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Is Melissa Gorga’s Sister Lysa Simpson’s House Being Foreclosed?

The economy has been extra tough leaving many with foreclosed houses so does that mean RHONJ star Melissa Gorga’s older sister Lysa Simpson is struggling? Looks like it!

Thanks to an AllAboutTRH reader who found some interesting foreclosure documents!
Check out this link to see the documents yourself: Click Here

Well well well I remember last season Lysa laughing at Teresa for not being able to afford a nanny and it’s clear Lysa can’t afford her own house! Maybe her dearest brother Joe Gorga can help her with that one!

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  • All of the Marco sisters look like lowlifes. That tat on the stomach of who? Lisa I think was definitely a low-end cheap tat. What a scuzzy bunch of people. I am of course, including Melissa and Joe in this group!

  • This is getting so old. I am tired of Melissa’s family double standards.
    1. Her sister Kim said on twitter Melissa was upset because she was not on season the first two seasons
    2. Caroline has 10 siblings how many did you see on the first 2 seasons. Jac has brothers who we never met. ( double standard)
    3. They made snide remarks about Tre financial situation ( this article says it all)
    4. Joe Gorga said he would help his sister if Juicy went away…( can’t help his sister-in-law)
    5. It is time the Marco sisters realize they do not have the life style to be on Real housewives (maybe middle aged Jersey Shore would work)
    I am done ith this whole scenario. Bravo cleav house

    • I agree with you. they’re a ‘non-story”.

      I live somewhat near the area and have friends that say they walk around town like they’re the reality stars. lol! It’s like you have second hand embarrassment. Mid-age jersey would be the show for them! Drunken, wrinkly people with no jobs or a life that hang out in Seaside!

      As far as I understand it, in order to be on this show, you have to have some wealth, and be successful or have something going on in your life. None of them do. I don’t know what makes them think they’re candidates for the show.
      But that’s why they mug the camera as much as possible. Please, if they’re going to do a reality show, there are WAAAAYYYYYY better looking people with more exciting lives that the public would want to see..
      Washed up, middle-age Jersey Shore isn’t what the public is wanting to see.

      • Or sleazside….I wonder if they will show Kim bartending at Spiceys, or them falling down at hemingways. Know them to well and to long.

  • Who cares? Who is she anyway?
    Good lord Rox, love ya but this is a non- story.
    Geez, it was my mailmans anniversary and my neighbor got a kitten….they live in NJ – can u write a story about them? Lol

    • who is she? well, she is one of the dirty jealous minions of melissa’s trying to destroy teresa. melissa’s sisters and their friends constantly attack teresa online and spread rumors. they’ve been attacking since before melissa got on the show. so it’s bittersweet that she too is having issues since she loved throwing it back at teresa’s face.

  • Interesting…no comments from Samantha..hummmmmmmmm….me thinks she may have bigger fish to worry about..bahahahahahahaha

  • I think Jac has always had problems with her inlaw ( note : I dont’ think Teresa & Melissa have punched each other in the head)

    For her to go after Dina ON TWITTER, who was just being sweet to Ashlee, shows that Jac is a drama loving freak as far as I’m concerned

  • Ha! Thought she could hide that one! I’m so tired of the hypicritical people on this show. If ya did it, OWN IT, and STOP POINTING FINGERS W/ A DIRTY HAND!!!

  • These 3 horsey faced sisters need to go away.
    Is this the best New Jersey has to offer? If I lived in their town I would be humiliated. I think Jersey folks should kick em’ out!

  • You know what the old folks say, “when you’re digging a ditch for someone else, remember to dig one for yourself.”

  • Here is the perfect example of what comes around goes around. Get your own house in order before you run your mouth.

    • Exactly. Lysa and Melissa joked about Teresa’s financial difficulties on camera knowing Lysa wasn’t paying her mortgage. I think the hag spends most of her time partying and tweeting about Mel’s make-believe singing career when she should be WORKING.
      Karma is slapping them one by one.

  • The Marco sisters look like 70’s tranny hookers. I believe the one that doesn’t “pay her bills” is married to the gay guy who was begging Guidice for change at the Christmas party. And these hard partying bar chicks look way older than their husbands. Hookin aint easy ya’ll.

