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Joe Giudice Rejects Plea Deal On License Case; Set To Go On Trial!

It just never stops for RHONJ star Teresa Giudice. She recently dealt with losing her friends, now the housewife might lose her prison!

Joe Giudice was in court yesterday when he rejected a plea offer of five years in state prison! Instead he will do a trial. Joe’s lawyer told the judge, “We will prepare for a trial.” According to North Jersey, the trial date is set to October 1st.

To make matters worse, Joe Giudice was late to his hearing because he got lost! He apologized to the judge saying he got lost in the underground parking lot of the Center City Mall which is a block away from the courthouse.

Joe’s lawyer believes that because Joe has no prior criminal convictions, he should be eligible for probation.

So was Teresa there to stand by her hubby? Nope! Joe’s lawyer asked her to stay home fearing that would create a media circus. However, Joe’s lawyer added “she’s a 100% behind him!”

Thoughts on the case?

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  • Three years ago a Rabbi was convicted of money laundering(1million dollars) and got 4 years…Someone who was selling Kidneys and charged with human trafficking got 2 years… Both these cases were in NJ and featured on American Greed… What Joe did doesn’t even compare to this!!! Chris Christie was the US Attorney on these cases. So what the heck… 10 years, that is crazy

    • Contact Governor Christie, and ask him what he thinks about this issue.
      I bet he wouldn’t agree to it.

  • He’s going to try to act like a big shot. He’s going to lie on the stand. He’s screwed.

  • Five years is excessive. I just hope that he doesn’t wind up worse because who sets the sentence the judge no? If he should (hope not)lose.

  • Does anyone know what came of the forgery crime he allegedly committed? I know that is a totally different situation, but I was just wonder.

    • He forged his business partner’s signature on a document. They guy went after him for quite a bit of $. I think Joe admitted he did it, I don’t know what the outcome was or is. I know that he spoke about this case to a reporter and stated that if he were not on tv, this case would be done already. He is right about that!

      • And, your point is??? NYC is not NJ. Funny, when you felt the need to correct the info from Bionic, you failed to mention that she got away with it! It was dismissed,(there will be no record of it) all she has to do is, 2 days community service and avoid any criminal charges for 6 months.
        Also, she was drunk, and used false identification, just like Jo Giudice.

        • The article doesn’t say if she went to the DMV with false documents and got a new drivers license with a new name on it and her picture, or if she just borrowed the ID of somebody old enough to drink. My guess is that it was the latter. That’s different from Joe.

  • The only way he is going to get a fair trial in New Jersy is to have it moved out if state. This could take years. I believe what he did was stupid, he could have hired a part time driver for 2 years for less then legal fees are going to cost him. Still I think 5 years is harsh give him 6 months and 5 years lose of license.

    • and how many times have we said “I should’ve done this or that”? Too late to cry over spilled milk.

      ANY one of us can get in our cars today and kill someone by accident or get into legal issues without intent. Let’s be for real and stop acting like we are all saints. EVERYONE makes bad judgment calls in their life time. GTFOH.

  • Good glad to hear he is not accepting the Plea. Keep fighting Joe. 5 years is a bit excessive. I have to wonder if he was an “average Joe” if they would of offered the same. Lets just hope the Manzo’s are not related to any of the Jurors.

  • Totally random- but Bravo just posted a picture of adorable Miliania and the comments people are making are DISGUSTING! They call her ugly, a brat, and many awful things I don’t want to repeat. I’m do disgusted and can’t help but think Bravo did that on purpose. How can they allow such talk about a fucking 5 YEAR OLD? It makes me so sick.

    Sorry, just needed somewhere to vent.

    • I agree. The comments in regards to a child should be moderated. It’s a shame that they even need to be.

      • Whoa! Some of the people commenting need therapy. While I think Milania is a little out of control to call her names is unacceptable.

          • Even of they are not, ( which is scary if they are , agree).. they are still adults!!!! Who spends time in their life picking on minors? Disgusting. There has to be a way to put restrictions on social media. If people lose their jobs over disgruntled comments in re to their job, why and how can people be allowed to degrade minors? Cyberbullying is a widespread epidemic, but yet these adults are allowed to wish inflicting harm on a child? This year’s elections I want to know of any candidates have a take on just how far Freedom of Speech should go in regards to minors and verbally harming them. And what consequences can be enforced for the lunatics. ( Sorry for the rant!)

