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Teresa Giudice Launches Hair Product Line; Names It After Milania!

Milania is quite the popular character! RHONJ star Teresa Giudice added another thing to her resume and launched a hair product line called ‘Milania!’

Teresa got her fans involved and asked them to pick the name of her new product and viewers chose Milania!

Milania product was created using 8 essential natural ingredients. The product nourishes and repairs hair damaged by heat styling tools. The combination will leave your hair stronger, smoother, shinier, healthier and create great hair you’ve always desired!

Teresa Giudice just isn’t stopping! She continues to make a name for herself! Kudos to her!

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  • last I heard Teresa hair dresser was going to be on the show what happen? Dina husband left her so bravo thought that was a juicer story?

  • I won’t be buying it (I stick to the hair products I have been using for years), but congrats to Teresa! She’s making use of being on the HW.

  • I can’t wait to try it!
    I was hoping it would be Gia, but Milania is just as good of a name!
    Best of luck to Teresa!!!

  • Miliania is a cute name happy for Teresa but I’m still crackin up bc Kathy is really a hair dresser but wants to be a cooker on the show. Now Teresa have her own hair products and cooking books.

    • Yes, but Teresa has no right to be hurt angry or frustrated, righhhhttt… Just like Mel is a singer and has dreamt of it her whole life… And does anyone know, ’cause I have asked for a bit. Does Joe Gorga still work or have his business? I just cannot imagine people throwing deals his way after all of this nonsense.

      • @ Michers I also can’t see people throwing business his way after seeing him make a ass out of himself. Can you imagine someone hiring him to build a house for them? All I would be wondering is where in my house did this pig pleasure himself and shoot poison, thats not caulk drying on the bathroom tiles. LOL

      • i think he is not currently working, but i saw that he is advertising in the local coupon magazines in NJ. he has a picture of himself in the ad (oh the ego!) which looks so silly. i can’t imagine ppl would hire him esp knowing that he doesnt pay his employees and other contracts. i’ll pass on that drama!

    • i know…kathy must be spewing venom at this moment. I am going to buy some. At first I liked the name diamante (some hate it) but I like the name MILANIA…it’s like honoring MILAN, ITALY.

      • She probably didn’t want to be a lowly beautician (grandmother was a beautician-I just love working people Ok) and went with the housewife label when she actually did hair which is honest, right.

        I imagine right now Kathy is constipated and in shock. Trying to pretend you are something else you missed a business opportunity.

        Next time I access the internet I’ll see a blog post accusing Super T of stealing Kathy hair care line. How long do you think that will take to happen?

        You know one of us should be a book maker so we can bet on what’s going to happen next, these mean people are too predictable and they will stoop to the lowest level to hurt another human being.

    • Ya, and watch next season she will say Teresa knew she was a hair dresser and stole her idea and recipe for the shampoo. forgetting that she already told us she was housewife! Hypocrites

  • and BLK, just got their website up yesterday, but people are having problems with it, does’nt have all the places where they can get their produce!

      • I agree. Sounds like something you’d have to drink before a dr. scopes some part of you.

      • michers I am a black woman and I don’t discriminate at all but something black water just gives me the heejeebees, I never think of putting something like that in my body. Fulvic Acid whatever it is I don’t want to know.

        • Rah- you are a hoot! I do not discriminate either, but I would never but that shizz in me body, lol. People laugh, but seriously, you are all gonna see this one day on Discovery Health or ER shows.. Im nervous for those who have indulged! I cannot take these people’s words on how great sludge is 🙂 . God forbid if anyone gets hurt.. Side effects??? Long term problems? Where is the FDA, lol?

  • WOW! You just know Caroline, Jac and Melissa are huffing and puffing. Caroline and Lauren have their Cafface spa or whatever it is and they don’t have their website up and running! Poor, poor marketing on their behalf.

    Teresa is definitely blowing these ladies out of the water.

    • didn’t someone tell them that cat face isn’t cute and cacaface is like shit face in spanish?

      When I first read the name I wasn’t looking apparently because my first thought was who wants a shit face!!

  • Have you notice that the two girls that looks like Teresa (Gia and Milania) are more outgoing then the other two (they look more like Joe).


    • T has said several times that Gab is the shy one and I don’t think she likes the attention .

      • Gia is a great kid.I think the other ladies on that show should keep in mind that Teresa`s girls are true daughters.They can fight among themselves but they are gonna have each others back.And I can see them now backing their momma 100%.Look out ladies Mil will put you in your place and have the sisters will help keep you there.

