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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Interview With Kyle Richards! Kyle Talks New Store, Castmates, Rumors, And Says Her Heart Goes Out To Teresa Giudice!

It was Fashions Night Out on Thursday and RHOBH star Kyle Richards was
hosting an evening at her new Beverly Hills boutique, Kyle by Alene
Too. I knew I had to attend the event and Kyle was kind enough to take
some time to do an interview exclusively for AllAboutTRH! Kyle talks castmates, about her new store, Adrienne and Paul Nassif’s divorce, Lipo rumors, and even says her heart goes out to RHONJ star Teresa Giudice!

I walked into Kyle’s store which was absolutely stunning. Faye Reznick
(remember the whole “morally corrupt Faye Reznick” drama?!), designed
the store and let me just say that she is very talented! I noticed
Kyle mingling with guests and sipping on a cocktail when I walked in
and she introduced herself and asked me to go to the front of the
store so we could communicate better without the sound of the DJ’s
music getting in the way. Right off the bat, Kyle was beyond endearing
and extremely personable. She makes her store’s guests feel very
welcome and you just feel like you’re having a casual chat with a
gorgeous, normal woman who just so happens to be on a TV show that we
love to watch!

During our chat, I learned that Kyle is just as funny and sassy as she
appears on the show. She was always laughing and joking, and made sure
to wave hi and bye to guests as they came in and out of her store. She
posed for photos with everyone who asked and greeted everyone
personally. Kyle was very spirited and she seems to be in a very happy
place in her life!

Kyle and I discussed her new store, all of the projects keeping her
busy these days, the upcoming season of RHOBH, as well as her
relationships with family and cast mates. Kyle was open to discussing
everything and she even dished on which other Housewives series has
suckered her in lately. We also addressed the full body lipo rumors,
and if a son is something she is getting ready to work towards with
hubby Mauricio!

AllAboutTRH: Congratulations on your new store! How is it having your own boutique in the heart of Beverly Hills?
Kyle Richards: I am having so much fun with it. I’m so proud of it. We really did get
it done in record time. Faye Reznick who appears on the Housewives,
she’s the designer of the store and nobody could believe it. We wanted
it to be very glamorous, yet comfortable because people, they come and
they hang out in here. You know, my friends come in and we hang out in
here that’s why we have the sitting area, and my kids hang out in here
and it’s been our summer hang-out. We just love it. My kids are not
impressed with the show, they’re not impressed with pretty much
anything I do, but they think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever

What can you tell us about the event you’re hosting tonight for
Fashions Night Out?
It’s always been that New York is the fashion capital of the United
States, and they’re always having all the fun, so we decided that LA
needed to join in on the fun. I think it’s fun to have everybody out
here. I love fashion, I always have, and especially having my own
store now, it’s great that all of LA is out celebrating and having
fun. We’ve got the music going and having a party, celebrating fun and

What was the hardest part of opening a store in one of the world’s
most famous shopping locations?
Beverly Hills is my home. I’m actually born and raised here – one of
the few natives, so I wasn’t intimidated. I know people think of
Beverly Hills as this big fancy town, but to me it’s a really small
community. I go into a little store and people know me since I’m a
little girl, and they’ve seen me in all my pregnancies and know my
children, so everybody was really excited and there was a lot of buzz
about my store opening so they welcomed me with open arms.

Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Villa Blanca is down the street from you!
How has it been having her as a neighbor?
It’s so funny because I originally never intended to be here next to
Lisa, but it just ended up happening and she likes to tease me and say
‘Hey get off my patch!’ so now I’m always eating at Villa Blanca for
lunch or dinner and a lot of people are shopping at the store, then go
have lunch at the restaurant. A lot of Housewives fans come into the
restaurant and the store. It’s funny because they’re like ‘Oh, I got
to see two of you in one day!’

A lot of viewers felt that you helped gang up on her on the season 2
reunion. What do you have to say about that?
You know it’s so hard when you’re doing a show like this because
you’re not in control of what makes it to air, so they [the viewers] don’t always get to see what the back story is. They just see the
outcome and that puts you at a disadvantage. The viewers are like
‘Hey!’ and they only saw a reaction to something that happened
off-screen. So that’s hard and throughout the season we’ll be happy
and then the girls will say something and we’ll go ‘well, why did you
say that?’ and we’ll get mad at each other again. But compared to the
other franchises I think our cast really does get along for the most
part and care about each other, and have each other’s backs, but we do
have our moments. Lisa and I have had ours, but I adore her and I
think she’s beautiful and funny and I love being around her, but we’ve
had our moments and If you’re going to do a show like this you’ve got
to be honest and that’s what I was feeling at the moment.

