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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Vicki Gunvalson

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to speak to RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson over the week. Vicki was nice and quiet and talks about how her daughter is doing as well as who she’s currently close to from the show, regrets plus more!

AllAboutTRH: Do you have any regrets since being on The Real Housewives of Orange County?
Vicki Gunvalson: Well there has been times I’ve regret things I’ve done and said but in the overall scheme it’s been great. Definitely some moments but overall no.

Who are you currently closest with on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County?’
You know what unfortunately with this show. Nothing is consistent in my life anymore and you think that things are going to be one way but they end up being another. At the end of the day it’s Tamra. I like Alexis but I don’t see her often and she has kids while I’m 15 years older than her. Her husband and myself are the same age and we do business with each other. We both respect each other.

How do you feel about Tamra’s opinion on Brooks?
What I truly think is that Brooks has gotten a really hard rep and at the end of the day he’s a great person. He had some issues and wasn’t able to work so he couldn’t afford his child support but I don’t care about that. I would never attack Tamra’s boyfriend and I think it should be the same way with her on mine. You know Brooks didn’t get paid to be on this show and now he constantly has to deal with defending himself and it’s not fair.

Is he going to be at the event tonight?
I don’t think so. [Brooks did show up separately to the event]

Do you believe Tamra and Gretchen’s friendship is genuine?
I do. I think they really truly like each other right now. I wish I wasn’t booted out of the group but I’m okay with them being friends. I wanted them to be friends and I think it’s great. Do I think she has more fun with Gretchen? Absolutely not. I think she has way more fun when she’s with me! At the end of the day, I’ll be the last one standing. I guarantee you. I’m not here to get a friend for a year. I’m here to have friends for a lifetime.

So do you still consider Tamra a best friend?
I think she is absolutely apart of my best friend life. I don’t just have one best friends. In the end it’s about loyalty and that’s what’s important to me.

Do you feel that with Gretchen and Tamra getting close, it brought you and Alexis closer?
It had nothing to do with Gretchen and Tamra. I like Alexis and I think she’s a great person. I felt like she was alone and I don’t want anyone feeling that way so I was there for her.

Do you find it odd that now that Tamra and Gretchen are friends Alexis was kind of pushed over?
I feel that everyone has a choice on who they want to be friends with and if Gretchen doesn’t want to be friends with Alexis then that’s there business. I have no right to step in because it has nothing to do with me.

So rumor is that your daughter Briana is expecting!
Vicki denied the pregnancy claims and seemed a bit upset when I asked the question. Tamra confirmed to AllAboutTRH that Briana is in fact pregnant. I don’t think Tamra knew Vicki was keeping quiet about it. I also don’t know why Vicki is denying it but to each their own.

How’s Briana’s wedding plans coming along?
She’s getting married this month and everything’s great. Ryan is such a great guy and we’re all very excited.

Will the wedding be on TV?
No. We wanted to keep this private. It’s a very small wedding but it’s going to be beautiful and that’s what we’re focused on. My daughter’s not healthy so we’re still trying to get through all the issues with her and that’s what we’re doing right now.

Do you want to be on another season of The Orange County?
It depends. It’s sometimes crazy dealing with all the constant drama and my focus is my family. My daughter is not a fame-whore and wants nothing to do with the show. She’s very happy right now and both her and Ryan are living with me until they get their own place. We’re all together which is nice and that’s where my energy is. It’s with my family and at the end of the day that’s what I got.

What made you decide to start Wine by Wives?
Well Tamra and I actually talked about doing a business together a couple years ago and we love wine! Tamra loves to throw wine [laughs] So we did something we love and we’re excited to see where it will take us.

Aside from Orange County. Do you watch any other Real Housewives show?
I don’t watch any. I don’t have time for TV. I don’t even watch my show anymore. If I had more time I would watch but I really just don’t find any of that entertaining. I watch the News but I don’t care to watch The Real Housewives.

Vicki was very sweet but she did seem like she was a bit over everything going on with her life. Hoping Vicki well and much more success to her in life! Thoughts on the interview? Why do you think Vicki denied her daughter was pregnant? Do you think her and Brooks will last?

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  • I liked Vickie this season better than before but i do agree with alot of what has been said here. I think she really blew it divorcing Donn. They could be having the time of their lives right now with the kids grown and gone . He seemed like someone Vickie could grow old with not like Brooks who I dont believe is relationship material and is a downgrade with all his addictions from what she had. Vickie I think got too full of herself and treated Donn like he wasnt good enough for her . Unfortunately I wont be surprised if Vickie never finds anyone after this. If anything I think its even harder for middleaged women to find a man now. People arent getting married as much and most all the men around her age will want someone younger. The ones interested in her will probably be older than Vic would want. Blame the internet, our culture whatever but its just the way it is. Time will tell but Vickie is probably going to have to get used to being on her own when all these “romances” run their course.

