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Caroline Manzo Selling Her Mansion!

Another New Jersey housewife ready to move! Caroline Manzo lives in a beautiful home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey but is shockingly planning on selling the mansion!

Caroline tells US weekly, “The house is too big. Albert works so hard and so long and I look around and think ‘What do I need this for?’ I don’t need it. We’re coming to that point in time where Lauren will probably leaving me soon and it’s going to be the two of us again.” Caroline adds, “it is on my radar to sell my house and downsize.”

I mean it only makes sense considering the boys are no longer living with her but if you got the money why not enjoy it? Sooner or later her children will get married and have their own kids so it be a great place to have for the grandchildren! Are you surprised Caroline is planning on selling her home?!

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  • You don’t even want to downsize when kids grow up because they come back with husband and kids which is more than you had before. Its too crowded to have dinner or gatherings with all the family in a little place.

    After they grow up you need to expand if you do anything. Then try having them live out of state and come to visit for a week and your in a small home–I don’t think so.

    Downsizing says –I can’t afford this anymore.

  • I am no fan of Caroline but ALbert could have attended the wedding off camera. I think the trip to Italy did him in. I know if I had gone to dinner with that crew I would make sure I would NEVER go on a trip with them again either.

  • I will give Teresa’s PR team credit for pushing dumb stories and gettin them out quickly. Whoopi argues with Bill O’Reilley every time he comes on The View… but she ran from Melissa Gorga? I think if they had a smarter client they’d spin a smarter story.

  • Did you see that Teresaa will be on the QVC the 10 th of June-will you all be watching? I will

  • I have a feeling that not only is there a possibility of money problems, but that maybe, just maybe, her marriage is on the rocks too.
    Sorry, but her husband spends too much time up at that hall. He’s been doing this business for how many DECADES? and he hasn’t trained any staff adequately to cover him so he can spend more time with family/attend family events? Sorry, but that’s management 101 – unless your trying to escape spending time with say perhaps- your spouse? just a thought

  • These women are all shrewd enough to know that if they ever plan to sell their homes, they have to sell in this downmarket while they still have a public face to drive interest in their homes. The only person who isn’t selling is the person who SHOULD – Teresa. She’s fighting to hang on to that monster house of hers, when financially she’s probably better off letting it go.

  • Most couples do decide to downsize once their children move out. While a big house is fantastic, you can also feel lonely if there are only 3 (Caroline, Albert, Lauren) people living in it.

    • Think Vito might move in after the wedding so Lauren doesn’t have to leave Mommy? And with all those huge Koala bear kids the brothers are expecting them to have, that house would be perfect for all of them!

  • christopher will never have a stable relationship with nobody..look at him..I wonder if anybody can give him teresa’s teeth product and can somebody tell christopher that his nose is a little cricket..maybe carolines doctor can help!

  • If they are having financial difficulties, then you can be sure it has to be Teresa’s fault somehow.

    • Damn straight. That Tree is powerful!!! She did steal all their business opportunities, you know.

    • LOL so true!! I’m sure this will all be Teresa’s fault.

      I do have to say, I was impressed that in her blog Caroline didn’t fault Joe for his joke and took up for him. Nice to see her finally doing what is right.

      • She knew she’d get crucified. She knows everybody hates her after what she did with Gia.

    • Oh, it’s completely Teresa’s fault, because she is more likeable with the ‘it’ quality the other women don’t have. Teresa’s a terrible terrible person because people love what she’s selling. TERRIBLE. 😉

  • And queue the Bankruptcy announcement. I guarantee you that Lauren is going to make poor Vito propose to her so Caroline can have a storyline next season and not get fired. Yuck!

    • I made comment about this also that the Manzo’s my be filing for bankruptcy. There was a blind item over a month ago about one of the RHONJ was going to file for bankruptcy. I see that Danielle Staub filed, but I know this isn’t who they where talking about. I thought it may be Melissa and Joe Gorga, with them putting their house up for sale along with his beach property. But after looking at reviews on the Brownstone over the years It could be the Manzos.

      Remember when Teresa made that dig at Caroline at the reunion about people wondering how the Brownstone made money. If you read the reviews the Brownstone is a horrible place, horrible service and horrible food. If they have a reputation for being horrible, it won’t be long that they stop getting people that will visit them. I just have that feeling that the money is running out for both the Manzo’s and the Lauritas and you have them trying to keep what’s left of their fortunes.

