn’t love her any less or look down my nose at her for earning an honest paycheck to support herself or her children. ITs like the tabloid nonsense let this crap go already!

    • Idokeepitreal says:


    • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea says:

      Really good post Panda Bear! Yes, those 2 could have been featured like Rosie, but no they wanted to be part of the cast and add fighting on the show.

      It is hard to believe Joey’s sincerity when his first episode was of him having an emotional outburst with his poor baffled father. He also shows a lack of manners by his continual mention of his tarzan (embarrassed I even know his pet name-gross!) And he spoke of his parent’s financial situation. He will say and do anything for camera time.

  39. NonnaB says:

    If anyone was a stripper it was Jacko. Her body image reservations is all an act so people won’t suspect her of being a stripper.

  40. NonnaB says:

    There is no way MeGo was a stripper – she has dance moves like Frankenstein. Really if they asked the fans, who gives a flying kucf what she was.

  41. Butterfly_Love says:

    Caroline comforting Teresa?!?! WHAT!!! I have to see that.
    Can’t wait for the reunion.

    • Kay says:

      Call me cynical but it’s probably just a desperate attempt so she can try and tell everyone how she plays fair.

      • DJ says:

        I agree! Caroline KNOWS she looks so bitter and hateful this season. This is a ploy for her to show some humanity.

        If Caroline truly was sincere, then I think that is great on her part. Teresa probably really needed a shoulder to cry on. Poor woman must have been so traumatized with all of them against her.

      • jeanie says:

        And to get some sympathy votes and sales for her ridiculous “Let Me Tell You Something Book” – I’d like to tell her something…that’s for sure.

    • NonnaB says:

      There is no way I’d watch the reunion. I can’t even watch the show without getting upset and not being able to sleep. The only way I can watch it, if I tape it and watch during the day and then go to the gym and get out all my frustration. Good thing I don’t live in NJ, I’d have to pay a visit to one of those BLK crap meet & greets.

      • Youdontkeepitreal says:

        @ NonnaB i was thinking the same thing, but then i figured i would probably be arrested for trying to fistfight lauren. LOL.

    • JanShe says:

      I took it as Caroline comforting kathy, not Tre.

  42. ladynblack says:

    I guess the reason for drunko taking the xanax was because Meho attempted to sing the few lines without auto-tune.. Makes sense now. lmao

  43. Kay says:

    This is, while hilarious, disturbing. Why wasn’t Joe upset Kathy called his Mum a liar? Given the way he was performing at Baby Joey’s Christening with his father; all the screaming and crying you’d think he’d be at least a bit pissed off that someone, and not just anyone, his own cousin said that about his Mum.

    The other thing I don’t understand is the stripper thing. SO WHAT?! If Melissa was a stripper then why is she so offended, I believe you Americans use the phrase “own it.” It isn’t illegal, as far as I’m concerned it’s not even immoral. And if she wasn’t why do they care so much? If someone speaks untruths about me I couldn’t be arsed continually fighting with them because people are going to believe what they believe irrespective of what you say.

    I don’t know whether T did say it to their father (can anyone enlighten me as to what they think?) But really its the least of Melissa’s worries. If I was her I’d be more concerned that I’m a back-stabbing, shit-stirring, insincere, lying, manipulative bitch with a forehead the size of England… but hey, that’s just me. Being a stripper doesn’t make her immoral or a bad person but her severely flawed personality does and that is far more important than her previous occupation.

    • Tee says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I don’t see the big deal if she was a stripper…its not like anyone is saying she was a prostitute! Nene was a stripper and she owns her past because she’s come so far. No sense in lying about it or trying to hide it. Actually, MeHo would get more respect if she did say “You know what, I danced. I had to earn some money for school and at the time that was my only way”. But instead she gets all upset and defensive….its like it is true and she’s really mad that it came out…bc the next thing is if it was in no way true, why even get mad? Release your statement saying in no way is it true and let it go and move on.

    • Jennifer says:

      Totally agree!!!

  44. Harper says:

    So Joe Gorga wasn’t upset that his COUSIN Frog Eyes called his MOTHER a LIAR?! Yeah Joe, we really believe your father told you what Teresa said now. That is, unless both of your parents are liars… Absolutely disgraceful. What a disgusting little wuss of a man. Who lets anyone disrespect their mother? AND lies on their father for the sake of their $lut wife? What’s Italian for “You cant turn a hoe into a housewife”?

    • Jersey Chicklet says:

      Non è possibile attivare una zappa in una casalinga!

    • Kay says:

      Agreed. My Mam and I are far too alike, we bicker all the time BUT anyone else makes a single criticism of her, let alone called her a liar on national telly, and I will slap you in the face!

      I’m all for showing loyalty to your partner. My parents were not impressed when I brought home my 36 year old boyfriend at 19 – we’ve been together 5 years now & he worships so clearly they were wrong but there’s a difference between standing up for someone who hasn’t done anything wrong (like with me) and blind loyalty because you’ve been manipulated.

    • Samantha says:

      I absolutely believe that his father told Joey the truth about Teresa. And his father told Joey for the exact same reason that Joey told Melissa — because they were both being viciously smeared and they were entitled to know what was being said about them and by whom.

