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Update On Joe Giudice’s Case! Wants More Time To Negotiate Plea Deal

The drama never stops for RHONJ star Teresa Giudice. Not only is she dealing with her family and friends but reality is hitting hard with her hubby Joe Giudice who make a cameo yesterday in state courts where attorneys told a judge they need more time to negotiate a possible resolution to criminal charges pending against Giudice!

From NorthJersey:
“How much time are you looking for? You’ve already had a lot of time, to be honest,” Superior Court Judge Greta Gooden Brown in Paterson told Clifton Attorney Miles Feinstein, who is defending Giudice against charges of wrongful identity use and impersonation.

Feinstein requested another four to six weeks, to which Passaic County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay Mc Cann did not object. Gooden Brown ordered all parties to return June 27, when there could be a final plea offer or a trial date set.

Giudice, 42, standing beside his lawyer during the brief status conference, did not speak.
Authorities allege Giudice obtained a license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson in June 2010 using marriage and birth certificates that belong to his brother,

Pietro Giudice. Giuseppe’s license was suspended at the time.
Giudice was fined, had his license suspended, was ordered to undergo counseling and served 10 days in the Morris County jail after flipping his truck on a Montville road in January of 2010.

At the time of his sentence in that case, the prosecution called attention to 39 points that Giudice had accumulated prior to the crash. Those points, prosecutors said, were accrued through such violations as speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, careless driving, failing to maintain lamps, failing to wear a seat belt, driving with a cell phone and failing to pay parking tickets.

Prosecutors began to investigate the brothers when Pietro Giudice, 39, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Lincoln Park. When the police officer ran Pietro’s information through an onboard computer, the search produced Giuseppe’s photograph, authorities have said.

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice has made frequent appearances on “Real Housewives” and is the husband of “housewife” Teresa Giudice. Teresa also recently appeared as a resilient contestant on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Giuseppe was indicted on the charges he currently faces in December. He faces 10 years in prison if convicted of the second-degree charge, and 18 months if convicted of the other, a fourth-degree charge. Giudice has already rejected a plea offer by the state of five years in prison, with no restrictions on when he would become eligible for parole, according to attorneys.

McCann said that at least some sort of jail time will be part of any plea offer, as the charges are too serious to allow a probation-only sentence.

Following the proceedings, Feinstein expressed frustration that people are making remarks about the case on “The Real Housewives” episodes.
“The matter will be tried in a court of law, not in the press or on the New Jersey ‘Housewives’ show,” Feinstein said. “During several episodes of the ‘Housewives,’ persons appearing have discussed Joe’s case. They have a right to do so, but they should know better. They know nothing about the actual facts of the case and they should realize that the charges are mere allegations and nothing more. Comments made by those people can only prejudice Joe and taint the prospective jury pool. We are looking forward to Joe’s vindication.”

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  • He had 39 points on his license BEFORE his drunk driving arrest!!! and THEN driving on a suspended – obviously he has NO REGARD for the law…THEN he tries to submit false information to a government agency and you don’t think this man is a danger to society? He is reckless and lawless and a drunk. Honestly, I see his controlling, abusive and addictive behavior taking its toll on Tre and the girls. I honestly think she would be better off if he “went away” – a break from some one with addiction is a good thing. I bet they would all breathe easier with him out of the house.

  • I think it would be a horrible thing to send Joe to jail. Not because I don’t think what he did was wrong – but because he doesn’t pose a danger to society and the emotional hardship the children & Teresa would have to endure is not reflective of the purpose of our justice system.

    What Joe did was wrong, irresponsible and foolish – and Joe knows all of those things. I’m sure he is completely stressed at the prospect of serving time and the whole purpose of serving time is either to 1) protect the public – which doesn’t apply here, and 2) rehabilitate. To the latter, does anyone really think Joe is going to think he can get away with something like this again? I’d consider him rehabilitated. If the court doesn’t agree, the perhaps sentence him to some community service hours, or a fine or both. Serving time in already maxed out jail system serves no purpose than appeasing the haters – at the cost of their own tax dollars.

    • Belle,

      I agree with you. If it were possible to settle this with fines + community service + suspension of his license I think that would be adequate punishment. However, I do not believe McCann is making this sort of analogy. I wish people would make this sort of analogy and we would not have such over-crowding of our jail system.

      Let us wait and see. I think we might be surprised as to the sentence and the actual time served. Do not count Feinstein out he is a good attorney.

      I do not feel Joe is a danger to anyone. ID theft in this situation although the letter of the law they could have gone with a different charge. But that doesn’t mean they will get a conviction.

      There is always a saying you never know what is going to happen until it does. I didn’t believe Edwards was going to get a mistrial, but he did. No one knows until they know.

      But I agree with you. If a politician can use funding from a Presidential campaign to fund his mistress, baby and couple who knowingly state that it was the aide had the fake affair to cover Edwards hide, then in my opinion Joe should spend a day in jail. Let us just wait and see.

    • You consider Joe Giudice rehabilated? Bahahaha! That’s a joke. The guy is an arrogant a**, always have been & always will be. Portrayed as a terrible husband & father. He needs to take some lessons from his BIL Joey Gorga! Joey is an excellent father & husband. Joe rehabilated…NOT!!

      • Annabelle,

        I have yet to see Joey truly parent so I cannot say he is a good father. Joe Giudice does take care of his children. He loves them and they know it. I didn’t like the fight with Teresa or the instance where he chipped his tooth last season, but in all I think he is a good father.

        Joey started the drama in season 3 in front of his children. I do not think that is great parenting. I see Joey and Joe as two men that love their children.

        If Edwards can get off from embezzlement and fraud charges when there is paper trail, testimony, and DNA that he created the cover-up, then I think anything is possible.

        Prison system is for retribution and to a lesser extend rehabilitation. If we want the penal system to truly work rehabilitation doesn’t come when you incarcerate on low level charges, especially in light of the duality when some like Edwards gets a mistrial.

    • He doesn’t pose a danger to society? Anyone that
      gets behind the steering wheel and drives, is a huge danger to society. He could have wiped out his family, your family or mine while doing so.

      • OOPS…gets behind a steering wheel while
        intoxicated…sorry, left out that very important word.

  • I feel badly for Teresa. She married a cheat, liar, fraud. I would have dumped this bozo a long time ago; she is obviously a very loyal person. It is Teresa who is keeping this family going with all of her hard work. Hopefully, good things will keep happening for her; she is showing her girls that hard work pays off.