      • I know nothing of the inside $$ dope of the Brownstone, but I’ve been going there for years for charity events, fund raisers, meetings, etc and it is always packed – with HUNDREDS of people inb many of their different “rooms” – the service is good, the food and drinks are relatively inexpensive for a NJ catering facility and actually quite good as is the service – efficient – am no fan of the Manzos, but they have quite an operation going that fills a big big niche in this part of the woods – it’s popular and fills the $$ bill of many charities – so – maybe they are having trouble, but I for one would be really surprised

  • I think Caroline and Big Al have split up and that’s why she’s looking so haggard, that’s why the downsize.

    • Now that would be a great story line for her. maybe T could put her 2 cents in w/ her problems and stir up some shit

      • Lol, I think Caroline’s head would explode if Teresa ever tried to give her marital advice.

    • You know stoney I thought about that…. Odd that he didn’t go to his brother in law’s wedding… and who knows what else that happened after they stopped filming.

      • One thing for sure…if Large Marge & Al split up…we know who’s fault it is…(snark snark)

        • TERESA!!!!!!! She did it!! She has so much power. She is the reason no publishing co.’s wanting LARGE MARGE to write a cook book,she put a stop on all purchases for that BLK shit water,she made Ashlee an out of control spoiled brat, she drove JAC-ASS to drink herself stupid,Lauren is over weight because she ate too many fried meatballs,Melissa($5 me love you long time)Gorga can’t get gold diggers to sign her,her brother’s house is going into forclosure because he lent her $10 once upon a time,…..AND NOW BIG AL is leaving cause T said so!!!and when she is done causing drama and problems w/ the HW she will stop all wars.

  • The lead is buried here: Caroline all but admitted that Lauren is getting married soon – SEASON 5 STORYLINE, I’m telling you.

    • I hope they aren’t even on season 5. who cares if her daughter is getting married. BORING!!! Every week will LARGE MARGE with the crocodile tears whinnin poor me, my kids all left. lauren will be complaing how she can’t fit into a dress. Albie and Chris will be making fat jokes and telling her Omar the tent maker is her designer. Then what we have all been waiting for (NOT), Lauren gets married at the Brown Stone. SHOCKER!!!!

      • I hope they aren’t either, but a lot of ppl are speculating that’s Carline’s pitch to justify her reason for staying for season 5. She knows there’s nothing interesting about HER, so she’s offering her kids. Yes, their private lives have already been fodder for storylines, but this would be an amped up version – “Lauren and Vito’s Big Proposal, Engagement and Wedding” and maybe even a smaller line about Albie and his new gf, and then of course Caroline’s “woe is me, my kids are all grown up” act. Remember, a few episodes ago, Albie introduced and claimed his gf by NAME to a national audience. He did this right around the time the clan was demanding pics of the 2 of them be taken down on the internet for privacy reasons. So it’s OKAY to mention her on tv, but no pics? They’re planning her unveiling too, I think. Everyone says this, but I’m going to join the chorus and repeat again and again – ” Lindsey, Vito, anyone who can stomach dating Chris, RUN RUN RUN!” I’m sure Caroline is nice to Albie’s gf NOW, while they’re still dating. When he gets married tho? Shudder. That girl’s going to be miserable.

      • Jen – LOL. It does seem like that is where they have been leading us viewers.

        If there is a televised Manzo wedding, won’t this just dredge up memories of the last televised Dina/Tommy wedding at the Brownstone? Won’t people barrage Caroline with questions about Dina’s wedding and their current relationship?

        • Possibly, but I think she’s just desperate to stay on the show and this is all she can come up with. Not saying it’s going to WORK, just that I think this is the direction she’s going in or trying to go in. What else does she have? She’s hated on Teresa for TWO seasons now. What were some of her other storylines? Lets see – Albie is learning disabled. Lauren is fat. Albert really, really loves her and they have hot sex, no really, they do! ( Remember the strawberries? GAG ) If she’s not proposing the Lauren and Vito thing, maybe it has something to do with Critterfur’s painful, private shortcomings. After all, it’s his turn!

          • Sorry, I wasn’t finished…

            You KNOW Albie and Lauren are tapping their foot with their hands on their hips looking in Critterfur’s direction ” Dude, we’ve humiliated ourselves for Mommy Don, now it’s YOUR turn!” Who knows, maybe he has some kind of erectile dysfunction Caroline can exploit. At any rate, it really is time for him to take one for the team.

      • Look if they go, they better take Greggy with them ( and they all better be going)! Im so “hating” on him after his crybaby moment… Ugh. What is with this bunch and the hypocrisy and contradictions? Its record breaking!

  • Downsize, the family does not visit her anyway. She doesn’t talk to but what 4 of the other 10? Chris does not even talk to her and on the show with her. Albert lives in the apartment at the brownstone. Downsize.

