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Teresa Says The Argument With Her Brother Was Really Hurtful

Teresa Giudice has been the story line for both season 3 and season 4. Teresa recapped Sunday’s episode of RHONJ and explains Joe Giudices behavior but admits he does have issues with not saying the right thing. Teresa also talks Richie’s comments and explains how she only cries when it comes to her relationship with her brother.

“All right, this week’s RHONJ episode: I have to say it was a mix of good and bad. I loved watching Caroline and Albert celebrate their anniversary. The pictures of Albert and Albie were too precious! I didn’t so much love Caroline making judgments about me again, pretending to know what’s in my head. Sad.

I loved seeing my girls get to play with their cousins. They miss seeing my brother’s kids. I didn’t love the talk my brother and I had. I really, really didn’t want to get into it at a pool party my kids were at, because I knew how it would go. And it went that way… and worse. You didn’t even see the entire argument. Joey’s explosion at me was insane, scary, and yes, really, really hurtful to me. Anyone else notice that in four seasons I’ve never cried except when it comes to Joey? I’m not a crier! But this whole thing breaks my heart.

But it was a year ago, and I’ve moved on to happier, more positive things. I pray that we can all be a family again someday, and I’ll keep praying for that.

To answer your questions, I don’t read the other ladies’ blogs. I hope they are all in happy, positive places as well.

Finally, I want to talk about my Joe. I love him for who he is. He’s the same guy now as when I first met him when we were kids. He’s old-school Italian, he says what he thinks, he’s tough, but has an amazing heart. He’s a great dad. He’s my best friend. He’s amazing.

Of course, he’s not perfect. He doesn’t always say the right thing. But I married him for him. I didn’t marry a Simon. He doesn’t wear bowties and drink tea with his pinkie up. He also didn’t choose to be a Housewife. I did. And he let me. But he’s happy for it to be my thing. He doesn’t want to be a “House Husband” — that’s why you won’t see him sit down for interviews. He lives his life, he tolerates the cameras in our house, and he lets it fly sometimes. I’m sure many of your men would be the same. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for Joe because this whole experience hasn’t been really positive for him. He’s a private guy who likes to go about his business. But since the show, it’s hard for him to go anywhere without having to stop and take pictures and then worry that those pictures might be sold to a tabloid for a fake story. He just doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for B.S.

In some ways, Richie is the same way. He does what he wants, says whatever he feels, and that’s that. Yeah, I don’t love the things he says about me (I never have), I don’t think he’s particularly funny, but I don’t have to. I didn’t marry him. Kathy loves him and their marriage is strong, and I want that for everyone I love.”

I think this is why I respect Teresa the most. Sure she has said some things I don’t agree with but she doesn’t throw her family under the bus on her blog. Week after week the ladies have said horrible things about Teresa while Teresa continues to keep things positive. She doesn’t even care to react to Richie’s mean comments. I still can’t stop thinking about how hard it was for Teresa to hold back her tears than burst out crying. Can you even imagine being in her shoes and everyone turning on her? Making comments about her left and right? I can’t! And it’s nice to see how strong she truly is! Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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  • Hey roxanne when are you gonna post meho’s blog? I wanna see what the bitch said but I dnt wanna go on bravo, I’m trying not to watch the show or go on their website

  • Does anyone here get disgusted by some of the posters on other sites? I like to go to a few different sites and I find myself cringing at some of the words people use..especially when describing Teresa.( I have to leave the site. I get so angry) With that being said, I don’t take offense when they speak negatively about the others…
    What does that say about me? Lol 🙂

    • I mostly find it hilarious and ridiculous that those same people that say vile things about Teresa on other sites come here and get all butthurt because we like Teresa and don’t have kind words for the other irrelevant NJ hags.

      • Like RT..I’ve been posting regularly my pro-T opinion.there are some serious mentals over there. We are known as the “Temple “by their nasty crew of posters. I love this site and love the positivity of it. We DO NOT go where they go..believe me. The BEST thing is that while those nasty posts are there are 1000’s of threads about Teresa..she is the Star of this show. Fuck Andy Cohen..Richard Wakile can take his humor and insults and shove them right up Carolines ass..she is an uptight arrogant know it all, maybe it will loosen her up. Gorga that the embarrassment to all families. Especially ones who want their children to support and have their siblings backs.