      Why wouldn’t anyone believe that Teresa would lie to her mother and father? Do you think she’s never done it before?

      • holy cannoli says:

        @ Samantha

        Joey is a P.O.S. He has no problem bringing up his parents financial issues / him helping them on national tv, if in fact that is true. Just to make himself look good. You know he is an “ANGEL FROM God”.

        I completely believe that he would lie and say his father told him something that supposedly Teresa said to him to upset her!

        The man is SCUM, COMPLETE SCUM!!

      • Harper says:

        That was not the point of this comment.

        I find it hard to believe a person who allows their mother to be disrespected on national TV. That goes for Melissa too. That is her MIL, the grandmother of her beautiful children.

        I dont doubt that Teresa told her father what she HEARD. I would tell my parents too. Calling her a stripper and telling them a rumor before it got back to them are two different things. I’m sure her parents have friends, who have friends that watch this show.

        And was not Joey the one complaining about Teresa bringing their parents into it?

      • Samantha says:

        And mothers HAVE been known to lie, although I doubt that Kathy screamed “LIAR” right in Teresa’s mother’s face.

        • holy cannoli says:

          The point is @ Samantha .. If it’s true that Kathy called Teresa mother a liar, that is wrong wrong wrong and you know it!

          • Samantha says:

            Seriously, in order for me to even credit this part of the story I’m going to need more than “Kathy called Teresa’s mom a liar.” And if it IS true, I’m sure it was a lot more involved than that.

            That Teresa lied to her father about his son’s wife being a stripper I have no problem believing whatsoever.

          • holy cannoli says:

            @ Samantha

            I do not agree. If it’s true that Kathy called Teresa/ Joeys mother a liar whether more more was involved or not there is absolutely no excuse for that period!

            The whole thing with Teresa and Joey well, Teresa did say something on WWHL, Soooo….

            Joey is a P.O.S ( in my opinion) and I do not put it past HIM TO LIE and bring his parents/ father into this.

        • Harper says:

          Whether her mother lied or not. You do NOT allow ANYone to speak ill of her.

          Italians are “big” on family right?

          And idgaf how Kathy tried to sugarcoat it. Bottom line, whether outright or in essence, she called her mother a liar. That will get any woman, man, or child popped!

        • Samantha says:

          When Joey’s father approached him about this (if it’s true), I wonder if it was to find out if it was true or to let Joey know that his sister was lying about his wife again.

          • Keppler says:

            You totally have your finger on the pulse of their relationship, Samantha. In fact, right after Joey was on his knees begging and crying and his father was yelling at him and regarding him with abject disgust, there’s a deleted scene where Mr. Gorga helps him up, brushes him off, dries his tears, and tells him how much he loves Melissa’s famewhore ways and her amazing sisters. He even asks Joe to send her over to give his business associates a lap dance and awards him a lifetime supply of kleenex to reward his refusal to act like an adult. Then he reveals that he feels about his daughter exactly the way you do, what a coincidence.

        • Kelly says:

          I think Kathy was calling T’s mom a lier because of the cookie recipe. I CAN”T STAND KATHY.

      • Idokeepitreal says:

        Totally agree! I am so tired of the Saint Teresa this and Saint Teresa that. I’m so tired of hearing “I was only joking”, “It was a joke”, or the famous “That’s what I heard, just sayin”. They all twist the truth and yes, spread gossip, even Saint Teresa.

        • Shipp says:

          @Idokeepitreal, T never said she was a saint. But, if I recall correctly, AND I DO, The Stump called himself an angel from God.

        • Youdontkeepitreal says:

          You are seriously delusional! Teresa has been bashed the whole season. No one said she is a saint…at all…she even admits she is not perfect…but what these “ladies” or more so TRASHBAGS are doing is not right…and her brother is a fuckin LOSER!!! He airs their family’s dirty laundry on national television like it is no big deal. She tries to keep it quiet and he wants to exploit it…HE IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE AND AN EMBARESSMENT TO THE ITALIAN CULTURE. HE probably always felt second best to Teresa and thats probably why he has this vendetta against her. Melissa was a stripper, who cares OWN it like all the other housewives that were strippers do.

      • Samantha says:

        Oops @Harper didn’t see you.

        If this is true, Teresa DID bring her parents into it when she TOLD her father such an outrageous lie.

        And wouldn’t you call lying to your father (how many heart surgeries again?) about his son’s wife being in the SEX INDUSTRY disrespectful?

        Even if it were the truth, it would be reprehensible for her to do this to her father. But it’s probably just one more (one of millions, I’m sure) being told by his psychotically jealous daughter.

        • Samantha says:

          *just one more lie*

          • JanShe says:

            hush Samantha, just hush…

          • JanShe says:

            JoGo’s Mother is the one that JoGo ran to, after his Father yelled at him, at the Christening.
            (mommie’s little sucky boy)

            I think he believes that his Mother will always forgive him, and he takes advantage of her. Hence the reason for lying about what his own Father said to him.

            Why would JoGo let anyone talk about his Mother in that manner. Never mind the semantics, if it was implied, JoGo should have shut kathy down, ON THE SPOT. No if, ands, or buts, about it!

            I think the reason JoGo behaves this way, is because his Father, has never forgiven him for the alleged rape he was charged with. His Father is old school, and Joe brought shame to the family name.
            That is a very hard thing, for any Father to forgive.