    • Kate,

      His criminal charge is for fraud (identify theft is a subset of fraud). He is not charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

    • Mary C,

      LOL! I am spreading Teresa hate. Are you kidding? I am actually a very big supporter of Teresa which Rox can verify with my posts. LOL!

      Who are you to make that statement? Are you actually Samantha?

    • I have never ever seen Jennifer post anything negative about Teresa!!! Im sorry to jump in, but Jennifer has been more then respectful to even the most vicious troublemakers on here! And even when she has opposing opinions, she still keeps it clean when people start getting ugly 🙂

      • Thank you Micher! I don’t like Melissa at all. I dislike Caroline, Jac and Ashlee. I warmed up to Kathy because she was nice to Gia on Field Day.

        • Your welcome 🙂 Its all good, don’t have to explain to me. Personally it doesn’t bother me who anyone likes, but I thought that was unfair! I hate when the good people come under fire on here.

    • I have never seen Jennifer post anything negative about Teresa and I have also been on this blog since day one. Neehan on the other hand, is a RABID Teresa hater. She has started anti-Giudice Facebook groups and she posts her crap all over SH and wherever else she wants to. In fact, her only reason for being ON Facebook is her campaign to spread Teresa hatred. She attacks Teresa fans personally, insults us, goes lower than low in her attacks, and has such a personal investment in Teresa and Joe’s personal lives it is downright SCARY. She has even gone to their court appearances HERSELF. I wouldn’t be surprised if she drives to Towaco and digs through their trash.
      So Mary, when you say things like you live in NJ (so does Neehan) and you wouldn’t mind your tax money putting Joe in jail (Neehan has repeatedly voiced her desire to see him behind bars and will not rest until she does) YOU are the one who sounds more like her than THIS Jennifer here.

      I have never seen ANYTHING like that from our Jennifer in the past six months. She clearly knows what she is talking about and she obviously supports Teresa.

      • And not for nothing but Jennifer even apologized for using the word “idiot” and admitted that it wasn’t nice. I can think of twenty FAR worse insults hurled at ME personally by Neehan off the top of my head that I’d be dead if I were holding my breath waiting for an apology for.

        She’s not Neehan. Not by a long stretch. It’s actually funny that you’d accuse her of it.

  • Umm I was answering Mike,JENNIFER. I was stating that the LPPD is very viligent (a good thing). I’m also very sure that cast members had nothing to do with anyone getting arrested. You sound a lot like Jennifer Nehan over at SH. You’ve been accused of being Monica Chicon,no ?Public records my a**. If you plan on starting trouble on this site, like you did over there…THINK AGAIN. We love Roxie’s site and we all play nice in the sandbox (most of the time!). You seem to be using the same MO you did over there. A wealth of info,and then the problems starts.

    • Mary C,

      I have been on this site since it started in November. You better check yourself on that. Rox knows who I am. I don’t think she knows who you are.

      I have NEVER posted on Stoopid Housewives. I do know know who Monica is.

      I have NEVER read a single post from you prior to your post two days ago on this site. Maybe you should place a mirror up to your face.

      FYI, I will respond anytime I feel like it. Oh and you have my nationality all wrong. Sorry for you.

      Who are you when have you ever posted here prior to yesterday?

      • Funny you post almost the exact same stuff on SH. Your wording is spot on. Who said ANYTHING about nationality ? And it begins…LOL

        • Nehan is not my nationality. Rox knows me. That I know. You MaryC I have NEVER seen you post here before yesterday. You sound like Samantha are you her? Likely. You sound like Kate…likely Kate, Samantha and MaryC are one person…Nice Teresa haters you are. I have always been 100% for Teresa since the site went live in November.

        • Show the posts MaryC. I am an attorney. And it has been on the site all the way from Beverly Hills issues with Taylor. I know NJ law very well and NY. So that is why I post on this issue. Rox knows that as well.

    • MaryC,

      FYI Rox knows exactly who I am. As for public records they are important.

      As for your support of Samantha when she wrote those disgusting statements you should place that mirror up. Are you Samantha? Sure sounds like it…

        • MaryC,

          You are a new person on this blog. I have NEVER seen you. I have been posting always under the same name since November. I was here during Beverly Hill and from November. You are new.

          I haven’t seen a positive post from you about Teresa. Lots of anti-joe posts.

          Look in the mirror Kate, Samantha or MaryC…because who knows you?

        • Can I ask Mary where have you read that I have written anything against Teresa? I love Teresa. She is fun, bit ditzy, happy, and I think wonderful with her kids.

  • I wonder if someone from the cast reported to the police that Joe was driving on a suspended license and that’s why he was pulled over. Or even worse, knew he had obtained a license using his brother’s ID and called the tip into the police. Why was Joe pulled over on the day that the cop ran the ID and ‘discovered’ that the photo and name didn’t match?

    • I’m pretty sure he was stopped in Lincoln Park,NJ. Very viligent police dept. Small town,next to Towaco/Montville (where they live). Not unheard of to be stopped there,especially when you are driving over the speed limit. The Manzo’s didn’t alert them,lol.

    • You cannot use reports that Joe Giudice was driving as probable cause for the arrest. The arrest was due to his brother being pulled over for at a routine stop. There was no mention of police pulling over Joe Giudice with a fake driver’s license, if there was then it would part of a separate area of the indictment. Right now there is only speculation that he use it and I firmly believe he did. However, when you don’t have that in evidence there is no grounds for that as part of the criminal indictment.

      • FYI, MaryC I was responding mostly to Mike and not to you. The person pulled over was not Joe Giudice, but his brother and it was at a routine stop and for speeding.

    • Youre an idiot he is a habitual offender – leaving the scene of an accident?? WHO DOES THAT?? ONLY SCUMBAGS!!

      • Kate,

        You are an idiot. Samantha or whoever you are. We do not know if he is habitual offender. The question is of what? What you are saying is patently stupid.

        Parking tickets, cell phone, speeding tickets and leaving the scene of an accident are just fodder for the prosecution. They want to show that they are being strong with a celebrity.

          • Yeah…let’s save the idiot and stupid references for Joe – the “true” idiot. And the habitual comment can be used for him doing dumb things that break the law over and over.