Viewers have noted your great sense of style on the show. You have a
store now, but is your own line of accessories, clothing, or dresses
something that might be in the cards for you later down the road?
Eventually I do want to do something like that but right now with my
four kids, and the show, and my store, I have my hands full. But I do
want to do something like that and carry it at my store. I love
designing stuff so it would be fun, but I’m also acting too. I just
did CSI yesterday so we’ve been shooting a guest spot on CSI and it’s
been back to the Lifetime movies too. I sold a sitcom, I’m not allowed
to say what network, but I did sell a pilot to a network. I have a lot
of balls in the air right now so I need to put one or two down maybe.

Is scripted TV or film something that you’re trying to get back to on
a regular basis?
It’s something that I’ve always loved. I’ve been doing that since I
was a little girl, and I can tell you it’s a hell of a lot easier than
reality television, let me tell you. I can go and say what I’ve been
told to say from the script and leave my character at home at the end
of the day, where doing a reality show you’re putting your life out
there and you have, literally, millions of people watching and
weighing in on your relationships with your friends and your family.
It’s hard when they don’t know the whole story or even if they do know
the whole story, your whole life’s out there. It’s hard, so acting is
fun. Play a character, put on a costume, then you go home and be

I have to comment on your hair. How does it always look so amazing?
With hair it’s always “less is more”. With young girls these days,
they do way too much to their hair. They’re flat ironing it, they’re
curling it, they’re blowing it out too much, they’re coloring it. All
of that stuff dries out your hair so I try to do as little of it as
possible and that’s why my hair is so healthy, but I do take a hair
vitamin so that’s really important too.

RHOBH is coming back later this year! What can you share with us about
the upcoming season?
Let me tell you something, I think that as far as reality shows go, we
really do have a good reality show because everything has been so
real. We’ve had so many problems, too real at times, but I think
that’s what makes our show stand out and this season is no different
and it will not disappoint. It definitely will not.

How is your friendship with Brandi Glanville right now?
We’re actually…we’re good. Yeah. We are. Anything’s better than last
year! Things are much better now.

We saw you go through a rough patch with your sister Kim last season.
How are the two of you doing these days?
Kim and I are good. She is strong right now, she’s in a really good
place and that affects our relationship too. So we’re in a really good
place. We’re good. She’s actually not here tonight because she’s in
New York with my other sister.

Sadly, Adrienne and Paul are going through a divorce. How do you feel
about that, and have the other ladies been supportive of her through
this rough time?
I don’t know if she’s talked to the other girls, but I just feel sad.
I really care about both Paul and Adrienne and I love them as a
couple, so it’s sad for them, it’s sad for their children, and me
being selfish I’m like ‘wait, you’re our friends, don’t do that.’
Mauricio and I love to spend time with both of them so it’s sad. It’s
disappointing, but what can you do? They’re both very good people and
I think hopefully they will handle this in a mature, sensible manner
for their children’s sake. They’re both kind, decent people.

What do you have to say about the new faces we’ll see on the new season?
You’ll have to watch happens. Isn’t that what Bravo says? Watch what happens.

Do you watch any of the other Housewives series? Do you have a favorite?
I do. I love them! I do. I love Orange County. I love New Jersey. I
love watching Atlanta. I have to say I love all of them. To me, to be
a fly on the wall and watch these other people’s lives is interesting
to me and I was totally sucked into New Jersey with the whole thing
that just went down. I felt so bad for Teresa. I really felt sad
looking at that. I know she had her problems, and I’ve met all of them
and like all of them, so I have a different take on it especially
doing what I do. I’ll see something and think ‘Oh my god! Well, you
never know…’ But I just felt bad. My heart really did go out to her. I
kind of relate to her because she’s got her four daughters like me.
She seems to really love her husband and I wish them the best.

