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AllAboutTRH Exclusive Interview With Gretchen Rossi

AllAboutTRH had an exclusive interview with one of the most popular Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi and she didn’t hold back! Gretchen answers everything you want to know from who she is closest to now to where her friendship with Alexis is and more. Gretchen even explains that Alexis acts insecure and she doesn’t want friends like that plus tells us whats in store for her!

AllAboutTRH: How has your overall experience been since being on Real Housewives of Orange County?
Gretchen Rossi:That’s a loaded question! It’s over all been hard but very rewarding. I signed up for this show with a very clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish business wise and I have always stayed focused on that goal! I am doing exactly what I hoped for from day one within the beauty and fashion spaces with my Gretchen Christine Collection’s

Who are you now closest with from the show?
Currently I would say I am closest with Tamra and Heather, we hang out outside of filming, and talk weekly.

There have been several rumors recently that producers ask the Real Housewives how to act when taping. Is there any truth to that?
No acting on our show! The thing that is so great and different about our show, is that it truly is reality! However some days I wish it was acting because there are some very difficult things that we all go through on National Television and it would be easier if we could just walk away from that role at the end of the day.

Do you think the ladies act different when the cameras are rolling?
Sometimes. Only certain cast members really turn it on for the cameras. We all turn it up a bit because it’s hard not too in the heat of the moment, but when people pretend to be someone they are not or don’t give it to you straight is when it becomes frustrating to the other cast members who are being authentic to who they are (good, bad, or ugly) The good news is that the audience is sophisticated and can tell who’s being real and who is putting it on for the camera.

In your recent Bravo blog, you say you felt Alexis was acting competitive towards you regarding the Fox 5 gig. But then we see Alexis support you for the pussycat gig. Why do you think she’s being competitive if she supported you throughout something as huge as the pussycat doll gig?
Well first off Alexis was not asked to Perform with the Pussycat Dolls so why would there be competition there? However, when I told her that Fox Five asked me to do the same segments (I assumed good friends would be able to share something like this with each other) she became very competitive and immediately said “well they offered me my own segment” (my response was yes, I know. That’s exactly what they were trying to get me to do) that was Alexis being competitive in that moment, and the truth of the matter is that there was no competition to be had because I had turned the offer down due to my already full plate. The bottom line is that I found myself in a strange predicament and I felt as her friend I should tell her that the company she was now working with was still asking me to come in and do the same work she was doing for them. When Alexis claims in her blog that I was lying about being asked to do it, I was floored. Not only because I have the e-mails with the requests, but why would I lie about something like that, there would be no good reason what so ever. I felt that she took my good intentions and turned it into a competition, and then tried to make me look like a bad friend for being honest. Kind-of like what we saw happen between her and Peggy last season. I can understand better now where Peggy was coming from when she said it’s like Alexis always wanted to pick a fight or make everything a competition. Even with one of her best friends (me) she just assumed I had bad intentions. To me that is insecure and I really don’t want friends like that. All of my close friends would never question that with me. They know I am always honest and sometimes brutally honest, but never malicious. I am always uplifting and encouraging to all of my friends. I am sad Alexis was hurt by me being honest with her because that was never my intention, but I’m very saddened that my good friend would assume the worst in me, claim I lied, and that I could not be happy for her. I sincerely love and care for Alexis and always will, but at this stage in my life I’m choosing to have friends around me that don’t assume the worst in me.

Are you currently friends with Alexis?
I hope to always consider Alexis as a friend, but right now I think we have some things to work out.

How is yours and Tamra’s relationship right now?
Actually we are doing great. We text almost every day to check in with one another and we really seem to just get each other right now. It’s still so weird to say that sometimes but I am just relieved that we are no longer at each other’s throats. It’s been a lot of work to make this relationship work and a lot of learning to trust each other again, but we actually have a lot of fun together and are just very straight forward girls. There is no BS with us which is nice. She is in a much better place in her life which has been a huge reason why we can see eye to eye better now, and I am very happy for her! No matter what has happened with me and these girls I do always want the best for them all.