          • Lee,

            The habitual was in reference to acts and they are not habitual. However, I agree that if we want to say attaining a driver’s license while your license is suspended is an idiotic act, then I totally agree.

            However, we do not know how attorney is defending him. I do not know if there is an admission on Joe’s part. I don’t think there is because his brother received 10 days in jail + suspension + counseling. I think Joe is denying the act, which is possible. There could be a screw-up at DMV itself.

            I am not saying that is the strongest argument on Joe’s behalf, but it is possible. If you do not catch Joe driving with the falsified license then it is hard to make all thes extrapolations. If he made an admission then it is another story on how they are looking at the plea.

  • The prosecutor is going for a long sentence. The plea bargain offered was five years in prison. That is ridiculous.

  • Lock him up for the maximum sentence. I want him behind bars. He’s a thief, liar and a fraud. He needs to serve time and frankly, Teresa is lucky her azz isn’t joining him for bankruptcy fraud. She’s luck she dropped the bankruptcy proceedings and was forced to repay the 11.5 million dollars they owe. smh

    • You seem awfully angry and personally invested over a situation that has nothing to do with you. I think most ppl agree he ought to be punished somehow. I don’t think I’ve read one comment that suggested he deserves to get off scott-free, just that 10 yrs might be excessive. Also, I think most ppl ( at least on here ) are not in fact Teresa and Juicy disciples who believe they cannot or have not done anything wrong. Most ppl are upset by the HYPOCRISY of the other ladies and by BRAVO’S business practices.

  • Thanks for posting this article. I was wondering the status of the case. Joe Giudice thinks he is above the law & he deserves jail time, community service & then parole for a few years. He got caught this time! Ooops. It would have happened eventually. You do the crime (in this case CRIMES), you pay the time. I doubt he’ll serve 10 years but he needs at least a year behind bars. What a selfish, arrogant man to do this to his wife & children however ppl make mistakes & hopefully he will learn from these after he pays his debt to society.

  • Personally, I feel 30-60 days of house arrest with an ankle bracelet is enough for this. I, personally feel like Teresa and Joe’s parents will be there for her in full force if he does go to jail. I just don’t think sending a father to jail for this type of crime for that length of time benefits anyone. His girls will see him being punished and learn a lesson and believe me, house arrest with 4 kids will be no picnic. I do believe he should be punished. He did the crime, he should do some time. The question is how much and where.

  • Here is my professional assumption. Again, it is just an assumption. I don’t know anyone or anything about this case except what I have read above. They are going to led him plead down due to the fact that the prosecutor knows he can’t get a fair jury trial anywhere in NJ. Due to the fact that the prosecutor knows this, he will offer him the least amount of time allowed by law, perhaps even time served with probation. His license will be revoked for a number of years, or even permanantly, and everyone will go home. That’s why the lawyer said what he said about everyone is talking about it. He is setting the stage for either reasonable doubt based on opinion or the fact that they won’t get one unbaised juror one way or the other.

    • I am pretty sure they have the ability to have a case without a jury, that seems possible (I thought I have heard of that happening before.)

      • Jelly,

        You can have a en banc trial which means without a jury, but that is only with the consent of defendant. The defendant is entitle to trial by jury it is not in the purview of the prosecution.

  • I’m stuck on the number 39. How in the hell does someone rack up 39 points?
    Joe, that is NOT ok!!! People lose loved ones in accidents from careless driver’s all the time.
    He doesn’t deserve to go to prison for 10 years, but I think some jail time is in order if only to scare the sh*t out of him. And personally I think he should do community service at the county morgue. Getting up close and personal with the result of car accidents might be a good way to get him to drive more carefully.

    • I think picking up trash along Rt 80 in an orange jump suit is fair. I think he needs to be embarrassed to be humbled.I don’t think the morgue would get to him.

      • MaryC, Yes that would be great community service for Joe in addition to his jail time.

      • I am sure his wife has a license and can get insurance where she doesn’t really need to list him as a driver. They have enough money to pay for damages when they occur.

        • I’m in NJ and have NJ Manufacturers. They asked me who resides with me. Thought it was standard.

      • Mary, that’s an interesting question. Who WOULD insure him??? Unless the vehicles are all registered in Teresa’s name…

        • They are required insurance companies for even people with 39 pts. But, I don’t think this is 39 active points otherwise he would have been under a longer suspension.

  • I really hope Joe doesnt “go away” for years…thats just stupid! There are other ways to deal with his crimes than making the taxpayers and his family ultimately pay for them. I honestly think one year or 18mo plus community service and parole would be enough. Make it hard on him not everyone else. Saying that….I hope Tre and the girls have family and friends that will stand by and support them emotionally while he is gone. The witches on the show sure wont be there for them…that we all know!

    • Tiff, I think a couple might do him good.Mandatory cc in Irvington or Newark,NJ. He needs to see how some people that don’t have what he has lives. Maybe a little hard labor,picking up trash along RT 80 will humble him.

      • Mary C,

        All venues within the NJ have the same guidelines. They cannot have different guidelines and that is from the Supreme Court of New Jersey. All lesser courts of the state must abide by the guideliens of the highest court in NJ it is the Supreme Court of NJ, which in NY it is the NY Court of Appeals.

        The Legislature in NJ the Assembly provides the guideline. We do not have mandatory sentencing for traffic and fraud cases. NJ allows for both Prosecutorial and Judicial discretion. Even in drug cases NJ has eliminated most of their mandatory sentencing guidelines, that is why McCann did not state that he has to ask for a minimum sentence. If that were true he would have said it.

        I do believe Joe will receive some Jail time. DUI can carry jail time, but it usually never does on first offense. DUI is also not criminal in the State of NJ it is a traffic violation with no points. What is criminal is fraud case against Joe.

        They have already offered a 5 yrs. They likely have a 2.5 yr on the table. Joe doesn’t want jail time is my opinion on this,but he will get it. If he gets a 6 month – 1 yr he will likely receive on the low end 90 days in jail reduced by 7 days served in jail already = 81days + community service 6 month + 2-5K of fines and court fees + 2 yr suspension on this driver’s license. NJ has no hardship rule for temporary driver’s license. On the high end he will receive 180days – 7 days = 171 days jail + community service 6 month, + 2-5K fines and court fees + 2 yr suspension. The low end deal is the usual one you would see with a case like this without a great attorney. They will also have a deal for points as well. Most of the points will be wiped with the deal.