You recently tweeted a photo from Greece and your body looks fabulous!
Is there any truth to the full body lipo rumors?
Do you want me to tell you something? I’ve lost 11 pounds since season
one. There was a big story saying full body lipo, 20 pounds. It was
not. It was 11 pounds and I’m still not as thin as I was on season one
even. But that picture I laughed at because it was a decent picture,
I’m not going to lie, but if I would’ve turned one inch to the left or
right it would’ve been a whole other story! Us girls, we know our good
angles. That was just two weeks ago, and you can see I’m definitely
not a twig. I’ve always battled my weight. With some people it’s their
skin, or whatever their issue is. Mine’s always been my weight. I’ve
had four kids and I go up and down all the time. One week I’ll be
looking pretty decent and the next week it’s like ‘Who is this?
Ohhh…that’s Kyle’s distant cousin!’ When I see that, it’s like, was I
that big people thought I needed that? My weight fluctuates but what
was I supposed to do, my arms and my ankles? Reading that, I’m just
like ‘whatever’ and people print that I had full-body, head to toe,
like it’s a fact and I’m just like, whatever, I can’t even deal with
that. There’s some stories out there that are full lies, and some that
are partial truth. What can you do?

We know you have four daughters. Does your husband ever tell you he
would like a son?
He never wanted a boy. He never cared to have a boy and you’d think
being from Mexico, that he would be dying for a son. It was actually
me who wanted a son because I had never had brothers; my parents were
divorced since I was two, so I never had a man in the house. Every
time a boy was around I was very shy and curious in front of boys.
Thank god I’ve been married more than half my life now. I was always
curious about having a son, but those are not the cards that God dealt
me, so I really think that it’s probably for the best because if I had
a son God knows that poor child would be in heels or I don’t know
what. And that would be fine too, by the way! My husband’s totally
fine with that. I think he likes being the only man in the house. I
think he feels like a king with all these girls making a big fuzz over

Are there any more projects that your fans could look forward to in
the near future?
Let’s see, I am a wife and have four children – my number one job.
I’ve got the show. I’m doing my acting. I just sold a pilot, and I’ve
got my store – what else can I do? I’m a slacker, I’m telling you! I
am going to be doing another book, but I’d like to do a children’s
book. I lay in bed with my kids and we tell stories and it’s a
competition of who can tell the best one and I do good stories. So I
would like to do a fun kids book.

Kyle really wanted to let her fans know she loves to interact and
laugh with them all day on Twitter and that she appreciates the
support from all of them. I would like to thank Kyle for taking the
time to chat with me during her event and doing this interview for
AllAboutTRH. We wish Kyle a lot of success with her store Kyle by
Alene Too, and we can’t wait to see the new season of RHOBH on Bravo
when it premieres later this year! Thoughts on what Kyle had to say?!

By: Jose Hernandez

Kyle Richards With AllAboutTRH Contributor Jose Hernandez 

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Roxanne Jajo created All About The Real Housewives in November, 2011, to keep fans up to date with all their Real Housewives news. Roxanne resides in Detroit, Michigan and works full time as a recruiter in the HR department at Quicken Loans. In December 2014, Roxanne came out with her first fictional novel, ‘Shattered Depiction. Roxanne works on the website on a daily basis in order to bring fans of the show the most exciting and captivating stories of all of their favorite (and not so favorite) reality TV stars. Roxanne is very thankful to all the readers and commenters who have continued to support the website.

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  • Let’s get some things straight about Kyle. She trapped both of her husbands into marrying her by getting pregnant. Mauricio is a swarmy sleazebag who only married her because of her connections to the Hiltons, who own a Real Estate Business. Mauricio is a money grubbing, unethical wimp who pants after wealthy people for potential real estate commissions. Kyle and Mauricio basically stole a house from Kim. Kyle forced her sister to appear on RHOBH to expose Kim’s substance abuse problem, which proved Kyle is truly sadistic. She is an attention-seeking, loud mouthed, uneducated, no-talent misshapen narcissist Everyone LOATHES her and her shady, husband. A funny sidenote…Kyle and Mauricio have matching nose jobs!!! Idiots. I truly hope Bravo gets rid of Kyle once and for all.