            And that is another reason for Joe’s attack on Teresa, her Father respects her Husband more than he does his own son, and JoGo can’t stand it.

          • JanShe says:

            and that is another reason for “JoGo’s” attack on Teresa……..

          • Youdontkeepitreal says:


        • Harper says:

          Joey complained about using the parents as a deterrent for the drama he was perpetuating on T.V. Like Teresa always saying how upset her parents would be if they saw or heard this or that. They would be ashamed of his behavior.

          Also, If my brother got married today and the woman’s “boss” at a club she admittedly used to work at ,in whatever capacity, told me she used to dance too. I would be THE FIRST one to tell my parents.

          Granted, I don’t think it’s anything wrong with dancing to pay for school. She didn’t make a career out of it. She did it for a few months. Melissa’s vehement denial is what is making the situation worse. I’d respect her more of she owned it. It doesn’t make her any less of a person. As long as she wasn’t prostituting who gives a fck?! Hell, I’ve contemplated it a few times myself. Tuition is not cheap.

          • Samantha says:

            According to this story, Joey didn’t do anything to anybody except confront Teresa about the lies she’s been telling her father. And yes, in SPITE of the fact that Teresa’s constantly carrying on about how such-and-such would “KILL MY PARENTS!”

            I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a dancer, either. Unfortunately, that’s not what she said.

          • JanShe says:

            Sam, cut the semantics, a dancer, a stripper, a prostitute, a hooker, a whore.

            …WHO CARES… THE POINT HERE IS, ONCE AGAIN, WE SEE JOGO AND MEL THROWING HIS PARENTS UNDER THE BUS, we never see Mel throw her parents or family under the bus.

          • michers says:

            Hi Jan!!! I do not know about you, but I do not ever care to hear what the hell Stump says about his sister or stripper wife. People are close to being able to blow their bullshit and he is trying to discredit Teresa- Done. He is worthless and a sorry excuse for a son and brother. I have read your comments today- you go girl!!

          • Youdontkeepitreal says:


          • Samantha says:

            She doesn’t need his help for that — She already DOES look like an asshole on TV.

          • Samantha says:


        • jen says:

          OMFG SAMANTHA, like I said before who the f*ck cares if the b*tch was a stripper,who the f*ck cares if Teresa told her parents??!!?? She egg-mitted she worked there!!!!!! These 2 fools(THE WHORGA’S) will not let this story go because it keeps them important, they are not embarrassed by this at all. For god sake they were on TV for 2 seasons now practically dry humping each other with erections but this embarrasses them? If Teresa did repeat this to anyone she threw the to dogs a bone because now they have a reason to stay on the show. Teresa knew how desperate they were to join and knew Melissa “ROCK STAR” career was going nowhere and would not keep her interesting. They should count themselves lucky they have Teresa. 🙂

          • JanShe says:

            Even if Teresa threw these dogs a bone, it is time for Bravo to throw out, the trashy dogs.

            These mutts (JoGo and Mel) can go howl under the moon, like the rabid disgusting animals, that they are.

          • holy cannoli says:

            LOL @ jen!!

          • jen says:

            OOPS TWO dogs

          • michers says:

            Jen- so right! Never see any shame or embarrassment! Joe Gorga and his wife are little biatches who scream for attention constantly. They do not care how they get it or where it comes from. I have never seen Teresa be anything but loving and very respectful of her parents, Joe on the other hand , has been opposite of that along with his dancing, hooking, stripping, bar tending ass wife. He is a disgrace for a son when it comes to family. Props for keeping his wife and children living under a roof, but thats it!!! Teresa is even respectful toward Caroline’s and Kathy’s Mothers! Shame you will never see the same- shows what kind of ladies they are!

          • michers says:

            Correct me here if I am wrong, but this is hysterical and pathetic at the same time, but didn’t little Stumpy poo meet his wife AT LOOKERS??? So.. why are his little boxers curling up his crack with his sister? I mean, did he think word around town would be, Oh how cute, he picked her up in the gentlemen’s club- she is a keeper!! LMAO Of course everyone there whey they lived said things, especially to Teresa- its his sister and she is the only who gave a flying eff about her parents and her doofy dip shit brother!

          • Tina says:

            Teresa is too damn forgiving and sometimes respectful to a fault. I think she’s a great lady and the rest are garbage but I can’t stand watching her let them crap on her. I guess it’s just not her nature but IMO, I think her brother is violent and I think the mother and T are afraid of him!

        • crsa says:

          I’m not a rabid Teresa fan but I will say that she does have a certain charisma that the others on this show lack. ALL of these women are guilty of lying and twisting things around and just plain acting like fools. None of them are pillars of their communities and each of them other than Teresa most certainly do have skeletons (including their husbands) that are will come out. Teresa’s are already out in public so she is at this point in the power seat as she really has nothing to lose or try to protect.

          Anyway, getting off track. She did not tell her father Melissa was a stripper at Lookers. This is something he (they) have known/heard about/suspected for years and years. Joe Gorga IS lying in this instance. Why? Probably to come up with some plausible reason to pinpoint why he is mad at Teresa. The truth is the whole family is dysfunctional and there is no one reason for it. They family dynamics turned dark when Joe married Melissa.

