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Guess The Housewife: Which Housewife Is Clueless About Her Hubby’s Affair?

Time to guess the housewife! Blind Gossip posted this and I’m thinking it may be Kyle Richards! Check it out, “Which partner of a “Real Housewife” is doing a terrible job of keeping his affair secret? The Housewife, who appears to be the only person not to know, even underwent a recent cosmetic procedure to spice up their sex life.”

Kyle recently had some surgery done so there’s a big possibility that it could be her. Which housewife do you think is clueless about her hubby’s affair?!

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  • Cara

    I am going to take a stab at this one. Due to the timing of this and the timing of the previews for WWHL with Teresa saying that Caroline should be paying attention to “Her OWN marriage”… I am going to say that the press jumped on that like white on rice. A little digging around could surely prove that Al has an apartment of his own and spends most of his time away from Caroline. I could see her especially as being a Queen of denial. She is so busy deflecting on EVERYONE else. PLUS, Lapband is a procedure that she has had according to her own daughter and that could have been done to get more attention from her husband. I think this is the dead ringer for this story ladies…

  • julie

    Mario or Marcio either one….

  • cats-eye

    Parkview is right i did read that it’s Luanne and Jacque.

    • Rosalie Marie,

      LuAnn didn’t have any work done to herself.

  • pinkpoodle

    I would believe that Mauricio is cheating on Kyle by the way she is so jealous. However, I think that the “partner” part is a major clue so maybe they aren’t married. I wonder if Gretchen has had work lately and maybe this refers to her and Slimey.

  • Sue

    Could it be Jim Bellino cheating? Now that wouldn’t surprise me and she is pretty clueless. I could totally see him wanting more than 1 wife.

    • ablessing

      Thats what I think, it’s Jim for sure….

      • Rosalie Marie,

        Oh, I never thought about that one.

  • Say What??

    Vaginal Rejuvenation. Didnt you watch Dr 90210? hehe

  • daisy

    since it’s in the new york post, i’m leaning to one of them, how about the countess? remember sonja’s breakdown??

    • Daisy

      That’s not me. :O)

  • BravNO

    EEERRR…..okay, My guess is all of them ….now on to the more improtant question, what cosmetic procedure spices up your sex life…..enquiring minds want to know…..

  • MariaJ

    I think Ramona or Jacko! I do believe Mauricio loves Kyle and wouldn’t hurt her. But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

  • Someone Who is Watching

    Don’t know Don’t Care. None of my business.

  • Rosalie Marie,

    Could be Kathy. She’s had work done.

    • Rosalie Marie,

      Richie probably does cheat on Kathy and if you think about it, a new face on Kathy would make him feel like he is with a woman other than his wife.

      • staceychris

        He’d cheat if he could but who’d want him?? Yuck!!

        • JanShe

          So true. 🙂

      • Say What??

        Cant imagine another woman that would have Richie unless shes being paid. :X

        • Srt_3

          If ere was one, I bet she works at Polo to get him so free collared shirts to flp up.

    • cammierari

      I bet Kathy figures Richie will never cheat because there isn’t another woman on the planet that would sleep with him, so that part fits the blind. Of course, we all know there ISN’T another woman on the planet that would sleep with Rich, so it can’t be them…lol

  • Jelly

    Another thing I mean it could be anyone, but Kyle isn’t one of them. If this article said “Lisa Vanderpump’s Husband is cheating on Todd” most people would not believe it. I don’t get it. lol

    I still think it’s Teresa, but it could be Alexis or Ramona or Vicki. Or it could be Tamra. Or.. Heather.

    • Srt_3

      Jelly, we get it. You adore Kyle. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It cold be or it could not be. Fact is, you don’t know her personally. So why do you get so defensive of her? We all have our faves, but just bc you say it does not mean its true.

      • Jelly

        It is the exact same way with people here about Teresa who get up all in arms about Teresa which is acceptable to do here, but because I get defensive over Kyle somehow it’s not okay right? Because Kyle is the one people dislike most here.

