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Teresa Says The Argument With Her Brother Was Really Hurtful

Teresa Giudice has been the story line for both season 3 and season 4. Teresa recapped Sunday’s episode of RHONJ and explains Joe Giudices behavior but admits he does have issues with not saying the right thing. Teresa also talks Richie’s comments and explains how she only cries when it comes to her relationship with her brother.

“All right, this week’s RHONJ episode: I have to say it was a mix of good and bad. I loved watching Caroline and Albert celebrate their anniversary. The pictures of Albert and Albie were too precious! I didn’t so much love Caroline making judgments about me again, pretending to know what’s in my head. Sad.

I loved seeing my girls get to play with their cousins. They miss seeing my brother’s kids. I didn’t love the talk my brother and I had. I really, really didn’t want to get into it at a pool party my kids were at, because I knew how it would go. And it went that way… and worse. You didn’t even see the entire argument. Joey’s explosion at me was insane, scary, and yes, really, really hurtful to me. Anyone else notice that in four seasons I’ve never cried except when it comes to Joey? I’m not a crier! But this whole thing breaks my heart.

But it was a year ago, and I’ve moved on to happier, more positive things. I pray that we can all be a family again someday, and I’ll keep praying for that.

To answer your questions, I don’t read the other ladies’ blogs. I hope they are all in happy, positive places as well.

Finally, I want to talk about my Joe. I love him for who he is. He’s the same guy now as when I first met him when we were kids. He’s old-school Italian, he says what he thinks, he’s tough, but has an amazing heart. He’s a great dad. He’s my best friend. He’s amazing.

Of course, he’s not perfect. He doesn’t always say the right thing. But I married him for him. I didn’t marry a Simon. He doesn’t wear bowties and drink tea with his pinkie up. He also didn’t choose to be a Housewife. I did. And he let me. But he’s happy for it to be my thing. He doesn’t want to be a “House Husband” — that’s why you won’t see him sit down for interviews. He lives his life, he tolerates the cameras in our house, and he lets it fly sometimes. I’m sure many of your men would be the same. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for Joe because this whole experience hasn’t been really positive for him. He’s a private guy who likes to go about his business. But since the show, it’s hard for him to go anywhere without having to stop and take pictures and then worry that those pictures might be sold to a tabloid for a fake story. He just doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for B.S.

In some ways, Richie is the same way. He does what he wants, says whatever he feels, and that’s that. Yeah, I don’t love the things he says about me (I never have), I don’t think he’s particularly funny, but I don’t have to. I didn’t marry him. Kathy loves him and their marriage is strong, and I want that for everyone I love.”

I think this is why I respect Teresa the most. Sure she has said some things I don’t agree with but she doesn’t throw her family under the bus on her blog. Week after week the ladies have said horrible things about Teresa while Teresa continues to keep things positive. She doesn’t even care to react to Richie’s mean comments. I still can’t stop thinking about how hard it was for Teresa to hold back her tears than burst out crying. Can you even imagine being in her shoes and everyone turning on her? Making comments about her left and right? I can’t! And it’s nice to see how strong she truly is! Thoughts on what Teresa had to say?

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