Do you think Vicki was trying to get close with Alexis to make Tamra mad?
Honestly I think that whole relationship was weird and out of left field. I’ve been told be a lot of people that work with this show that it seems very forced and awkward. With Tamra and me, I think it made a lot of sense to everyone because we actually are a lot more alike than not. Tamra and I had talked off season, buried the hatchet, and sincerely wanted to go into this season with a whole new outlook on our relationship. Neither of us knew if it would work or if it would last, however we ended up developing a sincere friendship out of those efforts. It didn’t seem to set well with Vicki and Alexis as we all see on the show this season. However I don’t want to make assumptions as to the reasons why they choose to become friends. I’ll leave that to the audience to decide.

Do you think the friendship you and Tamra developed caused you and Alexis to not be as close?
Unfortunately the second I started to become closer with Tamra I saw Alexis change towards me. I was so disappointed by it, but what could I do. I assured her that Tamra and my relationship had nothing to do with hers and mine, and that it was a work in process, but I started to see her become insecure about it. She started challenging me as a friend, my loyalty, and even my character. I don’t do that with friends, and after a while you just kind of give up trying to prove differently. She did the same thing with Peggy, so I am not sure why she does that. Maybe she was afraid Tamra would make me see something about her I didn’t see before, but I will always make my decisions based off my own experience not because of what someone else thinks. Alexis chose to befriend Tamra when I was having conflict with her. She never 100% had my back, she just tried to remain neutral and always said “Tamra has good points and you have good points” so I respected that. I never told her not to be friends with Tamra and I allowed her to have her own experience and then make a decision because that was always Alexis’s rule. It seems now that the shoe is on the other foot her same rules don’t apply to me. That’s not cool to me.

Slade and you are finally engaged! When do you two plan on getting married?
Your going to just have to watch and see what happens this season, and btw there has been no formal announcement of an engagement just speculation.

Is there any regrets since being on the show?
Regrets no, not now. I have stayed focused on my goals, created amazing collections within the beauty and fashion spaces and I have been so blessed to love what I do every day! However, the scrutiny is hard! People really want to see you fall and try to tear you down (including cast members) I don’t care how thick of skin you have, it’s hard when people challenge your character, your choices, your men, your friendship, your career choices. It’s not easy to live your life in the public eye and have everyone’s opinions about what you are doing swirling around you all the time. However I have learned how to walk through it all with my head held high and be “Unbreakable” despite all the lies and crap that is said about me. Thus the inspiration behind my new single “Unbreakable” ! I can’t wait for it to be released, it’s about facing and beating whatever struggles you have, no matter what life throws at you, no matter how many haters, or bullies or hurdles in life. I want everyone who is having a hard time with something to turn this song on, blast it, and sing along remembering they too are Unbreakable no matter what!

Aside from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Do you watch any Real Housewives series and which is your favorite?
I try to watch them all but because I travel so much I don’t always get the time too. Since Beverly Hills is so close to home and I hang out with a lot of the woman from that show I enjoy watching them, however I am friends with a lot of the woman from the different cites so it’s nice to always catch up on their lives.

Can you tell us what’s next for you?
Do you have 3 days J LOL. I am a mover and a shaker that’s for sure! I have my new handbag collections launching soon and another category within the Gretchen Christine Collection in the works that I am so thrilled about! The make-up line continues to expand and do well and I am so grateful for all my loyal customers! I just recently did my first acting gig on Telemundo for the new series Mia Mundo which is a bi-lingual series that I was honored to be a part of. My new single of course is coming out as discussed above and we will be having a great opportunity for my fans once that song is released. I travel almost every week for my hosting opportunities and appearances and am so blessed to meet the most amazing fans on the planet at these different venues! Life is great! I am content, in love, and achieving all my career goals!

