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Ramona Singer Says Jill Zarin Is Miserable Since She Is No Longer On The Show!

RHONY star Ramona Singer is happy Jill Zarin is no longer on the hit show and thinks that it’s Jill who is miserable about it! Ramona spoke with Wetpaint to talk about twitter, Heather and reveals she and Aviva’s relationship is strained!

Wetpaint Entertainment: What do you have to say to Jill Zarin’s recent comment that you all seem miserable on the show?
Ramona Singer: None of us are miserable. We’re a great success. Ratings are good, Bravo is happy and the fans are getting involved. Everyone’s happy. She’s the one that’s miserable.

How did you feel about Heather’s recent comments about Mario?
You know what? I love my husband, I love my daughter. My husband is a stand-up guy. Everyone adores him. He allows me to be me. I love the way he came to my defense. He’s very gallant in that way.

How are your friendships with Aviva and Carole right now?
Carole and I always got along. We’re friendly. Aviva and I are strained right now because I don’t like the way she spoke to me in St. Bart’s.

Do their tweets upset you?
No, not at all. I tell them to tweet, it’s good for the show.

Do you think Jill is really miserable? Are you surprised Ramona and Aviva aren’t on speaking terms?

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  • Ramona has been a little over the top this season, but let’s face it-she is one of the pillars that the show is built around. She is an original and isn’t going to let the “newbies” outshine her. She’s also not going to let the countess recruit all the newbies to go against her. I think overall she is under a lot of pressure to maintain her “star” status and is turning her snark up a bit for that reason.
    I still like her because she tells you what she thinks to your face. Despise Heather because she has an agenda and is hiding it, while trying to look like the “reasonable” one. Oh, and she’s a b*tch lol.

    • Hey Camm! Well said! Im really just not liking Heather. One thing I can say positive, is what I have seen with her son when she is with him- she seems to be a good Mommy!LuMann is such a drag! Was she ever nice and genuine since she has been on the show?????

  • I absolutely think Jill is miserable about getting the boot. She tried to pull some shady tricks and it backfired on her. I just wish she would’ve taken the dreaded LuMan with her. I’m glad she’s gone.

  • I do believe Jill is still upset she was fired from the show. She fancied herself so much and I think she thought she was the star of the show. WRONG!! Every now and then I catch Jill in a small segment on TV and quickly fast forward. I still despise that hateful woman.

    What I like about Ramona is that she has a thick skin. She can dish it out, but she can usually take it. If she can’t take it she simply doesn’t engage and walks away. lol She can be ditzy, a little to loud and abrupt, but I think she plays it all up for the camera’s. Why be boring if you can be entertaining, a little outlandish and funny? Good on you Ramona!

  • I can respect a woman who is willing to look me in the eye..and Ramona may look at you wonky but that I can deal with it is the underhanded stuff/people I avoid.

    I particularly do not let people burden me and vice versa. My business is my business, your business is your business. I do not have any right to judge or criticize, to each his own.

  • I believe in respect to any coworker who came before myself. Because these are the people that paved the way before me. Whether I like them personally is irrelevant. Heather has trashed Ramona from the start, just plain wrong. Ramona is on her 5th season and Heather sees herself as SO above and BETTER than Ramona with no common courtesy at all, just wrong no matter how she feels PERSONNALY and yes, she came on the show and started shredding Ramona instantly, just wrong!

  • Unfortuantely, Aviva is a complete contradiction… She repeats everything she hears to everyone… she expects to be accepted the way she is, with all of her phobias, and needs, and fears..and adjustments… Yet she cannot allow others to have needs and fears and adjustments themselves. She is nice, but in her attempts to solve everyone’s problems for them, she often changes what they said, to what she thinks would have been better said, and she gets involved where she shouldn’t… then, as with Ramona, gets offended when in trying to get the story straight, she’s exposed as not being completely honest. Ramona likes Aviva, but she’s not going to completely rarrange her life to cater to Aviva’s phobias… Phobias are one of the easiest things to get over. With help, desensitizing, and sometimes medication, panic attacks and phobias are the most successfully treated mental illness if the person suffering actualy makes the attempt and does the hard work of getting through them. Clearly Ramona is stating this, but in her usual brash frank way. As a former sufferer from Agoraphobia, completely healed and living a completely panic attack free life… completely changing the way I use my inner voice, realizing Fear is only Fear and Fear itself can’t hurt me… that only by doing what I’m afraid of doing, and finding out the fear is an illusion… you can take back your life and be free of all of the limitations you fear puts on you. Your inner voice needs to learn to stop saying “what if” “I can’t” “Oh No hear it comes” .. to “I can” “It’s only fear and fear can’t hurt me”, and “If it’s real it will come get me, but I’m not laying down just in case… I’m living and doing, and I’m getting better every day”… This is what Ramona is saying… Aviva has Reid as her crutch. She overcame losing a leg and learned to walk again, but she’s clinging to her phobias and unwilling to try to work through them. That’s sad for her. I’ve been there… and I can tell you clearly, it’s no way to live..hard work to get over it, but well worth it… One step at a time!

  • I cannot stand Ramona. In Ramona land “being me” means that you are just rude, crass and tacky.