        And just because people here say it’s Kyle doesn’t make it try right? 🙂

        • Say What??

          Jelly, not many people thought it was Kyle.. You pretty much jump all over and assure every single person that they can take your word for it, Kyle is perfection. Youre also rude to people for stating their opinion… You could easily say, “i disagree” “i dont see things that way” etc… but you insist that we all take your word for it, Kyle is perfect and thats that so quit saying otherwise. lol

  • Chelz

    Last night when I read Tre’s blog at first I thought she was speaking hypothetically. Now I wonder.

    “I don’t really want a guy that acts like a woman. I’d rather not have Joe talk to me like a perfect gentlemen and go to his mistress’ apartment every night either.”

    Wonder if it is Caro or Jac.

    • Missy-Moo

      Id say that comment Teresa made was a dig at Caroline . I think the wife, in the blind item is def Ramona. Id be very shocked if it was Kyle, her and her Husband, seem to have a very solid marraige .

    • Say What??

      I took it as passive aggressive remarks about the other ladies too. Note she also says something about how she would love to spend time with laurens happy smiling face or something like that? so funny! But deffinetly took it as a dig. I think the mistress comment is about Big AL

  • Lia

    The blind item specifically says “partner” of a Real Housewife, so I’m wondering if that means they are not married?

    My guess is Vicki. She seems totally blind to Brooks and his wily ways.

    • Chelz

      Ooh, that’s a good guess.

      Heather’s (OC) husband just came to mind.

    • Say What??

      I cant see Brooks giving up his meal ticket. No way! He’s too good of a scammer, right?

      • Rebecca

        but because he’s a good scammer, he could trick Vicki into believing it’s not true and Vicki is too blind to see Brooks is using her so she would probably brush any rumors off as “jealously” or people “not wanting to be happy” for her.

        • Jelly

          Hmm you may be on to something there. Brooks is really good at manipulating Vicki. She would get defensive if someone brought it up, do we know if Vicki got anything done recently?

  • Honnie Badger

    Question for all you astute readers! Do you think the choice of the word “partner” over “husband” is deliberate? My head’s gonna explode! 🙂

    • Lia

      LOL! Yeah I just saw that too. I’m not sure if it means anything or not though.

    • Say What??

      Ya!!!! I think its a hint. Must be a couple who isnt married. But I cant think of many who arent married. Could it be the countess herself… MRS LULU ?!

      • Say What??

        Or Tamra? Wasnt their a recent story about Eddie cheating? Hmm!

        • Jelly

          I don’t recall that… when did that happen? I’ve only heard of Paul cheating on Adrienne.

      • Park view

        It’s Luanne and Jacques. That’s why Sonja has been so weepy over their relationship. Didn’t you think that was odd at the table when she said she didn’t want Luanne to get hurt by Jacques?

      • FREE KROY

        LuLu, Tamara, Grethen, Kandi, Nene, Kim, Vicki (married but had a boyfriend), Sonja, the new single NY housewife with the boyfriend.

  • melissa

    You just hate Kyle and are so far up Brandi’s ass you can’t see past that. Mauricio is so in love with her and vice versa. They have probably one of the healthiest marriages in the real housewives franchise. I would be shocked especially with the way they are.

  • Jelly

    Kyle hasn’t had full body lipo, i really wish you would stop believing such bad stories. Anything that comes from Radar Online is a joke, and it’s sad how people will believe stories from RO about Kyle, but everybody else it’s a lie.

    Camille was jealous that her husband was cheating on her, and attacked someone with a stable marriage.

    It’s Teresa or Adrienne. I say this because Joe was so disgusted by Teresa that he didn’t even want to have sex with her when ALL they talked about for the longest time was having sex constantly thoughout season 1-3. Joe would have rather gouged his eyes out than touch Teresa. So it’s Teresa.

    • Say What??