    • Omg, it’s so vicious, it’s insane. What gets me are the comments on her attractiveness. Honestly, I think Dina and Teresa were the only two with the looks to be on tv in the first place, so it’s hilarious when they call her an ape (which does have traditionally anti-immigrant connotations). If you look at MeGor’s twitter supporters it’s less than classy teenage girls, very angry middle aged dowdy moms, and gay dudes. And it’s very, very important to them that everyone think Melissa is prettier. Fact, in objective standards of beauty and symmetry, she is not. She just isn’t and will never be. It’s a psychotic, losing battle. Sorry. A rant.

      • Be careful, Mrs.SNJ, or Melissa’ll get you – and your little dog to! Obviously, that (flying) monkey of hers has nothing better to do with his time.

  • Everyone here is at fault. I am sorry, they are all crazy. Honestly, I used to be team Teresa. Now I am team NO ONE.

    • i can see where youre coming from. i think a majority of people still take teresa’s side, even though she has equal fault, is because she is the only one who doesn’t seem manipulative or fake and everyone else is hypocritical and two faced and wont admit their own guilt either. plus shes the only fun, likable one anymore lol

      • LOL Teresa hasn’t done shit! Teresa knows so much dirt on those assholes and she keeps her mouth shut. They all spread lies and gossip about Teresa nonstop and still she keeps her mouth shut. Teresa is so classy and has a heart of gold, Teresa has done nothing but defend herself to an entire cast of abusive bullies. Open your eyes! If you were in Teresas shoes you would’ve lost it by now, we all would. I really don’t know where her strength comes from but I will admire her until the day I die.

  • I wonder what could happen if we all take Teresa’s lead and boycott all of the other housewives bravo blogs, etc.? I’d love to help make all of them irrelevant by never talking about any of them but Teresa.

  • For me, the whole problem was crystalized in that episode: I always blamed Melissa as the instigator but really its BOTH of them. Regardless of whether Teresa was right or wrong in telling her brother that she thought Melissa would leave him for a richer man, Joe Gorga waited MONTHS to share that information with his wife. He waited until cameras were rolling to drop that little bombshell on the wifey, knowing full well what would happen.

    So why would he do it? Why wouldn’t he tell his sister at the time she made the comment to him, “I don’t appreciate that comment, you’re out of line and cut it out” instead of telling Melissa?


    As we all know, the Housewives are each responsible for their own storylines and if they don’t bring it….they get the axe. So newsflash Caroline: it’s the GORGAS who are willing to destroy an entire family for fame.

    I’ve got your number Joe Gorga and its 1-800-LOSER!

  • Teresa, enough with your Brother. He only care about his 15 minutes of fame and use you to stay in the show. Why do you keep putting your self in the same circle as them? I can’t watch the show anymore. I get more angry than happy at what’s going on with the show. The bully, mean spirit, jealousy character needs to stop. I thought the housewives franchise was about high class, wealth, money and the good life not suicide (russell)! Drug addicts( Richards) family fues (gorgas) …. The list goes on. It’s pathetic how low the show is now

  • i wish teresa would record a new opening line. it would go like this-

    “melissa- i wont throw the first punch, but im always a knockout.”
    “teresa- you shouldnt throw any punches if you have a glass jaw”

    “Caroline-i forget it but something like and i have no time for drama”
    “teresa- all caroline and her kids have is time for drama. they dont have a job in the world”

    “Jaqueline- im a vegas girl i will call your bluff”
    “teresa- shes a vegas call girl and she will blow your stuff”

    “kathy- we’re old school we believe in respect”
    “teresa- ribbit”

  • This is the subject that Melissa and Kathy fail to address and fail to acknowledge–why did Bravo want them? Was Bravo looking for a woman in her 30’s to turn into an aged Brittney Spears? Were they looking for a middle aged woman to make her famous for her desserts? No. They were looking for DRAMA and so they went to Teresa Giudice’s family. She has sisters in law, why didn’t Bravo want them? Maybe because they had no drama with Teresa, hmm? Kathy and Melissa have this “amazing opportunity” they keep yammering about because they are Teresa’s relatives. The fact that they keep trying to skirt around this only makes them look like what they are–fame-hungry chicks who don’t care what it is they become famous for.

    • It bothers me most that producers are encouraging the take down of Teresa. As if she didn’t already have enough problems then, they figured let’s make it worse for her and see if we can ruin a human being. Shame on Bravo!

      Man Andy Cohen is a vile vindictive pr*ck. I mean what kind of an a**hole would encourage the infliction of this much pain and showering of hatred on a person. So she shoved him at a reunion and her unfiltered husband used the ‘f’ word out of ignorance. Does it warrant this kind of retaliation? Grow up Andy Cohen. RRRRR – sorry I really really despise him the most in all of this.