    • Yes she is all those things… but she’s allowed to be who she is, if she’s willing to own it! Heather is Rude Crass and Tacky too, she’s just wearing a facade of that gross smile, and manipulation! With a heavy dose of self pity, and retaliation! All fake! I never try to say Ramona is a perfect person… it’s just a prefer an imperfect person who knows it and admits it to an imperfect person who tries to convice you they’re perfect and you’re the one who’s just trying to take them down. Poor me just doesn’t work for me! sorry!

    • Stacey, I agree with you. Ramona is a freak; I feel sorry for her daughter as she must be embarrassed. What is with the satin dresses she always wears to dinner? Looks like she is going to prom.

      • BOO Socal, LOL!! Im just kidding 🙂 I have to say, I am still holding on with Ramonacoaster. ( Sorry!)

  • Nothing with these shows really surprises me anymore. Ramona is abrasive, but let’s face it, she’s the only person that is REAL. She tells you exactly what she’s thinking. Heather really wants to say Ramona does drivebys? Heather plans her drivebys, then sits there with that ugly huge duck face smile, and watches the pain she inflicts… you can smell the ugliness of her. She enjoys scoring points. Who hasn’t known someone like her? I’ve known plenty of Ramonas in my life too, and yes, sometimes they piss you off, because as women we’ve learned to expect to speak behind people’s backs, use passive agressive planned shunning as ways to pay back those that hurt us, but what we don’t expect is someone who actually says exactly what they think to your face…which is embarassing, and often makes you look like a fool for using subliminal tactics. I can deal with the Ramonas of the world, because they say what they actually think, they don’t pretend something in order to get you to be the one that looks bad, and then call attention to your mistakes. Right out of “Mean Girls” … let’ face it that movie worked, because it’s actually the way women operate!

    The fake outrage of Heather, because the girls were laughing about Jacques… and his pretense as a wine expert, or an expert on anything just because he’s French… c’mon, who doesn’t think he’s weird!? Heather doesn’t care what people think of Jacques… she’s positioning herself with LuAnne..giving her a nickname, LuLu… really? You’re such great friends Heather… right! Fake, Positioning herself for camera time! That’s as far as her friendship goes.

    Ramona is REAL… and REAL is what i like! If I talk about someone, then smile to their face saying.. “Oh I love your dress” kiss kiss, then turn around and say “ugh did you see that dress… U G L Y>>>>” that’s the epitome of Heather! Can’t stand the woman!

    Ramona would say…either nothing about the dress, because she really doesn’t notice or feel it’s any of her business… or she would say “You know what, can I be honest? That dress isn’t very flattering”… YEah hard to hear…but honest. Is it her place to say it, NO but at least she says it to you, not behind your back. If you say back to her “I’m sorry you dont’ like it, but I do…and that was rude” she would probably say “You know what? you’re right, I just didn’t want you to look bad, because I know you care about how you look.. but you’re right, I shouldn’t have said it…”

    That i can deal with. .. But if you smile and say “Oh … Ok” then turn around and tell everyone “ramona just insulted me, she’s so mean, she’s drunk, she’s a bitch” you’re going to hear from her again…and she’s going to call you out on it! “why didn’t you tell me to my face that I hurt your feelings? because you can tell me”…

    There’s a big difference. If women would just learn to either mind their business, or tell the truth, all fo this drama would just be so much less annoying.

    • Yes, I agree. Why does it have to get so annoying? I like ramona for her realness as well, even though at times its a bit much. But she is definitely in her own category- no fake there! People knock her but she really is a together person who had success with her own things before the show- minus the wine- God Bless her! When she talks or gets mad at someone, they all think she is crazy, its the wine, etc.. but whats the excuse when they are bold face liars or troublemakers who are stirring pots? Ramona is the only one who has not changed for the cameras. She has a lot of good in her heart, more so than the rest on that cast!

      • I agree completely Michers. I don’t think Ramona’s changed either and I like her craziness. If she’d gone and Jill had stayed, I would have stopped watching.
        I think Heather’s a hag and it’s all I can do to listen to Countess Pumpkin Head. However, Ramona, she makes the show funny 🙂

        • Yes she does. She has her moments when Im like “OH no, whats going to come out of her mouth”..but I like her- that girl has spunk, LOL. If Jill stayed- UGH. I think after all she did with Bethenny, how she changed from camera time, and siding with Kelli cookoo Bensimon, that sealed her fate. She lied too much on camera and did very mean things in the press, I think she also bashed Bravo- the hand that fed her! heather def came on with premeditated Jill agenda, sorry I feel that way, don’t know why!

          • I agree with you. Heather should have come on and tried to put her best foot forward. Jill’s shady behavior didn’t serve her well. I don’t think it will serve Heather well, either.

    • Momma hourly, I agree! That’s why I like Ramona. People that tell it like it is are people I surround myself with because I don’t have to worry about them and possibly talking about me or being fake, because people like that have the respect to tell you to your face so you have a chance to clear the air.

      I notice the females who don’t like other women who tell it like it is are the type of females that don’t operate that way because they either keep their opinions to themselves and might be sensitive or they are fake and like to play nice to orhers’ faces but talk behind their backs. I challenge which type of females have the better quality friendships in life.