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Mob Wives Star Drita Davanzo Writing A Book!

Great news Mob Wives fans! Drita Davanzo announced earlier today that she’s in the process of writing a book! She shared the exciting news via twitter saying,

“For my fans that keep asking for me to write a book.Good News..I am in the process of it:) Author > @DouglasCentury keep u posted:) ?#Excited?”

I’m excited as well! No word yet if it’s an autobiography but I’m assuming it will be. I think this a great move for Drita and she has a huge fan base that will read anything she writes! Will you pick up Drita’s new book? What do you want it to be about?

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I have only watched mob wives a few times but would totally buy the book. Mob life is interesting. I’m sure she will hire someone to write it for her so don’t worry about it being badly written. Besides look at Shades Of Grey. Poorly written by some housewive who now has a best seller. The Twilight series was also done by a housewive who had no writing experience so Drita can easily write a book about her life with help or not. Stop saying it will be bad before you have read it.


no but i will buy bigg angs book if she writes one


Yes Love Drita cant wait <3


Good for Drita! I will definitely read it..,

Rosalie Marie,

Good for Drita! I think it’s smart of any woman to take advantage of this opportune time and make as much money as she can before that 15 minutes is up.
Hey, name the book, “Gangsta Drita!” lol

Rosalie Marie,

I would like Drita’s book to be about what it was like for her growing up. She wasn’t rich so I think that would be interesting.
Oh, I have a title for her book, “This Street Belonged To Drita.” Or,… “Mean Streets of Drita”

Okay, Okay.


Drita has a huge fan base no matter what the book is about we r gonna buy it. She is witty n talented. Sweet n courageous. Many women identify with her. Haters will keep on hatin. But give her the respect she deserves. Can’t wait till it comes out. It could be autobiography or a book of her witty quotes. Its on. #teamDrita all the way!


NO. Although I like Drita. What is so interesting about her life? Will she write a how to book on to scam the system while your husband’s in prison. She’s just putting off getting a real job to support her daughters.


After all that crap she gave Karen is’s really gonna write a book?


Exactly 🙂


Is she lol auto correct


Good for her!!!! My favorite mobwive & although she has many offers to consider, I do hope she returns next season…… YES, I’ll definately buy & read her book!!!!! Love her! 🙂

Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea
Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

Good for her! She would be a good person to tell what she has learned in life. I hope she makes some jokes in it too, like on the show-it’s a strong storytelling technique that both she and Big Ang have 🙂

Billie Morar

Will definitely buy and read it. TEAM DRITA!


No. That just proves to me that any average person can get a book deal. What was really interesting about her? When it comes down to it, most of her popularity came from being a rough and tough rumbler on a tv show. Lets all go write books, lol!


I think her story will be extremely interesting. The way she grew up having to fight to survive living in the projects. Growing up around imfamous mobsters and dealing with all that includes. Finding out more about Lee and Karen, Ramona and the others when they were young. I for one can’t wait to read it!

Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea
Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

I think she is trying to make better choices (esp. With her daughters), unlike some people who stay stuck in the past.






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