      • If I were Tre, at the reunion taping I’d answer and respond to every and all with …… yes, no, whatever. I wouldn’t give pansy Andy or the 4 whores anything to work with. And, the reunions shows would be a bomb, as it should be after this awful disgusting gang up on Tre this season, and last season. Fuck them.

  • Teresa can put her foot in her mouth sometimes but she means well. The rest are just mean! Her brother is pitiful and needs to be mature around Teresa for his parents sake. Kathy sucks I would rather have danielle back

  • Bravo Blogs are up.. 1,100 People showed for her book signing!! That to me speaks volumes..Teresa has continued to take the high road as she didn’t write one negative thing about her cast mates..Keep it up Teresa

      • every photo i have seen of tre doing appearances there is always a crowd around her. men women and kids of all ages. she has a solid base of fans, i’ll give her that, hehehe

  • I wonder why Bravo edited out Joe Gorga’s explosion? Is it because they want him to look like “an angel sent from god?”

  • I hate to sound offensive, but I am just so surprised and pleased as punch with how classy Teresa is coming off! Omg, if I were her, I would be too pissed to write anything. Umm, you know who says they are an angel of God? Insane street people. He is literally insane.
    I LoVE that Joe G said of MeGo, “Forget that tramp, I know so many men that have been with her.” I think Teresa’s embarrassed because her idiot, autistic, painfully humiliating brother married the town trash bag whore and now everyone knows it.

      • I believe so, it was late… 🙂 He also called her Horsey Face. Which I find extremely hilarious. It’s on MeGo’s blog, along with an extensive explanation of how they are indeed very, very rich.

        • Melissa’s blog made me want to heave. Seriously. It’s like she thinks we aren’t watching the show. She’s as bad as Jill Zarin. You watch the show and clearly see what happens, then Melissa blogs and changes things ALL around to suit herself.
          I could go on for days but simply put – she’s a bad person.

          • I don’t even read their blogs anymore; I can hardly watch the show. Jac writes 10 pages or more; why you don’t even have a story line. Done with Jersey; keep it moving

    • Mrs. SNJ, I think I heard the homeless guy on the corner say the exact same thing as he shook a can of coins in my face… Joe Gorga will fit right in when he ends up on the streets.

    • Mrs. Snj… Why did you feel the need to call Joe Gorga “autistic”??? That was very rude and offensive. Before you start using the word for your derogatory comments, get to know someone with autism.

      • Oh, I do. And I do think he fits the autism spectrum of behavior. I don’t mean it to be derogatory, that’s what the idiot and humiliating were for. Sorry to offend, but I really do believe he has autistic like issues reading social cues.

  • My heart breaks for her that she has to continually relive this bullshit week after week. Most of us have family issues where we don’t get along with or talk to a member of the family and it breaks our heart..but once it’s done, it’s done, it’s not put on rewind every week for the rest of the world to see.

  • Teresa is the MOST MATURE one in the bunch! Isn’t it ironic how Bravo edited most of Joe Gorga’s tirade out not to make him look too bad? Really pathetic. And, I respect Joe Giudice for not being a fishwife gossip monger like Rich and Joe Gorga are in their interviews.

    • ya, yet they didnt edit joe giudice at ALL. I want to see the all of what Josephine said to Teresa. Why did they edit it out,

      • Not sure what vendettas bravo has against Teresa but I think they edited out the eye incident b/t Richie and Joe too probably cuz it made Richie look bad. You here the other guys yelling “Richie! Richie!” as if to stop him not Joe.

        • yes, i agree. AC hates teresa because of bethanny. I watched MG on wwhl after show an she sai she met Bethanny at the bravo up fronts and bethanny told her something that blew her mind but she cant repeat it on air and AC gave the side eye… again! I think bethanny encourage AC to bring MG on the show.

          • Andy also hates Teresa because of when he used the word “fa&$ot”, even tho #1 he didn’t use it in a gay slur contentand # 2 Richie and Josephine used it too, but Andy for some reason didn’t get pissed at their comments. It’s insanity& I don’t know how Teresa could be part of Bravo when helped destroyher family.


          • Word. Teresa has implied several times in the past that Bethenny is a phony and user and treats people badly and is nothing like she pretends on TV. Andy has had it out for her since then. Nobody questions St. Bethenny, Bravo’s cash cow!

          • While I understand that it is terrible to make gay slurs, my question to Bravo is where in their contracts did Tre and Juicy give up their first amendment rights? I seem to remember free speech is still the law of the land. while I don’t have to agree or even like what you are saying, our armed forces have fought and died to protect this right. bravo, Andy and the housewives and even Josephine are all giving Tre lots if ammo. if Tre ever decided to sue Bravo for the gratuitous and systematic defamation and slander of her character, all she needs to do is subpoena the tapes (those used and not used). I think it is in Bravos (and NBC) best interests to cease and desist.

