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Tamra Barney Shows Off Her New Hair-Do!

RHOC star Tamra Barney got a new hair-do and she’s showing it off to the world! Tamra tweeted the photo above and wrote, “Okay I did it! Not a great pic it the best I could do! I love it. Thank you Daniella at SOHO salon Newport beach!” I think it looks great but looks a lot similar to Gretchen’s new hair cut! Check out Gretchen below

Do you think the new BFFs have similar hair-do’s?!

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  • Your gorgeous girlfriend. Personally I love that you and Gretchen are working on a healthy relationship. There is so little time in our personal lives to waste even one second on toxic relationships or toxic feelings. Anger, hate, mean thoughts or feelings are all negatives we don’t need if we want to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Great work stay beautiful.

  • Putting a new hairdo on Tamra is like putting a dress on a pig. It doesn’t matter how nice of a dress it is, it’s still a pig.


  • I agree too! Tamra is vulgar and repulsive! Used to like Gretchen until she stuck her nose up Tamra’s wahoo, now I don’t care for her, what a two faced bi*tch!!

    • Yes, I believe thats whe Gretchen lost her fans, when she made nice with Tamra and jumped on Alexis(still unclear as to why, she was “fake”, whatever that means LOL). But having Slade Slimey by her one side and Tamra on the other, I think folks just gave up on her. Stupid move on Gretchens part.

  • I’m glad they lost the extensions. Their hair styles and lengths look more age appropriate and actually, I think they both look a little bit younger without those stupid extensions.

  • Who Cares! Tamra, Gretchen and especially the secret producer, Slade, need to be fired from this show. We’ve all seen the video of Tamra, Gretchen, Alexis and Peggy all laughing about how many times they have thrown each other off the bus. They proved to the viewers that they made up their disputes and lied. They were friends the entire time and when the video was released, only then did Tamra and Gretchen decide to pretend to make-up (they were always friends) and bond. They knew the gig was up. I don’t understand why viewers would care to watch this show knowing this? It’s as if some viewers enjoy being duped for fools.


  • It’s only a matter of time before they join evil powers and become one person. Tamra is still stalking Gretchen. I think it’s a dysfunctional friendship at best.

  • Wow….is Gretchen capable of taking a genuine candid photo? What is with the extreme airbrushing and photoshopping?

  • They are both fake and phony. They want to attack alexis but alexis never denied any work she got. As far as tamras hair i’m glad she doesnt look like an 80s kiss groupie anymore. The way she teases her hair it looks so trashy and makes her look so much older. She used to be my fav but now she is down on the bottom of the barrel as well as heather the grinch and gretchwetch.

  • Tamra’s lips are almost as big as Taylor Armstrong’s now. After she made a big deal this season about Gretchin blowin’ up her lips. What a hypocrite!

  • Looks like Tamra is also showing off her new FaceLift and Blown Up Lips too! What a phoney! AND…she had the audacity to tell Alexis to be “authentic” ! HYPOCRITE.

    • Another RHO fan, perfect comment. This is one of many reasons that I cannot stand Tamra. Hopefully, her daughters won’t be as shallow as she is.

      • Can you imagine her girls when they get to High School? The other kids will be so hard on them, all cause Mommy wanted airtime. Yuck. And Eddie wants to marry her and have kids with her AFTER seeing what she has done to Slade,Simon,Gretchen and Alexis?

  • The color looks a whole lot better!!! But, I’m really not impressed with her or Gretchen they both wear extentions. What do they look like when they are not made up plastic barbie? Are they that ashamed of their looks?

  • Tamra’s hair looks so nice! Like a new Tamra! I like it so much better than the way she used to have it.

  • I think they both look great with their ‘real’ hair & no longer extensions …. Both have a much softer look to them in addition to looking much younger……… Very pretty gals & everyone or most everyone wants to look their best at all times……. 🙂

    I ‘love’ SOHO Salon, it’s one of the best ……

  • I’m just glad she got some darker highlights. Her hair is usually so bright, and now her hair suits her much better. Tamra looks great! She doesn’t look as fake and plastic looking as Gretchen.

  • I’m do curious if she wears extensions….was always obvious with Alexis but could never tell with Gretchen or Tamra

    • Tamra stated in an intverview after the reunion that she wears extensions. I don’t remember which interview it was.

    • No offense, but its so obvious she does! Idk, but I can always tell by the ends of the hair & I’m sorry idk how to explain it.and I’m viewing on my phone so I can’t tell if she really took out the extensions or not.
      What I could never understand is why Tamra paid all that money for such trashy, unhealthy, unattractive looking extensions.

    • You mean you couldn’t tell by looking at Tamra during the reunion show? I knew instantly that her hair was fake. Gretchen’s hair was also sooo plastic looking. They both got alot of flack for looking so fake. I think that’s why they both had to publically “out” their new, more natural (sort of) hairstyles. Tamra’s hair does look better though, unfortunately, she looks like she got punched in the mouth, and her neck—uuughhhhh—she needs to moisurize or just start wearing turtlenecks.

  • All she did was get low lights; it does look more like Gretchen’s hair style. Tamra is still a skank; maybe her hairdresser could somehow change her rotten personality.

      • What’s nasty about it? She is a horrible person. Next season, she will go after someone else on the show. Do I need to go over all of the bad things she has said and done?

        • you weren’t rotten socalsoccer, you were honest!and that’s a quality that escapes tamra and gretchen!

  • When you are ugly on the inside, sorry but your even uglier on the outside. Tamra and Gretchen are toxic and beyond ugly to me. Even if they were wearing hair dripping with diamonds I’d find them unattractive. Honestly nothing pretty or “real” will ever radiate from Tamra or Gretchen, they’re fake. So yes I do think the so called Bff’s have similar hair styles along with toxic lying persona’s. CANCEL RHOOC. Its a lost cause with these two and the queen of fakeness Heather.