    • yet, when you try to post a reply to a blog… your comments are never approved and posted.


      Andy gives his community a really bad name to be honest. He’s a true byotch.

  • It costs a fortune of money to bring someone to trial. Unbelievable, waste of tax payer money for a first offense and a non-violent crime. Absurd!!! I hope the court backs down. We need to know where Joe is appearing, this judge needs to hear from the people that elected him, for wasting money, the government spends,spends, spends, isn’t that what got us in this economic disaster in the first place. Go find some real criminals pleeeeese.

  • So the banks got bailed out, after borrowing money from the Feds, we got sold out and people are still losing their homes. There is a big time scandel about the banksters and they get fined minimun and do not go to jail.

    Joe Gudice tries to get a fake drivers license and they want to send him to jail?

    Big time acts of fraud walks, small time acts of fraud goes to jail. HUH?

    Welcome to America!

  • Teresa loves that man. If she didn’t he would have been gone back in ’09 when his company went bankrupt to 10 million. Teresa would have left and not started paying it off.

  • The rack pack are saying see I told you. Teresa is going to fall now. She is going to leave him and write a book all about it. On the real if Joe were not on a tv show the DA would have gave him probation and not pushing for 5 to 10 years. Joe did what 14 days for the 2 DUIs but you want years for fake ID. Get real.

      • There is a fraud and ID theft charges. They are separate charges. The prosecutor should never have gone for ID theft charge. One element of the charge is almost impossible to prove which is benefit to Joe. He wasn’t caught driving with the fake license. His brother was stopped at a routine stop so it is establish all the elements of the charge are nearly impossible. They overcharged and they know it that is why the plea deal stated 5 years but not min time for probation which means it could be at any time. Joe wants probation and no felony conviction.

        • Re: “benefit to Joe”

          Was he planning to use the ID for financial purposes? To open new credit/bank accounts, for instance? I doubt it was just for driving.

          • Don’t you think you’re reaching a bit here.
            It was his BROTHER’s ID. As if, he was going to screw his own Brother.
            SMH and RME!!!

          • With these people, who knows! They just want $$$, but they don’t want to work for it except for Teresa.

  • As if people are justifying this. This is identity theft whether it was his brother’s info or not.

    • True Julia.. I personally do not feel that the amount of jail time mentioned is realistic for that crime tough. Im no lawyer but I think its a ridiculous amount to face when they are far more worse crimes committed that the taxpayers money could be better spent on.

  • I agree he did something wrong however, if the State of NJ wants to support a non-violent offender for 5-10 years I would like to know what their homeless population has to say about that! Shit this money could be better spent. Sounds like they need to do some house cleaning in the DA’s office. Just take away his driving privlages for a couple of years and give him some community service for crying out loud that at least benefits the community. NJ must be really f’d up.

    • I don’t think 5 years on a plea deal is a bad offer. Usually you get time off for good behavior and also most non violent offenders are eligible for parole meaning he would be able to get out way sooner than 5 years. I see some people mentioning the prosecutors are out to get Joe G or there is corruption in the office that is leading to such a harsh penalty. I think you guys are over looking the fact that this not his first offense – he broke the law more than once AND they were all driving related incidents! Also, because it was his brothers info doesn’t make it any less illegal.
      Now I do agree that rapists, murderers, etc often don’t receive the appropriate sentence but you can’t use that as a reason why Joe shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law. Community service is not punishment.

      • I’m sorry but five years is outrageous for a non violent offense and for someone with no priors. Drug dealers get less time than that for goodness sakes. This is a perfect example of how our justice system is wrong. If u r not violent it costs the tax payers big bucks to house these inmates not even including medical I might add…… Fine him up the ass and put that money back into the goverment. Throwing a father of four into jail over really a driving documentation offense is bullshit” look at the billions of dollars in corporate fraud every year and none of them ever get jail time.

