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Video: Briana And Tamra Expose Vicki Gunvalson

In this sneak peek footage from part 2 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter Briana exposes her and reveals some infidelity in Vicki’s marriage with Donn!

Oh snap! That’s a low blow for Tamra to reveal what Vicki had told her in confidence but Vicki had it coming! Do you think Briana should have kept quiet? Part 2 of the reunion looks a lot more interesting!

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  • You know what? I’ve never liked Alexis but she should’ve pointed to Gretchen right after and said “If this is your new best friend, you better watch your back”
    Seriously, if Tamra is willing to throw something like that out there about Vicki after them being such bffs for so long, she’ll throw anyone under the bus.

  • I think that’s an extremely low blow for Tamra to make, true or not. I know some of my friends secrets I’d take to the grave, even friends who I know longer have friendships with. You don’t sell people out the first chance you get. Tamra is a trashy bully and Gretchen is a whiney brat. They’re made for each other.

  • The things that come out of Vicki’s mouth (or blog) don’t ever make any sense to me.
    She writes about Brooks “I have a very good judge of character and I sure wouldn’t have stayed this long if I didn’t feel he wasn’t worthy of me.”
    But at the Reunion she states Donn cheated on her for 20 years????
    She stayed with Donn, did she feel he was he worthy of her? Now she’s with a grifter? It seems to me she’d see the pattern. I don’t believe she’s nearly as smart as she thinks she is.

    • Agree with you Margie. I would never use her as an insurance agent; she would probably talk me into something I did not need. If she had 1/2 of a brain, she would leave the show so her business does not suffer.

    • You make good points. I’m starting to think Vicki and Donn had an open relationship or were swingers or something. *shudder*

      Regardless, Vicki is the biggest hypocrite to ever hypocrite. The end.

  • Tamra looks like an old biddy who just got her hair done and is afraid to move so she wont mess up the bouffant…

    • Tamra probably thought she was competing in a beauty pageant; that what her hair looks like! Did you get a good look at her shoes? They looked about as cheap as she did. She is hideous.

  • OOPS… I mean, Vickie offered a Manual for $400. She collected the $400. but never sends the manual.

    • Wow!, Rosalie Marie you are on a roll!! I remember a guy named Duff from one of the earlier seasons, it was when Vicki was working out of her house and Duff worked for her. I question Vicki’s judgement; anyone who would stay with a spouse who has been cheating on them for 20 years is a flaming idiot!

      • Socalsoccer, I’m on a roll! lol. I know, I can’t help it sometimes. I keep going and going until I force myself to cut out the crap. lol

        • These are some strong accusations here. I have to clarify, there are a lot of independent insurance agents that have appointments with many larger different insurance companies like AGI, that does not mean that you are responsible for thier actions. From what I can see, her agency is a pass through, they provide clients coverage options from many different carriers. If a carrier is offering a product that does not requrire medical underwritting, that is not anything that Vick can control. Also, she says that she meet Brooks at an insurance conference (not sure how true this is). But, if it is, then, many different agents come together for meetings and trainings all the time. That does not mean Brooks worked for Vicki. It just means he was in the insurance business. I think the accusations regarding fraud are baseless. Also, there are many agents that start their own insurance business right out of college. A lot of major carriers recruit college grads because they are aggressive and good sales reps. Don’t like Brooks, but, I respect Vicki and the business that she has built. It’s very hard building a business and maintining a business and I have to give her credit for that.

          • Vicki did not go to college when she started hers. By the way, Vicki’s personality on television is unprofessional and frankly, she’s a flake with an aggressive attitude. Who in their right mind would ever feel confident in her services? I wouldn’t trust her with a dollar bill.

          • Rosalie Marie you sound like a major hater. Very Very sad. Remember negative attracts negative.

    • What exactly did Brooks do for her Co.? He couldn’t have sold inurance, could you imagine meeting with someone for a policy and they have no teeth in their mouth? LOL

      • I think Vicki said she’d known Brooks for 15 years, but I don’t think she said he worked for her. I think she did say he was in the Insurance Biz and that’s how she’s known him, but I got the feeling it was for another company, not hers

    • Isn’t Duff the name of an ex-boyfriend of one of the old housewives? cant remember her name – she had dark hair and light eyes – she was divorced and had 2 grown daughters that hung with Laurie’s girls. She also had a young son with a boyfriend i could swear his name was Duff?

    • I remember a “Duff” on an earlier Season…. He dated and had a son with Tammy Knickerbocker..and he did work for Vicki on the show at one time….

