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Brandi Glanville And Adrienne Maloof Finally Make Peace!

I have a feeling season 3 of RHOBH is going to be an interesting yet really good season! This past week, Kyle Richards hosted her annual White Party and both Adrienne plus Brandi had the opportunity to finally make peace with one another!

As most of you know Brandi and Adrienne haven’t got along since last season at the reunion where they went at each others throats. Brandi has also accused Adrienne of giving negative stories about her and the cast to the press! Adrienne has since denied.

A show insider tells Wetpaint that at the White Party the two did speak saying, “They talked about the Twitter stuff and why they had been so upset with each other. It was pretty civil. I wouldn’t say they’re best friends now by any means, but it’s a start. They’re communicating. Things had started to get pretty ugly and I don’t think anyone wanted that. But friendships change on this show in a heartbeat and there’s plenty of filming yet to occur. Let’s see what happens.”

Adrienne was rumored to get Brandi a spot on the show so it was a bit odd when the two got into an altercation. Do you think they will ever be friends? Are you excited for the next season of RHOBH?

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  • Yes this is by far my favorite bravo show.and after viewing new jersey i can not wait.

  • Adrienne brought Brandi on this show just like Tamara brought Heather onto the RHOC…why is everyone so willing to believe Bravo’s BS storylines?

  • Regarding the picture above – these are all pretty ladies, but can I just say how sick and tired I am of the long candlestick curls that every woman is wearing on these shows? There needs to be a new hair trend!

  • I’m surprised at how many believe Bravo’s PR stunt/statement that ‘Adrienne brought Brandi on the show.’ This was proven untrue, both Brandi & Cedric confessed they did not know each other. Bravo had to figure out a way to have Brandi in scenes so they had Adrienne say she knew her.

    • I agree with being surprised at how many people dont see the man behind the curtain. Its interesing!

    • They believe it simply because it gives them ‘justification’ to hate Brandi. Too bad their reasons, like this one, are usually based on a pack of lies and not on reality or on anything we see on the show.

  • I’m not a huge Adrienne fan, nor am I a Brandi fan so I don’t really care much if they have made up or not.

    RHoBH is my favorite HW Franchise, so I will be tuning in.

  • Guess where i went?REALITY TEA boy has that changed and i’m not talking disque.Very foul mouthed truck driven women over there!!!I was attacked from the back to the front ,not going there ever.See ya later to comment i have to exercise this off.

  • Nice to see that Adrienne is keeping it classy as usual and making peace. Brandi? Not so much. She used Adrienne when she should be kissing her ass for getting her on the show. Nobody would know or even care who Brandi is if it weren’t for Adrienne.

    • I personally dont believe Adriene got her on the show. She was set to come on the show before Adriene through cedric. But Cedric went and blackmailed Lisa so they had to use Adriene.

    • did brandi use adrienne or did adrienne use brandi? i’m guessing adrienne did the using and when it didn’t go her way she turned against brandi and lisa. if adrienne was such a good friend to lisa why on earth would she want to bring brandi on knowing she is friends with cedric?! that doesn’t make sense. i think adrienne and bravo was hoping brandi and lisa would become enemies and start a controversy but it didn’t work that way. if anything adrienne should kiss lisa’s ass for trying to backstab her.

      • “if adrienne was such a good friend to lisa why on earth would she want to bring brandi on knowing she is friends with cedric?!”

        This! THIS!! The Brandi haters on here really need to open their eyes and minds and truly THINK it. The fact is, Adrienne didn’t even know Brandi before the show, the Producers had her introduce Brandi, someone she only just met. Yet Adrienne is the one who pre-planned, as the reunion overwhelmingly showed, her ambush of Lisa. Adrienne is a bitch and a malicious backstabber. She is loyal to no one, unlike Brandi.

  • I think it should be a lesson to anyone who knows Brandi. Don’t help Brandi because she will stab you in the back. Brandi was probably down and out when Adrienne helped her and obviously Brandi doesn’t appreciate that help when that help lands her on her feet. Brandi is a bad mouthing snake. Lisa will get bitten by the snake sooner or later.

    • Agreed. I used to like Brandi in the beginning but now I see that she is nothing but a back-stabbing idiot who uses people to become semi D-list famous. She doesn’t care who she has to step on to get to the top. She’s a stupid bitch.

    • You are seriously delusional and full of it. Adrienne never did anything for Brandi. She didn’t introduce her to the show out of friendship (they weren’t friends) the Producer got Adrienne to meet and then introduce Brandi to the girls. Adrienne is the backstabber. Brandi has always had a reputation of being a loyal and true friend. Please, at least get your facts straight!

  • Would never trust Adrienne. Last person I would think Brandi would trust considering what an ambush she orchestrated on Lisa her former neighbor & friend. To be honest Brandi is the only honest one out of the gals. Lisa I would trust too.

    • I agree Poshie…. I’m glad they are in a place where they can be friendly… However, I don’t think B will ever trust her again or that they’ll have any type of “real” friendship

  • They used Adriene to bring Brandi on the show because BRAVO was pushing for a fight between Adriene and Lisa. I believe they planned to bring her in with Cedric to allow that fight to play out on TV until cedric tried to blackmail Lisa. It foiled that plan so they had to bring her in via another housewife and naturally chose Adriene. They expected Adriene and Brandi to fight with Lisa and Kyle but they did not expect Lisa and Brandi to become friends. FOILED AGAIN!

    I dont like Adriene at ALL. To me shes right up there with Taylor. She showed what a rotten, jealous person she was at s2 reunion. I also beleieve she has radar online on speed dial! 99% of heir BH stories come from HER!

    • It’s funny how Cedric is all but forgotten now, but I agree that Brandi was brought on to stir the pot with Lisa, and Marlo brought on to counter Nene and like Mego & Kathy were brought on to stir the pot with Theresa. One of the reasons I like Brandi is that she decided not to ‘follow the script’ and became good friends with Lisa. 🙂