        • Jennifer, this is excellent, thanks for posting this! You should snapshot your prediction here & see how close you are if/when the actual plea deal is announced!!

          • He could get more, but there will be some jail. It won’t be house arrest. I have never seen house arrest for fraud cases. It would defeat the purpose.

          • Why the 7 works to 9 is jail time served pre-trial usually works like this 1day + 1/4 day and you round up.

        • Thanks for posting the info ! I think he NEEDS to be locked up for a year. My wish is that he does his community service (typo in my last comment cc) and is humbled by it. People are suggesting house arrest,but this is a man who breaks rules/laws right and left. My SIL went to school with him (her bff dated Pete),he hasn’t changed,lol. Not a bad guy, just arrogant.

          • Mary C,

            I understand your belief, but we only see this side. He won’t get a year in prison. Even the deal that the prosecutor gave was not really 5 years…the second part is the most interesting is “with no restrictions on when he would become eligible for parole” When the prosecution write that in parole can come even 30 days later. That is when you receive suspended sentencing. You have your client plead to the plead charge and negotiate on suspension which the prosecution would ask for during sentencing.

            The thing is a one full year for identify theft where no monetary damage or damage of any kind was involved it hard to sustain a hard sentence.

            I understand your idea, but I cannot see him spending more than six months with actual jail time. It wouldn’t fit with cases that have been adjudicated with credit card theft in the same area. I just don’t see it.

    • Tiff, I share your concerns about Joe’s family. They’ll be affected by his conviction in ways that will change the course of their lives.

      Nobody is above the law, and sometimes, rock bottom is the only thing that will convince someone that they need to make huge, life changes. I also hope that if convictions are handed down in the Signature Apparel lawsuit, the Lauritas have a strong support system in place, as well. If they’re guilty, Chris, Jacqueline et al should be prepared to pay the price for their actions, too.

      • If Juicy gets time.

        Lauritas should get jail time and Al Manzo should have gotten jail for scamming for Health Insurance.

        If the Laurita charges stick, it is the biggest fraud of the three.

  • To add to my above comment…The Jersey families ALL have some secrets ! Some are smart enough to stay under the radar,some are too stupid (arrogant). All is good now, but sooner or later someone will turn on you. All it takes is ONE person to spill and the rumors start.

  • Joe is very cocky (and always was),but he’s not a terrible guy. Did he know what he was doing? Absolutely ! He risked a lot and lost,now he’s got to pay. I get he doesn’t want to be a rat,but his excuses are ridicules. In NJ,to replace a license you need your birth certificate/ss card/marriage certificate, how did he take that from Pete without him knowing. He’s gotten away with a lot of “stuff”,now he pays.Hard for the kids,but she’ll be fine. She has a good support system. Joe needs to go “away” as we say in Jersey 🙂

  • I’m sorry its about time the giudices’ take some responsibility and own what they do! What is he gonna try to get off an a technicality for it being mentioned on the show!? they told the world in gossip magazines..and then she acts all offended when a fan mentions the problems at a book signing!? Plz! And joe 39 points!? This is not some random thing, this is Joe contstantly breaking laws like they don’t apply to him! When they were so absorbed with danielle and her life and what she’s doing etc,etc they should have been worrying about their own lives at that point! I hope this nit picking nonsense stops and teresa and joe start investing more in their children, those girls are really acting out and misbehaving! They r looking for limits they’re not finding it! Her parenting skills mimic those of lynn (formerly RHOC) she’s being a friend only and there’s no disiplinarian-lynns daughter actually told gretchen she wanted her mother just once to put her foot down and act like a mother. Its so important. Especially if joe goes away..I’m afraid teresa is even more so going to let the girls do anything they want because she feels bad! I could only hope teresa reads this and gets herself, joe and girls in counseling! Or just her and the girls if joe won’t go. It seems she’s doing all the wrong things, trying to be right! I believe teresa could be a really good person if she was content with things and happy. She’s not happy or secure with something in her life. I don’t care what anyone says! I wish them the best, I really do! Beautiful family!

    • No thats bs ive heard her discipline them and she is not being a friend she is being LOVING to her kids, you dont know how they will turn out so dont speak.

    • Hooray Anne! You said exactly what I was thinking. Joe has had this attitude since S1 that he was above the law. He got caught THIS TIME & now must pay for his crimes. 39 points is serious. Regardless if it was non-violent in nature he deserves some jail time & community service. I also agree w/you about Teresa’s lack of discipline skills but that can be fixed. Joe needs to serve his time while Teresa betters herself & her girls. Then Teresa can decide if she wants to carry on a relationship w/an ex-convict.

      • I think Teresa is too “old school” for a divorce even if she realizes her life would be better without him while he was away. I’m not saying her life would be better without him, because he could come out a humbled man and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. I’m 100% Team Teresa, but as a wife I know I’m not always easy to live with (just as most couples – sometimes our spouses get on our nerves, because no 1 is perfect) and I’m sure she isn’t always easy to live with either.
        They’ve had a rough couple of years and I truly believe everything happens for a reason. She’s already learned she doesn’t need a man to support her finicially, because she’s doing that herself now. She learned when push came to shove Caroline and Jac weren’t her true friends. I’m sure more negative will come to her and the positives will balance them out eventually 🙂

      • It depends on the plea arrangement. This could be treated as a misdemeanor, which is not a felony so he wouldn’t be a convict. But, that is going to based on the final plea arrangement.

  • It is ridiculous and a waste of tax payers money to put him in jail. Jail should be for violent offenses and not something like this. Fine him, put him on house arrest, but to jail him is really stupid.

    • I’m from NJ,I’m good with contributing to his stay in jail. He can’t be trusted on house arrest. He needs to be confined with NO freedom for at least 18 months,IMO.

  • I still admire Joe, he took a risk and he got caught. Why did he take the risk, to get back and forth to the pizzeria and apparently that is why the pizzeria was shuttered no transportation. I would think NJ issued hardship licenses so that their citizens in similar positions could get a limited driver’s licenses just to travel to and from work on.

    • I am almost positive that NJ does issue hardship licenses, however I also think that with 39 points on his license and a DWI no judge in their right mind would agree to it. I’m truly sorry for T with all of this but the truth is, if he got 39 points worth of convictions on his license, apparently he didn’t think the rules applied to him, and how much did he get away with… It’s not like he made a mistake once and they’re being hard on him…his alleged stealing of his brother’s ID is just another instance of him thinking he can do anything he wants as long as he doesn’t get caught. Not a great example to be setting for his kids, and we wonder why Gia is a mess? Look at the strain that poor baby is under. I don’t wish him ill will, and no, he won’t do 10 years in jail, that’s just the max, but I do hope that since things are different for Joe and he is in a better place.