  • I couldn’t help but wonder how Alexis could afford the rent on the mansion she is staying in and then I questioned how she could afford not one, but two Rolls Royce vehicles. I think she is allowed to live in the mansion free of rent as long as she shows off the mansion on the Bravo show for free sale add. Showing the mansion (which was for sale) on this show may enhance the sale of the mansion. —–
    As for not one, but two Rolls Royce vehicles, I watched the Rumble In The Jungle episode where Alexis admits Jim worked for a car dealership. Perhaps he borrowed the cars? Hmm.

    As for the Trampoline business, we all know that to was a lie. The real President of that trampoline business spoke out and said, it is a team of investors who own it and that Jim Bellino was involved with building a portion of the Trampoline. He has no investment with them.

    • I have one more issue I would like get off my mind and it to is just a hunch.

      I’m still puzzled with Vicki’s insurance business. The employee’s are very young. She now offers a million dollar life insurance policy and no physical background check. I can’t help but wonder if she’s using that business to embezzle funds from customers? I don’t think she’s as legitimate as she appears.

      • Keep in mind also, It was revealed on the RHOC Reunion that Brooks worked for “Vicki’s” company for 15 years. Really? What did he do there? Was he out selling insurance or wheeling investors? What was his role with her so called legitimate insurance company? He’s fairing as a con on this show so you can imagine the power he has within her so-called insurance company. Also, in time of recession, what insurance company would suddenly pop up from nowhere and offer a one million dollar insurance policy with perks?

        • Vicki claims she started the company when she was 29 years old, baby in tow and no money and no college education. Who starts an insurance business with no money, a baby to take care of and no education whatsoever? RHOC seems to have too many uncozy people on their show. Jim Bellino, Slade Smiley, Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson.

          • Think I’m crazy? Well, not really. Here are two messages from two sources who are friends of Vicki’s first husband. By the way, Vicki left her first husband for Donn. He had no idea she was divorcing him. He’s been fighting back all the allegations Vicki has made about him on television.

            First Source Wrote….
            Hey Vicky,you ignorant swine! Remember me? Sure you do.Still talking fiction and exaggerations? Hey, how bout some truth about you? Insurance scams,stealing,embezzling from family business.Look out! Your day in court is coming.Stop stepping on people for personal gain.I’ll know if you read this when my phone rings.
            Second Source named John wrote…..
            John wrote:

            Reliable sources indicate that Vicki Gunvalson is an insurance agent for AIG (the insurance company that has received taxpayer funds in excess of $125 billion) and attended the much publicized lavish junket at the St. Regis Hotel in Monarch Beach.
            The story is also on

            Now it’s coming out the Brooks did in fact work with Vicki at the company for 15 years.
            Also, for more research, just use key words, “Vickie Gunvalson Insurance Scam” and all sorts of Information comes up.

  • My take on all of this is ‘if you don’t want or aren’t ready for your past & current life to be exposed on national telelvison…. don’t sign on the dotted line for a reality show…… Vicki’s been doing this for 7 seasons, she knows how it works…….

  • Gretchen is on my nerves now. She is always the VICTIM no matter the situation. She tries to put all the rumors, and accusations onto Vicki, when in actuality, like Andy said, Tamra put them out there. Also, no matter how irritated I am with my mother, I would never put give up that kind of information. Kind of sad. I don’t condone Vicki’s behavior, but you’d think her daughter wouldn’t sell her out like that!

  • Tamra and Gretchen are more than just a friendship! My brother helps me with my father, so he was at my house while I was watching RHOC Reunion and my brother said about Tamra and Gretchen, “They are freaks! They’re conceited lesbians!” He then went to explain. He said they didn’t just simply dress alike, but Gretchen dressed like Tamra and Tamra dressed like Gretchen. He said that what it is is, Tamra loves herself so much, that she dresses Gretchen to look like her, and Gretchen loves herself so much, that she dresses Tamra to look like her. He said that way, when they make love to each other, it feels like their making love to themselves. I Look At That Reunion show and frankly, I can’t help but think my brother is right. My brother does not watch this show and he is not gay. He just picked up on what I told him. I told him that Gretchen is wearing Tamra’s style and Tamra is wearing Gretchen’s. This would explain why Vicki is so very jealous of Gretchen. Vicki and Tamra had a thing. I honestly believe my brother. He said Tamra and Gretchen are freak lovers.

    • They love themselves so much but they can’t make love to themselves so they dress like one another to make it feel like they are making love to themselves. Tamra and Gretchen should be on that show, “Taboo!”