  • I think Donald Trump’s wife will be delighted…I think Milania is a good, sophisticated name…thing is, we only think of our fave Giudice said, soooooo buying it!!!!

  • I don’t think that “Milania” is a name that non RHONJ watchers will remember. I think they should have gone with something more descriptive of the product.

    Fabulucious? For fabulous, luscious hair? That’s not great either, but I’m just throwing it out there. Just don’t think that going with a childs name was a good choice. Diamonte was another bad choice. There was a car named “Diamonte”. That said, I still love me some Giudice’s! 🙂

    • Maybe she can also do a line for teen bra and name it after the daughter that wants to wear her “push up” bra. This is sending a wrong picture as being a Momma does not happen by wearing a push up bra or it didn’t in my families.
      Keep the daughters young. They deserve it.

    • Lusterous would be a name description compatible for hair and the point you make for fabulucious the name can be over used so much people will get tired of it.

  • lets hope jacqueline doesnt have a spaz on twitter about this … “omg i was going to call my hair care line Milania also “

    • She has a hair line too? She looks like a big ol mess with her crooked pony tail. Who the hell would say to themselves Geez, I wish I could look like Jac. My hair looks better when I’m cleaning the house. And don’t get me started on M and her hair line that starts in the middle of her head, she looks like she needs to start doing a comb over like the old men do.

      • She sure does.. Her hair is alway a greasy old mess, and the style? LMAO! Caroline and Jacquline always look dirty to me,( on and off the show) eww, unkept, nasty, no style yuck!

        I bet not care for everything Kathy and Melissa wear on and off the show . But they always look clean, their hair most always looks good, at least they care about their appearance.

    • Jacko, is gonna say she was offered her own hair care product but Tre went behind her back and took that opportunity from her…..

    • she just said on slice tv that teresa stole business deals that were involved with her. what a liar! Who would want wacko jacko?

  • THERESA IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!! Which one of these jealous, pampered “housewives” or their spoiled brats would have the guts to go out there to support her family, pull everybody out of the muck, and have the billiance to make people think she’s not so smart and its not a big deal. Good going, Tre.

  • Best wishes to Super T, my reality girl on her latest endeavor. Keep striking while the iron is hot.

    I wonder how many jobs Super T has created in our Country’s economy? She is living the American dream. It must feel real good to be able to honor your debts. Super T displays nothing but integrity. I feel like I have watched her grow up and mature from the table flip incident. I pray God continues to bless her and her family.

    I am sure I will have to buy some because my daughter spends at least $75 a month on hair care products. Y’all my daughter is obsessed with her and it is maddening.

  • I personally don’t think that’s a good name. I know people love Milania, but I don’t think that’s reason enough to name a product after her. I just don’t think that name has a ring to it for a hair care line.

    • Yea that’s how I felt but people voted for it. I just picked that name because I love her but I assumed it wouldn’t be it…. I guess everybody did what I di LOL. But yea I think another name would be better….

      • Um…Dave Thomas named Wendy’s after his daughter, P Diddy named Justin after his son, so why not?

      • i thought about diamante but then again, milania kinda has the Milan, Italy association, so it works great.

    • I agree, I love the concept and think she could run with it. But, I think the name should have been a bit more business savy. Eventhough, I love Milania and think she is the ultimate funny kid….especially the comments she makes to her father…funny. But, honestly, I would never baby sit that kid in a million years. But, who knows, it could be a hit. I hope so. Tre does not know but, she is an inspiration to those who fall on hard times and pick themselves back up and keep moving.

      • I would babysit Milania in a heartbeat. We would prank the Hooker all night. We’d send her tons of pizzas and pay for them with money stolen from Gia’s purse. She cracks me up.

    • I love the name.I really do see it as a great name for beauty products of any kind.Kinda classy if you ask me

      • I think its a good name. Its better suited than “teresa, melissa, caroline, kathy” Milania is just exotic enough to fit well.

        Can we talk about the brownstone sauce?? Its $23 DOLLARS per small jar before tax and shipping. Or for $$65 you can get a crappy gift basket with a signed picture of bozo the clown.

        I am very careful with my grocery money and i make my own sauce…but that price is INSULTING to me. Do people actually pay that much for a small jar of sauce? I would need two for a family dinner. thats around 50 bucks in sauce alone!