I respect Gretchen for always being honest and not just saying what everyone wants to hear. Gretchen made some good points regarding her friendship with Alexis. I think the reunion is going to be extra interesting specifically with those two! Looks as if things are going extra well for Gretchen right now and AllAboutTRH wishes her the best of luck in the future. Are you surprised with what Gretchen had to say regarding her friendship with Alexis? How do you feel about Gretchen and Tamra’s relationship? Thoughts on the interview?

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  • I do not miss you at all Gretchen. Slade and Alexis always had your back. Alexis was a true friend to you . You did her dirty when you thought Trash tam was your friend. Karma . Shame on you. Plus we noticed how you did Alexis about the tv show. Lol. Then you did hag heather the same way. Bet that ring was not real.

  • She and Slade were fools. They threw over Jim and Alexis Bellino for Tamra, probably cause both of them were sick of fighting her. And I think Tamra was tired too of stacking them all the time. It was clear to the audience that Tamra and Heather (!!) were not to be trusted, and sure enough, after splitting up Gretchen and Alexis as allies, the mean girls drove the two younger prettier women off the show. Gretchen owes Alexis an apology.

  • Gretchen you Rock! You’re real and I love it! Teach your wanna be Tamra how to love herself. You’re the hottest housewife and always have been. Keep rockin chick, you’re worthy!

  • Gretchen you are my favourite housewife ever!!! I wish you the best of luck,a wonderful life and happiness with Slade and want to see those babies soon! Please be very careful with Tamra, a leopard never changes it’s spots……..look at Vicki, she’s always the hypocrite and totally the mean girl, that’s why T and V were friends in the first place, watch your back. Poor Alexis is in a weird place and probably always will be while she is married to Jim, she is definitely the ‘little woman’ with him so not being that savvy in life she’s constantly trying to be número uno…………it’s sad that anyone needs to be the best, most important, most beautiful etc. they could all take a leaf out of Heathers book and just BE, but that’s not human nature !
    Good fortune always and please continue to be as sweet as you are , your infectious laugh makes my day. Much love.

  • GRETCHEN sat on a guy’s lap AND SHE kissed him WHEN her fiance was in the hospital. She is talking about a guy who is questionable who she was kissing away while her fiance was in the hospital. And she is acting pure..white trash is what i say! And then she has the audacity to question what Alexis had said before. Fat lot of good it did Alexis – Gretchen treated her like garbage and clapped at her pain! So go drop dead Gretchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bottom line is SHE IS REAL! She stood by his side. She didn’t get his money and it was his decision to have her around. Don’t be a hater and as for Alexis, I don’t know how she stood her. Fake is what she is and Alexis needs to buy a friend with all that money! Gretchen made that mans days left the best he could have had. They wasn’t married so be real with the situation, she caught alot of crap and still stood by his side. Jelous!

  • Gretchen is a fraud and a liar! She wants to BUY Tamara’s friendship. There is no warmth in it. And her “NO TEARS scene” is hilarious! The poor HW went emotional and hugged her! That shows their warmth! It is all about Gretchen isn’t it? Gretchen should leave the show..she is an idiot! I salute Tamara for being able to analyse the fraudulent Gretchen and understand how she only wanted to divide everyone! And cant wait to see Gretchen clean Slade’s house in a maid’s outfit and keep house for him and his kids! Yeah Slade – what a man that will make you! As for Laurie and her comments, when Vicki said she heard from Laurie’s neighbors that she cheated – she denied it. WHY IS THAT THE GOLDEN TRUTH TO Gretchen? She yelled to Vicki and Tamara – why is it that what you all say is okay and we cant. Well Gretchen – the DIFFERENCE IS Laurie complacently LIED about Vicki being found with multiple partners and YOU JUST TOOK IT AND RAN WITH IT as YOU HATE VICKI! YOU DID NOT SEE IT so how are you so sure Laurie is truthful, huh? Then why cant you believe Vicki that Laurie cheated! And what class does laurie have to say – George is well known in society…” WHEN Laurie’s daughter pole dances and belongs to a “service”! DOESN’T THAT IMPACT GEORGE’s “high class” life MORE than anything Vicki may have allegedly said 7 years ago? It is all coming from jealousy and Laurie get one thing straight – when you hang your license anywhere you are EMPLOYED by that person as they ALLOW you to get commissions from their office’s business! So Vicki was your boss – end of story, dimwit!