    • Yippeee!! So glad you called those asshats out!! I knew it!!! I knew they were a farce! Looks like great minds think alike my dear! xoxoxoxx

    • Rather not say? Jesus. People like you scare me. You re way too involved & vindictive for a tv watcher. Evil! Thanks for being an example of someone I never was to be like… I feel so much better about myself after reading your tirade. It’s amazing that people care this much about people they watch on tv. Holy geez.

  • dose enybody remeber when they did the tv special on Paris Hilton a few years ago Kyle appeard on that to let us all know Paris dident know she was being filmed i knew then she was lying and i cant belive anything that comes out of that mouth if youve seen the vidio SHE KNEW . when Brandy wanted a BJ lesson Kyle should have sent her the vid her familys famous for it .wonder what her girls will do when they grow up ???

  • Hey I am so glad I found your blog page, I really found you by mistake, while I was
    researching on Digg for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like
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    it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it and also added
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    great work.

  • Kyle is the best, most normal and shows that you dont have to pick sides. It is possible tog be friends with all of them, cant be easy but she does it good.

  • I have always liked Kyle but common on guys. She is a business woman just like the others. The smart ones know how to play it. Next to Bethanny, Tre is the most succesful. Last season Kyle put her money on Adrianne. This season she will be kissing Lisa’s ass to make up for her lost fan base. This blog is full of Teresa’s fans. You dont think she would do her homework before doing an interview to fix her image in preparation for the new season? Come on.

    • Kyle is very successful and does not need to “play” anything…She def. does not need to kiss Lisa’s behind for anything..And, she doesn’t pay for bloggers like some of the other housewives.

  • I really do like Kyle – when she doesn’t fight with Kim, Lisa or Brandi. She is a great TV Mom!

    Question – does Kyle feel badly for Teresa because of the situation they were implying regarding her marriage or because she is being ganged up on? or both? Which episode was Kyle referring to? Because one episode is all about ‘the phone call’ and one was about Caro’s tirade.

  • She is such a liar. Lisa said the show isn’t edited that much and said herself that the reunion was accurate. The ‘go to excuse’ for those painted in a bad way is always ‘its edited’. What a load of crock. She was caught out with Adrienne ganging up on Lisa and being mean to her so she worms her way out with that oldest trick in the franchise schtick. Lisa said that part wasn’t edited. I believe her.

    • If you really believe that the show isn’t “edited” that much then you’re in for a rude awakening. They all filmed for 10 hours during the reunion and only 3 hours of the 10 hours made it on air.

      Kyle never said that she was given the bad edit or whatever. She said that there’s a lot of things that goes on behind the cameras that they don’t film or show on TV. That’s fact, not a lie.

  • Great interview Rox, but I can’t take seriously anything Kyle says or does. She’s a mean girl, and I really can’t see her having her heart go out to anyone. It certainly didn’t go out to Brandi.

    • Please. Brandi was just as much of a mean girl as Kyle. The only reason Brandi got any sympathy was because she had to defend herself on her own and was the “new girl” to the group.

  • I like that Kyle was trying to be diplomatic with her answer regarding the other housewives franchises. But let’s get real, Kyle is Team Teresa. She tweeted a picture of herself and Teresa holding Teresa’s cardboard face during the Bravo All-Star thing they did a while back implying that she’s Team Teresa. Teresa is also the only NJ housewife that Kyle tweets to/about.

  • Even through the bad times I always liked Kyle, I don’t htink she is fake at all and this interview just makes me believe that all the more. By all means she isn’t perfect but hey who is? She like Tre will admit her mistakes and sit back and try and learn from them. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone did this, including all of us?

    • Yes it would be 🙂 I liked Kyle.. but I don’t like mean girl streak all the time.. we get enough, if not too much of that on other shows. Im so over it.. I have to say that this was so far , the best interview that she gave. Good job Jose!!

    • Me too. I still can’t get over the Faye dinner set up. That was f–ing brutal how Faye talked to Brandi.She was Kyle’s mouthpiece all the way. I have seen Kyle in a couple things acting and she sucks.

      • Love Kyle:) She looks amazing after 4 kids and is “real” enough to admit most of the show is scripted and its a shame some of the viewers can’t see that.

