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Joy Behar Slams The Real Housewives For Having No Talent And Making Music

The View’s Joy Behar recently had a few words for fellow housewives such as Gretchen Rossi, Melissa Gorga, and Kim Zolciak. As most of you know, since appearing on the show, those specific housewives have attempted to make a music career and Joy believes that’s just sad!

Joy says, “Every time a ‘Housewife’ releases a CD, a little something in me dies. I have to admit it. Because it’s like, these poeple who have no talent who don’t really work for it, they get all this money, you have to admit it, it’s annoying. So when they’re off television, good.”

Do you agree with Joy?!

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  • I agree with Daisy, Kandi Buress is the only truly talented & accomplished singer & song writer. I also agree Kim’s first song was kinda fun & I really like her, but please Kim, no more. As for the rest, Luann, Melissa & Gretchen….UGH!

  • What irritates me is the fact that, with the other housewives, they, at least, started the show and waited a bit before trying to market other things! Melissa got on the show, and by the 3rd, I think, episode, she’s throwing the singing thing in our faces! She didn’t even give the viewers a chance to get to know her first, before shoving the popstar crap down our throats!!
    Well, that’s ONE of the MANY things that irritate me, about her! LOL!

  • I feel so strongly about this, that I have to post this here to…..

    Kim D. and Penny would be excellent replacements for Kathy and Melissa!! Kim D. takes no crap and from what I gather, Penny doesn’t either. I learned a little bit about Penny and I have to admit, this woman has a golden heart and an iron fist. Penny was a special needs teacher. Nowadays, she has her own salon but every tuesday, she gives haircuts to people with special needs. She is still in touch with the children (now adults) she taught. They love her.
    Penny is more worthy to be on this show than Melissa, Kathy, Jacqueline and Caroline combined!

    Oh and Penny has no personal interest to join Real Housewives for herself. She really does care deeply for her friend Teresa and can’t stand what these women are doing to her friend. I was suspicious at first thinking Penny was just another woman looking for a reason to get on the show but I was wrong about Penny. Penny is pissed off for her friend but don’t let her anger fool you, this woman has a golden heart.

    Replace Melissa and Kathy
    Bring on Kim D. and Penny! And Watch Those Ratings Take Off! lol

    • As much as Melissa makes me ill because she “whored” her way on the show just like she did to land her mini man and as much as I want to see her get the ax, If BRAVO has the good sense to Put penny on then they HAVE to keep MeHo on also so that Penny can finally tell the viewers all about MeHo and her “Prostitution Whore” past. Penny would not be as relevant if she “replaced” MeHo. Penny and MeHo would be the main story line and MeHo’s worst nightmare. Please BRAVO, Bring Penny and her husband on to tourment Theresa’s tourmentors, namely her own family, That is the saddest part and which is why MeHo and mini man deserve to be taken down. Im thinking that was BRAVO’s plan all along. Otherwise this show is just one long infomercial. Can we start a write in campaign to bring on Penny and CO.Please??? If no, I cannot stand another season of MeHo and mini man. Kath. and hubby are irrelevant, Manzos are also. Lets shake things up abit in S5 or else…

      • I am a big Teresa Fan, but I don’t think Penny and Johnny should be on the show. I know people who are related to them and they told me that Penny lost her salon. I heard other things but out of respect for the family, I will keep it to myself. Trust me , Pen and John live in a glass house and the Gorga will be throwing a lot of stones.

        • NA…. Okay Samantha! Melissa isn’t that damned smart. All she knows is how to spread her legs, which she seems to do plenty of that on television, so I hate to see what she’s like off camera. She’s trash. Teresa can say Melissa is family, but as far as I’m concerned, Melissa is not blood, she’s water. Sewer water. I think Teresa should drop the family thing with Melissa and put Melissa in her place. Melissa is PURE TRASH!

          • And by the way, everybody knows Melissa’s real Mother is black.
            Why is Melissa so ashamed of her black heritage? She is an embarrassment to her own African American roots.

          • Rosalie Marie lol! I agree.

            Na hi Melissa.


            They all had sooo much to say about T posing w/ a dog for a magazine, and there is melissa posing and moaning like the whore she is! in front of her daughter!!! lol

  • I agree. These housewives weren’t doing anything with their lives than suddenly, they were chosen for a reality show and All Of A Sudden, “I know! I wanna be an astronaut! No experience necessary. What really gets me are the viewers who actually buy their junk. If the viewers didn’t buy it, these women wouldn’t be selling it.
    So far, Teresa is the only one who made sense with a cookbook, so I do respect her for that. Then of course, Yes I do Like Teresa, but she to is getting carried away. Wine and Singing.
    Teresa was original with the cookbook, but now she’s copying. Bethenny is probably the only housewife that I also respect as far as the Skinnygirl. It was very original, and she’s the only housewife who will succeed with that. I don’t think the others have a chance. When the show is over, so is their junk for sale.

