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AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE: Phaedra Parks To GET Divorce From Apollo!

Another day, another divorce! Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is thinking about getting a divorce from her husband Apollo! Phaedra was even recently seen at Light and Salvation Outreach Ministries Church this past Sunday ringless!

A source close to the couple tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY, “The producers from RHOA are trying to snoop and shoot certain scenes of them arguing, but Apollo is just so aggressive he has started to refuse to partake in any filming. Apollo has even started threatening to take there son Ayden and leave.”

The source adds, “Phaedra is amazing with her son Ayden and that’s her main focus throughout all of this. Phaedra showed up to Church Sunday with Ayden, without a ring and without Apollo!”

Wow! I don’t know if I’m really surprised by this..the two didn’t really match very well. Are you shocked by the news?!

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  • And NENE and Cynthia I hope you two can get pass all the no non sense and work things out.I LOVE ALL OF YOU OOOPS NOT KENYA!

  • I did not think it would last too much longer about you do what you have to do and be there for your sons.So chin up and push forward and I Wish only the best for you.from one georgia peach to another!

  • I love Walter. He’s a very respectable man. Kenya has major medical issues. Who would want a psycho for a wife and the mother of their children.

  • What kind of women married or unmarried would show their azz— on tv and is a mother. What kind of respect is she showing her husband, her son and her mother who is a Preacher. If I was her mother I would feel very embrassed. It seems that some actors let tv use them for the money and they forget about respect.

  • Walter is a nice looking man Kenya is not cute @ all. Sorry. Something is wrong with her. She is on meds. I can tell. Whatever it is its deep. She’s not stable enough for kids I don’t think. Walter knows its just a bootycall. I think whatever this is with her mom has messed her up beyond control she is screwed. Where do they get these girls. Sheree was nuts too. She has been caught stealing a couple of times in her past look it up yall. While she use to talk about Nene’s son. Cynthia I love the way you got Kenya back for trying to be smart. Loved that. Cynthia brother in law is FINE. REAL FINE!!!!!What did he see in her sister she looks lke a Drunk and look old. Sorry. Still love Nene. She seem like Alot of Fun. Happy for Nene she’s doing really well glad she and Gregg are back together. Everyone seem very Happy. Kenya needs someone like Flavor Flav..Thats her match right there. And yes she was flirting with Apollo and why was Phaedra trying to be buddies with her while she was crying? Girl she tryin to get @ yo husband WTH?? And Cynthia…the way she was on Peter I would have pushed her right over while she was touching her toes while her ass was on the husbands penis. I mean yo husbands penis.She “IS” a TRAMP..Who does that? No one else was..Porsha was right about her. “TRAMP”

  • This year is going to be good. Kenya was Miss whoever, well she got all this money why don’t she go to the doctor and do something about her skin. She is ugly and Walter don’t want her why don’t she see that? Would you? She was flirting too much on that trip. But on a upcoming show Apollo was talking about Phaedra so something is going on with them the only thing I don’t like about her is she is always talking about her Booty my Goodness don’t make no since thats childish and always checking out other womens behind is she gay? Peter and Nene are great this seasson. Glad Kim is gone. Everyone has change since Kim’s off. Glad Sheree off too. But Phaedra really need to cut that out checking every womens butt. They say the preachers kids are the worse. All the men are Wonderful spirited. It’s always the women.

  • Ladies when will we stop the madness. Let a man be a man. Don’t get with a man that has nothing because the minute you build him up it’s a good possibility, he will exit the stage to the right, cheat or lie. Once they don’t NEED you anymore that’s THE END… Im not supried for phadra

  • I feel that some of Apollo’s comments during the trip to Anguilla were inappropriate during the pool scene. I also feel there’s some form of attraction between him a Kenya. Everyone knows that Kenya and Walter’s relationship is a fraud and she really have it bad for Apollo. But in essence, Apollo and Phaedra really aren’t the ideal couple. I wish them all the best of luck, but I think this season will be a eye opener…

  • She is a social puffer-fish. I give her credit for her ambition and professional achievement, but she is far from a gracious woman. There are people you meet that exude refinement. If you have to “remind” someone how important and “classy” you are, you’re not.

    These “reality stars” who are desperately clawing at attempts to make it into the upper echelon of social circles are repulsive. I cannot tell you how many times I have exited a venue because these women are present.

    I compare them to the ubiquitous “lipstick on a pig”.

  • I’m not shocked at all, she is so uppety it’s funny.
    What real Atlanta woman really dresses like that and throws lavish parties like she does for a baby shower and baby christining, I mean really??? She just shows off. Ok maybe I don’t live in AtL and I don’t see these so called RHWOA but I can’t believe that they really act this way. The best show was when they were in Africia and reached out to all those poor children and bought out the store for supplies for the Orphanage.