  • I like the new Vicki on the latest season but she deserves better than Brooks and his hookers – Vicki is better than that.

  • Vicky needs to get over herself – I know Brianna loves her, but is revolted at the same time. Even before Bri got married, on way to hospital, Vicky was more worried about herself than Bri! RHOC has a new meaning to me now: real housewives of classless! Vicky needs to look in the mirror and realize she’s not 35 anymore – she’s gained weight, and she needs to dress like a true adult,instead of trying to show her old stuff – no one wants to see it. I’m older than she is and I know that!

    At first, I thought Heather had some class, but she has changed so much, I bet Terry wonders who he married! Heather is pretty full of herself, too. Happy that being a guest on a series once in a blue moon floats her boat and makes her feel relevant. So afraid someone else might get called besides her!

    Tamra is so wounded from how she was raised, she has a hard time having a REAL relationship with any adult! She thinks they all are going to ditch her, so she sabotages the relationship, so she feels she is the one in control!

    These gals are so jealous of each other,

    it’s sick! Run to the next room and spill the beans to whoever will listen to what happened 10 minutes ago! Grow up and worry about the real things In life: your health, the people you love who love you back, your God, your family, your job! Have something to add to society instead of showing your ass ten times every show!

    It is about more than what you have, what you wear, the number of carats in your ring, what cars you drive… much more is important than your showing your latest and greatest. Heather does dress classy – not always trying to see who can show the most skin.

    I’ d love to see Vicky and Tamra gone! Heather is starting to get on my nerves, too! Start over – find some women who have real issues in their life besides their next trip, next party, next drinks. Shannon’s David tells too much “out of school!” They need to work on their marriage, but they both need to want it to work.

  • I have been watching all housewives since day one . I will not be watching next season if Vicki gunvalson is going to be on it . Im so sick of that classless bitch. Theres a point where being funny and feisty just turns to being mean, rude and an obviously acting like a bully . She makes me too flustered to watch , she has some serious underlining problems and needs to get out of the public eye before she completely ruins and embasses her kids and her relationship with them.
    When she slammed pageantry I was so sickened by that. I’ve never been in that scene nor know much about it , however, I know it takes a bunch of hard work , brains, ambition and courage and its far more than just being beautiful. Pageant women are refined and it takes a certain kind of person who’s as beautiful on the inside as well as the out – that’s why Vicki could never do it – . It will be sad to say goodbye to rhoc but vicki stays and she will kill the franchise like a airborne disease .

  • I can’t stand Vicki or Tamra. Vicki is CRAZY and unstable. Desperate and sad. Tamra has major anger issues and is very needy and is deathly afraid she is going to lose Eddie that is why she wants a baby. I wish both of them would be fired.

  • Get rid of her and trashy Tamra and Heather heck either get all new women or give this show the boot

  • ICKY – you are nothing but a disgusting fat pig. GET OFF THE SHOW – You’re a HAS BEEN. Even your daughter is happy to have moved far away from you.
    I’d love to call you Miss Piggy but that would be insulting the muppets. Thank God Don got away from you. Even he saw you for the self centered pig you are…. I’ll bet you’re door bell goes “oink oink”

  • GO! GET OUT. I watch all the HW shows, can tolerate almost all of them by this one. I won’t speak ( type ) her name I loathe her.

    She will never quit because she has the ranking of the oldest HW from the beginning. Only she could see that as an ( extra special ) spectacular meaning. For the life of me I can’t see what some people see in her.

    I agreed with everything Slade said about her. He has her number, knowing he’s no prize. But I’d take him over her anyday.

    She’s far more than a b—-. Then coming on at the reunions portraying herself as sweet, so hurt, oh my, poor me.

    Please get her if, while your at it, take T off with her. They can slide into obscurity with each other.

    Take her off, take her off, take her off.

  • Vicky is plain scary. She acts like a child. I cannot stand her loud loud mouth. Her and Tamra are good for each other. YuK !