  • Gretchen, get over your narcissistic self !!! Alexis has it all over you, in every aspect. You are a conniving, back stabbing. out for yourself whore. You had your plan in tact with Jeff, and you DID cheat on him. For God’s sake, you almost (or did) hook up with Tamra’s son. Remember “Naked Wasted?” we all saw, and heard it. You’re evil, and twisted. Alexis has absolutely NOOOOOO reason to be jealous of ANYTHING about you. Oh, and it IS evident that you also had a nose job, and lip filler that you lied to Tamra about :))

  • Gretchen,Your so full of it.Alexis,Jealous.why would she be jealous of lyed on the reunion.she is much more true and loyal then you.Payback wll hit you season 8.You and tamra fake friendship.lex,was always praising you.SHAME ON YOU!She forgave you,But she wants nothing to do with you.Smart girl Lex.

  • I think by season 8 things will change again.Gretchen owes Alexis a big sorry.Gretchen has changed the most.She has said it was not fun the Drama with Alexis.

  • Gretchen is awful. She never Even mentions her “fiancee” who passed away,Jeff. She is the epitome of “ugly on the inside”. I love heather’s hubby Terry!

  • Gretchen has never been my fav, on the oc.The way she did Alexis just confirms.You could tell she lyed on the reunion show.her lips etc…She in ratings is the number one housewive on there.I go by what i feel. and i have a good judge of women when it comes to being loyal.Alexis has been my fav. since season 5.Alexis wants to fit in.Gretchen just to get to the top.big difference.

  • Don’t like the new girl, Heather or her catty husband at all. I was disappointed that Gretchen let them treat her friend Alexis so poorly.

    I can understand why, after several seasons of Tamra’s abuse, Gretchen and Slade capitulated and became friends with her just to finally get Tamra off their backs. But why did they have to turn on Alexis? I know Alexis isn’t perfect, but she was a loyal friend when Gretchen needed one.

    I hope next season that Tamra and Vicki make up, dump Gretchen,and Gretchen has to crawl back to Alexis.

  • Well said Teresa. I can’t stand Gretchen anymore or Tamra. Gretchen lying about her hair line making her hair great when it was extensions and about her lips being big because of plumper from her makeup line when it was injections. She is so fake and all she talks about is her stupid companies that people probably actually buy stuff from.

    I have two daughters and can’t believe Brianna belittled her own mother on television. How sad is that.

    Heather is an alcoholic who doesn’t take care of her kids. She has an “assistant” for that. She doesn’t even work, why can’t she just watch her kids herself?

  • Gretchen you USED to be one of my faves on the show, now I wish you’d leave. I don’t think you have what it takes to be a REAL FRIEND to anyone. Tamra is gonna play you out, and then toss you, and I hope we all get to see it. Heather is EVERYTHING she accuses everyone else of, but a worse version. What a piece of crap she is. Advice to Heather : Put down the “Champs” and be a mommy. ( A real mommy ) Vikki can be hypocritical, but she’s a good person. She doesn’t like to see people groveling. Tamra is a cold hearted, out for herself, fake ass actress. Any time she cried, there’s not a wet spot on her face. She’s also an alcoholic bisexual. There’s not a single thing she can do without a drink, and she gets off on seeing people miserable. Alexis may brag sometimes, but she’s worked hard for what she has, and she has a good heart, and a good family base. She’s always talking about her husband and children and putting them above and before anything and anyone. All you hear from Tamra is Eddie this and oh, I have a younger hottie who cares? So do I. What about your children? don’t they matter anymore? Briana, shame on you!!! I don’t care how old you are, and that your married. You totally disrespected your own mother on national TV. I used to think you were such a nice kid, and when you were sick, I was actually concerned, but I realize you’re just a spoiled little brat that needs all things your way. Your mom is happy. Don’t you get that? Whether or not she is making a mistake, it’s HER mistake to make. You were lucky enough to have such a good and loving mom, who raised you single handed, and that’s how you repay her, by throwing her under the bus the way you did? Saying on national TV that she had an affair before she and Donn were divorced? Especially when all (except Lex) were ganging up on her. I can’t wait until YOUR marriage crumbles, because the first person you’ll run back to is mommy. I think you’re a little bitch for treating your mom the way you do. Good Luck with your marriage and adulthood. Your off to a great start. Besides Vikki and Alexis, I think you all suck!