      • NJ has no hardship license for DUI or DWI. DUI or DWI carry no points in NJ. DUI is a traffic violation. It is not criminal in NJ, which is one of the few states that still has it that way. There is no arrest with a DUI because there is no finger printing, that is the big difference arrests. It may seem as if Joe was arrested for DUI because of the handcuffs, but it is not an arrest it is not criminal.

        The criminal charges are fraud, misrep,etc for the fake license and driving while suspended license. Now if Joe was not found driving that charge falls out. His main charge is the fraud. The only bad part of this is Joe’s stupidity of acquiring a license under his brother’s name. It is idiotic.

      • Who wonders why Gia is a mess? Not me and not alot of people, Gia isn’t a mess, she is 10. What were you like when you were 10? Were u on a successful gymnastics and dance team, were you getting straight A’s in school? Were you in a music video? Probably not, but neither was I. Gia is a little Teresa, and her mom is an example that I would want to look up to, she before the show was a loving wife and mother, that grew up with traditional old italian values. Now yes her mom may be the main bread winner, but still a great example. So sorry hun, Gia isn’t a mess despite the BS, that she has to endure now, because her father is all over the Media.

        • Real girlfriend,

          You took the words right out of my mouth. The only thing to wonder about here is someone saying “…Gia is a mess.”

        • When I saw the “Gia Meltdown” scene, I chalked it up to her being overly tired, in a stressful situation and puberty. (Although, Gia was right. They did cheat.) I was annoyed at Caroline’s comment that “Teresa was teaching her the wrong thing” for so many different reasons. How many of us have been in an ackward situation when our child misbehaved? A lot of us and it’s stressful enough without cameras rolling on top of it. Your real friends know how to deal with it properly and not how Jac and Caroline did.

          • Also, none of us had or are the perfect parent, so we have no right to judge other people’s parenting. Especially, on tv, because we’re not seeing every minute of everyday only what is edited in. As adults, we all have good days and bad and kids do to.

          • Whoa, backup girls, I’m on your side…I’m not battering Gia nor am I maligning anyones parenting. My only point, and maybe I didn’t express myself correctly, and if not, sorry, is that Gia because she is the oldest hears and understands whats going on around her. Sheesh… Yes I said she was a mess, OK, used the wrong words… I wasn’t specifically referring to the field day thing, but also the fact that her uncle pulled her into that awful conversation, and that she was aware of other things she heard her dad say and responded to in one car ride. I’m not on her at all. OK so can I have my arteries back?

        • I will say it again…I WAS NOT BASHING GIA….I MISSPOKE….oh, hell, why am I even trying to argue the point….take your pints of blood, and I dare you to look through every post here and find mine and tell me if at any time any where in any way I was against T, J and the kids or if, really, I just misspoke this time.

          • Kids do feel the stress of what is going on.. But this is true for every family. I think what is going on w/the Guidices is a shame because they are a good family who is getting a bad rap.

            No one is claiming anyone is perfect or evil. But prosecutors LOVE to find targets to make examples of. Bravo just HAD to make shit comments about it on the reunion and then in Season 4. WTF they think they are? And then Tres’ brother and SIL,, eww I can’t stand those two.

            Gia is half grown sensitive and smart. I feel that she hates the hypocracy of the other adults. Love the Guidices and hope hope hope Joe just gets suspension and house arrest if anything.

    • Admire Joe…LOL. The idiot collects all these points for numerous offenses including DUI then because of it commits fraud and should be admired. Only in America I guess.

      • There are no points in NJ for DUI. It is a traffic offense. He likely or the suspension for pleading to the DUI.

  • This is soo absurd! You can kill Michael Jackson and only get 2 years max & Joe is facing 10 years! America, we have the best judicial system…yeah right, only in America!

  • He deserves maybe 30 days in jail, counseling and and parole for two years at best. House arrest is a fair option, too. Give him his own license back and he won’t have ‘borrow’ another. 🙂

    • He might get like six month to a year which works out on the lesser sentence with the week in jail he served to 81 days with good behavior. Fines likely about 2-5k and suspension of license for 2 years.

  • I didn’t read the article yet. I’m just going off of other people’s comments and what I remember about this.

    I could be totally wrong, but I think they are considering this a big offence, because of 9/11. Had he been someone else and done something really bad everyone here would agree to a stiffer penalty. I’m also wondering if, because he is somewhat well known they are looking to make an example of him. Even though I don’t think many people do what he did.

    IMO he should get the equavalent sentence of a person with priors under the age of 21 would get if they were caught with a fake id.

    • You make a great point. Let’s hope the judge and jury remember the spirit of the law when they sentence him instead of trying to make an example out of him because he’s on tv.

    • Lots of people do the fake I.D. At least they use to back when i was in college. Its how underage people get fake I.D.s to get into bars. Everyone i knew in college had one! This was back when they didnt keep the pictures in a database though and the IDs were never used for driving, bank accounts etc. I think idenity theft has evolved so much that they HAD to put stiffer laws into effect and he is just stuck in the net.

      • It is different fake ID. If he went into DMV and brought several pieces of ID to get a real driver’s license it fraud (identify theft are of fraud).

    • I disagree with him being treated the same as someone under 21 with priors because he’s a full blown adult and should know better. But I agree with Jennifer above 60-90s works fine.


  • Wow..39 Points..how many can you have and still drive? I do wish him the best. I agree he broke the law a few times and that’s how he got 39 points. I hope he gets house arrest before jail time.

    • I thought you were suspended after 10 pts! Obviously im wrong LOL Or maybe these points accumulated with the accident? 10pts for DUI, 6 for leaving the scene of an accident. 6 for speeding which caused the accident etc..

  • It seems that he is being over-charged and the prosecution is seeking too much jail time because he is a celebrity. Celebrity can cut both ways, getting people swag, good seats at a restaurant and so on, but sometimes it is an ambitious prosecutors ticket to publicity and advancement as seems to be the case here. Eager to prove that they are not influenced or intimidated by celebrity, they go too far in the other direction.