          • He has not prions. He is not a predicate felon otherwise they would have said so. Traffic tickets and other driving issues do not come into trial because they do not beat upon the substantive issue.

          • He could have been arrested for peeing in public, punching someone in the nose and for sniffing BUT if he doesn’t have habitual priors then no, it doesn’t matter.

      • I can appreciate what you are saying Amanda but what I am trying to say is that it costs the State ALOT of cash to house an inmate and this may come as a surprise to some but it also costs a good chunk of change to keep someone on parole. Now whether or not you view community service as a punishment is besides the point. The whole idea behind community service is that the community itself receives some sort of compensation through giving of oneself to redeem their erroneous behavior. Therefore it is most certainly NOT in the State of NJ best interest to incarcerate Joe for 5-10 years nor is it cost effective for them to keep him on parole

        • Out here in Oregon one of my old girlfriends I went to scholl w/ had aggravated id theft- theft 1- and a ton of priors for drugs and 2 assults that were priors!!! Guess how long she did?!? 45 days in our county jail. Now tell me Joe isnt getting screwed?

          • I have a cousin that got caught with 100 forged travelers checks (Security fraud) and a fake ID (Identity theft) all fed charges IN NJS. She was 21 with no priors… got probation and cant work with currency ever. It’s a white collar crime. GO check up your hair dressers priors. You’ll be surprised.

        • SWW I was not aware of the costs for paroling an individual, thank you for the insight. (no sarcasm! 🙂 I think a lot us may not be aware of costs etc.) I do think it is a polarizing issue because of the media stories. Just reading the coverage makes it seem as though Joe really doesn’t think this is a big deal and that he only sorta broke the law. Combine that with his DWI charge and it certainly does seem that he feels the law doesn’t apply to him. Now the key word is “seem” because no one knows what is going on in his head but him. I just wish he would have thought more about his family and what this would do to them before he made a rash decision to obtain a fraudulent license.
          Also, thank you to all you east coasters with a knowledge of the NJ laws – I think sometimes we forget that laws vary state to state.

      • Good behavior is only a 1/4 of time. You will still need to serve 75% of your bid OR max out. Still deal with parole, etc.

  • I think Probation is good enough and not able to get a license for 5 years. But jail come on now that’s a little too much. I wonder if her family is going to support her or be happy at seeing the fact her husband may go to jail. I know one friend who will be with her and that will be Dina.

    Teresa I hope everything goes good and don’t worry too much

    • He was already on probation with a suspended license, but that didn’t stop him. I think a jury will let him go. It would be very difficult to send him to jail when he has four little children.

      • How could he be on probation, when he doesn’t have any priors???

        Read Jennifer’s post down below.

        Holy cow, you must know him, if not, why try so much to tarnish his reputation, and why do you have so much hatred for someone you do not know.

  • How much time will Joe get if convicted? I read somewhere, Joe could get 10 years, but I don’t know if its true or not.
    I would be freaking out if this was a member of my family.

  • I wouldn’t wish this on anyone…if he does go to jail and Tre stands by him…I hope its for the right reasons. I hope she stays because she’s really in love, he treats her right, and she believes they’ll be happy. I hope she doesn’t stay just to prove people wrong. Can’t believe Caroline would say Tre drove her husband to make bad decisions because she wants it all. Who on this show doesn’t want it all…caroline and albert own a successful catering business but now they want to sell marinara..her kids (whose parents are loaded and will pave the way for them to have anything they want) want their own individual businesses…melissa and joe want a music career on top of their million dollar real estate business…and you can’t drive someone to make poor decisions…if I were Jac and Caroline I’d be careful not to gloat too much over Tre’s bad times..

    • Caroline is full of it because it’s obvious that Joe makes bad decisions all on his own. I think he’s funny on the show, but come on, he lacks common sense. Was it really that important for him to drive? Was it worth this? Come on. He needs to grow up and follow the laws like everybody else.

    • Olivia, Theresa is supposed to be stupid, but she is as stupid as a fox. She invented herself the day she got the boobs. She is supporting her family already! They wish they had the brains and talent to do what she is doing. They cannot, and will not, so they bully her.

