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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Tamra Barney!

AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to speak exclusively to Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney and right off the bat I loved her! I’ve spoke to many housewives and I can confirm that Tamra is as real as it gets. She’s just like everyone else and doesn’t let the fame get to her. Tamra explains why she doesn’t like Alexis, talks friendship with Gretchen and Vicki, plus confirms some rumors!

Do you have any regrets since being on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County?’
Well first I’d like to say I don’t live or believe in regrets because I believe anything you do is a learning lesson but I think the hardest thing for me to deal with on the show was seeing my marriage fall apart. Not for me so much but more for my children because it’s going to be out there forever. Even if they don’t watch it now because their young, I feel like their is some unpleasant footage of me and Simon. That’s one thing for you know my kids that I wish I could take back.

Are you and Simon in a better place right now?
Yeah. We are! He’s got a girlfriend that he’s been living with for over a year right now and he seems to be doing real well. I mean we don’t hang out or anything but you know I think that he’s doing well and last year was really hard for him. I think that we both made decisions that weren’t necessarily great for both of us. When you go through a divorce especially publicly your emotions run high, you say and do things that you wish didn’t happen. For instance now he’s really having to deal with last season him getting arrested on the show. You know we talked about it the other day and he said ‘God I wish that wouldn’t have been on there and it was just a bad time in our lives.’ And I want to make it clear that I didn’t have him arrested. He should have never been arrested. The cops did that to him. I just wanted a report done and they kept pushing it. Simon is a good dad and he’s a great person but we just weren’t good together.

Who are you currently closest with from the show?
I’m pretty good friends with Heather. I’m friends with Gretchen. It’s a work in progress but we definitely talk all the time. If anybody, I talk to Gretchen the most which is a total 180! We have this really weird relationship almost like were sisters. We can talk about everything but there is a trust issue because there’s a history.

A few months back there was a rumor that Bravo bribed you to get married and apparantly Gretchen was calling it a sham. Any truth to that?
That was one thing that was really hard for me because I got engaged and it’s supposed to be the happiest time of my life and I wasn’t allowed to talk about it because it was something that was documented on the show so I was supposed to keep it quiet. And then she [Gretchen] said she didn’t leak the story and I can only believe what she says but I have friends who work for the magazine that the story was in and they told me that Gretchen was the one who leaked it.

How did you feel about hearing that Gretchen leaked the story?
You know what, I didn’t talk to her. But then she called me immediately and she was crying on the phone and I was still to upset to talk to her. I just kind of told her I don’t have any words right now and I don’t want to say the wrong thing so I told her I’m choosing not to talk to her. But she said she didn’t say it and all you can do is believe her.

Do you think Vicki and Alexis friendship is genuine?
I don’t hang out with them so I don’t know. I find it hard to believe. The one thing about Alexis is I make fun of her a lot only because how can you not? I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I’m asked questions about her [Alexis] however I don’t think she is a horrible person. I think she is phony and I don’t think she is vicious or mean and I know she wouldn’t do any harm to someone but you can’t fix stupid! I don’t chose to be around someone like that and Vicki’s a smart woman so all I can say is only time will tell!

Have your feelings changed towards Slade now that your friends with Gretchen?
Yes. They have. I think that I’ve got to know Slade one on one and he’s charming. He’s nice. Do I agree with some of his decisions in his life? No, I don’t but its not up to me to agree or disagree on how he chooses to live his life. He’s nice to me and to Eddie. He just has a different role in life than most men do his age!

Do you think Gretchen can do better?
Being in a relationship with someone for a long period of time and they aren’t bringing something in financially to the table, you lose respect for. Especially for a man. I went through 18 months of my ex not working and I was working. Not that that’s horrible but you tend to get resentful. I think that’s got to be hard for Gretchen. I’m assuming so because it would be hard for me. I don’t think I can do that. I’m sure there is a part of her that wishes [he did something] because we all go out [together] and have successful men. But maybe she’s okay with Slade and him following her around.

How does Eddie feel about the show?
He doesn’t love the show. He doesn’t hate the show. He thinks the show is a little toxic for his lifestyle because he lives in a professional lifestyle for his business. He is a very positive person and when anyone fights on the show he kind of walks out and doesn’t want to be seen in the setting. But he gets it and supports me and that’s all I can ask for.

Do you think you and Alexis will ever be friends?
I don’t think we’re enemies. There is actually an upcoming scene where we sit down and she asks me why I don’t like her or why I talk behind her back. And I just kind of told her I don’t like you, we have no connection and we’re just different people. I don’t live in her world at all and I just don’t see me ever hanging out with her. I’ve tried but it’s like ‘hello? Is anyone home?’