  • Ok Phadera may have been book smart but Apollo is street smart. This was classic hood 101 meet a nice girl with a future, knock her up, marry her, watch her blow up, blow up with her, then take your cut and part of hers. Although they signed a pre-nup she was on national television flirting and touching other men…was she serious. Apollo never allow his buisness to be put on blast. Phadera will settle for an undisclosed amount of money outside of court. Apollo was a smart man but remember he went to prison for RACKETEERING…Don’t hate the player hate the game! He knew exactly what he was doing and how long to ride the horse.

  • Sorry but I dont believe this ‘source’. The person could be telling the truth but I’m not buying it right now.

  • Phaedra was NOT at Light & Salvation this past Sunday nor any other Sunday this past month. Whoever let this story out and placed the name of my church in the mist of their  shenanigans is foolish!    

    • I know we spoke earlier but I still can’t believe that our little church that only tries to reach out and help those in need would even be included in something like this. Like we said, wonder if they will tithe off the $$$$ they received for this??????

  • Didn’t help that Apollo is a 10 & Phaedra is a 4 so yeah sorry for the shallow comment but hey!

  • Then those rumors where true that Apollo got his own apt. and also he was seen alot with other women on the town. I think Apollo didn’t like being with Phaedra, pure and simple. I think he loved the fact she fought for him and such in court, but like all prison romances it was a front and he wanted out. Loves his kid, but he loves being away from Phaedra.

    • yeah.. I could see that I think , they are on opposite ends of spectrum! When she said they were married when first on show, I didn’t believe it, lol! Im sure they are both nice, but he has no use for her anymore, and I think she really has no use for him either!

  • I don’t believe it. I also think its very rude for anyone to say that their marriage was doomed from the start.

    Didn’t they meet right after she graduated from college? It’s not like they met, she got pregnant, and got married all within a few months. Really what source can actually say what Phaedra is thinking???! Oh please.

    I’ll believe it when she files until then I don’t believe it. They all went on vacation together too.

  • The only reason they got married is bc her family is super religious and she was already pregnant and on a tv show!

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT straight from the A already confirmed this story was false. Dont feel sorry for her and apollo at all. Rush into a marriage because you don’t want to face your mommy and daddy. the Man just got out of jail and marries someone in the public eye its got to be hard. I just think that when people make bad decisions in life we shouldnt feel sorry for them.

    • I just checked and they did not confirm this story is false. It sounds very true. I don’t think someone would lie about this. Phaedra and Apollo were doomed from the start.

    • Straight from the A is a blog. Michelle is the owner of the blog and is very close to Phadra. Actually, Phadra is her attorney. She is very pro Phadra and does not post any negative blogs about her. But,does about all the other housewives (especially Sherre because Michelle is sleeping with Bob Whitfield). So, when it comes to Phadra or Kandi, don’t believe it. I think this is true and I am not shocked. This information surfaced a few months ago and I just don’t think Phadra a Apollo match. She wants everything “high class”. She is super concerned with the way the upper class of Atlanta view her. So for someone that wants the best this and the best that and name drops who she is associated with all the time, I just don’t see her marrying a convicted felon. I see her marrying someone that she could say is a doctor, lawyer, business owner, politician, ect. When asked what Apollo does for a living, she literly looks in disgust. I believe, Phadra and Apollo had some shaddy dealings in the past #lies of a realhouse wife, and she married him partly for legal reasons and the other part to have a husband to get on the show. She is Kandi, Tiny and Toya’s lawyer, so she had inside information on the amount of money reality tv stars make specifically these ladies and wanted to get on the show for a long time. She just talked Apollo into it and because he is all about fast money, he agreed.

      • Bingo, and that is why I believed that womans book. I think that Apollo turned snitch in the Federal prison (the reason why he only served 6 years of the 18 he was supposed to serve, Federal guidelines tell you that you have to serve at least 85% of your time before being offered parole). And Phaedra was the organizations in house lawyer who knew alot of people aka judges and cops.

      • Phaedra is NOT kandi’s lawyer. Kandi’s lawyer is a white guy she’s posted pics with him before…

  • I attend Light & Salvation Outreach and this is really sad, not about this story but the fact that it is absolutely not true. 1st of all Phaedra came to our church months ago, not this past Sunday. 2nd she never made any type of announcement, especially regarding her marriage. I just don’t understand why people take time to even put out information like this. Very sad, very sad that whoever did this had the time and energy to do so and even sadder that their day of payback will come and in what form who knows. Whats done in the dark will come to light.