      ROL said it was Teresa too. So you proved yourself wrong. hehe You get sooo worked up over Kyle!

      • Jelly

        And you get SOOOOOOO worked up over Teresa, so.. ?

        And normally I would agree except last nights episode did not help the whole thought of Joe not being the one cheating on her/has cheated on her or whatever.

        • Say What??

          You defend Jelly like Teresa defends joe.

          I dont have that type of obsession with Teresa. It’s more of a dislike of the others.. in addition to that, if you paid attention you would see I dont defend Joe..

          • Say What??

            You defend *KYLE like Teresa defends Joe

          • Jelly

            No I don’t, but if that’s how you feel I can’t change that *shrug*

            And with that I am done with this discussion with you, we’ve had this issue before no? We just talk in circles.

          • Say What??

            Ya, round and round and round we go! I usually avoid it. But think its mean when you go after the posters themself. Like where you tell the above poster that you can see why they think its kyle since they hate kyle so much. Hate is a harsh word to use.. and we dont know these people in real life..

          • Jelly


          • JanShe

            Play nice you two. LOL! 🙂

        • BergenCountyGirl

          Please……Albert cheats!!!

          • JanShe

            The red headed clown is just as ugly as she has always been. I haven’t noticed any plastic surgery with her.
            Although, I’m sure Albert has his little play things on the side.

    • cammierari

      yeah but Tre hasn’t had surgery….of course, if she DID have surgery on her vajayjay, I doubt she’d talk about it lol. So in light of everything we’re seeing, it could be Teresa-except that they’re married. However, they probably ARE business partners, both having been named in the bankruptcy

      • Jelly

        LOL i can’t really see Teresa getting surgery in that area. We know she’s had surgery but idk. I can’t imagine Teresa sharing that bit of info either. 😡 I know I wouldn’t haha.. it would be an awkward conversation starter that’s for sure.

        • Say What??

          She did share with us the whole Joe , ya wanna put your finger in my a$$. So, its possible. LOL

          • cammierari

            LMAO yeah but she said that to make Joe smile, not because she really wanted him to put his finger up her a$$ haha

          • cammierari

  ’s got to be true because this blind item is definitely Tre and Joe. She has had 4 kids so maybe she had a little nipping and tucking…

          • Say What??

            I wont judge her for the nip tuck.. I’d have one too if i could lol

            I do wonder though, if she had it done because of Joe. Its true what they say about the italian sex drive. I guess we can all see that from watching the show.

  • Tracey

    I’m thinking Jacqueline from RHNJ. She’s always getting work done to her face and I can definitely see her as being clueless.

    My second guess would be Ramona.

    • Rebecca

      Def not Jac. As crazy as she is, The manzo/laurita clan are extremely loyal to each other.

      Mario seems like the kind to look at younger (30s) women compared to his wife.

  • michers

    At this point, it could be anyone’s hubby.

  • Maggs

    Didn’t Kyle just have full body lipo done? I had read that somewhere. Sorry I think Mauricio cheats. Camille mentioned his love for the ladies and I also remember the 1st or 2nd season Kyle saying their nanny had up and left in the middle of the night with no explanation. We all know when Nannies up and disappear…

    • Jc

      I totally remember that – good point – and I think that is why she went so crazy on the lady with her arm around Mauricio at the b-day. He didn’t move a muscle he was lovin it – probably tried to cop a feel before the gustapo came over and broke it up. I always thought it was strange that he himself didn’t try to get away from that woman. He just stood there all smiles! Interesting!!!

      • Isabella Patricia

        Yeah, he’s a bit sneaky… I hope it’s not him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was cheating in Kyle. Maybe he just doesn’t like the way she acts on t.v. since she’s probably worse than before.

        • Isabella Patricia

          Correction: on Kyle.

        • Jelly

          No, Mauricio is quite fond of Kyle. I can see why you would want it to be her since you hate her so much.

          • Say What??