Why are you so skeptical towards Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks when he seems like a great guy?
It’s a funny thing and it has a lot to do with editing. Me and Brooks kind of get into a fight at the end of the season. It was the season finale so what they [proucers] have done is taken everything I have said after that fight and they [producers] kind of made it look like I kept saying things about him leading up to our fight but it was all after. So prior to that we got along and everything was fine and I just felt like Vicki was kind of slipping away. I thought it was weird and he does something in the season finale that blows my mind and it’s like ‘are you kidding me?’ You’ll see what he comments about that causes the argument.

So how is it working with Vicki now? You two don’t seem as close?
Well you know what. This is probably hard to hear for her but she’s got so much going on in her life with Briana and now she’s got the wedding coming up!

And Briana’s pregnant!
Yeah Briana’s pregnant and the she’s still dealing with the divorce, traveling, Brooks and I don’t think she has much time for me but we come together because we have a business now. It’s kind of like having a sister. You fight but she’s never going to go anywhere. She’s a good person and has a good heart but does have a lot in her plate right now.

So tell me what’s next for you?
The next 6 months is going to be huge for me. We launched the Wine by Wives and I’m opening a fitness studio and it should be opened in 3 months in Orange County. It’s called CUT Fitness and it stands for Cardio Unique Training. We’re going to have a bunch of classes and Eddie’s involved and has a fitness background. He’s going to be teaching the classes. I’m planning the wedding and a lots just going on!

What made you decide to start Wine by Wives?
Well Vicki and I have been talking about doing something with each other for a long time. And our friend Chris is a huge entrepreneur and he wanted to do something with us. We wanted to do something with charity and came up with the idea. 10% of the proceeds go to a charity of our choice. We’re bringing on different charities and celebrity wives. It kind of just exploded so as soon as we started advertising we had many people signing up! Chris and I are also looking for locations to open a house by wine bar. Just wine, little food, jazz bands and all that fun stuff!

Aside from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Do you watch any Real Housewives series and which is your favorite?
I really record every single one bug my favorite is New Jersey!

So I have to ask you this! Are you team Melissa or Teresa?
Well I know both of them personally and think they both are great. And we’re actually going to talk to Teresa and get her wine in our club! We also met with Ramona about her coming on! Any housewife who has their wine bring it on! We’re all supporting each other and we’re all in this together.

Tamra was great and I think it’s awesome that she finds it so important to support other housewives! Do you think Gretchen and Tamra’s friendship will last? Thoughts on the interview?

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  • Tammy sue is a toxic , trash bag, lying, manipulative fake self loathing female I have ever seen. I can’t even stand to see her scenes anymore. She’s done nothing but cause trouble and copy everyone. What an embarrassment to her children.

  • Two words about Tamra Judge … Barney or whatever
    White Trash – you can’t polish a you know what. She is a lying no classy opportunist . who quite frankly is running out of options, what does she do primp, nip and tuck. but the woman has zero class and much less brains. She better ride the Eddie gravy train as long as she can there aren’t that many shopping days until Christmas .. She might just wind up in a double wide.

  • Mary – totally agree with you. Vicki is a fat pig that needs to go and Tamra needs to go with her. They are both disgusting. Simon and Don are much better off with that garbage out of their lives.
    Vicki and Brooks are two of a kind – scum – They should get married.. And Tamra – I think Eddie is rather a dick head also. Bravo got rid of the wrong three housesives. We don’t want to forget Miss KNOW IT ALL – I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE Heather.
    Those three stooges are really dragging the show into the gutter (just where Icky and Rama belong)

  • P.s. This us April 13, 2014. Clearly old Tameras had a lot of work done. Got to keep up with the young goof she married.

    Tells me everything I need to know, love will go down the hard road, at the end the love us stronger. She’s afraid of tomorrow, he’ll stray, what a relationship is that?

    My hubby isn’t going to leave me if I look my age, gain 1 pound. I look fabulous & never had a thing, no moisturizers nothing. Old lady, you’ve gotten yourself a whole lot of trouble marrying that punk face. Enjoy while you can, it’s not for long

  • As long as Tamera has been on the show she’s been the center of all things B—-. Don’t linker her, dislike Ichie, both are pods of each other.

    How about some fresh faces, get rid of t & v you’ll have a show with a flow. Ichie is a jealous B, T is sooo jealous of Grechens youth & beauty, let them love each other, cause problems where their are none off in Orange County, but if the show.

