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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Season 3 Of Mob Wives Filming; Guess Who’s Returning!

I don’t know about you but I miss my Staten Island Mob Wives! Well..some of them at least! Looks like Mob Wives has begun filming! Renee Graziano’s son AJ revealed the news via twitter saying, “Just rocked the first film session of season3 #mobwives gott a long season ahead of us lets goooo!!”

So who exactly will be returning to the hit show? All the ladies! Yes, that includes the annoying Ramona as well.

A show insider tells AllAboutTRH exclusively, “All the ladies will be returning but some of them aren’t happy with what’s going on. Expect to see even more drama this season.”

Who’s looking forward for another season of the Staten Island Mob Wives? How’s everyone liking the Chicago Mob Wives?

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  • Re: BIG ANG – Her show is a huge disappointment!

    I think the producers placed Big Ang in a position to fail with her new show.. We loved Big Ang for her silent, sort of, laughter where you could just hear the sound of air escaping from her gigantic lips. We loved her for her sage advice to the over emotional Mob Wives and watching her over-indulge her cute puppy. Instead, Big Ang is seen drinking to excess, spending money like a drunken sailor and acting like a horse’s petuit. People in Charge: Change the format or Big Ang is going to bite the dust. I only watched bits and pieces starting with the 3rd week because this vehicle is a disaster waiting to happen. Can you’all say, “cancellation”?

  • I don’t understand why Ramona the Crazy, Lying Witch, was invited back. She is no good and I fast forward any dialogue from her. If I did not love the others so much I would stop watching because Ramona’s personality and comments are so ridiculous.

  • okay I love me some Mobwives. I love Drita because she is just like I am. My husband has done alot of what their husband has but I dont consider him a Mobster. I guess others would but we are from Cincinnati so its different I guess. SO….. I relate to what they go threw everyday. It sucks to be the “wife” of one because no body understand quiet like you do. Becuase they go on about their lives when your life is behind bars. Mine got 3 years for what he done. But im lucky I guess. But there is one thing I cant stand and that is snitches. Thats why I love my Husband!

  • Excited to see Drita n Renee. I just hope. The fighting stops. Would like to see them happier n moving on. Leaving the past behind. Wonder who the new wives will be. Can’t wait. #mobwives rule.

  • The juice that makes “Mob Wives Chicago” zip along — in my opinion, anyway — is Nora, who is clearly nuts.

    Nora has caused more reality-TV drama than any other member of Mob Wives Chicago — or New York — all while hiding behind the guise of one who only wants to be left alone to ensure that her killer father’s body is actually where it is supposed to be, in the coffin buried at the grave site that bears the man’s name.

    Her father, the hit man Frank “The German” Schweihs, is more psychopath than goodfella. Nora decides to produce red wine in his honor. Now, the idea of drinking a hearty glass of vino made in honor of her father — a man suspected of murdering Marilyn Monroe — is so tasteless, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.

    “Frank the German,” died a mere months before he was to be tried in the Operation Family Secrets case for the crimes of racketeering and extortion. So “The German” never served a day in prison. Nora should count her blessings right there, never having lost her father to a long prison sentence despite his ongoing evildoing.

    Another revealing Nora moment: Christina’s party is starting to kick and Nora provokes everyone to start arguing.

    (Now is it me or does this girl always seem drunk or whacked out or drugged, those big bugged-out eyes of hers always looking really glassy?)

    Renee is the one who really wants to come to blows with Nora — and after Nora throws a wild punch that misses, Renee can only pull out a few strands of Nora’s hair before people break up the fight. That is when Nora really loses it, screaming “Your father raped you, every night!” at Renee.