        • NoraJ says:

          Samantha are you serious?.. How do you know for a fact that Teressa made such a statement?? Even if she did, so what?? Melissa and Joey have gone out Of their way to bash Teressa and belittle her in front of friends and strangers. Even if Teresa had made such a comment, it was to her father and not to the world. Joey and Melissa had no problems spreading malicious gossip about Teresa’s financial woes.
          Kathy claims to adhere to “old school respect”, does that not include respect your elders and not calling them liars on national television.
          How would she know it’s a lie when she so obviously has little contac with that side of the family??
          Once again this is a “let’s bash Teresa” party and divulge people’s attention from the rumor that I was allegedly a dancer.
          So what if you were. Own it!
          Teresa may not always be politically correct or diplomatic. She has her flaws, but she isn’t as malicious as her fame whoring brother, his wife, and attention seeking jealous cousin.

      • Jennifer says:

        Then why not call the father on the reunion? Teresa wanted to call. Joey didn’t. If Joey were telling the truth he would not mind backing it up.

        When Teresa said S3 reunion to Caroline she would get Dina here. Dina would come and she would back-up Teresa. We saw it in last weeks episode.

  45. Someone Who is Watching says:

    I don’t speak to my sister for this very reason she keeps telling lies about our mom & dad and to make matters worse she lies right to their faces! Tre would be better off NOT engaging with any of them even if it means leaving the show :(. It is really sad I know because I live it but there are only so many things a person should have to take.

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Wishing you love and healing…XOXO.

    • Kay says:

      Agreed. My Mam and I are far too alike, we bicker all the time BUT anyone else makes a single criticism of her, let alone called her a liar on national telly, and I will slap you in the face!

    • Say What?? says:

      Its funny how many families deal with the same issues. I dont speak to my sister for teh exact same reason. Told lies about my mother to her own family. Terrible lies. Its too the point where i dont care if i ever see her again. Sad but its part of life.

      • T says:

        It is sad @ Say What but I really don’t get along great with my SIL. Unfortunately she reminds me

        • T says:

          of Mel. She has started a lot of drama in our family. She’s a liar & manipulator. She’s rude to my parents. She’s so fake. I always say (sorry for being vulgar) she must have a magical vagina cuz my bro has changed so much. My point about all this is…I would tell my parents if I thought my SIL was a stripper. So what if T did or didn’t say it. I believe it’s true.

          • JanShe says:


            MAGICAL VAGINA, that is a good one, and oh so right on point. Some men are blinded by these types of females.

            Your Brother will realize it in due time, some men just take a little longer, to realize, and see the truth.


          • moonshine says:

            OMG!!!Do we share the same sister in law?

          • Seven says:

            Exactly. Joe Gorga is a liar and uses his parents, talking about them to try and manipulate the audience. But, someone has to tell them about Mel because everyone else in the world knows, and gee, it’s on TV, they’re going to find out. It’s crazy the way he tries to twist everything and constantly put Teresa on the defensive. Joey could have given them a head’s up but he’s too busy selling their house out from under them and worrying about Teresa’s garage.

          • Say What?? says:

            Joe Gorga does more than use and lie on his parents. Word on the curb is the elder Gorgas co-signed for him using their own home as collateral… Then had to sell their home.. thats why the elders are renters and Joey Is paying. Why should Teresa have to clean up Joeys financial mess.. she has her own. Then Joe built the Garage which was also an apartment on the down low.. for the gorgas to live in. Joe Gorga turned them in for it. Not saying Giudice should have been building an apartment without proper permits but he wouldnt have needed to had Joey Gorga not stolen his own parents home to begin with!

  46. Jersey Chicklet says:

    ROXANNE, thank you for getting these exclusives, we appreciate having the inside scoop and not having to wait and guess what really went down…again, thank you. 🙂

  47. Honnie Badger says:

    Truth is, anyone can “sing” “On Display,” because it is not melodic and does not require any real singing ability, no high or low notes, etc. And if Melissa cannot sing on command a “song” she supposedly recorded and had to practice, this shows clearly and compellingly that she is absolutely not a singer.

    • Someone Who is Watching says:

      this, us smart ones already knew….. ;)! LOL

    • Say What?? says:

      Yes but Honnie, YOU KNOW Melissa just lost her voice, couldnt talk or sing for days while drinking tea with lemon. haha 😉

      • MissVIgyal says:

        OMG she is not a singer. your so right but if you go on Mels FB page you would swear she was Mariah Carey. It makes me sick

      • Erin says:

        It’s okay we all remember the horrid version of Amazing Grace she sang. “…that saved a WENCH” like meeeeeeeee!!!!!! Oh Melissa, you said it.

        • Tina says:

          Melissa can’t sing. When the talentless twit “sang” Amazing Grace, she was on 2 different keys. If she can’t sing a few lines without staying on key, she’s worse than your average person that sings in the shower. She can’t dance either.

    • Kay says:

      Melissa may not be a singer but she is delusional! Look love, you’re a 30-something wife & mother of 3… keep your clothes on and stop dancing like you’re still in your teens.