  • The smart one of the bunch is Victoria Gunvalson….
    Heather Kent is a loser….she thinks she’s GOD…
    Gretchen is stupid…
    Tamara is bisexual…
    Alexis is a good mom……
    Briana is heavyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • The friendship between Grtchen and Tamara is a sick one.
    remember that Tamara is bisexual………
    Slade is a loser…and Gretchen is a jackass for kissing Birney’s ass.

  • Gretchen I love your handbags but finding it hard to order one. They are allways sold out!!!!! how do I get one?

  • Gretchen, up until very recently you were my fave HW. I’ve noticed how you’ve changed since becoming friends with Tamra. You call Lex fake, but how are YOU any different? Lex was a good friend to you, and YOU pretty much stabbed her in the back, just to fit in with the “in” crew. Shame on you!!! Also, WTF is so special about Tamra that you had to try so hard to win her friendship? She belittled you, and your b/f too. She made you feel terrible about yourself, and uncomfortable at every event you both attended, yet you still felt the need to get on your knees to worship her. She WILL nix you again, just like her “other” BFF Vicky, who she now trashes. You’ll be wishing you had Lex’s friendship back. At least it was REAL!

    • Gretchen seems to forget that when Tamra was calling her a gold digger and showing text messages about her conversations with jay, and when Tamra was making phone calls to Slade’s ex to expose him as a dead beat dad, Alexis was the only one in her corner. I don’t like Alexis and think she is a dimwit sometimes but Alexis had Gretchen’s back 100%
      If you were any real person anytime you wanted to talk to Tamara or be her friend you should have rewatch reunion 5 time and time again, just to remind you the things Tamara has done to you.

  • We’ll see how truthful this bitch is when she’s in court getting grilled for dating a dying man for show. She makes me sick. SICK.

  • Love Gretchen so much more after reading this interview. She’s great and a good role model

  • Somebody needs to tell Gretchen to use another word besides “however.” She uses that word at the beginning of practically EVERY sentence.

    • She has no education……………she’s a simple woman from somewhere in California……

      • Uhmm…no education? She has a degree from Baylor, which is a well respected University. Where did your education come from? Obviously fact checking skills were not part of the curriculum.
        Wow, that sounded pretty darn beechy, sorry, I just hate when people act (like her or not) that Gretchen is stupid. She’s a crafty girl

  • I disagree with Gretchen as far as people wanting to bring her down for her successful business adventures. At least, as far as viewers and bloggers. Bethenny actually believes the reason her ‘fans’ turned against her is because of her success. That’s just not true. The reason fans and bloggers turned on her is her treatment and abuse toward the coast gaurd and the man who was sent out in the night searching for her in a dangerous ocean for the sake of a lie that she fabricated for the sake of ratings. Nobody, NOBODY likes to see an underdog being abused and that’s what Bethenny did.

    • One other issue, I wish these women would stop using the Kelly phrase, “Bullies!” These are adult women and they need to realize they are not in school.