  • Tamra is a jellious old woman who needs to go find her age and looks, Alexis is a dam beautiful girl who don’t need neither stupid Gretchen or Tamra. Tamra is with Eddie but she is still single, she is bisexual. Eddie would be stupid and will regret marry Tamra for the rest of his life, i know Eddie is not the most gorgeous man but im sure he could fine his soul mate, someone who suit him, a nice young educated girl, he do not need to be marry his mother figure, Tamra is ugly and a silly old cow, i hope she die lonely. Vicki would be stupid to have any kind of relationship with her or even talk to her again, Tamra is evil and Satan, cant wait to see the next big fight between Gretchen and tamra

  • Alexis stupid.I think not.Alexis out of all the oc wives has more kindness and is a true loyal friend then any of you could ever be.In my book and many others. she is the smart one.Gretchen is self-absored and Alexis was so true to her.the difference.Alexis trys to fit in.Gretchen does what ever to get to the top.

  • Tamra has fought with so many people on the show – Simon, Jeana, Vicki, Gretchen, Slade, Alexis, Jim…I mean the list just goes on and on.

    She’s a real drag and so negative.

  • I personally think that no amount of money in the world can make a person such as Tamara have “character”….she first of all to me is obviously not the nicest of the housewives, not to mention on many occasions has demonstrated some of her less than classy ways. I definetly chalk it up to the fact you can take the girl out of the trailer park…but can’t take the trailer park out of the girl!!! She should stop worrying about what Alexis level of intelligence is and whether Alexis is genuine and focus on her own personal growth. It takes alot of negative energy to be so hateful to another person just because of not having anything in common!! Tamara needs to focus on refining herself….If you ask me she needs a whole lot of work on being authentic, as well as classy! Simon dogged a bullet if you ask me, I think he got sick of trying to make her into someone she wasn’t….A CLASSY LADY!!!!

    • Well said he tried to turn the tramp into a lady but – you cant polish a turd. Good riddance to White Trash

  • As a former Tamra fan, I am continually disgusted by her obnoxious, judgmental ways. She’s truly repulsive to me.

    I’m curious what it is that she did for “work” the 18 months that Simon didn’t work. Also, from what I understand he lost a great job at Fletcher Jones because of being on this show. A show that really tried to show him in a bad light. I personally never saw anything he did as overly controlling. I hope my husband cares about the way I look and the way I present myself as a wife and a mother. Some other husbands should care a little more – their children are going to be mortified when they get a little older (the older ones I’m sure are probably already mortified).

    • I used to feel rather sorry for Simon.

      Imagine having a spouse who doesn’t know when to shut up or act appropriately. It must have been stressful for him having to monitor his wife’s behavior 24/7 so she wouldn’t embarrass the family.

      Of course, ultimately it was his own fault for marrying trash instead of just having fun with her for a month or two.

  • How come all you EVER talk about on the show is Eddie and never your kids? I can’t even believe how cruel you act towards Alexis and Vicky. What a great role model for her children. They may not watch the show now but one day they will. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I will drop my membership if they actually allow Teresa’s wine on wines by wives. Wonder when Wine Spectator will review it??? BWAAA!!!LOL!!

  • Y do u continue to bash Alexis for being materialistic and liking nice things when your exactly the same way. Remeber the Rolex watch you got from Simon?
    Stop judging her. Stop! Take the plank out of your own eye?!
    You are a bully Tamera! Leave her alone.

    • I agree Cynthia. Tamera is the classic BULLY. Notice how she stirs up trouble in almost every scene & also notice how disturbed Eddie looks as he watches his fiancé acting so evil. He will regret marrying her; she is morally corrupt! She cheated on Simon & she will eventually cheat on Eddie. She reminds me of the mean girl in high school who gets pleasure from simply being hateful. Even though I am not a fan of Brooks, I don’t agree with how Tamera treated her “sister Vicky” at Heather’s party. Vicky is better off w/o Tamera; she is toxic…pure narcissist. She better remember one thing…what goes around comes back around.

  • Tamara’s a bitch that’s jealous anyone younger and prettier; which is everyone except Vicki

  • Yes, as a few others have said, it was interesting to hear that the editors have chosen to show comments Tamara made about Brooks at the end of filming, were instead interspersed throughout the season. How many of Briana’s comments are like that too.

    I’m starting to wonder about Gretchen, did she leak the engagement? On WWHL, Alexis told Andy that she had FOX send her a document stating that Alexis was never offered the segment/news anchor gig and they sent it to her, she has proof. If she can lie about the FOX thing, she could lie about the engagement story. Let’s face it, Gretchen knows she has to be friends with at least 1 person to stay on the show.

    I like Tamara a lot more this season, without Simon. They just weren’t a good match for each other.