      I am a decade or so younger than Melissa and I wouldn’t prance around half naked, shaking everything I’ve got pretending I can sing. I wouldn’t embarrass my daughters like that! I don’t agree with much Caroline says but saying she doesn’t dance on tables, she’s someone’s mother… well, she did have a point.

      • LifeIsGood says:

        To make matters worse, she is spending a lot of money on this delusion.

        • IRiSHMaFIA says:

          Too bloody right. Lady Muck has spent more of Joe’s money to make her record than she’s ever gonna earn. Bloody chavs the lot of em.

      • Tee says:

        I am a 30 year old mother of 3 and although my body isnt as great of shape as Melissa’s its still pretty nice and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing half the shit she’s doing. Now, I do say that as 30something year old women w/multiple children we should love our bodies and be comfortable in them but damn, there is a line that has to be drawn at some point! You can be sexy w/o being trashy!

      • Honnie Badger says:

        I know she can’t sing, but Melissa is absolutely in hot shape. I definitely give her that: gorgeous bod, hair and face (prior to recent enhancements she didn’t need).

        Listen, if I, at age 46 and in pretty decent shape still prance around naked more spontaneously and with sexual confidence for my man, means that I don’t have to be “perfect” — but means I still have the mojo, passion, and insouciance — which equals “sexy.

        So — Ms. Kay — SO DO YOU! Yes, you are a mommy, but you are still one hell of a woman, and don’t let mommyhood make you forget it! 🙂

        I submit this post to you with love .. XOXO

        • Kay says:

          Yes, I agree with you. I have NO PROBLEM if Melissa was shaking everything she’s got in the privacy of her own home, for Joe’s benefit or even while she’s alone for fun but she isn’t doing that. She thinks she’s some kind of superstar and it’s just all rather tacky and desperate.

    • moonshine says:

      I can still sing songs the nun taught us for glee club in high school. That was over 30 years ago. If Mel can’t sing a song that is supposed to make her a star, that’s sad.

    • MackieDean says:

      I dont agree. Not just anyone could sing that song nor could they perform the accompanying dance steps. Like it or not Melissa does have some ability.
      Xoxo MackieDean

  48. nicco says:

    I love Theresa!!! <3

    • JanShe says:

      Me too, have you seen the photos, that Tre posted on her twitter @Teresa_Giudice, the last couple of days?
      She looks better than ever!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      • JanShe says:

        Here is one with Teresa’s friend Dana, and from MobWives, Drita and Carla.
        They attended a dinner with the TRUMPS.
        Eric Trump Foundation dinner for St Judes, last night.

  49. Jersey Chicklet says:

    So JOE GORGA made up the LIE about Teresa telling their father that Melissa was a stripper.

    How does the LITTLE CRETIN live with himself…he sold out his own father & sister. Wow….what a wretched little man he is.

    • Say What?? says:

      Then Kathy called Ts mom a LIAR this is joey gorgas mother too! He should have been enraged as well. Teresa doesnt bring up anyone elses parents. Really hope Teresa spilled on all of them!

      Have you all seen the picture of the production crew in DC from when they filmed the last episode with the Wakilies? Some of teh CREW were wearing BLK shirts! By the picture you can tell they were all CLOSE! Such garbage, glad they were all FIRED!

      • Jersey Chicklet says:

        No, I hadn’t seen the DC scenes…I have a fierce command relationship with my remote…Fakiles = FAST FORWARD! I NEVER WATCH THEM..

        And good point about Joe Gorga not being outraged with Kathy Fakile for calling his Mamma a liar! What a CRUSTY TOAD of a son he is!

        • JanieG says:

          He is so obsessed with bringing down his sister who “needs to fall”….he fails to defend his mother to his cousin. He is incapable w/ his lower intelligence of seeing what this is all doing to his parents and how he has probably lost their respect as a man. You can love your child dearly but not respect them when they are behaving badly. He and his wife and really screwing up and eventually truth always comes out. I have never seen Teresa butt into anyone’s family/children issues even though she is unfiltered and speaks before she thinks things out — Caroline and the rest are constantly on the attack.

        • Someone Who is Watching says:

          LOL I do this through Caroclown and her cronies!

      • holy cannoli says:

        If this is true @Say What, you are right about that!! If Kathy called Teresa mother a liar, Joey should be furious also!

        I did hear Teresa say on WWHL about talking to her father and him saying he never said whatever her brother said he said. I didn’t know what was what at the time she was talking about, but damn what a P.O.S. Joey is!!

        No, I didn’t see the picture of the crew in DC.. Huh wearing Blk water shirts?? Nice!

        I do remember reading tweets from the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorga, and Walikes during the season and last fall and during the holidays about them hanging out with production going to dinner/ drinks, socializing..

        • Say What?? says:

          I found the photo on a private forum so i cant link it. But it was linked taken from Kathy wakilie twitter. Dont know if she posted it when it was filmed or if she posted it sunday when the show was airing. I have the picture just not sure where to upload it so everyone can see it.

        • reddvette says:

          They were always hanging out, going to clubs, out to dinner and parties with the producers and crew. They were to personal with subjects of the show. Caroline and crew missed that up.