  • I am constantly amazed at how Vicki is seemingly an accomplished business woman but is such an incredibly STUPID woman when it comes to her personal life. My God woman, seriously…learn the definition for hypocrisy, hypocrite, hypocritical…all forms of the word! I have never felt so embarrassed for and so furious towards a person (especially someone I’ve never even met). Vicki is an absolute idiot and should be completely and totally ashamed of herself. It’s not hard these days to pull up info on a person and find out anything from their favorite color to the names of old flames that would sell their juiciest story to the tabloids. YES I do believe that Vickie has lots of secrets and lives a double life similar to that of a pathological liar/ schizophrenic. She sickens me with most every word that comes out of her mouth.From the way she mothers, to the way she runs her businesses. From the way she talks about and degrades others and turns around and does the same damn thing (or worse). The way she pretends to be almost angelic and yet has perfected the way she combs her hair to hide her devil horns. As much as I believe Brooks is just as horrible, scheming, and totally incapable of being a truly decent human being, I beg of him to run, run far far away from Vicki. The thought of you two together as a team scares the hell outta me!
    I have never written anything on a venue like this, but I was so incredibly pissed off at Vickie after having the RHOC playing on my TV while cleaning out my closet. It was a marathon that day and I found myself literally hating Vicki and what she claims to stand for, more and more after each episode. Its really sad that Bravo considers someone like her the Matriarch of the Real Housewives Franchise. However, if Bravo ever puts together a show called “The Most Horrible and HYPOCRITICAL Wife, Mother, Friend, Girlfriend, Boss, co-worker, Humanitarian,and Philanthropist….look no further than Ms. Vicki Gunvelson. I’m sure she would make Bravo very proud.t


  • if Vicky do not want to answer question regarding Brianna so what, that’s her business and more over that is Brianna private life, Brianna did not join the real housewives, however i think Vicky in other ways conniving and cunning and selfish, Tamra is just a vulgar big, load mouth serpent, that don’t mind her own business, while she is chatting about Brianna business im sure Eddie is in some hot girl arms

  • I can’t believe I actually watch these shows, but I do. It is my guilty pleasure. Andy Cohen is brilliant. He has a knack and a great formula to be able to get us all involved in even making comments about these people. I watch this one and RHOBH, but in any event, I think Vicky is the most sincere of the bunch and also very lost. The rebound romances we all know do not last and this is rebound with Brooks. I did not see anything at all wrong with Don. He really wanted to give her love it seemed, but I did not live with them and experience the dynamics between them, so I don’t know why they could not make it work out. None of us do.
    Brooks is a scary sociopath and at some point when something devastating happens between he and Vicky and it is clearly revealed to her at that point is the time that she will begin to run for the hills, but until that time, he is providing her with the things she wants and needs to hear right now, even though deep down inside, a part of her knows it is simply BS. What is that “love” that he professes for her built on. We have not been privvy to see something real building between them, so bottom line, she knows on some level that this is short term. Sometimes we can be super successful on a business level, but on a personal level not have a clue and that is where she is. Again this is rebound. Watch what happens “live”!

  • “BROOKS”what kind of name is that? This guy has to be a”plant”for ratings…Come on!! He’s creepy and phony and CLEARLY after Vickie’s hard earned money.Maybe that’s why she doesn’t watch her own show! WAKE UP VICKY!

  • Ok, im a little ticked she wouldnt answer questions about Brianna being pregnant! I wanted to know how she felt about becoming a granny. I guess that sort of answers the question though.. She is not happy ? who knows! lol

    • Can you imagine how this makes Brianna and her husband feel?! I can’t wait for the day to be a grandmother! She really is self-centered!

  • Only Vicki is allowed to have problems. It’s okay Brooks doesn’t pay a dime in child support. Remember what we all say about Melissa and Joe Gorga? Karma is a bitch. Vicki’s going to wake up one morning and find out she’s been had by Brooks. Oh, and she’ll figure that out when she goes to the bank and finds out there is no money. Yes, I do think Vicki Is that stupid.

    • I am very happy for Brianna. I think Brianna deserves love, respect and especially a genuine friend during her troubling times. I’m sorry but even though Brianna is Vicki’s daughter, I don’t see the love and support Vicki should give to her daughter, especially when her daughter is about to have surgery. Vicki puts drama on for the camera as if she is concerned for her daughter but reallly, does Vicki really need to have a camera around to show strangers that she is worried about her daughter? Vicki is Selfish and she cares for nothing but the camera. Nothing! Brianna is a very level headed woman and I think she’s going to have a wonderful future.