  • Tamra has ‘always’ been my favorite on the show & always will…… I love her snarky personality, her one liners, says it like she sees it, her sense of humor, etc….. She is just who she is & owns it, doesn’t pretend to be otherwise….. She’s using the show, as it should be used, as her platform to move into new business ventures joining not only many of her cast members but members of the other Housewives’ franchise as well who are doing the same…… Kudos’ to her!!!!!!! Great interview with a real down to earth gal’ & like to dislike her she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, oftentimes without a filter but always says it ‘her way’……..:)

  • For Tamra’s and Gretchen’s friendship to last I’d say that Gretchen needs to be very easy going and not let the little things Tamra says affect her. Tamra is almost TOO honest. When asked if Gretchen could have done better than Slade she could have said, ‘Better in what way, someone with less baggage or a better income, perhaps, someone who loves her more and will be there for her, I doubt it.’ I think it is important for friends (especially with trust issues) to try to put a positive spin on things for each other.

    I love that she comes out and says that the producers are editing it to look like she’s saying things about Brooks for no reason when she said those things after a big fight near the end of the series. Editing at its finest. For those who didn’t believe how much editing played a role in the show, there it is. I would love to know how much of this has happened between Teresa and the Don Caro gang.

  • Tamara says in her interview her and Gretchen are like sisters but I may have misread Vicki’s interview but didn’t she say they don’t talk to each other everyday? Yet, Tamara is saying she talks to Gretchen the most out of all the housewives? I think Vicki still doesn’t want to believe that they are friends. Vicki also mentions that she does business with Alexis husband so I think that Vicki is being friends with Alexis because of that. Vicki shouldn’t have had that slip.

  • Tamara is like a chameleon. She is constantly changing her friends and her loyalties. Her relationship with Gretchen will not last. After Gretchen serves her purpose, Tamra will ditch her. ( Tamra is trying to convince everyone that she has changed for the better, so that her buisiness’ succeed, and that, IMO, is why she has befriended Gretchen )
    She now has Wines by Wives with Vicki. She is opening a fitness studio, and is looking into a house bar.
    I wonder if she is still a practicing real estate agent?

    • Tamera is “chest hair” …lower than whale poop. Eddie will eventually leave her; she is a narcissists.

  • So she doesn’t think she’s enemies with Alexis? Yeah, sounds very real to me. She was nice to you because she knows she has a nasty and classless side to her and she’s just maniupalting your emotions about her.

  • @free kroy: Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Sangria is in markets now. I just had a glass and it’s very good. 🙂

    Great job on both interviews! Very very interesting stuff… 😉

    • But I still don’t understand why Simon was fired b/c of Tamra’s behavior. She IS unladylike and scummy acting like her mother, but wdn’t she have tried to contain herself, if it meant Simon’s job and future. She always says she is what she is, but ANY woman wd try to be respectable for her husband’s reputation. If not, you’ve chgd my opinion of Tamra. She shd be able to have crazy fun w/o acting like white trash. Or am I wrong????

  • Don’t forget about NeNe’s Miss Moscato!!! I love Moscoto!!! I will definitly join the club if her wine is avalible. I also love Sangria and I think Bethany is doing someithing with that. Eventhough I don’t like Bethany, I love Sangria.

  • Uh oh it looks like Tamra confirmed Vicki’s daughter is pregnant while Vicki denied it in her interview

  • Tamra is great. I just find it interesting she said they invited Teresa to bring her wine to their new club considering Vicki’s comments at the Bravo up fronts. She wasn’t too supportive on the red carpet of Teresa, even though Tamra was. I wonder where the change of mind came from

    • True. And she had no one but herself to blame for Simon getting fired from his lucrative job at Fletcher Jones, so she had to support him. It was her crude, obnoxious behavior on the show that caused him to lose his job.
      I also don’t understand what the rush is to get married again. She’s not much smarter than Vicki actually. It doesn’t sound to me that Eddie has any money–having to buy her a ring a COSTCO, that’s a big change from being married to someone who gave her a Rolex watch as a birthday gift.

      • Honey I would love to see u try and be as successful as her opportunist or not she is doing a good job as an entreapenour. Also that rock on her hand is nothing to be embaressed about.

    • And so is her lap dog Eddie……. They deserve each other…lol Her diamond looked as cloudy as her future…………

  • If I thought someone (Gretchen) leaked a story to the press, I’d never talk to the bish again. I guess Tamra’s more mature than me.

    • Tamara, please do something with your hair. Try like a new hairstyle and not the same old rats nest that you have. Plus, you need to start acting your age and not your shoe size…LOL