      • Oh and don’t tell me I’m crazy, after all, my brother really does make sense. I even watched the RHOC Reunion again and I couldn’t keep my mind off Tamra and Gretchen dressing alike. Watch RHOC Reunion with this in mind and tell me what you think.

        • lol maybe you have something there. their little joke about “it’s like their dating”or something like that was kinda weird. they are just too obsessed with each other.

          • Im sorry, I have to laugh! Not trying to be rude, but thats a little much don’t you think? I thought you were kidding above with this! Wowsers…No way. Furthest thing from my mind. No way. They like the p to the enis!

          • Michers, wait until you watch the next weeks reunion. You’re going to see it, think about it, and like I did when my brother actually put this crap in my head, it’s going to linger on your mind and you won’t be able to take your mind off that notion. lol. I wish my brother had simply kept his mouth shut but the more he pointed out to me, the dress, the hair, the shoes, the jewelry, the more he had me convinced that he was right. lol.

  • This reunion is getting way too nasty. I didn’t think it could get worse than previous seasons but I am so disgusted.

  • This, my fellow viewers, is called ‘great reality television that equals off the scale ratings’….
    Kudos’ to Bravo for their excellent casting abilities…. 🙂

    • You must know a lot of freaky housewives then. I watched from the beginning but quit before last seasons reunion. These people and their unchecked shallow lifestyles bear no resemblance to reality to me. I wish Laurie Waring and Jeanna were on the show.

  • I feel so sorry for Briana!! I hope Donn gets everything! Looks like her sex life with Creepy Brooks has been on for a few years. I hope Briana does not allow Creepy around her baby!!!!Vicki you pick a guy over Briana and Michael, what a disgrace…

    • pick a guy over brianna and michael? their adults and have their own lives and are out of the house so i think vicki has the right to date whomever she wants. i’m pretty sure her grown kids have dated questionable people themselves and she didn’t approve of.

  • WOW. The secrets just keep on coming out.
    I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Vicki. That woman is horrid to the core.

  • Tamra is one to talk about someone sleeping with someone while they were still married. Newsflash you were with Eddie while you were still married to Simon. Acting like a whore all over national television (newsflash there’s no way her kids don’t shit that went on last season I’m sure they have friends whose parents watch the show). Tamra reminds me of Crazy Jac from RHONJ as soon her friendship with T ended she put out things that she was told in confidence.
    Tamra is just a white trash whore, she should shut the hell up. She has changed one bit, she’s still just an immature mean biatch hiding behind “I’m just being real”. You can be real and not be a bitch about it.
    Her friendship with Gretchen is so fucking fake, like how can you be friends with someone who went for your blood like that. But with what Gretchen did to Alexis,I can see she was never a real friend and now that she’s friends with the “cool, real one” (gag)her true colors are showing.
    Why is Brianna still on her mom’s case. Vicky can date whoever she wants its her life. Brooks may be playing her but its her lesson to learn. She’s happy now, accept it and move on.

    • ITA jamellah. They have made their point and if Vick chooses Brooks its on her. I did not watch the season only the reunion and wonder how the show can continue with this much animosity. Also how could there never be rumors about Donn before now? Tamra is just a big mouth..keeping it real my Azz. Just very mean.

    • Tamra and Vickie also had a “THING” going together. It’s obvious that Tamra and Vicki were more than friends. It’s obvious that Tamra and Gretchen found each other, within each other. Tamra and Gretchen are very strange.

      • Rosalie- WHATTTT? Girl, where are you coming from with that, lol? No flipping way! OMG right now- u are killing me with that!

      • Whattttttt??~?~~?~?~ Where is this coming from???? However I could totally see those 2 trashboxes Tamra and Gretchen getting it on…I do not quite see vicki and Tamara getting it on….And Heather most certainly would not approve of this behavior! LOLOLOL

  • When is Vicki gong to comment about Bruce/Brooks? Didn’t she say on Facebook she would “soon”? Unless she wants to wait til the reunion is over.

    These are shocking secrets to come out. Vicki has portrayed herself as the meek and mild intimacy deprived wife, but in reality was in contact with men, Bruce/Brooks and who is this random from the trip? Are there other randoms?