  • Everyone as their issues – I see a self centered Vicky and Drama but i also see a Mom who wants her daughter to be OK. We do not know how well Brianna is. After surgery – things can improve or get worse. Either way a pregnancy is a health concern Brianna’s body. I respect Vicky for exercising her right to withhold the truth. – She does seem down and we can see she is in one major rebound with Brooks – hope she sees him for real. – Right now its about having what she did not get from Don. But i think she is dating down. If she would watch her own show maybe she would see that. Hope Brianna is well.

  • Brianna had her own apartment this season so why is she back living with her mother? Her and Ryan couldn’t live in her place? I know Brianna is a favorite and seems put together…but with this elopement and other stuff I’m hearing…I’m not so sure we’re seeing the true Brianna Wolfsmith.

    • I am not sure what is going on with Bri,, but someone else said it might be a way to keep Brooks from moving in. and in my mind that is reason enough. Brianna has been more like the mother in this relationship anyway.


  • Great interview!!!! Sounds as though she’s got a lot on her plate & much more than we, the viewers know…….. Wish her the best…….

  • I think it is great that Vicki works with Alexis’ husband and they respect each other, glad to know he respects business WOMEN. I think Vicki’s and Alexis’ friendship makes sense. They are both kind of prudish (is that the right word?) Like Tamra and Gretchen are wild girls, open about sex and what not, while Vicki and Alexis are more reserved or conservative. Aside from the age difference they do seem to share a lot of the same morals and values. I think it could turn into a REAL friendship if it isn’t already.

    I think part of why she doesn’t want to speak of the pregnancy is because of the way it happened, I don’t think they were married first and that goes against Vicki’s beliefs, she is very old school in that regard. I also think it has to do with her daughter’s health. Any illness will make pregnancy harder and a higher chance of not carrying to term. Maybe she doesn’t want to get excited yet. When that baby gets here she will be ALL over it.

    • Briana was already married before she got pregnant, remember this was filmed last year….She jus announced her pregnancy recently and I think it was stated she was 17 weeks…. I think Vicki is just a self centered nutcase that can’t accept anyone making any changes or decisions without her approval….

    • Good point about Brianna’s health issues, as a mother I can see Vicki’s POV concerning her daughter health and pregnancy. Brianna’s lympth glands & thyroid was removed so she must be taking some sort of medication.

  • Hey Rox! Sorry OT, but I just sent u an email at your contact address here at AllAboutTRH you should check out. It’s coming from a gmail address so I don’t know if it will end up in spam… Let me know if you don’t get it. Thanks! 😀

  • She may not attack Eddie, because he seems to be a great guy, but she sure had plenty to say about Simon. Brooks does seem to be a little shady. He reminds me of “Lots-o Huggin’ Bear.”

    • That is exactly what I thought. She basically wanted Tamra to choose between her and Simon!! Believe you me I am NOT a Slade fan, but Vicki is such a hypocrite. In her bravo blog, she wrote that she just wants everyone to be happy for her. But that is what Gretchen said all along. But Vicki always bashed Slade. She could leave the show. No loss. Brooks is so creepy. I literally feel like taking a shower after watching him. Vicki is all about me me me. How dare Briana take away everything Vicki wanted by eloping!!! What did Vicki say, something to the affect that it’s not just about Briana!!! Yes Vicki. It IS!!!!! If you weren’t such a controlling mother, she probably wouldn’t of eloped!

      • I agree about something being off about Brooks. I don’t know if I want to go as far as saying that he is using her for her money, but I don’t think he’s authentic in front of the cameras. He’s just laying it on WAY too thick. Especially this last episode when Vicki tearfully announced her daughter’s marriage at the Wines by Wives “event.” He was sickeningly sweet and throwing cliches out left and right; he was way too “in love” with everyone. I don’t normally agree with Tamra and her abrasive comments, but this time she nailed it. He just met these people and he already “loves” them? Who says that?!? In addition to that oddness, I am 100% convinced that he sounded like he was DRUNK off his ass. His words were slightly slurred, he kept repeating himself, and he was overly lovey-dovey with strangers – that spells drunk to me. I actually thought it was laughable that OCD and overly cautious Vicki was sitting there seriously acting like the things that were coming out of Brooks’ mouth were genuine and perfectly reasonable.

        Side note: I was embarrassed for Brianna, who seems to have made a great choice in husband (he is someone she has known for years and was friends with first), having to deal with her own mother acting so ashamed that she spontaneously got married. Brianna is a grown woman with a great, level head. When I get married, I don’t plan on inviting my mother! And that’s not because I hate her or anything like that, I just think that marriage is between the two people getting married and it is THEIR moment. Vicki just wants EVERYTHING to be HER moment all the time. I understand why Brianna left Vicki out; she just wanted that moment for herself! I like Brianna a lot and hope that her marriage and pregnancy go wonderfully!