  • This was an excellent interview. You asked the questions that I wanted to know answers to. I started out really liking Kyle and I can’t help but love her family. But when things turned ugly when Brandi joined the cast, and Kim became unhinged and Kyle turned against Lisa (or so it seemed at the time) then I wasn’t such a fan of hers. She really seemed nasty and showed quite a temper.

    After reading this article I’ve changed my mind and like her again. She’s all right.

  • Yes, I’m certain Kyle did feel bad for Teresa, she felt bad for Tre the same way everybody else did, Tre fan or not, after watching the episode with her creepy fat husband talking to some broad and Tre chasing him through the vineyard for sex, the whole world felt bad,really bad for her!! yes, even me!!

      • Awwww,Michers, thank you! I’m not sure if your being facetious or not but I genuinely felt sadness for Tre @ Caro’s bday lunch. Tre was crying when the kids were toasting Caro, I even got a little soft spot for Joe when he was toasting Caro, I can’t even believe I admit that! Then the puffed toad had to ruin the scene, that fat pig!!

        • I forgot to add, when Tre was crying @ the table of Caro’s bday lunch in the moment I thought Caro needed to back off of Tre and just drop the entire cookbook incident.

          • That is all everyone wants,just back off and let the cookbook go. After all she laughed about the comments on national tv the Rachel Ray show.

        • No! That was the real me being nice 🙂 Just because we disagree, does not mean I will not be normal, lol. I know, I felt bad also at that scene..Its just too much ugliness and it seems to be a gang up , and it is over pettiness and jealousness, that is what gets me riled.

          • I understand, this is your place to vent. ITA, the pettiness needs to end! I think every rhonj fan would agree it is time for a new storyline, direction new faces,whatever, just stop with the constant jealousy,pettiness and negativity!

  • Interview was nice, but what did she mean about her husband being from Mexico, yet not wanting a boy? I am just curious.

  • Great interview. It was nice that Kyle had a heart and said she felt bad for Teresa. I thought that was a very real thing to say. I did notice however, that did not deny the lipo, lol!!!! Sorry ! If she did, my apologies.

    • It’s implied that she didn’t, she didn’t spell it out that she didn’t get lipo but her answer is clearly that she didn’t and even if she did, who cares.

      • Its not a matter of caring per se, its a matter of if you did it own it! I do not understand why people ( not just Kyle) put themselves on public display but yet do not own up to things! Then you hear down the road that what they deny was actually fact! Also, don’t dance around answering, just say yes or no. Not that hard. When they admit things wrong, right , whatever they do, I think its more respectable when they are 100 % up front or honest and genuine . It keeps the “real” in reality 🙂

        • I also got the impression that she did do the lippo, but not the 20 lbs reported, but about half that – 11 lbs?

      • @Jelly that’s exactly how I feel. Who cares if she did? If I had the bucks my belly fat would be gone in sixty seconds along with the chin the thighs tops of arms and on and on…. Who cares indeed.

  • Great interview. I always wondered who Kyle compares herself to when it comes to her weight. She isn’t a twig like Brandi, but who wants to look like that on purpose? Kyle has a very sexy body and never looked like she had a weight problem.

    • to answer your question.. leann rimes wants to look like that.. LOL I think Brandi looks good because she is built that way… Kyles body looks better with some weight on it.. so does leanns but shes too bad shit crazy to realize it

  • Kyle was always one of my favorites because during season 1 reunion she would not talk about her sister’s problems. Just like Jersey. Jose excellent interview . She has the most beautiful girls and my god that hunk of husband.

    • I think Kyle was hinting that when she watches the show she can see when editing is involved abd feels bad for Teresa when bravo sticks it to her. Nice to see a housewife come out and say what we are all thinking. I may give Kyle another chance this season.

  • Ahhh… Finally I read some positive Gossip. Kyle is intresting and fun plus she puts sexy in a classy way. Thank God she mentioned Teresa. I kno we all vent on here but Kyles voice will b heard. Anyways I Loved the interview. Cant wait to discuss the new season of RHOBH

  • I really enjoyed reading this, she always gives honest answers and is so open. I’m glad she’s in a better place with Lisa. I can’t wait for the 3rd season to start :D, she’s very pretty.

    • Jelly@! Remember last year you said you would not tweet Kyle, “im sure she has better things to do then tweet fans” There ya have it, youre her biggest fan you should tweet her!!