    Briana has been a witness to a very long secret that she didn’t condone. Briana must really really dislike Bruce/Brooks, and she probably has good reason to. This isn’t about betraying her to the other woman, but to throw fresh water all over Bruce/Brooks, hoping to ‘snap’ her mother out of her trance. Maybe if all the cards are on the table, they can find a way to get along again.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!Never seen that coming. That’s it they are all twisted. Who knew Vicki, what a collosal hyporcrite Holy hell. She has taken it to a whole new level. Well she just got her contract renewal confirmed for having this tidbit exsposed. Here I’m thinking Don was being a dog for wanting alimony. He’s a cheating bastard of the first order. Go figure and she is the one that can’t say vigina. She’s a bloody HO. Un—be–lie—vable.

  • If Don is now living with the chick he’s been banging for the last 20+ years, that would explain why Vicki wanted to rip her eyes out when they met.

  • Why does Brianna owe her mother privacy when her mother had chosen to put their lives on television?

    • good point. I think all these women sign up thinking they can put out there only what they want people to see and know. What they forget is that everyone is human and they can’t control feelings and relationships which always change all the time.

    • I just think there is a certain loyalty that should be held with your mother. Even if they aren’t on the best terms right now, giving the other women ammunition is terrible. Even if my mother and I are disagreeing I will always defend her. She is my mother!

      • As I pointed out above, Vicki accused Brianna of cheating with her husband on his former wife in while the cameras were rolling. Vicki will deflect her shit on to ANYONE.

        • yeah that part was wrong of her but i probably would’ve done the same because briana was talking crap about brooks and vicki’s emotional affair. i think she was just trying to tell briana she isn’t innocent in that department either. as much as i think it’s wrong how vicki is being treated i thought it was wrong of her to bring that up and say “bring it” to her own daughter. i think she realized what she did wrong and tried to make up for it.

        • I would avoid the situation. I wouldn’t be filmed. I would take a step back and say, my relationship with my mother is suffering because of this show, so let me avoid it. Not get even more wrapped up in the bullshit. I wouldn’t continue to get involved in the unnecessary drama. Plain and simple. I don’t think Vicki is the world’s best mother, but I also don’t think she the greatest. However, I don’t think it warrants starting even more shit with in my family. Point is all these women need to grow the eff up.

      • I think she’s trying to protect her mother from that weirdo. Everyone can clearly see he’s taking Vicki for a ride and Briana’s trying to save her from him. Even if she’s doing it in public I think she’s trying to show her Mom how strong her feelings are about this guy. Vicki is always saying her kids are her life but she’s picking Brooks over her kids and on TV telling Brianna to shut up under her breath. Briana knows what’s going on and she’s calling her Mom out on it.

    • her mother signed up and brianna was always behind the scenes and avoided being filmed. brianna is an adult and can choose not to reveal her mom’s private matters. just because you signed up for a show doesn’t mean you have no rights to privacy. everyone has a choice to reveal or not to reveal. vicki always respected brianna’s privacy why can’t brianna do the same? i don’t know her reason but maybe it was a last ditch effort to get her mom to see the light but knowing how easily embarrassed and hurtful vicki gets i don’t think it worked.

  • How is what Alexis did to Gretchen about her lips any different then what Tamra just did?

    What Don did was wrong, but that does not make what Vicki did ok. These relationships are so childish.

  • Vicki is being delusional and has always been insecure, that said I do not agree with Briana ganging up on her in public and siding with her fremenies. She should discuss this in private and have more respect for her mother.

    Tamra is pure evil, she has a deep-seeded need to be mean and hateful to someone. I started out the season wanting to believe she had changed for the better – but no even in a better relationship – new Tamra is just as mean and vile as old Tamra. And all those who align and remain silent are just as bad..

  • I like Tamra because she calls it like she sees it, but if you are her friend and then become enemies, you better hope you didn’t tell her any of your secrets, lol.

    • being a loudmouthed, hypocritical backstabbing bitch isn’t calling it how she sees it. she only see it when it suits her but god forbide call her out of her bullshit and she cuts your head off.

      • totally agree! saying she calls it like she sees it is a total cop-out. she does it to be mean and to cause drama.

        • So no one is capable of calling it as they see it? Its a cop out when you do not like the person I guess! Buts its calling it as they see it when its someone you like?Some viewers like the fake phony liars, so I appreciate Tamra not being a kiss ass liar who is not pretentious and doesn’t blow smoke up asses. And she is far from the biggest hypocrite as well. They have ALL had mean moments, so if Tamra is mean they all are.