  • LOL!! Clown, please. Who are you kidding? Those loser “boys” will be moving back in any day now. And there’s no chance of the sausage getting married.

  • Probably wants to get out in case the Gorgas really do move to Franklin Lakes. I guess that means Jac will probably move too

  • yes LARGE MARGE please do so!!! Start packing now!While you’rre at it take your drunken SIL too!! THANKS!!

  • oh , i heard that they had to take out a mortgage on their house for the brownstone… not sure if true.

  • sure , once she heard melissa gorga wants to live in franklin…. house for sale manzo is moving..hahahhaha

    who cares, moving forward.

  • Terrible time to sell; houses have lost their worth. However, I am in the same frame of mine. Tired of keeping up a large house (5500sq.ft) but husband says no, we need to wait till we can get the value back. I don’t think that will be for a long time.

    • You said it!! We only have 2600 sf and for just the 2 of us its big! But lots of room for the little ones-Cleaning 5500 sf must wear you out!

  • Why would anybody in their right mind try and sell their home in this market (unless there were some financial ‘issues’)#makesnocents

    • “this market” isn’t going to improve anytime soon. People can’t live their lives completely based on the market alone. If that was the case, no one would be selling nor buying.

      • However, selling in Franklin Lakes I’d imagine is alot easier than selling in many other NJ towns —- great schools, ambiance, shopping, clubs, accessibility, distance to NYC, etc – not even in the same ballpark as Montville for instance…

    • Hello ? Agreed ! They will loose the a$$ on this house , something doesn’t smeel right here.

  • I think this is a great time to downsize. She has the show to market the beautiful home. And she will probably be off the show soon, so, she should do it now. People love to live in celebrity homes. Weird, but true. She will get a good offer. Good timing. They seem to be smart business people.

    • It’s a terible time to downsize. You end up paying twice the taxes for a smaller place.

  • I vote that they probably can’t afford it. I wish someone would put their issues on display lol financials like they did Tre.

  • Maybe they can’t afford it any more and that is why she is so friggin cranky all the time.

  • I don’t really consider the Manzo mansion to be a “McMansion”…not really…I consider this one, Jac’s, Gorgas and Giudice’s to actually be very nice mansions which make sense and fit in with their respective neighborhood. As far as the decorating I’d say Teresa’s is slightly ridiculous and gaudy but that’s just inside the houses themselves are actually quite lovely mansions.

  • I don’t think I would refer to their home as a mansion; it sure is beautiful and large but it is certainly not a “mansion.”

    That said, I’m sure a younger family would be very happy there. Hope that is the case.

    • Not a mansion?!? It’s huge and very impressive…I thought that’s what a mansion was lol…as a broker I can say non officially it would have to be close to 8,000 SF + to be considered a “mansion” but these women have extremely impressive homes…Jac’s being the largest I believe…def mansions.

      • You should see some real mansions in Rumson, Colts Neck, Alpine, etc. Those things will make your eyes pop out!

        • Honnie,

          You are absolutely right Rumson on the water. Alpine is great. Definitely Colts Neck. Parts of Princeton. Watchung…Caroline’s home is nice but dentely not a mansion! What I am happy about is if she moves she can’t be on the show, right?

      • Exactly, it is not a mansion. A mansion is 8000+ square feet as you said yourself.
        So you contradicted yourself. However they do not have mansions. Not any of them. While they do have very large houses, they do not have mansions. People use the term mansion too loosely.

        • Hi Helen! Two things…did you read that article in the Post about the mob son? And, I took a look at the documents. Did real estate in NY for 20 years, and I know New Jersey is different but the mortgage part of it is similar. I believe that the mortgage that is there is for the Pond Way house, which is why its for 2+ million. What it looks like to me is that they also put up the Toms River House for collateral… another reason I don’t think it’s the Toms River house is because Gorga Sr. is on the deed, but not mentioned in the mortgage papers, only Mel and Joe.. That’s why if you look down further on the modification papers there is no Toms River address, because they already named the bank as a grantor, and the property would be under that mortgage… I hope I wrote that so it makes sense…

          • I’ll be honest, I’m not completely getting it yet but, can you clarify this?

            Are the two properties now tied together so that if they lose one they lose both? In other words, if they default on the mortgage of the North Jersey home/spec house, do they lose the Toms River “summer” house as well?

            With just the taxes being $52,000 a year on the North Jersey coupled with the mortgage monies owed, it seems like an awfully big monthly nut to crack. And let’s call a spade a spade. If Joey Gorga was busy on his own as ‘one of New Jersey’s biggest developers’ as Melissa likes to say, (BTW, here in Monmouth County, there isn’t a builder or anyone even related to the trades I know who ever even heard of him) he wouldn’t be able to constantly accompany her as she scurries to get her picture taken at the opening of that new envelope.