        Teresa should complain they stole her idea. She Jars her own sauce with the whole family. Remember the episode where the parents had to make sure Jac was not on her period before they would allow her to help? haha

        • Holy crap! That’s a lot of money for only 1 jar of sauce, and who the hell would pay for a signed picture of CaroClown??? They are trying to make as much profit as they can from their “so-called” fans! That’s comical, and I can’t help but laugh and make fun of them! The Manzo’s are ridiculous, and they think they are IT! HAHAHAHAHA!

          It’s good Teresa knows how to market her products! She doesn’t charge a lot, and is affordable for everyone! I hope her hair care line isn’t a big bundle.

        • Holy shizz balls!!! These peeps are crazy. I heard the sauce was not even all that, lol. I read reviews online before about the Brownstone itself, and the most complaints were about the food- imagine that! Of course, you have some crazed fans who think its the ‘Bomb”. Some of the pics are nice, I expected more ! My Grandmother would roll over in her grave if I ever bought that crap!

        • You know there is some bozo out there that will be so excited to buy a jar of sauce and a bottle of BLK sludge.

  • I voted for that name too; just because I love her LOL. Buts its a good pick. If it works on African American hair I would buy it.

    • Keep going Tre, this is awsome. The packaging looks like an African American hair care line called Mizani. Her hair looks so health so I am happy she went into hair care. Wine, clothing lines, workout videos, and auto tuned “one hit wonders” are over used. Maybe she can do what Bethany has done with wine. She was the first and the biggest profiter…everyone after her…is going no where with their wines/beverage. (Ramona, Nene, Kim Z, Tre, Wines by Wives…not sure why Vicky would go into business with Tamra, she has not biz savvy at all, she just knows how to hook a man, they were too busy fighting to even market their new business, Tamra sure did market her new wqorkout business why not the Wine business, she prob did not invest anything in it, I’m sure Vicki is the one who put the money in to start) Anyway, I hope Tre can do with the hair care what Bethany did with Skinny girl Margs.

      • All the Housewives pick beverages because its a multi-billion dollar market. However, it is so full of competition few truly become successful. Bethenny was truly a pioneer in the alchol market because she was smart enough to see how beverage companies wern’t marketing to women. I’m hoping Teresa has the same success as Bethenny, but they need a better distribution method.

      • You make the remark that she was the first but Bethany has more than Skinny Girl Margs and came out FIRST.
        I am sure the next line Teresa puts out is make up and eye make up line ! I believe she is just going down the list of what other celebs have done.
        I hope success for her but it seems she is following others and if it works good for her but to call her the first, she is not. Others have done cookbooks (Even toaster cookbooks) clothes,handbag line, make up, and other lines.
        Maybe doggie clothes and donate the proceeds and certain amount to Humane Society or ASPCA.
        Would love to see that for some celebs with pets. lol.

    • AGREED! It looks like a great product but I have natural hair so I can’t use just anything but I will at least give it a shot!

        • I recognize Samantha from another board where she goes by another name.

          I feel very sorry for her because there has to be something mentally very wrong(not to mention incredibly sad) with a person who gets off on obsessing over a television personality and trolling boards favorable to that television personality just to get people riled up and angry by spewing such vitriolic words and such nastiness.

          Why not go to other boards where more people are favorable to your opinion? Or, if you are going to be on a board that is favorable to Teresa, why not be respectful and intelligent in your criticism?

          Oh yeah…that’s right. She does not do that because she is C-R-A-Z-Y!

          Trolls are motivated by certain psychological and/or personality disorders. Samantha is nothing but a troll.

          • Is the other name Nathania? Because yesterday you called me Nathania, and I was all wtf?

          • Im already looking to buy this product! I’m obsessed w/ good hair product and I will admit I overindulge w/ good product for hair! I absolutely love T’s hair so I will definitely be purchasing this! There are no words for the respect and admiration I have for this woman! As does my 86 year old grandmother who came here on a boat from Italy! She loves Teresa and what she’s made herself into w/ all the hard work! Love that she named it after her daughter! As another Italian woman I’m so excited to try this out!

          • She claims to be one of the sisters. But she has never given any real truths or facts. She could be typing from the womens prison for all we know.

            I personally think she’s a crazed fan looking for attention.

          • Say what? That is the best scenario I have heard for it in months, lol!!! I wish she would act up and have her privileges suspended.

          • samantha is definitely related to the Marco’s. i personally dont take offense to it because i know she is too obsessed with melissa to look at any1 else’s point of view. when she is wrong she just posts rude insults which reminds me of what a little child would do. i laugh bc she is just like melissa. once she is caught in a lie she goes back to the ridiculous sprinkle cookie story like it was the worst thing in the world.