          • Michers I love you and your opinions on here however I have to disagree this time. Bethany Frankel calls it like it is. Tamra says cruel comments that come to mind and is the first to throw you under the bus if your on her bad side. All in a malicious manner. She has a filter but chooses not to use it if your on her shit list. All of these women have flaws. They’re all fake, hypocritical, materialistic, and pretentious! Like I’ve said takes one to know one! They’re all guilty in my eyes! But can we all be honest here? Sure Tamras fun! I like to watch her at times however I do not enjoy watching a grown mother behave like a 16 year old mean girl! The “intervention” w/ Alexis was meant to be cruel and malicious w/ the sole intent to hurt. If not Tamra never would have said “otherwise we’ll kill the bitch.” It’s plain as day she enjoys seeing Alexis hurt and her snide “Nick names” are just another example. Tamra got satisfaction out of saying that about Vicky! She did it to punish her. Did Vicky deserve it? Yah I think in ways she did. But Tamra isn’t some call it as I see it straight shooter! She’s bitter and aims to hurt with her words! I see her as a bully personally. She has kids and needs to set a.

          • Oh by the way I am one of those call it as I see it and the one thing I always am sure to do is own my behavior and actions. I will call the other person out and admit my part in it too! It takes 2 people! I’ve rarely seen Tamra own her bad behavior and actions! Instead she she deflects her own shortcomings and keeps the focus on others like she did when Alexis called her out in Costa Rica for being mean! If Tamra was so straightforward and honest she’d own her mistakes. I think she likes being brutally honest with others so she doesn’t have to look at her own issues and I truly believe she gets gratification out of hurting those she doesn’t like!

          • LJ- totally respect your reply to me, its all good! Im just a wee bit cranky today! I think you are right when you stated she wanted to hurt Alexis. Some people are like that when they can’t stand someone anymore, not saying its right but I do not know if I could be a softy with some of these women and their bs either. I guess we are just going to disagree with her being a straight shooter or not!

          • Oh I didnt think you were being cranky Michers! Just wanted to put in my input. And your opinion reminded me that there are times that I’ve been mad and wanted to intenionaly hurt someone when I called them out. But in the end when I was cooled off I did admit that I’d taken it to far! But we’re all entitled to our opinions! I was just surprised there was an opinion I didnt agree w/ you on lol! Sometimes I dont even have to post anything because you say it for me!!! But I still love your comments and posts!

          • P.S. LJ- funny thing is usually I agree with the usual people I respond to, I don’t know what got into me today, I feel like theses shows are making me feel like a ping pong lately! Then when I see someone else’s point of view, I look at it different sometimes. Such is life 🙂

          • michers i feel the same. I agree with LJ and i never thought i would disagree with you on a topic because so far every opinion you’ve had i’ve agreed with. so you like loud mouth straight shooters. nothing wrong with that. everyone is different and have different taste. i hope i haven’t offended you with anything i’ve said. i’m just very passionate when it comes to the tamra/vicki fiasco. 🙂

          • rukidding- no way, never offended by my friendly fellow posters!! I think Tamra is a break from the norm, lol. Thats one reason I like her on here. Compared to the other uptight fakes, she seemed more realistic on this show. I hated how Simon talked to her, and was relieved when she was free, lol ! Think she brings drama, yet comedy. being loud is not always right- but can you just imagine when they are all together and what we don’t see? I don’t think Tamra would target someone unnecessarily, just my thoughts. It was obvious to me 2 seasons ago that Alexis looked down on her, because of Simon, and was harsh to Tamra. When someone continues to make digs at you and be snooty, eventually every time you see them, you are going to be not nice back.

        • @Stephanie totally agree. She’s just a mean bitch she always wants to be where the drama is so she can stir the pot. For example, when Jim and Terry were talking ( of course Heather walked in- seems to she’s afraid to leave her husband alone for too long- and they criticize Alexis’ marriage) but Tamra’s ass had to come and pull up a chair to get involve. Thought she didn’t like Jim.
          Fake as bitch

          • I think Tamara was right to go sit over there. She’s the one that threw Terry under the bus and she knew that Jim was going to confront him for saying what he did about Alexis. So as much as people are giving her a hard time for it,I think she was trying to back up Terry for something that SHE put out there by putting Terry on blast.

          • Sophie- they would have seen it anyway on tv! Honestly what as said was not a big deal, and it turned into something it was not,Terry said ONE word, lol.. which he was not off the mark with in my eyes! I would hate to see some of these people in a real crisis! Ugh, can you imagine?