        • hoolie says:

          Holy- Joe should have been DOUBLE TROUBLE enranged.
          The FIRST time Froggy was speaking ill about Mrs. Gorga, basically calling her ‘underhanded’ on camera, we found out about that FROM MELISSA ON THE RV TRIP.
          Now I’m sure Melissa mentioned that to him, since ya know, husbands and wives tell each other everything (per the whole ‘my sister says your a gold digger)…..
          Those husbands were backstage per all the twitter pictures….
          HE HEARD Froggy for a SECOND TIME speak ill of his mother ON CAMERA …………
          Excuse my french here ladies, but he is a muthaflockin dick-hole PUSSY.
          That is HIS MOTHER- like someone else in this thread (???) wrote, even his father noted during the Christening that he ‘runs to his momma’- so where was he to defend her??????????
          I’m sorry, this pisses me off beyond….brother/sister fighting- not right but I can ‘excuse’ that WELL BEFORE a grown man allowing someone to talk shit about their Momz- COUSIN OR NOT.

          Ok-once again, thanks for allowing me to vent

          • AsmI says:

            Joego has lost his bloody mind. I really believe those witches ( Mego and her sisters) have done something to him. To annihilate your dad, mom and sister like that is something unheard of in a family, for fame and money. What kind of spell does that whore have over him. Was he that hard up?
            I never liked T, nor Caro but ever since the snake joined the show, I have empathy for T. Yes MeWhore, u r a snake. Whatcha gonna do joeGo! Oops better ask the twisted sisters!

      • Rebecca says:

        Joe Gorga may have not been present for when Kathy called Teresa (and his) mom a liar

        • JanShe says:

          Fat chance, he was sitting at a table with Chris Laurita and dickie rickie, one step up, overlooking the women. Photos are on twitter.

          He is a disgusting, rabid, rapist pig!!!
          And a piss poor excuse of a man.

          • Rebecca says:

            really? Thats messed up then! Do you have links to these pictures? I’d totally like to see them

          • JanShe says:

            A couple of different sites have photos of the set, prior to the taping.
            You are going to have to look around, check out the cast’s twitters as well. If I come across them again I’ll come back and let you know where to look.

          • JanShe says:

            This is a pic of the set before they started taping.

            Go on and go down until Sept 7th – “Guess where we are, Good Luck @BravoAndy! #RHONJ #itshappening.instagram”

            Click on “view photo” to see the set, the table where the men were is seen behind the set.
            There are a couple of more photo’s out there, I can’t remember where I saw them. There is a photo of Teresa and Joe Giudice posing with their backs to one of the the couches. You can see the makeup people working on Caro in the background.

          • Rebecca says:


      • reddvette says:

        They deserved to lose they jobs or rather be transferred, they knew not to get personal with the caste.

      • Erin says:

        @SAYWHAT what do you mean they were fired? Did I miss something?

        • Say What?? says:

          The production crew that filmed season 3 and 4 were FIRED for being too close to the cast. There will be a new producer, camera team etc for next season.

      • s says:

        How do you know they were fired?

    • michers says:

      So that means, that JoeGo also told Jac and Caro that little story and got them all wound up about fashion show!! Nice Gorga.. Stumpy piece of –it!

    • Obvious says:

      That’s Kathy’s aunt too, but what do you expect? She’s not going o have respect for her aunt when she can’t have respect to her own cousin with love nd loyalty. That cast (other than Teresa) is disgusting.

    • Mego the Lying Stripper says:

      Oh, his mother, too.

    • Joanna says:

      I used to think it was all trashy Melissa, but Joe Gorga deserves her. What a smudge they have put on this nice Italian family. How awful for the parents. It’s disgraceful and disgusting. I hope they lose everything and come down off their throwns and egos down to reality. They should beg Teresa for forgiveness for the rotten things they have said and done. I feel bad for their children. And the Manzo’s, what a miserable bunch of sour faced, envious shit starters they are. Gorgas/Wakiles/Manzos all deserve each other.

  50. MissVIgyal says:

    Omg can’t wait can we just skip the finale?

    • JanShe says:

      This info confirms my suspicions re the reunion.
      Another bash Teresa event, this infuriates me.

      That little weasel JoGo and his skank of a wife, deserve everything that is coming to them.

      I don’t know how Teresa has been able to restrain herself. Not only did her own brother lie, but her cousin kathy called Teresa’s Mom a liar. WHO DOES THAT?

      Teresa needs to rid these pieces of crap from her life, enough already. I think it is past time to let her Father know what is happening. Teresa said that her Father doesn’t watch the show, but her Mother does. They have kept him in the dark regarding everything that Teresa has had to endure. I think Teresa’s Mother needs to stop protecting JoGo, and start holding him responsible for his actions. (I remember at the Christening, when his Father yelled at him, and watched him go to his Mother for sympathy, and his Dad said “GO, run to your Mommie”).

      It is time for Teresa to disown her Brother and her cousin. It is not an easy thing to do, however she must do it. She hasn’t seen or talked to him in over a year. She has to wait for him to MAN UP, and admit his fault in all of this, and for him to stop his wife’s scheming.

      IMO, viewers are not going to continue watching this bash Teresa storyline. It is too depressing to watch. Television is supposed to be an escape from reality, not a forum for bulling. Bravo needs to bring the fun back to this franchise. There better be a major shake up before season 5 airs, or Bravo will lose viewers. I stopped watching midway through season 3, I watch it on-line after a friend of mine downloads and sends it to me.