    I agree that if he did the crime, he should not get away with it and could expect community service, house arrest, 30 days, something commensurate with the harm. That he is facing more time than violent criminals is ridiculous.

    • He is being overcharged, but the prosecutor needs to make it look like he is standing firm with a celebrity. It is a doubled-edged sword.

  • I’ve thought about how I would feel if this was just some random guy and not Joe Giudice and my feelings are the same. The jails are so over crowded and it is the tax payers who pay to keep these people with food, shelter, programs, schooling, medical expenses and recreation. I think house arrest would be best, let him pay his own expenses while a prisoner in his own house. After his house arrest, force him to do community services, put him in a position where HE has to deal with the repercussions of other people who have committed a similar crime.

    • When the idenity theft law was put in effect im sure it was intended for people who were stealing idenities with credit cards, jobs, bank accounts etc..

      It reminds me of case where a high school kid who was 18 and in his senior year was caught having sex with his 16 year old gf who was a JR… He was arrested on for child abuse and other various crimes for having teenage consentual sex! He lost his football scholorship when he was sent to prison for 3 years. This kids life was destroyed on a technicality and he has to register as sex offender for the rest of his life. I believe Joe knowingly commited a crime and should be punished but sending him to prison is a bit much!

  • What he did is of course bad but come on now its worse me out (I.e. Melissa) I’m just joking but no really probation would be just fine. Itsnot that serious its not like he’s robbing people or killing.

    I wish them the best ill pray for them 🙂


    1. This past week an immigrant, from the middle east no less, was sentenced to merely 30 – now dropped to 20 – days in prison after invading the privacy of his roommate, filming their intimacy encounters without consent, allowing others to witness and bragging about his homophobia on Twitter. Despite tweets, texts, etc. -He got off with less than three weeks of prison.

    2. This past week a man – who lived in the ghetto – who had been arrested for aggravated assault and resisting arrest numerous times – had to begin cutting his own body out to in front of police in order to finally get their attention. STILL, with his history, no charges were filed.

    3. Keyword: Google. There are countless stories where convicted rapists have filed discriminatory lawsuits AGAINST neighbors and residents who did not want the known rapist living within their neighborhood and/or near their children.

    YET – with the above said – Joe Giudice is looking at TEN years in prison for using his own brother [who we all know he is close with] to receive a duplicate license to drive. Way to go New Jersey. You sure have your priorities in order.

    • I personally feel the”immigrant” should have not been charged and sentenced to ANY jail time that was another waste of time in our court systems.

      • Wrong, Jen! He knowingly filmed for entertainment value to share with others a person who was having intimate, private moments — without said person’s consent. That to me, in and of itself is one hell of a criminal act.

        Unless, of course, you are OK with someone filming you doing your siggy other in your house, or you on the toilet doing your morning thunder — for others to laugh at you.

        • and if the kid that committed suicide never did he would not have been brought up on charges!

          • The verdict itself and the trial itself had NOTHING to do with the suicide! Whether or not it prompted the trial is absolutely immaterial — and you are missing the damn point!

            So, you are totally ok with someone filming you in your worst, or most intimate moments so that all kinds of people can laugh at you? Well, good for you.

          • I’m not missing the damn point! I never said i was ok w/ anyone filming me. the “KID” that filmed him did not do w/ the intent of anything bad happening. he was a KID that happened to do something stupid and childish. do I believe he should have gotten jail time, ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! A fine and community service.

          • You seem to be fine with an 18-year-old “KID” who knowingly invaded the privacy of another in a most egregious manner — for entertainment to show others.

            You are wrong — there WAS “intent of something bad happening” — Ravi’s intent was to laugh and make fun of the guy being filmed with others as said guy being filmed was engaged in a private moment without knowledge that he was being filmed.

            The “KID” at age 18 and in college knew that was morally wrong. This is why he ATTEMPTED TO COVER IT UP — which was proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

          • i don’t consider laughing at someone “something bad” that should be punishable w/ jail time. he tried to cover it up after the kid killed himself because he was scared and didn’t mean for a childish prank to go that for. the prosecuters didn’t want jail for him either thats why the plea deal was NO JAIL TIME which he refused because he then would have to admit what he did was a hate crime. IT WAS A PRANK!!! at 18 years old you don’t always make the right choices, it was not a violent crime more like a childish act

          • Jen, it’s obvious you are a teenager or a bimbo. You do not get the entire point.

            I hope you get filmed and uploaded and enjoy the “attention.” Have fun, kid.

          • Wrong, Jen. In fact the prosecutor’s office has appealed the judge’s sentence because they wanted him to do MORE time than the judge gave him.

      • Are we talking about the Rutger’s case? There are too many schools of thought on that one for me to comment simply because NJ extrapolated a statute. But under the current law enacted post event there would be no problem.

        There was a statement made. I think the verdict was appropriate. The courts are about achieving a verdict, not absolute justice.

        I agree with both Honnie Badger on the issue and Jen. Jen based on the statute has drafted at the time and Honnie Badger as to the moral implication and current statutory drafting.

        • @ honnie i like to badger the shit out of people, i am not a teenager or a bimbo my point is for a non violent crime there shouldn’t be jail time. the prisons are over crowded now that they can’t even have pedophiles serve their full time. it was simply kids being stupid and this roommate wasn’t even here to press charges because he commit suicide which only means he had other issues maybe if his parents were more understanding that he was gay he wouldn’t have.maybe they should be brought up on child neg. charges? hell maybe you should you hurt my feelings for calling me a bimbo?

          • oops i’m on my daughters laptop its jen that wrote that and BTW nancy they originally offered a plea w/ NO JAIL TIME which he refused because he was not going to admit it was a hate crime

          • Uh, what? That was directed at Jen. You may want to refresh your writing ability with a remedial course. Proper use of punctuation can be your friend.

          • @ HOONIE i like to BADGER the shit out of people i can also tell you need some help yourself, maybe some therepy? the only way you can get your point across is to insult people. Then you are all for jail time for non violent acts? Sorry if you don’t agree w/ me but, an 18 yr old boy going on 14,because that is how alot of them act did something very childish in my opinion does not deserve jail! He filmed as a joke 2 sec. of this kid kissing someone, i don’t know if you realize that was all he got on film. He did this as a joke not to hurt the kid. The pros. office offered him a plea with NO JAIL TIME which he refused because he was not going to admit it was a hate crime. It was a childish prank. So feal fre two prufread mi righting !!!