        • Wow, you heard what was said all wrong. Brianna said the emotional affair began earlier, then Gretchen was dumbstruck by the news and expressed how she could throw daggers when she was doing the samething. Sorry Gretchen but that’s what was said.
          Vicky brought up Dons 20yr fling…to deflect the topic and Brianna confirmed it. Then Vicky brought up that Tamara was dating Judge while with Simon. Which was false. She was separated. Just like Tamara she argued her point and Vicky became Vicky trying to deflect and shame game everyone else…duh Tamara threw up Cabo in a regurgitated fifth grade manner about the call from Vicky waking up naked next to a naked man.
          Sorry but the story sounds very truthful. She hade the date and I’m sure the call can be verified through a hx of phone records. They were like sisters they said. Giving up all the skinny.
          Vicky telling her daughter to “shut up” at least twice is priceless. We heard all around the world how she is a loudmouth herself.
          Tamara needs a reality check on how not to curse a person or fetus. Like say “on the bible” but even my Momma would pop me on the back of my head for saying that.

      • Tamra uses the “truth” as a weapon to blugeon the women she doesn’t like. And she does it with such relish.

  • tamra hit an all new low. what a disgusting pig. everyone wants to throw daggers at vicki when they are not innocent either. vicki revealed that tamra wasn’t a saint either and to save her own ass she literally hits vicki below the belt. someone has to be crazy to think tamra is cool and funny and just honest. there is nothing honest or cool about her. she’s a snake and will tear anyone down to make herself look good.

    as for briana she claims she doesn’t want to hurt her mom but she is doing exactly that by giving her mom’s enemies more fuel to attack her. she should talk to her mom in private and not in front of a pack of wild rapid dogs waiting to strike every chance they can get. those bitches are blood thirsty.

    • Rukidding, I am all for defending our opinions, but if her own daughter calls her out, why are we nit picking Tamra? Just curious. I know a lot of people do not like Tamra anymore, but I think its more of a shock and awe that Briana does this, yet people think Tamra is icky!

      • I think Briana did this to try and wake her mother up and get her away from that scumbag she is dating that guy is creepy!!!

      • because tamra is icky and vulgar and an all around bitch. she’s using brooks to attack vicki. it’s a mean girl tactic to her. pick on something that she knows will piss the other person off and pretend she’s just being a friend. what kind of friend attacks and reveals secrets and uses her daughter and her unborn grandchild to hurt. where did all this animosity come from? i’m thinkin maybe she’s being influenced by gretchen to show how cool she is or she’s mad about something.

        as for briana i don’t agree how she’s treating her own mom either. you can tell vicki is hurt by her own daughter turning on her. how briana is voicing her concerns is not exactly helping. she really didn’t need to do it on the show. she has a more legit reason to be worried because that is her mom.

    • Wow, you heard what was said all wrong. Brianna said the emotional affair began earlier, then Gretchen was dumbstruck by the news and expressed how she could throw daggers when she was doing the something. Sorry Gretchen but that’s what was said.
      Vicky brought up Dons 20yr fling…to deflect and Brianna confirmed it. Then Vicky brought up that Tamara was dating Judge while with Simon. Which was false. She was separated. Just like Tamara she argued her point and Vicky became Vicky trying to blame everyone else…do Tamara threw up Cabo in a regurgitated fifth grade manner about the call from Vicky waking up naked next to a naked man.
      Sorry but the story sounds very truthful. She hade the date and I’m sure the call can be verified through a hx

    • 100% agree.

      I am so disappointed in Briana, that is the ultimate betrayal.

      I expected that from Tamara, she is a world class bitch! No loyalty at all…

      • I cant see why Brianna did that. After the show ends all that is left is family. I lost respect for her. WOW.I believe that Don being potrayed as a great guy always killed Vicky. I heard he was a big drinker and now a cheat. Just WOW.Vicky has stated that all is well now with her kids and Brooks and they even vacationed together…I dont get the time frame.. To me this betrayl is huge and not fixable. It seems the more dirt on Brooks the harder Vick defends him. She has to learn on her own. All in all pretty pathetic.

  • Tamra better pray every night that her skeletons dont tumble out of the closet. That woman just LOVES throwing out peoples laundry (not cool, friends or not)

      • I don’t think there is any secrets on Tamra she kinda lets the sh*t out of the bag herself. I do beleive though she was the one always exposing Gretchen on everything so why G is riding Vickie’s a** so hard I don’t get. I don’t think it was cool of T to tell everyone what Vicki told her when they were friends about waking up nacked next to someone, for god sakes her daughter was sitting right there, T has no class

    • I quit watching after Tamra threw wine in Jeana keoughs face at that party. In looking through comments from time to time, I am glad I did. Bravo has a sick idea of what it is to be a real housewife.