    • Are you kidding? He treats her right? Do you even watch the show? The way he speaks to her is disgusting. Telling her to shut up and that he’d leave her. The only time he’s nice to her is when he’s drunk. He’s such a loser and she knows it. He deserves whatever he gets. He thinks he’s above the law.

      • And how is the Manzo’s kids treating people? Tell me that one, please.

        Can’t talk about one person and pick flaws and not make it fair and ever. Just saying…

        You know, that little word “unbiased”.

      • If anyone thinks they are above the law, its the Manzo/Laurita clan!! I have seen more court drama with JoeGi, and its seeming as though he has done less legal damage than them! How are they not going to court and getting official charges, and still doing any type of business? Why is JoeGi’s legal woes the only ones discussed on this show? I want Caro and the rest, even Wakiles to have to discuss their lawsuits and lawbreaking! I want to know how Joe Gorga got a girl to take money and not fully press charges for his alleged rape. I want to know how he is still in business, if at all, after watching him on tv! I want Butch and everyone else to come forward that allegedly slept with MeHo , while married. And Joe Gorga, had at least 26 lawsuits filed against him in the last couple years…

  • Hell yea he should be eligible for probation. Our national dept is flying through the roof and we are worried about keeping non violent offenders in jail??!?!?

    His celerity status is obviously coming into play here.

    • probation also costs too much money in my opinion give him community service and be done

      • Better yet fine him and pump some money back into the government for schools or whatever our justice system though the best in the world needs a serious overhaul

      • The criminal pays for their pwn probabtion. The fees are HIGH so Joe would be forced to pay for his own probabation fees. In addition to being required to hold down full time work (which results in him paying taxes) Much better than putting him behind bars where tax payers foot the entire bill.

  • I strongly believe that Joe should be punished for what he did, but 5 years in prison is a little excessive considering people who do much worse get less time than that. However, I think it’s dumb for Joe to not take the plea bargain.

    • Aren’t there people who have gotten out of prison after 7 years who was responsible for someone losing their actual life?? Yeah, he deserves punishment, but make it reasonable and hard — what he did was extremely stupid and arrogant and he needs to learn a lesson, but 5 years is absurd. I am more worried about the illegals who have been arrested repeatedly and still driving.

    • I agree. His lawyer better be very sure of what he is doing. Now they can go hard on him and if he blows trial, he’ll do more time.

      • I personally think even if he loses the trial a judge will give him a lessor sentence than what the prosecutor offered him. The prosecutor is looking to make a name for himself. People who have commited the same crime have recieved way way less than what Joe is being offered. No Judge will put his own credibility on the line the way this prosector has.

        This prosecutor is facing heat from the public for other things. (look him up) and he’s using Joe Giudice to try to restore his own reputation.

  • Well I hate to say it but he admitted to what he had done I don’t see how a jury will find him not guilty.Teresa is the one I feel sorry for but if Joe does go to prison Teresa will be just fine.

      • I think it’ll happen. Howcould anybody who watches the show take Joe away from his family? I know I couldn’t.

  • This is a very serious situation. I don’t know if going to trial is the best idea or not, but faced with a 5 year plea deal isn’t good either. I’ve seen murderers get less than 5 years. While not condoning Joe’s actions, he does have 4 chldren to provide for. I think they will have a hard time finding a jury without predudice in NJ., as everyone there must know of him by now. Surely there is a better way to punish him. Perhaps weekend jail, so he could work during the week to provide for his family, or some type of work release program where he could work during the day go to jail @night & weekends. Just suggestions. I feel he needs to pay for his crime in some way, but I have to agree with his attorney, that Joe’s celebrity status is causing this to be blown out of purportion. Just a sad situation all the way around.

    • My thoughts,exactly. How did Joe Juice get lost in a parking lot if he is not driving? Why does he lie on top of a lie? He has four kids to worry about. How can he be so stupid.

      • That is not necessarily a lie. Maybe he said, “We got lost in the parking lot.”

      • Maybe its was the truth! Just like any other town there is limited parking near the court house. Hence, parking in a mall garage blocks away. No one is stupid enough to apologize to a judge with a LIE. The apology was at the end of court and he wasnt asked why he was late he offered the apology himself. His lawyer was also late and didnt offer an excuse!