      • michers says:

        JanShe, I am with you. This is such BS. I think that even the Tre haters may agree, I said MAY agree that enough is enough. No one wants to to say its all about Teresa, not theTeresa show, but sadly it is. The reunions are even tougher to get through because some of us realize that no matter how strong Teresa can be, she still has feelings. This is real drama, sadness, anger and hurt for her and she has it coming from all directions. The others, I am sure, get together to figure out their plan of attack and who will say what. And no, Tre haters, it is not because SHE alone has done everything wrong and she is the only problem! For Kathy to mention Teresa’s Mother that way by far, has to be the lowest I have heard about her. How dare she( if this is true). I wonder if Bravo is working on editing that out? JoeGo is a piece of crap and we have seen where his morals lie…

        • Erin says:

          I think everyone who is sick of the TRE bash fest shouldn’t watch the finale. If you REALLY want to watch it, watch it on demand later. That way it won’t count in the ratings.

          At times I’ve been unable to watch this season. The ganging up on T is getting out of hand. I would love to see some of that reversed for once. I’m only watching next season if they have some of T’s friends (like that Peggy person) who know the other side of Melissa. Otherwise, what’s the point? We’re just watching the same show over and over, week after week.

          • Terry says:

            Where is it on demand. I get the real housewives of NY and Beverly Hills etc but not NJ. Am I looking in the wrong place

          • Erin says:

            @Terry you can find it online on demand, but i think it costs a dollar or two per episode. The other option if you dont get RHONJ on demand in your cable provider menu, is DVR. And if that fails, in true Bravo style they’ll replay it probably 50 times over the next few days after the original episode airs.

          • renee says:

            I agree, if you really want to show bravo your displeasure of how they are doing this show do not watch the reunions. Wait until roxy or some other source reports on it , watch clips, and then wait a few days and go on line to see it! People will post play by play of it so you won’t miss out on what happened. If everyone did this for the first night can you imagine how bravo would freak out over ratings? I am sure people will watch but if enough keep that channel off for one night of airing and maybe both nights bravo would stop doing this shit!

        • Tina says:

          I agree, I stopped watching. I did miss a lot but I caught up on line etc. IMO, Kathy is so evil, I almost think she might be behind the guy who claims Mel worked for him as a “dancer” just so T would get blamed for it. I hope they dump her. I’m also wondering why and how Mel’s punishment for speaking to Danielle was just a “slap on the wrist” when she should have had her lights put out. How did that happen? I can’t see Bravo doing another season like this one. Who would watch? I’ve read comments from many non-Ter fans saying they’re sick of this bully fest. FYI, I have a cousin who works in a small food store that just stocked BLK. It’s doing ok there, nothing spectacula. It’s not selling in the surrounding supermarkets. C also told my cuz that we will see how evil T is on the last 2 episodes.

          • Tina says:


          • Samantha says:

            Here is a partial list of the people Tree’s Trolls have tried to blame in advance for Teresa’s actions at the upcoming fashion show:

            Caroline, Jacqueline, Lauren, last year’s production crew (who have all since been fired for being “too friendly” with the Manzos 🙂 ), Melissa herself, and now Kathy.

            Oh, and someone actually tried to blame Joey but that went nowhere real quick.

            I don’t have the details on EVERYTHING Teresa did yet, but it must be REALLY, REALLY BAD!

            I CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

        • Jennifer says:

          I am with you as well. It is disgusting. Joe and Melissa Gorga are liars.

        • worldgirl says:

          I don’t actually hate her contrary to how my postings read but I don’t feel for her either. I do think its sad this entire family has been torn apart by a tv show. They all need to get off tv, get off this show, and fix their lives. Once this show is done, they’ll still be a family.

        • jeanie says:

          And, Teresa’s Mom is Kathy’s AUNT – holy crap. Isn’t she “old school and all about respect”? Respect, my ass! Teresa needs to rid herself of these toxic people immediately.

      • Someone Who is Watching says:

        I totally agree 100% and I’ve said this before and I will say it again.

        The fast way to get BRAVO to respond to us is not just to quit watching but by sending an e-mail to EVERY advertiser that runs commercials during the show expressing your displeasure in their supporting a show that has a total disregard for family and promotes bullying.

        Believe me BRAVO will take note then and only then.
        I have already sent a few of these e-mails off and you would be surprised at how fast I got a reply from these companies expressing gratitude for bringing this to their attention.

        • Maggs says:

          do you have a list and a sample letter we can use?

          • Someone Who is Watching says:

            Ionly have a couple minutes today and tomorrow (I am re-doing my house) yes I do and I will post it here and on a couple of other spots so watch for it.

        • hoolie says:

          Here you go, kick it up a notch and make sure you CC Bravo….and then if the advertiser doesn’t keep Bravo in cc on their response, forward the advertisers response to bravo…..
          You start blowing up bravo’s emails with that, you WILL catch someone’s attention…. but there would need to in excess of 500 letters or so….a few dozen here or there won’t make the difference.

      • Kelly says:

        I am curious if Rox knows how Andy treated Tre. I hope he was good to her.

        • Tina says:

          I was wondering the same thing about Andy. He didn’t stop them the last time, I hope he learned his lesson!