    It’s not true; she is merely trying to do with words what she couldn’t do with her fists: She just wants to hurt Renee. (Or is she projecting something that happened to her on to someone else?? We have no idea…)

    • After watching the previews, I had no interest to watch the Chicago Wives. They are too old to fight. So are Drita and Ramona on RI Wives, but they don’t seem as bad as the women in Chicago.
      I think the Chicago women were putting on for the cameras but they appear very Immature and ridiculous looking. Didn’t even bother. I hope RI Mob Wives straightens up some. Less fighting and no more non-sense.

  • I’m looking forward to it’s return for am a Drita fan…… I know that she’s said all along that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to return but guess she is according to this article…….

    I just can’t deal with those characters on ‘Chicago Mob Wives’, they are just way to over the top & quit watching after 2nd or 3rd episode….Sorry, can’t get into ‘Big Ang’s show either…. Just hoping that the ‘original’ Mob Wives stay on their original storyline which was supposed to be about them all dealing with their lives, ‘moving on’, with their hubbys/relatives out of the picture ……..

    Guess I’ll just have to wait & see…..:)

    • I hope so too. Im sick of all the fighting. I didn’t really get into Big Ang either, not sure why? Chicago is ok somewhat , especially if nothing else is on. Its not too bad, but I think they try very hard to keep up with their predecessors. I have watched it, missed one or 2 episodes. I like Leah, I think she is even better than some on SI wives. She has not even really raised her voice, stays calm, no fists yet, lol and gets her point across well.

  • maybe drita will finally take her daughter to see her dad never could understand why she didnt season one she was with lee sending playboy looking pictures into state prison but that child hasent seen her daddy since the show started WHY dritas always crying about how much the older one misses her daddy whats up with dat he wasent even to far son is 21 years old and i take him to see his dad any time he asks.and i havent been with my X in brother was 10 hours upstate for 2 years and we visited him . no loaylty .not a time to fuck with a man when hes in prison UNLESSS your a coward.iam just saying….and maybe carla will find someone else to pick on this season sick of her taking pop shots at renee all the time.she knows renee is sweet so she only fucks with her like a COWARD !!!!!!!!!!! just saying….

  • Too bad Ramona is coming back. She has the blackest heart ever. There is no light in her soul.

  • love carla , ramona & karen …& of course ang’
    no way drita or renee …
    in the minority …oh well …heeheehee

    • You are not alone. There are others! Some are afraid to comment on here with this show. Oh well.

      • What are the blogs for if we can not express our opinions freely. Afraid of what? Truth is I really like them all! Drita really over did it with the violence last season. Her inability to handle confrontation was just gross to watch. It’s true what Karen says, when she is confronted she goes into attack mode. Not cool your almost 40. I must admit I am a reality show whore. I love my mob wives!

        • And another thing.. What was so wrong with Ramona telling Drita how she is a mother and she will have her back because she knows her kids, that caused Drita to go off the deep end? I really don’t understand what Ramona said wrong that made drita turn into the hulk?

          • Ramona is an instigator. She starts shit and runs her mouth too much. She’s very immature. Sorry but true.

            I’m not always right though. I honestly thought Big Ang was up to no good and was trying to pit the two women together just to cause drama. Of course, I was very wrong. I realized Big Ang has a golden heart and now I Love Her! lol. I love Big Ang but I didn’t always love her. lol

            Who knows, maybe Ramona will show us a better side as I really do think Ramona is a great friend to her friends and I can see she really does care about her friends but she just needs to stop behaving immature. She really needs to get over Drita, and Karen to, and move on to the future without looking back at the past.
            I really hope Ramona, Karen and Drita can come together as they all seem like fun.

          • What is wrong with Ramona saying she had Drita’s back?! Uh..because the way Ramona spoke about her all season and had said over and over again that Drita should pick out her grave site!Ramona was against Karen ever trying to make peace with Drita! I tottaly understand why Drita reacted the way she did.

          • Sherocka, I felt the same way about that incident with “calling her a mother”.. I totally did not get that whole rip roaring fiasco over something that is true! On the other note, people get iced away by commenting because it gets so vile and down right nasty when they defend Drita( not all but there are some).

