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Kim Richards And Brandi Glanville Still Feuding On RHOBH!

I don’t know about you but I’m definitely missing some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! As most of you know, RHOBH is currently taping and will air in September! The ladies recently took a trip to Las Vegas but their were a few ladies who decided not to go!

A show insider tells Wetpaint that the ladies went for a two-day vacation and only Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer, and Yolanda Hadid showed up! So where was Kim, Taylor, and Adrienne?

The insider reveals, “Kim said no because of Brandi! She’s intimidated by her. It all stems from what happened between them last season. Kim still isn’t comfortable around her. Also, Kim’s sobriety is still pretty new. Vegas probably wouldn’t have been the best idea for her, anyway.”

The source adds, “Adrienne didn’t go because she had other commitments already scheduled. She’s very focused on her brand right now. Taylor said she couldn’t go because she was busy shooting a PSA. But honestly, she’s been taking a lot of flack lately for her partying and she just didn’t want to add any more fuel to the fire. She’s a single mom now and she’s got a lot on her shoulders. She doesn’t need the world thinking she’s willing to leave her little girl at home to party in Las Vegas.”

Good for Taylor! Looks like Kim and Brandi are still feuding and it isn’t getting any better! Do you think Kim should get over the drama with Brandi? Are you ready for another season of RHOBH?!

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  • YES Kim should apologize and make amends……Geeze, Forgivness is a BIG part of SOBRIETY.! Let go of the GUILT and. FORGive! For starters it was Kim and Kyle who started the whole mess, NOT Brandi!

    Grow up Kim and get the stick out ur ass and MOVE ON in a happier direction and put this behind u and be friends w Brandi ….its a new Season NOT last season

  • I’m not a huge fan of Kim’s based on her behavior the past two seasons. Going into this season I’m trying my best to keep an open mind and give her another chance. I’ve seen how different people can be when they’ve embraced sobriety and at this point have seen no indication that Kim is not working towards a better place. Everyone’s journey takes it’s own time. Like others, I do wonder if signing on for another season was the best idea considering the number of triggers she’ll be exposed to… We know alcohol flows at their gatherings, Taylor managed to get drunk at a kids birthday party! I am really hoping that Kim will succeed and maybe even be a positive role model to Taylor. Based on past seasons, I worry that I’m hoping for too much.

    Congratulations to those of you who have attained sobriety! I have had a number of obstacles in my life, fortunately addiction has not been one of them, but I have been in treatment programs that have an addiction tract and have seen how hard the process can be. You definitely have my respect!

  • This is the kind of drama I don’t mind because it seems real and not created for a storyline. I’m actually glad Kim is back. She is a real person still dealing with real things that happened in her life. That’s the reason I liked RH before they started creating drama. I’m a Brandi fan but I am definitely rooting for Kim to get herself together and move forward to a happy and healthy lifestyle if that means staying away from someone that upsets her so be it.

  • We all have a title to our opinions and thats the best part to see gow every viewer feels. Nonone is wrong! I only watch the show because of Kim Richards. I said what i thought was right tho about Her and Brandi. I hope we see more of Kim and her life with her children. TEAMKIM!

  • I can’t say I blame Kim not wanting to be around Brandi. Brandi is a snitch. You can’t confide in someone like Brandi because it’s obvious that Brandi will rat about it like a mouse on national television. Brandi’s a snitch.

  • I too am a recovering alcoholic with hep c and i wish everyone here good job stay present in all the happy moments and i wish Kim the same but like last year she does owe Brandy an apology and that kinda falls under step 8.I really have changed my life so much and i couldn’t do it on aa so i’m in therapy.i go every 4 months 15 min.and then i’m good to go even with all these illness im happy.I hate booze it will kill you and Kim i really would like to help cause she’s goofy.I’LL TRY AGAIN i COULD SPONSER HER I HAVE 12 YEARS SOBERIATY,I DO THINK THR WOMEN THAT STEPPED FOWARD TODAY I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YA,ITS NOT EASY BUT WORTH IT IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.LETS PRAY FOR HER TO FIND HER WAY BACK HOHE

  • Brandi Glanville is a horrible person in the sense of treating kim the way she did. Brandi is a good person , but not to KIM. I love Kim Richards and so does the rest of the world. A talented woman who ccame a long way. Not to mention; she is gorgeous and outgoing. Yes Kim had a problem, not hiding that. As for what we saw as viewers, Brandi crossed the line and attacked kim in a horrible way. Kim and Kyle were just being sisters and having fun, brandi does not give off a humble scent to first time meeting them. Kim is in a better place and she is an ORIGINAL HOUSEWIFE. Brandi is not! She has nothing to bring to the table besides talking shit and laughing about it to make it seem less agressive. Sorry woman Your EX saw it and so does the rest of the world. KIM RICHARDS PROUD OF YOU! PUTTING UR BUISNESS OUT FOR THE WORLD! You are showing the world that it can turn out good in the end with getting help and not afraid too! LOVE KIM RICHARDS!! TEAMKIM FOLLOW KIMRICHARDSFANS ON TWITTER! Brandi needs to dissappear fast because you will never replace an ORIGINAL and Beautiful woman like Kim. END OF STORY.