      • Buck Henry says:

        Joe Gorga is lying and I know it. Because for his sister to go out and try to get the father on the phone tells me that she knows that she never told him she was a stripper. And for Kathy to be saying that Teresa mother had lied is BS. Kathy is a snake in the grass and Teresa knew that for years. And it had to do with her husband Richie who wanted Teresa all the time over bug eyed Kathy.

        • hoolie says:

          Wonder if that’s how MAndy got bronzer glitter all over his coat… from holding her back from kicking SloJo’s ass, cause if it were me, I would have flown out of that seat with fists rarin’ to go……………….

      • IRiSHMaFIA says:

        Bloody bunch of eejits! I’m sick to think Teresa has to face this blarney at the bloody reunion. I’m gonna need a lot of bevvies to watch it. Manzo’s Gorga’s and Walkilies are all BOLLOCKS!!

      • s says:


        Television is supposed to be an escape from reality, not a forum for bulling. Bravo needs to bring the fun back to this franchise.

      • BrendaG says:

        “Not only did her own brother lie, but her cousin kathy called Teresa’s Mom a liar. WHO DOES THAT?”

        Who does that? Well Teresa, for one, does that. She’s called Kathy’s mom a liar on more than one occasion. It’s in her blogs!

      • LJ says:

        Are you people really that stupid to believe Teresa is that innocent. OMG, get a life people!

        • Jamie says:

          I So Agree!

        • NoraJ says:

          And are you Naieve and ignorant enough to believe the Gogas, Manzos, Wakiles and Lauritas lies??
          It’s a blatant witch hunt and it’s getting old. They’re obviously creating all the drama to stay on the show and remain relevant.
          How could they expect Teressa to discuss her financial and marital problems on camera?? ( hello Jaq, I’m talking to you! ). Did Jaq discuss her husband’s financial woes and rumored extra marital affair on camera?? How about Caroline and her husband being fired from the N.J. Water board commission ?? What a double standard!
          They are all so quick to point the finger at Teressa and yet they don’t look in their own back yards.
          Shame on you Bravo for condoning all the bullying.
          I’ll pass on the reunion.

        • princessa says:

          Yes, LJ, I do think that people are stupid, but not quite as “stooopid” as Teresa. I think that both Andy as well as Bravo are brilliant in their tretment of her. It promotes watching. People are amused, take sides, discuss episodes and are generally amazed at these people. Nevertheless, this Teresa Guidice has to be the mosst ignorant person to ever come down the pike. But I will keep on watching, as millions of others do, because it does amuse me.

      • lola says:

        I agree complety with u..bravo need s to get it together,

    • Andrea from alabama says:

      Teresa is smarter and bitter than I thought. That bitch is officially my favorite again after hearing how she made Melissa sing. I swear I almost pissed myself. All I know is it better not end up on the cutter room floor.

    • mari says:

      Melissa and joey are just desperate to excuse their crappy behavior and make teresa and her family the bad guys. It also gives them an excuse to not see teresa and her family so they can remaon relevant for the show. Both melissa and joey have no conscience.

      • Say What?? says:

        Check out Carolines Blog about the REUNION!…. its from season 2 reunion but could have been applied to this entire season. Caroline obs goes after ppl the same exact way.. same words.. same war tactics. TELLING!

        Hello again! 16 episodes have come and gone, and you’re still with us! For that I’m sending each and every one of you a huge hug! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

        I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’m really not interested in going over the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of the reunion. I think it’s all been said before.

        I want to address my behavior and how I felt throughout the filming process, and then I’m going to pack up my Season 2 feelings and memories and put them on a shelf where they belong.

        Week after week I watched someone accuse me of bullying, physical threats, stalking, defamation, and God knows what else. Week after week I watched that very same person do the EXACT thing she was accusing ME of to ME, MY HUSBAND, AND CHILDREN.

        The reunion was my time to clear the air. It was my time to call her out on everything she’d said and done. I was at times rude, immature, and overbearing. When the “apology” came along I knew it was fake and empty. If I thought for a moment, a millisecond, that there was any sincerity in it I would have accepted it. To accept her apology would have made me a hypocrite. I meant what I said when I told Jacqueline and Teresa that I hope they can step away from all the drama. That’s all I ever wanted. For those of you who believe I was angry at J. and T. for hugging her, you have it all wrong. I get why they hugged her — they wanted to end it. Good for them. I handle things differently. I wanted it to end too, but not on a lie. I’ve said it time and again; at the end of the day all you have is your name and reputation. I’ve been able to keep a pretty good handle on it for 49 years. I’m not about to give it up for “15 minutes” of fame. Whatever I do or say will always be on my terms and no one else’s. So if you think I’m a bitch, so be it. If you think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, thank you. At least I can honestly say I am what I am.

        Hope to see you next year….


        • cammierari says:

          so in other words, it ain’t over til CAROLINE says it’s over! And unless you’re willing to kiss her ass, it will never be over! And Teresa isn’t going to kiss her ass. She apologized and has moved forward, continuing to be NICE to Caroline, no matter how RUDE Caroline was to her. I’m sure Teresa is more than ready for Caroline to un-friend her!

          Very interesting to see that Caroline has a pattern…

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