  • Tamara is a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. I’d bet money it’s true that Vicki fucked someone and I’d bet it was the Don lookalike she was cozying up to in the pool.

    Do some research people, there are plenty of articles from well over a year ago reporting that Vicki has been “friends” with Brooks as far back as 2007. Her holier than thou, good Christian woman act is just that, an act. She and Alexis are perfect for each other. How either of these broads could think that they’d go on a reality show and not eventually have their skeletons fall out of their closets is beyond me.

    • who gives a crap. don apparently isn’t a saint either. who she bangs isn’t anyone’s business. gretchen just wants revenge. which is confusing to me because the person she should get revenge on is tamra who maliciously attacked her and slade relentlessly.

      • Tamra and VICKI attacked her. Vicki more so about how wrong it is to have affairs.

        It is SAD what Don did, but again it makes you think WHY does Vicki stay with men that are not good people.

        • Now, if Briana knows ALL of the gory details, yet still does not like Brooks, what does that tell ya? She loved Donn even though he may have done her Mom wrong- still does not like Brooks!

        • Tamra was the main culprit in the whole gretchen and slade bashing. she did more of the spreading rumors and talkin to both their exes and talking to the owner of thedirty a shaming gossip ezine. vicki was along for the ride and was quilty by association and she wasn’t innocent at all but she wasn’t vicious like tamra was but for some odd reason gretchen forgives tamra someone who tried to destroy her and not vicki? that doesn’t make sense at all. grethcen did have affairs and did cheat on jeff thanks to tamras investigation and for gretchen to try to thrown vicki’s affair in her face like if she’s evil is very hypocritical of her.

          • But Tamra apologized to both of them and admitted she was at fault. Vicki doesn’t seem to get it, or doesn’t want to admit it, that she’s guilty of being a hypocrit.

          • Lol- agree! I think Gretchen realizes Tamra was on to her..therefore, she is friending the enemy to keep her at bay! I hope Tamra knows what she is doing with this girl. As much as I am glad I don’t have to watch their arguments anymore, Im skeptical of Gretchen’s motives.

      • Few people are saints so they should all stop trying to play one on TV.

        And obviously we all give a crap because we are tuning in.

  • Holy shinola……I can’t see the video!!!! Crap!!! Someone pls tell me what is said…….

    • Briana says that Vicki had been dating Brooks for years. Her and Vicki reveal Don had an affair for 20 years during their marriage. When Tamra agrees with Briana’s accusation against Vicki, Vicki says Tamra was dating Eddie when she was still living with Simon, which Tamra denied. Tamra then got so angry she revealed a huge secret- that Vicki had sex with someone on their trip to Cabo last season. Vicki denied it; Tamra made her swear her denial on her grandchild’s life.

      Yeah, complicated much? Lol

  • wtf! Vikki got her freak on really!? lol but 4 real Tamera is a horrible friend how dare she tell that embarrassing secret and try to make her swear on her daughter or grandchild’s life!

    I can only imagine how many men Tamera woke up naked beside! she is trailer park trash!

    • Vicki had it coming she tried accusing Tamra of cheating. Vicki is the BIGGEST hyprocite out of the WHOLE franshise!! This season really showed her true colors

      • Exactly Tom! Karma is a big bitch & Vicki just got served hers. Sad but Vicki was asking for it. You can not keep being that big of a hypocrite…it’s gonna bite you in the ass sooner or later.

      • their all hypocrites and it’s shameful that these so called adults have the need to throw each others dirty laundry at each other and in front of millions of viewers. i cannot wait for when it’s time for tamra turn to get dirt thrown in her face because she’s been slinging mud at everyone. by the way, vicki tried to accuse tamra of the same thing she’s being accused of because she was trying to defend herself and let it be known that tamra isn’t innocent either. pretty obvious there was some truth to it because it hit a huge nerve in tamra. if everyone truly believes in karma then i have a feeling next season it’s gonna be tamra’s, gretchen’s and heather’s turn.

        • nothing will blow up in Tamras face bc she tells it like it is, and doesn’t hold anything back about herself, we all know her dirty laundry, and if there was more, simon would have exposed it by now!