    • Im happy for Kim as she reaches her goal of sobriety, however even though Bandi is not my fave, I do like her and I think what her ex did to her was horrible and I would not pick on Kim for her issue and I would not gloat about what Eddie to Brandi. She deserves to make money by being on the show after what that jerk did to her. Tag teaming someone by humiliating them on tv is not what I would call FUN by the way ( the sisters). Why should Brandi disappear? Kim should not have resigned for the show if the pressures of it hinder her sobriety then!

      • I could go into detail about everything but I don’t see the point in this so I will make it super short.

        Brandi deserves to make money, she doesn’t need a show to get on the show to make money. Kim and Kyle did not humiliate Brandi on television, Brandi did that herself when she said that Winston Churchill is a rapper. She pretends that she cared about Kim and was concerned, then turns around screaming at Kim saying she was doing crystal meth in the bathroom all night when she KNEW Kim was on medication and just came back from the doctors (three people have said that everyone was informed of this, yes, even Brandi) Brandi made drama so she could be on the show. I do not like the double standard that happens on this show.

        Now, I do not agree with how Kim and Kyle handled the situation, I do believe that they did not act nicely or great. Nor did Brandi. I do not believe Brandi deserved to be cheated on, or any of that because that’s a horrible thing to go through.

  • Kim is a snot and needs to get over it. I would like to break her and Vyle Kyle’s pointy fingers. Can’t stand either of them. They are both over-the-hill aging former child actors trying desparately to stay relevant. Taylor probably wasn’t even invited because she can’t behave. I won’t be watching Season 3 if blubberlips is in even one scene.

  • I am glad that Camille joined the gals and hope this is a fun trip. Afterall, this is suppose to be a show we live vicariously through them. I don’t want to see a bunch of petty fights again.

  • It’s a ‘reality show’, they’re all playing a exaggerated character of themselves…. Kim knows what the show’s about & how it works since she’s played in this sandbox before. No one forced her to sign on the dotted line, therefore, if she didn’t actally want to participate I doubt if she would have agreed to do another season… However, another feud would make for a stoyline…..:)

  • Poor Kim. Is an adult woman, but seems to have the personality of a flighty, pouty, petulant teenager.

    If she wants to forgive or forget, her business. But I hope this ridiculous issue doesn’t become a focus of the new season. It’s just too immature to be entertaining.

  • Yes, I do think Kim needs to forgive and move on.. Not for Brandi.. But, for herself… I hope in time she will…

  • I’m really excited for this series to come back!!! I really like this one more than any of the others, and can’t wait to see what these ladies are up to

  • Personally I don’t think Kim should have to forgive Brandi if she doesn’t want to. I don’t get what the big deal is and how it’s made into a bigger deal that she doesn’t want to move on over Brandi’s statement. I believe that the first and strongest reason is that Vegas is a difficult place to be when you are in recovery and she’s probably focusing on herself. She doesn’t need to focus on the majority of the people she’s around (she can focus on her children and her relationship, and herself. I think that is what she is choosing to do.)

    I think Taylor is trying to save face, but it’s too late the majority of people are not Taylor fans.

    • So right Jelly!!! Kim doesn’t owe Brandi anything and right now her sobriety is what matters. Who knows, maybe Kim and Brandi will make amends!?! But what’s so offensive about Kim not being comfortable w/ Brandi yet? If she was intentionally picking fights I could see then but she’s not! And its a complete different ball park when forgiving your sister and forgiving someone you barley know who claimed you must me on Meth! And Brandi said that snidely not out of concern, love, and frustration like Kyle! She doesn’t have to be friends with Brandi! If roles were reversed and Brandi didn’t want to go cause of Kim it would be fine! Both women were wrong in this. Maybe they can move on. But right now. Kim’s only concern should be her sobriety! And Taylor is totally trying to save face!

  • Yes Kim needs to get over it! Brandi only said what everyone else was alluding to! Why was it ok for the other ladies to make it obvious they knew she had issues, but Brandi said one thing and guns point at her? I don’t get it.. After the fight she had with her sis in the limo, she picks Brandi’s one statement to keep holding a grudge about? The bottom line was the second reason she did not go-LAS VEGAS. I m not saying what anyone said was wrong or right, just comparing what she decided to hold a grudge about- year later. Lets face it, people were saying things before Brandi even joined the show about Kim.