  • glad that Teresa seems to be in a much better place. i am so fed up with this “feud.” i could not even imagine having to live it. When all is said and done, T will have all of her successful business ventures and family and Mel will have her stumpy, his poison, and 2 discount iTunes singles. I will starting watching again when our good friend Karma has finally swung back around (seems like that is finally happening). In the meantime I will be purchasing T’s next cookbook and saying a prayer for them all!

  • I really like how she chose to not be hypocritical like everyone else. Like Kathy who attacks Joe but defends Richie. I get that both women are in a tough spot, their husbands are jerks and they can’t control them, but at least Giudice tends to not make rude comments to his wife’s family in public and create an uncomfortable situation for them (tho he does it to his own wife and kids). Richie won’t stop wherever he is.

    • If Joe said the things richie says in front of Teresa.. to Kathy… Richy would be threatening to burn the place down again… and YOU KNOW IT RICHY. 😉

  • If I were at that point that Teresa is with her brother and his wife, I think I would just tell him ‘I don’t care’. If Joey sat me down and started with the ‘you have to prove yourself, you have to this you have to that….’ I think I’d just look at him and say ‘whatever, I don’t care anymore’ and I’d have no part of those ‘conversations’. I would accept the relationship for what it is and be done trying to fix it. I know, there would be no story for the show, no one would have anything to talk about, but I sincerely would be so over it, I’d be there to film and wouldn’t give a crap about what they had to say about how I should be or act or raise my kids or treat my SIL or brother. It would be OVER!

    • It’s really obnoxious how Bravo seems to be trying to push the “bad aunt” story. Really? How are Joe and Melissa suddenly the most family oriented people ever and Teresa is once again evil? I would be so mad at my sister if she broke our forever tradition on Christmas to go chill with our mutual cousin, but Teresa is portrayed as bad because she wants to have dinner with her family? She can’t win.

      • When they were at the shore did you notice that the Teresa’s youngest would not hand Mr. PW Joey’s hand because she didn’t know him. He doesn’t have time for his family because they say he is so busy working to pay their bills yet he has time to attend every meet and great with the former Lookers employee and go out partying all the time with her family and friends.
        In the end Teresa has her parents and Juicy’sfamily. He will be left with nothing one of these days.

  • I’m so glad I quit watching this show. Reading the blogs is hard but it’s the only way I get updated.

  • Yep this is why I love T I can’t help. She is really nice and I happy she in a better place. These other ladies need to get a clue and move on. They are picking on someone who doesn’t want to fight back. D fought back just as hard but T isn’t fighting back because she doesn’t want yo and I think its the right thing to do. We see through these ladies. Yep we are reading right between “THEIR” ones and we see the seed they are trying to plant. At the end of the day I love T as a person may God bless her and her family

  • Best blog! I hope to see this side of Teresa at the reunion show..calm, cool and collected and not the impulsive, quick to react Tre…although, it is a quality we all love about her, it needs to be toned down..Tre, kill them with silence! It cracked me up how Richie asked the kids not to invite many friends bc is better if they sont know Teresa is related to them…didnt they sign up to the show after Teresa? Isn’ t this a cable show? And all was well at the party, a little tension and obvious distance but it all started when J.Gorga called Teresa over..they are not happy until there is conflict…and this is why I get fruatrated with Tre, she gives them what they want…I understand this was a year ago, but please Tre take some yoga or breathing classes before the reunion, these jackasses are taking notes and ready to bring you down…they have done it all season long!

    • Everybody except Teresa has rehearsed and talked about what they are going to do on camera. You can tell they have talked about it. Teresa comes in and has no idea what is going on does not have a defense. She didn’t prepare like they have. I would be stumped too. They are horrible can Melissa and Joe GO AWAY!!!!!

  • I really wish that Teresa would just say enough and walk away from her brother and Kathy. They barged into her life and cirle of friends, univited by Teresa. So Teresa does not like her sister-in-law. Big deal. Not a new story for a lot of families. But, Teresa has had to try and accept the uninvited situation that her brother, Melissa and Kathy have put her in. It is a no brainer to me. Melissa, Kathy, Joey and Richie are completely in the wrong and had obvious bad intentions when they barged their way into this situation. If they had any self respect or class they all would have declined considering the state of the family. But they have no self respect or class and that is why we are stuck watching this disaster of a family. I cannot stand Melissa, Joe, Kathy or Richie and never will like or accept them because of their reasoning for barging onto the show. I will never like or accept Caroline or her inbred, rude clan because of their behavior and negative, well everything. I still have hope for Teresa and Jacqueline, but we’ll see if Caroline ever allows Jac to be friends with Teresa again.