          • See, I think that way too about Tamra! I like her. She has been my fave. I do not always agree at times with her words, but I like her the best because of her conviction. If she thinks she is right, she will fight until the death. When she was wrong, she admits it and moves on..( my opinion)

          • being bitchy isn’t telling it like it is. everytime someones tries to “tell it like it is” to her she acts like a vicious bulldog and strikes until she draws blood. her and eddie’s life seems too perfect and you know that saying “when it’s too good to be true then there is something wrong” tamra and eddie will get their turn and i’m gonna laugh. vicki already revealed that she has alot of dirt on tamra and eddie so only time will tell if she will stoop to her level and let the cat out of the bag.

    • Wow, i usually agree w/ ya’ll, but I like Tamra. sure she talks to much at times, but she def. keeps it real!

    • Tamra she’s a dirty woman….i bet she slept with so many men and women.Eddie …this poor simple guy will marry her……OMG.
      At 44 years old she’s a lousy mother to her 4 kids……and an ex lousy wife to Symon.

    • Maddie, I’m starting to feel that way, lol ! I feel one way, then I see someone else’s points…rollercoaster!

    • She did not lie about Gretchen. Which is being proven over and over again. I do not know what you are watching?

      • Bravo does a good job of avoiding all mention of Jay and the lawsuits, I’ll give them that! Gotta love the power of editing. Gretchen was even served in front of Bravo cameras last season.

        Did you catch what seemed like a confession by Gretchen? When they were beginning to talk about Vicki cheating Gretchen said something like “So you were doing what I was doing.” It was said pretty softly (for Gretchen). It was in that moment when she was realizing what was being said. When I heard that my ears perked up in amazement!

        Did anyone else hear that?

        • I thought I heard that too!! I guess she was referring to that guy she was with when she was engaged to Jeff?? Tamra nailed her on that like 2 reunions ago. Yep I totally heard that last night too..

      • Im glad they made up because their fight was draining the show however, she did not lie about Gretchen or anything. She was pissed and rightfully so and defended it . Im sure she was sorry and wanted to move on from fighting- no one can possibly want that all the time! Im sure she is not lying about Vick. Look, if people wanna swing, they get hit back! I cannot understand how some of you think its not ok for someone to fire back???????

        • wasn’t that what vicki was trying to do before tamra threw that secret in her face? gretchen and tamra were attacking vicki like always and vicki was trying to defend herself and say tamra isn’t innocent either then tamra like the backstabbing evil witch she is revealed something in private that nobody knew about it. yes, i have a problem with that because tamra has a habit of doing that. it’s okay for her to attack but if you attack back she comes back and smacks you right in the face. the girl plays dirty and she was supposed to be vicki’s friend. she just showed she cannot be trusted.

          • You are right , I think she did play dirty with that “secret” about Vicki, however I feel like in that instance, she was hurt by Vicki for a few things and figured if you are coming for my jugular, Im going for yours! Again, I do not think its an excuse, not saying its right, but it is understandable.

      • Tamra never lied about Gretchen. That was all true! Gretchen is a dirty girl, and even though I sort of like her, I would never trust someone as scandalous as her. I do believe what Tamra said about Vicki waking up naked with Brooks is true! I don’t think it’s right that Tamra tells everyone on national t.v. though. Vicki shouldn’t have said anything about Tamra even though Vicki herself is a hypocrite, but even though Tamra and Vicki had a falling out, she still shouldn’t blab Vicki’s deepest darkest secrets! I’m glad all this stuff aired out though. Now they can hopefully find some peace, and not be so bitter and judgmental towards everyone else.

      • I agree. I may be warming up to Gretchen, but Tamra never lied about her, i’ve seen all the proof. Gretchen w/ that guy Jay who is sewing her, half naked drunk w/ her engagement ring from Jeff on, just like Jay told tamra, and she told all of us

    • Scroll down to the last comments and read what I wrote and supplied regarding Vicki Gunvalson’s Insurance Company. I do provide links to back up that I am not making it up on my own. I was suspicious of Vicki’s Insurance Company when she started to offer, during a recession, a one million dollar insurance policy with no medical background checks. Also, I am suspicious of Her So-Called Insurance Company, when she admitted Brooks worked there for 15 years. That’s how she met him.

    • How did she lie about Gretchen? Gretchen just admitted to it on the video! Vicki went too far accusing Tamra of being with Eddie while her and Simon were still under same roof and her face was priceless when she found out she was wrong!! The left side is winning all of the rounds!

    • Tamra comes from s..t….thats why she lies so much.
      Vicky is a nice lady….and it is nice to see her happy with this southern man.
      Hey Briana…please don’t concetrate 2much on Brooks….try to lose some weight after the baby….you don’t look healthy.Respect your mom for once….okay?
      Don’t take sides with Tamra….this one she’s a trailer park trash.