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Jennifer Williams Bentley Being Repossessed After Failing To Make Payments!

Uh Oh! Looks like Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has been forgetting to make her payments on her Bentley! Jennifer’s Bentley is being repossessed by force of law!

From TMZ:
The Toyota Motor Credit Corporation in Syosset, NY just filed a lawsuit against Williams, claiming she stopped making payments on her used 2006 white Bentley back in 2009 — and it wants the car back.

According to the lawsuit, TMCC has made several attempts to peacefully repossess the vehicle … but was unsuccessful. Now, it wants a court to FORCE Williams to give back the car.

TMCC is also demanding Williams pay the entire outstanding balance on the car — $92,310.

A rep for Williams tells TMZ, “Jennifer hasn’t been served documents in reference to this lawsuit. Anything related to community property acquired during the marriage, such as the car, is an issue that is currently being addressed in her divorce proceedings.”

I feel like a lot of stars sometimes buy things they can’t afford because they are trying to portray something that they are not. Are you surprised?

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  • This sounds like BS. No finance co is going to wait that long. 90 days and the marshall shows up at your house. If you are can’t be found it is consired fraud and in some states auto theft. They put a warrant out for your arrest…

  • Too me the possibility of her losing her bentley is such a Non Motherbisquit Factor! LMAO!!! Think she should date Terrell Owens and they should do a show with Evelyn/Chad!! LMAO that would be awesome!!!

  • Hmmm. Maybe it has something to do with the divorce proceedings? Maybe she stopped paying until Eric paid her? I am surprised- I thought she made $$!

  • There has to be more to the story. What finance company would allow someone to not make care payments for 3 years? Even if they could not find the car, seems like they would have seeked legal action after 6 months or so.

  • I dont think they telling the all truth about the story. What car place will let you not pay for few years. If you dont make payment in 90 days they will be looking for it. Im just saying

  • Obviously this is not the entire story and it’s unfortunate that assumptions are made that she is a poser just buying stuff she can’t afford.

  • Strange find this article hard to believe, if she stopped making payment in 2009 that car will have being long gone and they know where she lives to go get the car so I don’t understand why it is taking them this long. Its not a house that’s on forclosure its a car they trying to get back.

  • It sounds like the car was a part of the divorce and Eric was supposed to make the payments. At one point during the reunion Ev said that Jennifer didn”t have a car (when Jenn was hanging with Slaphappy Nia) and it sounded like it was more recent than 2009. They repo cars at 90 days past due, not three years. They had separated around 2009 (I think) and if she stopped making payments, they wouldn’t wait until 3 years later to file. There is more to this story.

    • Right! I was gonna say that. Where was the car when she was living at her moms or with the Brooklyn bitch? Interesting…..

  • Not surprised whatsoever, Roxy. So many of these “reality” stars are all about the attention and living beyond their means in the vain and acquisitive attempt to live a high class lifestyle.

    It’s a simple lesson: if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.