        • OMG Kate…. I couldn’t have said this any better, you honesty took the words out of my mouth and perfectly stated them…… I completely agree with every word…..

        • If one of my 3 girls..had a wedding and didn’t invite me…..It would kill me!
          You need to be a mother to understand this! That’s the worst thing you could do to your mom!
          Even mom like Vicki is going to be there at her daughter’s wedding..

          • I know tons of mothers that feel the same way you do! And I have tons of friends who would not even think about having their wedding without their mother there! So, I get what you’re saying, but, like I said, it’s not personal. I love my mother, we’re just not intimate – we don’t share feelings or anything like that. I don’t think she would actually be that upset if I didn’t include her – as long as she wasn’t the only one left out – because, to be clear, my kind of wedding would be so small and would only include me, my husband, and the officiant. I want that level of intimacy since I feel like it is 100% about our promise to each other, not about the pomp and circumstance of the event. After we got married and had our honeymoon, we’d come back near home and have a big party/reception for all the family and friends – we could do the dancing and the cake and I could wear my dress…etc. She’d definitely be invited to that! I guess I would hope that my mother would respect me enough as an adult to respect my desire about my marriage/wedding and not take it personally, since it’s not about her, it’s about me. I guess we’ll see though! Since I’m not engaged or even in a serious relationship….it’s kind of all a moot point… =)

          • My brother did that. He and his wife wanted “bonding” time and got married in a little church and told us when and where, but that we weren’t invited.

            My mother sat at a laundromat across the street from that little church on his wedding day and cried.

  • Vicki’s life has gone downhill since her and Don separated. She was happy go lucky in the first few seasons. Now she is moody and never seems happy with anything.
    Brooks is a phony and it looks like he is using Vicki. I think she sees it and is in denial.

    I bet she will be angry with Tamra for confirming Briana’s pregnancy. Briana is already married and Vicki was hurt by her elopement. She needs to get over it, Briana is independent and what is done is done. She did a good job raising her.

    I would like to see Vicki happy and enjoying life. She needs to give her head a shake and focus on the positives in her life, instead of being a “debbie downer”.

  • Vicki is a “Debbie Downer.” She sounds really unhappy. She needs to retire from HWOC. She thinks she is more important than everyone else on the show.

  • Wow, She’s still delusional! And shes acting as if her daughter hasn’t already been married for awhile now. Its like she convinced herself the elopement didn’t happen, and that the couple are just engaged. Ryan is already part of the family Vicki. And the day that Brianna is having her 2nd wedding, will not be her Anniversary, despite what you are likely going to try and say in the future!

  • She seems over RHOC and kind of depressed. I’m wondering why she’s denying that Briana is pregnant

    • She said did not want a grandchild running around,she’s not ready to be called grandmother!Selfish to the core as usual.If it’s not about her it’s not important.Feel so sorry for her children being raised by such a self-centered person.

    • I thought so too, about her subdued manner. It really isn’t Tamra’s place to be running around saying anything about Brianna’s pregnancy either, she’s was so crass at the wine party–referring to it as “knocked up.”
      I read somewhere that Gretchen and Tamra were hoping for a spin-off, so that’s why I think the two are such “good friends” all of the sudden. Maybe they both planned on opening a gym to meet some guys who can support THEM.
      I think Vicki realizes that Brooks is after her because of her accomplishments and she’s probably going to be smart and distance herself from him slowly. I’ll bet that’s part of the reason that Brianna and Ryan are living with her, to keep Brooks out.

      • I have admired vicki in the past because of her business success, but that is about it. She is an attention seeker, and childish. I believe that she adores her kids, and is sincere about that, but she is such a drama queen. The topper though is how she treated Donn. She sure didn’t trade up with that dude she sleeping with now. She is going through the longest mid life crisis I have even seen.

        I will also say this, as someone who eloped like Brianna did. I did it because I didnt’ want to deal with the drama of a big wedding. But I will always regret hurting my mom,, because when a daughter runs off and elopes, she really does take away a mothers’ dream of helping make her daughters day memorable.
        I know Bri didn’t want to hurt Vicki, but didn’t want to deal with a big wedding. This story line really hit home with me.

  • If she does not watch, why should we. She is paid millions (over 5 years) to be on this show and she does not watch or support the Franchise. She needs the boot. I won’t watch the OC anymore.