    • Hahaha.l NYGirl u made me Laff out loud – literally. The ho stroll is no joke.l lol! Very funny

  • Jacqueline Laurita strikes again. Her pot stirring knows no end.

    Ashlee tweeted about being surrounded by do much drama and Dina tweeted…”you can always walk away”. Then not missing a beat Jax tweets:

    Hey @ashleeholmes there is a solution 2 every problem.Only cowards walk away which u r not.Stay strong! Face ur challenges.U will do great!

    “Hey ashlee, there is a solution to every problem, only cowards walk away which ur not etc.”

    This was a direct dig to Dina. Ugh Jacqueline is no peace maker nor is she innocent. She is a shit stirring trouble maker. What biatch.

    • She throws a dig at Dina for being supportive yet The Manzo clan has been ripping Ashlee a new one since season 1 and she says nothing to that.I think she should have gave herself the provolone cheese for being MOMMY OF THE YEAR!!

    • She is so BITTER and disgusting. FUNNY that she is calling people coward, when she was the one that DIDN’T show up to the reunion, BITCH please, take your own advice.#Longfacebittervegaswhore

    • Jac is hilarious. The only time she can say something “supportive” to her daughter is when she’s trying to create drama with someone else. No wonder she loves Teresa’s passive-aggressive relatives so much, she’s that person who’s always trying to create wedges between family members, stir shit up and get them fighting. And didn’t Miss Non-Coward walk away from her own daughter instead of dealing with her “challenges,” like that she’s crazy and totally immature and loves to throw her daughter to the Manzo wolf pack? Way to go, Jac!

        • And yet, I am sure she thinks she is the greatest peacemaker ever and is suffering under that old agage: “No good deed goes unpunished”. She believes she gives her all and all she gets is grief from those she tries to help. Chris really needs to get her some mental help – I used to really like her, but she has taken a wrong path along the way. Manzos/Gorgas/Wakhiles/Marcos are ALL toxic! I think Chris Laurita is still hanging onto his decency.

    • Thank you for sharing these tweets cause im not on twitter, and i think this is the most “reality” we see from these people… Jacqueline is by far the craziest person i have seen on TV. She honestly needs to see a doctor. I have no clue what is wrong with thisfamily, but they should do some research on BLK, cause they all are bat-sh!t crazy.

    • Enlight of Asslee’s hair pulling and reading of her roommate issues, Dina gave her sound advice. Walking away doesn’t mean you are a coward, it means you have enough sense not to engage in stupidity.

      Jac really is so immature, she really needs to pick her battles, exercise self-control and stop crossing boundaries.

      • RahRah what’s the story with ashlees roommate? I missed that..l I don’t use twitter often .l was it on twitter?

      • And to add Ashlee is surrounded by bullshit , because thats all her mother has put her and herself in!

    • Damn! Jacko is really screwed up in the head. How dare she say that? Dina actually walks away, and didn’t have any tolerance for drama which I respect! Jacko should have learned all this by now.

      I know Frozen Face is crazy, but sometimes I wonder what is in that head of hers? When I read stuff you guys post from her tweets… I feel she’s twisted and confused, and I’m afraid she’ll confuse her own daughter even more by giving her horrible advice time and time again. Jacko enjoys her daughter to have drama in her life just like all the added drama she creates.

  • Melissa tweeted “rockstar” single is in the top 25 iTunes dance chart but I checked and she isn’t even in the top 100 lol

  • Which means that since 2010 they have not paid their mortgage. This is why AMERICA is facked! Because of people like this! She sure had $ to paid for that horrible tattoo. How old is this skank? Isn’t she too old to be getting such a lame tattoo? Nice!

    I gotta keep it fair Tre and that whole bankruptcy had me pissed off. These people live this lavish lifestyle and the country pays the price.

    • Me, could not agree with u more. Sadly, community lending guidelines changed so much after 2001 (on the heels of federal regulations changing to allow more home ownership in America ). On the ground mortgage lenders were giving out no-doc loans – where you don’t even have to submit a 1040 form to prove your income. Loans that were approved and signed by signature “factories” and then sold to the large banks as bona fide loans. Smdh.

  • These sisters and their long heads. I seriously believe when Bravo is done with Melissa and her skeletons start to pop up, Kathy is going to back away from her. As an expert in body language, I don’t think Kathy likes Melissa at all! I don’t know how some people haven’t ever mentioned this before. When and if Teresa leaves, Melissa is the next target. I also observed that the Manzoids and wacky Jacky don’t care for her either. They’re just using her as justification that Tre is “delusional”.