    • Does Gretchen has any business ventures that are succesful? I am sorry but Bethenny, as much as you don’t like her, has millions on her account to verify her business sucess, Gretchen on the other hand, uhmmmm has Slimey and that is about it.

      As far as the the towing guy in Bethenny’s case, get your facts right, nobody was abused, he got a call, went there , guided them to shore and was paid really great, he was greedy and wanted a big tip when he saw the cameras but he didn’t do a charitable work out of the kindness of his heart, he got paid for his services, period.

  • Not a fan of Gretchen that’s for sure…. She is fake and very self-centered and wears way too much make-up and hair extensions…. always dressing like she getting ready to enter a pageant….. and don’t even get me started with her “I just don’t want to get married” attitude… I’ll bet a million she would marry Slade in a moments notice if there was no CS issue and he had money… That’s for sure!

    • I’ve been saying the same thing. If Slade were a millionaire, she’d be sporting that ring in a 1/2 of a heartbeat. Well put!

  • i don’t think gretchen is capable of being honest. pfft. deny deny deny, or shift blame and responsibility– that’s all i see her doing. isn’t gretchen the same girl that just a couple months ago, claimed she “didn’t have anything done” to her obviously plumped-up lips? yup. THAT’S gretchen, and, nope THAT’S not honest.

  • I never like Alexis, I could see through her since day one. I’m glad Gretchen is getting to see the side of her that we have all been seeing. I was upset about Peggy leaving because I thought she was the one person who could call Alexis out and give viewers a chance to see Alexis’ competitive ways.

    I always wanted Tamra and Gretchen to become friends, they are both so fun and outgoing I thought they would be really entertaining together. I’m so glad they finally moved passed the BS.

  • Gretchen being honest about her relationship with Alexis is about as honest as she was about her relationship with Jay Photoglou. Also, that internet image of her sitting on the ‘bowl’ shows what a skank she is. Her and Tamara are two of a kind.

  • I’ve always been Team Gretchen. I don’t believe she has a mean bone in her body and has always tried to get along with others. Tamra on the other hand I do not trust, she switch sides too easily for her convenience.

    • I don’t trust Tamara either and that is why now I look at Gretchen sideways, if Gretchen is so dumb as to not see that Tamra is using her then she deserves the big whoop that is coming her way via Tamara “tell it like it is” viper tongue.

  • Great read! Gretchen was honest with her answers and she seems like she could care less about Alexis now

  • After the disaster with RHOBH & RHONJ, I can see that Bravo is making an effort of taming the shrews in RHOC. I say this because RHONJ was filmed back to back, not sure of the timing/dates, so I could possibly be wrong.

  • I have to say my favorites have shifted this season. Not so much a fan of Gretchen anymore. She seems too fake and trying too hard. And well tamra just comes off as the bitter girl who things didn’t turn out for so she has to pull everyone down and be negative nancy to feel better but what’s new. Not a good look

    • Say what you like. However, no one could have treated Gretchen worse than Tamara. Hard to sympathize to Alexis being mean to her.

    • I agree. Gretchen used to be one of my favorites but not anymore.

      How was she able to forget all the mean things Tamra did to her is beyond me, Tamra was really awful and really determined to expose her and yet she has made up with her. Alexis really has done nothing to Gretchen to warrant all the animosity yet she can nont work this out.

      Make no mistakes Gretchen, Tamra is keeping tbas on you and as soon as she has the chance or benefits her she will throw you under the bus and you will see the real Tamra show up again, stronger and meaner.

  • That was a fun read 🙂
    I think Gretchen is telling the truth about the Fox 5 mess. I hope it works out for her and Slade and I don’t think she’s lost much if she’s done with Alexis. I never thought it would happen, but I actually like to see her friendship with Tamra growing.
    I am confused about one thing. Weren’t she and Tamra going at each other on Twitter about their engagements? Or did I misunderstand and they weren’t mad about that?
    (Thanks everyone for always filling in the blanks!)

