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Former RHONY Star Alex McCord And Husband Simon Van Kempen Get New Reality Show!

Don’t think you’ve seen the last of former RHONY star Alex McCord and her hubby Simon Van Kempen because they will be back on your televisions! Alex and Simon will be on VH1’s hit show ‘Couples Therapy’

A source tells Huffington, “For a couple of days last week, they were being trailed by a film crew, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cameras were seen loading in and out of their Brooklyn brownstone, and they shot in at least one restaurant. It was just them with no other cast members involved”

Kind of desperate if you ask me! Will you be watching Alex and Simon?!

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  • Why would they need couples therapy? These two have a great relationship..Looking for attention I guess..

  • I think I’ll be watching. I wasn’t a fan if Silex at all but really enjoy her podcasts. She’s pretty darn good at them.

  • Thye probably need the the money DMX and his wife were paid $25000 for last season, but they are actual celebrities with actual marriage woes. The B and C cast are paid way less.

  • I wont watch but I actually like her. When I started following her on Twitter she sent me a couple of DMs first one was standard “Thank you for following me blah blah, follow my husband @blahblah” Second was something to do with a quote I retweeted and apparently she liked it lol but her husband, he would fit right in with the jersey husbands whiny and bitchy.

  • Why are they going on Couples Therapy? Is there an impending Silex split? They seemed happy on the show, but I’m sure they’ve had money troubles since leaving since Simon wasn’t really doing anything. I hope all is well- Alex wasn’t my favorite but I did like her and hope they keep it together at least for the boys. If this is some stunt, however, they can both go to hell.

  • This is for couples that really need therapy. They just want attention or may, they have some issues. I am sure the producers are not going to let them sit there and act like they are happy go lucky.

  • Boy I’ll tell ya, once ppl get on the reality show train, they seem to have a lot of trouble getting off and going back to their old lives.

  • I will be watching. I found Simon hilarious and Alex charming, in a quirky kind of way.

    They just didn’t fit in with all the drama queens of RHNYC, which is not a bad thing.

    • Ditto! I could care less what couples they have on this show next time, with Simon and Alex on there, I would never watch them. I would not have watched another season of RHONY with them on, and well honestly, don’t really watch because of them keeping Ramona and Sonja. Fame has gone to everyone’s head and now they just do more and more outrageous things hoping it keeps them relevant. The truth is it is such lowlife and classless behavior that enough is enough.

  • Totally will NOT watch! I always cringed when they were shown on the HWs. They are both pretentious fame whores. I remember when they were fired, there were reports that they begged Bravo to keep them on. Anyone else remember how Alex use to claim to be so into fashion and one segment showed them at a designer friend showroom and Alex bought a hidous (sp?) dress made out of a horse feed sack?

  • I like Alex, at least she was not an annoying idiot like some of the NYHW’s
    I would give the new show a try.

  • That’s exctly what I was thinking Roxy. When I read your headline, my first thought was; what could they possibly do in a reality show?? It’s not like there real exciting, lol.

  • Alex was OK but her husband was so annoying. Not sure if I’ll watch because I really don’t care about them.