            Ramona did not say anything wrong, people just hate her I guess.

          • I think its funny when people excuse the violence Drita has caused while being on the show. While I liked her and all of them actually in the first season, that changed after season 2. If you can call out Ramona for a gravesite, let us not forget how Dita threatened to “eat Ramona’s face”. Both of them said nasty things about each other. Maybe because I do not mind Ramona, I felt watching Drita was far more violent and instigated a lot of things herself. A lot of contradiction, like most reality tv people.

  • I’m glad mob wives are back. I do watch Chicago, but it feels so fake. These chicks are too angry over little stuff. I especially can’t stand the crazy eyes blonde chick, but they are all a bunch of coocoo birds.
    Love Drita, Carla and big Ang. Can’t stand Karen or Ramona. Renee is ok, but has way too much drama!

  • I love Mob Wives and will be watching. I tried to watch Mob Wives-Chicago but it was difficult to follow. I’m not even sure if I saw all of the episodes. It wasn’t so easy to like the cast of Chicago either because all of the women were full on angry attitude all the time. There didn’t seem to be a soft side to any of them at any time.

  • Finally! Love my Staten Island Mob wives. It will be interesting to see what the new season will bring since there have been a few dustups on Twitter. Can’t wait!

  • Carla is the most beautiful MOBWIVE in the group! Love her to death, Cannot wait to see her in action again.

  • I don’t think Ramona should have been invited to return because I think she’s too childish. Karen is vile. I think Mob Wives would have done very well with Big Ang alone. lol. Oh, wait, Big Ang is filming her own show. Love Big Ang!

    • Wait, Karen is not vile. I don’t like her because she is morbid. She’s proud that her father was a murderer. Only a twisted person would be thrilled about a kill.

      • Rosalie- the only one on the show thats not related to mafia killings or deaths is Drita. Not arguing, but even if you don’t like Karen or anyone else born into that, its not their fault what their family members have done. While she is proud of her father, its not that part she is proud of ( I read the book, lol). She struggled with a lot of things because of what he had done in his past.

        • Michers, read the book titled, “Mob Story” by Michelle I forgot the last name. It’s a true story written long before Mob Wives. Anyway, Drita’s husband is in the book and you’ll see that he has strong ties to the mob. He’s a Bonanno associate and while I understand he hasn’t been made, he still has strong connections. Also, there is a connection with the Rizzo name in the book. Karen is mentioned in the book. It’s an interesting story. I do get what you’re saying about Drita’s husband. Unless things have changed nowadays, I don’t think a man can be made if his wife is not Italian.

          Anyway, I recommended the book because it’s interesting that some of the names are familiar with this show but it was written long before Mob Wives.

          I actually didn’t keep up with the show last season because they kept skipping a week and I got sick of it. I got hyped to watch it and nothing! No show tonight so it pissed me off after the second time. I know they do this on holidays, but this show was doing it too often without holidays.
          Always love your comments Michers.

          • I never heard of that one, I will have to check on that! Thanks for the info. I would be interested to see what it says especially because it was before the show. Thx for sharing!! I only put things that I know on here, not that its the word to go by.. I try! If it helps yay, if not, sorry 🙂

            Mutual on the comments 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my Chicago Mobwives!! But I’m from the Midwest (couple hours from Chicago). So the accents are normal for me. They are thick tho! Leah D is my girl!! Love her! Used to love Drita but not so much anymore. Team Karen all the way! And I’m happy Ramona is back! What drama would there be without her?? And let’s be honest…no one would watch if it wasn’t for the drama!

  • Hate Chicago Mob Wives. They make the Staten Island Mob Wives look classy and intelligent.

    • Hee! So true… especially the crazy blonde whose name I can’t remember. Her family is saying she changed her name to claim a relationship with her uncle when she really didn’t have much.