    • I actually was there this past Sunday and she did attend. I noticed she had no ring on but didn’t think anything of it. A lot of married people don’t wear there rings. It makes sense now

      • I am a Minister at this church and have been for years. This past Sunday was a Youth Sunday and there was an event after church that didn’t even allow time for announcements so there was no announcement, no Phaedra Parks or anything of the such but its cool, unnecessary but cool. Janis? Hmmm never heard of you and this is a pretty small church. Introduce yourself next time you visit.

        • And you’re the minister and calling people out? Janis may very well be at your church. She may also be using another name on this site. So what you don’t know her.

          • No I’m not the Minister so maybe I phrased that incorrectly. Minister is not who I am rather its what I do. Calling her out? No that’s not necessary. We’re a small outreach ministry and I just would like to meet someone who said they had been to our church, its almost impossible to not meet a new face that visits. If its not her real name that further explains my earlier point. I can see what this is now and there is no need to continue because there is another motive here. I will end with this, I can’t and will not judge the person that decided to start or spread such falsehood. I truly pray that something good comes out of all this. Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised at all… I am very sad for them tho 🙁 divorce is no fun at all… I wish them the best in whatever they decide to do…

  • That’s sad..
    I think they are a beautiful family!

    It’s weird how it happens to every other ‘housewife’ …

  • Awww, I hope this isn’t true. But being someone who married my 1st husband just because I was pregnant I can see why it didn’t completely work out. I wish them the best hopefully they can make it work if not be wonderful parents to their absolutely adorable son.

    On a completely superficial note, Apollo is IMO by far the hottest househusband/boyfriend/SO on any of the housewives franchises. If he finds himself single I’m sure it won’t be for long.

    • Yes Apollo is handsome, even Andy picked him as the hottest husband on WWHL.

  • Apollo is too good looking for Phaedra. Phaedra is smart, talented, and goes after what she wants, but I dont find her attractive. No, I’m not tryin to be mean. I am just stating my opinions. I never saw their chemistry anyway, and they just seemrant but structured and a little off. Phaedra flirts and touches a lot of men, and she seems shady and scandalous in my opinion. I wouldn’t trust her, and it’s nice that Apollo hasn’t said anything about Phaedra’s shady past.

    • TOTALLY disagree. Apollo is handsome, but Phaedra is smart, successful and classy. Looks arn’t everything. She married “down” in my opinion, he probably wouldn’t even be working now if not for Phaedra, it’s hard to find quality employment after a stint in the clinker. Apollo hasn’t said anything about “her” shady past? he was the one in prison, she gave him a new start, he has a lot to be grateful for to Phaedra, how in the world could he bad mouth her?

  • Hmm.. the marriage did seem kind of shady?? IDK.. She always defended him so much Im surprised she is throwing in the towel already! I don’t care too much, just funny when you think of comments these people used to say on our tv’s then BOOM- done.

    • I agree. Every single one of the DC wives are divorced now. I would have never thought Stacy nor Mary would be divorced.

      • I cannot even believe Mary divorced! Did not see that one coming.. and Stacy- was she the realtor on the show? She was nice and minded her business, aww, thats sad! Linda is too cranky for me, lol I can see why she is divorced.

  • Not at all. No married woman should act how she acted in the show. Flirting w other men & whatnot. Never saw their chemistry.

      • Okay care …he had his hands on ms. U.s.a ass when they went in the pool WHO saw that…still they r a star couple…but she got her own and WHO needs a brake up about now It’s a new year ..soon to be

    • Your thinking of a different housewife. Phaedra never flirted with any other guy. Last episode one of the housewife’s flirted with her husband and she put a stop to that fast. Said, “you don’t mess with a married man”. I think she’s the only one on there that is genuine, classy and a true “Southern lady”. Never saw her do anything disrespectful to reputation, never even heard her curse, which most of the housewife’s can’t say an entire sentence without the F bomb every second. She’s a class act in my book.

    • I agree, and I hope it isn’t true, because it makes me sad for all involved, especially their son Ayden. Truly hope this speculation is wrong.

      • Ok, i’m hurt too…for sake of the baby i hope its false. I almost fell out when I heard it on tonights show. I hope its just to boost ratings. Please don’t let it be true!!!

  • just speculating…but it seemed she rushed to get married because she was preggo and according to her momma, no one in their family has babies outside of wedlock (due to her momma being very religious)…. so maybe she was like… “eff it i’ll get married, have him sign a pre-nup, have the baby…and worse case scenario i can get a divorce..”

    i hope the best for the baby! He’s precious 🙂

    • I say no they look good together and I love her she is that girl hope they work it out they have a son…Plus I know they have mad love for each other…praying this is not true…