        • FYI I am Jennifer and it Jen. I have no real opinion of the Rutger’s case. I know with the current statute there would be a conviction. I think it was a reach outside of what the legislature contemplated with the original case.

          My moral opinion is the guy needs jail time. You do not video tape your roommate. I know you can say they were no expectation of privacy due to the fact they were tenant in common in the room, so they have unfettered use of the whole of the suite. But, as a human being he knew it was wrong. He should have never broadcast the video. He should never have taken the video. It was vile.

    • ‘From the Middle East no less….’ & ‘who lived in the ghetto…’????

      What does the location of the kid’s homeland or where someone currently lives have to do with anything?

    • What does it have 2 do with being from the middle east? Or living in a ghetto?
      Dumbest shit ever. R u implying that ppl in middle east r all perverts? Or that they have less value then others? I suggiest u watch the movie “my name is Khan” n get the value of ALL human beings straightened out in ur head! Ur racist!

      • To set the record straight. The young man was found guilty of invading the privacy of his college room mate (filming him with his gay partner, against their knowledge). The room mate commited suicide shortly after the film was shown around campus. During the trial the defendent’s heritage (middle eastern) was brought into the mix because said defentant is not an American citizen, and could have been subject to deportation. There was no mention of ghetto. The ghetto remark refered to another case.

    • In #1 are you talking about Ravi? He’s Indian, not Middle Eastern. Not that it should matter. And what does living in the “ghetto” have to do with anything?

      • Not sure, but i believe his middle eastern/Indian comment was not racisit. Middle eastern and indian cultures do not accept or recognize gay people! I think it even carries the death penalty in their countries. Growing up knowing this, being trained that its bad all the while knowing youre gay.. Hiding it your entire life only to have your college roommate video you and ‘out” you to the entire world. He was making a point in favor of the middle eastern person…Not a racisit comment. But i could be mistaken!

  • He broke the law, he should be punished by going to jail, but I think 15 years or whatever is too long, but 6 months – 1 year sounds reasonable.

    • I agree. I don’t want people’s opinions of Teresa to cloud the fact that he did something wrong. Can’t give tha man a break when he has had more than one offense.

      • He did do something wrong, but it’s ridiculous to fill the prisons with non-violent offenders while giving violent offenders a slap on the wrist. Lindsay Lohan constantly violates the terms of her probation, but she’s never going to jail because there just isn’t room for low-level non-violent offenders and everyone knows it. Chris Brown viciously beat the crap out of Rihanna and gets no punishment at all, meanwhile getting a fake driver’s license is a 18 month to 10 year offense? House arrest was designed for situations like this.

        • I think because he stole someones identity in a way, by using his license or whatever makes it quite bad. He deserves jail time not 15 years, but I think a good 6 months – 1 year is fair enough.

          • But identitytheft connotes stealingthe identityof an unsuspecting person and using it to defraudthem out of money.That’s not what happened here. His brotherpretty much had to have known,and he didn’t get swindled out of any money.I guess since he took driving withouta license one step further he could serve a month in jail, but anything more seems really excessive for a first offense. He wasn’t doing anything with that license beyonddriving,which is illegal but which generally would result in zero jail time.

          • Seven,

            According to the statute money does not have to be in play. The mere acquiring of the ID is a violation of the statute. Monetary, property or any benefit is not in contemplation of the statute. I do believe what one poster stated it is likely reactionary to 9/11. The statute had revisions in 2002.

            But, even if it is ID theft your first one on an unsuspecting party is an actually very good point. Why isn’t Pietro charged with the same violation? And if he knew nothing of the events, then why did he receive 10 days in jail, fines, counseling and suspension? Your first point is the strongest to reduce the charge.

        • I agree Keppler. I’ve never been a huge fan of Joes but sending him to prison on tax payers dollars seems a bit much. I have seen people get suspended sentence for ARMED CAR JACKING! Joes crime was not violent and i dont think it should hold a mandatory prison sentence. Its just ridiculous when they could EARN money from him via house arrest and community service. This is a first offence and really feels like he’s being judged for being “famous’ (for lack of a better word) then on the actual crime itself.

          I also believe Joes lawyers asked the entire cast not to bring up the legal issues and they have intentionally brought it up this season out of spite. It makes me hate the Caroline and Jac more than i did before!

          • Feinstein is actually a pretty good attorney. I am sure he asked the cast not to say anything. I totally agree with you.

            Honestly, I don’t think he should have jail time, but I think it almost a given with the current plea bargain. I don’t think it will be more than 90-180days at most in jail. That is a personal opinion.

    • I agree, the law is the law and he broke it. However, I think 10 years is too much. I think he will definitely get jail time but not as much as is allowable by law. If Lindsey Lohan & Paris Hilton can get out of jail in less than 48 hours for the crap they’ve done I think Joe G. could get out after a few days served and do probation: community service like Naomi Campbell (for assault no less) and Crhis Brown (for violent assault).

      • I think what he did though was stealing someones identity and LH and PH were using drugs right? If all three of them were doing the same thing i would expect all three to go to jail for quite some time. But both situations are different.

        I think 6 mo – 1 yr in jail sounds better, 15 years no.

    • I agree jelly. If he did break the law, he has to deal with his punishment. I feel the original punishment was excessive. There are far more peeps in jersey committing worse crimes that don’t even get that!

    • They won’t run the charges consecutively. In the worst case they likely would run concurrently.

  • I agree, house arrest would be just punishment. What does anyone gain by sending him to prison? Absolutely nothing, the taxpayers pick up the costs. Come on I’ve seen people do a whole less time for a much bigger offense! Give the man a break!!!

  • I think that to lock Joe up for this is a waste of taxpayers money!!!! There is people out here killing people, robbing, selling drugs, and etc….this is crazy. He needs to put on house arrest and hv to take some classes and community service to give back to the community.

    • i agree!! the jails are so over crowded now! they will give a pedophile probation or under 1 year in prison but they want to charge non violent acts. maybe if the prisons were not filled up w/ bs charges the f’n pedophiles could get life w/ no parrol.

    • He will get some jail time as part of a plea arrangement, but very little he won’t serve more than 60-90 days, that is with time served and good behavior. He will have huge fines, but this is a first offense. It is criminal fraud, but a year to multiple year sentencing is ridiculous. The prosecution and judge have huge discretion in this case and no minimum sentencing guidelines. If he didn’t have 39 points he might have been looking at a suspended sentence.