  • I am obsessed with Kyles image. I think she’s the most beautiful of the franchise. I like Beverly Hills the most so I’ll admit I got really excited reading this. I’m so glad her and Lisa are in a better place

  • Wow I really didn’t like Kyle as much after last season but after reading this interview, she seems like the girl i loved in season one and I feel like she really appreciates the support she gets! Great interview

    • Good for Kyle defending Teresa!!! I hope wish more of the other housewives would come out and support Teresa. She has been treated unjustly.

      • It’s basically Kyle’s way of calling BS on bravo if you ask me. Kyle knows that Teresa is surrounded by hypocritical psychopaths, and that’s why she feels empathy for her. She knows how bravo edit and set scripts and scenes, and hype BS, instigate conversations about other housewives and then relay what’s said, and breaks up families, and pretend to be innocent bystanders that just happens to be filiming it all. Notice that Kyle is not the first housewife to say that they feel for the situation Teresa is in. Nene has said the same, so has Alex, Kim and Tamara. NONE of them say the same about the rest of the cast.

      • I think Kyles remark about Teresa is referring to the frankenbiting filming that BH does! Check it out,9171,1154194-1,00.html

        The heart, Woody Allen said, wants what it wants. For the producers of the ABC reality show The Dating Experiment, that was a problem. The heart of one of their female participants did not want what they needed it to want. She disliked one of her suitors, but it would make a better story if she liked him. So they sat her down for an interview. Who’s your favorite celebrity? they asked. She replied that she really loved Adam Sandler. Later, in the editing room, they spliced out Sandler’s name and dropped in audio of her saying the male contestant’s name.

        That’s love, reality-style. This trick, says Todd Sharp, who was a program consultant on the series, is called Frankenbiting. And it happens more often than you may suspect. Frankenbites, he says, are the work of “desperate people who had to deliver a story in a few days”–producers under pressure to deliver a tidy story that’s zippier than real reality.

        Granted, in the pantheon of shocking headlines, REALITY SHOWS MANIPULATED ranks with PORK RINDS FATTENING, RESEARCHERS SUSPECT. But even savvy viewers who realize that their favorite reality shows are cast, contrived and edited to be dramatic may have no idea how brazen the fudging can be. Quotes are manufactured, crushes and feuds constructed out of whole cloth, episodes planned in multiact “storyboards” before taping, scenes stitched together out of footage shot days apart.

        And while we may have long suspected that a cast of camera-smitten future trivia answers can’t really be that interesting without professional help, details of how these shows manipulate reality have begun leaking out–because of a dispute with the employees hired to do the jiggering. Those staff members–who create story lines, coach interview answers and cobble together video–say their work amounts to writing, and they are suing their networks and production companies, arguing that they deserve to be covered by the Writers Guild of America.

        Their employers call them story editors, segment producers and so forth and don’t recognize them as union employees. Those designations save money–Guild members have better pay, benefits and protections. But they also preserve an illusion: that the shows are authentic and true to life, free of anything close to “writing.”

        It’s not that the shows have line-for-line scripts (although reality writers have charged that Paris Hilton was fed lines on The Simple Life). But Jeff Bartsch, a freelance reality-show editor, says there are many ways of using footage to shape a story. Bartsch worked on Blind Date, a syndicated dating show that features hookups gone right–and comically wrong. If a date was dull or lukewarm, the editors would juice the footage by running scenes out of order or out of context. To make it seem like a man was bored, they would cut from his date talking to a shot of him looking around and unresponsive–even though it was taken while she was in the restroom and he was alone. “You can really take something black and make it white,” Bartsch says. (NBC Universal Television, the studio that makes Blind Date, had no comment.)

        • Thanks for posting – this was an interesting read.

          It seems pretty clear that the reality dating shows are edited at times and people questionably fall in love within a matter of a few days!

          So how much is diced and spliced with the Housewives shows? We know that interviews are taped at different times and interspersed. I can’t wait for the lid to be blown off, where we are finally told how the Bravo shows are truly put together.

          I sorta think Alex McCord is giving us some tidbits on her Rumor Fix segments re: RHONY.

          • I love Alex McCord’s take on everything. She answers quetions & makes you think all in one fowel swoop. Love that.