  • I feel so bad for the family. This is just insane. How many people live here illegally and have fake liscenses!!?? It’s crap like this that proves again and again how dumb the judicial system is. How about sticking to putting rapists and murderers behind bars instead of a lisence violation. I mean come on.

      • Exactly! His brothers! It’s not like it was some random persons identity. I’m not justifying anything, bc legally it is wrong. But this is getting blown way out of proportion!

        • and its not theft if his brother knew about it- like common – really? the guy just wanted to get a license to be able to drive around AGAIN – WHAT A CRIMINAL OFFENCE – LIKE OH MY 😛
          yet we have sex offenders roaming the streets – and they are on parole – but this – this is like forget – so much worse according to the judicial system – this is whats wrong with the world

          • Katherine D I feel the exact same way! And the sad and sick part of it all is most of the sex offenders have been charged multiple times and still no jail time

          • It was a criminal offense. He knew darn well that he lost his privilege to drive AND to have a driver’s license because he drank alcohol and then got behind the wheel.(AND crashed his vehicle!)

          • I agree. Someone with a AII Felony drug charge get a 3.5 flat bid or a 1-5 yrs in NYS. Yet, a rappist gets 3-5 yrs. Same with a DUI gets 5yrs same sentence as manslaughter.

            These sentencing guidelines are ancient and need reforming. Like the Rockefeller law did to drug charges.

        • It didnt use to be such a big crime. College campuses were full of kids using real fake I.D.s from friends or family information. However, with big identity theft rings on top of 911 they put in stronger laws to protect people.

          Imagine, someone comes to the US with no greencard.. they need to support their families and prevent deportation.. they pilfer through your garbage, steal your identity, open a bank account.. works 3 jobs all year. Rack up credit cards, light bills, phone bills,bounce checks left and right, rents a home…. then ditches the info for someone new each year. Not only are you left with ruined credit and massive debt.. Youre left with owing the IRS some HUGE dollars because accoring to your SSN you made 100k more than you did last year. Those laws are in place for a good reason. I just think they are sticking it to him for being a celebrity (for lack of a better word) You can commit manslaughter and get less time than Joe Guidice is facing for using his brothers identity. SAD!

          • Yes, this is so ture. These laws need to be put in place. Eventhough I do not like some of Joe Gu’s actions, I believe the court has to put this situation in perspective. He did not steal someones id,his brother gave it to him. Which is illegal but, I do not think he should go to jail for 5 years. Wow. That’s a lot. Keep your head up Joe Gu and stop talking to your wife so crazy.

      • If thats what really happened Asian, yes. I have to admit , I do not probably know all of the details.

    • I know, people who commit a worse crime get less punishment. Me thinks someone is trying to stick it to RHONJ( teresa). Probably trying to set example for the wrong reasons 🙁

        • Hi Janshe…totally off subject but I read on another thread that you wrote about posting what city you live in and to be careful. You mentioned and incident that happen last week. What was the incident…if possible could you dm me on twitter cuz It’s hard for me to find my posts after awhile. I am @ItWorksLucy. If you don’t want to no worries I understand. I am just always looking for ways to keep my kids safe on the internet. Thank you for all of your great posts. I especially love when you guys put the trolls in their place. Have a good one.

          • @LUCY – It was only on this site. When you tried to post it went under someone else’s name, and you got to see their e-mail address.

            It was for a short time, on one day, and then it was rectified.

            Sorry, but I do not chat on facebook/twitter unless I know you personally.

            Hope you read this, let me know if you did.

          • I read it. Thank you for responding. I totally understand about not giving your twitter thing. It’s just sometimes its hard to find the response here..keep up the great posts love them.

    • Let me tell you something. Down here in Miami we have dead people and illegal immigrants voting. They round ’em up on election day and bus them to the voting booths. A teenager shot a boy in the back because he wanted his dirt bike and he got ten years. Jesus! How many times has Lindsey Lohan spent one night in jail for drunk driving. Whatever, all I am saying is it isn’t fair to make an example out of Joe because he is a celebrity. Half of the population in Miami has fake I.D.’s
      I would hate to see him do more than six months.
      We have illegal immigrants with felony drug convictions and we can’t even deport them. Yes, what he did was dumber than shit. But ten years? Are you kidding me? He would be a broken man. I am praying for the Guidice’s.