            It is obvious that for now, Joey Gorga’s only “job” is to serve as Melissa’s watchdog/escort. Can that possibly pay enough to keep them in the style to which they had planned to become accustomed? I think not.

          • bhurst girl,

            Please excuse my momentary lapse of manners in not addressing you directly. Thank you for responding to my post.

          • Hi Helen…yep, pretty much the two properties are tied together, and if there is a default on the Pond Way house, it is possible for the bank to foreclose on the Toms River House. What would happen ( and not to confuse you anymnore, it’s crazy) is that the bank holding the Toms River original mortgage if any, would move into second place and the bank holding the second would now become first. They would lost whatever equity they had in both homes. And please, don’t apologize…I don’t get insulted that easily..

          • I snagged the loan mod docs for the Montville house and not only did they use the Toms River house for collateral, they also used a house in Paterson — bought by Joe in 2007 for 170K. When I need money, I’m going for the sweet deal lenders the Gorgas used!

          • Thank you, bhurst girl.

            It wasn’t so much I thought you would be insulted, I just wanted you to know I appreciated that you took the time to answer and therefore I should directly address you.

          • Burst girl,

            Are you saying the made their a recourse mortgage? I guess it is the question as Honnie Badger. Wow.

          • Jennifer I don’t think New Jersey is a non-recourse state. Of course not knowing specifics, I think that they had a significant amount of equity in the home and that’s why they used it. I’m hoping that they don’t default, because I believe just by virtue of Gorga Sr. being on the deed, he might get caught in the middle. Again, I’m not an attorney and I don’t practice real estate in New Jersey, it’s just what it looks like to me.

        • Ok woman-I really love all the stuff you are digging up!!! Now-how about Caroline’s house?

      • I wasn’t too impressed with Celebrities at Home, it looked very “builder basic” IMO. I don’t see the point of building such a big house but using such blagh finishes. Melissa’s spec house looked a lot nicer IMO, though I’ve never seen it on HGTV.

        • I agree that the gorgas is much more “mansion-like” but there isn’t a gap wider than the Montville/Franklin Lakes divide – the Gorga’s house in Montville would be worth 3 times as much in Franklin Lakes to be sure and sell a hell of alot faster as well –

  • Not surprised. Caroline floated this on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Plus, her house was featured on HGTV’s “Celebrities At Home” in early May. She’s been busy marketing her property. Maybe Albert will let her move in with him at the Brownstone apartment now that the chicks are leaving the nest?

  • I can totally see why she would want to downsize, as most people do at that point in their lives. I do find the timing strange. Melissa selling, Caroline selling… are they expecting less money in the future… maybe no spot for them on this show next year?

    • There was a picture up somewhere, maybe Lauren’s twitter months back with a pic of their old house. Quite normal and everyday looking house, and I am sure it looked a lot smaller.

    • Timmies is even better. (Tim Hortons)

      I have a question for all of you in the USA, how many States have a Tim Hortons Doughnut Shop???

      I’ve been to the one in upstate NY, and in Orlando, Fla.

        • We have tim hortons here and their building another one..Im from northwest pennsylvania and they are a little popular..but local donut shops keep them from booming.

          • My home turf is Pa! Dunkin Donuts everywhere, along with the best Italian bakeries 🙂 I have not seen a Timmie’s at home yet.

          • I’ve never heard of “Tim Horton” but like in michers PA, Dunkin Donuts are a plague upon the land here in NJ. They. Are. Everywhere.

          • I;ve seen Tim Horton’s in Canada but can’t remember if I’ve seen it in the states too-but it’s a restaurant, not a donut shop. I’m in MA and it’s all Dunkin Donuts, all the time-and I couldn’t be happier lol

          • Tim Horton’s is a Canadian chain – interesting that they’re branching to the states. They are primarily a doughnut and coffee shop although they do have a few other items on the menu and some seasonal stuff like Chili. The claim to fame remains doughnuts though 🙂

      • Can I just tell you guys how freakin hilarious it is that a discussion about donuts is more interesting than Caroline Manzo and her kids? I’m sitting here LOLing at this!

        I don’t eat donuts so I can’t even contribute to the conversation but I still find it a more worthy topic than Manzo 🙂

          • Yum Dunkin Donuts. We don’t have that other place, what’s it’s name.

            LOL LOL LOL, yup donuts are more interesting than Ma and Pa Manzo selling the homestead.