  • Teresa is truly very real, and only wants her family to be a real family again. i can’t imagine what it’s be like, if i was in her shoes. she joined the show for fun but her family had to join and bring her down b/c all they care about is fame. i really think if Tre could have it her way, anyway, she would still like to maybe be a housewife and live her normal life unlike the others. she has to go on these book tours b/c she’s trying to pay off her debt. Even when she went to that ‘Night of a million reality stars’ thing, she came back in the morning to see her kids off the bus. Mel would’ve prob. spent the week there. I think at the end of the day, teresa’s priorities are her family while Mel’s is fame. Sad.

  • Kudos’ to Teresa for always taking the high road in her blogs…….. Although this season was filmed a year ago, she continues to not lower herself to the other housewives level……:)

  • Teresa just needs to stay on her current path . It is better to be in the positive when it comes to your family.

  • She has my utmost respect! Not many could handle this cruelty as well as she!
    Love Teresa! Wish her the brightest future!!

    • I completely agree. I’m sure Bravo expected her to lash out way more than what she has done. I don’t think they’ve gotten the expected response. I hope that at the reunion Teresa doesn’t give them anything. Just stay calm and kill them with kindness. Also, Jac saying that Teresa was in the same position as she was with Dina is BS. To our knowledge Dina never tried to purposely sabotage Jac, destroy, humiliate, expose, or belittle her. That’s the big difference in that scenario.

      • Agree on Jac,. Also, Teresa never introduced Jac to Melissa. Melissa decieved Teresa and came on this show to DESTROY her. Bravo introduced her to melissa but Jac knows Teresa cant say that and uses it against her.

        I wanted Jac and Teresa to work this out because i believed they were true friends, but no more. I now see JAC for EXACTLY who she is and what she is doing to Teresa. I hope Teresa never speaks to Jac again. Ever…

        • I can’t wait for Jacqueline’s blog. I’m sure she’s going to throw a huge pity party because Teresa said she doesn’t need her.

          • Did anyone see M blog she is actually compairing herself to Kyle and Lisa from RHOBH. She is as crazy as her angel from god husband

        • I think since the S3 reunion T has been on to Jac and has really distanced herself. I think that Jac is the only one (aside from Joey) that Teresa truly wanted to reconcile with, but after watching these episodes & listening to the things being said Teresa ruled against it.

          • I hope so, because in next episode Jac goes in on GIA! Joe cheats at a sack race then Jac reads a book about how poor sports often “lie” ….I;ve been isgusted with the people but they have gone too far this time. Chilren should be OFF LIMITS. That is equal to child abuse.

        • Teresa and Dina have been friends for 15 years; Teresa and Jac for ten years. Jac, at the time this was filmed in June 2011, had known Melissa for less than a year.

          • Does anyone think it’s funny that Teresa ,Jac, Dina, and Caroline have all known each other for years and have never wanted to be friends with Joe and Melissa before they got on the show even though they clearly have been to family parties and gatherings with them over the years? Aslo stupid of Caro to say Mel is a young and prettier version of Teresa when there really is only less than 10 years between them.

          • I will be losing my mind if I see Jac go after Gia! That is so out of line, especially with the 20 (acts like 12 year old) daughter she has! This hatred towards Teresa has gone way too far! And, yes, I vomited readingMelissa’s blog – first saying she is a peacemaker..vomit #1, then comparing herself to Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump – WHAT??? She wishes she was in their category! Vomit # 2. I literally couldn’t finish it it, because she is so delusional!

    • Respect almost does not seem like a good enough word for the dignity she manages to display in spite of the awful situation she has been placed in. God love her for knowing who her husband is and still keeping it steady with him again in circumstances that would have sent a weaker willed woman running the other way. Yes, they are very much “old school Italian” it may not be everyones cup of tea, but it works for them and their family. Go to her Fabulicious page and see the wonderful post about how she spent Mother’s day and the awesome pics that tell the real story about who Teresa Giudice is and not what Bravo or the other(cough cough) ladies want you to think. If I had the chance, I would l to be her friend!

    • What they are doing to Teresa is wrong on so many levels. It is starting to feel like they are breaking the law and it is officially abuse now. I can’t watch the next episode, I can’t see them upsetting Gia. What the hell is wrong with them? How would they feel if someone was doing this shit to their life or their kids? They don’t even see how sick they are, it’s very scary.