    • Julie.. Agreed, but it’s not clear theres any marketable skills there. None of the Marco sisters seem to have any marketable skills. At least Kathy can go back to hairdressing (I think that’s what I heard she did “in real life” lol).

  • Oh I didn’t know Lysa had the same side torso tattoo as heather the b-ball players wife. I don’t know why, but it looks so trashy there. Also, imagine what these women will be looking at in years to come. It cold yet real ugly.

  • Couldn’t happen to nicer people. They are all losing their homes those Marco’s. Karma is a bitch and she is right on the money. Hey Jacko & Caroclown be afraid be very afraid

  • I never happy when someone loses or were about to lose their home. I guess don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. What is even more embarrassing this all happened I believe while or after they were filming season 3 yet Lysa was still talking about Tre her twitter page how pathetic.

  • This show just amazes me…why go on national television & belittle other people when you have shit all over your own backyard? I believe in KARMA…they made so much fun of Teresa being broke & not being able to pay her bills. People like this truely amaze me. We need Bravo to stop with the TRASH they keep putting on TV & go back to more fun! RHNJ has gotten so sad & depressing.

    • People with no real common sense (not to be confused w. street sense) AND not great intelligence never see themselves as they are – somewhat delusional. And, because of that they have no real sense of embarrassment when they act like morons (like the tour of the Gorga sex shack on the shore). Negative attention is always better than none. And, they had to be delusional if they expected Melissa’s RockStar career to soar because of her exposure on HWs and bail them all out…..Whoops! Delusional.

  • Lysa Simpson is a loser. Her husband makes me want to vomit just to look at him. And they have the collective I.Q. of a gnat. They saw Joe Gorga had a little dough and they jumped on his back like parasites.

    • In the very beginning at the christening, when Lysa was telling Joey to “look at me, your REAL sister”, she let everyone know the Marcos had pretty much brainwashed (probably took about 3 min.– or less) the poor little schnook and pulled him over to the “dark side” of the Marco Family. Anyone with an ounce of decency and caring does their best to REUNITE family, not tear them apart.

      • Omg, I so agree. Why would a grown women do that. What did she mean real sister….disgusting. She obviously wants attention. Maybe she should send Bravo a taping talking trash about Melissa, that should get her on the show.

      • Janie I remember that and I stated it in a blog way back when he and Mel were yet again trashing T. Lysa is a pig. What was one of Caro’s sayings about Danielle? O, you start to hang around with trash, you stink! They can all eat her words with this crew now!

  • It is always easier to look at other people’s lives and point fingers, laugh,and make comments! If they just took sometime to get their own sh*t together, they would be better off.

    When you give ugly, you get ugly back!

  • Ha! Great investigative work here! Middle sister Lysa mugs the camera…As many know, I not Teresa’s stronger fan…but I do like Teresa over her family. This is awesome karma as this bitch Lysa made that silly comment about Teresa not having a nanny. Seriously, these Marco sisters think they are greatest addition to reality tv. They tweet like they are reality stars…guess riding off of Teresa’s fame extends to the “backup” dancer sisters too…

    Anyone know Melissa’s mother’s story…apparently she has been with her fiance for several years not married yet. And the stepdaughter / stepsister that the Marco sisters wrote off?

      • JanShe. Oh wow! Theres a step-Marco that CAN sing? Oh man wouldn’t that be just THE BEST retribuiton if she was seen singing on the show and as a result became a huge star. Haha. Now THAT might convince melissa she can’t sing, but probably not. Girl has delusions of grandeur.

      • I think the singer is a cousin. The stepsister is beautiful and a model. She used to have twitter meltdowns after the Marco sisters would fail to include her in twitter friday follows under the “family”.. has a old blog about both the stepsister and the great singer cousin.

    • I never heard about a stepsister? WOW.. wouldn’t that be something if BRAVO brought her on the show for next season!!

  • This comes from trying to keep up with other members of your family. Unless you have a steady income and can whether tough times in a poor economy, this rarely works. Live within your means and who cares what other people have including your family. I think if it is the sister whose husband was harassing Juicy for that $1000, it would be hilarious. Maybe they really needed it….