      She went from claiming she was classy to acting like a loon. She’s more “Ramona” than anything close to the REAL MobWives.

  • HATE HATE HATE the Chicago ladies, that show is horrible!!! Can’t wait for the Staten Island ladies to come back, but wish it was minus Ramona. I like Karen when she is without Ramona by her side.

  • I cannot wait!!!! I miss it . I’m sooooo happy that there are Filming Season 3 Of Mob Wives…….

  • Yes my girl Drita is coming back. She is the best. I also like Carla because the chick is always fly with her gear. Karen is cool when she aint around her so called cousin. I don’t want to mention the chick name because I just don’t dig her ora. Renee is cool and dramatic. I think she is funny acting towards Carla and Drita at times but overall I like her anyway. Jen the producer you are doing great things but please don’t play favorites regardless if its family or not. Drita love u mama, keep your head up and stay strong. You might not be part of the so called italian mob but its cool you are cut from a different cloth. You are true to yourself and never forget where u came from (rags to riches) and I can’t knock you for that. Only the strongest survive.

    • Just my opinion, but Carla always looks the same. She never does anything different with her hair.

      • No! She doesn’t even do a fishtail or cute bun, nothing! She could do so much with that hair!

  • I actually like Ramona, and Karen!! I enjoy all the ladies. Ramona to me does not beat around the bush. I love a women who says it like it is!

    • Oh stop it, I can’t even fake, I totally like Karen, lol ! I did like Ramona, but I will see what happens this season. I would love to see a sit-down with her and Drita. Without fist flying though…Im so over the fist fights on all of these shows. Starting out , I loved Drita, and Karen! One went left, one went right, and honestly the violence did it for me, especially trying to be a single mom and what not! I have my opinions, I will keep them to myself with my reasons, as I am not looking to argue with anyone on here LOL!

  • Not watching Chicago. Will only watch the original; love Drita, can’t wait for the new season.

    • I like Christina and Leah from the Chicago group, but that show doesn’t have the heart and soul of this one. It’s just a bunch of bad actresses and relatively disturbed people (poor Pia). I don’t watch much of MW-Chicago. It doesn’t compare to the original.

  • Just love Drita, can’t stand Ramona. I don’t see that Ramona adds anything useful to the show. My guess is that they couldn’t find anyone to replace her. I can’t imagine the producers think she’s interesting, although my guess is that they have something on her they want to reveal this season.

    • I wondered if there was more on Ramona too. Well Carla will probably be either super distant or more vocal towards her and Karen. I still don’t get why they said what they did at the reunion, so out of the blue. I hope they reair the reunion before the season starts back up.

      Questions: I want to know if Carla gets back with her husband, they are so cute together. Will Big Ang be there too? Will all the ladies film together? I hope Drita isn’t getting grief from Lee.

      • I hope Joe is ready to be a good guy! He and Carla are so good together (at least in the few clips we see them together). I love their family dynamic.

        Does anyone know how Big Ang’s show is doing in the ratings? I hope she comes back to MobWives. She and Drita are a “hellofa” good time when they get together.

        • lol michers!

          yea, something about Renee, and that Christina bug me.. Renee cause she has ‘tude, and Chrisina because to me she was trying too hard to make the others get on Noras side or something that bothered the hell out of me.. look that Pia and Renee don’t like Nora, she crossed the line and they went off on her. Maybe they took it to far, but that was on them. Why the hell was Christina trying so hard to make them ‘ see the light’ she had no dog in that fight. All she should have said was look I feel bad that the woman got her clock cleanned, shoot me ok, I’m not trying to change your minds. I feel bad that ‘ your feelings were hurt, and I feel bad that her face got hurt, period, it was a no win situation, period!