  • From what I see on the show looks like Melissa is not good at anything. But from the way she holds the mic in this pic she might be good at giving …………lmao!

    • LOl socal! But one would maybe have to have a career to end! Did Mel ever have one? Are we calling her a singer yet? 🙂

      • Yes, saying she has singing career is quite a “stretch” unless kareoke singers have careers!

    • She is playin 6 flags, probably in her azz. Or she’s estimating how many UN delegates she needs to blow for immunity when she travels.

    • Melissa, in her egomanical dilusional mind posted that she was performing at some popular club in A.C. last week and 2000 “fans” came to see her! That club is the most popular in A.C. in the summer on a Sat. and her name was No Where on the list of performers. Someone needs to sit her down and give it to her honestly. She really does believe that this pathetic attempt as a singer is going to happen. She’s past her prime for this pop star thing, she has no talent except to know what to do to get a new pair of shoes from mini man and btw: who is taking care of ther children while these two clowns are whoring themselves out. Are the being left “UNATTENDED”!?

  • Kandi is a pro so its different and has won grammys for her work. As far as the other people..has kim put out an album? Im tired of these people coming out acting like they are the next jlo or madonna. Get a clue people, they started when they were young and gained fans along the way. Melissa doesnt have a life so she thinks shes a pop star, gretchen loves the money and stabbing her friends in the back for the money (lynn) and kim is just..ugh HELP! I’m sorry i know i sing like shit so i wont do it. Neither should they. They need people in their lives to tell them they suck instead of lying to them and telling them they’re good haha!

  • In a different post someone said HW bought twitter followers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually had ppl buy their stupid, ridiculous, obnoxious, auto-tuned, and just not that good, songs instead. Seriously….I wouldn’t ever even consider buying any HW song. Ever. Even if they paid me….lol

    • How the heck does one buy twitter followers? I don’t have twitter, but I look at stuff on there.. I have heard this also about other people but I cannot imagine how one does that! Strange!

      • Twittergate:

        Melissa Gorga’s Twitter data also looks suspicious.

        Melissa’s husband Joe Gorga — He steadily gained exactly 101 followers a day through Feb., then it dropped to exactly 50 followers a day until April, then he gained exactly 261 followers a day for a few weeks.

        Kathy Wakile gained exactly 855 new Twitter followers a day in Feb. and March, then dropped to exactly 183 Twitter followers a day in April (in other words, she was doing WAY better before the new season of the Real Housewives of NJ started!) Someone also mentioned to me on Twitter that Kathy’s Red Velvet Cosmo account had 300 followers then randomly gained 17,000 followers, then dropped to 13,000 followers (large drops in followers appear to be common when you buy followers, Twitter must “purge” obvious “bots.”)

  • Kandi admitted Kim’s Tardy……. Song helped her career which must have stalled.

    Even with talent, you come and go. Mostly go.

    Look at the Jacksons, if you can.

    Singing @ local fairs. They have talent but no spark

    Plus, they are always looking for the easy way to make $$$$$.

    • Yes, she did. I believe it opened up opportunities in the Reality TV industry for her. It also helped her get a spin off. However, I don’t think she is taken as seriously in the music industry for working and touring with Kim. Everyon knows that Kim can not sing without that auto tune. Real singers will pick up the mic at the drop of a dime and start blowing out a tune. Not look back to see if the equipment is in place before they can open their mouths.

  • I agree its like they get on reality shows and start thinking they are JLo. its not gonna happen. clearly they know that one day they will get their walking papers and wont have nothing to show for it. but singing is not for none of the housewives…. they all suck! they should stick to making wines and cookbooks that seems to work out for them… or they can do a tubberware line or some cleaning products.

  • IF people would stop buying their songs then they would know that their singing really does suck! However as long as people buy the songs for whatever reason these women are going to believe that they are real singers.


  • Kandi is the only HW that can claim to a recording artist. She writes, produces and records, not only for herself but major artist as well such as usher,tlc, celine dione, and even whitney houston. Kandi has won grammies. Those other 3 need prayer. You Kandi is the real deal she wrote and produced Kim Z a minor hit and made her sound decent. Melissa should call kandi,she may take pity and help her.

  • Joy is right! God I never thought I would see the day, I am agreeing with one of the cluckers from The View! Kandi is the only one that has earned the right to say she is a singer/recording artist etc. She worked damn hard for it. I think it sucks to see these women who think they have some kinda talent come on to these shows and all of a sudden they are releasing singles, calling themselves recording artists and stars when the reality is, if it wasnt for auto tune and Real Housewives you would still be screeching in the shower. I absolutely refuse to buy any of their singles, go see their personal appearances etc. It’s bad enough we are subjected to Melissa on RHONJ with her “singing” ugh! Kim Z did her couple of songs and it doesn’t seem like shes interested in pursuing it anymore, I haven’t heard Gretchens song and I wont unless she performs it on RHOOC and the Countess? Eh I didnt think her voice was all that bad and she seems to be having fun with it when she does sing, she doesnt tout herself as the next Madonna or whatever. Melissa? LMFAO We alllll know what that hooker is doing! `nuff said there!