      • They’re not making an exapmle out of Joe. His actions have just caught up with him. He’s already gotten away with a LOT of crimes.

        And there is no proof of voter fraud in Florida. They just want to purge US citizens from the rolls who they think will vote Democratic.

        • Let me guess… You’re also a republican. LMOA! STFU already.

          What has he gotten away with? That bankruptcy that they retracted? You forgot to mention that one, right?!

          And what about Manzo head (well, he ended up without one, no pun intented) he got away with so much that someone got even by killing him) honcho Wait till all the skeletons start coming out…

          Juice as committed the same bullshyte as the Manzo’s & Laurita’s I guess. You know, birds of the same feather flock together. Fraud, extortion, lying to have a government job and all of that is required to be part of this “mob”.

      • Sorry but it’s been proven that voter fraud is like .0004%. No illegal immigrant wants to go anywhere near a voting booth. Much more likely is the government creating blocks for people to vote. In FL so many people are up in arms because veterans and older people (i.e. 92 year old grandmothers) have been stricken off the voting lists even though they’ve voted for years without a problem. Gov. Scott is a felon and a horrible governor. Can’t wait till he’s gone.

      • Manslaughter will get you less time than what Joe is facing. That is SAD! Where i’m from a 20 somthing kid used a glock to rob and carjack a man and his family. Took the police on long car chase destroying numerous police cars, they had to release K9 on him once they stopped the car. He beat the K-9 and hit four officers. He was charged with 5 counts of assualt on an officer (because the dog counts!) 5 counts of resisting arrest and armed robbery. This story made the local news because of the car chase. You know what he recieved? 1 year in prison, 1 year house arrest and 4 years probabtion. Yet Joe Giudice is facing ten years? The NJ prosecutor is looking to make a name for himself at the expense of tax payers money.

        As much as it sounds like an open and shut case Joe Giudice has the best lawyer in the state of NJ. he will walk away from a trial with a better deal.

    • a guy in NY just got 2 yrs for molesting a gazillion boys raping them for yrs and yrs. Bill O’reilly covered it. Rapists/ Child molestors get off so easy. I”m not saying that what Joe did shouldn’t have a consequence, but jeez anything more then 6 m’s is ridiculous!

  • Poor Teresa. No one deserves to watch her hubby go to jail. Why would he be going to jail for 5 yrs with a plea desk?!?! How long if he is found guilty?!?! Oy! 🙁

  • Regardless if Joe goes away, Teresa will stand by her man. I am 100% confident of that. And if there is a book to be written, it will be a tell all about RHONJ! NOT I divorced my husband a la Chuckie’s prediction.

      • I hope the Judge is not in anyones back pocket.

        Anyhow, Joe is going on trial, he will either get time or not. We all knew this was coming. Teresa will not divorce him over this, how long ago did this happen, and, she still hasn’t left him.

        Caro likes to yap about Teresa, regardless of the subject. Lets see if she opens her mouth now. If she does, she would be stupid, Teresa has already warned her that she has had enough of her bs.

    • He likely will not get more than six months at most. He wants not jail time and I don’t know what he wants to plea to. I believe that is the main issue that he doesn’t want to plea to a felony. The ID theft is harsh. It really should have only been a criminal fraud charge of 18 months and plead out, but due to the fact he is a celebrity we are seeing a lot more. Kennedy Cuomo will get a better plea deal and her blood alcohol level was just as high if not higher and she has a history.

      • Kenendy Cuomo does not have a history. She has never been in trouble before now, is an upstanding citizen, and will get community service.

        Juicy stole an ID from a real person, and that’s a big deal because it’s identity theft. It would be a lesser charge if he had made up a name. Also Juicy has a horrible driving record and has had MANY run ins with the law.

        His best bet is a trial because at least one person on the jury will probably be a Teresa fan and let him go.