        • Cara, I don’t eat doughnuts either.
          It’s all about the COFFEE at Tim Hortons.
          Once you have it your hooked.
          They do have great bagels.

        • Omg the creme filled..Roxy should blog more about donuts than the manzos..Dont forget the ones with the custard ;)donuts don’t blame people for their issues…they are not evil…they are not a tall roommate from hell!..DONUTS ROCK!

          • Donuts 😉 looks like albert made new jersey have a shortage of donuts..poor donuts..i can picture the headline..BREAKING NEWS:CHRISTOPHER AND PAPA AL BROUGHT ALL THE DUNKIN DONUTS AND THERE HAS BEEN RECENTLY A SHORTAGE OF DONUTS..LOOK AT THE CHOCOLATE STAIN ON CHRISTOPHER’S SHRIT and his chin! or is that from kissing ass from people that are really famous?

          • @Penn Boy and @Michers, you have made me have a craving for a doughnut, I haven’t had one in about ten years, I’m going to get one in the morning

  • My house is large but no where close to Carolyn’s. We have 4 children and still have room for family to stay over. Downsizing for her would ideal. Maybe they’ll buy a condo in Hoboken to be close to the boys once Lauren moves out.

  • Come on, do any of us really care if Large Marge and Fat Albert are selling their McMansion? Pfft.

  • It doesn’t surprise me, I have read about this elsewhere.

    I wonder if they are looking to relocate closer to The Brownstone??? (maybe she would see Al more)

    I also wonder how their finances are???

    And, last but not least, are they leaving Franklin Lakes to avoid having Joe Gorga and his wife as neighbors??? (Gorga’s wife did say that they want to move back to Franklin Lakes)

    • I am convinced its a financial issue. The rumors about the brownstone being under water and mortgaged to the hilt ring true. She is facing being fired after this season on RHNJ and sold her businesses to focus on RHNj so im sure she’s facing s deep decline in income.

    • will be interesting to see if the gorgas 1) can even sell their house and 2)if they could afford to move to franklin lakes where property values are actually quite a bit higher than where they live now —– unless joey has some $$ hidden away which is not unbelievable even if it is most probably crooked…

  • Not surprised. She desperately needs a new story line for next season so why not a big move.

    • Hopefully it will be so far out of NJ that there won’t be a next season for her!!! Fingers crossed!!!

    • Rachel, that’s a possibility too. It would also tie into what a lot of ppl think their latest storyline pitch to BRAVO is for Season 5 – Her kids’ love lives ( Lauren and Vito – and their wedding, Albie and Lindsey ) and how they’re moving on, getting married, etc etc and how this pains her so.

  • I don’t know if it surprises me or not, maybe I don’t care enough about the reason why, I can only hope she goes far, far away!!

  • Not surprised at all. I’m her age and there comes a point in life where things just bog you down. My house is half the size of hers and when my kids leave – I can’t wait to downsize. I get it.

    • Everyone comes to that point in life. But, rumors are the brownstone is mortgaged to the HILT and Caroline sold her realitor business and clothing store to focus on RHNJ now she is looking at being fired after this season. Plus, this years RHNJ check is being donated to cover the cost of Als illegal salary from the water commison. She can call it downsizing.. But i think its financial trouble. time will tell.

  • “Sooner or later her children will get married and have their own kids so it be a great place to have for the grandchildren!”

    More so later

    • I agree, we debated downsizing quite a few years ago.
      Now that we have grandchildren, we have lots of space for everyone.
      I was the one that wanted to downsize, but I am happy that my Husband talked me out of it.

        • I would not sign that! Now its a problem with bashing? When it was done to the other cast there was never a problem!!! Please Tre is a big girl with lots of money now and she can take it our quit!!!

          • Teresa IS the bully on this show – it’s what she’s known for and it’s the only reason people talk about her. She’s jealous and spiteful and mean and violent.

            Who are you expecting to take this petition seriously aside from the twelve nut cases who track her every single move NIGHT AND DAY?

          • I totally agree with you. Its like she should be canonized and she can do no wrong. I dont know what show some people are watching but the Teresa that appears on my TV is a manipulative, self centered, egotistical, fake. I mean someone who has to prance around in 14 different bikinis in front of her friends husbands is someone who is looking to be the center of attention. I have followed this show since it began and I still dont see Saint Teresa.

    • I wonder if they’re moving back to the love shack above The Brownstone? It needs a little updating but Caroline’s sister is an interior decorator. Oh, that’s right. They’re not speaking because Dina talks to Teresa and, if Teresa hadn’t stolen all of Caroline’s business opportunities, that house would be paid for right now. Yeah, she’ll blame Teresa for this at the reunion.