    • It doesn’t matter, being called an alcoholic to me isn’t as bad as being accused of doing an ILLEGAL substance. And if you remember, Kim wasn’t over what Kyle said to her in the second season it took Kim awhile to get over that limo fight but since it’s Brandi it’s like oh my god a big deal all of a sudden that Kim doesn’t want to talk to/be friends with/forgive Brandi. Kim doesn’t have to do anything if she doesn’t want to. Brandi is not Kim’s friend, never was.

      • True Jelly- they never were friends. Don’t you agree though especially because of that, they should move on from it, not keep trying to make it a constant theme? Thats my thing- given everything Kim has done on tv and off, you would think thats a tiny blip on the radar! Im no expert on alcohol or drugs, but calling one or the other is the same, no? Im not saying ( sorry if I gave the impression) that because “it’s Brandi, OMG”.. And the way Kim and Kyle teamed up on Brandi at game night was horrendous for two grown women. Didn’t Kyle apologize to Brandi for that @ Adrienne’s, yet continued to be childish toward her and about her after that/ Brandi tried to make nice and at least peaceful with Kim when she did not have to and still holds a grudge. Im not trying to fight with you btw!

        • No Kyle didn’t treat Brandi horribly after that. She apologized and moved on and Brandi continued to ride the victim train.

          • Kyle continued to make comments to Brandi throughout the season. Apology or not. You ar right, Kim doesn’t need to be her friend. But she NEVER took responsibility for what she did. She is still pointing fingers.

          • HOw was Kyle rude? When she commented on Brandi’s outfit at that Greek or whatever party? Pointing out to someone they aren’t wearing a bra, isn’t mean. Kyle even said that Brandi was a free spirit. Or are you talking about when she defended Taylor who was off her rocker no doubt?

            Was Kyle rude for inviting her to Hawaii? Or are you saying that the comment about her bikini was too small? I mean it’s an observation. Her Christmas party? Are you okay with the text that Brandi sent to Kyle? Brandi never apologized for that.

            Kim is not pointing fingers, she is saying she was hurt and does not want to be around Brandi. That’s a more mature decision to make than start a screaming match and cause drama. Kim DID apologize, she’s just not grovelling at Brandi’s feet like a lot of people seem to want her to do.

          • It seems that you look at anything Kyle does through rose-colored glasses. Throughout all the posts that have to do with Kyle you continually say she wasn’t rude. I am sorry….but she was. Saying what she said was passive aggressive, catty, and rude. It was. I am pretty sure you would say Brandi was rude if she had done those things.

            Now, you can list any number of things where you think Brandi was rude. Go ahead……but it still does not deter the fact the Kyle wad rude throughout the entire season.

          • Jelly, I have to disagree with the Kyle thing.. I would love to see anyone like Kim succeed at sobriety, that is a major ice changing accomplishment. To me, as I liked Kyle in the beginning, saw a side of her last season and the end of the season prior that was not nice. I do not want to list all the examples of Kyle’s unkindness and two facedness. You have your thoughts, I have mine! She invited Brandi to Hawaii for the show, that Bravo probably paid for anyway. And yes, Kyle continued to be ugly to Brandi, especially behind her back. Brandi admitted instantaneously that she sent the text and admitted why she thought that way about Kyle. Anywhoo, good luck to Kim on her road to sobriety and for what its worth, to move on with all negatives in her life, she should apologize with Brandi ,move on and upward, let the smaller things go as this is a big change for her life.

  • I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict so I can relate to Kim a lot. Personaly I think it’s more likely she didn’t go because of she’s in her early stages of recovery and sobriety is so fragile the first year. Debi you are correct. In the program forgiveness and making amends is part of the recovery and healing process …However you are solely working on yourself and staying mentally healthy so its possible Kim has either not worked the step where you make amends or at this point isn’t quite ready so she’s working on herself rather engage an awkward situation. Personally I prefer her not to go and avoid a situation. I know its hard when your not an alcoholic/addict to understand but Kim was mentally ill with her disease and I can’t imagine going thru it on TV for everyone to see. I wish people could cut Kim some slack and see that she’s doing the right thing. This isn’t something where you say “alright I’m gonna get sober now” and your fixed the next day. It’s a long process and there’s a lot of damage you have to fix and amends to takes time to mend the relationships you ripped apart and change old habits and behaviors. Its something you’ll struggle w/ the rest of your life.

    • Thank you for sharing and I really hope people are less negative about Kim and more motivated to be encouraging.

    • Sounds like you are doing well!! Good for you!!

      Aren’t you a little surprised then that she actually returned to the show??