            I can see why you wouldnt want it to be Kyle since you love her so much.

          • JC

            actually JELLY I dont hate her – but I know a snake in the grass when i see one. Mauricio is very “attentive” to Kyle but madly in love i just dont see it!!

        • Chloe

          Man, out of all of the other options, esp what just happened to Tre, for you to say Mauricio. Complete craziness.

  • Jc

    The blind item also said something about keeping her LARGE family together….could be Kyle? Or teresa. Or tamra for that matter – all have 4 kids!!

  • Michele

    all of them!

  • kate524

    the blind item was from the new york post…which leads me to believe it might be a RHNY cast memember…aka Romona…she just had butt sculpting done (whatever that is)

    • Jennifer

      Yep! It is Ramona.

      • Jc

        And last season didn’t the psychic say something to that effect to ramona – and she went ballistic!!

        • JanShe

          Hmmmm……. I remember that episode, maybe it is Ramona.
          Boy, do I pity Mario when she finds out, if it is him, she’ll go Bobitt(sp) on him.

          RUN MARIO RUN!!!

  • Laurie

    The BI said ‘partner’ not husband. But just the same, I’m thinking Ramona or Teresa. Definitely not Kyle.

  • strevino78741

    I don’t think it’s Kyle either you see how she acted when that lady tried to touch Mauricio she just about clawed her eyes out. He seems so in love with her too.

    My guess would be Alexis.

  • Sweet Black

    Dont care.

  • Michelle

    I’m saying Mario!

  • Toya

    It could be Ramona didn’t she just do something to her butt?

    • Bionic

      Nah,s he knows about Sonja and joins too.


      I agree, Ramona had something done to her butt. And she thinks the world revolves around her, and everyone should march to her beat. It’s usually those who pretend like everything in their world is perfecto!

  • KaraD


    • Marie C.


    • Rosalie Marie,

      Caroline didn’t have any work done to herself. Did she? And besides, she knows her husband is a cheater but she doesn’t mind because she likes the expensive gifts she receives from him. lol

      • Rosalie Marie,

        Hey, if you have ever watched, “My Big Fat Wedding” Dina was getting out of control with the spending and flowers. I noticed a certain nasty look on Caroline’s face. All of a sudden, Dina is speaking to Tommy and Albert in their office, and Albert is telling Dina to cut it out with the spending. I think Caroline went to Albert and forced him to control Dina’s spending. It was very clear that Caroline looked pissed and jealous of Dina.

  • Kris

    I dont believe that! Mauricio is so in love with her!
    And shows it!

    • Daisy

      That was my first thought too, it’s possible it’s anyone but I’d be surprised if it was Mauricio. I’d also be surprised if Kyle had plastic surgery since she cried her eyes out when her Mother-in-law had it done.

    • Say What??

      Camielle hinted that Maurico was cheating season 1!

      I would think this is about Teresa though. Why isnt anyone else picking the obvious? What am i missing in this? lol

      • Srt_3

        Haha….totally agree. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

        Hey, it’s usually a duck.

      • Obvious

        She didn’t have cosmetic surgery.

        • JanShe

          I agree Tre didn’t, but Mel and Kathy both look like they have had work done recently.

          I can’t remember her name but the one from Atlanta that opened a funeral parlour, (Lisa I think) there was a story going around that she had some plastic surgery recently.

          Who knows, this is very vague, how about some hints Rox.

    • Honnie Badger

      Hi, Kris! Although I see the same thing, often cheating has so much more to do with the cheater’s own ego and lack of understanding or respect for the idea of monogamy. Many cheating men may be in love with their wives/GFs but have no true respect for the ethics or tenets that are the cornerstone of a long-term, healthy relationship.

      Sheesh. I hope I’m making sense!

      • Isabella Patricia

        Yes, Honnie Badger. I get what you’re saying. 🙂

        • JanShe

          As do I @Honnie. 🙂

  • Daisy

    Could be any of them.