    • That was Kim’s husband you was busting Juicy’s chops for the $1000; but it was Lysa who critized Teresa for not having a Nanny. I don’t like being mean, but I think it would be good for Melissa’s mother to shed tears because her daughter convinced Slow Joe to backstab his family. Maybe she will learn to preach to her daughter about respecting their husband’s family.

    • Caroline D,
      I totally agree. Instead of buying a new outfit every time she appeared on RHONJ with Melissa, she SHOULD have paid her mortage.

      I do not want to see ANYONE lose their home, but my gosh, the shots they were throwing at Teresa, and their financial affairs were a DISASTER? Keep you mouth shut Lysa!!!

    • Old news, they are selling ,the mansion, the shore house(in above post) and additionaly a building they supposedly own.

      Not sure if the building is the same one we saw on the show, that was a run down, ugly building that Joey said they were going to renovate and make it appartments.

      Their house of cards are falling.

  • I can’t get over her ever classy tattoo. Ps I don’t think she should be wearing a bikini. Just because your little sister Melissa has the body sure as hell doesn’t mean you do

  • TRUE. Her house was in foreclosure.

    ALSO. Melissa’s mother lives in a rundown house behind Shop Rite SAD

    • Is that really true? If so, wow what a way to treat your mother. No wonder why she is envious of teresa. She has two parents who are involved and are very traditional Italians. I doubt we would ever see teresa’s parents in a rundown house. I bet she would move them in with her before she allowed that to ever happen.

        • Sorry didn’t see this reply. Yea she lives in the run down house on the dead end cul de sac behind shoprite off Fischer

          • OMG! I wonder why she does not help her mother. Teresa and Joe built an apartment for her parents, yet Melissa lets her mother live in squalor? Her mom seemed pretty nice when we saw her on the show.

    • Melissa’s mom was shown on the show ONCE and all she did was cook. She didn’t gossip, didnt talk shit, or start drama. So leave her out of this. Melissa’s mom did not sign up for this show nor is she trying to famewhore off of it like the sisters. So making fun of her or bringing up her personal info is wrong.

  • Is she married to the husband that said Joe Guidice said he owed him money??? I guess that is why they needed money so bad.

  • But if this was 2010, wouldn’t that mean she would have to be out of the house or pay it by now?

    • Not necessarily. I am not familiar with NJ law but in the states around where I am, the Courts are so back logged and there are ways to try and jam up the process so it takes even longer.

      As for these trash bags, I am sure they are stalling out the process, not paying their mortgage and using the money for more sweet stomache tats. (gag)

  • great find…I would hate to be on the recieving end of the Gorga/Marco/Wakile Karma cause it’s gonna come back around and slap them in the face!

    • I hope we see it on the reunion, I would hope that Andy does not try to gloss over all of this.

      It is way past time for Andy to redeem himself.

      • I hope he’ll bring it up and many more, but I wouldn’t count on it. I guess they wanna see how the audience will react towards the end of the season, but many don’t read blogs, websites, magazines, etc. I’m hoping he’ll go hard on the rest of them because Andy should know how most people look at him as a little bit*h or douchebag, so he’ll do done damage control. I’m still hopeful. =)

      • Totally agree with the Andy comment! Re: the article, I agree KARMA is a b*tch. Hope these dummies get that, and start acting like adults. But….I don’t think that will happen.

    • I would LOVE to see someone ask Lysa about this article and watch her blow up all over twitter. I keep checking her page but she hasn’t commented on it. I don’t know if someone has asked her about it.

      I hate to see people lose their homes, it is really sad. But I have no empathy for her whatsoever. She trashed talked Teresa all while this was going on in her life. Did she really think that no one would find this out? It is public record and very easy to search. While everyone was hating on Teresa about her finances and talking trash about her, Lysa was one of the first people to get digs in. Now her dirty laundry is coming out in the open. Notice how Teresa NEVER ONCE brought this up? She could have mentioned that Melissa’s family has no room to talk about finances when Lysa is being foreclosed, but she didn’t. It is because Teresa has CLASS. I don’t think the Marco sisters know what class means.

    • I remember seeing Melissa’s sisters bad mouthing Teresa in the second season. I just never liked them since. Jealousy does nasty things to people and it’s obvious these ladies are jealous of Teresa and her success.