    • Did you see WWHL with Alexis?? She spoke of the Fox 5 mess and claims she has emails, as well. She also said she asked for an exclusivity contract so no other HW could go on that program. Umm……jealous much, Lex? I understand why Lex was upset, but I saw the episode and don’t think G meant anything malicious. Should she have kept her mouth shut?? Hell yeah! But I bet G was approached….

      • I agree with you Srt3. I did see WWHL and what Alexis said didn’t make sense to me because it sounds like now Fox 5 gave her an exclusivity contract – way after the fact. The more she talks about this, the worse she looks.

        • I agree!! The contract was way after the fact….Lex is just trying to cover it all up. On a side note….cut your hair, Alexis!!!! I know extensions are all the rage, but come on!!! It just looks so fake!!

      • no doubt G was approached and was trying to be a good friend to al when telling her what fox 5 was up to.

  • I like Gretchen. I like her friendship with Tamra. I am sure she bends the truth and exaggerates, but all the HW do. I felt badly for her when her fiancée was sick and dying and T and V made light of that. That was uncalled for, in my opinion. I always have found V judgemental and hypocritical. And I am glad G finally lost her shit on her. Good for her!!

    Not sure about Slade, though…..seems like still a slime ball.

    • I dont know how i feel about gretchen. I thought i liked her but this season i cant stand to watch her. I dont know why, i ff anything she is in.. Maybe its slade.

      I did not feel sorry for her with her fiance. Girl was out with other men while he was in the hospital dieing. I am nearly convinced she was a paid companion and not a fiance. She wanted to be on RHW and needed a husband.. they made a deal. That is why his family was ok with her out partying while he was ill? All my opinion of course.

    • I’m sorry but gretchen is a hypocrite and as the years go by the meaner she gets. gretchen was never a true friend to alexis. Gretchen did tell alexis to not like tamara and alexis was just doing what loyal friends do. In my opinion gretchen was competing with alexis, for ex: the fox 5 gig, that’s twice gretchen has tried to say that she was offered that toke first. Let’s not forget that gretchen said the ax act same thing to heather. It was gretchen who did defend her best friend on vacation. Gretchen is a fly by nite friend. On the Andy Cohen show, gretchen tried to say that she and Lydia are friends. If that doesn’t say fly by night friend then I don’t know what does! Seriously!

  • Alexis has always been insecure and competitive. Never seems comfortable in own skin from day one. Also pretentious as heck. It’s too bad – her insecurity outshines her beauty. Also, she was prettier when she first started – before the Barbie look.

    • I’d be insecure as well, look at who and what Jim is. He treats her horribly. She is very good looking, it is to bad that she is so defensive about everything.

      I like Gretchen, she seems very real to me. I like seeing her and Tamra friends with each other, but I don’t think it is going to last. As soon as Tamra’s relationship with Eddie sours or something else happens, she is going to start treating Gretchen like a doormat again. I hope I’m wrong.


  • Great interview J, I am sure it helps having a straight shooter like G to interview. G is right ,the audience is savvy and can detect authenticity vs Posturing. That is why Gretchen has always been a fan favorite. Honesty – good bad or ugly.

    I do like Tamra and Gretchen’s friendship. The key was Tamra finding happiness and possibly Eddie’s coaching. Weather this friendship is sustainable time will tell. I tend to think Tamra has a cattiness that Gretchen never would allow herself to own or display. It may lay dormant with Tamra but it is still present. I see the manor in which Tamra approached Vicky with her new friendship w/ G and what she says to the camera. ..Tam still has room for improvement but don’t we all… It is always best when we learn from our friends and G can teach T to clip her claws. – Lets just hope Gretchen does not shed her fluffy the cat for the alley cat that comes out of Tamra.

    Was there a ring? G has a great head on her shoulders so I trust her judgement on Slade and weather to Marry him or not. He Loves her… Whats not to love?

    • Great interview Roxane (not J ) I look forward to your future ones from that evening .. No pressure though – get some regular sleep girl.