      • Strt-3 thank you I am doing well and still sober! To be honest I was surprised she continued to do the show because of how fragile and difficult the 1st year is.I’m just praying this isn’t going to be working against her recovery. I see exactly what your saying! But I admire her for coming out to the public about the problem and I’m hoping when she has a stable foundation built around her she can start speaking out.

  • I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict so I can relate to Kim a lot. Personaly I think it’s more likely she didn’t go because of she’s in her early stages of recovery and sobriety is so fragile the first year. Debi you are correct. In the program forgiveness and making amends is part of the recovery and healing process …However you are solely working on yourself and staying mentally healthy so its possible Kim has either not worked the step where you make amends or at this point isn’t quite ready so she’s working on herself rather engage an awkward situation. Personally I prefer her not to go and avoid a situation. I know its hard when your not an alcoholic/addict to understand but Kim was mentally ill with her disease and I can’t imagine going thru it on TV for everyone to see. I wish people could cut Kim some slack and see that she’s trying to do thr

    • LJ isn’t a big part in recovery forgiveness? Learning how to give and receive forgiveness? If so she needs to forgive and move on not for Brandi but for her and to me it is sad that she cannot do that. I hope it is only for “TV” for her sake!! Good Luck LJ in your recovery I wish you the best and I will pray for you!

  • This is why Kim will never stay sober. She does not understand the twelve steps.

    • Thats not fair to say. First of all I’ve worked all the steps 3 times and nowhere in there does it say you have to be friends with someone. Second of all this article did not read anywhere on here that Kim was being cruel it just said she didn’t go to Vegas because of her and Brandi’s issues. Third it took me a year in half before I finished all the steps so you don’t know where Kim is in the steps and fourth this story came from a “source” who could just be trying to make things sound juicy and dramatic! Anybody can stay sober and I think we should encourage Kim rather then say negative remarks! You don’t have to like her but there’s no reason to say such mean things!

      • I agree LJ. Kim needs to know her limits and if being with Brandi is to much for her she should most definitely do what she did and stay home. I can respect her not liking Brandi, she’s not making a fuss over it just not getting involved. Good for her. She is in charge of her sobriety and if this is what helps her (staying away from stressful situations) then so be it.

        I personally don’t like Brandi, so really I don’t blame Kim at all. The only person that was going on that trip who (based on previous interactions) would be good for her to be with is Camille. Her sister, Lisa and Brandi are all toxic for Kim as far as I’m concerned.

        • I agree with everything you said, especially the last paragraph. I’ll never understand why people like Lisa so much. She’s proven to be just as big of a bitch as Kyle. Lisa, Kyle, and Taylor all ganged up on and bullied Kim in the Season 1 finale and exposed her alcoholism. I don’t like Kyle at all, but she was right when she said Lisa preys on weak people (ex: Kim). There is a reason Lisa and Kyle are friends in the first place. Like my grandmother always said: “You are the company you keep.”

      • I have learned that a lot of people here, or it seems that many people do not want Kim to be successful in her sobriety and want her to fail. It’s very sad.

        • Isn’t it sad Jelly?!? I don’t understand why you would want to see someone fail. Its not like she’s done something awful to them personally.

        • I don’t think it’s fair to say that. People are just sharing the or opinions, just as you do. It isn’t necessary make insulting accusations. I am sure anyone he wants her to continue with her sobriety. But that doesn’t mean one has to think she behaved in the best manner.

          • I have seen, I am not saying this because I am a Kim fan but I have seen people saying how she is going to fail, they do not have faith in Kim, etc etc. before here. That’s the impression I have gotten and it saddens me. If Brandi were in this situation, getting sober or whatever I would want her to succeed and even if I didn’t like her I would be rooting for her success because no one should have to struggle through sobriety with out a lot of support.

          • Strt-3. Please read above where mego the lying stripper says “this is why Kim will never stay sober” why would she say that? And its not an insult. To me it’s sad that no one on here is uplifting Kim. They’re just putting her down!

        • It is sick to say the least. Those people are so miserable and unhappy with their lives and themselves. They want to see other people fall just so someone else will be just as miserable as they are. I hope Kim proves them wrong and stays sober. I wish her nothing but the best.

      • Since Kim is so lackluster in this series, perhaps she is the ‘source that is trying to make things juicy and dramatic’ for her own benefit. Personally speaking, I changed the channel or left the room when she was on….BORING. If I wanted to see a drunk in action I’d go to a bar.

  • HELL YES..enough already w/Kim. Brandi was 100 abt her & she apologized even though Kim & Kyle were shitty to her. In AA/NA dont they teach forgiveness?? Hope Kim stays clean n sober but..TeamBrandi

  • I’m sorry but Kim needs to get over; her and her sister was rude to Brandi first, Brandi only defended herself. If the comment Brandi made wasn’t true then it wouldn’t be an issue…..
    I hate seeing old problems on new seasons…