  • I don’t watch The View..

    (if it pops on whilst I am in another room I swear 20 old nagging hens have broken into my house and are arguing over the pecking order)

    But I totally agree with Joy!!
    Yes, flog your wares if you have the passion AND talent but if not piss off..
    ’tis not a yard sale!

    • Well thanks for making it clear.. because i thought you meant Kim and was thinking you HAVE to be Kim of you think she can actually sing! hahaha

  • The only housewife that can sing is Kandi. And I mean duh, she was a recording artist and made a name for herself with hard work and determination well before the HW franchise. And TBA. I don’t even care for her that much lol. But she is the only HW that should be singing!! Melissa is worse than any of them tho. IMO. Just bc one had a childhood fantasy of always singing and being a singer, doesn’t make you a talented person or able to even carry a tune. I think most of us can agree that at age 7 we were ALL running around with hairbrushes in our hands singing to NKOTB. I know I was! But that doesn’t make me a future star nor prove I can see or always had it in me to sing LOL! Melissa is a delusional crackpot.

  • You know I don’t completely agree….let me explain, in Melissa’s case she has an ok voice. My big problem with her is she isn’t 21 anymore, stop acting like some young tramp Melissa!. put out a cd if you want but your a mommy in her 30’s stop trying to be Madonna. That being said how sad it would be if we didn’t have the Countess’ music to make fun of. I can’t tell you how much that crud has made me laugh when I was a little blue. Thanks for that Countess!.

    • I agree! Countess doesnt take it serious and she knows the viewers are her audience.

      Melissa has lost her mind.. she has NO clue who her audience is. The people shes putting on these outfits for and trying to sing to should be her fans… which are VIEWERS in the age range of 30-60 not 15-25 lol! She is so DUMB!

      • Actually, I think she does know who her audience is: she won’t rest until she has played every gay bar/club, hit every grocery store where she can sign her vodka bottles, and restaurants where she can greatly overcharge for a spagetti dinner/personal appearance – Joey won’t let her quit until his last dime is gone because HE LIVES for all that attention as much as she does.

      • The times we have heard her singing live and butchering a classic hymn were enough for me. Melissa Gorga makes deafness something to look forward to. lol

      • I sing OK with music. Acapella forget it. I’m just like Lucy Ricardo looking for that first note.
        That’s what has made me think why is she singing? Everytime someone asks her to sing without a track be it on the show or a talk show, she refuses. If you are a pro you can sing anywhere anytime.

  • I don’t begrudge any of the housewives for trying to make more of themselves. And trying to hone in on a talent. But, singing isn’t a talent for anybody them.

    • I think Luann is the only one who actually uses the music as a “hobby” as it should be. She makes a joke of it and doesnt pretend like shes the next lady ga ga. Melissa is straight stupid at the way she has approached this. She will bankrupt her own family to try to prove otherwise. lol

      • I am anxiously looking forward to that last comment happening: don’t really want to wish anything bad on anyone, but sometimes to turn around and get straightened out, you “need to fall”……hmmmm, haven’t I heard that somewhere before???

      • No Countess LuAnus does take her singing seriously and no more so than when she sang with Natalie Cole. Now if she needed a clue that she couldn’t sing, that should of been her CLUE! Another time Countess LuAnus thought she was all that was when she sang for Jilted Zarin at her birthday soiree and made a complete fool of herself. My ears bled after listening to her. smh lolol

        • When Lulu “tries” to sing it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!! I refuse to listen and fast forward.

        • I have to agree. LuAnn looked like a complete fool! What was really sad is, I don’t think she even realizes she can’t sing, or that she’s not a real COUNTESS!

    • I agree with her because I’ve only heard one housewife sing that can actually call herself a singer and that’s Candy. The rest are wannabe’s with no ability and I’m kinda sick of having to watch them on the show, let alone listen to them.

      Although Don’t be Tardy for the Party was fun by Kim.. lol

        • yes it is embarrassing. they can’t sing.

          Kandi is a professional artist and sounds like one, the others do not have talent, except maybe comic relief

      • Yeah, Kim was just having fun, but Melissa thinks she’s a recording “artist.” That’s why she’s a joke.

        As for Joy, she’s always jealous of some woman for something.

        • Kim was not just having fun, she really thinks she can sing and that has been a long time dream of hers. But, she wants everything handed to her on a silver platter. She refuses to work hard at anything except finding rich men to take care of her. She won’t practice sing, dancing, or even work out. She wants the easy way constantly. She lucked up on be friending NeNe. Otherwise, she would still be Big Popa’s mistress. He has not a will not divorce his wife. So, yes, she would still be an escort/’s all the same. If you really want a divorce, you can make it happens…ie Tom and Katy…NeNe and Greg. Quick (with kids and money involved)!