          • Didn’t she claim she had take an Ambien that morning and it made her drowsy – who does that? Just curious.

          • You’re right, it was Ambien. I didn’t say she was innocent, only that she doesn’t have a history of this kind of thing, and she sure as hell doesn’t have the criminal record of Juicy.

            Let’s be honest, just in the short time the show has been on, how many crimes has Juicy committed? Forgery, bankruptcy fraud, identity theft, etc

          • Not only did she have ambien in the morning she said she had 3 over a period of a few hours. Then her PR team tried to say she had a siezure while driving and it had nothing to do with drugs.

          • Hotsummeday,

            joe doesn’t have a criminal history. DUI in NJ is not a criminal charge. It isn’t while in NY it is a criminal charge. NJ it is only a traffic violation. If you want the code section under NJSA I can provide it. That is swing facts on why Joe is not a predicate felon as you said. Kerry left the scene of an accident with another vehicle which she caused. Numerous 911 calls came in that she was driving erratically. Her toxicology report had her blood impaired past the level of Joe’s. However, Kerry is in NY where she has at min a misdemeanor charge , but they will give her probation or she will likely get off while Joe on something that should not be ID theft, but only fraud count is being over charged, that is my point. Joe is being over charged for who he is, which is not balanced.

          • You don’t know wth you are talking about. Shush now because you sound like someone that is just trying to play it smart.

            He’s never been convicted of any crime so what is your point? You can be arrested a 1000 times for different things how is a ID theft related to a DUI charge? Please delight me so I can school you in penal codes/ sentencing guidelines.

        • Heres the deal…people can be addicted to and abuse ambien! So maybe it wasnt alcohol but clearly she has a problem with ambien. Lets be honest, why else would she be taking it in the morning?

          • Thats what I was thinking! And sorry, I don’t know about this case, was she charged with DWI for the ambient, or DUI? And she took 3? In the morning?

        • She left the scene of the accident and was found later. Her DWI is drug related with Ambien that is true the toxicology report has the same level of diminished capacity if she were to have been drinking excessively. 911 calls came in from other drivers who saw her drive erratically. She had left the scene like a bat out of hell when she hit the tractor trailer from behind. Her case on DWI is much mor egregious.

          I know what Joe Giudice is charged with which is not DUI related because unlike NY, NJ does not have DUI as a criminal action. In NY, with her leaving the scene and the toxicology report that has high level of impairment she has a misdemeanor charge, but she won’t get one Cuomo is already pulling strings. As for Kerry’s background the press doesn’t have anything on it. She has had traffic violations before.

          I have no knowledge of Joe having been involved with the law prior to this incident which likely came out of his suspended license due to DUI plea. Where did you see he had any other issues with the law prior to DUI?

          • I think people assume Joe Giudice has multiple DUIs because he lost his licence. But in most states one DUI/DWI is automatic loss of license for 6 months to a year.

          • Nobody has to pull strings for her. This is her first offense, and nobody got hurt. She will get community service, but from what I have read, she needs to enter rehab. Tne two don’t even compare, as the court takes character into account.

            As for Joe, doesn’t he have something like 38 points on his driving record? I’m pretty sure prosecutors have noted that.

            The root of Joe’s problem is that HE DOES NOT WANT TO WORK OR FOLLOW RULES. All these schemes to make money cause him stress which causes him to to drink and make stupid decisions.

          • I don’t believe it was ID theft…..his brother GAVE him the license, he didn’t steal it. Also, the forgery you mentioned, was never proven, at least, to my knowledge it wasn’t. It was “hearsay”.

          • His brother didn’t give him the license. He got his brother’s birth certificate and went to the DMV and applied for a license under his brother’s name. So the new license had Juicy’s picture, and his brother’s name. When the brother got pulled over, Juicy’s face came up when the cop ran the license# through the computer.

            As for the forgery, Joe testified that he had permission to sign his partner’s name. The partner denied it, and so did several witnesses who were in the office when he did it. Plus he used a former employee’s notary stamp. When they withdrew the bankruptcy, this seemed to become a non-issue.

      • That was the mistake. I didn’t mean blood alcohol level I meant impairment. That was my mistake.