      On the 27th they likely will not have a plea deal struck. At anytime during the trial prior to verdict the can come to a plea arrangement. It usually is less favorable once you commence the trial in this situation.

      • I agree he’s going to face time and it will probably be in the 2-6 month time frame. But it’s truly his own fault for his predicament…to commit identity fraud on top of all the traffic violations he’s accrued just proves what a “stunad” he is. Maybe he’ll finally learn a lesson.

    • I agree! Heck my cuz got 17yrs for probation violation he was on for a dui but got caught driving without a license. 17 yrs! but someone who kills or rape someone gets less time! Its crazy to me

      • Monica,

        What was your cousin on probation for? Because if this were his first offense in NJ he can not get more than 90 days in jail time + $500 fine. That would be first offense. That is the maximum NJ penalty.Second offense 120-150 days. 3rd or more of driving with suspended license 180 days.

        Either your cousin was inviolation of something else, which I highly suspect or there is something wrong. I know NJ, PA, DC, CA and NY do not impose 17 yr sentence for violation of suspended license.

        Also, DUI in NJ is on a criminal charge. There is no arrest. It is a mere traffic violation.

        Not to get into your business, but your cousin should seek the help of a good appeals attorney. If this is license suspension he will have it over-turned.

  • Can I just say that I find it absolutely ridiculous that you can rape someone and serve less time than someone that commits ID fraud? That good ‘ole American justice system.

    That said, if this allegations are true, Joe should be ashamed of himself. He has a wife and four children that are affected by every foolish decision he makes. No one should feel that they are above the law.

    And just out of curiousity, is Joe’s brother in any trouble for allowing him to use his information?

    • I think Joe claimed that he took his brother’s (Pietro’s) information without Pietro’s knowledge. I do not think that is true; Pietro definitely knew Joe had his personal documents. I think it is sweet though, in a sibling kind of way, that Joe and Pietro are staying loyal to each other. Pietro isn’t saying anything about whether or not Joe took the documents from him or not and Joe is taking all the blame onto himself saying he took them from his brother and not allowing his brother to also get charged for his part in the fraud.

      • So he’s not going to let his brother go down with him. Those Giudice men are loyal to the end, I guess. It is rather noble in an odd way. Most people would try and shift the blame anyway they can. I think Joe has to much pride for that. He’s definitely a man’s man as they say, lol.

      • Pete had to have known. He would have gone to a strong box or safe to give Joe those certificates. It’s despicable behavior for a father of four and I feel bad that Teresa will have to carry the load alone. Although Joe brings no money to the table, he seems to be taking good care of the kids. Ten years seems like a bit much though. He’s not a threat to the public for crying out load. Except when he drinks and drives…..

        • Do you know that he brings no money to the table? (i have no idea) I thought a story was released that said he does bring money in and works everyday. No idea if its true, but you sound like you know?

      • Joe didn’t know that his brother also had a suspended license THAT’S why he took it, and don’t you think that his brother would let him know that he did? Duuuuhh and if Joe knew that then he wouldn’t have tried to use his brother’s id, again duuuuuhhh it’s just stupidity on joe’s part yet again, dumb gets dumber and it’s got nothing to do with loyalty it’s got everything to do with stupidity

    • I couldn’t agree more with both of your points. It really disgusts me that men can get off so easily for rape. You can destroy a womens life, and get a slap on the wrist. I am beyond disappointed in Joe, but i don’t think he would ever do anything to hurt someone, and it would be better for him to be at home with his family…it also bothers me, that i know caroline, jac, melissa, and gorga are all praying that he goes to jail

      • I agree, Lauren! Men who rape little girl, teenagers, and women should rot in prison, or at least serve a long sentence. Many men get away with this case, and it sickens me how lightly some states are when it comes to this matter.

        If CaroClown, Wacko Jacko, MeHO, and the rest are praying for Juicy to go to prison… That is effed up! I never even thought of it, but now that you mention it… Man, oh man! I could see them enjoying Juicy serving his time because it would burden Tre and her beautiful daughters which will burden Tre’s heart. =(

      • I agree with all of your points above!! Im peeved also that someone can steal your identity and commit theft , good luck getting any justice with that!!! Joe is no angel, but I think this case is bs.. Trying to prove their legal standpoint finally on a “house hubby”. The thing is, he probably only did do it to maintain man dignity and get to work or business deals. It sux.. but if he broke the law , then so be it, he has to face it. Lauren- so right with your thoughts! And it is sick ,but they are probably doing that. They will probably have a “field day ” at Jac’s then read books about if he gets in trouble!!!!

      • Yeah, when this irresponsible jack ass kills your daughter with his car, we’ll see how you feel about it. His license was suspended for a reason. Why you all are bringing up rape is is beyond me. It has nothing to do with this issue. Lack of intelligence, obviously.

    • Rach,

      I understand an sympathize with your issues. We are deal with statute NJS 2C:21-17 a(4) & c(1). Since fraud and indentify theft charges usually contemplate monetary loss, that is one the main drivers for this statute.

      Why you have a child raped and the predator only receives 5 years and why you have identify theft you could face longer time is different in every state. It depends if there are mandatory sentencing guidelines. Most states do not have mandatory sentencing for identify theft, NJ does. This allows for prosecutorial and judicial discretion, that is why if Joe took 5 yrs he could get out at any point in time. It is important to look at that piece of the offer by the prosecution.

      On sentencing people of the state can effectuate change by voting for politicians tht represent their stance on crime. It is a legislative process and that is where the change happens.

      • Sorry NJ does not have mandatory guidelines for ID theft discretion in the prosecutor for plea and in the judge for sentencing.

    • I grew up I a suburb of Chicago and a bunch of last teens each year would always take their older brothers or sisters birth certificates to get fake licenses to go to bars, drink… It was talked about openly and I saw at least 10 of the fake driver licenses myself. No one ever was punished and I hear it is still happening. I am not saying any of this is correct, but it is interesting how different cities and states prosecute cases and their importance. If Joe lived in Los Angeles with the jail overcrowding he would never ever get jail time for a non violent crime and ghey would have probably done a plea deal for home confinement for a few months max if that (my brother-in-law is a lawyer for the city.) Here a 6 months sentence is less than a day in jail, no joke.