          Anyway just my opinion

          • IDK, I forgot about Christina, she is annoying. She did not even like Nora to begin with! Nora must have some juice on her because she is even battling leah with her nonsense! I hate the fighting but if Nora would have said half that shizz to me that she did Pia and annoying Renee, she would have got served a side something! I respect Leah’s reason for condoning that beatdown 🙂

          • Yea michers,,I’m like giving this Cristina the freakin side eye, wtf?? I get she feels kinda bad the chick got a beating but damn, let it go, why try so freakin hard to make people see her point? Like I said she had no dog in that fight, it is between Renee, Pia, and Nora. That what Leah was/ is trying to tell her, stay the f out of it.

          • Holy, I’m with ya on that! And is it me, or is she cross-eyed, lol? Not trying to be mean, but its hard to take her seriously sometimes with certain faces she makes???

          • LOL michers.. I think she is now that you brought it up..I agree it is hard to take her seriously withthe faces she makes sometimes, and wtf, does she have to keep driving her point home allllllllllll the time seriously, she is like jcqueline, shut the f up already!! lol!!

          • I hate Nora,she’s a total liar,denial is her bedmate.That shit she spouts,she’s prob half in the bag! And Christina ,I used to love,but she acts like a nun now suddenly.First time I saw the woman,she was ripping out Pia’s extensions for pointing at Did you forget that,C? I love Leah and she saw the real Nora when she met her at the italian fest.That Nora is whack,bi-polar! Her own family stays away from her and where the fuck was she when her “beloved” dad was dying and getting buried?? She’s fuckin full of shit!!

  • I love me some Mob Wives, but I was really hoping Ramona got canned. I don’t know one single person who likes her on the show. Waste of air time!

  • BRING IT!!!!

    Love Love Love The Mob Wives!

    I didn’t know if I would like Chicago, but I do. That Batso Nora though,, wooo what a freakin nut!!

    • I can’t agree more. Its like they have nothing better to do than to have sit-downs to resolve the drama that happened at their previous sit-down. I tried to watch a few episodes but after the second one I was done.

      • I know! This is going to sound strange, but my husband is unfortunately a huge fan of Chicago. I think to him it is so close to mud wrestling, and I don’t know why guys think it’s funny to see women duke it out but to me it makes those women come off as classless and cheap. Can’t wait for NY where at least there is a lot more of a story line – not some deranged psychotic woman wanting to exhume her father’s body while at the same time decanting his spirit from a bottle of wine that she made in on a field trip to a workshop with big plans for a world wide marketing tour! Ugh get real!

  • YES! I miss the NY ladies.. Ready for Drita to be back on my TV screen… I can’t say I’m all that happy about Ramona coming back.. but, she’s really close to Jenny G so I’m not surprised at all… maybe they’ll show less and less of her like they did towards the end of the season last year!

  • I miss Drita because I love her sweet, beautiful daughters, and she’s funny and crazy as hell! I haven’t watched much of the last season. I am still a little behind because they talk about the same stuff, so I hope there will be more to talk about. I haven’t been watching Mob Wives Chicago. I’m just not into it, and every time I try watching it, I get bored or sleepy, but I do like the one who speaks Italian with the really curly hair. Their accents are all too much though! I love Chicago, but their accents make it a little hard for me to watch. Especially the blonde chick, and the German chick. I’m just not used to Chicago accents!

    • Her name is Leah and that’s not really Italian that she is speaking! She kinda makes up her own words and it’s funny!! Other then that the rest of those phony witches don’t do anything but make Chicago look bad!!! I love Drita and can’t wait for the show to come back on cause Chicago Mob Wives blows!!!

      • yes chicago mob wives is not as good but i am an italian american and she is speaking italian, its also more like mob slang. but ya its italian lol. Leah is the most down and knowledgeable one there is on the show. yall need to back up its not their fault they happen to be from chicago. i do think they should rename the show in chicago tho ya cuz no one is wives!!

  • The Chicago cast are craaaazy!!! I like them, just not to sure whats ever going on!! Oh and none of them our wives, they are all daughters or nieces!!